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    VOL, 1m ~NO.
He Confesses to the
of Twent y-Seven Peaple.
Arehfiond of the Twentieth Con
tury ~-Wiil Hang May 7
1 | Of the
Holmes, or, to be absolately correct,
| Herman Webster Muodgett, after count.
ling the days antil May 7, when he will
| be hanged, has decided that he will not
waive an iota of glory properly be
Jonging to the star multi-murderer of
the century. and, therefore, odnfesses
ix confession, as prepared by himself,
is a lurid piece of literature.
He is willing to admit 27 rmuirders,
and is ready to fornish the details of
each tragedy. How many lives were
We are no in shape to serve | you with really sacrified by him will never be
all the latest Ravers. Also all kinds of
-t Ssinks Jncinding the wondesfal
Legal records show that Holmes
killed 11 indivaals, but as, in spite of
the proverb, murders do not always
tant.’ be may have donbled or even
'trebled this number.
. In prefacing the confession, which is
“ of Garden and Flower in Holmes’ own handwriting, giving de
Drugs, Medicines,
Chemicals, Etc, ntion, whien conjures up hosts of
Opposite 8 School Building.
When you are on the “hunt
for a nobby snit— or coat
and vest and pants
single—at the
lowest figures
for a good
"The han who handles the
best line of Clothing,
tails with 8 minnteness that iy simply
at times revolting, the arch-nmutilator
g with something like pathos that
§ floes wo Hmply that he may obtain
gh money to educate his boy.
olmes writes of his blood curdling
ities with an abandon that simply
Regret is never for n moment ex-
pressed and he comes out haidly and
- without compunction on his very open-
ing with the statement: “I was born
5 With the devil in me.’
Even now he believes that the evil
{spirit is the guiding spirit of his des
‘tiny. He believes that he is fully under
the spel of the damned, and despite
| the assertions to the contrary, that he
‘is receiving the attentions of a minis
‘ter of God and is gradually Iedoming
[imbned with the spirit of forgiveness
| and religion, be feels that he is lost
© He even goes further. Hs asserts
thet he is gradually changing in ap
i | pearance, in figare, that bin face is be
coming distorted, and he sees, Whether
in the distortion of his bloody imagi-
engeance calling deénd, or not his face
assumes the look, the eyes the leer, and
the very ears the exact similitude of
the pictures of Satan thimselves
i] was born with the devil in me”
says be in one part of Lis confession,
“1 could not help the fact thst 1 was
ia murderer any more than the poet
can help the inspiration to sing, nor
the ambition of an intellectund man to
| be great.
“The inclination to murder dame to
me as naturally as the ipspiration to do
s+ right comes to the majority of persons
i Where others
{ with pity, mine filled with croeity, and
where in others the feeling wie 12 save
life, 1 reveled
stroying the same.
hearts were touched
in the thought of de-
“Not only that, 1 was not stiafled in
taking it in the ordinary way. I sought
devices strange, fantastical, and even
It pleased my fancy. It
gave me play to work tay murderous
will. and 1 reveled in it with the en.
| thusiasm of an aichemist, who i» hot
con the trail of the philoupher's stone.’
Possibly one of the wort, most bru.
tal, revolting and disgustisg crimes
this arch-mutilator ever committed
was one he speaks of i a chapter de-
voted to his boy the son of his first
and all the latest furnish- wise.
“19seqand e jo
| 1S3133U1 IY} 0] IPTUL 192A)
| S[EIP 353q AY jo auo 103 :
Cm noi pre nen i Q ay x Hike an innocent with i
nod jeyl
sts no [133
snl [pas am Jui
way3j Inoge
0s piEay AY MOA [PA
The only explanation he offers is that
he did it simply to gratify his love of
A1 1, | mutilation.
“It was shortly after | was aarrivd, n
he declares, “and our boy wai then but
‘a youngster. [called him in from the
‘road, where he was frolicking aboat
lot of other
I don't know whit it was that
es me, but | took a kaife along
with me. It was simply the traving of
the murderer within nw that inspired
me to make a subject of my little one.”
With the utmost abondon and with
| here and there an expressed sigh of
régret, Holmes then tells how he went
| through the operations of laverating
‘ his own son.
Continuing, Holmes reveals all the
details of a score or more murderers as
‘calmly and remorselessly as he com.
mitted them. He had mardér reduced
Is a science; carefully planned and ex.
| £5304, Lvs noi Pu jsa0qg _ectited each strocious crime ‘with more
n than the last. Men, women,
| children, were all the same to him; he
t a professional murderer, who
od his business as much for its own
sake as means of livelihood. As the
remarked in Sharging the jory
Pitezel case, *
| than fiction, and if Mrs Pitesel's story
‘is true and it was ved to be true
18 is the most exhibition of
power of man over mind I have
ver seen, and stranger than any novel
have ever read.’’
in stranger
2% the Convention Feld Ci Mirhday They
Endorse Pattison for Presiden
The Democratic county committee
selected six delegates to the State con-
vention Monday and decided that it
was not expedient to hold the county
nominating convention earlier than the
date fixed by the roles of the commits
tee adopted some time ago, which will
be the last Monday in August.
The meeting was held st the
house in Ebenshurg. Chairman HA.
Englehart and Thomas J.
ftell acted as soorotary,
names were presented for considera.
tion in connection with the Bate dele
gatesh ip, the first balint resulting in
the selection bf five The ve Was as
H. H. Myers, 32.
Thoms T Sheridan 2%
. F, Frazier, i
hes 8S wmgiase 9
Pr. B CW Differsdeifor, 13
John Ot vane, 2M
(Charvies (©. Wehn
ip Mallon, &
Al Langhei AB, 37
Son Clash, 1
John Ricketts, 17,
CO. 1. Goedwin, 18
(George Paowr, 4
The five receiving 20 voles or more
wore declared elected, another
hailot for the selection of the sixth
delegate was ordered. It
{, F Frager, 7
James Mellon, 2.
C. A Langbein, 4
John Cosh, 5
John Ricketta, 15
CL. Goodwin, 8
There being no choles, i third ballot
resulted in the selection of John Rick-
atta, the vote being.
Jobu Ricketts $3
John Cush, 13
C.F. Frazier, |
John 8. Douglass, 1.
CL Gaxiwin, 1
The delegites were nstracted to use
all honorable efforts to secre the nom.
ination of Robert E
The foilowing resolutions
were adopted: That the Democracy
of Csinbria county is analtersbly op
poses] to the anit rule, and it bereby
instraots ite delegates 0 the Blate cone
vention to nee their best forts to se
and andemocratic
{rea shea
pessitiitend am
system. Jt cannot
aomrt |
N der, A
Pattinon for the The
(leaned Here and There bw
the "Courier’ Reporter,
Patrons of Povboimdss Weld
moan Apail Sih
an Interesting
Heport of Pome Grange meeting
held in the hai Apri A
1398: The meeting was called to order
at 9:80 clock by Worthy Master Alex
Sri After the mingtes of the
previoms meting had
at Loretis,
hows pod
approved, the repniar Basins
arder wan taken up and di
By th aflerooon session was
called ty
Dimi 4f
£5 time tha
wan wall leg
froay ail of the
sesniderable dis
Ww Tom ¥ Pug 14 531
with patrons
cossion on the alvaabiisty of
#5 ph i
Pa ris
(Ent ¥ WA
mg a live seek hssociation 8 this
windy. The Glowing committee wus
appointed by the Grange to
into the matter,
ae Arrangetheais
amd report at Lhe nial quarterly meet
ing of the Pomona Grange: J FE Ben.
B Kirsch Ira Bloom and John
The poasuls
of the dwrpmsion on the
Chautangia wits of
racing, Wis
simply this ha it oie high
mend] By all the leading grangers
who stiendod this menting, They think
this cotirwe of instroction a necessary
adjunct to every grange hrary, There
thronghont the
oounty that have embraced the charnes
of getting these books, and they find
in thers fnformiation that a man, 10 Le
& progressive ) farmer, oan pot get
along without. The essays by Ms. O
A Will, Thomas I. Parrish and A 8
Kirsch were very creditable produc
tions on the varios sabjects on which
they treated.
The crowning feature of this meeting
was fhe night sessian, it being an open
one that is free for everybody. The
hall was filled to ita otmost capuseity.
Hlustrated] address by Warren
Warth Bailey, sditor of the Johnstown
Daily Democrat, on Proportional
Representation.” was 8 rare treat, and
F have no doubt will put 8 good many
people to thinking and trying (o find
out just where they are at. He is cor
APY mECpergd Erangrs
4 condemnation of that vicious tainly master of the subject, which be
presented in a clear and concise man.
be coantenanced by the followers of per, so everybody could understand it,
Jackson and Jeffers and #8 should
find wo
favor in the soanidis of the
Map of Cambria?
4. F. Drary, of Johnstown, spent
Wednesday and Thursday of last werk
ad 1do not hesitate to say that the
gravgers of Cambri county would be
glad to hear Mr. Budiey again at some
folure thine
The address of W. F. Hill, worthy
woturer of tw Penpsyivania
Grangs, was agened to with the great
in Patton disposing of a large number og of interest throughout No one
of maps of Cambria county, which be
recently prepared The atias fills a
long felt want, as it gives all the town-
ships in different colors, besides show-
ing ail the principle towne and public
rosdr; abso ail the ratirosds and ther
branches. If ia neatly gotten up and
the cost for the same is Orly 50 cents
If you have not siready procurred one
send to Mr Drury at Jobostown, who
will supply you on short noice.
aang dom Paelcawed
Samael P. Langdon, the wealthy coal
operator of Philadelphia, who has
been held pending the investigation into
the death of Annie J Motlrath, whos
body was found on March 23d in a
botse in the city occupied by Langdon
and the girl, was released Thursday by
the police authorities Coroner Ashe
bridge has abandoned the case against
Langdon, became of jack of evidence
Mo inery Sore for sede
I wish to disposs: of my millinery
store in Patton. Will sail at a reas
onable figure A pood business and
situated in sx splendid location. Call
on or akdress Mise Alice A Ashorofy,
Patton, Pa
For Sele
A house and lot on Magee avenue,
next to the hardware store of John
Yahner For term ele, inauire of or
write to Mrs Francis Bongele Lo
retio, Pa uf
For Sale
A business hlock in Pattdn containing
two store rooms and tenement appart-
ments. Terms reasonabic. On prom-
nent street. Adidresa Ph Box 2891
Patton, Pa
Lol For Sales.
A Jot on Russell avenne, Matton, Pa,
size IHxi4 feet. Terms reasonable.
Will be sold cheap. Address or inquire
John Resch, Central Hotel, Patton, Pa
Store Koom and Dweilitig For Nea iw
Store room and dwelling house,
corner of Fifth and Kerr avenues
Good dry cellar and a Na 1 building.
Will be sold reasonable.
W. D. LascoLn, Patton, Pa
vould fall to appreciate the sentiments
expressed by uch an able speaker
The recitations given at different
times during the day amd evening,
were very well rendered,
the monic farn
sion by the Independent
rfl Livin W
An Wak also
inheil at the night ses
of La Fo
New athlfiugsy Peleg Frevind
Aer SLA LRAL 8 erecting 8 TWD
story dwesling Hx feet 0a Mes
Lang avenue. WW. 1 Dunnelly & Uo,
bave the contrat for
erscling the
the hailihog of & two-story dw
an West Beech avenae
The finishing touches are being oat
cottage on West Beech
Charles Wash.
O85 Lhe Dew
belonging Io
ank Bruno has the wall compieted
Hf & new stare room
Bevel avenue abave
sie. The building will be two
owt. The contract hua
W. Il Donnelly & Ub
cH Hubbard has
Beet av
menos the emotion of a
soOrt Lime
W. H. Benuett, recent
chases] a ot on Beech avenue, below
Fifth, has the foundation completed for
the erection of a new two-story dwell
Mixa feet.
i or
ing on
on Fast write and will som
dweinng in
wha iv pur
ing. sie He expects to
have it ready for
Wl Mowe ta Apel a
In ahont two weeks Mr. J. A. Wilsin
and family will move to Apolio, Arm
stroag county. Mr,
his property on Beech avenue to Go 8
Good, which, when vacated, will be
occupied by Elmer Smale. who is in
Mr Good's employe.
Wilson bas seid
Broke Her Srua.
Mrs. TW. Letts, who is visiting her
daughter, Mrs. John Finn at Ebens-
burg, on last Wednesday morning fell
off the steps and broke one of her
| arms Dear the wrist.
nr being
Ssh Farge Mo anthetar Bg | Esabiiah
toent Has Tra Kye sm Oster Mies
As per a rumor afloat thal
inrge manafactaring plant was about
to be located in Malton the COURIER
representative investigated live matier
to 4 pertain extent on Tossdiiy of this
week arid bod the pleasure apd] privilege
of reiding some data and correspond.
sow ihown to him by General Manager
3 |
segrotiating with and which is
ontemplating looting a Ber plant at
Patton will emplow a large
number of skilled workmeh.
Mr MeElrosh
floss pot int wish 0
merit any paghicalars Lr jEve any
hat the CHIORIER ial ool we
privilege of interviewing hing as to the
factu af the famorls asoerialin wind her
¥ Fai nay A Wy 4 J 4 ¢ A 3
it hud any Hmedstion or nit, and lo
have fhe norte know that J as not
an founded soport, Hab Bgsed
fonctec § fie prossented the oorpetipondence,
bn i ge ihe COURIER Bt Present
to pablish potbing of the 344
ater Ghar than too slate oat as far
as the matter had gone their are well
gronnded Gots anid the Jrispects are
good, snd it only requires sane Ling
tiv pet oeglain properly and
josted betwesn Me. MeFibvsh and the
pariss combining Him. The
ha rae ro of the enterprises 8 of mb
which the COURIER 8 re
: sented 1 aot Lo name at this writing.
il wax learned from the cirrespond.
prioe that Mr Mobifrosh will, moa {ow
day's, meet the iiterested artless and
pil matteo in a tangible saape as far
se possibile ad as soon aK home other
malters wre adinwted, so {be corres
potidence states, the parties are then
to come to Patton and sped some
tigw looking aver the fold
arte fe,
Fine Trisin Seryicy
The traveling public should not over
ook the sxowllent through train serv.
iva furnished by the Beech Creek and
Rewding railroads from this section of
thar country. The Beech (reek pase
enjger train leaving Pstion at 3:30 p
my. connects al Williamsport with Pall:
man sleeping car for Phileleipbia, the
Open reeves PRRs BEETS
on arrival of the Beech Opeek train
The car regehen Philadelphia at 7.10 a
: the "gina Heading
Terminal station with fast brain arrive
ir fn New York at 830 0. mm. Re
turning, the car jelives Philadelphia at
050 pom, making close onanection
with the Beech CUrdek tral at William.
sport, and arriving at Patbon at 1:35 p
mi. The sleeping car fire between
Willinmwport aul Philadelphia bv $1.50
por berth, and this in eotection with
the Litwerad age ticket sirranpement
af the Beech Creek and Roading roads,
sikk i
and from 1s caste Cilia,
0. and connects i)
Hed Tiarvwilay
{On Thursday, April 9th, 1888 at 10
Jobin Holm, of Patton, aged ba
Jind after a Hrief illness of pnen-
Siinday his remains
meni and on
af feianda whens interment
fionk place, Services werd held in the
Bweeddish Betanis Lntherun chaweh at
that place, Rev. J. N Alxis olficiat-
The decesswd leavin 3 wife and
thew children aged respectively 3, 11
and 13 years to monrn hip sad depart-
are. Mr Holm wis borh in Norway,
bat had resided {0 Elfiborg's Laen,
wa, He was a dascon i) the newly
organized Latheran churih of Patton
fr heir
Spent ins Noose]
The buisness of the wield is dope
principally on paper acd pou will find
more Wall Paper and window hiinds
and lower priess at ©. MM. Letts, the
leading Painter and Papur Hanger of
Nothern Cambria County, second
store. room from Karner drug stope,
Magee avenue than any wihiere in town.
Crestor Nappy aio Fie vad
A grand ovster suppet and festival
will be given in the Firemien's hall on
for the
Flies company.
rich and
Pant for:
Thursday night, Aprd
benefit of the Paton
: young and Hid,
to atteml.
poor, is invited
get the date.
A Emad Fadl
tm Friday might,
hall will be given by thd menibers of
ther Patton Base Ball Cluhl, This prom.
seis 1 De one of (he prasidest affairs of
the Rind which hag ever been beid in
Patton. Everyone is invited to attend. |
Turn out and help the “hoys’
A SDOCess.
samspies of Carpi.
It will pay you t call and see the tine
line of carpet samples at H. 8. Buck's
furmiture store on Heech yvenue. They
are beauties and ot very low prices. |
Men and boys’ shoes of all Kinds at
low prices at Wolf & Thiimpeon's. -20tf |
MoF fresh form a Jap firm thar
Be line the best and cheapest 10
previous fo coming $4 Amer.
April (Tih, a grand
make it |
County Superintendent. Leech
Gives His Report for 1893.
Many Mreoetinne During the Year Bs
pocially in North Cambria,
Following is a report of County
Superintendent J. 'W. Leech, of Cam-
bria vounty, which i= published in the
Report of the Superintendent of Pab-
ie Indrovtion of the Cy
of Pannsvivania for 1585:
“rar schools made marked improve.
ment in many directions during the
wear ending, June, 1885
The development of the great coal
feddu of our county, which has but
comiienond, has added seve rs! new dis
tricts to our namber. Patton, Spang.
ier, Harnesboro, Roxbury, Daisytown,
Bosetlale and Cresson township are
now entitled to membership among the
whol distreiots of Cambria
in the State has had so
jarre an inerease in the number of new
districts. These have all entered into
the work of odocation with a spirit
that is memarkable and furnishes an.
Adence that whilst Cambria is
takirg rank among the rich and im
portant counties of the State, her oda-
pational needs are keeping pace with
her hostess and commercial interests.
Oar enrollment 8 now 13.531 with
an average attendance of S881, of
whom 987 were perfect in atiendance,
91 pupils passed the required sxamine-
tion before a committee and were
awarded diplomas. There were LS
visita by directors, and 9 444 visits by
patrons. The Bible was read in 190
whools. From a careful estitnate made
by our teachers, there were LOSS hoys
and girls between the ages of 6 and 16
years who wee not enrolind at all
There has been much improvement in
school balldings and sarmandings
Modern farniture is fant displacing the
“Many districts sopplied charts,
maps and dictionaries for their schools,
and a number of volomes were added
to their libraries.
“Many sucoessiul local institotes
were hed Our county institote was
equil to any ever held. Our instract-
sew were Dr. N.C Schaeffer, Dr. GM.
Philips, Dr. M. (i. Brumbaugh, br. T.
R Nowa Dr DJ Waller, Dr. 8 C
Schmocker, Superintendent J M
Berkey, Professors Little, Gibson and
Apple. Our entertainments were given
by John R Clark, Will Carleton, Ovide
Muosin and Major Dane
ur directors’ sssociation is in a
flourishing condition and will, if it con-
tinnes to live and grow in the same
spirit, exert a great influence of good
spon our schools
“They hold two meetings & year; a
‘No eounty
Ae] Bx
summer seasbon, which nwets on the
thind Monday of June, and a fall ses
2 ; : sions, during the county institote
followed to Hastings by a large
“The officers of the organization are
an follows: President, T. W. Dick,
Eng, Fhensburg: vice president, Job
cel Portage township: secretary, G
J. Jones, Cambria township: EE
R. BR Davis, Ebenshorg.
“We extend our sincere banks to
the many friends of education in the
county and elsewhere who have al
ways extended as 5 helping hand. ™
Chaired Servioes.
The Swedish Evangetieal Lotheran
Hebron congregation will hold services
in Patton on April 15th and 21st. All
Are invited. J. N. ALrxis, Pastor.
134-136 Clinton St.
Johnstown, Pa.
Wonld like to have some of the Patton
Trate. We will have a three.
story building of our own #i with
New Spring
Dry Goods,
Etc. Ete.
At the
can't come.
Clinton St.