The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, January 02, 1896, Image 5

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5 And Ae enrth | bs Convo HE With robes of foe:
3 atton fo urier. Tey Teuman's coal 6740
GORI ; | This is eortainiy an pen winter.
PATTON PUBLISHING co. Sicmad Go to The Cambria Hardware Co.
for Seaton tf
{ Suhseribers who do Bot give express | ville rn
potice to the danirasy are aA ax wivh- AR
iL Yozt. or 1 hicago,
5 J tos pene their siibseri plans.
If sabseritiers oder the discontinbanes huginess Metuday
ir. A.V. Murray, spent his Christ-
Joh IRDGr Ray Sia
mas at Plaladelphin
wis at
was here
oof their periodieats, tue
Poi wy amd them nail
paid. ]
x. TE wreaths 0, ol boi rele Bo tain
ghelr portodiend feonye the prastotine th which
they gee Fractied, they are rrapomaible anti
thes have settled their Bille anal ordered thin
$y Anew
In winter when
nd ne wiidly
the storms TE,
Aseontinned, tor to our town on Monday.
; ith 1
BPE sent 16 the foriner address, thek are
2 G.1T.C t
he pertodivads fran the office oF remoting | nolan, of Pittsburg, register
& If sabserilers pay io advance they wre |
gives the best satisfaction of any. #716
wise the pahliniers 1d gut horiped to send i
ages. hil
: $5 et to the publ ‘day.
Jeyery oiher Sunday #1 8 and Ba my Mune
Pp i 5
Heeddors at He) x 8 si ant TI pom
ax exbuing v0 TR. Monday.
tom Lanlge Hove. poiite eeery Thurles
in Patton.
Parris CRDEN Ses oF ANKEICA Wash -
I. Holsinger, Ves. J T. Swarts.
1A PR bdon Wes. Patton, Cambria
of each month in opens oars on Saturday,
jhe rebuilt at once.
rons visiting friends.
M to 8 New Camberland W. Va
i ‘hristmas in Carroillown.
{ Patton on business Monday.
Toa call on him in the Good building.
And “the sighs new sing heerrid,
- ts ASCE pum fh : :
hu To ith hin during institote week at that place.
{Bf snbderibéss move to thet p okt : 3 : odes
oul nen te panther, and the o popers Carving knives and forks at The
ve held Cambria Hardware Co's. 4tf
The Courts hve decided that ve fosing fo
© amd leaving ther araatied fr, bs prima feeds #1 at the Central hoes Monday.
evidence of Intention! femad. ; er ke : :
Order your ooal from Troman.
bound to give notles af he end of the the if :
they di not wish to continge king it other.
Red the mibeerifeer will be sewponeibie mati an © H. 1. Weaver, of Freeport, was
EX Prise notion, with Ji ssn of Ril armen guest at the Commercial Hotel Morn
CCK PHeL IG Father Marceilios, gritos? Mass Jus. A, Hetimah, fie eg Hn
guest sl om
© da shoot at 2p ra amd ¥ PUREE i3 i t Jenteal hote
MerHoner Epineiir AL Re, £ WW Waser, | :
i td ¥
siday ht std p.m. Epworth Lengo is Joh. H. Dansmore, of Philipsburg,
mt EN pm, Praver mesting ory Wednes wh 8 weloome visitor to Patton on
IRBEPENIENY On we fo Ci ERLE Pat A.W. Lee of the Clearfield Lamber
he i sompany, of Clearfield spent Monday
ee fer ot TR Got 5. Hall,
HR es " Crh 5. {5
BN a Dr. Chan. 1). Hertz, the dentist, spent
tnglon Ching No. $88 oris evers Mowiny Christmas at Tyrone, the guest of Dr. |
Frenne nt TB In thud x
5 Witalow, Bec iy Fh ¥, k 4 .
ANFEERT ORDER GF mex oF AMERT Prince the weil known bull dog own
: ed by WP. Jackson, was killed by the
ornty, mols fiery id Sandiay Kilerhon
; Tn n, Prox
Bs Pritip Outtighan, | Rex. Hee. tpn, | The large main building of the olay |
: wr — - plant which was recently burned will |
. Chas. W. Wasson and daughter
spent several days last week in
‘John Snowden and Frank Thayer,
spent Christman with their families at
OC. A. Repsher, an empioye of this
office, accompanied by bis wife, spent
8 Good of Lock Haven, and |
lex Patton, of Curwensyille, were in
oi hen oar bew in ary ee) bow
a Sompansien for the fellow i If your teeth bother you read Dr
: Who br dirh o naght i vortared with ix | go new “ad” in this iw
whet 12 day are torrid Ei H. Parnell, of Houtadale, visited
ad his brother J Edwin Parvell, of this
And Battie with the beat, ie Awake place, the latter part of jast week,
i The Clearfield Monitor insted 3 daily
told The edition shows mach enterprise.
“EA W, Bulletin. |
Where did you spend the holidays.
and Mrs I. 8 Bell on Fifth avenue.
Everybody is invited into the Cou-
"AL Hat} \ Frid | mrin office to wee the wheels go around |
Ab ngs ; ¥ on press day, Wednesday afternoon.
| night
: x Harvey Lingle, who spent Christmas
ah wn foam over from Curwens- |, .1.e home of his parents in Philips
Lo burg, returned to Patton on Tiesdsy.
: The writer hus been informed by the
: raion on Monday. © paysicians of Patton that a number of
we _ “Tim the Tinker” at Hastings oper children are down with the meusies in
house on Friday night,
I. 8 Bell and Jesse E
visitors to DuBois last week accompanied by
Rev. Patber Brady, of Osonols Mills Good,
died at that place on last Priday. Patton,
The pest line of amps in own at Calinet photographs at rednesd
The Cassbria Hardware Co's, 44 prices during the month of December
a Postmaster Ed. A. Mellon made a #1 dC. Patrkek's
ol bainem trip to Hastings on Monday. avenue. af
Jas A. Miller, of Altoona, registered When you take & trip to Ebensbury
at the Commercial hotel on Satar. stop at the Blair house and yon will be
iy “used all right Accommodations ex.
"oellent and rates moderate. 8840
were — ¥ and BJ. Good of Lock Haven,
thelr fatber, Geo. 8
8 Saker ¥ ¥
Wise were
last The Star,
ve Alex. Montieth aud
_ Johnstown and
| Matt and Jas. Nolen and their wives change added to the Coumier list. It.
" with certainly a credit to the publisher.
a R E Davis, a traveling salesman of
0 Alteons stopped at the Central hotel
: Y Haught, the lumber mer. iin all,
, "Ham Cain, of New Cumberland, was
chant, is spending his New Year at
: a visitor to Patton during last week.
of was in town He is in the wall paper and painting |
” Geo. Green, of Gazzam, nr business and is thinking quite serious
. wil die wegl Shaking ly of locating here.
LW veil All the Patton school teachers, who
H caver, a tra one Slogan, | were taking a vacation last week, re
af Fresportitopped at lommercial ened to Patton Friday and Saiarday
a hotel on onday fam : os and resumed their duties at the oid
The largest stock © ps to select pund Monday morning.
Be will ay fond at The Cambria p, of peopie have piles, but De
Hardware Co.'s. Wikt's Witch Hazel Salve will cure
Taeday was pay day at all the gum When promply applied it cies
mines in Patton Sptepe the Moshan- gids and burns without the slightest
AOD COMPAnY's WOrks. pain. C. W, Hoogkins
F. E. McBEifresh, who spent yChrist- Charles Eck was caught by a fall of
"mas at his home in Penrith, W. Va.. coal in the Benton mine Wednesday
returned to Patton Monday. morning and considerably bruised
Ward and McKelvy, the merchant about the body and arms, hat no bones
tailors have a big new “ad in the were broken. —Spangier Sentinel,
i ark this week. Look it up. {On Tuesday W. P. Jackson received
McLaughlin and wife sad intelligence of the death of his
Ot dinner at the bome of wister-An-law-, Mrs. Doras Hoover, of
McLaughlin's parents at Clearfield
The South Fork Record issued s
Rigler, Pa. He departed for that plice
Wednesday to sttend the funeral
beautiful Christmas edition last week. The familiar face of Chas. W. Martin,
Editor Sechler puts out a good paper. |
Raphael Hite, whose term expired
who was a former employe of the
Cambria Hardware company, but who
on Tuesday night as poor house di-
rector, wis in town the first of the
is now traveling for a Pittsburg house,
was seen on our street Wednesday.
Road Supervisor W. H. Moors was
Abe Byers, a former resident of this
place, but now of Mineral Point, Pa,
one of the frst who arrived at the tire
Friday night, and was not long
was here on Tharsday looking after
business interests.
looking after the interests of the
Mr. Harper, of A. M. Thomas’ bard.
* ware, who was at Lock Haven and
Renova, through the holidays, re.
turned home on Saturday.
pected to take oul al least 140, 000. 008)
wh employe. With a crew of men be
soon removed several cars that were
standing on the siding, which were in
Tmediate danger of eing CONSUL HY
by the fames.
Lrwoens. |
JC. Wise, of Ansonville, was a visi |
‘had charge the past
I. A Quinn and danghter
ta, of DuBois are the guests of Mr.
spent Monday wind Tuesday in
Lal Poh
at Rankin, Px,
| and edited br A. H. List, is a Dew ex-
Five million bushels of cosl have
gone down the Ohio river from Pitta
burg on the prevent rise, which » ex.
Pymusylvania company, of which he ts
"The PATTON COURIER lately entered
wpon ite third yenr, We esteem it one
of onr valuable exchanges May it
ve long and be a source of real profit
to ita projector. ~ Conlport St tandard.
days of grace will be allowed on notes,
drafts, ete, they having been abolished
thronghout the Stare by the last Logie
The Husting Tribune is again andor
the supervision of Raymond J. Kaylor,
the proprietor, (A Gill, who bis
year, retiviing.
The Cormier wishes Bro. Kaylor en-
“cosf In the “ald harness’ again.
A heauntiful scene presented iteelf
| during the fire Friday night by the re
flection of the light on the large hill
south of the works ad it was white with
snow and here and there were groups
of spectators witnessing the fire. From
the railroad on the opposite side it
presented a magnificant spectacle.
Ar the Palmer Bods,
Following is a list of some of the
poopie who registered at the Palmer
house since last Wednesday morning:
JN. McCormick, Hantingdon, PF.
Maloney, Syracose, N.Y: A A By
ers, Johnstown: 8. FH. Haffley, Altoona;
'H. D. Romberger, Philipsburg: K. ©
Raup, Altoons; W. L. Malin, Belle
fonte: EA. Clark, Johnstown: John
Davis, Jos Carlin, Altoona; Wiiliaed
B. Winner, Phila; J. B. Smith, Su:
litzing J. M. Spincer, Ho didaysbarg;
'B. MeClellan, Philipsburg; Gi. i
Giised for Business Mon,
The eleventh annani issue of the
Columbia pad calendar is 10 be had by
sending five two-cent stamps to the
Pope Manufacturing company | Calen- |
Hartford, Conn.
This calendar has been considered a
has been
‘dar Department ,
fixtnre for many years. [It
improved from year to year and this
time is better than ever. Jt is & vii
| unable adjanct to the desk of the busi-
| ness or profesional man on account of
the facility with which memoranda
may be placed on its pages.
Received their License,
Marriage liceome were bwted 10 the
following people af Eoemetiar
december Zid: Wn
A: Dietrick,
Blanch A, Adams, Patton.
Moses lo Loan.
Irn sums of B20 1
Reoved real estate security.
fare address J OC
For par-
Too Polite
Collector- That old Slopay is too
darn polite
Editor. Eh!
Ceogector Every time | bring his bill
for advertising be tells me fo call
again Ex.
Rather Slend
This store 1s run ou
principle of slender profits a
lots of them. That means
many sales, with alittie hangin
on each one. It means further
that this is the cheapest store
in town—cheap because a man
‘always gets lis money's
1 a
For Instance:
gerd all-wool suits;
. worth 86
5 00
Berne cr oones in Blac K
ut, 7, well worth i 8
We have
Ov ere outs
yon Sire mn these
Good warm storm coats for
At $5 00 just worth
650 iy
Our black beaver coat at $s
is a beauty. Others will i offer
one like 1t at 10,
3.4.56, Here
an assorinient that tripp
the other stores in towt.
The Clothier.
that amt.
Te ka
NR ¥ ne
$7. &
i Notices have bhoen posted in fhe
‘banks stating that after Jaguary 1st no
Londgren and
Miss Annie Hanson, Patton, and Math.
: Hastings and Miss
$10.000 on up
Patrick, Patton, |
having recently opened a Merchant Tailoring establishment in the Baler a
building are glad to be able to state to the people of Patton sod or a
pommunity that they have already plenty of work, also wad to bw able Io X-
tend thanks for the liberal patronage and genthananiy treatment we fn ie
peretved sine coming in your midst, we respectfally meguest a continuance of
he same, promising to make onr heat afford to pions dnd give vou grad wa
£. 2 .
ror your mony,
Don't think becanse we say we have plenty of work we are not wanting your
arrange to take cam of
You know this is the dullest time in
the year for the Tailoring business and thal is the very reason it in The best time
order for a salt or pair of pants, for we Ao. an ae will
atl that comes as promptly as possible
for you to get a Bait or Overcont made. wont cost as mnch as next spring
when we are over ran with work, for that's what we are going to be Wa
know fram experience that we can fit yon. Also know we are going to reat
yon well and not overcharge yon, and there cannot he tere think,” any reason
why vou should nut give ns a trial, after that yoo are sure to come back
A good line of men's fine Rhoes latest styles. alan a complete line of heavy
Shows. Rubber Boots, Fre, for men and boys, that ‘we would like you to in-
spect before buying, especially that Invisible Cork Sole Shoe that excludes all
dampness at £4.00, and the Goodyear Welt at #325 then the English Foeamel
at $4.50, and don’t miss the hand-made Patent Leather at $5.00. It's a daisy
and if yon want a cheaper shoe we sella good C aif Shoe for $2.50, and good
shoe. &il solid, for $1.50 and $1.75. The Working Shoes, we have them ringing
in price to suit your pocketbook.
Arctica. Overs, Fte., we are prepared to give yon a good quality at prices al
low as same qoality can be sid for any place.
Drop in and see us whether you
are wanting to purchase or not, ;
Patton, Pa.
: in
EWA 11 Fiewenth Awe,
Practical Blacksmithing and
; 1 orse-shoeing
Sleds and Wagms made to
[owest Prices
tinds of repaining done at
= Crain of all kinds taken
xchange for work
R. A Hunter,
Near Iron Bridge
Do You Wear
For many years the public has made
snr store te headquarters. Ther ln
no special secret shout this statement :
They came in crows to relieve them
selves of high prices. There never was
a time when we kept this fact a secret
Why should it be jtept so, when we
are endeavoring to (ivide our eArTings
with the people.
There are a nupber of excellent
values offered this week. If you ame
quick in the matter there may be one
eft for you
A pretty showing of Ladies’, Misses’
and Children's Fall and Winter Shoes
that have never beet shown in Altoons
‘are all fast sellers Be active in this
matter and don’t shit too Jong. Our
latook of shoes this 1 ls so varied that
we can please yon ill. Drop in and see
for yourself
{vervoats, 1 75, 2,
Remember - We - Give - the - Desl
People Always Want
Foy as ap oad La a Ray + have con gg
terms. We will sell you
give you VOur
agreement 1s 54
7 satae.
avn igi t
wee ¥ »
c the balance
disp Wang on easy
all piyment when
rat ahi
% ¥ ¥ Foy Lh ae 3
Here 18 a chance make a
4 Er SO a Rs : 3 pg
Call and see ms whether you Wind toy Du
1 a
thing to mteres We will be glad at
advantages of investing in Faton Real Estate.
¥u v4
LK ¥
TY co
1 ase
Or Yearly.
myesiment on easy terms.
Or nat von mizay see sonie-
x » . si
all times to show vou the