The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, February 13, 1896, Image 3

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The Mafberd
The distinctive weapon of the Swim
was the halberd which war their prin
cipal weapon at Morgarten al Laupen,
It is curiems to note how the Teatonie
nations, oven to this day, prefer the
and the latin pations the point Wa
Lave been told by Gerpean officers that
whoa the Germany and French cavalry
met in tHe War of 1830 the Lien ;
sword biades alway Baume vertioniy
gyver their hele
sim of thrasts, i the ery
Wy in whois ranks with thd
Bes the Fong
vied a hewing weapon st Bouvines,
Flemings at (onriral need thelr
dngs fitted alike bait
and finally the Swiss
their halberds, ag 1mprovemen
godendag. :
The halberds had a point
ing, a hook wherewith fo pull
the saddle and above sil 8 broad,
blade, “‘moxt terrific weapons val
terribilia’'s, to nse the words if
of Winterthor, “cleaviag men asnhdor
like a wedge and ontting them into
small pieces.’ Ome can imagine hw
such & blade at the end of an eight foot
shaft must have surprised galloping
young gevtieroen who thempht them.
selves invulnerable in their armor.
Macmillan’'s Magazine
tm Se in SP eg OR
A Curious Divorce.
The charming oid Dochess Wi thelmine
of Sleswick Holstein, grandannt of the
present empress of Germany, was the
divorced wifes of King Frederick VII of
Denmark. The duchess, who rabwaqoent-
ly married the yomnger brother of the
present king, had no alternative left her
than to demand and ohéain a dissolution
of ber union with Frederick, for her
place in his affections and at the head of
the household had been nsarped by her
French modiste, who was sutwenaentiy
jrvested by the late kicg with the pitie
of Comntess Danner. ny pours later
be yielded to bee dm ties and Je
galized his relations with hed alter a
fashion by Sgn ie
Naotwithe Ihe her aniitedints Rane
was treated eh Whore Hai
Sion by the
Detirmark se ben
peanty snheiaion
ons to the
and eae i
Won de, the
the Duel
net only to
ent wlan t
they poss
at aae
1: $8 moat
Rats wan va
tributed to ir
wares mde wise 38 cans by bore ghnle
wera £ wir He bad en os cine
fpibsitar fo 00 Cornhill Magaaine, anid
was contermpiatiag fonther wy rk for
that periodical, when Joba Maxwell a
publisher, proposal that be bicoms edi
tor of a pew magazine which Mr. Max.
well thoaght of starting This for he
poceptad, ant Mr. Sala says io thie
periodical I gave the name of Tempe
Bar. spd from a rough sketch of mina
of the old bar whith bloekinl the way
in Fleet etree: Perey Macqooid drew an
ad niirable frantispiorn. As a mato I
imagined a quotation fron Pusweill
And now, sir.” sad Dr Jobuson, we
will take nn walk down Flwt alpest.
To the best of my Rene baddgn 3 1
Let, Dr. Johnson pever said
about taking & walk down Flew
but ray innocent anperchery was,
ay, implicitly believed in for st ass
generation by the magwity of magazine
renders Boston Transcript.
Centers New York Jastioe.
There is a jostios of the pears in
Oneida county who is regarded Ly many
us » wonderfully keen fellow with a
post accurate sense of justice. lo the
village where ha resides no man 8 more
fmportant than the jecdge.’’ ;
a roan arrested for larceny wag al
ed before hima, The prisoner plepdnd not
swell, I think that you stole it any
way,” said the judge withaont farther
fnquiry or patiey. 1 suspect ¥ in. fe
thundered, “ar « I'l] give you 50 days
ap suspicion.” ;
The man who was sospected served
the sentence, — Utica Otwerver,
Can Temper Copper. :
I. G. Salter of this city, has discov: |
ervel the lost art of tempering cuiper
that the metal way be otilized iu place
of swe} for many purposes whens corre.
sion pots steel at a disadvantag: He
: bus made both Sat and coiled springs of
great elasticity, has made goo! kode
Indes, and, best of ail, is able ta weid
tho wetal itself snd weld 11 10 Iron of
steel. Mr. Balter says bis process goves
pure copper all toe qualities which |
posses when the secret prooess
tes pering is employed. Trolley whee
mais from tempered enpper have out
worn several sets of wheels made in toe
old way. — Detroit Dispatch.
Recording Music.
A French gentleman bas at ids? per-
fected and brongbt ost en invention
wirich has long been looked for Ly many
wosicians. It 1s nothing more or uss
than a recording plano. By menos of a
kind of typewriting instrament which 1s.
attached under the keyboard apyinilig
that ix played can at will be recordec
by the instrument. The music & Writ
ten is not recorded in the BAGH BUEN,
but in a series of Jong and short dukes
gcuiething like the Morse alphabet
witich it is easy to reprodoce in the fo
dipary manner.
A Poetess' Former State.
“They say Ella Wheeler Wilcox he
Loves in reincaruation,”’ obseruoad tus
poiiden in thé fur jacket, ‘and Links
she was opee a cat.’ :
‘My opinions,’ said the damsel in
+ yallow boskins, ‘‘she’s w stake,
doa was a salamander. '—Chicego Trib
rence Nightingale
There is 4 beantifol incident related |
of Florence Nightingale, when she was |
a child Ir shows that God had already i
planted within her the germ whisk was |
ta develop go beautifully in after days
Her fret feonnded pationt Wasa Setedy
Incident In the Childhood of |
wy op te
ghayihe Sime bo
cheery Ite
EINE, BIN hind Yer Gaia
it ts pot Lj
prep Broan
of pan
CE Es DE dep
kat by dint of
Jase allow Bim to tomeh
the wonsided leg, Florencs pamirass
tolling hin that it was seal right.
was on ths floce beside him,
with his head on her lap, keeping Dp A
acnstinsonk marmur, ©onch 8s & mother
dues over a sick chi Well,” said the
vicar, rising from hiv examination, as
far as I cn tell, there are no bones bro
ken: the log is badly broised. It caght
to be fomented to take the inflammation
and swelling down. "How do ym
foment?” asked Fiorenoca “With bot
cloths dipped in botling water,” an
swered the vicar. Then thas qmie
easy. 1'il stay and do it Now, Jimmy,
got sticks and make the kettle boil 4
Theres was no hesitation in the child's
manner. She was told what coght to be
done, and she set about doing it as 8
‘matter of course. ‘Bat they will
ting you at bome,'’ mid the
vicar. Not if yon tell them I'm here, '’
answered Fiorenos, “and my sister and
cnt of tHe maids can come and take me
heme in Eime for tes, and,’ she hesitat- |
ed. they had better bring some i flan
pe) and ploths: there does not seem (0
be meoehl hers But you will wait and
shew 1 how to foment, won't yoo!
“Well, pes,’ said the viear, carried
away by|the quick energy of the little
girl Agd soon the fire was iit and tha
water be All sméek frock of
the shah wry Aimcoveradd HA
poner, which Flordnes bad deliberately
cox. amd To the viear s remark,
cgor say” whe answersd,
#1 Bim stedher
Eh wh yada Ber
day ia
RY Loo
i 8
Yaltiabla For Artifichally Aging Ligaey orf
Semsoning Wood,
Opeme ie pow practioally applisd for
several purposes. Experiments with it
have shown that it will artificially age
Lrandy, whisky, sweet and hard wines
and liquors, Owens will also tmprove
coon by rendering harness oily Osaba
The nroma of tobaren is also considera:
hiy improved by the applioation of
opens. The latest dpplication of it is for
rapid weasoning of wood for somndiog
beards of musieal instruments, which
for the purpose jsf in a hermetically
i heated roran from 13 to 24
weing freely intro
5 pons tha this
the Woend, THOrERen
process wii ha
; fn snBrwesnss of
ER Yenial ana
mid give 3
wae sit
of reson
te ening of
of Helen
Foy K meer Ry
oof ceona
Lo Lie tH
quired consistency Wildin a few Cavs
Most yverourkable, nowever, i the ad
vantage of empliying asne fry Bleach
ing liven, : tims exiployed id
fous than one-third of the bleaching proe-
ess by sunlight, not considering that
this latter Ia deperaient both upon the
season and the weather. The caine proc
eum of Lilem
tately independent of cutside infinences.
Cizeme bas aisa lien found very salna |
hile in chemical and technical processes,
particularly in the production of pars
derivatives of stureh, fur Distance, soln
bis starch, dextrin, crystal gmm, fo
Hers the zone (8 instrumental in tak
ing away all the matter which cases
the dark color, had odor and taste —
Philadelphia Record.
Hots Kisptomasines.
hotel olerk, and he
pont kleptomantacs at dry
goxals stores, the) are scarcely a cireume
stance to those st a first class hotel
People who chesrfolly pay $3 a day fer
beard will steal a 10 cent cake of soap
and put thenomives 10 3 great deal of
trogble to doit. But the principal
things gnests take are towals, and the |
3 os Dias bavuma 6
regular fad They are taken as souve :
eeillention of those ar
pits of the b and a lady who has
traveled a great deal - will have a whale
trunkfol with the sames of the hotels
(on thew, This ts sop laste proof that
| they have stopped at Thome hommes, and
a person whose lowels bear the marks of
hotels thronghont the civilized world i
to be envied us possessing a most nter
esting collection of mementok A tow
kins are taken and ocoasionally
spoons. Door keys and checks used 10
disappear in grat pumbery, bat pave of :
these equals towels in the ayes of ooileet
crs of botel souvenirs —Washington
aA Ne A Ot
A Bilighted Life,
Ween girk “i We part, but the sorrow
of this shall sear my young life for aye. mn
Iu a paroxysio of grief uncontrollable
wha threw herself upon the conch as the
sirent door slammed shut behind the
haggard yong man who had torn him.
sg renders the work abso.
Baw a Hnnler Hagges Tan of Them In
ty Seeks,
ctu Bag of nip
¥ hat worn they-—hif
fa it you cal bt git
that '= it.
ENO, BY Thay wera nod Kittens or
enhs They wien bears?” declared Doe
+1 think I plied op abont a ton of Year
moat in about 30 swonde 1 was ont
hunting in the southern part of Trinity
ccnnty aboot 17 or 18 years ago Wa
bad Killed atest 40 deer and 3 panthers
and a bear or two fn a conpla of weeks,
{and were pritty near ready to break
| pamp when I thougdbt I wonld go out
and kill another deer fo take home
fresh. It was inte in the afterncon, and
I was creeping along in the tru, when
suddenly 1 carpe out inte a Jitlie open
ing. I stopped to ses if there was any
| sign of deer, nnd whils | gteant ooking
| alent a big black bear slimbed ap on
the trank of a big fr free that had heen
prota Hae wasn't 300 yards away,
and I plogged him in the ear Fooralind
of the Jog and dows the o
hoe befoen 1 had time 30 see f haowas
dead anther bear climbed on thin
foe aT THe
soe Jog ti sew had the TOW WIR aly
Enos Sag ; 3
I shot it in the head, mid
ma way the other had
Yopad at Buty
we bgp oH
2 i
had Bve bears in ope Jia, ang kL vk
thas post Sins 8 Snel Yer a 10h Be
together, mun Francieo Fost
Learning s Foreign Language.
Keane interesting sintistior migh! Ly
cellocted on the effect len Tonga iat
power and aivent of the posssons | fs
mustonl sar If wonld seem That A per
Cen with a red ear fon masse Won Fe
frre randd in (HE EoRGIreInRent an
rong a,
a hoe P
mies 10
Mimsiiarie sudh a pers
gnick bi stain
fry bm Wiel Le
CoE 1
cask Leal
tian «
A Gomek, To
atamy half % 4
Eto acquire French, apa A Russian wil
speak French, Eogush atid Cherman in
uw Frenchman wii
cf the two
Lhe sxrie period
wenn & here
ay : :
latter — Pears ¢
The Southern Aarnrs.
in latitode 94 degrees
gin deogreme 31 minuled, we
an into open Water BRED, having this
time spent only SIX daira in the ive pack.
On the | Tik the aorora appearvd, stron
| ger than I ever saw 1 in the nor BI
rose from the southwest, stretching in
. a Broad stremmn up tyward the zenith
| apd down again toward the eastern hor
'isem. The phenomenon this time had
| quite a diferent appara trian what
wo saw on Oct. 30. It pow presented
lapg shining curtaing rising and falling
. im wonderful shag
tims deen deans te dD Tae
bends It ov srpeed considerabie
influence upon the agmetic neodie af
oNr oUETRER Ll Porehgreying in
god shades, some
One Drawbsek.
ecm late sattaotion # a man has no
money, ha is miserable, snd if be Gas
Joka of 17, 1008 Bext to 1
vest iI rEmnDerativesy
poss Which is sure to pay, not even tae
business of stealing, but that # Brescia
thers are ” many pesscns in 16 anid curtain jerked,
there wonid be many more in i0 if they
ghont gaiiering
Themes no such thing in thi Te ak
Asn. Always Present Power That Gives the i
? City 1 Importance. :
Pac iaminatin't Boos is thus ater
peld of a peodt tremenadoms fact fromm |
whatever nodnt of gaew £ tar mtg
EERE scsi
may be considered. If cra am
woxhers DITO, Hrs At a= thi PERIIY ©
mons impertance which contin
throws forward inte eral
puerilition and namie
ntward world cj the conse lonenaes |
af that importantes which makes 4 Re |
oan wristy what it ie, with its virtoes, |
Rs vices, ite prejudices and its strange, i
old fashioned, closes fisted kindiiness, :
which makes the contrast between the
saturnalia of Shrove Tossday night and
the cross signed with ashes npon the
frrehead of Ash Wednesday morning, |
patwaan the careless Inughter of the Ro :
man beauty in carnival and tive: tragic
earnestnons of the sama lovely face when
the great lady koeels in Lent befora the |
eoufessions] fo receive spon her bent ;
head the light tonch of the penitentiary «
wand, taking . her fnrn perhaps with a
acre of women of the people It in the
grow ledge of an siways present power,
active thronghont the whals word, |
ehich throws deep, straight shadows, a8
® were, themgh the Roman character,
st as in certain ancient families there
J a secret that makes grave the Hees of
shows who know it - Marion { ravwlord
m Century. 5
Mary Andersmn de Navareo Resounts ak
faeiident of Her Early Stage Caewer.
Mary Anderson de Noaearns ooks hao
with aviaent eng g
aglis the ' tarastorming’ pe
Mae Carver, Wia,
east wpe
whera aia ARG 2
paral for a wal,
writes In THe Lation’ Howe J
“1 mas an wierutor Jui
hittin Wom,
geveras wonid
Tha moon she Romeo) sworn U3
fompd to be the bead light of ca TRiIWAY
engine hiped for Lhe caer
Beid by a smmil negro hoy per
8 ladder, who was spree By
meat IrRgo
be iniagioed, wos
moos x premmiiness. Al (ne LIE alia wine
shiuing i 1g fix, Bt ApUthsr on
the bead © 5 tala mowioian, often
niind ng
stalls, Deri, thers, evETYW]
the face of her (Verona sl
he Jad been eRe
boards Be ws arti into protie
statues of *Bvadoe's’ solos anosstaors as
he sawed apon Bis viokin at night.”
enn Beliefs About the Foran,
The fern was dulipps | :
St. Joba's pig
those singular prop
had Beco aimost sacred.
in of Ym mint Wan Pw iie Fang
tended with considerable danger. 2
in hia Pand Fmt
184, says:
wainm, | opab
Foarn seed (which ix
Jooked upon a8 a magica Bepthy o ay
aight of midsummer s ave, and
member I wus oid of 4 :
gather it, nud the spirits whisked by his
ears like bnllets and scmetisties 8 rhe
Bis Bat and other parts of his body in
fle, thongh be apprebendad he had got
sen a quantity of {snd seenred itn pas
pack and Lox emiddn, when be got Boma
he found ail etapty. Bot most probable
this appointing of time and Bours x of
the devils own tnsnitation, ax wail as the
fact that living once ensnaxad people 0
an cbhedienon too us rales he may with
mors facility atige 3
vassalagh Boston Herald
fem Ya 3Erioier
Set the Emergency,
ug inetdent hag peniesd al
the Co rineriom wader 10 Londen the oth
or evening. At the and + 4 f
sones Mr. Wyndham ois
to go down stairs and
Rim fn threes ppnntes Then, as be fakes
aut hiw watch, the earfiun shri des
hos fol tiag
A addl RIL akEE
sort. Om thas ocension. however, ii
failed ti do sa, and the Squire of Duases
reclined on the sofa, patiently wating
An altnist painful pause ccenaed. ;
put woald uot foil
mission, spd Mr Wyndhan, readsing
ope i pwr AEE PE Ee Lp Maries gh : . fa 3
penitentiary £538 pet Breyer $s IPs ~ghe situation, asa PG. id ul Ie
ing spen to eversheddy, and so be ular
Ivy ruined. — Boston Transeo pt,
A sonntenance habitually under the
inSaence of amiable feelings acquires a
beaany of the highest arder friun the fra.
| quency With w nich such feelings stamp
self from hers presevce. ‘Then bastily |
arising she brushed away the traces uf
tears and went down to match that love:
ly piecw of beliitrope. — New York Her-
ald :
| their character upon it — Mrs, 5. U Hale
“Parewell furever, then,’ cried the | ER
An indelible ink very comminly used
in the midiie ages was made with a
bas & of the terchioride of gold applied
to a pioth dampened with a solution of
chloride of tin. £2
THe war with the beg 4f Tripoli be
gan [June 10, 1801, and ehded Jane 4,
1308. The pomber of mes engaged in
the paval force against Tripoli was
wiareh, apd said. CAD, wa mannies
have passed © There was Spother phuse,
after wlich he arose and supounced
that this time was ap and De must go
As he wdt the stage the curtain at last
descended, and Mr. Wrnidbam's ready
fit was much applauded. —- Landon
(lobe. x
The Secret Was Sale,
Why did you talk in French to Ethel
inst night!
“ Baeanse [ had something to ounpart
to her that [ wished no one piss to
© But thers was a French lady sitting
close behing you,
Yas. but [ have discoversd that she
did pot upderstand a word we said, —
Boston Transcript )
Catiforsin Miners Lined Up For the att, |
sid Places Were Worth S300 i
Known pata ar ;
California in the surly
19} 3
ely pas grt said Si
or eRary Ihre 3
San Prana a
swt main ofioes
the stats. there WO
wating every ime a mail arrived. They
finally adopted a rale goong tyamse ves
requiring ail fo form in lune and take
their turn, and Kopdvsds mood or aad
in line day spd night to keep their
places, sometimes several days bedore
they sound be served. the line being
formed days before the steamer arrived
Resident spec latars won take position
in the jine, and when they had advance
od near the dose wonld mil thelr plice |
to others fromm the mines, who wire
waiting, frequently geting from $100
to $200. : !
Such 8 thing can hardly be bellwred |
by thosa who have never had any sich
experience, but in the fall of 1849 an ox!
ream driver got $10 per day and board,
Spondays being counted the same ax ark |
er days, while carpenters god from an
capes ($18) to an onpes ind a half per
dns, everything vise costing in proper |
tion, and hence the mail carriers for the
mines aonld better afford to pay for the |
position in line than to Walt on expense
and lose the time, they amietinmes bring |
kept waiting for a week before they
conid get all their madi for the several
CAL Om :
cma of the caricos sights was the
sale of the New York papers As oon
ak the steswmer arrived 3 man or ny
with a ht of pagers Wor wd rash ashore
mcnnt a box and just Rian as Bose city Lek
Lomt the papers and ake CHINRS
£ then at 81 pach
5 3 Ea % i y * £ 1% 4
Sl ERE tats RELI
{oF owas i
Cad fae % Bs ope Boop
ALE BL chery wir RURS
Ayvat inst td
oil. sm daredd as wer wore Tigo Bone pred
and the tune aw
felons aml the sthile Tots warded,
svete] @ Inaowt an eternity. Favlamge.
A Misfit.
Hae heomiawared as ney mew pepd 19
hudd ie himself in a baad Ss one
women Sede things on I've jnmp
ad Troan Bn train TRUning at oa spayed of
£R miles an hone. and] can’t say ax I
want to mopeat the expe oa
What wae thw evasion’
rmioena vents ago. 1 did ib for a bet
Tle Tet was that i
a te platform ami
without pleking oat ny
tha groan was
BE GG wastes
did von Cite
i # Fraoaat Eo
£8 BRE Wik
Rodi LN Lhe I
chs popniry. male
pis lend CITE nis ba
I mapede no nepss o
stlvey takin all Eb
gered avoid all the stains,
tv abways have your own way
rid. Py upd by 1 came up
a hang in oa diteh oaruer and
class hospilel to vst
forn bart :
Might uve bean worse. Broke an
arms pws riba and ld ayer iM puts
and Lrnises apd JL Wik seven Wen Tee
fore § couid walk a yard
“Pat von wim the 40 whitest’
ey aw hat there is where I always
grow sad The stakeholder forwarded
{tt moe from his town In the shape | fa
ain, awed it dido’t fis my leapth by
seven inches | had toesil the wonifonng.
ad thing as a mistit at hall price. Hm
Strand Magazine,
He Got the Message.
An experienced telraph operitor cau
froun listening to the sonnds vinden
stand a message on one Kind of telegraph
instramesy without seeing it at dit,
One duy all speci wiikesl into an
sles anid hegit to question the ER
charge. Swmidenly a message began in
qreive and the oleic sat down fio wote
“tak ont for spacing Le pspestiax
is soapew here on the lone and Wiii ie
poking His Hise in everywhere
it ‘The message was as follows
rH Sts ish is A k
L434 fuser | SE Ge
tr tha taessige, WILLS
bowikwed ante Deiniies
Bowen, Went th 13 pat rroment Gan
sont back the answer: Too late tle
has already poked His nose in bere. Hane
Pearson's Weekly
Was ft Fate™
Those why hoki thar ao man oan
avid how fabs may Soa support far their
doety tie iu tis experiences of Charles J
Wailer of Eilbars, lod He was smploy-
nd at grinding at an vmery wheel, brit
regarding fhe pusition as dungerous
handed 1 1s resignation. Five minutos
before the time for ending his ast diy
at the wiak the wheel burst and killed
hing --Phlainiphia Ledger,
Da not
perscai’s Disins Devanse Us ditfurs in
opinion from you ft wanld be as re
tional to kniek younecif on the head bee
omuEe Vill dl from yoursedd ten years
ago. ~ Horas Maun.
In 1584 the gross prosinet of the wool
en mills wis valoed at BERT OD GK
ten yoars laver 1 bad imcrdased 10 $000,
QU, ata
Snes Tons amd Faueh Friends Now Goose
te Pleo
Bave yon over node whut naw
berciime of the Thomann of old Salt
pre wheels that wore in such ar iverval
nur Before noemangrons THe Fort ioa reed
things? A weporter pit tas gneston 08
panded TItIet
vo Tien
paimere Boni 3 wenay of them BR,
Almimetad the ard aye tw
ntiliring the to
pantry, SN
a ag vf
models, cocadionally a push? will be
seen monnted on TWO Toast
anid even the hove on the strat tke tom
sali wheels for the making of express
wagons. Apd the balames, | surpoee,
you'll find stowad away in the cellars
and word sheds of their possesscrs. Omen
trie and stanch friends, they ars now of
po nes in the world Abandoned to cob-
wohe and ashes, with no company but
rats and mice, tHey dream away their
tow remaining dayy. Once again they
stand in fall mit of glittering nickel,
admired, caressed and praised by ali be-
holders Again they wre on the road,
bearing their masters in safety down
jong rough hills and through sand and
mud. Opes again they see the smooth,
hurd track respond to the efforts of the
riders as they throw every ounce of ef
foet into the last sprint, and hear the
ghonts of the exited crowds as they
whiz across the tape Abandoned and
alone, eating ont their hearts with rusty
they gradoalis drop to pleco, too prood
sf thelr vanished Trestige 10 Rive ang
thonght of envy to the modern poets
mantie e- Washington iar
id wheelie,
A Burglar Conferred a Faves by Opening
i i un wale, ¥
The orcretor of a latgs sare OR
High stra hig plscw of bush
gems at an Ot
fr pEETIng
wlan when driest Ge BY 0
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