The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, April 16, 1896, Image 4

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    EmENSRURG, Pa, April 14, 1506.
rs | Eid. Kittell, of Bellefonte, spent last
~~ Gonday with his brother M.D. Kittel],
; lof this place.
2 A leap year party was held at the
+ home of Johnny Owen on last Wednes-
p | day evening. About 15 couples took
Kron ron io
worn discontinued (mel all pra part.
. unless at the oplion of ; he Angust Craver,
: , oe at Parton ax oor, township, spent last Wednesday in
town. He was the guest of His brother
‘1. A. Craver, of the Blair hose.
. fhe Democratic committéemen, of
Cambria connty, met in Ebensburg on
Messrs. Jomed and Ruddy Mellon
anf John H. Somerville, prominent
| citibsens of Patton, were welpome visi.
{tors to the county seat on last Friday.
Four rooms of our schools closed last
+ Monday. Room No. 5 clos] on Mon.
"day of this week, and room ! and 2
will close in one week.
Miss Mary (¥ Neil, of Munster town-
ship, died on Thursday last at the ad-
Sand vainoed age of 80 years. The funeral
took place from her late home at 1
o'flock on Saturday afternoon. In.
‘tarthent was made in the Catholic ¢om-
tery at Loretto.
Loh - Messrs. A. H. Burkey and I J. Ihet-
i Pixon, i rick, of Patton, were in Ebensburg
president, 4G, lant week.
Ne for. Messrs. F. P. Richardson, of Johns
~~ Jomo np Dale, Jus. | town, Yost Hochstein, of Upper Yoder
| . Swndfort. terwnship, John Somerville, of Patton,
] and Anslem Weakland, of Elder town-
ship, were among the committcemen
' who were registered at the Blair hose
© Miss Floie Mills, of this place, left on
‘Satarday morning for Vintondale
' where she will visit her sister, Mes J.
‘A. Boney.
| The examinations for permanent
sertificates were held at the school
building on Friday and Satarday. |
There wera seven applicants, Misses
Annie M. Jones, Anna MeGiade and
i Mr. J. H. Glasgow were the examining
| commitiee.
in! Mrs. Thos. Peach, of this place, is
visiting friends in Altoona.
W. A. Chaplin,
‘sented that place at the meeting of the
Democratic committeemen held here
: yesterday.
Ww in and fetin Just om ah | boy inme o paver, who: tunghit the
ent. According to the census of | | - n Allegheny Swati
ave wages paid in manu- | past winter, © tr athool yes,
rand 1 age chanical industries is | terday and retarned to her home in
. | this place lant evening.
yo The average value of the |
t in $1,965 for shel ploye. It | The ladies of the Catholic chnreh
app cars {will hold a mapper at the Cambria
value oe an) te {house on Wednesday evening, April
in Bat d the re) 29d for the benefit of the charch in
go to the employers? j thie pice.
L Dut of it comes every cost of
. except that of labor. It i harness shop in thix place for a num.
ber of years, departed yesterday morn-
cost of materinls, maintenance ing with his family for Fast Iroeoeet,
"10., where he will engage in the same
(business. We are sorry to lose a good
citizen and congratulate the people of
| Bast Liverpool on having sectred wach
an indnstrions and poshing man for a
da neighbor. We wish him mouth success
| _in his new venture. His brother Harry
o " from at tos Li Frederick, of Vintondale, will have
: that value in the creation of charge of the shop In this plice.
A mass meeting was held at the tourt
house on Batarday evening to appoint
| commitiess to confer with the officers
in charge of the National Guard en
campment in order to secnre the eu
| campment for Fbensburg sod to look
imp grounds for that purpise. The
| Lloyd property along the Johnstown
, percentage and the pike is being considered us ux good site.
h creates the value gets the | During the winter of 1863, FF. M
there are fewer to divide Martin of long Reach, W Va, con
at the average business | tracted a severe cold which left him
good deal more than with a cough. In speaking of how he
man. But that is not : cared it he says: “I need several kinds
| of cough syrup but found no relied un-
1 til I bought a bottle of Chamberlain's
neider. It in dead against their Cough Remedy, which relioved me al.
to stir up prejudios agninet most instantly, and in a short time
y find work for the people. brought about a complete care.” When
troubled with a cough or old nae this
remedy and you will not fiid it neces
Laary to try several kinds befory you
get relief. It has been in the market
for over 20 years and constantly grown
in favor and popularity. Flor wide ab
: 25 and 50 cents per bottle by Patton
he expocied, says the New Pharmacy, C. W. Hodgkins,
X: . Then What? Spain Change In Street Namirer
right by sending Campos, ber a rs
: but Catnpos having fail od On account of the rearrangement of
ler having failed, who will ahe Mreet numbers in Pittsburgth by the
tt0 round out the series of city authorities, the office of Mr. Thon
It were better to withdraw | ™ E. Watt, Passenger Agent Went.
military establishment fro mh District, Pennsylvania Railroad,
Cas well as the city ticket ofBoe, dorner
devote hurmell assidously to AY we ed 3 SON
¥ 19 of Fifth Avenue and Smithibeld Moret,
Pitteburg, wili be changed on April 15
from No. 110, present number, fo No,
360 Fifth Avenuoe.
of \ or i Monty of Rept,
¥ of jut Monday of Deo.
Cory ix held hetswesin the above
Surveyors, Pee :
: Audion - -Wiltian J Jones, Wo
pre eo Apslons Was
fivin tes
servile, Thos T. |
: Ww W. Kessler
wll TT. Goald Abert Tain.
Fob VR E 4 ‘
statement has been going the
I, mys the Pittsburg Chronicle |
to rest upon
sthority of Carroll C. Wright,
nited States Commissioner of Labor,
$ that the average yearly
EWorkman In $1,888, while |
347, 80 that the man that o
k gets 17.8 per cent. of the
he creates, while the employer.
‘the miscellaneous eXpunes]
transactions. Whatever
is for the employer must
ating Puw materials into com-
Did value depends, not
labor put into them, bat upon |
j for them. To elicit and
8 demand js the fonction of
; ability and business enter.
ne of ator.
Spaniards bave | a burning
to learn the military strength of
8 country let them read the history
war of the mbellion. We have
8 of good myn -and good men
ake first-class soldiers on short notice
Dana's Sarsaparilla # not only the
best of all remedies for the Nerves,
Liver Kidoeys, stomach, and Blood;
but if no benefit, you can gel yoar
mopey back. The same guaratiee ap
plies to Dana's Pills, Cough Byrup and
printing office i nsually considered Plasters, For saleby € W
rough place, and the news. Appt litis
worker a rather hard fellow.
, however, do not bear out
Of 3,800 convicts in the state
ary of Texas there is not a
ad man, while there
ters, doctors, bankers, barbers,
barkeepers, cooks, and
o almost all professions and
anida’l, be a Printer.
ba pemeive sealed
ihe Baptist
We are now ready
bide. far the emmetion
church at Patton.
work, everything furnished by Come
mittee. Plans and specifications will
be found at the office of Me Jno. Ash
The printer gets a bad name eroft, Good building, Patton, Pa, The
: Committee claims the right to acvept
e the nature of his business... ioct any or ail bids.
3 him detent sham, and he jgt2 BUILDING COMMITTEE
Per O. J. Berlin, Pastor.
of Susquehanna
of Fiynton, repre. |
1. Frederick, who hss had a
most enterprising of American fashion |
journals, comes to ts gay in the color |
of spring and early sammer, nd full Restaurant a i Mage Avenue, near,
to overflowing with all that in new!
and dainty in the Parisian dress makers’
The finest Hine in Patton at
The May number :
of Tollotten, that
cart. So thoroughly accostomed are we | RL GEORGE,
to finding in Toilettes everything de
lightful for the season's wear, that it
would seem impossible to note any
farther improvement over what already
weemed perfect. Bot here naturally
Jooked for in a fashion magazine and
evory page attests the poblishir's un
‘ceasing care to illustrate only what is
really practicable and attractive besides |
being new and stylish. A delightful
innovation this month is a children’s
page in colors, giving five full size 11
Qalicitor for German National B. &
and Counselor at Law,
Baunsnvne, Pa
forivek party pty Ai teruied tn
Ail veal bas
Cer in Armory Hall
astrations of outdoor garments, and
other color plates sbowing both prom.
_enade and indoor costomies. The nsual |
4 page supplement, giving those pop
alar special patterns,
“eight pages in this issue, in anticipation
Reuel Somerville,
Attorney-at- Law,
i enlarged to
Patron, PA.
¥ ively demand for 10 cent patterns |
(of a lively « i Office in the Good Building.
takes dress-making at home.
milinery too is profusely illnstrated in
this nomber, and two entire pigs are
devoted to a pictorial description of ;
women’s headgear through the centaur.
ies commencing with the year 550, nd
‘brought down to
Toilettes presents such an exceptionally |
varied and attractive table of contenta,
that we advise all our fair readers to
dealers, or $2.00 per year.
trial subweriptions, at $1.00 the Pub.
lishers are at 126 West 234 street, New
| persons subject to billions colic to learn 18
when evervhody ander.
I wish to inform the inbabi.
tants of Patton that | have
opened my
next to the School a
with a choice selection of
Teas and Coffees,
China and Glassware.
(sven with each pur
chase, A share of Your patron-
age respoctflly rec requisted.
date. In short
25 conte at all news.
Six months
It will be an agreeable surprise lo
| that prompt relief may be had by tak-
ing Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy.
the attack may be prevented by taking
In many instances
Ward & McKeluy
this remedy as soon as the first symp-
toms of the diseases appears.
50 cent bottles for sale by Patton
25 and
ont in the
prepared to fit you
atest style
Pharmacy, (CW. Hodgkins.
Rivh Dhiesveries of Croid
At Cripple Creek, Colo, and
-» Tailor=-lade
where, are being made daily, and the
production for 1896 will be the Inrgest
ever known, estimated at Two Huan.
dred Million Dollars.
Cripple Oroek |
alone is producing over One Million
Dollars a month, and steadily inereas.
ing. Mining Stocks are advancing in
price more rapidly than any other
Stocks, and many pay dividends of 35
to 50 per cent.
portunity to make a large profit on A
small investment.
at prices almost as low as you can
buy “Hand-me-Downs’’ that have
to pe-mnde ance a week,
All our work is guaranteed to
give satisfaction and fit. You can-
not make money faster than by
fstting os furnish your
They offer the best op
J E Morgan & Co, #6 Broadway,
New York, are financial agen for the
Prodential Gold Mining company, and
others in the famous Cripple Creek
district. They will send yor free, in.
teresting particolars of the Mining |
companies they represeut also their
hook on speculation in stocks, gran
important features.
imsued by the clerk of the Orphan's
(Chistina Sutherland, Pittsburg.
even if you do pay a little more
than stare.price at the time.
‘We don’t
make suits like store-suits, they are
only made to well, ‘we make them
to wear, and if you have not been
accustomed to wearing Tail-
ar-Made Suits you should try US|
ones, after that we leave the mat-
nd cotton containing many new and
Rend for these books at once if you
are interested in any form of specula-
tion or investments. They may prove:
profitable tn you. - 14430
Marriage Liveuseon, * {
The following marriage licenses wery |
hack to us for all your clothes.
‘ourt for the week ending Thursday, |
April 9, 1506:
Bert Blam and Lizzie Myres, Carroll
(George H. Harvey, Puritan, and
William Younkins and Lilly May}
Bershtedl, Gallitzin,
tand, Barnesboro,
William Kinsey and Mary F. Weak. |
Harry (3. Ehrnfeld and Myrtle M.
Steiner, Gallitxin
South Fork.
and Annie Clarke,
convulsions Friday
Francia (. Pryee and Lydia B. Wicks, | Alva) in for you to select from.
Prices from
Gates, Monarch, Fayette 315 TO 850.
Pa, and Agnes Glen, Pru
Peter Pojtow and Susan Cramer,
And should you need Shoes, Gam
Boots sr Rubbers, we are making
very close prices now, Come in
and sed te,
Ward & McKelvy
Poisoned by Cameed Gools.
Herman, 3 & vear-old son of Joseph
af AHloana,
tight, the reall, pe
died in
in thought, of eating canged corn and
tomatoes an Sunday last
members of the family were made ack
and exhibited signs of poisefiing,
Twn abhor
Merchant Tailors,
hey have recovered Rolomon Bidz, PA TTON . PA
Spring Clothing.
Our cloth nits clothing are
prose nted: the doilirs paid Ye
sts as long as cloth can last,
14x anteod 15ely an
b |
fi {iy Pag pres
CL > the
tangs tore hie 1
Tit othing
Put t
requested to place a bid also on the of ¥
1 + ¥
Tears XP % 4 -
itave the se ZOU RS
ee want y tO OX-
R Ready
EY Sy ores He CEPR kh ea $y 4s ¢
£3 2] RE W £23 SHE BE | Sh RA Na {Ii iC Ol
Fn at 0 aring £43 pare tise,
value i yan,
iis pur
the information of what people are wearing will be
atferings as shown by
at the PALMER
MAY og, 1896.
Sar sales agent,
will be HOUSE, MONDAY,
= by calling on
prised at his exceadingiy
: Drug Store, Magee Ave.
Repairs of all kinds, Cinder-
whatever is kept in a General
ter with you, expecting to see you.
F avs ropen
flour and — stores bel
Bam’l Boyce and Willis M.
| am now pre: to fornish RO
all grades ¢ Flour and Feed
At Prices
to Buit your purse.
Roller Feed and Poultry Pow-
der a Specialty.
Lime for Sale.
ive me a call,
John Gantz,
Beech Avenue.
Money Saved,
C. M. Letts
the Artistic Paper Hanger, Detorator
and Painter, for anything von may
need in his line. You will bo sur
Second storeroom from the (iorner
1564 1404
5 -
3. 31, ‘96, Patton, Pa.
I do not believe in offering
‘a certain stove or lamp or
‘other article at or below cost
‘and make you pay more for
something else than it is
yi to,
compare my prices wi ith any
(other of same quality of goods
consisting of a general line of
Tinware, Lamps, Glass, Haints, |
Oils, Doors, Sash, Plows, Har-
‘rows, Cultivators, Shovel
Plows, w ashing Machines,
s, Pumps Agate.ware,
Good Building.
Bicycle Repairing a
ella Stoves and Ranges, and’
Hardware Store. Hoping to
receive a call from you I am
Very Respectfilly Yours,
All can be found at my store in quanties.
I have just , retained fiom the Eastern Markets and
von can now “6nd on my shelves and counters a selection
that would please a Queen.
Nothing so pretty as a neat plaid of
beautiful combina-
are offering them to von at
, 35 & 50 CENTS PER YARD.
In our staple lines of Dress Goods such as black, browns,
greys and cardine] we ask your inspection. Ask to see
Chameleon Mone, a new p sattern which we are selling at 15¢
er yard, well worth 25 cents.
Our 5¢ noblenched muslin (iin. wide | is equal to
An andiest assortment of shirt waists in stripes, checks and figures from
BSc to $1.50.
Wa cordially invite you to inspect Conrtesy extended toward all,
Tewpectfully yours,
460, 5
many other dealers’ To.
onr stock.
A Lean Purse
takes on a new lease of life when it comes into.
contact with the bargains we offer both
in value and price, :
JO sus
VEN ponds and LECUI
. ae
value at
whether ex
Truth System
Our Esiablishment