The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, December 05, 1895, Image 8

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ention to the woarens of th
THE WOM- ‘G0 mbout the honse in the freedom
of no skirts, but have your gown ready
that roay be fastened on with one stick
pin. Have this hanging convenient to
reach, and when the doorbell rings Hip
on your gown and yon are reads to re
ceive your caller. When the caller has
gona, dropoff the gown, osrry it on your
arm snd go op stairs in freedom This 1
have practiced with moch comfort. ©
Morton's Record For »
Fae 5 2
The report of the secretary of agricnl.
fare for 1555 has been subapitied (0 the
president. Tt ix a volume of 84 printed
matters of mest i op
compelled © refs | request, as be |
eonld Bot get crricrs | the
pemniaine, and, Emoreow
ber that the na wo
state and would probably |
Yoarstt Toe]
| In Woman's Dress The Horse
Kingstoy's Travels-Amerl-
In English Eyes,
p Oct. 30 Grrandroa Maria Allen of
O., who enjoys thy distinction
ing the oldist mensbor of the Wom: |
Relief corps, department of Ohio, :
probably thy oklest memter in the
{ States, celebrated bor ninety.
n wis the first charter nen
Allen Women's Relief
. which wan
galiant eo, Captain
de sll day
And fullows wn every whers,
In the night 1 wake with a stark ©
1 02 bm Viewe at my ted;
Fas aniilnd byt his stouy pure.
Aw my progers sry belt ansaid.
When [ 4breteh my hands toganrd the light
Arel hie promise how seems Boar,
¥ sbnddar in pudden dread
As 1 me us ghost apaar
Fin chow are sanien with ape)
Hin oni wey deibbow anid dis
Tis brvath § lente in pir,
Avia Vpn priewiong Bs Loo Sher
The “Regus” Took Possession of the Pool, |
and His Claim Was Not Disputed Butll |
An Ewcited Guide Spoiled the Fan. i
Tha tiave hanter does not hong at pan. |
dor Toe hie garne. He Bivens shor fa the
ma pection and to
«1 wige markets for American meat prod. |
| vets, including the lsepection of aud
of Reptember. | mals for export trade, Amdmg the Heme
The German gvernor of the place of econdmy it shows that the Ki 30,000
gave ber all sssiytunce, and before the | sppropiated by the Fifts third congress | boat of the day 1ha grab oat sens th
Weamer oft 8 pumber of carriers had for il. purchase and dintribntion of | Bours neny in the owed setitapde bo sath |
tects sngaged to take her up the Cam: sede this year ix entirely intast, and | fml Hix bed may be in the deste Jungia,
' arocns mountains. She | intended to go consequently not drawn fromn the tress: | wher) fo pret worn Biv way in ant ont
overland to Rio diel Rey to the Boghish | ary of the Lnited States iis 3 in snus daek miving
geet re . Bay Tradi 1 Ty he baci : Ioeniishing 1 tv and a%eing ion on ban |
factory of the An Shas y : ng oum- | The total AmouDE Femsining Dues | aoe ol nih have nevis Deen Bbtsl |
pany. She is unittended by any white rh
Ta pended oat of the appropriations for the | up ha Phe rave of the aun abv the Bik
| companion. Besides he | years 1RG3. 1594, 1895 aggregates $1, | were rented. When the mi Pnsaibutesl :
corning the country and ite people she | 300 000 wvailable for retorn Rito the | and darkoee follows ine’ metsing, then the
treasury. ot this sum, Bowser, 21. rooval feast pes SHIPS, CREO TR wil
gorin, where
The Horse Riding Archidurhess.
| In the early days of ber sarried Hf
the Archduchess Maria Theresa is said
to have fonnd the atmosphere of Vienna
somewhat stifling. She resented being
| tied hand and foot by the traditions of
ded and gowe Hapsburge It was at
this time that she used to work off ber
aperfinons energy by those vides that
Gon wilde wiih do may
This wb} wan By
$s i% will ¢ s
Ag Loi as ng le hall Tas
io emia Srgntiend In Deine
iy :
wha organized the ses.
voltnteers in that v1. on
nod nN ane of the first to enlise
the late war. The charter mew
dp of this porps was 60, and it én
¢ o distination of being originally
“ Jurgers Wornao's Relic corps over
the hatr of her conyt ladies stacd
ond. According to Connt Vastli, she
cmos Foils from Rischenan to Guns snd
hack, a distance of between 200 and 300
kilometers, withent stopping. Mere
phywionl excitement, however, did nat.
somtent her for long. She is 8 woman of
geen intelligence ond wide sympathy,
of fish was brought to Sier : \
the Niger. Although she had nndergons
_ soma exciting adventures, Miss Kingsley
was in good health and
comsdnl in her expioratio
arcons mountain
na of the Came
hoped £0 be sme |
120,600 bas been saved in 1504 and |
ISAS rat of appropriations slightly ex
counting B5 000 000 for the two yoard,
The point is mude that while the saving bh
of §1.500 000 may attract but little com-
mendation, vet mm the heat ooonties in
Cth Dndon it wonld be diffenis so find
1,400 firmers who Bave together earned |
I He say cross a Gowen
| slow again that B anal third w
strate ew ral alter a few spoed
ravvaw hile dair in
grr Gf Cw pper
wii, boot baci]
rots e anl
lpr fii
aul He wwii the tanned creek or ov Dera
plunins ble peas To dutil Bec sone shit Ble
ces jn ho laps enough water to satiny the
wars growl |
They Awstelnty Spectral Honnds With
Muorptain Ninraes
{One of (he ony carions sa perstitions
| of the Welsh poussntry is that of Cron
V Apnwa, dr "ihe spirit boonds of the
Pate” Wien a sora rages over thn
| moantaiel of Wales, the peasant will
{ toll yon (hat hix ear can diseen the
hive 0 8
Anil vhe 5
a =
f Bowl of the Cron Aunwn mipglo? with
rw who hunt the slephent af | that of the wind, bot saifotent iy clear
4 jae thay Hie ¥ Rone tha b rent | anid distines to admit of po snistake of
animal on sarth Teoavoralfor and cong | ince te ia
panes thmid they Lie Tux. 3 thers | EA =
danger 1 the air be may i nol Thess spirit Bonnds, he tele yom,
ars the ineddesl dogs which hunt te
dad or which foretell,
Poand saved as mineh in the sme Dime
a : SC Parnmire pay the most ties Ta
; $V ions of ooorse property, 7 ays the secretary, and are
RIE hr fante, ON determined tor. count for sornething, pol what is the at | pew tal iy Dterdntod in an cenineniend |, foie
_panize a court of ber own - She bas a traction that drives som an ong mon Cand judicioas mmnagement of the gov Silo
perfect gonins for entertainige. What. to take a bride ity Americal I think one ernment. rt with
weer wore her rank in life she would | of the reasons is the individuality of the | out wener and pover got any susp by
have her mon, thoogh she held it in a American girl. Treated by men with a
kitchen, and madve her role the arch- courtesy and a consideration aukoown
ducal palace soon became sinowned for hers from ber earliest youth, accostons
tu splendid hospitality Fur yours now od to have an epinion and an existence
3 hag been the center of the life and of her own, independent in money mat- |
| gayery of tha capital, the meeting place ters—for the American father gives the
“of all who are distingoished, whether groator part of his fortune to haw girls
by ravk or genio Y _ rather than to his sonsohe has jonrned report thst p
The Austrians, especially the Vien to think and act for herpeil. [rinthigin- On pent for i
| gese. are» splendor loving rane, and dependence that gives a chiar to Ber | $100,000 oes then the approfiriation fr |
they would idolize the archdunchess if i8 conversation, m gest fo hor society. She 1534, and got it was $182,000 morn that |
| were for nothing but the royal state in is pot crada, oiish like the amount estimated for by the depart. tr
which she lives among them She js iv} ar si ment Washington Post . Ee
| sheir ideal of what x soversign shonid tor miss oe hha ! te the roi >
Fb, their own sovereign whos all, and ry, apd MILL'S NEW MOVE. ' Bn mind Rod,
. thay openly monn over the fact that and her inp { for niles an
she ta snot change pisces with the eo 4% Bay moth. Rawor That the New York Senmtor Is {elephant Bol Nn a BRL
press. It ds a favorite thecry of theirs § rernarks Ahont to Be Married. | dunbited pot that th | Drnidish priests, with their wits robes
that, if Marta Theresa robad in the hof- tate of Senator Hill hax sp all his Pfrionds | 80d jackal taro to ta | aad red trae
brie, Vienna would at cove cast off its : ¢| and enemies th guessing again by give | Shel? thir. A a a ag In the yopalur superstitions of Toa
gloom and be, ax it need to be, the gay EL ing op his hotel lodgings, which fe has | Foe she i sort Sens had Lait ode | and, whites o similar belief in spectral
. "ext capital fu Earope Then trade womid |
yi : is Lomb farm mason the treed ester ad BORE boo Be i CE As
{| oevmpied] ever wince coming 1o Washing. | and mn Bes soon Eb iii : : onde YXintE, tory are gaid 10 be b iid
inane was Lowndes, and | revive, they are sure, and the good old : . : Leek, with evos and teeth of fire.’ 1d
Pompton towns) iq. Gays when men lived in pence with each
ap ton fntersat herself ul
oid Taity is remarkably well and
al amd phiian
mine all hie Den ities ty a soris
soe. To see bor in ber favorve
snd she #00 te
her husband 8 soy
work” Then, as the huftri was pot at
feo ormnenta an $ mith prasad be % ave
a aibelter of the Tost te brink pntll srmle of the
>othely SRUrCIRt
death of arrose pore
Poof thes hob
oreadiiy distin guien : 5
. | hunting fick rev acliniy tun
| they bait ever sutaally sen a Com
{Annum lon they say, wha would
ia | linger gotil sch spusters dawned vpon
ui the might!’ They are described boy<Fali-
wit exiy, amd aise in the “ Mabtuogion,
Afer Fling for two Bours our native | where it is sald they are of a clear, dion.
skate tod Gs to a water wide cn the nip 0f ing whith w pod care The above
: Ih ¢ seamen ik i seems to be the ativerami dewription,
: “he Land en thay sesoant the
beh. Then he mmalies his way eey.
sph thicket amd over Gallen hon 4
3 mead deen ere gully dha 3
mn owe folloves alter. When (hy
4) Hed
2 SX B As oRes fa
3/PV I aRaR Faw
Fla THEY Ont A
? i :
&lass ran PARR hl at gril
$1500 Chae writing 3
for any other pen
wivieh they were tab fron |
TET are Ww
PE 1 wee his come down taahil perl Wil a
{aban spitting and snarling, smd wool
#1 ghaeny tos dopa,
Anke ;
PLR whare ie
than | fila
| Saga author of
Metisdigy of the Ancient fraide’’
¢ piven Qt as his opinion that they are
mally Tmvebic forntions of
Hihe ix a wornan even Ln Ue 2
SXPraENes Ber vem ed ;
apdaboen while milla oon
er's koe. Biuioar My ea
bn hie Mewk oon Ane
things has its
| marries, the
Wilitiem, ber Tats
CAE evalitee 3
in resignation
" fain
ann of the
r years | Her face is radiant sud
ul, fediceting » well poised sod
In spenking of ber his
tom, snd ranting a big house jo ote of fartably we possible. We sans smoking
it Con MeMichue!l who mundered 20 per.
comnty, N. J. om Oct. 20, 1801 |
Fe had
0 | the post fashicnabie parts of the city, | steplant, Duffaio or deer. 18 was a tigep !
© other would come back again. Many of .| There is nobody hers to speak for Hill, | we And some 6 kill, and knowing that bo | #ons in the surly pars of the fifteenth
sneestars (ny mother's sida
Jersey and thos an my
in New York city. Thoraas J.
3 4 hisckemith, who was bors |
Pompton township. We
Oct. 20, 1838, say hirth- |
to Ohio nie years jatar
mber Wagon,
ho regard with sant favor the
of Karl Lndwig being their
those w
prospect (
emperor womld gladly hail hin wile as
: College Settioments
known as the college settlement system
#00: | rv Mis Joney Conard of Pittsburg sod
t kille ho 40 Toh
interrupted by saving,
i sure if iE bad nat boon
puight have dived fo 8
aga Mrs Alien smiled Wm
Neaith bad Toon very good op (| which bas beem partly developed in
sipee which time
with pero ia
yours of ney bile in
& ball ago,
been trom)
he enrly
thin neurnigia came om.
wei you want to Jive 10 reach
wrk,’ said the repor
ix wuch a thing as Tir
ave enjoyed
5 seen in my time!
and hve vastly |
ago the old lsdy attended
Richard Allen W. R.
Elizabeth Williams of
In the |
Miss Corells BE. Bond of Cincinnati.
Both are college women of broad oul
tare, and both huve sdoptad literature as
a professico. The fleld ia a new one,
“i | and soggestions by such bright intellects
Yidy sinh dave, Me ech |W thess are alwass of valoe
Conard, in speaking of the subject,
| pays: “It bas already proved a benefit
jp every place whera it bas been tried,
and its usefulness to a oritienl stadent
L sespns Wo Bave no Hmits One phos
England, bot has been rather neglected
fr: our own couniry, is teacaing the very
how to wmose aod enjoy them.
xd hd a | selves. In the terrible yresenre of life
tacked with fevers. My | they lose a small part of the power to
enjoy and a large part of the power io
pocure material for enjoyment. Teach
{ing the children little games and pretty
* instantly auewered th | oC Morris backgamison, dome
Rte and | DM 10x and geese, simple arithmet.
joa] puzzles, teaching both yoeug and
the clubs where ane contribotes a =ng,
| another a recitation and a third sore
‘ pther specislity—thes: acts dn an
| mmmount of good whoeh the well to do
scarcely imagine. I have no doubt
MOT | that this matter could be xystematized
and a regular method formulated which
would apply to any and all kinds of
communities. *'
Miss Boad spesks highly of the desire
| for jnformation which exists in every
| human being and seems to survive even
| the hardest condition of life. She says:
“1 “1 have known cases in which poor
as well as the W. |
y an ber birthday and pro-
ii large emsy chair end
into the conference of
y purity and physical enl-
wients of the National Wom.
Temperance union which
n Baltimore preliminary to
al of the speakers referred to the
111 effects of corsets and other tight por
tions of woman's dress in antagonizing
: cal cultura development. These
i torght to her feet Misa
n Potter ¢° Boston, whi said: :
Skirts hither me mare than corsets
What shall we do with these trailing
things which 1 re forever tripping ns as
we go up stair? Look at a woman with
» baby in otic “rm and & cup of milk fo
the other band trying to walk up stairs,
Even with « = ided skirts," and here she
gracefully pi ed up a black divided
skirt in whic: she was attired, "one
porner is sure to get under our fect on
jexs held out of the way. With the new
_ gkirt of eight yards around the problem
sf dream : © nights of an smaneipas
© tion coming iT us Bx a result of bieyele
"riding," continued Miss Potter. ** When
: gop girls riding with Turkish trousers
and who we: formerly afraid to dis
mount when they wished to outer a store
or public plcte now getting down and
“walking about with prefect freeddm 1
think the tiwe of our .mancipation is
coming. When the state is reached that
such attire will not receive a backward
glance of a hoy or young aan, the proh-
, jem will have boon partially solved.
iho publie only tociy to aot gradually
| workingmen would forego little pleas
bad read or hanrd a great deal. You can
- alwayw gather a crowd by giving them
an interesting lecture upon foreign
| lands, queer peoples or anything eccen.
: tric or extraordinary. tr Margherita Are
i fPtargherita Arline Hamm.
Margherita Arlina Hamm. one of the
| youngest leaders in the woman's suffrage
| cause, says she bulisves that for cen-
| turiex women fave held the balance of
. power without mcognition. They are
‘the homemakers, through their theft
| Apd economy they make if possibile for
"toon to live so that ther do pot become
care upon the state, and that as ail
tected by the government, the grea}
tarmy of home nyakers, the women
| ony pation, should be recognized by |
powers that be, and only the right of
| franchise, thinks Miss Hamm, wiil ring
| this condition of things atent Women
{ should pever rest until they are allowed
| to vote and become a recognized element
in politics.
i During a recent visit to London Miss
| Hamm was made honozary vies presi-
| dent of the Writers’ club, of which Mrs.
| Humphry Ward, Lady Colin Campbell,
| Lady Violet Greville and Marie Corelli
{are members She was also made a
| member of the Royal Geographical so-
‘ ciety, of which Mrs. French Sheldon
| and the late Amelia Edwards were mwem-
i bers,
, Mise Kingsiey's Travels.
The London Standard gives some par-
ticulars of the travels ia Africa of Miss
Kingeley, a daughter of the late Charles
Kingsley. She applied to the German
{ authorities for carriers take her over
| the Cameroons nounutaing This great
empress. ~ Temple Bar.
Two of the latest leaders in what is
| 6} how to come together and form hit
months at a time fn order to
| accumulate encugh money to make a
flying trip io some place of which they
other tudustries are reovgnized and pro)
are dissativtiad wi
are reef iow Dap
for revnit, yebeil
hig Bmreriant far damon Grape
F #
favesibes Weraen,
| Beome clever geying
rability of draws | piney
Moding along the hw sige a th
piece of leather of a stent pace of cloth
This simple devick Bas probmgod the
wenr and tear of those neefal artichm by
| ag Jesat 50 per const. Mis BE 5 Holch
ins of Big Rapids, Mich. , baw agping
this principle with cousideralie succns
fo the puenmatio tives of bicycles In
the conter of the tire che constructs a
groove, which she fills with a band, or
smaller tive, of Jeather. The latter deen
pot interfere with the elasticity of the
robber alr cushion and greatly ineriases
stg durability. Tie sane idea Was ag
gested by Mra Ida W. Rew of this 0ity,
whe recopnenesvdesl that the band of
Jonther, two foviies La ene
mented To the extivior of the © 3
wonld protect teh tire from wear sod
also frogs the carpet tacks which madi
cine miwresnts ie {51000
New York Maal and Expres
Ep hia
A ChaBlag Dish Party.
| A pleasant and pew diversion for au-
tenn evenings is a chafing dish eandy
party. Each maid and man i provided
with a dish set apon a large table, apd
makes the kind of swestmonts that he or
| uhie Tikes best or bas most skill lo miak-
ing. Ba
bring hin own disk, and the hostess pro.
vides the material Some of thy panilies
that run be suovemsfully made 1G a chaf-
| inig dish are Letter soto, caramels and
maple caramels, taffy and all Kinda of
| nuts and Gait candies that ar mad of
| sugar or hotter and sugar or of sugar ind
| molasses, Alpumde, pennote, pests aud
raisins and figs pay be used in these
| omtddien ;
Helistrope, firny and flack the Yagae
The vogue given to heliotrope, sliver
advance information about his plags,
Cand soit ix all a matter of ormjectare |
Bloyr Mm
what bis foturs course will be The |
leasing of the bones natarally gives rise |
i to the remir tht he da to bring » bride
: to Washington at the opening of the ses
| sion of congress, but po coe in Washing
| tom aplears to have information on this
point. Indeed Senator Hill is always a
migatery to everybody and gives little
ether of a public or private natore
Tt haw been announced inn the newspa- |
pers that bw will commence a lecture |
tone in Chicago a few days after the |
opening of congress, but thers is no |
sonfirmation of that anpouneament ob |
tainsble in Washington, Whether be ja
G3 be present when CODEYeEE mests arn
guesticnn that his best friends in Wash. |
inggtens conmet answer. The hone that |
Senator Hill how jeased 8 on the west:
side of Lafayette square, Within a stone's |
throw of the front door of the White |
Flomme und directly across the park from
the neve open hoes erected cn the sito
of the Bistiaie mansion im which James
6. Bluine ived apd died. The hove
was leatlt and for some time ceonpied
by Major Rathbope, who ooenpied the
- box at the theater with President
Lin. |
Leola and family off the night faimeain |
h guest may be requested to
. gray snd black is attriboted to the fut
| that so many of the royalties are aying
aside mourning and weaming theme
| shades. A silver gray get op that is ie
pecially moart i a skirt of silver gray
| bengaline and baw no trimming what
{ ever. The bodice is of the same material
| and bas square Jaeket fronts of silver
| gray velvet outlined with a piping it
{ steel passsrnenterie. Just in front sa
loose gilet of rose colidwl chiffon, The
sleeves have puffyof the velvet and culls
of the silk, with a narrow frill of ehuf-
: en. The bonnet I puule of oat steel and
pink velvet —Ladiea’ Home dJonrnal
Saye his Gea
Badehiffe students
bright plan fur preventing the
crowding of the open receplicrs
hislt of she girly bave the privilege
inviting gueals af 006 time, the Rber
Salt patiently waiting their tara
Cue of the most interesting aud sue
3 Naw JRE ry Eh
Hut |
cessful ennvases executed by Miss Jane
Brdgbam Curtis while at Ciiogeesster
during the past Maniiner Wis a Jife sted
tust portrait of Elimbeth Bruart Phelps
Ward. :
Mis Sarah L. Amoid, the recently
appointed supervisor of the Boston pub
He schools, has been in charge of the
primary work in Minneapolis Lr seven
Maw camizra Maous Caazela nwans
The Ladies’ Gapette, and 1s the name
of a paper started last month by the
women of Turkey.
A military cotupany has been formed
by the young girls of the high school of
Halvax, :
sas kitied, Binoe thas the as bests
sed alternately ax a Boarding homes
and private residenes. His latest tanant
was Senator Duigh, an old frigrutl of
Semator Hill, who frequently dined
thers with his Republican colleague — |
Washington Cor. New York Sun,
Nothing to Attract the Mob,
Thre were more nyililons represented
yesterday in the Seiten Rockefeller
wedding in New York than iu the Van
derhilt and Whitney nuptials combined, :
yet the young people most coneerued |
wad fortunately neither divorce nor tL
gles to attemet the mob, and the ceremony |
It ix pot mere money, then, that we
sightueers rive,
Thare nat he a side show, a news
paper notoriety worked op, befory the
“areat heart of the pubic oan be
tonohied, and when it is, then call in poe
Hee and spread out the bride's lingerie
to the publie gure —~Cholly Kbicker-
booker in New York Recorder.
Step Up and Wegister, Chen lintnen.
The friends of Cieperal Alger have
established oa procedent which is Lkery
toy fuerease the eandidata Jt to a large 7
wrtont. They are forward
® hin
Ga Wilag to :
asprin Sg
why whe fu Bok a endl
date for the presidential pominslion an
rian hiv gael nt of cabine
firiie ;
$45 we EEL 5
wiversity doo iaons
ronghly panty par:
As the press 18
The h
pew Froopch 9
ihe Henin 16
sit and tie
if ties fh
avd away wonal De to
Tha B
\opssariiyY a
dad ERT
mar a Siren
Washington Hear.
Bo pe
Bata w
At Une swallow.
Ti the
Hussta professes gy on
dtaiptepration of the
Ruossia wound rather go
Now Yirk Toler.
dale 1 Whig
They Tail ta Ses In
The front le with a great many of our
politicians 13 that they are ob the re.
give list and don't know it Washing.
ton Post.
Ne Has Yet Appeared,
Hiwaver, we expect still to hear of
game bods who tea candidate in the or-
diary sense, Detroit Tribune,
Kir OF
frighten all other
wutohod Bis for a few minutos and then
| aleph nagatn, and an hour ater the naive {
Lwhbigeavd in our oars: ;
caishih ie te tine. The rogue is still |
| Haal mead
Hats tho water Swen out amet gether the |
Thee fastaimd 00 his 3
: nhan
her mi
i terestii in Wh
| passaniger
woald pat appear aptil dong alive mide
sight the twa of us slept and left 1k © the
FoI08 to wasted snd wake us ak the progee
Hour, Sonn after 12 o clock he whispered
to ai (Bat 8 rogue’ cleplusnbe-an Outlay
focani tha herd and more fo be fara than
the tiger had rome down frat the fie
and taken possession of the paal. Stand
fog to the venter of 5, be was trying 18
cammiees aveay. Wa
hors, buat the forest bas suddonly grown
suet. That Homie thas » Lhaper in aE
34 gran. SRP he WER sure DY Lo
path Eig 8 Die Lith
11 was two hairs Ye to day hrek, Br
bs be Buarried or pot snd whether be fu | %° Bad the Hght of moon aml steers and
: Cennlit sew pvercihing alinoet as yell aa hy
duylight. Iv ix mover quiet fn an 1 pdian
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This Was In Boston.
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mother tok the ehild on he
make room for the pewoomar
youngster rested, saying: "Don't be
rideiul as, salma for god
uy und give their seats to gentlemen
Thorpe are sony read obildren Jafy, but
wot many -Boston Hemod
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century, sod who got vid his wistime
by hurnitie tier bodies, ts Sd tS have
Ywsent eatun by speetral dogs that gould
be seen Bigh in the air awlally rendiog
| and soar tig bis flesh.” One of the pent fo
iarities of the Cron Anuwn, according
tn the Rev. Bdmuand James, is that the
farther way they are the londer their
erie appar, the wnnd decreasing os they
draw per --Piistineg Dispatch
Welghting Silk.
| Hogue bmppovements i the treatment
Lof wilh ae potted. Ordigarily wiik is
sweightint’’ by depositing tannate of
tin og the iter: the material recaives a
bath of fannie soid and then another of
| perchioride of tin, a rietion of this
being wade wntil an increase of the
we ght mnopats ® from 10 10 30 per
const, beyond which it is not considered
safe to gh in the ease of vik intended to
1 bo dyed light shades or to be hicsched.
Recently a CGhrrmian inventor has brought
furward a process in which silica is the
wiighting sent, In carrying oat. this
method itlires steps ammdeseribol. Fiest,
the sik, raw or io auy stage of mang-
facture ind either before or after dye.
ing, i worked for an hour in x bath of
perchloride of tin then, after sjpeesing
and washing, it is worked I a warn
sintion of water gloss or soluble sili-
sate of soda fur aboot an hour, followed
by washing. having alse been previonsly
passed tiirongh & solution of phosphate
of soda The operation may be repented
again and again with no harmful affect
on the fiber or cn the subseguint dyes
ing, and in thee cperations the wk may
he inerassed in weight some 100 to 130
per cont, The sik is now sonped, and,
if alrendly died, bs cleared iu in smal
ston of slive al and acid —Nuw York
Halibing Egus ou a Fire Engle
“A goad story is told conceding the
members of the fire brigade in 4 certain
town nab far from Hastings On one og:
camion itt appears a fire broke ot in the
town, ahd a rush was sataraly made
for the flen engine, which wus always
kept un the promises of ane of the in-
habitants. When the nren attemptad
take the engine out, however, they wera
met wits the excimuation from the cas
“Hi! ye can't take that cot. I've got
a hen sitting on there, and you Tl break
i her PERN £8 5
Tradition avers that the men, sexing
the force of this argument, ipstantly
| withdraw, and the fire wis prt ont hy
means df pails of water draw from 3
| neighboring well — Pearson's Wiwikly.
If pon cannot be happy i (ne way,
This facility af disposi-
on waists but little atd foo philos
shy, for health and good hemor are
wost hese hole affide. Many ran abont
Vafper felicity, like an mals boat
| fg for has had whe it ix i hed or om
{ hy Hea meen
a hisgnt
Bicarbonaty of soda
x an ssio ile pamedy for sick headache
af panies. [8 0x aso best to Keep in a
horiponal position. Chloroform is aise
veouiimbed, from five to ten drops on
a harap of sugar boing the ampoant © be
It cannot be denied that ontwaerd ac-
cidemty pondnee mach tu fortune’ favor
——gppottunity, death of others, cecusion
fitting virtue—Dbnt chiefly the molding
of a man's fortune 18 in his own hands,
Suid a little boy who, daring a visi
to Florida, was obliged to dnipk ool
dense! milk, “Mamma, [ jist wish
that cotdensed cow would die!’ — Anjer-
| Ioan.