The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, March 05, 1896, Image 7

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    THI OR
a quarrelsome gs yon aod
- mever bove fongh
following worn ug, the eu
Commbiong vu the Margais dod Ags
- Consequence
She Was Npediosely Excited.
Yones suo journeying with my kes
Bend in Tals, wwe were on one coeasion
sole geen ante oF the railway edmpart.
ment. Sienping at Padns, a seepicions
looking pers enter the curring,
placing Kieee ld cu the opposite sind
with my heedand, while eat ite
Shor add by fea the he
My opinyen of Italiane, acquired from
the rimding of romance, was that
wera mostly brigands or rollers
deed the type. We §
my gore upon his sinister oonni
what was my horror to see hin sicaith
ily draw a stiletto from his pocket and
lay it by his side. I conghed—pay hos:
band ignored it Then I placed ny foot
upon his, which he drew away, annoyed,
Qold chills seized me. We bad watches
and money, People had been murdered
for less. 1 feared to speak. French,
German, even English, the man might
‘kpow My hashand spoke Dutch, Wied
that I conld have imparted my fears in
that tongue! There was little danger of
the highwayman 's knowin it.
While I centeroplated Jumping from
the vindow Mr. Bee wan calmly view.
ing the Italian sornery withont, Alerm
Dells wers nod in use, aml the goara was
a miknomer,
Ajrain the man sought fie pocket
Thin times fora pistol! No, it was there
Iy » pamphlet, aud he ooo iy tog BD tha
stilatio aid ont the Jeavos prepataliay
to'reading 1 fell bork exhunited:
I fusiber nrgned, mmoght wi a siete dn
domi daty, much pa forks van be pei
for poothoicke? Preseutly be laid fhe
pamphlet down My bnsband, gi nelig
at the ritla page, immediniely widiesead
4he man in Datel, afrapward div loeng
Swat opr fellow traveler was a harm) ss
Puch dominie. The stiletto proved a
Paps cutter and the murderons gleam
4m ham eve only the bine ight of Calvin:
Som Chicago Times Herald.
A Famous Frenoh Duelist
The late Murania de J Angie Déanma-
noir wits in his younger day favtims ne
8 diseliiet. (os evening frawetion Bin
woniin, the Marquis do Hallays. In the
foyur of the Opera, be walked up ta him
md, in the couse of Goversation, ve
Flow, That,
£ wiv aan ge ction RE)
LS That's tras’ reniied Lo Hallavs,
hat that oan winars te pei ail
Ant an the strength of thar tbe
oonkine viet in mortal comin a ton
: 2 Bik eight Tot fatoen by
Rie piversary's pacer, WHICH W Hike 1
ant it odd, my doer br
REA Shee 9
rendered a continuanos 44 (he fib dime
posible, lft the other baal ire fo
grep that of bis oipinin undiminished
J frwndetip 8 monet slterwant On an
ofher secamon, when be Was aloat 10
Bin a coel in which be was “itirely in
oe thy ropht sed tis adversary io the Wren,
be ysoenly discovered that his opponent
Wie oo fect novice In swordsmanship,
Cam be wonld, therefore, have him
OL. ¥ at hix mercy. Bo be strode
up 14 bin and, wp the presence of 30 or
BO/be wt, presented the most courtecns
. Ab tail apology. Almost dumfoonided,
‘the hice tuquired why the marquis
mmsnroed such an extraordinary course
HM fcianse, | be returned, 4° would real
+ tons anfortooate if 1 wers to fight
b waste (greenhorn). | And with
= thet 16 race 8 Jow bow sod then torned
his buck npon him. —8an Francisco Ar
Fanisbed Por Their Wickednens,
fhe nt Andrew's fishermen wre snp-
pois. po doubt erraneonaly, to he Jess
© wentuiiue than others A year or two
apy they ret ieved their fame Ly very
gallant condoct in un uneeaworthy life
Boi However, their manne neighbors
tell this take:
Mavy years ago there was a viclent
stort on a 22d of November. A wreck
omipe in: the fishers bosrded it, found
sone sailors still alive and “made ik-
ket’ by drowning them. Then they
seized the cargo and fell in luck. The
anipiversary, Nov. 22, waa a bright,
still, halcyon day, and the blue bay was
eovered with brown sails. Not one came
Jand colony, mainly of Chisbolmes, came
in, sud never were such good mes as
the: lost sailors of Fife. For long the un-
holly day of November was a holiday,
nobody daring to go forth to sea.
. foch is the legend, which may have
no histories] basis. In any case Fife
fishers and the east coast men generally
are considered to be better in a boat
sn the west higblandurs, and Fife en-
prise and capital might bave loft ue
The Schoolboy and the Inspector.
In an Edinburgh school the other day
an iuspector, wishing to test the knowl.
ere life had sped. —Kirby.
Where Mostams Are Most Xow rons,
Par in advance of any other nation in
the number of the Moslems under ie
rule is Great Britain. In India alone
there are cons BO.GO0 O00 Mohamme
dans, and they ontnnmber all the mb
jects of the snlean iors than two to
ome. Pasides, Ergland rules Mohamnia
dans in other parts of her vast smpire,
though HOt MARY any (ne place, The
queen is the sovereign of many millicns
more Moslems than Christians
Ching jo believed to come next os a
pountry inhabited by many followers of
the prophet. The pomber of Mohamme-
dans in the Chinese spire ix estimuted
all the way from 36,000,000 15 50,000,
000. and the smallest of the gnesses 1s
sore than Tarkey can mateh Holland
also has pearly or quite 30,000,000 Mos
Jers stihjeets in her populous and rich
East Indian possessions. Java has folly
975.000.6000 people, und nearly ail of
them are Mcoharwmedana :
The Torkish empire is sopposed to
contain abont 98.000 0060 Moslems,
commiting the portion of Arabia in which
tha pathority of the enitan 18 008 Tory
well sstsblished and is in danger of bw.
ing destroyed at any Lou Therefore it
is apparent that oui or great error hos
Koen made in estimst og the nombaey of
Mabsrmmedans in the Chiness sminn
the enltan is only fourth among rulers
of great bodies of men and women who
believe in Mohammed. :
Put gming other sonntriss which are
dominnted Ye the Malem element of
their popalatton and are nnder the pay
of a Mohmnisnadan roler the Tarkish eae
pire is enxily first in num hers and mi
power for evil A loveland Losder.
The Danger of Stlence
1 even hud & case (said a raeraber of
the bar} against a man in the ooontry
which was as clear as daylight in my
asi, but, by the ennning of his law.
yor. ke bad eentipond to avaid coming
ta brial for alent tw years
At Inst the ease was called, late in
the term and late in a hod day, the
const wad jeiy tired wd napaloenh. 1
ature tha facts and prodoced the evi
demos, which was all un my sida
The judges asked the counsel whether
they wished to argue the cage, Salting
thut ha hardy thought it necessary 1G
guhmit it in ko plain a matter. The Jaw.
gers agreed to submit 18 Without argo
went. The jory went cut and honed.
#taly returned with a verdict fur the de-
Aw soon ax the coart adjourned 1
sompht the foreman of the jury, and ask
od him how in the nama ol common
sense they came to render such a ver
“Why, yoo see,’’ said he, "we didn’t
think mueh of the lawyer against you,
and it wasn't strange he didn’t bave
nothing to say: but, squire, the fact ia
wo thought you was about one of the
smartest lawyers in the country, and if
yun couldn't find nothisg to sy on your
side it must be a pretty hard oase, so
wa had to go against you.’ --Pearson's
Closes Shave With a» Leopard,
1 walked a little nearer the adas of
the ledge to listen if 1 couki hear any.
thing in the gap, as we could nut tell
whera the dogs or the jeopard bad gos
te. 1 beard a slight rostle below, wheth-
er in the bush or on the ledge I could
pot tell and there was po time to find
ont. for with a rush and a bound the
Jeopard threw himself against the
krantz clotching st the gris roots on
top with theclawsof one forn paw —the
other was broken just above the Wrist
and I could hear biz bind claws scrap
ing om the rocks in his endeavors 10
scramble up. I knew that he was very
close to me. His great blood smeared
paws were within six feet, and I could
we his wicked yellow eyes glaring sav-
sirely and the saliva, red tinged, drop-
ping from the gleaming roska
As Nogwajs ran in with uplifted as
segat | fired down foto rhe brute's
mouth, and with a savage gasp he fell
down on to the ledge below. The plucky
Swazi, withoat waiting to sue if he was
dead, jumped down on top of bim and
gave him a final thrust with his asegai
Able to Read Writing.
»1 paver will forget the queer inel
" dents and experiences I had when I fre
m pours prosperous isle of Lewes. —Loo- |
don News, i kmow that | know bow to read writin, |
: | and you don’t have to print your letters
tought a typewriter and sent out in
print my correspondence and bi ils 10 my
| customers who lived in the rustic regions
shout me,’ said a merchant from =»
’ “Several of my pa:
trons dropped me, and 1 was at a loss to
socount for their manner, which chang:
of toward me. At last the mystery was
scived A burly young farmer drove up
to the store, tisd op bis oxen and staliced
into my office
over 60 000
monthly t
Ta Johannesharg.
Tong before daybiglt the square is
fall of ay wagons, son from didanend
occapying days to travaree, sad tn boy
ere of foragh, outs, corm, meade
frown, pail ry. ea ore Are lmiy a
Fiepa thy
gowal gon
SOON BR They Can sae
far ont on
inet ines of
Of Tae a
of a few figures
rowed OF with pis
cut that the amonnt be has
Dutehipas 18 abot half of what it doght
to be if porrectiy reckoned np the
price agreed. Cuan Pand cannot roekon
mock, bat bas a Ready and
asp EAE
et from
Os Sse Y
peiy the
aad aloud
Hyd Bones
hat 8
LEER bay
*oaa fe & AF nA
ook at
ig yaaryed nod
your «
GA trapeaelitn eave The Flo
pot ped ion tint,
Wagon ant.
Natal end Bah as
sapens. All poulh A : 2,
spe dither tas jk veg
tor i bevred Maney Jie HE paar
it Arn
than pied Ma
x. * o
Hs arn pon
Jays pie
koix to is
house before the midday ben
tend mat is dear aod bread and vege
bles chesip In the Travwvasi brewed and
segetanles Are drare-n ior $
Jorge snougli t0 be dignified :
same of loaf costing fi tpetoe——tiuil feat
bs cheap. ~~ hamberd' Joarna)
CorePslnew Peeferablo to Brilllnaey,
Dr. CH Parkburss says that a Hight
ning Dall ie Lilian lo belohl, tnd be
would rather have a candle 0 read by
There are fow lighming Oaibes an
many candies fn the world A “bri
Hant’’ yoong man or woman fet
BN MONDIKLGE GF enn jee Ee Homi
Lave ns believe The plodding Sia beby oof
dogged toil van accompitel mare taan
spasmeadie freshers of enthosmim
The work of the world is dose in ity
workshops, not is LUking shows, don
vaptions and anthosisstio gatieriogs,
whee enthosiam never, by any rhanos,
percolates into the adjoining street op
The girl who I plain in fice and
hesnely of figure, bot kindly of heart and
tender and true, is to be preferred by an
honest man for wifehood before her
dashing, laughing sisters, rave und hand.
some, whose dainty Sngers never baked
a pie, whose hearts never bare anol here
burden The light of the hone ix gen
erally the quiet, homble, nrobtrasive
#iuter or brother who is not cared with
the waywardness of genios
Beauty and talent bave annaked op-
poriunition wives aombined with digwet.
ing character. But the plas of setare
pever intended that the many should
trust to them, sa they are givan to the
fow, The majority of ux depend on ony
power to be neeful—detrominndly ne
fulfor our Life's valon And the dally :
effort thos to live hae made this world!
and cnr paticnal heritage mitch what
they are and give to os — Now York
How Mines Are Hoaght Nowadays.
The time has pissed when gine prop.
erties are bought on seays The higher
the ore goes (he more sospiciins the in
wouter bervanes A mUNing proposition,
to receive stiention in these days, wos
hava a reasonable hesay valve, and mise
stand the test of mypert examination A
low grade camp, it ta sand, i better 5
the long ron for the mine owner, sed
infinitely better for a community in
which such mines are sitoated, as more
men are emploved asd mors WoDey 8
taken out than ‘= camps whera the
mines are narrow amd rich This is
shown in the Camr d'Alene, whers
tone of ore ars mined)
produce 18,000 tons of con’!
| centrates. Every coe is benefited where!
vine Bisnk. said he, ‘1'd have you
snd bills when you send them me |
don’t propose to be insalted in such a
edyre of 3 class in fractions, asked one
soy whether he would rather take a
‘gixth or a sc venth part of an orange if
he got his choice. The boy promptly re-
plied that be would take the seventh.
At thiw the inspector explained at Jength
$0 the class that the boy who would |
pose the sraaller part as this boy bad
we because is looked the larger frac-
i» was very foolish, but the laugh was
an the other side when the chirping
“He ther threw down the letivr on
my desk apd stalked vet. '—Louisvilis
Kinglake snd The Times.
It was Kinglake who uttered ope of
the peatest of mots on the peculiar char-
' acter of the London Times He had Hit-
yolee of another urchin broke in in re-
_mcostrance, ‘Please, sir, but that boy
The Scoffer,
Watts—Do you really believe that ev-
ery sin is followed by punishment?
some man steals a million or sa dollars,
don't a Jot of people bave to starve as a
db ao ny
Unprepared te Say.
“Don’t you think,” said Mis Sim-
tani, *“that Theodore Thomas is the best
fat replied thoughtfully:
“Well, I dunno as I ever rid in his
oar. Boston Commercial Bulletin.
aia |
diana like oranges. ''— Westminster (ia
tle fonduess for that journal in spite of
personal friendships which might have
been expected to soften hin view of the
question. The paper was stiltobim a
sort »* Juggernaut, irresistible and fate
ful On seeing an announcement of the
new editor's marriage he exclaimed:
*‘Heavens! That brings The Times into
yelatiuns with humanity.”
in Sa
Indians In Colnmbus’ Time.
While there are no complete statistics
available, careful estimates from all
probable that
ery there were no more than 500,000
Indians in all North America —St
Louis Globe Democrat.
Maryland has 107,054 persons engaged a fool?
possitile sources of information make it
at the time of the discov-
in manufacture, the annoal valoe of
whose product is $171,843,593.
| trying to hamor yom — Adami Freeman.
such conditions prevail
Mine investors have become suspicions |
becanse in the past they have been moat
somercifully worked by smicrupuioos
mining men asd promoters | Mine ex. |
perting has become a sciepos, and it is
a diffionlt thing to improve npon a mine
expert of national reputation, and onjy |
men of this character are :
pass npon a mining proposition the pur
clase of which involves the expenditure
of large sums of money. -- Spokaoe |
Spokesman. Review.
preys event tig
Patroniziog Infants,
A characteristic instance was given at
a dinner party lately of the present day
tendepey for ti patrinize then
parents. At a [preparatory school we
ehildron worn told fo write down what
they thought 6 be the slijoct of sdonew
ticm. Ope small boy white, stiject
of education ts to be able to talk for
your father and mother when youn go
abroad,’ and apother bay, donbtle s re
membering the oft repeated reflociaon at
home, when he bad fallen into some
scrape, that “'the holidays wisld soon
be over and he would be safely back st
whonl,”” wrote, with soeonsious cyni-
ets, “The object of education is to got
you out of your parents’ way Hein
tlewoman. eh
Lady &
Inquisitive, ’
Tommy {in search of formation j—
Is & stream let 8 spaall stream’
His Father—Yes my son
“Is an owlet a smauil owl?"
“Yuu, Tommy."
“Is an exgier a small egg?’
“Yes, yes, you might call is that.
“Then what is a bullet? Tisn't a
small bull, is it? —London Tis Bits
A Shoek to His Complaveney.
Jags—Why is it every one laughs at
Cn A MAA PENI 5 hr
Spaggs—They don't. Some one was
punleuts to me inumediately
ta tedions,
: fonr
(ren. where shall wa place
Coffer Drinking.
Theta are some Torso whn indnlige i
to a considerable nxcess in eoffes drink !
ing, and many move gi 1h sven !
greater cxonss (0 the nee of toa. It kas
asiedd by some ab
Hage pas Enbetanoes that
shia of generating a form of |
ELE Tun El sna
8 hota] lohbe the other avening
A Remsrhatile Tale of Love and Tragedy
In a Ranvhera Town The Pata! Werk
of Pwa Nuilets Fired iy Enraged Rivals
The Fad of a Foolish Girl
so pi iiss ine gl dt pi sign ol 2 3%
A Srar ypryirier WAR difsey £0 8 JN Tits
and a
| Mew York drupaner had just Gnisladd a
, | story on the old line of virtoe trl wiph-
; : ing and the villain of the plot gewiog
| hin just dues this side of the hot oluce,
when a Kentocky congressman tori the
411 anpetita
ale :
Ria head
ry Ress
faith WIR
& t i 4 Lani 4
Paging nrg
“That sort of thing, he said, "is
well snoogh in books and on the fage
Cand I am willing 10 agree that it hap.
{ pens fn actual ify, bat not always
| me cite an instances ta the contrary
‘he i
There beta no objection 10 the Cit
tinn, the Hentnekinn, after caving his
| pve ower the company, pricesdsd :
the symptoms of |
FLEne Wit
“YW enrs so, in A sithern town,’ he
anid, “ibere Hyed a prediy gil with a
| Jot of money-~a combination no rea can
apite as dio
Cand ae
f person wonld have thionuit 1
£3 Aa
il 5 A % rein: A
fis Intaxioat bar al Bi Teas
Pope Leo's Heading.
Tho pope's favorite poets are Viegil
apd Dante He knows a grest part if
hith by heart apd Faken plensnre in quit
jing them When Father Michael, the
o prefect to Erithven, was taking
with the her Frapciseans
wha scaompanied him to Africa, his
wrliness recitad to them with groat
spirit Dante's canto npan St Francis
The pops read the DewSDAPErs, fas.
argos of interest being wierked for bim
by rasders in Grder 10 save him time
He froquently writes letters to the bish-
op mud encyelivale In» pritished axed
oy fib 6%
& sk BUI
hia jean
Ciro ian sive of Lain
cain wre printed at the private press of
tite Vatican, an instiostion founded by
him and furnabed with all modern ime
proseuents. They ars frst published in
The (reepvators Romane, the affieind
daily paper of the Vatican, and then
fnalle translated mts Italian and other
japguspes and sent ort to the bishops
atrcad. Leo XII1 writes excellent
verses, both in Latin and Jmalian, and
Likes to mea and talk with nen of jetlers
ax well as to rend their works Two
yoars 5go be requested Professor Branall
of Perugia to boy for bite the posticsl
weeks of the Ahbe Zanalln The reqoest
iq charscteristin, fir his holiness insisted
spon paving for the book like suy cna
alse — Marion Crawiied in Century.
Filkins and Camden,
Stephen B Elkins rolls an interesting
story of his election to the senate. 3
was sitting in my study at my cooptry
hop, said Be, awaiting the retarns
that shonld rel] me whather or not 1 bad
bees chosen to talie the place of Senator
Camden. The opirator at the telegraph
station had orders to open ail telegrams
addromed 10 mie, und te wlepbons thar
tive tolepbone bell rang, und the ehil
guverness, who answered the
‘phate, came to py and told me That the
Person at the gther ed of the wip Was
saving somelibing about ‘shoes,’ abe
enn idn’t quite male tt ont. TOb said
1. @t¢ wy wife's shoemaker, probably.
Tell him to dan the matler rest antil to
sparrow, | She delivered the mossage,
but returned sborrly to say that the man
insisted on talking to me. | went te the
telephone It was tha telegraph (pera.
tor, aud the messages he was (ryiug to
transit fo mw way: “When shail 1 send
you my shoes? Juknson R. Camden.’
Then [ knew that 1 bail been chosen
AL the shoes of thal worthy genthanan.
Uselons Expense Io Chiongo
He looked over the plan for the new
building that he Intended to have erect:
od and shook bis bead.
“What's the matter?” asked the ar
“0 alaborute.’” was the reply; too
much unpeesssary lavey work wo sant
“No more them bs psaal on first class
Boitkiipes,' projosted the rchitect.
“What won you have left oft?
“The orpemeental work at the top.’
“fiat, my dear air,’ protested the
| architect, "that iy quite the thing now
| Ba make the boililings plain sx00pt at
: tha
am and the top,
Wall " separissl the capitalist de.
“ire all zight to buave a Litile
pom for tha firs story, bug
puvieg fur art work for the
top pian’
abismt to
angels. We'll have the
Choacago Post. |
A Place For Hoses
America,’ gives the ng good
story. which was poke an enter
ta noeent given iin his anor BY ihe [atom
elub of Now York The qnuintest story
of the evening was told by Dr Greer of
monctonons proscher who
had exhanstod the patience of his bear
ers by au einborate dissertation on the
greater prophets, and when, to
sad di hr pisses on to the
wiiner and asked, © Ard pow, muy brethe
f Hosea?! a
Tony In
Hole, un ie Tg
od up at
Yi &
wait 2k 2
wn rose from the cotgeregation
| made answer: You oun piace him bers,
igir. I'm oi.”
1t is a vain thonght to fles from the
work that God appoints os for the sake
of finding a wreatyr blessing instead of |
peaking it whera alone it is to be found
—in loviog obedience, —leurge Eliot. |
The glazing of pens, in some varie |
ies considered an important operation, |
in done with Iso dissolved in naphtha.
tween the goed
going arcund and aroand ia the old
(lime? asked an idle person.
deny the power of-—and she had giveer.
hut tae of
Bra mak and the other
pratide, and afer her more |
for her money than herself, ded all the |
& rhion wera HOEY on
kom tha trigger. Any pags ola
£ fae pind
cided ory varly ax be
and the bal, bot avery
cue knows that women don’t do that
war in matiers of the beprt. E
“1 will sav for her, thoogh, that ber |
her doyle
Fug sed grit Seip % od ?
8g! ®
Cen Bette a 7
rest, and Ivo ©
womb have
: preferences wey fur the decent man and |
he stood the best chance of winning |
among all of the contestants. His dis ]
reputable rival, bowergr, received mors
or less encouragement and be way mak |
jug a hot fght-—s0 hot, in fae, tint on |
ope or tn orcasions the men bad cote
ta Blows and ones, at least, pistols bad
been draws The gicl was fuoibd as
pther women have beety under like cdr
cumstances, and rather enjoyed the po. |
siticn she cocapled, and felt fatterad by
tha dangerons rivalry for ber hwnd and
heart. One duy, though, it enhyinated
tragically, and the girl didu’t regres it,
thst anybody ever beard Der ment vin It
was i the aftérnoon and a pleasant day
and the two rivals wet unexpectedly,
fost across the street from ber house,
and sach on his way to oall on bor ;
“Pha gir] lived on a comer and they
were approaching from different striets
and almost buted into each othe? at the
have it cat, hat they were hot blooded
and yoong and on the instant two men
jutsped back from each other a fow fom,
fwo pistols fiw from two hip pockets,
two sharp reports rang ont wiwn the
air, and one man fell to the sidewalk,
dead. And it wam't the bal man,
sither. Ou thaocontrary, it was {he repo.
table ona, and there was 8 buliet hols
straight thromgh his forehead. he bad
man's shot hud precsded the other just
envogh, and the deesnt man’s pistol
wont off ax ho threw op bis hams, Five |
sinntes later the whole striet wis in sn
apsoar, and the bad man was in postody,
The other mun was carried over to the
girl's hones, for it was pot known then
that he was dead, and a physician was
called. Half an hour later the dias] body
was removed to an umdertakiie’s, and
that part of {he tragedy was aver
“Daring all the excitement, the gird
nad met muds ber appearing, and aw
soc as the afr gqoieted a litle search
wan made for her, Becanss it was known
that she had Deen in the hogs shortly
Before the sicoting. Her mother went
directly to Lor room amd when she
oped the dude, she saw her davghter
Witting at the window, or rathet jeaniug
upon a flower shell on the window sill,
aul her fleet thought was that the gird
had i ths shooting spd had fainted.
fhe ran her and lifted her ap and as
she did an of foand her face bloody and
the girl's body almost sH® She ran,
weresnming, out, and when the doctor
eume ha fonnd a dead girl with a ballet
hole in her head,
“+ Parther examination showed a hole
in «be glass of the window, and the
whole story was told. The girl had been
sitting thers, and had no doubt seen the
wieeti g of the two men, and the ballet
from the killed man’s pistol had reached
her thers and snded hor life at the same
time the life of the man she wonld have
married went ont. Of course it was self
defense in the case of the man who
escaped his rival's bnllet, and it was
the rivitl’s b let which killed the girl,
and the rival ww boyond any earthly
jurisdiction. The affair wied thers,
with nothing good iv trian oh, except a
public sentiment which compeliod fhe
killer to stay away rom the town for
five ar six years
“Didn't he even meet a violent death
or sunethineg like that®' nguived the
drammer, thirsting fir sore tron of
the asaal in
“NG renited the Kertnokinn, "not
sven that. His npele died anid loft him
a fine farm. al be found a very nice
girl who was willing to marry him.”
The drompmer sighed and dida't offer
to cap the Keutuckinn's story with a
better (ne — Washington Star
the tale
Betiar Work Every Day
Wa ought never to be willing to live
any year just ag we lived the last one
No one is striving after the bess things
who is pot intent on an upward and a
forward movement continually. The oir
pular movement is essential 100-—tie
grooves, daily tasks—yet even in. this
treadmill round thers should be constant |
things better each day Then in the
midat of the outward ronting our inner |
life ought to be growing in eurnestoess,
tn fore, in depth, —J. R. Miller.
Couldn't Find It
“How ia it 1 never see via killing
“1 can’t find the time,” said the busy
man in perfect innocenoe. — hiudianapolls
1 a Sh %
Cepxochapoelicr of Le eRLaEGLEG
That was bardly the place to
Wa onght to 40 the sawe |
Lmotor ataxy. | wondie?
The Cuemmber Sponge. ¢
In the ecuedmber sponge (Feplee
tella encumber) wa hive 8 soecioin of
ate whieh lies the von afiey the
manper of iF nine ir cori
whit resembles. Feilo
owe heantifal of
wges is Fngleetelils
a Whe
Hit is commenly esland
nr basket It ge
of ginsey fibers va gonceiog
Tha fie :
mn Eoglayd came info the be
“ha inte Peofess a ove 3
beld by him as a great tremsmra. ft was
won followed by a few more specimens,
which were wold ine the market at aboot
£6 apiece, but pow that they have been
found to be so plentiful they may be
honght for ss many shiilingn Thess
sponges were found by the Challenger
expedition to be growing in vast atonds
anes iy ordain spots 0 the deen Waters
greng the Philippine ixlands and alee
coast of Brazil inevy Ive
briried 11 pyod which is so soft aun Tratuae
way ton
ks a heoniiind
as not tir orpsh tae oF dn saw
impede the assumption pf pheiy ele
form, and they aie $ in thw
position and prevents Foi wining by
a fringe of glassy spionies
ae Perham of ERIE specimen Troy thn
Phibipnines, afier ine ef th
wpoaigy, Is fronnenytly sian ied Ig POR
sometimes by a pute, of deca arose
ceans. Heron inde v of this
Bormsit drab We Have wenn Dying
dened Han On
FUT ay ee
sien fond petri a niY 3 foe son
sponge was a wonderfal nabiiation oon
strocied by tgs crab Cand pet Won
sores fame 3s
Cds JARED. 3
* eave il
Sadaror tha
Kgenehloen and Balle
A story at the expenses of Sr v
Harcotrs is whrth repeating
vecent departing for toe ead
sone time al yi meaadde, dn ob Ole Ler
fasion visited owen ub war au Of Wi
Hampshire coast,
After dinner, lhe Wealuar pages 4
rater rough, the captain, au ule bad
wmall and dApIer man, sop ovel tl
Kir Willian shonid dnp da aad, a
thonghtfolly smebdama Dos ani Lei
for the night to his distinguish jocet.
Next moaning, af the ely Luar wel
the captain usoally oes, (De aR
sailor servanh, who Enews poi of
change of bewlbe Brongn a cup of oN
to the cabin door and Ruocked :
or twite withont Joceivitg <u SLEW
Somewhat alarmed, the se iabk po
in Bis ead asd
“Pan't you
morning, sry’
| The only reply wou in the Datuie ofn
ywl and the terrified satiur beheld »
gigantic figure turning over onder thy
bedolothes, Dropping the cap of woff
the faithtul servant rarhed to the sbi
. gnrgedn, exclnmiog :
| Ru goodoess’ sake, sir, come to the
captain at ones He's wpeoch ioe,
swolling to ten times his natural #
Strand Magazine.
: The Father of the Cockinil.
The cocktail wax the investion of
Colne] Curter of Calpeper Court ie
Va. Many years ago in that HE
khers was a wayside inn nanwkd €
ook and Boils, the semblance of aR
old English tavern, and which tore upon
fa mwinging sign a ok aud battle,
meaning thereby that draft and tt hed
ale ocala be had withine=the cock,” In
ald vernacular. Be
therefore, who gid the fast and mnddy
partion of the tap Was said TO Lave
eajvad the Vosckiatlh
Upon one ocosion, when Colonel Can
ror wax subjected to the Isdigoity of
having this maddy wrerags put before
him. he threw it angrily spo the Some
aud exclaimed, Hearvafivr 1 will drink
cocktails of ty own brewing md then
and there, inspired ‘evidently by the
spirit of Giapyinede, Le dashed together
Bitters, sugar. the oil of Jemon peel aad
som ald Holland gin, and thus anid then
and there wax the original cock tinil con.
coetisd. — Philadeinbia Times
facade tag
i A Britlisnt Confedernte.
A prestidigitator, in the eonres of an
| aghibition in New York recently, bask
one of the andisoes select oneeusd ftom
a pack apd then be handed a itheet of
paper to another spectator, a timid look:
ing blond man. The professor, W ho digh
not see the card. sunoaneed that after "
hud bent returned to the pak the de
seriptiom of it wonld be fond writteh
on the paper. The card was the right off
hanrts, It was tiken ont hy the profess
ar. is that ein dg ght ud hearin
asked the prafessar. That ‘sail right,"
suswered the tunid Jookiog mao.
be jvas a very of satiny mun. and
Inter hp insiniod on Deiling the andiense
thst the profess bad Britian on the
paper, ‘ Pleaso say. 1h an
iis all right
v -
Nalurk Ma Ssnhatrring
Tha Ruy I
together oa noel oan
nine, entitled dnnint da
dret,”” a no Pn many of
thean old, bur venvle all of thes god
There is one, evidently told in print for
‘the first time, of a bittle gov] in Aber
deen who brought a basket of strawbes-
| pies to the minister very sarly on Mone
{day morning. “‘Thask yon, my jit
irl," he said: they are wey nantital
ut [ hope von didn't gather thom yog-
terday, which ous: the Sabbah day P*
{ “Na, sr,” replied the ohitld, 1 pulled
them this morning Pot they was grow
| in nil yesterday.’ :
rai ad 4 Nee
wy Jags # "
A Simple Diagnosis.
Professor Scohaslich—1 don’t kvpow
what's the matter with me, dostor, 4
| am perpetnally Himping today. I» it loco
Doctor-—W! ¥ yin Tor, You ale walk
ing with one foot on the enrbstone and
the other in the yatter — Lastige 1ilatver.
In the Cyelonean buildings at 1laalbee
there are stow 60 fest long, 4 fess
thick and 14 fout wide Some of them
are 30 feet above the foundation.
The war department was established
by act of congress Aug. 7, 1786.