The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, October 29, 1896, Image 5

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The pat ent, where can
: the Peyohiatriz |
«. | bad a serious difference on the evolution |
1 Tell me what it is that noubles and
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the save dati,
; ie aluont tneokt door %0. thas auction |
room sold a copy of the some edition
Mo The person who boast
50 cints cerugnly got»
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Had i | gions to tha theater, suppers whieh could
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; ble reply.
i tion, said: © Weel, there's just une thing
En < © Et Peter, vas diverted to the repair ‘eonragement Be gave to the ery aad bis
: : pi
» dresd. By some means mosgnitons
wonld get into the hoose, even though
every door and window werd tightly |
[seveened. The theory was that infant
grew to maturity in the apartment. At
all aveuts they did their mischievous
work to the great disfigurement and div
tress of the members of the hoasehold,
pat they were located snd ould not
chavs thelr residence, » thing they
or giadly have done for this reson
alone 50 serions was the trouble ;
Towurd the [i tter part of the season
] it wis obsorvedt that the bites, instead of
swelling and forming blotches an ineh
oF #0 foros, grew loss sumoying until on
several ocensicus there were bits on the
| hands that preinoed no results beyond
the immedinte sting of the bite. A Hit
tie notice proved the fart that several
members of the family had by ome
| process become practically exempt, and
the mosquito plugne Secame tut a tri-
fling item of anvoyance. It might bein.
teresting to follow up this subject aml
sen whether the introduction of thie
| polson into the system has the samo of
foct an varcination, rendering the per
‘son almost Hf not altogether at
against mmfforing from foture poprturos
from these hitherto froobivsoime peste
NW York Lodger.
Avasy Monte ro Engin.
Rives 18ST every srmy musician in
Engl. must buve passed through a
SORTED of instroetion st Kuelicr bullee
ch former residences in Twiekonbam of
(Mir Godfyey Kueller. The bandamen
upon the Si. are very Y carctol
deriv rm although |
fo in wil o iinet a the ove of
take the esponsibiliey are very |
of the line appeals othe man who pays
the bills with foaen Bok Sally Appre. |
sending i it in
ey wire snd into
: tar nm BR the mer
v chanical rey in the pall of a cable,
| are more than counterbainiesd by many |
| conveniences and economies, and now
jthe hope that some incidental wba
tages in wight may be realized, and ail!
a little better seonomy be obtained,
attracting atiention tow ard compres:
abe Charlos A Bagus in Cossier's
Carlyle’s Doggone
Car Iles dogged Boctoh nueva
thatio pereiitency in mesenring every.
thing by bis own jduss was sensibly
deepened fv @ story which Huxley told
me of their mutaal relations Carlyle
| and he wera for long good friends but
midi Feraive
LE i
the pegulution shilling »
pine a pepny ext for the goin,
wives with forsished rooms
1t 1s of conse atwurd To suppose that
fret pate performers would be satisfied |
wiih this miserable stipend whon they
sid emsily eurn £3 or £35 a week by
- ve eveping work at the theaters
They therefore rocvive § TRrying exon
siiowance from the band fui of the
regiment, the poversment contributing
£70 5 year per regiment toward tha cost
of music and Instrumente
The bapdmuster, who i= 8 warrant
| oficor and i onder the military onlers
i of the drawn major, vominally gets 5
shillings to # xbillings per day, plos
| #70» year from the band fund Both
{ boolean and their conductor, however,
setion in the early stages of the con-
| froversy. Their persenal istércourse
ceased In consequence, After an inter.
fralof many years Huxley. happened to
poke to him, Fes ion
Carlyle did not af Sint roosgnie him,
when he had ‘made out who it was |
from private engagements, and Gades
# | puions congTresTE Dave more than oboe
{protested that the employment of the
army bands at fires, garden purties,
basaurs and wo forth Ws wnfulr to the
op | aivilian professions] Sandsmen. — New
ight | York Times
Phe Bvivers Revor.
© K misanderstanding as to the mean
ing of » word sometimes leads to perul-
inr sitontions, '” ssid Rev. A. LL. Smith
of Chicagn. “In eompany with several
other ministers I was riding in » stage
or hack, whieh served the purposs of a
stage, #h routs (oa camp meeting. The
roud wind around the meantaine, snd
| the air was delightful, while the scenery
mosquitoes crept through the wires and |
wid MUSICS Per diem te provide twine |
1 devive tae greater part of their ingotee |
jag i Jesx amount of friistiinn with swe
wy oo, ree wil at mt wiption of ot
ar thmstrons as the comp
of var food supply. Whetiwr oily
savy 18 or in bot muffler i who ok
Aforeigh trade, is a matier of opinion.
But oven sssaming that shu desired oon
ditions can be
isting twill nearcely be denied that ev
ing oor own shores: mast wil an addi.
phonal 4
| erehunt ships abroad. I follows there.
ful Tending ar the ah of the na |
val fotos the latter would enjoy o free |
| dom of sotion which they cannot buve
by the midline of pw |
while hampered
#ible jvasion banging avs their pechn
MEAT We Ren Te OUR] YOK aginst peing |
be obliged to chdoss Deliviesn pence at
any price and ruin. —-Broad Arvo,
at ting” Soldio me
Is eovipigs to be taught in peace? A
Rosian general ono poop sel mw “antl”
hin slid bry
with ball eatiridges during monsovens
This ghastly proparetise wes too jee
# srr ppemd fo Bo pore private salidiers
tig to civilised mindy, and it bas
sovay neem cared oat, bat, if adopted,
$8 wonld manke the army trained ander
such ecireumernnevs nvineible, wad we
in tik end tei So sharon War and waive |
Jifa, It wonld acousiom tthe elder to
fhe wi ghits and seigeg of the haasleBild |
aul ¢rerecne hin dread of the unknown. |
ft wonld enable Bim th cootral his]
pervie iu the tuimeit of tie setusl i
posuter. Such a puri ae eiimbing |
Bas tee same moral «fool
Endaraned, moatusl trast, self cortunl,
may be larped on the high Alps, or,
fur the matter of that, in Wastials,
where a slip on the face of the mountiin |
dowry some previpitons golly is nes Tous
deadly than the bail of shells and balk
of athletics give the sume resaik Spests
involving risk to life ani thus of wm
prem valoe from the nations paint of |,
Cutting by Stam
solid or Hguids i» very great
such enormons waves at we during
act tick only by ite cobesitn sud deaden- |
ing wet om spon the wanir, at by hav
air. Pe that as it may, however, air,
wad almost sablime, 1 was invigorated
ax though by » powerful tonic, and wv-
eral times remarked apon the caone in
the air. After one of these olewrvations
the driver stopped Nis horves, und, beck.
oning to mae sivly, elimied from the
seat. Wondering what be could want, 1
follows bins, and soon we were behind
& large tive, ut of the view of thie wag-
on. Parsan,’ suid the driver, ‘J couhin't
hear to sen you suffer. The caine yon
siuelled wan in my pocket’ With these
words he drow forth a Tage Boils of
whisky, which he offered to wr. Jt took
ereernl munntes 0 convinces hin thar it
wis Bot whisky | hod referred as
Geom, em Wash logon
he clergyman sav the pear approach |
in the old man's fare
and asked if his mind was perfectly at
: “Oo aye; Fee . rien,” cumie the feo. |
“Ron wre sure there is nothing trou
bling you? Do not be afraid to tell me."
The old man seemed (0 hesitate, and |
at length, with a faint return of anima.
that roubles me, but § diupa like to
: Te Pelieve we, 1 am most aNsre to |
comfort you," replied the charg ma.
Dlvormilens at Gries.
perplexes Fis i
I “Weel wir, it's juss ike his” guid |
{ the old man eagerly. “I panna for the
ifs of mee mak’ nt Loh ye manage tas |
uh fates that westroas. PemLondon Ti- |
Eas :
reponse, Thetwonn a yuilivne jacket,
a bntion or & peacock 'y feather on the
ane hwnd, sad a thistle, a taih or a
aber an thie
meh ridienie on the pet tance at
| to the fret set of erations ly the
se Whol wir sopseives wt just ax
by the seonmd wt?" There is
in thes gestions, and i
armen T's Fasey, {
The poit stooking has met with aston | © hin
ishing sucrias in thin county, aml the | wach
gentleman who introdnemt ib rogaeded | mach fore
ws a pulilie benefactir by those youu | scmiiad tens 50 the uttention of the
men who cepnot ost of meh dev Hg ow wosgls in the proas whi are abwars puking
{ pent of the endl Bat the rage for poi | t a st La Beug Chang's yelow Jacko |
stockings in civifleed commeunition 8 asd peacocks feathers Looking at she
Bet & circoisstanos to what ocoursud in hatter mpustialiy, § it mesma be me that
Obicago the other day aang » pariy of | a yell Tackol, OF ies otto arb
50 fall blooded Sioux who stopped off i Rt % feather, in siitabibe for
in that city for a few hours. All of Chi deconntive purposes than either a bath
cuge’s teost hossted sights were regarded | or a gates © do pot say a thingie, bee
by tiv with ghlepsatie Sodifferonoe, | cause, no duaht, thet is an objet iighiy
but when theses untutered shildees of | { | appropriate to pauy of thos: en whom
it haa been couforre Ak —Lemdon Truth,
They Kika C hi panman.
The black csunibais of porthern
Quevnsiand are excecdingly partial to
Chinamen. The reason isssid to be that
the flesh of the Chinese is peculiarly
tender and paiastable owing to riee be
ing their staple wrticie of diet. There is
mow a bumerons Chinese population in|
the perth of Queensiand, and somves of
them who have ventured beyond the
eonfines of viviligation have been cape
tured and dovenred by the Dative —
Londen Standard :
“What did ald Stuffey have on when
he escaped from that burning hotel?"
“A very rapid move, Detroit Free
| of golf stockings they Ledaliged jn a war :
{dance apd cxbibited their joy varibns
| ctber w ays Lasie £ jote-Democat,
Chinatown eh.
| Parties doisg Chinatown are advised
© that the fue to the guide will be no
sraall matter. Four of us ooce found
that ope of the resident toughs whose |
| services we had soured for a couple of
hours valmed thems at $10. We com
+ | promiised with biw, 1 believe, but the |
i Munouing expedition, including admis-
pot bu saten, tributes to joss and Chi- —-
nese curios that we bought, was rather
expensive. Ope of the men confided it
to his sister — New York Press
Fm ———————— iar ir
: NSM ab A pr So
“Robbing Peter to pay Paal” mamid | [othe winter season & DEW mOCR 00s
to have erigiuatod in an act of the {curring Petween 19 a mand 13m.
2 church ernment of Eugland in 1550. ¢ penn onlder: weathor, with possibly
At that Sate. Hie Cathedral of s Paul chal Wwiets freon the nerth.
in London bling ont of repair and oo | emt
funds available, a portion of the incomte = I ranges 1 of France was designated |
fot Westminster, which was consecrated | ‘Fiuther of Letters on account of the en.
mall valves of certain bind of stvam
drips cut with grest rayldige it whiowed
| eluily when the pressure 18 igh sod |
L the potiet small, in a feet lolrabiy well
SW hat ja thie oi Worenee,” sake on oor §
¢ othr? Yh do we lavish §
They say be is & govd sotor, but 1 don’
Stomp aod most gases hive i great deal
of friction with solids = When under
prempure, this friction in {me rcaned, and | peg
Af the gun in sloaping tlirotigh » small
orifice the law of frictiae in regard to
speed, while pressure and sorface ve-
suain equal, still holds trae. 1x iss flirt
kpown of Jong obeervalbon that the
a very small rise or epening. Thes
)temns cute and ents Tos i ite,
shied sd Boown 10] hoes old oo
gis rs.Philade] Iphin Beoond.
A SWanager of he Pr
filslter Kenpedy wrot ty the ms
ager of & prospinent theater mw Conneot-
ent, seking for Lis opin time Kr a
week in the following reiertory : “Hem.
goas, t Udabelin’t ¥inpuios ued
“Damon amd Pethian' jad thos was
the auswer: “Walter Kemvedy—Dear |
sir: 1 must say vba I heoek never Dard
your company. Samson wie st the $ime
muinm here wot Inog gs breakin
fake choaios, apd Otel played hens
List winter at the oppasilion thentuor.
cary about playing eolonid © stazs alimy
Bonwsa, us | aater to the very best ualy
audiences, and then 1 don't tink |
wenpld Bike a show with all ten Weis
I want shows with plesty of sojpiog
andl dancing, sontmeties mol cununinng
A an Es i8 tiobe- Dennorat,
The Guilery nin
It is & common saying thet the “gal
jery gous’ are the best crigics, and
many people believe it $1) be true, It
might bave been yours apd years ago,
bul at present the reverse is trun. The
smi exaggerated melodrons has pot
been uplifting. The “uallery godu™ of
the present day know nothing of the
legitimate drama. They have degenerat-
od because theatrionl offerings have pot
in any way served to edvoate then. —
Albany Journal
Facts In Natusnl History.
sone Maltese cats drink beer, Now we
know why those oats that stay oul! late
at night oarry ot on so. Ll veland Lender.
At in mid ! that the “pilgein to Meooa,
ta from Wi would have
to Era] 6,308 miles in order to reach
that Canba
EL 2a!
| California, a bushel
NE co i
In thas state it od pon
trade would eninil consegnences almort | .
lete stoppage |
against actoal invasion, but sino to poo |
tect sdlequately oor imo se volume of |
ted we anitunlly of | 0
pry ship sot free from the task of guard:
fore that if the army wets in . position. a
Ir needs to be ever borne in mind the, |
bowser successfully aml by whatever |
ry by loading on rifle in ten
means destroetion. The wlley of state! phar
fete cn the battlefield. And, in w less |
degrve, bunting sod the manlier forms |
view, and this stonid bi remembered | !
whet) the ignorant und degenevato suall es
them. —Fortuightly Reviiw. i
It in vot generally roooginined: that ite 1 \
{ friction peowern adr wid ther gaves and
Bisen alan
account of thin friction: thut we Beve ig
of bt two of the actors jog mention in §
ascendency of fares comiedly, vaudeville |
The Philsdelpbin Reeoed says that |...
“ts wh sdoty of our]
invaded, war upon sel (nsvoonid sot; un
poutine indefinitely without at lati :
reaching the point at whitish we shoold |
with bis teeth, - caodk B
the saath, on all widen of stam
(dveve lis bead slowly bak. The » ob
| germrally followed.
1 this plan did pot yoocesd, be
| the point ow low down ax be could, and
thet, throwing his heels over bis head,
tarred « back somereanlt amd came up
smiling with the root in bis mouth. It
was ese 1h teach Bim that iF was » part
of lyin bosiness to find thes yooie and
that hiv shaster met go sharon. "oe
Youth's Companion.
Ee a
Plusts That Nat —— bard
Francis Darwin, o son of the ro
paturalist, has been investigating fhe
eiiaon on inssctiverons plants of supply:
ng ‘them with asd withboliling Hom
La snimal food. He grew fen of thes
| exmiivorons plants under similar cone
jicax One plant of the lot be fed with
TORN Tent, Sne-Aftietl of rain
gale of wind The fila of ail whieh dy
redores the breaking of the sea wea Wo |
wil tell you, fp diy cmap blll :
mavier the grain the greater We first.
ye Loais Republic.
| A
oot wilh you there was » mile on.
the srk or pot?’
Ke, mir. Narys mole When Captain
‘Noh built the ark == a high walter
picket in the Ararat trade smd be went
inth the mensgorie bosiness, be found.
that ho was a" mule cut” jost us be got.
ready 10 leave on his maiden trip. He
went ashore, and after looking sound
found a mnie snd would have made his i
solmal show complete if be had been
able to get him aboard the beat. Nok a
i bing able to fis » vegro who would
twist bbe tid aud mks Sizk WEE SRS] ws
by walking the geugpiagk, and after
trying to ger his deck crew to coax, #
shove, esd or enrey the male aboard, be
got mad, rong the bell, backed out and
litome for Ararat, leaving the mules
iotiely, fricudiovs beast until bewas din
covered by o negro. The two have been
fat friends ever sues, —
Lonely Eiht In Winter,
Fogs, trying ak they ame to visktors,
ane little sripuded by tho Hgbtkeeprm
One of them, in feet, Teparted,
evident pride, that his steam Rog hors
find been in guinterruptod dpevation for
#7 dure, and declarsd us be
the sibvpee which wonid come With
olisar westher. The fog in ue nothing
when compared with the wild worms
of winter that out off Sheir compan
wi Ha fopuy gos. That's he eull fr sations with the muinlepd. Then, in
{dwed, the dreary mopolony of the Hght-
keeper's life un one of the ontiyieg
: Maine islands becosnes well nigh ane
bearable. For weeks at a tims he oon.
fined to Bis tadnted rocwor tiny slot am
atwolntely aw u prisooer Ww his oell =
Kirk Munroa in Seritner's
Adding Tasait to Infurg
The Messaanrios Maritimes mail
stemmer Himaisya Hos in the harbor
gergeons iu white paint and
Beoraping by it comes» coal barge,
ing elf slong by holding 9 - -
of that! Sheer off at ones!
From the Coal Barge—Who the =m
are yoa?
wn. Shea
off this ship. Sheer offt
From the Coal Barge~—Then go
tlk to your —— oqualh
pero in Pn Some
en, gh auq
In all states of the Union, sxoapting J
| EIDE, Fix
you please state in The river ls