The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, June 11, 1896, Image 7

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It Formerly Sevured One of the Doors of :
a Prinos of Nineveh,
Tha wiry cleat Yok in existence
one wh oly foenen ow = weonred ema of
dors of a pais i f Nineve Boris ag
gintio affair, ba oy to ff, which
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sary. veminds ope of thes
sage + here the pr
Cpa referred ro are,
of the houseof Duvid Iv
hing sdineider.
This enarpioms kev to the Jack fre
Nineveh is nearly 15 feet fu hmgth
and of the thickeese of 5 fopr uch drain
tile. It wos found at the end of a rion.
edd chamber where a large won
had probably onoe steod, the iguntie
fepman binges and heavy bars bei i
in fair condition, th ws
worded This ridie of fre « titpis $ bas
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keys of modern pupyafacture, oF even to
thiome of the earls yart © Thr
era The toimlar ides had never fe
thonght cnt in those days, but the key
i fearfolly and wonderfully mads, bes
ing eqn Ally se intrionte a pises of
ohinery a the lock in hyd
aseyl A grat pany of the hers an
pegs ju the lek are bell weed tn k avi
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vow emity. The ches Br
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at ope tie The arent
; i the iy swith rhade oom
plivated series of hoteles,
© times perraif 4}
ly provided
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and the
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what 3
nw n shia
Hu ena Ei i A AA A PE
fut 18 Took aa Pr ire Ousrter th Vie
Phere Ther Wer,
won ld on in Ngee
and cast Tennessee,’
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Oriaviic Dyadr:
amas Tress
bi : bo Rts aeh wil
fon ihe gre ofind frie x
warmth aud Beaty ROARK teil
i had LOMO bn BRT IEET.
[Om the day when the sun «)
: the last 3
TY th vad it farewell
ht for bind! an
a four does ed
midrning twilight
gave pines to black
the while $4 ho
gether the inmates of
cond Bou i 15 Coram
Che aie X
“] went fshing near Elk Park, and
in some of the stresois down there 18
the finest prout fish
Third score Tour of ne in 4
swe went up {ie 1 fhe greedy
for about three mil
ua and 1 asked:
sed Avo thre any front int
i § 4
MW Ge throw o
hele in the red
getting a bite, os 1 2 vealks a as wk 1
own with émpty © shot Noet
nadive again, Isai
4 theomght you stated the
Fant in that oreo?
“CM Liar as
“arf Thineed
sowed yo! try.’
"OWhy not, if there are fish
Heres Ain't ox meoof thar
wwhar ¥o© was Genin,
Sew hat did Fae
ftting wHZTY.
5.4 thar war trout in the era, an
thar is heap of ‘em.’
“or thote aro they?
se imatsl fn the erick’
“What eart of the creck?
de RN
Fa pak Ny
a wad
arte 35 8 2
while the
frig at it. bod «
afew athena a 5 ETE
“ tla the middie, ‘cept ther 8 Bt th |
ides. Thar mo't none on the banks’
“1 gave Lim a guarter and be sald:
“They ifom’t never come ap this far,
nat two miles down the crick thar
mt down the ervsk, and the
native was right. 1 never saw better |
fishing. Washington Star.
Rn A »
An interesting distinetion, though not
generally noderstood, is made in the
qualities of asbestus by those who are
engaged in the industrial handing of
that artic Thouagh, broadly speak ne
this substan te a silicate of magnesin,
in ome cases lime displaces the may:
nesia base. In rare cases alumina takos
the place of magnesia, aud what iscoalied
blue asbestus is 6 silicate of iron, von
in this case displacing the Tmagnesiis.
This Blue ashentus or fibrons silicate of
fron possesses many times the strength
of true asbestus, a thread of it only one
twenty-fifth of an inch in diameter car
rying 100 pounds, but by ress of its
Ceantaining freon 80 to 40 per cent
protoxide of iron it is neither fire nor
acid proof, nor is it a good nonconduo
of heat; hence does not posecss the val
unable properties of true ashoestus, 8
and water are the only two elements |
that are always constant in asbostus
the silica rarely falling beloay 40
ts the 100, while i same vf he
bydrons varietiog the «
a8 2 or O purts ti
Tiny Trees
The midst of the whole tree family
js’the Greenland birch, It i a perfic
trea in every sense of that term Ha
lives its allotted number of years from
TS oto on Just an : sther Epacion | i
great: birch family do alth
height under the most favoral
tions seldom exoecds ten inch
bluffs of the east and =
Greénland are vgrod wi
of thix diminutive speais
plant, and in many places where tha
gail ia mhecmomonly poor and frown
frop: eight to ten months a year a!
He £2 of these toes will fi arish fior
half a centre without gYOWInG th a
height exceeding fay inches.
Neatly Oot of It
She--You said I had a face that v
stop a trolley car in the middle of
Heol did It takes a mighty good
looking woman to get a conductor ta do
that. — Indiocpolis Journal
— EW dia 2 hd No A
| prirent ily in the throes
La sin Lia
ehipaank “2 CE EYE OW Lh
: br struck this other are TUR
Quivering with pain, the ral] lot 20
the limb and dropped to the groand,
where it roliod and stroge led "bot Bp
t dealh The
aricle flew away te his favorite elm,
where se enti in Bie newt brilliant fash.
fom. The lady pot the sqoirrel ont of
fis moimry and then saw that the oriol
had destroyed both voed ~-Lhiongs Rue:
Chamatens. Spiders.
An intersting :
fery in spiders has Teen os
south of France The pie der a of th at re
gion when in search of prey Lie in the
ocnvolvulos Gowers It han beets notiond
that a white variety of spiders frag:
od the white Sowers, a grecuish oo
variety made the Aree ay Bowers bi
pink flowers Fie enkors of fhe three
carietics were! rat supposid to be
I= wrmanent, bot
sotered that th
hase sisi
f tho
and a pink ope lived principally iv the
Dorks of Siyty Cards sand “Eipgdooiied”
Among the New Features. Srispathy
For Losers and Loanshess With “4
Rip” For Al The LIN K
disoacits hay
of value,
pecihint stove
thes: oxigenies
Lies Yeon added, makisy TREN CE
ga of eh oars RA % Tru od
who Bare bean aornsta me fot olay at th
clubs, where the game still refaing
ite MNdenekian part
when they Gnd these
% them
funovation iat
¢ the wird
mystery eis aa deep 2%
ripedondle te declared
has Yen Salled and
Then follows a ro
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Sibi ves A BRAGS id Timer kn Sant ug
This Howse Cntr Come,
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