The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, June 25, 1896, Image 6

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    ia SS BERATIRERERRR C ; : Sr ; ; honor HHO ARS SA Seis Ai S—————————————— = oe i a 4 EH -
Pasian French Ca Wyrou's “Tren
eit For
Byeon hogan
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Nronght Vira (pam Thar First Motion Ba Prroritoock Ny this
3 i fatter After hoe hvala
The Yulm of He need
5 tial 1 feel to the
The tondior and thong hb!
that grthoring rm
And yet the prama 13
than san :
Takes me down te t t
: gina wd MN
Again I ride a borer aad 0 i: 3 FE pride
and by POAGAY & : Fa wield weir
Agsin I am with ooaspasiong ans an hp dram
of warbare
I bear the drum and the avid tha Baal
call fo sotiom, ;
The batteries belih thar Ree srl the sated
runs ohisrgs Hike pie
And from rade made Droadwaorks came sow
ers of fond Tike Balin,
While the Wag pol ug or RE SLR fe
prow oar endiny :
The woundnd He ta thi Lares one ix
eating ity way there vB may roof
While Belpless they Ho til conepued 1050 | oy the staf of {pores
Werribee avon NRL iti, Af
And men sre dy lag with thirst in the gine of = as walking arrose a 1
the eonfilet noendiog, whet | saw Gener
While the night stops only awhile the carnage | apg ching on hired
: ard beidihings of cannon dria near 0 Hie Ma, j
And J] He on wu pipe neal bed n B0{ Nis hors ay
Bright stars of heaven is homes and
Se Bifard 8 Creseor in Now York Bim. EIT tan, aid:
Seep pie f+] fentenant,
Are SoA Sh
4 Cyopiral XM
The Regular Duties and the Time For | pe dd
% Gemersl Relszation. $11
The ‘fret call” is smndad again five
minates before sundown, when the en
ign and the jack halyards are manned,
‘and a staylight msde “rently for hodating
to indicate the ship's w hereat suits dar
ing the night. Then the color call fod
lows at suedown as the a ag is Toward,
and saluted by all as it reaches the deck
The assembly is then sounded for tven
ing quarters and master, but there |= no
in may Bam
atid that Laid pot know
£41 ter TE
As a rule, it is fost aftor sntset When
the bugle sqll 1s sounded to stand ty
hammocks. That brings all
on deck, and they stayed in 8
ph to the ship's side Less
mock nettings, in two ranks fasin y
stern, until the biatswsin sg met ¢
to the officer of the dock, LAN ny “and : affio
aft.” The latter thea orders, *'Unopeert i
pipe down!’ and in chedience th this
order and the Boatswain
and I wa
‘2 whistles the
‘mettings are thrown open, and the hain
mocks are served ont and fam
to their proper places Each ba
has printed on it a pamber, and that
game number iv om the hooks Yoo bow
decks where that haramock hag to bo
. gwang, #o that each man eng inn the
game place every night, and that pl
in oallod his “biliet’
Uunlosst, now, n bost is calivd away
thers will be no more bugle calls until
five minutes of ¥ o'clock. The pe riod is
“one of complete relaxation, and 18 sprut |
ed the sailors in smoking, spinning
singing, playing on nu
struments, and dancing At
first call is-again goin as a wil
10 the erew tofprepars 10 urs in
oeks and go to slog
o'clock cones the call known ad’
Too Stories of Sasimo, Fol
yenson's Faithful Samemn Ta
The ail
and emis,
brim racais in his ro
This tattoo is the sarvieal of an oid | Was ho tenn ook has
emstom. Iu the old navy’ it weed Bestma to Landg h —
last 15 minutes, and was performed | To his surprise, ho Wis served
with drom and fife, playing all npaner } 4% exiele TH de
of nirs and guicksteps socarding to the | BUC THEE C oct coly
~ fancy or ingenuity of the drummer and A hol vragen ents”
Mer. It is coven said to have been {ianded
down {rom a perioxd of su Hperasition, tied, 5 ; : BS J A ia. a. oo
when they wy weed to make a bollabaloo} Mea Beh, | press FIRE : on. hn oe Ea = La lean Sy : 5 on. ¢ = .
after dark to drive the de is out cf the :dibie Emesion, Mie SUidwnt Map tia i, men a 5 pea ; ihn enable 117
ship. Af the last grote of tation the ship's \ : hire
bell is struck twice for § o'vixk, and
‘the bomtewain's whistle sounds “Fipe
down.’ Lvory man must then tum info
his hanunook, whether he iz sloepy or
not, for an inspection is mado by the in wy tio
master ab arms to ew that sll have done when 1 first
Leo Then wimps that fast, jong, OUT it gia,
fal call, “taps "-—Lisutenant Jobin M areal
Ellicott, in 8t Nicholas hack !
RR i A REAL 2 Hl a 25
shirt. fo
vgs SU mete
a flores Shedding 8 Witness,
#1 can't imagine whore Beaptor Eb
kins obtained bis sathority for the ex.
planation which he gives of the origin
of the expression ‘hore shedding "| ;
Representative Grosvenor. “The PH LA I ated
of this famous exprossivn, was as | 20 O80 fui.y abstract
a 3 Te
: “In da: ome by the Obit courts | 7 futy. 1 paws oh, hen, ab EF BC, im
held , days gon diffrent connty seats i. om * Red Sd Tey (he Men
at certain periods known as court tins
To accommdate the large cnpwds of :
Mitigants and witnesses who wold flank Thais Hatblex
in from points for nulcy around the
pounty seat when court wos in session,
the county authorities erceted sheds! oo : ts camp Lisanti 2 : tiv :
near the courthouse, where the litigant | p a a) RA ak or want mB eB ear EE
and fheir witnesses could tie nnd feed | 4 ¢ GRIGER 17 goal, DieWtam NE ro i ey a ah tian In9: © [nel evened, 0
their horses while they attended coar, cg Finis
and these sheds became known as horse
sheds. Now, erring to the limited space
of thy courtrooms, the lawyirs, who
always traveled with tho court, werd |
‘unable to hold a private co pmlitation
; : i
Eat hepa a aEEotEY
fh wy a eee
IR 305. Ph
i perils Moawraziis
dO AJIT Ba ah
the walls, and so they 0s { totake them Eb fut eis fork of Tae Fo en io BES ER tetera mall
under the hore Eieds and ere talk | oo = Cr : % ? Zz AE , : on sn . = Jd : 1 a kl gh fan
: Among the aHoress who gtfended | , Sap i A.A i 2 ag es ia - en dhe wr & mostmpe of a »
court at Chester, the then county seat of | 0 A ly Eo an RT Lever a Poe wabile G
. Meigs county, on one ocvasion Vere aE A Ww The teehee :
‘Ewing and Samuoel Fo Vinton
‘eonrt was ready (0 go on with the cas
in which the two noted attorneys wise
retained as opening conuscl, whan i
was discoverid that Virilon was not
present. The ocomrt leclipd farefolly
around and then asked:
Si Where 18 Mr Nino?
sl dant know,
Ewing, rising to hi
here, hut he ix woh
shedding his witnesses,
“The remark raised a
cand thereafter the word
Aawitusss noid int poplar
ow =Washington Post
con an 130 Ned,
thorities tell auytiiing
back of Joseph
seph 18 4 resident
and his odd atk iy
able, bit by the \ id ¢
it is an angry olan it, dail end
INCreasinge in sige Ww he n the prov is at Pthn vil FEAT un
the full Rothermuan 's birthmark | Ph :
attaidcod its maxim
8 thee pean wan
vd dr pea pny
tioeihde, ——p Lots