The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, November 07, 1895, Image 12

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    €88 Was devomplished 2 T The yearly ; ‘Io-
~cust’ would be as well worth watching.’
—Mechaniza’ Monthly.
——— — —————————
The Cabblers’ Stone.
On the side front of the Mulhouse
town hall there is hang up a stone call
ed the ‘‘Klapperstein’’ or ‘‘Babblers’
Stone.” It bears an Ett in Ger-
man, of which the Torlowlne is a trans
lation :
1 am called the stone of babblers,
. Well known to evil tongues.
Any tlle who is of a quarrelsome or sian.
Wil be
Ys Pryews
aR ™
Dime Museurn.
In the
Cal be appoliateu Ww office Witdiont
his approval. No one can be punished
without the judgment receives his sig-
nature, and no one pardoned without
his hand. This man—always right, al-
ways just——we propose to re-elect now
to the presidency. '’—Louisville Courier-
Journal :
any 3
The Intrusive Tulip Tree. ;
The tulip tree appears to be better
able to reproduce itself and is evidently
more hardy when young than any other
of our native trees. Wherever there is a
bare or negiected place in Brandywine
species of tree immediatel
r Within the an 3
> are. twa Gr
No Longer
To burying a suicide at reap,
To applying the torturs. .......... aerisnranes
To applying the thumlserew..... esis waits
To applying the buskins. :
To administering the Gehenna torture. ..... 10
Ladd dia
To putting a person in the pillcry 3
Tofogging .......on vx .-
To branding with a hot iron.
To cutting off the nose, the ears orthe Shes ic |
~—Londcm Lancet.
ants se —t——————
The Duty on Wheat.
In the debate on the tariff set of 1824,
Mr. Taylor explained why the duty was
placed on wheat in 1816 as 15 per cent,
equal, he a. at that time to 283% eents a
i snes she: it had been & thi
feed und
t importation of
Bot |
Black sen
| antral.
| Who delight in snails. The observation
Io England sheer, are known
| of this fact is not new; it dates back
| 130 years.
It is well known that a large mumbe:
of insectivorons birds become grain eat-
| ers whenever they find that they cannot
| procure their ordinary diet of insects. —
| New York World.
i Ramnsow In a Clear Sky.
| For the second time withis two
{| months Santa Earbara wns reeently
| treated to a rare and beautiful phenom-
! ‘With a clear sky and dry atmos-
brilliant rainbow
A y Hey
fons and
t of
were at least: ur distalice, Wie
creases in his skin were said to be 2s.
traps. They exhaled a peculiar oder, at
tractive to the flies, and when these in-
eautionsly ventured within the creases
the wily elephant suddenly contracted
his skin and massacred them by thoun-
sands. — Westminster Review.
His Early Educniion Saved Him.
‘In Florida the other day an old darky
was brought before a magistrate upon
the charge of ‘wantonly and malicious-
ly killing a fowl—one hen.” It seems
that the murder of the hen was oold i
ii iki de
tons tu avull anythiug thal waght give
him unnecessary pain, and cne of them,
a few days before the end, inventing a
pitiful ruse, said to him, “Which of us
installer?’ **Why this ceremony?" asked
the admiral. “‘Iknow wall what it
means. Let the man come and measure
me for my coffin.”’—*“The Plymouth
'Road''—C. G. Harper.
‘Bringing Up Children.
The son of a very eminent lawyer,
while awaiting sentence in the felon’s
‘dock, was asked by the judge, ‘‘So you
remember vonr father?” “Parfectly,’”
said th wenever 1 entered
nth saa,
aiaa vy