The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, November 12, 1896, Image 2

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    p this would have
bat the o belief in
FE the ¢ locks
3 J Jerked wy ths sob
ed thi bo womld sapply
market, which bitheit,
x four
f dsik green body
lack. He Rot a fow
np were extern
: lech pend 1
ht empty |
fog : iri pase] trom Band t ¢ pant]
0 reel home through the frosty
a step, and quiet sloapers,
ened from dull ‘Areams, echo with
3 verses conse to be Aciant. What
bie good temper and sincerity m
yer's generous importunity!
Drink todey ind drowns all ssrrow
You shall perhaps tiot do i tomorrow.
Best, while you have it, ose yoor bresth;
There is no drinking after death.
Then 108 ox swiil,. Foils for ony health.
Who drinks well loves the commonwealth,
CAs Be that will ta bed go siber
Falls with the leat, still in Gotober,
Upon this song successive changes
have been sung, until now ite variations
are bewildering, and to it we owe the
ever popular and ntierly indefensible
lee roured out for generations by many
| a lusty tavern chorus:
He who gous to hed xml goed to bed sober
Fale an the loaves dy and dion In Cotolwe,
Fut he whe goss to bist and goes to bed mello |
Lives as bo di to do and dive an hopes
Apmis Regpiier in Atlantic.
ae WAI Mai Bh ro a Su
Sotidifed Petroteom,
The claim wome time ago set forth by
Pan! 4 Humy, a Frinch saval offer,
of havibg originated u process for the
i successful solidification of peteoleons
for corsaicitind mid indostrinl purpose
has been further oxplained by him. |
From this actount, semmarived in Th
Progressive Ape, it appears that heyy
common oi] Bas bon converted by 1
ventor do wk sole Book, ae hard as
the hardest coed, burning slowly, giv
| ing off au intense heat and showin
pot the slighoist sign of melting, a to
of such foe] niprescpting 8 many es ©
tons of coul, und the space cocupied |
one ton of it being abont three cubis
fot, on againnt the large space required
for the coal. At a reoont gatherivg of
{experss, M. & Homy exhibited sumopios
of the artic and experimentid with
them. On ths table were several ako
of the solidified potrolenm and of low
grade oily of varioos sizes and shapes,
4 : and in addition to the enkes thes were
snmples of th same fuel in dry powder
and paste, the petriloum powder and
| pute wixed tigether and pressed form:
ing 8 bowmogtueons toass, With a gross
specific gravity, bard almost sa stone,
| and, when burning, giving off a flume
BOO times ite own vidume and a boat
cll failed by indicate the emunition
of either of thiewe.
a 6 sys ae
Time to Call » Hale.
The vital stiatistion clerk felt rather
| than beard Bia visitop enter the office.
Ftheongh ber honda
Athen dnily in AUSITEr 10 (rest inng
ber of
Font thar had been shown’ her and deo.
cided fo boy it
verified the length herself by measur.
Ling it with ber outstretobsd armwm
Ecomingly satisfied that the plece cobs
| poumes in a part which he played 3
fret time on the 18th of th month. Ie
| was Bopt. 14, too, the date of his burial,
and it wax the beginning of Miss Clars 1,
Morris under my engagemions, when he
and a v rl about 20 ears old a, in |
pied her
The Eiind v oman examined tha fah
vies placed befcrn her hy peering t
sha doponded
men of poaneh apni
nile to her dom
hey wy
ship peli
appeared to be quite erith al and before
Taha made her selection the couniey was
piled high with putters of all kinds
After she bad dxaniined a birge num
pieces she fook up obo of the
When the clerk had measured it, she
tained wx much as she had bargained
for, sho took n transfer ticket and went
te the connter where trimmings are
mld. Thers she selestad the material
with which to finish her dress, examin.
{rig the laces and other delicane fabries
moat critically.
After the blind woman had Jeff the
| store the floor minager said her shop. |
ping war not an unusual thing, Bhe
was but one of the many blind custom:
Cerw whe cume into the store regoliely. |
This woman, he said, was not only able
80 maak: the pioest
the matter of trimmings, bot so deli
cite wan her tonoh ahs contd often die
tingamdh colors He addi,
Alem, und ©
diserisiination in
i rs oi that pont > Wi
to begin anything on the Thieh of the
wiguth er on Friday. It 1) on
ive rh aud it wold nah
Bare i oy the we day
to him on the day befoaw, |
thiut be bad ever sufiér dd afy mistartune on
on either of those dnys 0 ier him oh ;
fn hie fears
“Ay owe éxpericnce bat been anite
the reverse of unlucky with regard to
teem. Some of my most sienefol sea |
sons hive been bagen on Friday, and
he mnie ope of Bis own
played Sir Patrick Londy 11) “Man and
{| Wife.” The fear of No. 1 extended
further than this Mr Riwin would gx
‘pever sletp in room 18 atu hotel. Ha
wonld rather walk the flohe of some
other rooms all night withiot = bod,
And By wonld never accept meetion Ney
I8 in a slosping cnr. That or stateroom
No 18 on a stommer was in Hi mind a
positive invitation th disaster. The per
son on whem the duty devolved of ar.
| ranging the details of Mr. Daly's TORY
that she never depended cutively pen
hor tooth fo miatohing shades, §
fied her selections w itigg lie even of the |
clerk and her companion, wh enna
| Trivong,
HR A NRA SRE Oe Fra hen 3h
Josey of Are Bofors the Fadpen
The questions widressed to Joan a nd |
her apsvers day by day have teon trans. 1
pritted in the recuirds of the comrt,. Too
end tum is to
firority with which
“¥en oill yoorelf my fudge. Be care
| fal what you do, fer Tum indeed went
| By the Lord, and you place yourself ju
great danger.’
To answers almost sublime socoseded
answers filled with naive ingenuity.
Questions were pliad, traitorously cone
oeived, concerning the viecions which |
had come to her and the celistind voloes
which thw heard and which throughont
ber mbision had sounseied and guided |
her. But on this point abe vas firmly
atlent, Tt wax as though Ht wears a se
oret which she was forbidden to betray.
She conmented to take an catls to speak |
pething but the trath; bot, concerning
well nigh as (reat ax oxygen. Tests to ber visions, she made a reservation,
gripe the production of smoke or
‘You coud cut my head off before |
sronld speak,’ she protested. At night,
in the durkoess of her dangecn, St
{ Catheripe and St Margaret sypesred
to ber, and celestial voices comforted
her. She svowed that she hod seem!
thems * “with the éyes of bor body ¢ # ¢
and when they leave me,” she added,
1 “I wish that they would fake me with
"| is whee eyes was the feverish glitter
> of ane to whose lids sleep cometh not.
“Poor commission threes doors to the
1 right,’’ mid the official glibly. ]
"I don’t wiknt the poor commission.
J want to see you," said the intrader,
xi something very like deflance in
his voice and yet with that undertone
cae thas aroumd they sympathy oi
Ee hao so da fr bat
can do for you,'’ responded the
I've bean trying 0 do alto
ther 100 muck, nd, I've got 10 have »
"t. 1 don's Seloug to | BG anion, und
Pat my dear 1 never saw yoo
: 1 never employed
you, anywar?"
: “Me? fe? Ob, I ain't anybody bot Heart
i That's who 1 be, an I mean
you. Wio are
the TDMruaetis 1a geaerally host in the
left band and put to the left esr, while
ri “{the right band is often used in takiog
| objects beard the
: throagh the telephone with swir eft
ad ears, bot cosld wri
i Bothing if Ahir IRE ELL Wes FE 2%)
their right eu I
cluded that tie teipbone bas sh appre |
oki Che anditory t
cl nerves,
ete. ba the caps cbesrved the
sity test sound
ibid 3 Faikly Gr |
barre lime vom
cinbly shin Clalihg whi
std the rooonanencalicn is
0] made has the instrasent Le weed alter-
od} pately at the right and lefs car.
Duksre—I1 don't know how you came
to lose oney in that soheme. You told
me it waa a rire investment.
BE Caratl The investiuent Day have
5 Do . Sah une, bat I was well done
| before I got through with it. — Pittsburg
| Chroniels.
York churches.
et potatos quae
we *“The National
in Century.
Meck Iiand,
The hum of the spinning wheel i»
till a familiur sound on Block island, o
(unite and interesting resort in sunimer
#wod » miniatures world in winter, in
which tise habits and custcmi sre thom
anes X 150 yeurs ago. The island is 15 miles |
WSO | of the Rhode Islsnd shore and almost |
directly south of stormy Point Judith
Then are times during the winter
Joos land at a veloetty of #4 miles an
hour, sud women take their lives in
their bands when they ventore out of |
doors. The jsolation of the ixiand is al- |
i royal mother, quite ignorant of thy!
cause, took Lim on hor lap to pacify
‘John Bebofield established the first
“1 woolen mill in Connecticut near Oak-
| dale, whers the carding wae done hy
power curds In 1798 the Block island-
urs begin to send wool to the mill to be
carded into rolls. and generation after
generation bave kept up the praction,
Formerly many bags of grain accompa
nied the wool, end grist and woolen
mills were kept running day and night,
while the Suhermen and farmers
od themselves fn the quiet Connections |
| village until the work was done, —New
York Herald. «
Hard on Mothers-in-inw,
In the lands of Now Britain & man
WE ot speak 60 his mother-in-law.
oe! Not only is speech forbidden to this rel.
| ative, bat she must be avoided, and if |
by any chance the lady is met the son-
in-law most hide himeelf or cover his
face. Suicide of both parties is the out.
nome if the rule is broken, One of the
| English missionaries tried to fet the
natives’ ideas of an oath, and he fond
the mont soleus
asieveration among
thom was, "If | mm not telling the
truth. | bope I may touch the band of
wy mother-in-law. Pearson » Maga
Julian Hawthorne is the an of Na- |
thanieli Hawthorne. He was born in
1846, but he does not show his 30 years.
When he was » boy of 7, sume lady's re
mark on the fact that be was “weak
chested’ stung him, and he determined
to make that comment impossible in
the future. How well he mcceodud id
svidenced by the fact that while he
was in college his chest menssure was 48
inches, and it i# well known that the
late John OU. Heenan, the pugilist, ad
Slo e— vised the young man to enter the prise
1 It is emid that the first book printed | ring.
| in this country fram stereotype plates
| was a catechism by » Mr. Waits This
work was issged in New York inthe
"lyear 1513 and was compiled for the
| benefit of the children of several New
First Lady--1 don't see bow you ean
afford to let your lodgers owe you sey-
eval weeks' rent
Second Lady— Well, it’ 8 like this
When they're in debt it affects their ap-
petites—ihey mever like to ask for
second helping—#o it comes cheapist in
the end, — London Tit-Bita
wnderstand the brntal
; she was forinred,
until, termine on hor sanonser, gh opel
Hero of
Francs," by Maurice Boutes de Manvel, |
bess, thus
of destruction by fire, aven though ther
may be ample strength in the abso
of five. Engineering News,
done by a high priced mi
bad fo remember that and | eck ot for
i it." "Troy Times,
He Anked Tos Mori
The waiter secidontally jogged th
Lolhew of the mun esting renklast i
; the wtaarant,
The worse] that he was shoot 10 cot:
canes fell to the Boor
The next moment be avi n startied |
ery and turned desthly pals;
AH ras confovion,
The propristor and the fsbupants of
| the other tables jumped op ad roshed
to his amsistapee,
His face had assumed a bluish hua,
whith was quickly followed Ly 4 green.
ish calor and then by a purplish finge.
The case looked seriou, Mr bBo wt
evidently spoplectiv, ;
Fionliv. to the relief of all, ho wa |
resis itated,
All demanded an explanation.
“I mm webject to boart dhease,” I |
at length exclaimed, “and ny seven:
shook is likely to kill me. U's a won:
der Tin alive to tell the mia
“What tale?’ they uked nigesly.
“Flasvous, gentlemen? bi yeplied,
an his cheeks blanched at the recalled!
tion, ‘you'll hardly believe we bat |
gwenr on my onth that when the waite
knockin that piece of bread und butose
out of my band it fell tn the Aeiir
with the butter side up”
The others mrveved him pityiogly.
“Something has affected bis brain,
thoy whispered one to the other, *
have |
One by one they drow swiy and id
bim alone. — New York Worlik,
lagi i
Gained Wis Point.
. In ths days when her majesty wenl
down tr) Windsor by road she liked oo
little vo)’
fast ti) pleases bor ewcort, especially the we
officers who rode thedr own horses AD
galians captain, afterward un repownil| |
M. P., was one day in command sul!
| riding at the head of bis trogp. Just bi
front of him, with his back to the horsey of
In the olive iF
be dviven at a rapid paen-.a
of the: onrriuge, sat the Prince of Wales,
then 4 small child. The captain, direct:
ly the: party started, lifted his band anid
shook his fist in the Hite prince's face,
The privee roared with fright, and hie
him. When the prinos wis quiet mul
resumed his seat, the captain agsin
shook his fist, and this was repeated all
the way down to Windsor. (At the emi)
of the journey the queen learned exactly
what bad cocnrrod and issged her oon
mand thar the officer should never com.
mand hor escort ugnin. This woe just
what the captain boped would bappen.
iit, Jarpos Gawette.
STS FRR Sp i 1
His Preference.
Her father is a phywician and an ad-
mire of culture. But he grows weary |
pow and then of hearing Mabel play
scales and five Ager exercises. Alter ni
bulf hour of work from ber exercis:
book she tarped and said:
**Father, I have taken up the stody
of theory.” :
“Have yoo?’
“Yen Thin’ she went on, striking |
a» chard, “len tone. '"
“Mabel.'" be answered n a tone of
patience sorely tried, ‘I'm ever so much,
obliged, but [ don't think that is what
1 neni. Bat if you had s sidutive that
you could try on me I'd eppreciste ili
more than tongue can teil, Washing
ton Star. haan
The Safety Point In Floors.
Probably less in known by architeoty |
and structural empinesrs
and Hew fours shan of
reourding the
2% other por
tion of a building. The relative cost of
the steel besins in % floor; us compared
with the terra cotta or othe filing, ha
enosed some builders to go to as ex
treme in increasing the apans between |
incressiug the risk
rk isdn
Muilded Better Thus He Knew.
Mis. Jackson—1 thought you told. oe
you tripumed shat hat yourself [I'm
sure is in juss as stylish as i i had beer:
Mm Johnson (complucently }— Yes, 1
think it bas a stylish look myself. You
see, ny husband sat down on i aoed
dentally after 1 had got dove and gaw
i exactly the right twit, —Boston
drown As jockeys, monkeys might
nrely be made useful and would fail
avery purpos for which the maniking
wht ride on rave horses are
stunted and sweated. Chambers’ Jour.
ato Ea :
fo ow sei of pape sonteibated 8
Engineering by Du Riche Preller on
Highthouses in Evpope the renarkeble
Cistatemiont is made that the jaminoos
range of w Hbt of 300,000 cundle pow-
or in the Mediterranean (44 milew) in
equal to that of 5,000,000 candies in the
echanneloqual tou ratio of one 10 bene
hens, if is ndded, that, with the excep
tion «f the electric flashing light of
Planiny, pear Mareeilles, of 600,000
candi power, the most powerful min.
eral all lights recently installed on the
French, Corsican, Algerian and Tonle
fan oases of the Mediterranean do not
expend 35,000 candle power, having a
Toniinons range of sbont 50 miles in av
erage weather. On the other land, in
the clisrinel and in the bay of Biseay
the largest mineral ofl lights have lo-
minis powers Bp fo aboot 200,000,
and the electric lighting fash lights up
to 92,500,000 and 87,500,000 candies
Further, the maximom light of French
Hghthiouse towers—that in, the beight of
‘the ferns above
about BO fo TO meters, bat wme towers
Ee ihae of junta Iotel, the Biglteet
above the high water ses level, while
its Jemitions power ix 6,000 candles and |
itu Juminons range: Emtie Jue gat,
rnd of their
- thing in unheard of. Jt oonid never
Jead, inc and e
the air. Lead snd sine rapidly corrod
away, copper wus corroded 10 loss ex-
tent, ‘while in and antimony were
compressibility of alloys it is ugrested |
by this nuthority that uo alloy be :
until it ix satisfactorily tod |
Somalia magn br sgn |
ably abcive the greatest load or shook to
which, itt will be subjected in owe In’
testing the effect upon soft masa pear
ings when the shaft sustained » he
districts of Rome were
conflsgmtion instignted it is sid, =
the Empercr Nera. The number of lives
lost i¢ known to smount up jute the
{ bundreds, but the vaiug of the opty |
| destrayoed cannot even be estimated.
the mpperor’s command, thousands of
Rotmwes rendered homeless and dosti.
tate wire employed in removing the de
bris and rebuilding the bumwd ety.
Nore, to divert the odiom :
To brown gun barrels, wet pisos of
mg with chloride of aatimony, dip it!
into live gil and rab the barvel over, |
Iu 48 hours it will be covered with a fine .
oat af rust Then rab the barrel with
a fine steel soratoh brosh and wipe with |
n rag dipped in boiled linseed oil To'|
vebrown, remove the old coating with.
oil and emery paper; them remove the
grease; with niutic pot, i
Peacocks generally sorenm 3 vociferous
ly win & ohiange of weather is impend.,
ing. [n the countries where these birds '
are native the sign. Urogarded as um |
Kuobisi Khan, the ry mogul ome
perar of China: wap Ss Se oh
rv, from the tragedies in bis own
Gosinil ‘