The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, August 06, 1896, Image 6

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dant. the o land pon: whee ont.
i lying reefs the steamer Drammond Cas-
sin ran, sinking three minutes after
axrd and carrving down every soul on
“ilabant’’ 18 the Anglicieed form of
| “Onessant,’’ the French name, Pliny
| calls the island “Uszantis,” and the |
{Britons know it ak “Enez Hensa, '*
‘which means “The Isle of Terror. *® It |
pwell deserves the Celtio name.
The inhabitants of Ushant are a hardy
rt race, the men all fishermen and seamen,
the worsen all filers of the woky sail
The Iatter on high
with its flat coif, which strikingly re
fealli the feminine headgear of southern
ey ee brie wens A
bariad, often for long weeks at a time,
tltale, mod whence their dark hair
streams in fre
breed of ponies still roansed in mi
Fwildness over wn Inge part of the tiland, |
and for centurion the inhabitants than
from any intercourse with the main.
Jive. Bat st the same time they pre.
{swerved the primitive virtoos, sod Bon.
| tielos of Ixith among them,
: Lgolarhir a a poor or two of their own
vr I Rith and kindred in the treacherous
y waters arcand their isle, their sympa |
thies have always been with those
| whom shipwreck has imperiled. Several
Tof the Broton islands have notoriously
harbored ecoramunities of wreckers,
hl but the peeple of Ushant have again
{ and again Sistiugoished themselves by
their efforts to save distressed vessels
6 | or their crows.
Whenever ono of the islanders is Tout
1 at aN tomching covemitry, called “the
proelia’ is performed. The rejatives
, rjand fricrids of the deceand carry to his
| house un small Weadén cross, over which
that ot he oan
a #3 inches distant froma
of the
of nine
bad it is
: ries, —-Poatt
+ heen en
ea saeing in
; be styled
i HY me
jergy repeat the prayers for the
dead, as if this symbol were the pOrpee
jtseif. Then tho _oross bearer, who,
instance of symbolism), incloses it in a
ors, deposits it at the foot of a statao of
St. Pol Aurelien, the patron of the isle,
LA fiw yours ago a hundred or soof fhese
ooffars could be sen assembled aroand
tho stat,
Ushaut is known to history Ascanty
aa 1258 an Eaglish expodit 5
xian and ravaged it wi
aod sword, Then, in 1378, is watem
witnessed the mach eritivhend naval on
gagerce et between Keppel and d'Or
Villiers, Ww visio h English histor ris 8 senally
From: ) : carinhly 1st i A 8 Gi
saw the *‘gloricas fort of June,” when
Joel Fewe ooriminly shattered the
Frooeh ships of war conmandod by
| Villarot-Jorense, but at tha same Sime
my sgnally faded to prevent the large flood
of Frepeh worchantmen, on whose ar
pended for reaps to pros
fia | the port of Brest.
Fi id
month y |
¥ Maganine, is
predesthind to Creda of Blac and denth
in shown by a strange rhymed proves,
“Memoirs Prema Beyond the Grave,"
afd which may be Englished thos
{He who wees Belle Tale doth se Bist
joy, at gare ig rv ehant’s Sood, yon re
your blocd.
(Hf the wild scenery around Ushant |
iz | there has probably never been any bet
{ter descoriztion than that given by
1 Chateantiriand. The island is the lar
pest snd from the mainland the most
distant, of these forming the sre hipehag
ts ve pich it gives fe name. Molese, the
Tuext in size, trades largely in ite own
soil, which on account of certain chem
deal properties is sought after by Breton
puriste. Then, in addition ty
Socires of Httle islots, some of than mers
sits amd rocks, there is Quemsenes,
Twhich js abimt a quarter the size of
{ Ushant, while near to the mainland i
Berdquot, or the Blessed Isls, 80 called
{on account of its proximity to the Bre-
: tn shore asd the refuge it offers amid |
Sa that of Los Pierres Noires,
Many a stout ship and many a frail
> fishing boat have been shattend among
| these reeds, where the witersever soe thi
. lonr fathers was
ge 1 1
| aud roar, even on calma summer days
But winter ix the time 10 so Ushant
i and its neighboring isles, all bare and
rugged, rising from ansid the gale lashed
{waves Norock bound coast can offer &
{more impressive spectacle than that
| which (ho ocean then presents as is
1 lonps in its dread, blind might arvand
The Lele of Terror,” — Westminster Ga-
Wants It This Time.
“Hand over aud be quick about it,”
Leaid the “hold op’* as be put a revolwr
{to the head of the belated man.
“‘But you held me up last week wid
didn't get anything," remoustrated tle
“Well, hand over what I didn't get
3 then!" — Detroit Free Press
eb Af
The 5 cent silver piece familiar to
authorized by congruss
792, and its coinage was be
d 1 Feb i 1878
mit ia thus that we lve
to nothing and
isize of the vesdl. For instance, a
ave | sterner of 150 tong borden carries on
1 an wrerage 80 gallons of oll This ofl 1s {
the refuse discarded by the oll refining
boned, exeept throes, lies off the north. |
is wiht extremity of France and forms
the corner around which vessels from |
"the south torn into the English channel |
| after crossing the Bay of RBiway. |
a and holidays |
{still often display their Ansiont costome,
. recdom below their waists
J Within the last quarter of a centory a
wl apon as savages. De- pasa
and, they cortainly lod very primitive
esty cod hospitality have ever been ar |
{in onsen of alu peril that the tan
Living your by year, with entailing : !
importuned declared he ecnid give his |
comrades no assistangg, ss his matches
but a good, fut salary betvven himself
elmrnd io was in the same fix, and the
proofreader relented and gave him done
is the godfather |
of the defunct (this again a touching |
cotter gid, flowed by all the mourn. 1 STIk 1 whith you havi so generons-
preccdioet my grandfather telling me of |
{ing lights in the old dwrs—how be
worild paddie around in her pretty bare
'§ foot hooting the flint on dold wit
victory. Finally, 19 years lator, Ust sant |
2 | arent piocfreadie. “LH you bad spent
the tisoe you wisted on that chestiug
roan cee of Mr. Eden's candlon e-
| pomte the war, from getting safely into |
That Ushant is, in Preton estimation,
disiiguring discolorations, from which
which Chateaubriand qoorcs in hin}
{ and anpoyanes, It dw worth while to
fale: Ho who sooth Grod doth sen J |
equal quantity of capsicum aman. with
Yrgised serface should de carefully
Uses a camel's hair brush nod allow it
cost aN #00n as the first is entively ab
bo wholly prevented. It is 1250 said shes
phesunatisns or atifnoss of ths seek
public pobscription. Every day the bell |
1% rung three times—at & 30 © ‘clock a
mnnsville ig the signal for the people to
arise, und in sunimer mest of the resis
bell ansoances that it in the time to
BaLST Its coinage was dis- |
8, to think always to
the qanntily varying with the
factorios and often consiste of a mixture
¢f whale oil, peornlenm and vegetable |
oil I ross ot tormenor a4 gallon,
and B Lirpe seed vise] cai be well sap
plied] far 20 shiliings
i donk it others think he same,
Cr even wish $0 alive my thoughts
That men were faidish who baw sought |
To lave a pever dying cane
When thot toot ran thine mrihly rae,
Thon wilt pot live 4 work] wm earn”
War srill woe ean in aftvir Years
To vient vinci periicly resting place
Thy poor romain wil righ ga will;
Thr spies will be io tows Trem,
fiouph i% 15 pert Aine tur Fe
A Milton or o Raphael,
The cil fv stowed in #pacions give
tanks, soranped Di te bold of the «hip
to act ae baliaet ach tank cobtains 80
gallons of oil, and go ingeni ns mechan. |
fral tap arrange connie e the uns
with the ontside of the vessol i
If a dangercod gale ariges and the
ship becomes nmansgeable and likely
to fonder, the sitios are opened, and |
20 gallimy or mon: of the oi bi allowed |
10 shea Jot Che aes
The fort instantaneous However |
stomny the ses misy be, the vessel live
in a getitly heaving milipond. There is
po further danger of foundering, and
the pil moves slong with the © for
som time, often half an +0 ir
which i# breaks nip and digwrses, The |
ship mist slacken speed a Uttle, and |
mors ¢i]l is Jet out from the tanks
Enormons waves nay bear down on the |
ship, tot on approwhing the mingle |
oiled circle they seem to melt away and |
harmlessly beneath the vessol jo
Sailing vessels are pot so often fur |
pished with oi] tanks as stenmers, Tt is
eatiinatnd, Bowevir, that over 200 ves | i
sela have been saved from shipwreck by |
means of the ofl tanks sinve they wer
introdineed a fow penrs ago If sor
Weslthy Proofreaders Toil.
Once npon a time a weaithy proof.
| readier ‘who possessed an entire box of
matches was acoosted by an indigent
editor who wanted five for his pipe and
od nothing but a (opy of the
“Light of Asia." The proofreader thos
were hurd come by and be lied nothing
and » heartless world Thy editor de-
mosly fogitive match with a bead on
it that was so small it was nly » pine
“This piateh, said the o dito aR be
ly donated to the relief of safferiog ho
manity has effected a maricione revo.
lation in society for so small » thing. 1
the trotible they need to hate in obiain- |
world ®t up in bed while grandma
mornings, sod bow when she had found
i while sie was knoeking + spark ont
of the tld Bint and steel be wos sure of
another bail hour's nap ‘Wow! That |
jnfienal thing burned sy fps. Gime
me Bother match”
Not to any ixtent,”’ rplind the op |
in lighting your pipe, you wend have |
bean out of the woodi. Nob can gitber
hunts fins and steel or procare 8 1 ah ]
Chieago Dispatch.
For Black : Hyon
Tt ds often the onse that people mest |
with steidents and braises (hat ssa
they suffer pot a Little embarrassment |
kine that thers is a simple rensedy, and
on quite within the reach (if every one,
Immediately after the accident sais an
macilage ade of gum antbic. To this
adil & few drops of gliverin - The
clonnsed ‘and dried, thes painted all
over with the capsicurs preparation
to dry, then put on the secimid or third
{sorbed A medical journal is authority |
for the staternent thas il {his cours 1a
paisa issmediately after the injury
diseoloration of the bruisil tissce wil
this retpedy is umm uased da a cure for
New ¥oxk Ledger.
A Vitage Rintng Miekt
Wor more than 20 years Bowmae-
ville, Pa, has had what 14 known as a
village bell It is swung between two
kizth upright poles snd wis paid tor by |
m., 11 o'vlock a ra. and § o'clock In
tha afternoon. The leading oliject of its
ringing is to annonnee to farmers and
other working people the Hme of day.
The first bell in the noming at Bow
dents ure oat that carly. Ube ll o "clock
Juve the Selds and prepary for dinper.
Af 4 o'clock in the afternion they pres
pare for supper. — Cor. Philadelphia
Rewerdl. ~~
A Most Unressousliis Max.
The women ins North Atehiscn fam.
ily think the bead of the family is a»
when a crowd of ‘women congregate on
his porch and keep up u racket until
daughters and make po Noise at all he
does sot Ike in eftier, oil tehilanns Chl rst,
The epidermis of a bruiette i said to |
bet ove-tenth of a millimeter thicker
than that of » bicad.
In Russia a patent mag may Tt taken cat
at the pleasure of the patcatee for thous,
fve or ten years
Pietared In the Dens Where Editors snd
regndar old crank. He bejomes furious |
Prot sot these? bot heaven thant
HH sll the pool That thon canst Gi
May Ty wx dome thE only few
Xoid evar know iy p ims 1 sande
rnd € Finke 11 mente pat
Ere th oon s Fe meet again’
£f knowing v9 14 1s to part
Ome loving be 8 thon yeayest era'es
Lent all the arlst for on arih :
Shentd seer 3 Lees no Indting worth
And end fore: rin the grave
Core faithful | rt Yenvath the sky,
Tr whieh to 0 sven send of owe,
To blossssn © « a world above
And bear a fr f wWikeh shall net 3
OJ Bo in i Chissstiery’ Jib
wy eh; Kas Su)
A Story of the ‘ay the Orloff Stone Was |
Taken Fro: Pirsis to Rusein
Gas Fox, » coalor in diamends on
| Fourth street,
mons Orloff
Cemnt Orloff, +
bonght it. Foo sys: “It wan originally
the eve of an iol in Trichinagell It
wit stolen, rooording to the acewptndg
t gocornt by a Freachman, who escaped
with if to Persid, where be soli it for
the equivalent in soir money of £5,000
fa a Jew ish morehant,
The Jewish merchant eld 1 to an
rmenian named Shafras, who bad |
weled in Rosda and eosrelved the |
3 of taking thé dimmond 10 that
ntry and selling it to the Empress
thevine for a great sum. $hafras paid
v 846,600 for 11
“Haring secared the stops the next
au owtion with Phafras was Row (0 pet it
tums, or robe how 0 odneeal it
“oon he weas sea bod by robbers, 88 ie
4am $0 be on the road The jonmey
woo % dong and perilous one, and thieves
walling the stone when he shonld
aken by the robbers, but wan obliged
jive thst plan vip, as the dlasond
» toe Farge to willow,
He began to fuel be had a white ele
rut on bis hands when a thooght oe
cod to him. He procured s sharp
1 oe, made a cat Dy the fleshy part of
Eo te leg and thripet the disssond joto
pelle and a silver wire. I healed,
Yeo ving the disnwod fmbeddedl fae in
the log, mite oat of sight
“liecay he started for Russia On the
again apd was thercoghly searched,
Being an Arnieniun ie suspected of
going oo Rossin t00 trade, tha thievor
marveled greatly at fading nothing af
value apap his penis.
“He sevived in Flassia at bast, and,
after extricting hin dismend, visited
tho empress Ee was willing to sell is
for shoot $150,000, bot the vipypees baud
pet wo hires an apdient in casle fur the
purchass, and Shafvses preforsed 8 go
cor to Amsrerdany, the seat of the die
mond catting industry, whore be had
the stone pesliaheul
wealthy Ruscinn, sw the diamond and
was film] wih a domination ta si
sure it for the Romslan cvown. He dig
meena if, Saf Shales exacted from tbe
Russian, prvernment 8300 0060 or x
paity of £20000 and » tithe of sobiling
Fo died no oaillionision
“The Orloff dinmend weighs 1085
carats sid ia about the wee of a ple
goons opi. It is smaller than the Kobi
queen, which fs supposed 80 be with
750, 600 Cincinnati Esquire.
a SEND i ly, ARATE ome
The Laut of the Fulstuth.
A ecrvmpondent writes: “Apropos of
the latest Falseat?, 1 weil reniember a
tor, when George Bartley—-calied then
the last of the Faletaffa—ade his fare.
well bow to the pablo alter 50 yoars
mervies ‘On this very nights of the
werk, the very date of the month 50
years apn,” ho said, be had made kis
her, ton, hin saying be had played On
Jando to Mrs Jordan's Rossland, Asa
boy Ewns much streck by the trans.
formation from the durly knight to the
| aristoorstic Joolting old gentleman in
evening dress as be tearfully bade his
andienon farewell Charles Kean was
the Retr, Ryder the King, Lacy the
ing. H. Saker, Mis Murray and Mm
Emly were in the east. Pos Bartley
died within six years afterward and
was laid in 8 Mary's churchyard, Ox.
fod, when 1 Was an pudergradaate mn
that nniversicy. "= Westminster Ga
| aetie.
she Melleved Tt
SBotaebedy asked President Robert El-
lis Thompeon of the: Central Fligh school
if judgment is sacrificed in the enltiva
sion of memory, and be, fa unhesity
tingly affirming soch to be the cass, me
lated a story or Bra at the expen of
his own menwry. Saud be: VI came
vOry near spe aking > Jonah as “Wha
you ray call bus! in the pulpit ones,
and at anther tizge iu the course of a
eouversation 1 said ton woman:
“ sPw yom believe that Jonah swial-
Towed the whale?
“1 diy’ abe sadd unbesitatingly. — |
late, snd when yrang vin call on his Philadelphia Call
Language is a solemn = thing. 11 grows
out of fife—ont of its aggonies ami conta
gies, its wants and iis weariness, Every
language is a sample in wileh the soni
of those who speak it a enshrined ~—O
W. Holmes,
. The expenses oo x he ¢ queen's house
bold are £173,500
ian story about the fa |
Camemd, psamed | after]
4 first Eusoosin who
mde everywhere. Shafras thought |
womgeh. Flo soured np the cut wigh |
way he was soined hy robless again and |
“Here Count Orloff, au axtremely |
noor, in the possesses of thy Eonglil
memoraide perforiiance of “Howry IV
on Dec. 8, 1852, ab the Princess” thea |
first appearances on the Boards. I romem-
Prince, while Harley, Meadows, J. Via. |
How Sara Wepsrs Projmed and Was Aes
copted by Hin Annle-. i Tie Tragedy Which |
Grew Ont of the Lave of the Rowland |
Brothers For Jennie Dunbar,
All the spectators of the ginnt leap
For lite in the cireus tent held thoir
bresths with terror wibile the lithe aro
bat plunged forward, releasid Isis he id
and shot throngh space, to begpecnrvly |
eaught in the firm grasp of his partaer,
who hong fran hin fois fran another
froachierous trapeze.
Twelve thonennd nine Bundied and
pipety-cight persons aught their breaths
agnin as the feat ‘was soon lishe 4
The two remaining jeryons of the i,
000-—a big cirens tent always holds 19,
O00 persons, You ksow-——watiohed the
proceedings with sn air of perfect non.
ehalanoe, as if a swing for life was no
| pars serious matter than signaling An
| electric car.
Well might they be calm, for they |
were retired circus performers, and the
perils of the tents were old stories
them, and then, as the show wnt on,
they hogan exchanging roninisconons,
while the Hetening Journal mean forgot
all about what was before hits tw his
futervst in thoes Yarns
“That jump renxitds me of the way
Sam Myers proposed to Ausie Juhuson
The Journal man notiend that the
veteran cirens man omitted the “Sige
nor’ and “Ma'amsilie'” from bis con:
versation, so that Bun Myers and Ane
wie Johnson did not bear in private life
the names which jderned the circws
me and the particolorsd litho!
| graphs which inflanie the circus going
propensitios of Young Amerion
You ee, Sam Mvers and Pete Wil.
port and Annie Johnson wens albinos
that season and did a great net on the
fiying trapese, in which Annie mide
ever so many june across the tent amd |
wis conght »y Sain, while Pete was
performing on a third bar way up
above thew, One jnmp after another |
wis made all right 55 her, and sodden. |
Iy sveryicdy was mirprised 0 see Sang
Hirt Annie in the air ax be canght ber
sud kis her before she fares 10 make
i the leap i K tt her (awn trues. Every.
§ body wonderost what it all meant, amd
after the art wos over they woos found
“Iv weorer that Bam mid Poe bad
both fallen in love with Augie, and jot |
before the sot Petegontided fo hischnty
Bis intentions of proposing to the preter
porther Sam ude 3p bis mind {hat
hot werd per Bo 00 nos se Tike thin |
Fait he Had roo chal fo ep le for Bim
sdf anil they begin
“When Annin made her first jump,
bo started to pop thd question, and the
proposal continoed with ietorraptions |
an the young lady would swing back
i forth wud jump to and fro om the
poguiar custom of her performanct
Pisully the questialt was seked just i
she swan. Son. lnaaging hy his toes
waited until she nade the pat bap and
si Bo heard Ber say Yous lie Lifted lar
op aud Riseed ber iwith wah & sack!
that it could be haund all vvor the big
*Eeeryiaely cosratniated the pair
Bpt Pete. Semon! be Bal Cw Smpres |
sion that be fad nod been treated sgn |
Iy in this proposa, and the fir broke |
up then and there.”
“That reminds he of scther foam
which was with a ¢ireus that T was per
| forming in a down yew aga The
Howland brothers veers doing a double
trapess act, with sil softs of daring
jumps, much the sme sirt a8 the ole
we just saw. In the sayge eirous the
leading rider was Jennie Drinbar, win
was the cleverss little wuman who
ever ju unged thraugh a Boop, and both
the boys fei] in love with ber,
“She was really fond of bothof then,
but when they prigosed sh acoeptisd
Will and told Freel thas sho conld only
be a sister to him. ‘When Fred proposed, |
we were performing np is Canada, and
the proposal was tase Just before the
afteriion performances. When the boys
came up for their warn, we all notiond
that Fred was pals and nervous, while
Will was just the reverse. Their act
went on just. the same ws ssual, and
finally came their last jump, which was
the most daring of ail Fred hang by
Bin tows, and Will made the wwing clea
across the eat We never knew how it
happened, whother Fred Was so nervons
that he lost his grip or whether he did
it deliberately, but Just ua Will cape
flying through the air Fred trembled
aud dropped from his bold down jako
the net, while Will shot thirosgh the sir
and fell in the ring clewr lwyond the
edge of the net. When thoy ran to him,
he was dead. Jeanie was almost crasy
with grief, asd Food had an attack of
train fever, from which be did uot re
cover for montis,
“No ene could tell whether he delib-
srately dropped to ges vid of his rival
or whether ho wad 80 sick that be conld
uot hold himself Jnger. At any robe, |
as soon a8 he got well be proposed to
Jennie again and was accepted. They
are married now and relived from the
business. Boston Journal,
ni Vs Uh i lb P| BY
A Novel Advertising Sobeme.
An ingeniens Chirinan bigwels mana.
facturer has invented the Soiiowizg she
wien as an advertising scheme: He has
published a notion in thy dally press,
scoording to whith he promises © give
A high grade machine and » bicyoling
suit to any ene who pays | cent spot
cash bat, secending to the agreement,
| the purchaser must pay for two weeks
tie double of the supount that hal boven
{ paid the preceding day. kis but a sit.
ple problem in arithmetic to discover
that at the end of two weeks the bivyole |
apd suit will have cost seraething over
Ingenious advertisements, as will be |
meen, are pot confined exclusively to the
United States. —Exehange.
front right paw his peep
There wore nee for brothers, Who _
had inherited a storage warehotss from i
thelr father and who equally divided
the prsperty among them, ci
gronrienances thereto was 8 ont, » fine
gil excellent for mousing, and thin,
fs, os divided, the elder brother owns
ing 1% right front quarter, the second
brother the left front quarter and the
younger brothers the two hind quarters.
Now, sufortanately, the cat in one of
its nostummal prowls injured the right
front paw, snd the dder brother ate
tended! to thas portion of his property
by binding the injurmd tuember with 8
relief to its sufferiog. went to sleep
oontativedly before the fire, but in the
myidit of its slambers a falling coal ig-
nite] the rag, and the animal, bowling
with agony, dashed through the ware.
house, and, coming in contact with some
| combustibles, wet the building on fim.
When the Joss on:
the three younger
throw it all spon the elder, upon the
grovnd that had he not tied up his part
of the cat with the inflammable rag the
building woald not have been destroy-
od. Be, on the contrary, contended that
had the ent only been possessed of the
vit would
awe itood still and. to death. It
was the three other paws a
_— damage. The trothers drgand the
east until they disd, but conld never
Loe a Ph cA ee
Bt flail Tooth In Its dew and Wiss Other.
wise Wiegant,
“The Solenhofon slate of Bavaria,”
writes Professsr H. 6G. Seeley in his
pocenit ortho volume, The Story of the
Earth [uo Past Ages’ ‘makes known
panpoax insects and other fore of ter
restrinl life of thin period, insinding the
aldist kuown Bird A bird is known by
to fearhers, though there Is 10 reason
why the covering to the skin stiouid not
be iis variable in this gronp of animales
as wnong reptiles or mammals I is,
therafore, remarkable that the oldest
known bind, the mchwopleryx, bas
feathers av well developed as in the ex.
atin representatives of the clases and
wnilarly srcanged.
The animal is an slegunt, slender
bind, which is chiefly remarkable for
showing teeth in the jaws. About 13,
short and sontoal, coonr on each side of
the wppor jaw. The bind was larger
than the robin in ite body and had »
tail of which there was a bony core
{ soa mix inches fn length. The wings
wren quite ax wel ldewIbpad as the legs,
and there are some evidences that the
forme could bo applied to the fround,
as are the fore legs of guadrapeds, al-
thowgh the feathers show ths wings to
have been eonsts tod on the same plan
as the binds of today The Solephofen
wtp, in which 0 many of the remains
of fishes, reptiles and insets are found,
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When His Nerves Failed.
The sroeities of the French revolution
Joss nothing hy the manper in which
arcs Ferdinant Rothwehild has de
seribind tham in his book:
“13 far the most wantonly savage of
thw Republican sommissioners was Le
bes, who exercised the powers of a pro-
consal at Arras. The Marquis de Vied-
fort was lying sound sader the knife of
the guillotine when Lobon, who was
liking on from the baloony of o neigh
bering bouse, made a «ign to suspend
they execution. Thy mob, fancyiog be
test to pardon the condemaned man,
wer greatly surprised at suoh anwont-
ok ¢lemeney on his part. Lebom, how
avr, took » newspaper from his pocket,
wud out a long avcount of & viesdey the.
Bepnblions army had joss gained and
suded by shouting to the marquis, ‘Vil
tain, go and inform your friends of the
wows of our victories’
“Michelot plates that » man known
for his colossal strength and iron nerve
petted that be woold stand by and see
the ixeeutions from first to last without
faltering. For some tine bo unflineh-
ingly bare the sight, but when a young
girl named Nichole, a mere child, step
ped forward, lay down on the plank
and gently asked the exveutioner, "Am
I right this way? his brain reeled and.
be dropped ix in 4 dead fatut. te
Wonderful Figures on Sunlight.
Frown a comparison of the relative in-
tensity of solar, lunar sod’ artificial
light, as determined by Professors Baler
and Wallastén, it appears that the mys
of the sun have an illuminating power
that is wonderful in the extremes. Ao-
carding tw their deductions, the illami-
nating power of the ‘great day star’ is
equil to that of 14,000 candles at a
distance of one fot, or of 5,500,000, -
O00; 000, DOO, (00, 000, 000, 000 candles af
a distance of 85 000,000 miles. From
the above figures it follows that the
mucmnt of light which flows from the
solr orb eonid not be produce! by the
duily burniag of 200 globes of tallow,
eepual to the earth in magnitude, ~8t
Livin Republic
“Thm told you were at the theater Just
evening. How did you like 67
“No goed.
“Well, what did you see anyhow?’
“Oh, I saw a dozen imbeeiles on the
stage who wore trying to amuse the au-
dieses, which cousisted of a dozen
ttioga. — Figaro,
The trade doliar was originally coin.
ed for foreign use, particularly in our
eastern trade. It was suthorised by act
{of congress, passed Feb 12, 53 oe
its coinage was begun in 1874