The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, November 26, 1896, Image 8

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how it way. bot
A Hh
doh guarding the premises
pre jations of burgiare and
Church "he wo have always bad »
large numiber of patrons in the work of
o' BuDOYing ne to find such a clock nace
fre pe i peel toting n-,
tion » war sind eat:
itive. When an event of this charactor
| tocurs, especindly if the cyureh is located
Lan or pesr a lney (hotoughfare, the
fact of the clock being stopped, of that
some defert appears to exist, is often
made the sobject of a notice in the daily
papers. Especially was this the ose
when the steeple of old Bt Panl's was
recently apdergoing remivation, and it
| was a Joy to many on niticing that the
pewly gilded bands of the clock were
again traveling along thelr sognstorned
circuit and the deep timed bell wan
rosdy to afrike the bonr care more -—
New York Mail und Express
BA SAN te,
pose that bo wos but five you A Buy's Tht Cirvom and His Tmpremions
of Covalls the Previews,
A thud of wiseen hoofs first set on
Ay quiver; then nx erash of cymbals, a
country jangle of lxlls, & hosves, applanding
(onions ie was in the midet of us,
eating, lve action of Thmb. Here rae
Ttom betioetorthi out tm.
+I avy seen the statement that no
| man could drink half » gallon of brandy
1 8 day for more than a wiry short time,”
tssid John Lo $imith «ff Linden, Va,
‘but thers is a man living in the town
d's I reside in who has never mised drink.
ing that mock brandy in a day for 20
{ years. His name is John Hudnall, and
Je ews 5 prandy distillery sear Linde.
2 He has used ligoor sa 8 beverage since
early youth, and for the past 20 years
bas consumed huif 8 gallon of brandy »
day. He ia sot sn lnshrists ky any
Sands weil tn dw souan No explanation
Loan bo given of bis remarkable power
of withstanding the effects of liquor,
8 | but no on who knows him doubiy the
statement as Wi his haiving taken the
amount I have said, It has pot impaired
= | his digestion in the slightest degree, as
it is usually claimed LL will do "ew
Wabingion Sur
ll Tmprow
in; the Mederaied Clubs of Tlinois the
: women ‘arn A earnestly to im
prove the publie schools of the sure.
i ro woes. in the first place
* kiting the schéols nut te seitics wo: an
as a8 to co-opet ste with schoal-
make thelr duty 10 Watch sil hod
legis ation and to learn ew methods of
! sonsulintion, snd nothing seems to be ss
up to date. In one of those
a the mind makes in bigh
to face’
THAIL Lng expen NCE.
While Peliswing the Call of fis Faisnrar | 19
Dog He Met With s Michap--Ta * Durk |
Hole With a Fierce Wild Best The
Esenpe and Hecognition. |
Pretty much everybody in the crowd |
| had told a story of the gun or dog or |
fahpole exept a printer who looked |
about as much like a honter or fisher
mat a8 he did Hike an angel,
“Ti's your turn now, Muggins, said
the reporter.
“I never hunted anything but board.
fog houses over in Brookly v'" he said,
with a wan and dodgiog Kind of air, ns
if people threw things at him whenever
ba tried to tell a story.
“Bat before you came here is what
we want to know about,” pot in sev.
eral, “and you've either got to tell al
story of pay for the drinks every time
anybody elm tells one ””
He moved about unensily and poshed |
his chair back from the table, drawing |
it closes ap again immediately and final. |
| 1y resting his hands clasped on the boar] | youn
io front ¢f him.
“Well, gente,” he said with the wen
and dodging look still in bis eves, “let
toé think a minste. Before I onme bors |
I lived in ("hivago, where I wax hunted
instend of bonting, Before that | was
in New Orleans, where 1 only hanted a
job. Befers thet I vas in Bt Paul, |
wheres | wap boating a warm place all
the time, Fhifore that 1 lived io Boston, |
whoers it wi feo frigid 4n bunt, and be
fore that, quite a hong tae before that, |
I hve in old Ketitueky, and, gents, |
did hunt thers Nothing bot a coon,
mebbe, of & fox or & poesosn or a8 Little!
ay a sguirrel or only a dove in the dosty
road, but it was finer than suything on
“1 was only a bey, and perhaps that
had something to dowith if, but] didn’e
knoe any (ifferant then, His I do pow, |
Curd 18 was Inet the foot on earth and |
no mistake And bis wan face lighted |
op as if be wero locking through the)
epen gates of paradise. “1 recolleos 11
had a dog that was congiderable of »
hunting dog, bot he was an unrestiens |
kind of a cove, and whan he road any
thing he would Go a Jot of barking at
first, bot if somebody didn’t come |
righty onich bo wetld give it up and
gn mcseyith along siter the next thing |
fo sight. Che might | was cut with him
after coors, wnat bent § o'clock | heard |
Pive bark Fike be was over ins clump |
of woods (vat a half mile away. 11
knew Iwas going to have to get to hin |
| prety quick if 1 found him there at all, |
and 1 started sevoss » field toward the |
woods as fist an J cond go. Js wan a
stubble field with sink holes like you |
find al} over Kentocky in the Heston
parts, and the place was dark, thoogh |
the moon wos just beginning 0 show!
above the woods 1 was (hinking sore |
about what the dog had than arthing |
} elder, and an I wont banging throngh the |
Seid, All at coon 1 seemed to drop off of |
the earth and fall into a cellar, and then |
1 1 knew T bad tumbled into » sink bole |
They are never very deep or dangerous, |
and T wan't afraid of being fatally |
hurt, but it tock the sind oot of me
| right quick, and I went down through |
the weeds and stuff, not knowing juss
| what had happened. Of conyss T hadn't
much time to think, and when I his]
bottoan 1 had still lows, for instead of |
lighting on the ground or stows or |
| thicket, I lit on something alive. Itwas
| a wild animal of some kind, I didn's |
know what, and [ was scared till my
hair began to feel fanny on my bead.
“When went down, I went hard,
and I kind of knocked the wind out of |
the varming sf first, but in & second it
began to yow] and susp and marl and to
twist under ma and try to get out and |
to rales the dickens generally. In the!
| megntisme 1 was yuliing and squswiing |
and trying to scare the blamed thing, |
because I thonght it wan a wildeat, and |
Iknew a boy of my size didn’t have |
any show with a wildest if the varmint |
ever tock mn notion to fight, and I knew
pretty well that a wildeat was about as
sure to take a potion to fight as any-
thing on earth. 1 dem's know exactly |
what I did fn thas hole or bow I did is, |
but | remember it semed aboot a month |
of Sundays that I was all momed up in |
thers with some kind of x wild animal,
and finally the thing got from under me
sod soocted as fast ss it could for the |
top of the sink hole. I followed after it |
as quick se 1 could, for T became braver |
when I save it ron, and when I got up
on the level the moon bad come cut,
and I could see the varmint fairly skin-
ping it cot for the fall timber. I yelled |
at inwith nll my might, thoogh I didn’s |
ren after it very fast, and began to call |
‘my dog. On the senond call the varming |
stopped, asd I began to get ready to akin |
out myself, when [ got a better lock,
and, by the great horn spoon, gents, it
wus my dog. I called hina then, and he |
ome back to me and I could see for
mysel! that be bad holed something
down thers in the sink, and his barking |
bad been mructherad snd sounded awoy
off to me, and of coarse when I dropped |
in an him unexpectedly hike that he
didn’t know anything aboot it, and sed- |
ther did I und there we was Iu any |
event, gentlemen," concluded the for.
paer Carporacker, “that dog come trot.
ti we, and when we wet face
the moanlight be sorter Jock.
od at me, and I sorter looked of him,
and I don’t know which one of ue felt
noes like apologizing. 1 do know,
though, wo both knocked off for that oe- |
easion, amd on the way botwe we toni |
turn about speaking along behind each
other, me and the dog "—-New York
Paris is threatened with o rennissande
of paganism. Several well known litte |
© | ratenrs, poets and artists have banded |
themselves into a society for the sions | o
tion of heathen deities. This reo rie
pevival bai already enught the Sb
| Gamer, sad COmYErts are annon.i
uy day,
day, “on os A 3
{that kind after a Engle aneident and
nobly be muy the wiser.’
A boy fuid ; 4% one,’ he proceeded,
a considerable distance in the workings.
Ind was so terrified, so anxions to get
ont, that he wanted to rush through
and make hiv way to the shaft. If he
Lim. He stopped hind by fotve, and
little demon he stuck fo him nod held
him near to the grotud, so that they
sould breathe, How do you think he
calmed the boy at lam? Bani comic
| songs to bimn. Well, they had to keep |
where they were for about five hours,
and thes, when the sir bad got better,
the man started off and brodght the
youngster out aufoly, though onoe he
Now, there's a oases that nobody would
happrennd to have told me about ir."
A# an instance of beirolem in this di- |
rection that ix keowyn, bowewir, I ro
onl a story | heard near the bands of the
pit after the explosion in 1880.
‘You know that the slightest delay in
“that after an explonion ove of the men | |
who was with him brought him along
At bust they pet the afterdamip. The |
had gone on, he certainly wotld have |
dropped, but the man woold not Jot |
though the lad bit aod fought Jike wn
Was pearly mffocated by the afterdump. |
huye heard of probably if tie lad badn's a Meintiporniry in Good R
Bo eT tr
peti cspany from tu tows.
Hark! The joltin wheal 1 ar
Of swags i
Merey mile! Why , Sally’ Ans,
Barly ‘tis that dreadful man :
Comin beri 81 stark —
No. 1t'¢ father comb Boe
Wull, I sever! They ale's cam.
All pike fs Tor nuthin Bat
C5 a Baal Fh NE MN
In the ars Counter Thees Avs Many
CL sonensls With Odd Names,
Newspapers printed in the Bossian
fiying for the shaft may moa death.
In thn neightorbood of Bolten some |
fow yoors ago ene mun out of 8 party |
of coliiers stopped behind for 8 minute
or ® io look for his son, a boy of 4
who was working close by. The two
met, but, alas, they perished there to
other's svmae. And paternal devotion as
thus mand festod has cost moany a brave |
fellow bin life,
Well, cnn the ocomion referred 10 8
man named Haslam brought irom the
workings, cr met as be wan slorryiog
slong to the pit moutly » youth about |
18, sod throughout the terrible journey
be stuck to the lad with the mot beroio
determination. Twice the boy stambled |
"and fell, but the poble collier dvajged
hing to his feet and wrged Lin) to push
| onwith all speed. Other nvichaps befell
thegn, v8 both, I rejoices to say, gained
the sarface Sifye wad and compuratively |,
weil ol
Bowething About Partridge.
Among the habits of the partridge
one in thst ¢ hon a covey is roosting on
the ground, with their tails bonched to
gether in a circle, the bonch is sure
younted by o line of watchful beads, |
like sentinels on duty. Amnothar ix that
trailing them in rabbit hanting fashion. |
Their sense of smell fa ovidestly very:
acute, for during the pesting wason, it
the sgys. which pumber from 10 to 20,
are disturbed in any way cv a Hand even
jnwerted in the nest, it will be hnmedi-
“ately desorted and a new one built. A
ahiors time previces to the nesting the
males are often fovolved in Jesperate |
combate for the chioloe of mutes, whe
ery, seething not to eare which one be-
Jost | mes the victor, The incubation is
performed entirely by the feibale, the
male, when not feeding, ofwn being
on sexe slight slevation, en.
ying ber by his mellow toned call
three broods of young are reand during
& season, the nesting beginning us exrly
as May 1. Later in the full te broods
of young occasicoslly join forces, bat
whether from a want of company or fi
protection is not known.
Wha fredidg, the birds aro some
teow soatiered svernl yards aps, but
at the firet sign of danger an alarm ix
as if hnconsuiration. The frst shot jute
a cover will ofien cave them to break
turbod again for several minmates “scat.
ter calls” will be beard on every side |
These are vaade tocollecs the mmaining
birds, who again Bapeh Magy of the
market gunners sem (0 Dave Bo quai
of conscience and very often kill with
out hesitation an eutire covey, wien at
Toast ope 1c two pores of birds sbouhl
be left for breeders. ~Bultimate Sun.
: Qrinstion of Adipoan. :
A eriwinal lawyer of kong experiences
at the bar was heard 0 say he Gther
“1 buve made juries in wurder cases |
an erp ocinl stody. Thers are a lage
pumbar of men, jarger than FICHE poe
ple suppose, who bave scruples aboa.
I sould read by the Hoes whethin or got |
tence, I gave this up, though, as boing
bevoned my power of eamprobension. |
in nine cases ont of ten » jury composed
mostly of tall, Jean men wend, when
the evidences wan sufficient, iver have
the slightest hesitation about fixing ex
frome sotepoe On the other hand, a
jury where short, tat wen produminated |
in number would ocongy twice as mach}
time in fSnding its verdiet, and when
brought in it wonid genernily he & term |
of impristnmoat for the marderer. ™.
: Louiavills C onunercial.
The following cure may be tried in
esses of wivere carsehe when ordinary
| pemsedics have failed © Get u small quan.
| tity of dried armies Sowers and pus
| them into two small bags Put hait A |
pint of whisky inte a wall |
Es the eve, and whon'it is Biated dip.
they run the instant the ground is &
touched after » “flush,” the digs often
stand by and quietly wateh thy encoon- |
| given, und they tmmedintely Yhanel, |
1 with their beads placed close together,
and fiy in all direetions, snd if pot dis
finding death as a ponisizadnt for o
murderer, 1 used to make 1 ny bus
noas to study jarymen's faves and woe of ©
they had scruples about the death sew |
Later tuntinued stady of the jury box|
Jed me to a discovery. Thut wae taas|
one of oe SON 0 6 Sun STI3 va Wis |
_@iperaily in the Usited States, and any
oe who hag ever mode even a cursory
{ geamaination of a Russion newspaper
peinted io Flouinsn characters oun sou ab.
why, ox fur as thd conntry in
ehamenily they do not “Ail & long fels.
gether and were found clasped in cash” wane
i In the peming of Russian nevwonspens
{ | pach Jonymatintic Gitlew ay Sun, Garsttey
: | From, Obs ver, tan, $ tourer, Holleting,
4uivernar arse ob pe vail,
Voekiy Sohot, or. 4 sausisi ds
he ped od! 3 srtial of Bn Pot
jablivhal phdity sin dats
bin is Thin Rss §ivhing
Hie tie ini NTE
i New Tinsen, of 5 et.
i Oneal the ibid
Drpeeklion in galled
| thor which flows ©
Limd tao wimbiy now
tablished dp the 0) wd S
Boudiinik gud + A Rr R25
isn The Aleroer and Tue Ge
for som pron which in Bok viiy cieap
the word Cwiedouostl,” sealing
news, IN pOpRiiE Se 8 Beep des
gation in the city of Moscow. Theve
sre four daily newspapers in Mesoow
linving thin tithe~The Lossian News,
Modern Nowe, Mosow News and Old
News The Old News is maintained for
he republication of articles from other
mewspapers. Thera srs jerbops some
urvespapery in the United States worthy
of being called The Old News, bub wis
Lsertain Phat there in Do newspaper ia
the United States which tormaily aad
voluntarily ‘®aild assume thas title,
The ofiziai newspaper of Wioew is
‘the Waar Pualies Gawette, and the.
word “ymacite’’ {(gastte) Ub WA
cours §
of “bobwhite’” Two and simctimes with Warsaw suitors as
Ppows’ in in Mossow, There
W.taw pling. Giasettn, the
Po sh (Loostie, the Warnmw
the Wasa Corian Gegette and tae !
| Warsi Ghactie Courier. The Gastte
i Courie pus os & wpeninity of telegraphic.
apforcun ion, and is not seerefore prope
arly soibiog ou gERctie soutien, whose
‘mithe cones foot Cie deynof msiloonsches
und pevisjeper delivizion bY MCAS.
{pers cn fn vetuck. ~Now York Sun.
: Ye Nutritious Murrow.
A gratefal mother bus just told of the.
almost prirscuions cure of her grows up
| som by the very simple means advised
‘by an ezpinent physician IS was a cae
of debility and emaeiation thet wating
pond wm to reach autil the physivisa
I question prescribed o remiuly thas be
nel T eflioacions
treating weak invalids semen
dren. Thin was nothing more thas the
eating of su unlimited scant of oar
row. Buery day a large quantity of the
bones smtaining marrow was ordered
! from the. great markets. The only ope
I aration pescasy Wal th wars. Je
| marrow seiently to susble i we
sity sprit on tod Then, wth the
¥ ed tion of a hintle sit to» oor ie
fb re platelet was TE ID 56 He
! werk of pe rae apeations,. Ungar this reste
Put ur pitient mol Sapteed gas pt dare
ip the frst we wes
Me shy aud trenyth no pro
Soeveiind sontinoed BE
Desi eal dando ster ll Woe ge
Cre dus hui pias Pras
Sixry Phosossnd Needs to the Plast. * :
The common pursiane sens of the
wonsiers of botany, as far we weds are
bonoerned st feast, A single weed of tis
plant will produce abont 20 seed pode
ina seabon. The average unmsber of
Weeds in pach of these, hy sotual count,
im 6,000, making 60,000 in ail As fur
is we have beta able to lestn there is
80 instince of simular fruitfolnes io
any plant found growing inv this coun-
try. Asingle plant of either the James
town wed “Jimmon'" ), the hater
wood, the rag weed and some of the
Jarvines produce an spormons number
of seeds, but it is donlitfal if any one of
Js pte oe Suh an many in a
the pursisos does. —35. Louis
ave mot olwdlated por vead