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    1H1L.—NO. 19.
If so drop in and try our
We are no in shape to nerve you with
Iso all kinds of
the intest flavors. Al
incinding the wondesful
The finest line of Garden and Flow.
Call and get 8 copy of Mudyon’s
Guide to Health free.
Patton Pharmacy,
Chemicals, Etc.,
Opposite School Building.
When you are on the “hunt”
for a nobby snit— or coat
and vest and pants
single—at the
lowest figures
for a good
2 Ings.
aaseyoand e jo
15219301 971 0] IPEBUI IAAI
sTeap 153q [3 jo 2u0 123
[Im nod pur ‘uejy 20g IL
nod jel
si} nod |)
sul [is om 18)
wal} 3Inoqe yon
os pieay aaey MOA [[aA\
isoouyg Aes nok pug [s04S
man who handles the
best line of Clothing,
and all the latest furnish-.
NIH fay
svar eacomnss §
er especially in
| the rofl of honor is somewhat redoced
As Prepared by the Prinripal,
| Mr. G. H. Hubbard,
Month's Work of Teaching.
| Patton completed their 7th month's
| Primary grade, which was cloned for
{eight days in Pebroary on sochnnt of
ness of the teacher. Below in given
the full report of the entire building,’
by publishing the last full month
tanght by the Second Primary grade
The following is the report of the
last morith taught: Whole camber en-
rolled, 135; bovs, 171; girls, 154; aver
age sttepdance, 265; making i daily
average of 44 pupils for each (depart
‘ment; per cent. of attendanie, SN,
| namber of pupils who were present
every day, 115; number of visitors, 5,
The weather being. quite severe dur-
ing the latter part of March, capvrned
| the attendance to be quite irregular,
the Primary grides, hence
from the previous month's record,
The schools were elosnd on Good
y as many of the patrona’ desire
regard the day with special ob-
During the last month of school we
rnestiy desire the hearty co-opera-
tion of the parents with the teachers in
securing the best attendance possible.
t is sotnewhiat difficulty to classify and
properly grade pupils whan they are
allowed to drop out of school a few
weeks before the close of the term;
‘and it is extremely difficult to interest
(them in the work when their attend.
‘ance is irregular. The popils who have
been most saocessfui in thir studies,
‘the easiest controlled by the teacher,
‘and the ones who have esrnnd pro
motion, are thoss whose names nearly
always, if not always, “appear on the
been endeavoring to organise in Patton
| The following list of names represent
the pupils who deserve special inention
for their perfect attendance, good de
| portment and rapid progress in their
: that the vast majority of thom will be
pontent and feel at home wily in their
honor roll.
studies: ¥
gh Sehonits
Sallie Holter, Virgie Dade, Minnie
Holter, Mande Litzinger, Dinan Sand.
ford, Ollie Swank, Lizzie Dewar, Jane
Bard tines
Laws, Carrie Crowell, Anne Kinkead,
Mary Myers, Buia Patrick, Ruth Reese,
Fred McPherson, Howurd Swank,
James Sheehan, Mary Hooter, Clara
3 G. H. Hussart, Prawipal.
| Gremenmunr Se boril,
| Arthay Thomas, Charley Uroweil
Carl Croweil,
Noonan, Les Williams, John Fedor,
Albert, Wilkins, Edward
Martha Hewlett, Edna Brideson,
| Mamie Jones, Emma Sheehan, Annie
Biller, Jennie Crain,
Christina Lees.
0. E. Larrexry, Teacher.
sevond Intermediate,
Howard Bloom, Mary Hisrnaoer,
Botwat MePherson, Margarel, Jones,
Blanche Brideson, Emeias Haden, Mary
Semple, leo McTigue, Andrew For
nadly, Elmer Crowell, Leroy Wilkins,
‘Howard Tate, Bennie Wilkins, Waiter
Peckwith, Thomas Cullin, Thomas
Sheehan. John Edmiston, Edmond
Jetta )
: Joseruxse OC. Downes, Teacher.
First Intermediate. ’
John Ingles, Carrie Holter, George
Myers, Thomas Rounsiey, Charles
Kessler, Ward Woleslaghs, Katie For.
nadly, Edith Spencer, Peter Kerrs,
Dora. Beckwith, Joh Reese, James
Crompton, Jacob Hanter, (irae Gantz,
! Anna Beqman, Clarence Blalr, Anna
Tate, Oscar Hertzog, James (fornelus
Borrg M. Zoasersay, Teacher,
Second Primacy.
Irvin Myers, Venatta Crowell, Mary
Btirrat; Angela Burkey, [eott Reese,
Clarles Robinson, Emanuoel Jolly,
Clemans Biller, John Osbevan|, Jennie
a ‘ Brevneaw, Marshal Glass, Frank Lipp
‘nick, John Sperry, Elanora Truman,
Louis Learde, James Korre Hanvah
.Clapman, David Sperry, Daniel Jonk.
ins, Zela Woomer, Wilson Truman
: MARGARET L. Sxrrii, Toscher.
: First Primary.
Rachael! Haden, Dora Prescott, Ro.
‘maine Smale, Julia Myers, Lillie Wil.
‘liams, Thomasine Holter, Earl Wilson,
Claire Boyce, Walter Schmelerky,
| Willie Jenkins, Edwin Burkey, Andrew
Prygoda, Willie McTigue, Jou Learde,
. Oscar Danielson, Thomas Glass, Fannie
Wilkins, Flora Rowland, Mars Jeon
ANNA C. Wisox, Teacher,
Monday, April 61h, (oropleted the Seventh
On Monday, April Sth, the schools of
fonisa OC. Lytie, Tonnelton, Indiana
oounty; Mary Kelly, Beaty, West more.
land county; Rolanda Shoff, Conlport, .
‘John Holm and ©
The congregation will be ourporated at
Edward shor, Jerry
Angeline Drummard, Ages Hanter, o
Bakith Holter,
Heceived hy the Od soldiers In Cambria
and Nearhy Countess.
The following pension certificates
have been issued since the date of
March 17:
Original Sylvester Pan, Salix, Cam.
bria county; John Stephens, Jeanrette;
William Hatfield, Latrobe: Samuel H
Stout, Sardis, Westmoreland county;
Jobn (i. Lawson, Latrobe; Johnithan
Weible, Davidsville, Somerwet colinty:
Geo. A. Heilbran, North Ssmmit, In-
diana county.
work of teaching, except the Becond
Increase Robert Dunlap, Carroll
town, Cambria county; Robert Thomp-
Blairevilie; Romanus Baldwin,
Shanksville, Somerset country; An
drew Robinson, New Florence; John
A Bethman, Restraver, Westmordand
county: George W. Merrynuin, Onoeola
Mille, Clearfield county; Puter Fister,
Clearfield: James Baldwin, Sunimer-
ville, Jefferson ocunty; Michael J.
Swope, Westover, Clearfleld county.
Re issae and increase - David Muir,
Reissne William H. Clouser Big
Ruan, Jefferson county; James Me.
Vieker, (dstown, Cambria connty,
widow's, ete --Mary E
Clearfield eounty;
Clearfield county. ]
Additional - Peter Pile, Glade Simer-
set county.
Aniber Charch Organization.
Rev. J. N. Alexis, of Histings, in
than we are compelled to pay now.
formed the COURIER that on April lat
he had perfected another church (rgan-
tation io Patton, which will be known |
as the Swedish Evangelical Lothern
with 3.
which is consilered one of the most,
Hebron church of Patton,
somrmunieant members, and the whol
number being 45 and that them were
good prospects for many more joining,
The congrega-
tion is making preparation to build a
: (Juite a
the congregation soon.
chareh the coming summer,
number of the members wo fonmerly
lived at Hastings snd were members
of this church at that plies have
the past two years. Rev. Jdexis states
that in view of the fact that so many
of the Swedish people of Patton were
old lantherans from their ehildboodd
own church, and that it womb have
heen organized and the chiireh orected
moch sooner hed i not been the
Following are fhe officers
choosed at the mesting hid on April
Rev, J. N. Alexis, chairman; ©
T. Blomquist, wocretary: John Londen,
i. Famsterg, dea
song: Peter Jolson, Gontitied Ander
and Albin Danielson, rastoss
June term of court.
The Doviys “PL”
The Cor KIER bas secured the tervives
Master Joseph Ferdinand Sbort to
dp the foreman to set type and to
lok after the daties of the devil" of
which title he has the honot of possess.
ing while taking the initiatory steps in
becoming one of the “art preservatives
of all arte” Following i» his firet at.
tempt, the subject of which is “the
Hell Box:
Fox WOWT WonuFL Hardie NX rhiited han ls iv M
Kafe TN ner MA nid. wMuthn Jar diy
; a By ged A; FAs wes ae ib
Lovnayy nad tel" ual a BL SW VDE Mageh
Wouls $1 rieesal tal H&E. ;
se EFT Mog tito geod WHIM Teh vd oe
Loaiutnw pel Tenia Ta Ta eae) She ek Ian
Faietddanmemt 8 00 #
wit hrabirr «Tak loMl »
rec ¥ Lo we Wh
wh pr.
efiimsr ih wf
3 £1 rs Bums rain
Ba Mois MED
vibe a Fort ax Then
cas Tie ww
§ wd Eat i E sity
Ww 4 2 %
ai per Ma ws
or Tex
BRE : SAihen hi
Lhe gtal ys
3 isesriaobd =
elisha WL Cop omnes ©
wk fy te
ele Film
Pre aa
i Eo Mit ow
oad &
uy FF
Drovwnesd bn fhe Masques hana :
Om Wednesday of last weok Joba
Rarabangh, of Chest township, rear
New Washington, Clearfield county,
was drowned in the Sasqushanna river
at Mahaffey by beipg thrown from a
raft, which struck the railroad bridge
pier. He was a school teacher, 19
years oid and was going 1o Lock
Havep to attend the Normal He was
a son of Russell Barabangh and was
Twn Analversariss.
[ast week both the Coalport Stand-
ard and the Philipsburg Ledger, two
good hustling and newsy journals
entered gpon another year of useful
ness. The editors of both these papers
have the best wishes of the ParTon
COURIER and it is hoped that they will
always prosper in the future ‘as in
the past.
Secure Your Shadows.
(iet your picture taken. An agent
will call on you in & few days with
special offer good for 60 days.
J. C. Patrick, Photographer.
(the pooier on Toesday
. Oratside Guard, John Hetherall
A Larges List of Proprtise
Gleaned Here and There by
the “Courier” Reporter.
A Direct Line Will be Established from
Patton to Carroiitows sad Fhemsbharg
Patton is to have another telephone
The Covrten has Jesrned from a re
Hable source that in no longer time
than a month the people of Patton will :
have an opportunity fo talk to Ebens
burg direct, over a new telephone tine.
There ix already a line, as is well
known, running direct from Ebens-
burg to Hastings, passing through
Carrolitown, which is owned and oper- |
ated by a local company, of which
Ex-Sheriff Jos. firay, of Carrolitown,
€. A. Buck. cashier of the bank at
Ebensburg, and others ure interested. |
Very little work is necessary to con- |
pect with Patton as the telephone line |
belonging to the Patton Cond company, |
which rans from the main offices here |
to thelr different mines, will be con.
nected with the main line near the
Asheroft aoliiery, only necessitating in
the erection of a new line of about
one-half a mile distance.
All the pecessary appliances have
been ordered and as son as they ar- |
rive work will be somrmenced and in
jess than thirty days we will have the |
pleasure of talking direct to Fbensburg |
at, no doubt, 8 more moderate rate |
The pay station for this new Hine !
will, in all probability, be located in
the harware store of John Yahner, |
corner of Fifth and Magee avenues, |
central and convenient places in town
This i= another good thing for Pat
ton, and will be much appreciated by |
the citizens. :
Wanted the Monkey Palied In
2. W. Hodgkine’ monkey, Jack,
which has gained a considerable
reputation in this part of Cambria
county, came very nesrly being pot in
Jack has 3
profound disitke for a certain race of
people and one of thin class thought
he would amuse the queer little animal
atid Bre of his Angers came in contact
with his sharp teeth inflicting & severe
woupd. This enraged the fellow and
After giving Jack a pleve of his mind
he departed in search of Jaw. He soon
fopnd "Squire Melion, and after stating
hig case, wanted a warrant serves on
“de monk.” as be termed it, and ent
ter the lock-up or give hail for surety of
the peace. “De Monk™ has not heen
srrested yet, as the "Squire told the
wonld-be prosecutor that there was no
jaw in this country for monkeys, and
referred Bim to Weyler, the Spanish
general where he thonght he could get
OMerrs Fiootwd and Tastniled.
Patton Lodge, No 1088, 1 OOF
has elevted the fadowing officers for
the ensuing year: Past Grand, 0 H
Curfman; Noble Grand, Wm. Cramer,
Vice Grand. Dr. 8 W. Warrell, Sec.
retary, Join Hunter, Assistant Secre-
tary, Samoel Edmiston; Trustees, Gi.
'H. Cuaorfman. lobo Hanter, BF. Wise:
Supporters to Noble Grand, Jess
Starr and Jack Monteith; Supporters to
Viee Grand, Wm. Probet and Abe
Mirkin. Scene Supporters, Halph
Jeinch and E. Will Greene, Warden,
Andrew Leese: Conductor, Samuel
Cornelios; Chaplain, Rev. Chan W.
Waason : Inside Guanmd, Geo Hunter,
trict Deputy W. M. Core, of Johns
town, was préssat on Thursday night
when be installed the officers
A Wig Whine
Om Monday the big whistle, which
the Patton Clay Mapufacturing cons
pany purchased, was placed in posi
tion and tested. Engineer Jenkins
informed the CouRiER thas the bell of
the whistle is [0x18 inches and vould
be heard at” a distance of
the proper amount of steam be applied
It is certainly a screecher and will
awaken the “sleepy homds'' bright and
eanriy. The whistie wid blown ad
530, 8:30 and T a m IIm and dp
m. daring every day except Sundin
Ten Dies if
Change in Sreeel Nombre.
On account of the rearrangement of
street numbers in Pittsburgh by
city atithorities the office of Mr. Thom.
as E Watt, Pussenger Agent West
ern District, Pennsylvania Railroad,
as well as the city ticket office, corner
of Fifth Avenue and Smithtield Street,
Pittsburg, will be changed on April 15
from No. 110, present number, to No
380 Fifth Avenoe
Turn to another page and vou will
observe the new md of Mirkin & Kus.
following properties for sali st the
court house in Fbensharg on Monday, |
April 20, 1898, at | o'clock p. mi. |
rolitown borough. ;
of ground in Pation,
| frame house
of Patton gave a banquet al the Com.
mercial hotel recently, which was well
County Under the Driesded Wimmer. i
Sheriff Coulter han advertised the | iT
The Harrison-Dimmick Nap
tials Celebrated.
The interest of Andrew T. Anderson GH,
in a lot of ground in Bider tosmubip. CEREMONY EXECUTED
The interest of John Byrne and Ma- ‘ in
tilda Byrne in a lot of groond in Car. In the Cy of
New York ft Was s Quiet
; Wadding
The interest of John Pearson in two: Ex-Freaident Benjamin Harrison was
iote of ground in Elder township. married soon after § o'clock Monday
The interest of G. W. Swank in a lot afternoon to Mary Scott Lord Dim.
having thrson a mick at St. Thomas’ chupch, Fifth ave
two-story frame dwelling Bote, nue and FP ifty third street, New York
The interest of J. J. McDoneell, John city. The ceremony was performed by
FE Wilkon, assignee, and Altered P_ the Rev. J. Wesley Brown, rector of
Miller, M. D., terre tenant, is a lot or St. Thomas’, and was very simple.
piece of ground in the borongh of Only afew guests wore present al the
Portage. feremony. :
The interest of Samuel Snieltger in General Harrison's honeymoon will
one acre of ground in Washington | be spent in his home at Indianapolis,
township, having fherson a plank where his old home han been renovated
hotter weather boarded. and refitted. Later the coaple will go
The interest of William Glisw in 100 | to the Adirondack mountains, where a
acres of land in Munster towessip. | cottage has been secured for the sum-
The interest of J. F. Trexior and mer. |
Celestine Trexler, executors of Joseph Mrs Dimmick is a decided branett
J. Trexier deceased, in 100 acres of and 37 years old, jit 25 years the
jand in Clearfield township, having junior of the eX-preside: + has a
theron & two-story dwelling hopse and charming personality and is gifted in
log barn. many arta. She was born in Pennsyl-
The interest of Ignations Meintel in vania and was married in 1881 to
‘a lof of ground in Gallitein borough Walter E. Dimmick, a young lawyer,
with a two-story frame dwelling house. | Who died of typhoid fever three months
The interest of William Méliwevey in sfter the wedding ceremony. Mm
a piece of Jand in Tunnelibill Borongh, | Dimmick is a niece of Mm. Harrison,
having thereon erected a two-story | the eX-president’s late wife, and figured
prominently in White House affuire
The interest of Jobs Alston in a lot | during the inst year of Mr. Harrison's
of ground in North Barneshoro, hay. Mdministration.
ing thereon a two-story plunk frame Paster Serviees
dwelling house, . The anniversary of the resurection
The interest of M. (. Weakland in a of Christ was fittingly observed in the
jot of ground in Barmesboro, having Methodist Eplseopai church of this.
thervon a three-story building known place. The interior of the church was
as the Globe hotel. ‘decorated with beautifal flowers. At
P.O. R of A. Manger: 83) a sunrise prayer meeting was
The Patriotic Onder Sons of America Deld. This was a helpful and inspiring
‘service, and was greatly enjoyed by
the large number of persons present.
attended and proved a very pleasant! At 10:30 an Emer Missionary peo.
ancial affair. Afr dinner Rov. OJ Fram was rendered by the Sunday
Berlin, pastor of the Baptist church, jschool. This servios was in charge of
and a member of the order, pave AD W. H Sandford, the efficient superin-
address of about forty minntes length, | iendent of the Sunday school, and con
He spoke of the work of order in gen. | sisted of appropriate music, recitations
eral. talloed at some Dgth aout the | 23 an address by the pastor. A splen-
did Easter offering for missions was
social condition of fhe connitry as the
present time, amd miso advocated the | received. In the evening at 7:45 the
taxation of all olinreh property in the pastor, Rev. Chas W. "Wamon, deliv-
sation. The address was initempersed ered an inspiring Easter sermon to a
with anecdotes, and called forth fre large and appreciative congregation
quent sounds of applause. Dr Wor.
roll responded with a few ronuicks be.
fitting the aeoasion.
prononiioed A sevens,
RB Sadreem
The festival and save sale,’ heid on
All in all it was Raparday evening by the Baptist Young
People’s Union, of Patton, proved a
| snecess, notwithstanding the inclem.-
of the weather. The slives were
at fisir prices, but the young
did mot hid very en
It is hardly thought
lack of funds so much
Lewnding Coal Land,
During the past three wenks ssveral “00¥
parties Dave been taking optints sn oR all seidd
lands in Gallitgin, Allegheny and Car- men of Patton
roll townships, and they hap leased at | thusiastically
$10.00 per acre, avery acre of coal they that it was for
could secure from the Amibey plant as the fact that they had “saves * and
westward as fir as Bradley Janetivn, Aid not? care to burdened with
Options have been sienred on consid. another. About £90 it was realivesd,
erable over 8000 acres in all, and the Which the young people will ose to.
: Cward furnishing thelr new chunch
about to be srected
hoon has reached fiver heal among
the people of the section. The coal
han excellent ooking qualities and
many persons are predictisg coke in
dustries that Will rica; How of The he Patton Fire company was 4 stooess
Mma : ti eliawisie Mins ; Te ne ery particular, thre Desing about
Peri A a pa ier 70 couples present. The members
- Sei , Y af the compapy never does things hy
of capitalist wha will develop the halves and they did everything in
roa), their power to makes their Fests an.
joy themselves, which was appreciated
The pew {ownship road lading from by all. In the contest tor a prise Miss
Lawrenes to Patton will soon be nan raised over $50.00 and
The of Chest Mins Carrie Crowell over $7.00 by sub-
township have completed ilweir work geription. The company will no doabt
and on Friday the supirvisors of lear a neat sam all todd,
Fider township will proces tol finikh
their part. When this is dine the bor
angh HF Patton will have § portion 0 The buisness of the world is done
[t in sxpected that in jess than Principally on paper and you will find
x month rod will be teakdy for more Wall Paper and window blinds
Mor: are at work Anning the sud lower prices at M. Letts, the
herosts Chest Creek eiow town, leading Painter aml Paper Hanger of
This mud will shorten the diane be. Nothern Cambria. County, wsepond
Gt. Lawrencs by store roam from Corner drug store,
Magee avenge than anywhere in town.
A Giowat Tarnonl,
The dance held on Momday night by
Will soon be Clmpletn
Nt Gertie Noo
completed. SUPER I
peak Nolioe.
tween Puttin and
nearly three miles)
Land! ved Erde Fixing Up. hair Napier and Foativid
sh Cordell, the pleasant proprietor A grand oyster supper sud festival
of the Cental hotel, i bognd to be will be given in the Firemen's hall on
first in fixing ap for spriglg He bas Thursday night, April 50th, for the
jast had an aristic job of punting done benefit of the Patton Fire company
si the eeilitg and wills Tn his bar and Everybody, young and old, rich and
sve which greatly adds to the ap- poor, is invited fo attend Don't for
pearance of his hosteiry IH C. get the date
Warren did the work, il :
A tian Bail.
On Prida's night, April "th, a grand
ball will be given by the mambers of
the Patton Base Ball Club. This prom-
ives to be one of the grandest «fairs of
the kind wych has ever been held in
E vervone is invited to attend.
Turn cat wud heip the “hoyw” make it
Tat For Sale.
A lot on Russell avenue, Patton, Pa,
size 25x40 fiet. Terms reasonable.
Will be sold cheap. Address or inquire
* John Resch, Central Hotel, Patton, Pa.
Story Roow sod Dweiling § « Sie.
Sore oon and dwelling boas,
corer of Fifth and Kerr avenues
iat aod dry cellar and a No. 1 building.
Note the change in Geo, 8B. Good's Will be sold reasonable.
advertisement this week. 19t4 WD. Lincous, Patton, Pa