The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, March 05, 1896, Image 2

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    has Assumed Alarming Pro. |
A Postoffice Robbery.
Kae of the West Hiab Office Blown
: Open With Ganpowidler,
Naw Youx. Fen. 27. id A sen: oid Fog TIE
fam from Pansms, Colombia, 1 the
Hersld, nye:
A formidable revolotion bes broken ont |
in Nicarsgna against the goverment ©
Proaident Zelaya.
As far as pan be jenrned, the presen’
losders are (en. Rabert Alors i, #x-unity
jeter of war: Jose Cbaivaris, Hiiiinis
_ govervor of Leon; Frapeisro Back, «%
minister of the terior; Chon (3adery and |
Its reported that the revoiniion has
spread alt aver the westsin provides, fore |
cluding Obivapdegs sot Clochigslps
The port of Oonnto bes best clomed |
and Mr Beverioh, the general ager! of |
fhe Pacitic Mail company, Hine Paavo re
| Bled fo that + Burt.
allowed So tial at That port
* Phe Port of Javn Det mar is stiff ope
More than HX) tons of arpa for Chriss
| Are DOW BWsIliOg shipment bere
A private eahie dwpnteh from Near
gas reports that bard Babting hav take
| place between the 1eheis ard the govern
ment forces Dear Momotombo, oo Lake
Managua. It is reported that the rehee
oaptared two iske slosrners,
praphic sommanioation is inter
at cointe between Corinto aed
p with Masagas, ths espitai
6 Pacific Mail steamer Barrnconts,
is anloading freight bers which was des
| (dined for Corinto.
Jtie beieved bere that Connto ie al
rwdy In the possession of the revolon bo
Taber Ben Open he Safe at West |
: pprna, Feu. 27. — (he little tows
| of er Eimabeth ase swakened ab on:
o'clock thie morning by sn explosion |
shook every buiidiog iu the bor
ough sud onnsed nearly every remdent to
rush to the stevet to Bod whet hail oo-
It was acon foand that thieves i
blown open the safe in the postufiiow
rifled it of ita contents Fortaostedy
de did not contain more thao & few
Fest Elizabach is on the Movongabels
gt 38 wiies from thie oity. It ie reach
Pitabary, Virgicia & Obarias
toad 80d contains the residences
$ number of Pultatrueg b dl
sStuamern will 0 be
| Central America Be leeoming Very |
Productive of News
3.000 Armenians Kil ld.
4 ka
: Hihabitants of Other Provimecs in Daily |
Fear That it Will be Flot Turse Next,
I xpw Yeux Fo 28
eral cate from Panama Bey:
i Tha following sable dispatel baw been
r cotved (oom Nuwragnn:
nies handrad rebels andertook to sez:
ia wesnier af Momotomix, brit ded pen
mroosed in doing sc. The government
| immediately raed troops and sow bas
2 000 troops st Materss, not conotieg thee
| £0 00m at tus place spd (ther towns, fhe
ain body of the people mde with! hye
| 7% Is So Mack Kasicr Here Than st Tone
Pre Hur ia ApH
| werpment, Tin retipia have Barely
i What Lith
| shsneadied in reinteg S00 men. vn £-
Cig tas arrived at Leon,
; fhrat thon will sown put [NRE
Pvgne pantie TY a
£ CE a 1
a Frais pace Pg
« pres dent aval Gh dit mse ohwl of
Elle RITE.
foo vafimt
Managas IN sRrepns advices at fn fint |
Ta China Washizge In Jes Qavercd Pods
a Tarr With
and Beatle @ £358
any other calling than thadiof annar
mal. esannent ly many Americans
beliave (hat the majority of China's
CARE a : Acts Sean
it squirting water through their teath
npon shirts and linen, spend their time
eating rats and puppies or indulging a
tha reas 3 mnie en joymenta of the
Elem gr ete Tha rath is that
Cals fini $50 TW, i»
I drinkers Sa a dmalier perientage
§# ¢ eared
Dative. Ww he
Tee intent pews fom The i oe
: stem FIRS reat eo nlomiok pie Val Ro oR
fi J aloney smoLR the ers
awe Theos.
Mobil gga wf the re¥ Fob phn ae On
Waspisor x Fer 28
sats feptrav BERTITeR Gr 04 BROS KR Weis
sic the aiimged canirgtetor nm Nigara
Lgnin prod oting thet reviontiotis afe «+X
Fanta vi The peighi orig wi alee wid de
riare srnphistoal 3 That 1ERre gE BG fuleics
peed whatever thar Hordires, which ton
warm politins frie d of 7 tere, sting
You Triditpowid tv mets? Bom Bs Torres of mer
in the sttempt to pat dow the Nipwragn
Prince Adologorowki Saes Only a Peaceful
maw Frascwmo # HK prise Adv
gOroaks, of Boassik, woo fr soBie Hilo
pest bus bees fl g Drentenant of (be pow
«itn} Rossin tnities 1p. Emperor Nish
yosterday on the Beige
He compe
and wild pot reture to {hum
min, spd sinng wich situs eT
1 adlatr test th Hnestan hos ory hes soran,
war botw oo Rusets ard Jepan, as bs
Gime wie,
0 ig ey cotered they uever
trying the doors but prosemied
: bore boles large epough to insert
aT, ae of gunpowder. ‘When they
Sotelo bat swan back 0B 118
“They quickly tok all they onal
ag rothat, T bar Io think thers wil &o
any tromole” Bad tie prines. C1 ax
was anticipated,
warlike prepara sone Af pressst ther |
pO preperation whateva
spr, Chstrows, The mic iste 1 from Bae
sta to Japan, who has Lie Besdgasrte
oft Tokio, 18 to jenve Da 1 wees ou He
stoner vis Novg Lar 5%, Petersburg ©
thers won De som
| be present st the corcnaly © of the cg
lou May 18 A the same Une Uo
Wogss, the military agent of Rassias un
China sud Japan, will sie jesve Chis
for Bt, Pstershorg. Mr Duke feki, the
| wovernor gepersl of essters Ribera, »
sino at 8t. Petersbory.
“This i the best proof, | think, thw
there won't be any war. All these geo
tiemen desire to be present st the cotta
1100 of the cxnr, apd 18 is largely for ths
reason that I ama abo barrying «brosd ”
Comtinnation of he Greatont Outrage of |
Civilization of the Nimeteonth Cen-
: tury.
Lospox. Feb. 27 — The angio Armer-
isn Association bas received a telegram
from Constastivopls which ease thet 3.
U0) Armenians have been massacred st
Arabkir, and that the widows spd orphans
| of those killed srs in terrible distress trom
cold spd banger.
The d:epsteb also says that the Ar
menians of Bivens and Ceearsa are in
daily fear of masssnore. Forowd corver
the Asiatic provinow
a Birthday for Eight Years,
majority of mapkind of the lapse of time
and of the pearer npprosch of departars
for that bourve from whieh no traveler
returos. Ou first thougbt, too, it woald
{ be supposed that these rvminders come
with the same frequency to all, bat saet |
| ja pot the case. Du Bots Bas at least tet: |
| étizens who sre more (or Jess) favored in |
this respect than tts fellows These are |
J. L. Boofield, of the National, and J. A.
Crist, superintendent of the Berwind-
Foes, Qoal Mining company. Their
| birthdays fall on the 29 b of Febraary,
d | which this year full npoo Setarday, snd
it will be eight years before tbey wil
bave another birthday
Both gentisen obesrved the present oc
J es Io. To eid Setarday
| night apd going into retirvment st the
place over Bandey. They will pot for
sometime bave their hearts gisddended
by birthday presents or be esddened by |
the information becsuse of the arrival of
the nsasl milestones in the journey of
| life—that old age ia creeping over them.
x :
entra Aero acting
Lost bein 12
ine, pow at Hoong Kou, sroved bee
Each recurring birthasy remiods ths
Tower v-;
o oStionTars see Riser Th grent reed of wen
Che mayors st Matagaips sod Jiioteys |
raving evinoed a dmg Pom ko pon the
EAGT Een’ S, Trop Ba ve Lead Bobi (0 {HW =
Tre eoomren tvs parts of |
rannin bine «Forel the party of Gv. | beard, brestting
Z tasu BLOND, 7 ‘xyes wili Take the | J !
{BDA oad a } us in t 08
class froer
ries I's ober E
PWG nays
this wien
the ABOD. dup SUT Ts Fiuk
Nord in
5 thts sd 1g a >
goed in Bis native bis
| and bave peer been thongst
per begaara tis mairie at three
gqrarters of a : aploews. There they
stand on the OW shires of a paddy § fed,
ackle deep in the mud od ouge, am
after making tha oh
Bans the sms h gtona nt three J
this purpose oatil the dn
Jomened and can be robbed out with
Within the limits of
thn slap
the Americar
| set! jement of the treaty pert of 2
hii are several ponds A ded with from
evens tix Toor fet of rainwater In sum
wer those ponds are used by the wash
wen and Jor irmgatiog bpeighboring
paddy and rice falds, while in winter
the joe ascoumsisting 8 carefully pre
The Chinoss themmnives donot nee 09
| for any purpose, the most refrashing
The priv is ao rons ta N, Petarghnry i
drink to them in the bot spells being
P piling bot ton without milk or sagar
of coe of the tormom fem ties io ail Ky ii
Sines the advent of the foreigner tha
| Chinaman bas found that it pays to pra
| serve the scanty joe of Shanghai daring
He wes sabod if there wae any dabee’ 1
the short winters The jeohoness sur
poanding the ponds ars low stroctares
| Cormed of wood, mod and thick layers
been fotimatsd in the Jgmtches suo |
bcd ers and other imbibe ha must re
1 Two DuBotsttes Whe Will Not Celebrate
; the foreign devil's
sions io Islamism are general throagloot |
| tizees pace poy
to osiebrate. |
Jetters. When making a call
of salt hay. with the Somme raised slight
ly above the level of the water.
Adbaring th Ba oy genet ; Foie of doing
gC hge.
Barisne™ Y Jobs < eS SARIN
besa in allowing the ios to form 1b
or peers Anihes Dut AE BGG A A
skin bas formed he brakes i Hp and
pushes it all throogh thn nar Ap
ings of the storehogees The heal nt
of this thin Wo makes (T neoesssry for
the poor natives 14 wads op to the hips
in the water of the ponds and with
rakes and books manage the ioe »0 that
it ean reach the storehotses
Hat to return io the workmen, who
west work and live in winter ws well
ax in spmmer. Not baving hot water
sort fo the dirty pends no matter bow
L ocid the weather. The ioe, broken in the
center of the pond, is allowed to Bot
quite thick along the edges, m making i
necessary very often for the ine ent
0 ent throngh it before be car ooo
bis washing The stiffened B dA
slammed up agaiost tha = atone, i
which soy turns inl 8 al mound |
of joe ax layer after Layer of water is
thrown upon it The native keepw Bis
feet incased i a covering of old cloth-
fog. rags and bay, while around his
Lindy are wrapped one of more Blankets
As he goes thrimgh his cheerloss as weil
as siapless operation he is gradually
covered by the jee, which forms as socn
‘aa rhe water reaches hiv clothing. Tak-
ing oto consideration all the trouble,
hardship and tnconveninuce the laundry
man in the Flowery Kingdom is com
peliad to endure whila re dering white
faen, he does it
much berter thas bis more fortunate
brother in this country, who returns gor
lansdry in sech a carsloss and fadepend
ent Yaahion. and who receives, after de
docting rest sad all expenses, sight
return. —Pht indelpnia
Hia Hat Symon.
A certain painter who died not loug
go was a broken down wriok in bis
later days. Soane feeling of pride ami
shape cloog to hivg to the last, how
aver and alibongh be Dived upon the
eharity of his friends he iin asked |
for wepey outright. Tu the crown of his
bat be pasted this TREAT, Pha fend
me a quarter,” printed in hig. staring
be wend
doff bis hat with much show o of dignitr.
and there wonld be the mute appes!’
staring in the face his iofeoded victim
The scheme never failed —San Fon
cisco Argonaut,
A Wheet I Compliment.
“How do von like your new wheel,
Miss Splarge i"
s@plendudly! Why, Mr. Pedlemaa..
do yoo know, it rides so easily that bait!
the time 1% seems as hboogh it wanted
$0 xan away with ma"
“ Partectly patural it shonid, I am |
in airy,
"a boy named een Jobnenn
‘lish by grafting apon is
“Phe Curions WW editing Frormions That
Are in He Been In Catro.
As yon Jock ont of your Bote window !
grontering by, iwianging the Yate of 1a |
Eo pastor 18
sade ¥ vi AE Tb Mant throbha
of the naguaral fells you theta wads ti
procession if skiing stony, and if you
have the curd oRity to get np and sil
emt you Will bi res srided hy one of the
i wight of Cairo. In which
w gre oddly blended. Prob
smeikiog 1 combined with
oR You een srnenen, and the
charac pol etsy
pre enakiim will be headed by the |
Peru wien AR eeasdion fravne raed ald,
# three gorgeondy ca.
IAT stage proper
Biro] cnt fur apch OCHS OI CHITTY
A ng the way Ge
of Carriage or an thd with Hittle
ing A Dest woke hand
e %
5C.% Calis 2h i%
foiled by §
arise Sn
rer, jap iendd
pathos Mos ro raved Tu the
be carbo aeeered
tienen ten panels. Tore and aft; the
hind camel must took kis head npder
the Liter nnd is probably quite as my
pra€orinble aa the bride wi a A
fair rhonew of dene kun in hor riilin 74
wa iangnin
In the 33 days the bride walked
be ries naier 8 CANOTYT Oar
ried by her friends bat this Ix now
quite ont of fahion, and Farcpean car.
riapew ars rorfdly ousting even the
saree] Yittebs Pat the cashosere shaw;
wey be abandoned
The Egrpiian woman we, at east if
pabiie, generally 1 wdewr. Rhee dette a
ateanger's inte with ms wival rapidity,
sven when to all appearance locking 1
other way, wed tarthwith tha well vik
poled sloser over her month and nome
When she mots yon face to fave, sha
Acew not dros bey hig eves in the slward
fashion of western modesty. She calmiy
tarne thew sway from yon. It is moch
sewn catting—really —Satarday Re
and theverl will 1
A Stebbern Patriot to Whom This Coan.
try (rwes a Grest Debt.
In a storied Burial ground in Fred-
derick, "in his narrow bend,’ sleeps Gne
whose pane never fails to stir the beart
of the old Marylander with lively smo-
ticos of admiration and affeetion—L{ioy-
ernve Tom: Johnsen, that asdacioos and
stubborn patriot of whom Jobn Adatha
gatd that he was one of four citiesns of
Maryland and Virginia '"withont whom
there wonld have been no Revoletion,'”
although, in affected worn of Mim, A
British officer. writing to his people at
home, had sseared them, “Theres 16 BO
need to bo alarmed by all this notes in
the onlonies, ‘which |e mainly maids by
“That pestiisnt rebel’ of the British
war 5Mes wai the trasty, loving friend
of Washingtin, wham be nominated to
be commander in chief of ail the armies
of the [atte colonies; member of the
fost comyress and of the convention
which sdeoted the coustifation of the
Tnited Neate: first governor of Mary
land. and an susootate jostion of the
supreme court, and be Was twice urged
to sept the portfolio of secretary of
state. Fle was in his day the first oft
sen of Marviand, and in all the solonies
the Revolntion disclosed no’ wiser,
eiromger, swenter charicter than hia
who jusd the fortitade of the warrior
with the foriaight of the statesman in
i oes naragaent of an eager, dagntlos
bicy Jobin Wail Lamson Palwer in Con-
A A ade Re
No Eaglish Better Than Eaglish.
A pew argument against college ath- ¢
jetics has benn invented-—the deplorable
effect wisich they have on Hood Eug-
the ovaree
langoags of sports.’ he plea, says the
New York Ti. uly mmusiog.
What on asrth/is “good Eagliah™™ any-
how? So fay as we know, thers is pO
English beyfer than English, and no
writer there? bas ever hesituted to use
pew words from any source, provided
they expressed an idea more clearly, or
even mire Jicturesquely, than did those
which formed the vocabulary of his
grandfather. Shakespeare is full of the
“janguage of sports,’ ranging from fal
CUDTY pugiism, and if he Dyed nlay |
it is absolutely certain that he wonid
glean words from the football fields
and that on "lege pra Wompors woul de
pounce him for it Really EYRE men are
like the common y pecpie, in thas they
never make a fetich of the parts of
speech, pever Lmagine that dictivnarios
or grammars setile apyihing, and never
make the mistake of confounding a live
Kugoe with dead coes
“Don't yom think the mince pie wm
good, Willian ®’ asked the bonsewife who
prides herself on her culinary socom |
“ Yeas nui—-1 think it is, probabiy.”
“Bat you have sav three pieces. '’
#1 know it But I can’t teil for sure
(ill sumorrow worming. 1 bad some
wines ple last year that 1 thought was
procty good, but 16 4 du't make me
dren a bit — Washington Star
The moat graceful of domestic ani
maids wi the cat, while the most awkward
bird 1s the duck, hut it wont du to oes
i these facts for © basis if you wants to
{ull a woman pef names
ons EE
The factories of Indiana tarnish am- |
Fag ws Lil ree fy BBTYYE INUMICIRN 1
ened by the iiakogne that followed :
BUT THB WAS A CASE WHERE LOOKS wih arrive and depart fom
| wet Bday, 8 fe
A Laneie Priativean Whe Claimed Argusint-
EW i
Cn amd afer Nov, bey ig mrad iad
iy ex
anes Win « Chipmpivn Pogitie Ais Loo
Epler, Wha Wiki Dank To th Gia
I ripirtend thee Ciainie
ing a ove
AL EEUETIenoR I Roel somes wii § was
orpeideralily yonoger, em wren Fo
srt 1 Winn, the wriiend) CAN PIETY
ye SHED ih @ Jomiaiseent meeod |
the ther day.
fit was ike thin want the frst
contract 1 ever toll was one 5 hot id *
chery ih a drnail town in prastern No
York pear Lake Dntaria My tier
and I employed a good fares of men
atid among ( aners wn good natored, Sasser :
dnvper Hite » Irishasan, who apsiied f
work shortly alter wa got tive Whi
Cle wean not a ski lied workmas
a good, wiivn he ir Cand hee wEraeg fue
at the time as beivig one of the mo
povryining and chesrfol liaes 3 bau ever
en my Cape of Bis
favorite tae War 1G 108 wifaet that bo
was for threes yourk trainer amd b
arvuer of the famous pags
Mace and had sarod {Ee Daan
champion in two of his aces no
hatiles He rattled off npmex
dntes and incident ip the met ¢ had
manner imagsoshile, which, as we ard
a0 means of verifving bos statements
he was prerfestiy ata in dome OF
sonrEs We eR Wht Be snd With oa
wre grain of salt wed en pved doawing
Rim gat
fw thing alent the old I low
strnek me as peenlinreewn cond] never
induon him ander any eoneidie
join in soy of the frispdiy hirgin soar.
ring contests which wa oerastonnily in
duiond in at tha Tettla comprary Bodied,
after ony day & wink was Some. Ly po
sabterfogs conid we indoon Bim to st x
his hands in the dg mitiens, 9 Khongh
he was alway proses? AL OEE SXRICieR
and took Anlight in making shighliug
eormtents pon ome skill
Phe got rather monotonons after
awhile, and wa set aboot devising »
plan for teaching the aid fellow & ww
sons, When ha was sober, wa Knew (het
was po chances of getting the gioves on
him. but be usenally got modérately fail
eg =
on Satardar evenings, ang we reported
| a scheme to give him an earlier start
"cme Sstordey afternoon, vo thet by the
| rime sopper wae over be was consider
ably exhilarated
Iwas just out of @&
gymnasiaom at the time anid was oa
sidered a pretty clever bayer The boys
all went to work at him, and after a
good many drinks and 8 jot of coaxing
and eajoling they finally got bim to put
ony the gloves anid spar a lig with me. |
“2a ID, Lary,’ I mid. ‘Don’t be
afraid to hit me.” And] winked at the |
bors and went at him. Ho was easel
than I expected. His guard sere] very
pour, and peverni times I rapped bun
harder than I shonld, but it seemed a
good plan to Tesch the okt blowhard a
good jemmon, After awhile 1 got a bit
tired of the cnn sidedoes of 1 I regis
tered about svery time 1 foond an open:
ing, while the [rishman's puneses were
ail wild snd of po scoonpt. Fiealy i
decided that wa Bud bad fon ene ugh
and made up ay wind 0 give him oa
giowied ehinchuipper. Jay him ont and goat
oy 1 watched fie su opening, and when
I saw che a dainsty ter, I aimed as
heavy a blow as I anid piriee snd et
Well say, | don’t Zuow even 10 this
day what besaine of that jonuch, {or a8
that moment something Mrock me on
the neck, and for the next 40 seconds 1
experiencia all of the sensations of Don
Quixote when be bad the mix up with |
the windmill, for shat little Irishmen
was dancing around me and delivering |
ederonts. overonts, clin choppers, side- |
winders, sarmuffs, straight drives and
jong arm budy blows Ta than I could
| foel them, while I paw the air in an
| attempt at defense. \
1 think the boys sail le was 43 seo
ands before 1 was Iring in jhe corner, | ;
limp and entirely ont, hat wis three
days befors | was out--at work ANID. |
I was sorry to 8nd thot the agile Little
Irishman had disappeared immediately
after I dropped asleep. Heo evs ideatly
feared troahle, Bot I never wonid have
made any. In fact, I'd have liked wo
take a far lossons from him, bos vel
never had the mitts on from that day ©
this ;
“1 don’t kbow pow whether that lis | {
tle Ir ishinsn was toiling the truth or}
not, but 1 bare my a about the
matter. —Mudin YY.) Cor New |
Yurk Press.
Easily Busied. :
The business depression of the past
few years hay been tha sviigiiom of a
large crop of employment seekers. Cie
of them last ‘week avcosted a FontIeman
tn this city. He was ragged, dirty, goad | 2
parnred. evidently hungry spoogh tod
pat a cow if it were in his Way Bat his
soft slonchiness of guit rendered way
| poriTe exertiin on bis part highly un
probat ¢ This Impression was xs strength.
“Food worming, wr,
like a job with you, sir |
Wall thers 18 not moch doing Just
"sad ha “1d
| pow-—hardiy anvthing, in fact, in wy |
lina. Iepnida't give yon much todo by
| ocnldn't keep you busy.’
Indeed, fir, it world take very lit- |
tle to keep me busy. "New Landon |
Intarmithent ananlip.
“Do yon own your (wn he ime i ** anced’
the passenger with the yallo rw diamond,
who makes 1 business of selling real es
“1 do every Thursday,’
Ler passenger.
said the wb:
1 own it every Thursday. That's |
gure. It I bad its chances, I would do ployment hy 124,549 persons, the outpuk i Mary Ann's afternoon out. —Indian:
%0 ton. —= American Wheel
being $206. 838.0%
i | wpolis Journal
| Pratn A TOT wm,
sk veiw arm HY
Fro yf wir dia ome
sn. Pon ssuiewias snd Big Bun.
» a ¥eE
oe rade wad Hidgainy
B 9h ew Peg & Paik
A Pan Reale wey wo 4 Big!
# Wowhestes ghd Hattale
Pansotn winy wed Wig BU
# wo Carwsrantiie ga lepton
Be mn B61 Lie SEERA ew TLE pnweisgiy Tal SEEN
#17 AtEm ow
Foe Poesy iis i ¥ son rdy mE Ra
Ww Of ailaliruee
#6 Lape, aes Pane Ee t
Hamby, YY
Senet rte Wi ec evi
{eeon i feER Aalurona,
¥ ¥y C BEAL wh BK ERE Ge
i ios AS
oad Up Ka
& &
Ew %
@ ooh
team WE NEA LY £m
SHWE : yi.
in apt Baws 4 35 i By sawp
Tetion + 1. Wy we MS
with (eaten 7 wrpg a Ew oan
*¥Riis FMT Ly ape ue 5 ar
wih the Hats smh pgs VERMA 6
-u At Main Patio WFR Cs us
a Yue Peder Casi
wit enema AY Wh Paes wit i Pug Fier mn a el
sald Mapper oes WE
ger TH
og gw
SRE Neen I ae,
Aare pin a Fate oes ian Es
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