The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, April 23, 1896, Image 6

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    ites me Mm. he
: He heard, ramoved,
$0 bor he wae not wad,
“Mor had bei even come SwWouing.
“ies gio kim ~ Her Hon in shape
To teropt n iaint Ad thus hossoch him.
While he seerzand planning an isoapo
To some plane where she oonld not reach hem, |
SGives me 8 isa Just one, 1 pray
Her fond inslstence 111 did serve hor,
He looked askance and mived away,
Bemrad aed diegusted with hir fervor
give mA Kise Each aos Xing word
© Put helped anew fo Fright and pain bir,
Pooanse be was hor brasd few bird
Ard she waa starting in +r train him
~ Madeline B Bridges in Lalies’ Home Jour
i Se
Their Capture an Industry In Amaraiia, :
Where They Abound,
As a rule the herds number from 10
to 12, made np of mares and oon stal- |
lion. No stallion will allow apother
stallion in his herd, and stubborn fights |
frequently occur between horses ering |
to this. The beaten pales, after being |
herds exclusively of stal- |
Hons. On any herds being sighted by |
banters a good idea can generally be
fopmed by the experienoed man as to
which routs the animals will take in
their way to the ragged hills, for which
they invariably make when distorbed. |
A scheme is mopped out to cut them off | | that shadow is om the wall, and speak:
if possible, and the party scatters, each |
to take up his allotted position. Of conrse
while doing this every advantage is
taken of the natural inequalities of the
, #1 a8 to escape cheervation.
Shen the alarm is given, however, ail
need for eastion js at an end, and each
| hunter pats bis steed to full galiop. The
stallion, the head of the herd, boldly
comes opt to meet him, and endeavors
10 distract attention from the rest.
— me rare instances he is jamsoed
and captured at open, bot"he generally |
manages to rejoin his wives, which by
this time bave trooped into single file,
with his favorita mare in the lead.
Shonld the herd be turned and get into,
‘diffoulities the stallion takes np bis po- |
gition in the van, and tho great objet
is to cat him off from the rest. Bhon)
this be accomplished bath he and the |
mares become confused, sud the Jassoers |
often manage to wake two or three per
goan. Instances have been known where |
horses have been thrown to the grond |
by the hnunter's giving a viclent jerk
10 the animal's tail when it was pink.
ing sn abrajt turn. When this qoarnry
is brought down, €ither by this method |
Gr the oes of the Jase, the rider jumps
from his steed, whips a “blhinder’’ a}
handkerchief is need when thers is noth. |
ing else procurable) over the prostrate
horse's eyes and straps np one of hig
fore legs securely. I his is properiy
i done, the animal way safely be oft
“antil called for,” for no Lovee thins pe
~enred can stray far. ]
Hhoold a man be so unlocky as to
eaptare a branded horse or a foal ran. |
ping with a branded mare, be canpot
keep it, but all others Iscome the prop
erty of the hunter, and after they ander
®O a rough and ready process of break
ing in, they are scold at prices moging
: from £1 is to £15. The later figure,
however, is seldom sesehed, wy dems fn
| the case of excrptisoally fine staliione
Gireat numbers of thoes horses die from
© starvation in the winter rime, tot stil
“the herds show no signs of Guminstion,
m=Cham hers’ gamut
sminbe is CH a rd
Therapin the Newport of the Fast,
This Newport of the cast wis found |
some centuries ago by the Grriekn bo
onuse of its invigorating Dmiate=Ther-
apia &i gis ing hea 4 aie fonday iw
stil] the relug in ths ster hesits ted
wonly of many of thie pashas and other
high Tarkish dignitation v
tine the water front or ono
5 ned hy, Jat of » ki i
and ten fe than ean Yo foun
‘Here y Bones 4
man, French and the
yachts and dispateh boats
chor almost in front of fhe
she brased glistening in the
And the charm of |
crows of Jack Tars in their whites
rowing back and forth, aie ba
from the shore The kine
blus as indigo—dottod w ¢
skimming about; the slogans. titi]
daus crowding the phys vol,
footmen in godgens Alt harian o
of white aud gobd, sud with w
seimiter all make a seen of surg
brilliany and beauty, lia
any other similar spot in Eusipe
plomacy is never 86 Pie ston 310
Therepin —F. Hokies # mith
Carried His Point.
At the Union depot in Paineab
other day a man walked into the bag
gage room carrying o bugs | thiee ed en
bucket, loaded to the brim and soar iy
fastened at the top.
“I want to got thinchocked ty Cineln-
nati,’ be said to the baguage 1uaster,
“We can't chock anything Like that,
he was informad
He lwoked perplexed for aw
and then walked rpiiliy + 6
bucket. In a few monen
with a large yuilow val
gut suspiciously at the aides
ticket, and asked to Fave
checked! The bi
_ piciously, but hi ard tor olsee
Jaw had put the bocket iu the
thus carried bis point — Lapland
rier ~Journal.
fie N Momsol Hint,
pleading wud
Ber warm ewent ining. | !
sof pina board abost half an inch the
Card sight inches aguaze, Chix of the cen
| ter of it
| faeces of Adah Tsvacs Menken. When |
{the hospital for show
Lap vows] venreanen, and they do Nees
mame of Fu
knew the entire
{ fracted ant he Riwied
: sutriss of ber
tered fa eal
A have Ping Ere sx
: thes él ER
When walking through the Iaboratory |
of the Voli bares with Dr A. Graham |
Ball the inventor of the telephone, 1
Bp on one cif the shelved a proce |
sxrendnr fn ArepRing tube
, app sntiv rested against a f8in
§ brighe) metal snok iito the opto
instrament #
wee enaltled his to
so Ferg Oma paint $0 Bn
Lo sedi of Amun team
dk other words. To sera |
ray of hight within the
pis wire Ho task the ine
at the tobe to his me wath,
or the inivpie ee that if canubt the
wl coms a Jie shipiow dix of
Baht on fhe opposite wali Then by
teenthing slightly be made this shadow 4
increase and diminish, and sodas va
tions shapes by the ation of Lo feath
against the mirror daphragm
“That shows pou,’
the action of the diaphragm is carsic
nlong the ray. Now, if va will put a
Httle hottie with some sot in it where |
| fmte the tobe, you will {lod that the
pound will travel nlong thet ray of
light, and by baving a recpiver coinent-
od with the bottle ome wold be alle ts
hear what yom sre saving. We have
spoken by this moans to and from points |
200 parde apart, and there seems to be
said be, how
| poy renson to dost that speech may be |
sent along a beans of Heh for great dis
tances. In our experinipt in this we |
| first used selenipm, & wiry rare sabe
| stance, and very sensitive to fight. We
have found. howisver, that wa can pro
{ duos very good redmlits with ootdmen
Leet, apd the discoveries may vib an
made whieh will make such an in
vention sommereially practivabie. —
Workd s Pre Yon. : i
oa eh Wasi
Mos, Dorval, the Actress Alwnys Cnlind :
Him Her “Good og” i
I 4id not mest this elder Dumas antil
he was tn the wane, bat vas mequanted
with Jiro before he fail under the in
young. his bate wad fair, then dark, b
when I saw him it was gray apd mtx
: siiv thin the megroa His
lips wore thick nd extetided fromi sar
| to ear whet ba langhed, and his teen
were oneven and sot apart Teomy each
other. He flattered himself that Bas nose
was straight. It was, however, |
with wide, strongly marked so
ting nostrils. To the pride of fi wa
| insensibls. Hat baw :
flesh, thongh in a ftfol way, asd the
uA ib Klave of tha
never ending pressure of irenitors nbligs
ed Bim to react against bis conviviality.
| Ome saw that he wis & fires of mators
and a child of nite.
Hig szaall bands and feet and his sin
ularly scutos thongh goad nator rout Bloe
eves alone incionted blond deriv youl |
from a Jong line of civilimd porthers
ancestors | Thers wire ties of Africa |
in his speach. Flis Janph wos 8 gus Taw,
bot 1 a Hy wie ok fen
Ting Was nae Enown
him, his Foci dt owe eal, and of Be
hee Bread] faow 0
antl be had
Kent hig gr bef, ihe brsrsal,
gi kt sional 1
For Yisen chien” :
ber he ; Ld
RE a yuh day asiae
disagree, wale kay
He ®nal
Bik alii:
se Fang
¥ "a See :
Winks—1've got a new way of sifting ¥
coal at my house
3 Winks—Yes.
pick out: the good pines of cua 124
giftor and throw the rest away.
ave him pick out the cinders and burn :
I used to have the man
Binks (with Jangul d interest i— Have i
Be Well, what difference does €
that make?
Winks (prondly)=-Oh, about two tons |
8 Joar. ~=Somervilio Journal
san, sol is onder te ab
{ive his
Git ¥
Fallen Ont thwer a Wite
Cave noid Menint Marder.
utd 1 ever he
the woll Enon
I encoun
in wogtbern Hoon
timed our gaide carniod
siti a hig revolver abd
we lrpser An Wig ing
: be grreatest cantion amd
appeared © tr tad ot guard semtinunil lv. 1
new there were no hostile Indians im
sonnire, and my cariosity wal
snd Finally 1 asked Bim what the
so thant
grenhls wa
0b, I yon book ont fog some ful
ox. be wp fied In nie Swedish dialect
se shang thin tromble, anyway? I ine
igh, matten much
man pit a goon watch
Liv ?
# hat
We Hh Tn $i mo fey brosider. Lax’ time | ¥ :
fix him plenty, yom ber. He come back
pow, nad m mashe re fx ome”
* Inguiry des
Brothers ad sorrled in Hamboidt ow
pours apo, and cor Bah fe, who Was mat
Lope id dee id $s i 3%
Bwedan, rr
oer, and finally » agrocd that the moar
iried one aid send for the girl and
whe «he poached thie poantry ie woald
Shiw gleter din law
he pir] Arrived in due time,
| dhe was wo taich prettier than the
| married teeter had expevtel that be
{wean oath fo acces hin Becker's cnet AT :
iy be martied the girl, sd
wife Pia
! flen sofa toy eompureenion Lh hesised:
2 1
of contreet hy © ing what his be
had expended] in getting her to
Lormst. A uarre i £ils aad “and
gaide pheked bis k
der with a rifle ball apd sanded Wins in
cathe Whe ah
paw but watch the mespiaine trails
fully prepared to renew hostilities at |
"esas Pranciaoo Poel
What Ten Parody?
of parody are 2
Tas b Tey ay ik
we nhesndy follow sg
£ "eli pga Hin Ba Fue Pore
rot o
Ha pr Be
1 Ss taliod the matter yr
4 wife 10 Kis brother and take |
af! ean i
of the
oft the youth
char, bigot
had mint © $08
FS s and the
% wand par.
Le Egan sek ig
Tr ¥h Taare,
FO it
THe Ingenions K ing.
of Queen Mo arglisrita’s del
bai lieve to bes perf ie
id Ring Humlert, ba
ied hee honing
EES Being &
ie Ring
wy see
Irons Bain pai.
after | #
hand trpesl nore
; on nw pied the |
already ape | tigne when | eae well nigh saber
| praniviy at
hie Bao
@ jivtle pnoedida Ble extent. £ inh
¥ y
Shir 1
Lowrith ann proroendziogs
Yone, wil
pynst hnws
he doubt has pever teen mie in
| amy respectalile quarter that Washington
Lien {eh nk
pedlan An
cron follow, ton, yw
froeterition ettor fo a ons
ist yee thik gentlemen's
na friendship valued niuch
highly than Ton
2 ET ress
vertiche te Thi Te ait cath ahong
pet nie duties I owevatvnd a 2
sto thie moet in.
retperts famines:
Hees Rae! Jus
: 3
CRATE, Tah thon 3
Toe mth
sr on bon of RN
ws steed meat le
tely dota
free] ard greatly pained |
“a clase thiols Har cote
i oregret § lave pot F250
ferrets af prysent will send
var teen
word of explanation 1
were | was eirprived. Ding oo
§ ihe cirempstanas He
3 BeXT
me home, fr heodid
a4 he hat aware bern wont |
: 4
areariy, he shunned a
Bey Hae
paeecting with me
ny dimmu
Setter §
#Lrie Tw iri PR
foregret | lave 2 $2ae
4 will wend cheek
rire’ Inovain
frmlopat. Wo
arash he termed uy
warrantid affront
Frans 5} Daven never many
Tas spate be ul
yaiiarton Sar.
Plesk Nira,
Ein glo se Au
a ol ge Agia
ny hare tr oa at 35d
Atal :
Lg nstunty find pr rots that he
i pdt i is “affected £
Jest SE Tas NO Povo dere ;
LPR nwa
or JE Palreitadiin te ¥3 :
Pound of Ie ferifalum $0 Te BX Leh a Fr aresinan
| bn that be cali at the homes of
fowwall do bmminees fool
enh tha cheek wont, but of the day, snd for an extra compete.
ie wean returned |
ri bended Ty |
minted Bid tnenrange moby
gradually !
: + i pk
FolaEl : ; Lask
Ra Xm
! Adige |
Sad tert hyn, in IRE
# Sry :
hig dying day
' eral pet 8 ran of strong weliioos faith
Cie womid need to read hardly more
: than his Twyounll message
1 he oom
Ty that document 8
pred Washington die 3
religion and meralty
pred that the TWO 1
the thin prope of civil
& writer Bow OTe
Lathersn (uarietly to
not only that the
reaps was a religions
pee aN 3 Zen
atid Leanie vr was due not
3 Bats never boon elated ©
of whieh ba hod no
\ sree. of which
moral exewilenos
revialiy $0 platy.
HW asiingion Wan 8 Christien,
weiter ugady bis peteate [fe
spemsg the shades of Mount Vernon
emtemslate his carver as a soldier af
{ise Bean arm Beratinize the
ets of Bix al sistratio a ww chive moage-
isbrate of tie rewablie and you will
Was Ove
pred by Ch istlan princi} oJ we ex-
inde the mo bling power of Christianity
fy the fonsation of W ashington’ % char
eter. wa cay neither aevonnt fort nor
{terpret it Decraved buluan sitore
speek bring forth, sander the nowt fa-
viable clireamdanos, aneh 8 man, wich
§ Bere. sock og rier, such a patriot |
Heathenisn in tha
feig honk sti gen ¢ of sivilimation attained Ty
wi] ages and seeds bas prodapsd no ohare
pier approximating to thay of ws sating
opin >
thor let.
The Cireuiuting Farber.
Nowe 8 ow the traveling barber. Hae is
baentd on the upper west wide and 36
fom Troe the srdtoary every day barier
at Aged Hours
tien shows Lis ability ax a bosorisl
print. Thus olaes of rastomers Chat this
vigiting barber hus in the savy of all the
phon barbers far mite around his terri
tore How be Ares it i best explained
in lie own jangwagy. Here's what be
¢ baviness of a visitng
Cuarteer pocerntiles that of a Brtane te ier
lag that St avast tw persemal My charges
sp seni to seach customer range from
gr I sunmber aneng my coMners
sri Imwyepp and yoang
In sil 1 shame mind other
vee AY,
bs i the
$ r hin
% Bad,
of 3% th ig a
SH nn
weg 1
Beene Soon onl
ili hE Sk $5 Spin ag fo driv Lg