The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, March 26, 1896, Image 3

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stevensons wooesty. | AT A MALAY PICNIC. )
Nuveltst's Opinion of Himself sa Exe ; ;
{_ preuad In Hu Letters, | # JOLLY DAY OF SIMPLE PLEASURES
There is nbs passage in Lois Steven- | = ial
n's eovrelpondence which it woald i IN THE JUNGLE. i
y heen 3 thousand pitios to miss. So i RE)
ih notissive kis been written atogt | 074 and Young Mingle Together and Ate |
nieis work, he was made the vie. |
ghile he Hyved of sock an extrava }
gm of pofing, that those who |
Wor know him wore almost inevitas
ly forced to associate him with his
Miterars and to believe that he mus
woe bimself with their eyes. Fo 18 clear
shat he did pot. His most exacting |
witio can hardly bave fndged him mors :
nly than he jodged himself Cap
For thy nonce my =kill deserts me, | oc ends Begin © glow
pol ne 18 i, or was It was a very LE {eas ea a .
y dows of inspiration, sod a pretty Dee | Rn oe EWN nn Bs
trick of styls, long lost, trmproved and gaming ibsbiile Ages si
6 mot herote industry. Bofae 1000 emt from thes graceful atap how
ve managed fo please the “jonrnaliste and minke toward the piace of renges
But Lam a fctiticns article, and have sons. Hy the tirne the part ¥ hous gatiber- |
ong knows it. 1 am resd by jrnal exh, pons 20 minates, tho hia RES : Bo" ; : :
Bhs LAL. aiden : to explode, a wide rush of orange bpd (lear co the short sword has been relegated to . ;
Gop JF fellow novelists, and hy spreads pear and far and the great hat (jaar oon tha Back yard snd the hop of the brie. | for inevitable adds in their boxipess. A
boys. With these, incipit st explicit my { ns : : . a peeossity of the pear fotore is an ny
ot { STR Ey enn Comes BP panting. Then {uilaws Th ne with what pies a Yan denier, ard fenoung iu meraly 4
yogne. Good th myway, for 1 seem Sad be ; oR ops ih : : a ha kh i anit t) :
: ¢ thing a 1y ¥ Pema the moet delicioas hor of § ra day. A | grantonoiie PoE pastime AHnown as gek Rens, In the civil provement fu pEterosnnDes anit ther i
: a Fo have i oe hundred hoes of gresa ave broagit ont in 3 war in Japs 18 Fears ago, however, | chapening, RO thay know indge if Be xy oan - R. RCo. Lassa.
atoms than 1 I sometimes wish 1 had into shivang relief, every dewy deal be | pathy 42 there wera certain Compan os of guards i may become pare widespread. ; Soya yi CONDENSED TIME TABLE
re. They ate amosing Hat cannot comes A prism in which rainbows float. pe ene the a armed with swords, who did MIDIS Very township shoud Hove is hacter jr Ash | wead Up Rend
: take myself seriously as an artist The The Fg ae isfe awakens ito its morn But all pvp. bani posmibad DIR effective and bloody wark with them. and ita Incr; i equipment. hen : Ev: ih Sov. 17 18 rap awn
Hmitations are so obvions : ing pealm, brilliant Lizds Witter and | OWA £5 There ix a ciod in Henoluio, with is po study niore intarest:ng, and note Oy
© 1% is not often one finds a popular an cou together seeking the eariy bug. ed be pas : headquarters on Maunakea street, whose that is sd Imporiapt to humanity ire Pa A
thor writiog in such a strain--sn an- | 8°09° batterflins come forth to dry their | SEDI 3s bers have an instroctor in the ose : on Oo LW 1 -
Aa ords. Thera is a "tha singlestick. The organization is | eles
Prom | i ir : : $ What eo
MADE potent to
On and wher Nov, 1000. 188,
wi arrive wil depart from In
apt Mey, ne lloows
reirant nd eR a a LUrwensviie win Li "a
ire 3 Baw] Bir { soll Sradtord, Butnio and Hochesler,
J Ringiesti ®i © vaso ET pri : ; , pa. : SH 3x 18 Fantmihney and Hy Bun
wold Mit Pe Atbecking a. ’ a 5 . ¥ Lg o 4 EE Won
Hidgway ane Predford.
Punzenugwne wid Rig
Uimsrieid and Chile,
Falls tUmek.
Fanssutcnney and Hig Roe,
Fam iL wi.
Bewlfont and Ridgauy
Clarwemay bis and Chharfieid,
Lian rEeid a Fla q
Panzsiwney sid Big Bog
Haoehember wid BAalnio
Pongssiswties and ig Kun
Iprwnneviie and Vlenrtiedd,
a BL Le RET ge dl TET Lee seis ge Teel WORD
adh slaline al Joris pet ime
Loos Helets, time latdee snd Tul informethon
oh a a sda ree,
MM. oLntidenat, Agent, [9 Bots
£. Co kapey, Gen | Pan Agent,
Beoohestor, N.Y,
Si Bots dally on
i Teli a
genres Ce # REE | i
Chaya eames alien hs odhe (Bt haw pean
Ap Enroun vhs wend Ta dhe Hanrice : ie |
ge 33 ial 4
Happy No Tiresome Advance Frepars | { i A
tion of Fond
and Cooled For the Danguet,
How Fish Ave Captured
he Run.
With tho first
the starr is mada
35 Sgro Rah TREE Raat waavait
x v 5% % * RF =
Alarfncrin, ‘ a : ta Sy : rt iver 3
ros sights a Malay
iy A5 a. me
it *
fim ow :
i¥ 5 *
the ed ay pon, nielodintan you wii i
~ Hye fy Bee GOLA aR Rn £ Ha enti vis In
5d . Xs 2
A few aaron nrrowe ol eat
il BO Priceings an 0X
inne DAE FY tb sey Nd beni DY
v to tae fon 4 has? vigeyara
¢ woreduingr, wh 38 the i
he coin la we arid hr hie
dive of fisting, Bob with the ie
provement in the methods of warfare,
wirich the Japaneses wera quick th adopt,
datrymoun, thi staal Faaser, 10a £305 Ta ;
Por of the siilowarm andl he and Busia
on bees are alike indebted to hw die :
ocwnrer of the germ origin of disensn |
i ig 3
Beech (Creek Railroad.
: 4 ¥
hin GIRL
any WE
sf £ pl a gn YE
ard gimaten
3 tan
i Ca lr pA SA MO SANS
ties Carlyle and Seott. “
New York Ledger. ;
: thor, too, whom thers seetoed a general spangled wings on Joafy shrobs, while | : rs - paling miu he
onspiracy among the reviewers to spoil iFonr frouia.m 3 i ® ia
hat 8 o/mirast it is to the following
of from the tomehing epilogue add
to thise letters by his editor and |
The fragment em which he wronght
wg th last month of his life gives
y mind, as it did to his own, for
time the full measure of his
ew, 80d if in the literature of ro-
e thire is to be found wark more
erly, of more piercing human in
8 Or paces concentrated imaginative
pion ani besoty, 1 do not know it."’
somillan's Magazine
One day in a Sixth ayenue chophonse
1 dtessed young man sitting at a
for his check, but ss it was
far in the jungle often the hoarse, gal
tiger sonnds bass to the chorags,
The picnickers ara pow under way.
spaces of country.
if we may judgs from their faces and
frequent penis of Isoghter. Most of the
party is afoot. They are io holiday coos
tame, A fnely woven sarong of cotton
or #iik forms the Jower garment of men
and women alike.
hued and the most gracefol of gar
| mente It ccumists of a piece of material
of suitable Jength sewed together at the
side both ends being open.
end, in wearing, is tocked nantly and
tightly together with the hand and
tural, fearsome growl of the Malayan |
yon his’
| the saying {ethane b
Before them i a march of gix or seven :
miles through virgin jungle and open |
That will consume |
some two or three hours. Somme of (he |
famales are mounted upon elepbante— |
it thers are any well to do families in | Journal, writes of
The sarong is many |
The upper |
tire of the man who iv wailing 10 tiiid
is this bard and bosy world
wie good of other
things than troubins -— Macmiilan's
wew York as a Literary Mart,
Edward W. Bok
of Now York and Boston (between which
cities it may ba inferred be belioves if
rests) fur the distinction, He sunmaries
New York in this way "New York wn-
doubtedy offers the largest market Yor
literature of any oity in America. This
is natnrally so, a8 must always follow
fn the case of the largest and wealthiest
pity of
sontrols the largest number of publish.
ing houses, even though it cannot claim
all the principal ones It has a iarger
number of magazines and periodioads vd
in The Ladies’ Hotne
“Pha American Lito
% £ Fx i vy we aa $d ¥
the village They sit very gracctuily on | erary Center,’ apd presents the cians
their Jofty mounts and mujoy the ride,
any country. The Empire City
solely for amusement, rather ran for
business, thongh there is probably a de- | :
| tnalken most others, even of the noblest |
aire on the part of the leaders to perpeta-
ate the oid fashioned methods of their
forefathers in quelling rebelilons. Just
now this club, the Sonrise ia without
an instructor, so that thera is but Little
practice and no exhibitions
The headquarters of the Sunrise Sin.
glestick club is on the joer floor of
the building occupied by the Japanese
newspaper of the sama pare,
the kindness of Editor Satto, and Hira:
oka, business manager of the paper, a
reporter was given an opportunity to
witness an exhibiticn
mal and Karicawa, two expert handlers |
of the sticks
By the way of introdnetion the com-
hatants removed their kKimonns and |
donned loose skirts and a helmet with |
strong iron bars across the face. Then |
bention with stiff |
Heavily padded |
they sheathed their
bamboo breastpiates
| awl Scott in (the matter of wlesp. Noth |
ing, be says, short of a “erence sleep’ |
jie “sond ax a
between Yaji- |
HT rend of Root,’ says Temple Bax,
and test, appear small by comparison. 1”
The writer illustrates bis meaning by
| pointing to the contrast between Carlvie
Cin which ba could
| stone’ for hotrs, covid satisfy Carivie
| Fhe naps were serioos things, and if
apy inroad from withoot or within wom
| made apon
me's’ would be sure to foliow,
pomstant nights of waking and aching
wonld be met by Scott with scarce a
| grumble or by a playfal coe,
i A dog, whies yelping bad disturbed
| hin slumbers, moved Carlyle to the jo-
cosely savage wish that ha had the ani-
mal by its hind legs within reach
stones wall,
“Rilions und beadache this morn-
tiem, apathemas and *"waps |
while | -
of »
ing,” notes Heott, ander the influence
is if ih crit IEEE
Soma oe
GE es A rhe]
is no BM
cd TE Le Clesrfeld Juoe Ard 16
AE ade cones Haste June. dv
BY. ani Woadiand ARS
on os Walieeton
Wd Morrisdeie Mines
in Fhe Munn...
¥ ashy ase | AFF
Munson... L
- Re
- i
Bueosomu addy a
KB Bi old
rBewre yma
and Reading Hii romd
oh ;
jnsetion with the Fai’ i p
with Uenitond rome of vi ale.
Atlipsburg with Penn's. BR. AL 3
“th Buftalc, Rochester and Pittaba x mi
way Al Ma y aud Patton with (amb
of Clearfield division of the Pew b
afiroad: At Ma
nd Norihwestns ral
of a like infliction occurring in the vary
tA hog
howled all night and left me litle
Poor sur!’ with an outgoing of
the nnconscious trim.
| bler of his repose. “I dare sny be had
all kinds than any otbar city, even
though it ix deprived the right © the
frst and foremcet of all Amurican liter
ary periodicals, the lesdisg se lontio
magazine of the world or of the most
gloves with gaontiets finished the cos | OF
tame. The * "short sticks’ areaboot five midst of his sea of troubles.
foot long, and are made of saviral pieces |
of bamboo fastened together. There | sioep.
seemed tobe no call of ‘time’ bya | sympathy toward
to him be suddenly rose up and
10 the cashier's desk, which was
the door, aod said
bave dropped $50 ont of my
this pisces! Let no cine go oat
held securely sround the waist by a
belt. Hometimes these krossngs, of
belts, are richly jewsled and worth as
much as 3,000 silver dollars. Bat we
shall pot see that sort at a pienis The
1 minke a search!”
Where's your check 7" be was asked.
“Hera it ix. I had two twenties and
$10 Bill”
“Will you pey this check of $1.50"
“1 ona't till 1 find my roll”
Thoitas, call in xo officer I’
But what for?" asked the victim.
To wrrest yon if you don't pay!
That's un old game—ioo wuciens to
ek here.”
upper garment of men and women alike
ia a cloth or cotton jacket { kabaii) In-
n° shade,
The fest o£ ail are
danse] a
plenses ns a viil
stead of buttons the women nee for fas |
tenings a nomber of gold or gilver |
brooches. The men largely affect brass |
butions. Over this jacket the females |
{ we» another sarcng. which is made to |
mest Gyer the head, and serves the
and when she |
| which make contemporanecss Amer can
protected by a kiod of wooden sandal |
widely circulated channels of serial lite
erature. But, nngoesticoably, it has the
majority, and s powerfni majority i in
It has libraries galore, cos might al
most say, yet the two principal
of the country are in other cities Its
list of authors, resident of the city or
pear it, ix long and repressntative, em-
bracing some of the most gifted pens
literazars. If all our best writings do
referea. The men stepped to the center
of the room and saluted each other by
a metion of the arm, aml then one ut-
tered a guttural sound signifying bis
anwillingness to begin tha fray and |
they crossed sticks, the point of each
being held on a level with the neck and | rt ; ' {
| Ten been trying to invent a poeals
| to put on the market, but I can caly ges
the bapdle grasped with both hands
Yajimai led, and thronghout the boat
was acting in the offensive, while Kart: |
kwa braced himself #0 ax to resist and
bis distrasses, as I bave mine.
Not te Be Done.
were many figores and said :
| so far with 1."
“What is i077 asked the other,
It was in & Brixton tram car, He took
| out 8 piece of paper on which there |
sg peri endent Ph
Mitiadeiphin and Ere Hatlrond Divisue
fiw Tabs Trains issve Driftwood
G6 A.M. Truly 5 Anlly wxvept Sanday, for
snnary. Hurrishieg and internsedisie
Gon, arriving at Philadelphia = pe My,
New York wok pom Hediste, SA mw.
Washitsgion, Ta pom. Pallas Parior ons
watts Wikismaperd wan Deasenger
sweaty ate wy Philedei pha,
ar po Loren 8 daily exoepi Rundey, for
Harrtebnsg sand terinntinie ala Lions, arviv
wg al Phitadeiphin at © 38. 8, New ¥
iow oar FET nan Meeeping ours from :
or Philadelphia apd New York
OT PE D in elespe
“This reprwents & tram car. Thers |
are 12 men off one side and § women on |
the other.
“Hl pee You want to get 10 on aside” :
“Na Idon’t. Aopother Woman gets
the ear, making ¥ women to 13 men. |
SC Exaetly :
“She must have a seat.
Bot ernanate from its immense pisces of
: ; 2 ward off any blow that might be di
output, 8 goxily portion andeniatiy {do
pected toward him. Ones ha Was
thenghtiess. Yajimad gave him a crack
on the helmet that rescinded through |
the roses. All the lime the men were |
fencing they were shionting as if warn. in
ing such other to look ost for what |
“But } have dropped $501
“Qual! Will you pay?’
“1'1 pay if 1 can find my money. 1
kpow 1 had it when I came in bere.”
“Cull the copper, Tom!"
Two isirmtes later an officer busted
to set what was wanted. The cashier
All these gurients are Joos, sre a'poem |
tor harmony of codons, and thers 14 po |
fold that does viclenes to beauty and |
grace. ‘This in a poor enough pictire of | "After You, Gentlemen.”
car picnic party, or 0 or 109 Malay | The French ar Fostency, sheitersd by
men, women, boys apd girls passing, the ridge, oomkd starcely believe their
Joking snd langhing along their jiless: eyes at the sight of the English gunners
wf oiling him that be had a deadbeat
i pired fur when & woman rose up
Jowve, and the young man’s $30 was
nd ots the floor, where it had been
“Didu't 1 tell you so!’ be exclaimed
@ returned 10 the cabior 10 pay the
wok. ‘Nice sort of man, you are’ 1
ye you for damages before I'm through
The easbier looked tired, but made
reply. When the indignant young
3s bad deparied, 1 said:
Then he wasn't a beat, after all?”
Thi shickest kind, be replied.
Put he lost bis money, and it was
Don't you believe 18! The woman
bis pal anid gave it up ouly wien
Ww that be would be arresred.
‘our Uncle Hiram bas been right bere
yours and knows the ropes!’
ark Cor. Detroit Freon Prose
| Lord Ellenborough's Wig.
iy Ellenberough, 8 renowned beso-
| gone oceawion sccompanied the
on gircait, on the distinct under.
itig that she sboold pot incumber
rigge with bandboxes—his ab-
moe. During the first day's journey
Ellenbtoroogh, stretching his legs,
ad to strike his foot against some
under the seat. it was a bandbox
went the window aud cut it flew.
The omachman, thinking the box bad
woom. '! On renclitng the next assize
wrd Ellenborough proceeded to
himmeif for the bench. “‘Now.'
FR Aa pod fog PEE ¥ 5 :
- YNhere 12 my Wig MY | pared, and before lung the whole purty is
after yom are in bed
‘replied the attendant, ''it was
row out of the currisge window.’ —
‘smple Bar.
1 Am Acquired Habit.
#*¥om beard Mrr. De Voe recits ‘The
Fiowt Child’ last nigat, didn’t yoo?
“of course.’ : ;
**Nutice the quer way in which ehe
worked ber chin!
*Certainly ; but you know the reason
“Double binge i 1 her Jaws!"
“Ob, no! She ssorked in a chewing
gum factory for ive years before her
marriage and bil to sample every lot
turned out. '—Do roit Free Press.
Enthusiastic A. tist—Do you know I
aintcd a picture of a lion so naturally
that it bad to be laced behind bars?
Enthusiastic A hor—That's nothing.
wrote a novel : fell of burning emo
tion that it had t De printed on asbestus
puges for fear «{ cousmming them. —
Loudin Tit-Bits.
combination of
Tho water su: 1 isa
raf} and boat.
on the surface of the water, it turDs its
1 ih wu ward «nd floats ou is back,
@ itself hy means of an carlike |
A hen it desires to float
they trast Tuban Allah to provide ab th
pienso ground
fection, you know, is such a bother, Hs
where iy lovely-—ao Jong as they are in
ibe vicinhiy of a mountain and 8 Water
pools. Bo a pool is chosen as coe Likely
ito contain in its black depths a suf
t ficiency of good, fat fish, The raen al
| qoce prepare to dyramite this pool, or
else throw the fish paralyning tabs yool
Ligto the water. Then 20 men leap toto
the pool, while a number of women are
| stationed at the shallow and lower ent
| to estoh the escaping finny tribe. Ah,
ving dead or benumbed at the bottom
of the pool. Aud now the boldest swim
| mera dive in and far down. They search
ing up. Some of them grasp In each
band a great, shining, silvery fish. What
pounders. Then the stolid Malay relazes,
(he shouts, he praises Allah, and the
i whole camp becomes a scene of rejoice.
out, ¢ emer pulled up, but bis
or furiously rood ont the order to
ing, as the spoil ix flung alive into the
! prey was being taken. Rise ix als pro-
seated arcand the green bamjuet board,
and rice such as only the Malay house
wife can oopcoct. The jovsome meal
| finished, the party betakes itsvil to smok-
ing. chewing betel nod telling stories,
under all of which influences It 14 not
surprising that the pext sora is a geu-
eral siesta, which lasts till aboot 3
o'clock, when the old man of the purty
wisely observes it is geting late and is
| is time to be starting back. Night must
pot overtake them, or they piay meet
Stripes or Spots, cut also for a pienic,
| and vastly preferring fresh meat to fish.
—New York Independent.
| Costly Words.
“1 would nat care more than 3 cents
if you broke your neck, you drunkin
brote!” said the angered wife bitterly.
“when I am gone.’
“I won't either!"
However, she did regret ber words
. when they were brought up in
it in the oase sca had against the
iiroad company for $30,000 damages
for'running over him with & train, Un
| the strength of her thoughtless remark
the jury awarded her 3 cents indian.
apolis Journal ;
ate way. The Leaves carry some sears
and parang, in case 8 tiger or leopard |
molest. The fair bear along a little rics
and cerry spice. The bulk of provisions
“How very nice,” 1
hesr the gentle lady reader say. Why,
preparation of meats and ples and oon
{ Our outing periy now {onl that they
hava gone far enough and they may.
‘halt, no matter just wherseefor every. |
no big fish are canght! They must bs
the bottoms, they even thrust their hands
into the water filled caves of the rocky |
sides. Ope by ope the divers come pant |
fnck! Two fish at a time, each 10 or 15
pot of already boiling water, or squirma
grilling, roasting, frying, vm grovnd |
‘fires kindled by bose and girls as the
enjoying fish ax yom like it and curry
morsing with a plus of store new Black
MH yon
Face thick and thin to
The inebrinted husband sobbed. “You
may regret such language,'’ said be,
- what a Blagemr
pess had perchance its curppensl Lox for |
slewing roond their poaces to over
them, When tiey at length realised
thit it was ape of the sneniy's and not
coe of their own batteries, the Mears
of the Gardes Francais rushed tle
Head of thelr men, shumting to then to
deploy awl chargn the cannon. Ads
at the sao nent the preusibers
scend spon hin.
pas chanel #0 many gonoiationg
reader :
Fury ane knows the do
the scene for which Vaitaios was ine
debtod to DF Avgasem. How the French
eMonrs, in their blue and wi var winta
and their lng seariet vesty and mock
ings, wailio the aporoach if the grena
diers Bux in band. How the medioats
dood their marvels shield fromted
cam, while Land {harles Hay bowed fn
the ceposiog lise. with the words,
Gentlemen of the French gard,
d'Antercche replied: “Gentlemen, We
riplicn of
| pever fire first. Fire yourselves!” Such
was & battie of the gravd age mi pie’
tured By the aristocrat whi saw the uns
varse reflected in the mirrors off the
CEil dv Beruf, but io she Lothian papers
there is a yellow letter, written by Har
in hospital after gestion, which gives a
rader, and, it ix to be feared, more nat.
ural version of the story, «Temple Bar
Mors Inboun of 1638
Mra Isham suffered from an eropiion :
an the skin, for which Siz Ralph Verney
sends ber a homemade lotion, with the
Sl. Anan
following directions March
ss Apply this to your face every igh
fa 42 Le on aid
it goncly of pu
night, and wipe
Chath, but wash not your face
soe poe company for a day or Dia, or
three, it is Letter, for then yoo muy lay
it on fresh in the myarnping. and let i
continae on all day snd wipe it pent
off at night againe with the Black loath
1 bad almost forgot to feil you, oa mast
thes, power ont a little quickly (wie thi
china Box, and, i¥ing an yong
take a piece of spange, pat it
Soa Eg
af pr
liks it yoo may have as much of
you plense at » Weekes Warning.
When it arrives, sie ds too bosr with
her husoaud’s ailments so attend to her
awn. If my dear Papoy is weil, f sbail
I doe bat shinse
with my Blake fase and the Blak slsth |
soote maka nae of 118
1 shall be Blind
her bushand. —i ouginan's Magazine,
Ap ipexhinatibile
of the most precivas gifts of heaven,
spreading teedf Like oil over vi tron
bBiad sea of thought amd
wind so osoth and squabls in the rough
it wea her ~~. Irving
- —— —
wy and Began to de
fr woes thain that thers
ER ‘ wei EY N aE Ey » iG i [38 i fi A w iE w i 5
GOORIN taal Ww yoke breil i.
to fire Seat wo which the Comte
Senne IsLIOne.
gr parry is the secret of the game, Yai
11d be entitled
Their endurance, |
wing iesticky
Boon the back of
princes on | Pacitie { cmmereial Advertiser.
goal pature is ond | i em sori
bevy the |
might be going.
Toy the stranger who is pot familiar ;
with the rales thers seomsd $0 be DO
rest for the men. If one should yoreive
4 Blow which under ordipary cironig. |
stances world warrant his going down
far a few seconds, pg epongh tO ree
cover, it must imply end with the de-
give, aud bis next move wili be to get
back at his opponent. In thiv exhibition
Kartkaws, Who was rather mom stoek-
sly Bilt than lus foe, had the best of
thie frat of the Gah, bay the end Wa S
draw. and the men retinnl windlosy and
with the perspiration pairing from their
The wrist seemed to bet the pars of the
anatomy ofesest xiped af, and while
that part of the arm i protected by a
padded gauntlet the DUINATUR 18 bara,
vd a strong blow means a heavy weit
and a sien aon. At the end of the code
tent spoken of, here Yajimal carrind a
| mark which was quite bioe
on the wrist is sevens epongh, 38 Wi i
disabis i fencer, and the ght ends, and
Lif it cannot be accomplished in that way
a fencer will raise his stick high above
and inclined toward the back of his
Bead, very mach after the style of an
afent spoon ioners in the chipring blak |
process, and bring if down with ail bis
Cgtvengt hoon los rival's heado—if be can
Uninrily marks soery miayement of tie
faticer, 0 that tha ohwerver’s eye is taxed
to it ntmost fo kenp track of the men,
Singlestick fencing mmopg the Japa-
pose is oso Terent from ansthing ate
tempted by the white people that it is
iMenlt to make comparisons or draw
If goickuess io au attack
mai and Kacikawa sh
fo paloma e seria
ia remarkaile, considering
thickoess of thecliihing worm.
gs they are in heavily paddisd snas. evi-
dently mach depeads upon the eye. and
toms, the
it 13 when ous of the foucers calches thie
Ye of his opp
Cattemids a
( . The #vi i Bod
pot lay it on clears ‘bul shake 15 very ;
well togeather, till tis ws thick as candle,
sent off his gnard that be
Ww, ut 10 asertain whan
attemding to HE business
i# moh ditHenly for a stranger ©
sive, shielded as the femér’s face 18
with iron burs set clos y together
sur potots in a mateh witk
Betwoenr Japniiese—a Dow
homd, a fair ons, for glane
kis ca pot count; a thrust at the
a droke on the wrist and »
{ stroke on the side, Lhe ia narale as to
the position » fener most oocnpy 0 ies
Hvsring any one of these blows—it may
bw from either side and from ope or both |
| bands. HE itis a Cehopper, | it apt lo
| be one that will
giake the pan receiving
it wince, even though be be protectsd by
sorts of grolesgoe cORIYTVRIICES, =
Hare Envagh,
Landlair— Do you like your steak
rare, Mr Boarding?
Mr. B.~ Nu varer than it is, oesdam,
— Detroit Free Prose
H a blow
the 13 wen, apd’ ~~
| her a seat, of coorse
| te place her muong the 8 women. i
; problem of pirpetasl motion,
be dure,
Ceonidn’s be done
wf the men go on he Op
god catch
cidd Velapdon Fon ;
Al the Vowel Tn Goes Wad
There are But siz words in the lEng-
Cele in regular onderevid, alSTENLOGR,
and tragueiions,
| spder and that word is duoliseral
Resides the above there am 149 Eng
in irregular onder.
‘13, 3 with i, 3 with o,
with u apd od with v.86
“public !
A Rolmod For His Oliver.
the court of appeal, usd to keep up a
ronning fire of Cohatl’’ on Jedrnesd conn. i
sedi, sometimes got a Roland for his Ol
vera When a youug barrister, in the |
popes of argent, stated that me ree
» oomid donbt gue padticns |
sonable poo
lar proposition
The yomthiul advocate, not coe whit
abashed, replied, 1 sad po reaschable |
person, uy ond,”
The master of the rolls conld only |
gasp, Proceed, sir; proceed U'—-Liver:
pond Mercury.
Hank Growth.
The fond Washington mother has
~fennd a pew simile fur ber daveloping
youngster. She no longer ltkens him to
a weed or a mushroom, but declares,
with pardonable pride, that Ge is
“growing Lk a gas bill —Washing-
ton Star
At the Play.
| George— How those Jovers ooO-—just
Hike turtle dovis
Mamie on but in this case it % Just
No man is poor who dogs not think
himself so, bor if ina full fortune he
with impatience desires more, be pro.
olaims his wants amd bis beggarly cone
dition. —Juremy Taylor,
San Franciseo manufactures each year
abort £150, 000, 000 worth of goods.
She looks at |
+ And one of them gets ap apd offers |
“Yea of conse Now what I want is
“My dear sir.” said the other, a4 ha
turned away, vou had better tackie the |
It can’s |
If thers wers bot § women) it
Either mak yoany
women gut off and take cabs, Or let one
lish lnpguage which contain all the vow. |
: : : ; a
{ geaenions, ane pio, facetious, HARWRONE |
There is hot ons word |
| which contain them in Frsnlar reverse
} : : dei phi, 11:0
lish words which contain all the vowels | ait
Twalvn of these bia
| gin with the letter a; 7 with b, 23 with |
e, 18 with d, ld with se, 4 witht, 7 with |
Lg 1 wath bh, 8 with i 3 with § 3 with
13 with po 1
with gq. 8 witnn r. 3 with & J with &, 101
Louis Re
| RAEN 19 leaves Ridgway at 2% 8. |. sons
Lord Esher, who, when presidents of |
“But I donbe it very wach,” said the :
Train 7117
Tein 4 Lp, mm,
Pain 4 1% p. @
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rata, Rd a ta; New York "=
cook AnyS SDd Pa. moo Sundays; a
more, Si » wm. Wakhin of Tee Ww
flan Sars and pase Uke TROIS
ria and Wimmer Wo Palle pion.
wpppeel 1h klbeper Tor Baltimdire and
Laie wi bee Umeelerred Sia Waning 1
af hres oaig Teta wile
we (eo Phlsdeipbos and Wiliam
oo Bailieore
Moo Teain [dey ANewpl MRooey
Ing bods, mont andl inte
Lesvos Bidgwny st 39
38 A
ar Badgeewir,
coed Li be Le LO
a. er Bo
die die skid LEMAR
speed Late ine,
Paar OM. nin iL Aeiiy eXovel suntey ©
Wa ree mar pi bertisnd late slallone.
jmves Phidsdsplin “88 oe =
& ashiiagtas Tae wa Beitiore 5155 8. Mm.
Wil gpebarre, HES a mel daily slcept Sun
Lay aerivivig wt Driftwosd af 530 pom. wil
sofas parlor oar from rind el pl is
SI Hangame.
LAIN 8 aves Now YUE si AU pW
3m. Washington, Ee. fe
i amily mrriving at De oe
Palen seeping hie
wdei phils
timore, LEW Pp.
pad al BX 8
op Pibaieiphits to Erle and from
rgb abd Baltimore to Willison
Hort plasm Et CECT fron Ph
i Brie, Baltimom ta Willing epnirt,
HAIN 1 josves Heoovo at #8 & mo, dal)
pcept Ropdey, Arriving Lr woesd TO
% m
lmily a Munday 4
wan burg at fade mo arriving st Clermont
RAIN 90 jenves Clermont al (HN a. Wa
Mvigg kl Johososborg al 0s os me, alk
itp wny al LEO Hla
7 TUT Rie way
Igtard Kay
Mill Haven
shorts Mills
Hine Hock
Vineyard Hun
Hrockway ville
MaeMinn Summit
Harveys Ran
Falist reek
8 Dabols
Enstwanl West Ware
&. Train § i154 8 =
Termin |, 0p, =
Tin 4, 8p =
4. RR, Woon,
Chen 1 Pe ARH
og ne Gea
wt Ao
meek tnrtle wou know — Washington
¥ents i part payment fora high grade
bievade, which we smiEnd rd on : gaia Ange
rk done ntl] the Dicyche arrives and proves
Young Ladies “ma
Thorn or whrds applr they mast bo well recom
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