The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, October 10, 1895, Image 2

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    | Rorial nf Anrry Weight. ne
MEG MED iN Tl THEW Posies Od. 6-4 wes wos YL
bail maceger snd obief of staff of league
Corbett and Fitz Can Fight Over umpires, waa interr:d this afiervoon im
the Border. beantifal West Laarel Hill ceroetery.
Rarely haz apy man, no matter what
hie pesition may have heen in pa lie hfe,
0 EXISTING LAW in THE SUBJECT. TE oli on iibprosive. and
touching faveral, From noon ontil 3
President Dins. However, 1s Opposed to the | roiioh, the hoar of dipuciure for the
Sport and May Prevent a Meeting.
_ Wasmmerox, Oct. 3.—Minister Ro-| ot the house ot Frank Hortat, one of Mr.
mero, of Mexico, speaking without official | wishes most intimte friende, st 2119
information of the subject, inclined to! ver place, where fureral services were
the belief this afternoon that the Corbett- | ne:d, were crowded by people aoxions to
Fitzsimmons fight might be brongbt off | ,.y 1oeir last tribute to ive illustrions
‘within Mexican borders, if the partiee | joad. Baseball men of prominence from
concerned eo agreed. The place seid 104] parte of the conntry, were present, as
have been selected is in the state of Tam- | gag also men promioent in basive.s aod
_ atlipse, which touches the southern bor-| gogial life in Philedelphia. Toe floral
cemetery, the streets in the neighborhood |
It Succeeded fie Du DuBois Deposit
Bank Last Monday.
A Brief Resume of 1h: Hanking Bnginamm
ie Dios, ;
A pew departare in the 8 ope, charac-
t2r, organization and field of veefainese
of one of DuBois’ most sacoessfal, pro-
gressive and yet populsr and conservative
business institutions occurs to-dsy. :
The DuBois Deposit Bank is a thing
of the past and when tbe dours within
a its bosiness has in the psst been
traneacted swing open this morning it will
u for su, posipz that the Deposit | They Can't Appreciate the Fin de Siecle ou
‘the "ow, which 18 ous of the growing
oentres of hnsivess nod populstion of}
UAL alilg Males a rond, stud "here i 50
| Nati 5a! will st eontinte ov merit and
receive the sa _.~ high considerition:
Licsipg over the entire field of the
State, we find many stroog amd well con-
ducted baukivg iustitations that are de-
a reir A specific mention in thesa eol-
| amus, ty virtne of the importunoce of the
work they are doiog iD their respective
apheres of nsefnluess. For instance, we
hsv. Pufore us some facts and figares ip
peli -ice to the DnBole Deposit Benk,
D tons, Pa which may he tsuken in the
Pe seuss of the word. ns a reprasentative
joetitotivs. This is rhe oldest bank ip
Clearfield conury—a district rich in cosl
sod iror, sod blessed pe with inuch good
agricaitaresl jand. ‘Tue D-posit Bank is
moorporsted nn ier the nw; of the State
of Penusvivavia, . It has a cspital stook
of $75,000), and 18 ander the mAnsgement
of the bouawiog named gentlemen se of
"AER EDITORS. | Pp=s¥ivasi mammoan.
| IN EFFECT NOV. 35, ue.
Poet, Stephen Crane.
Stephen Crane is .a melancholy ap- |
pearing youn man who writes yo - RABTWARD,
choly appearing lines. In the minds of | 104 A. M.—Train 8, daily except Su
some person, among them Mr. Orane | Sinvery, hs
and his publishers, it is presumed that | New York, Pp. mi; ,
latent genius seems to nestle in those moa
lines To the cold, unfeeling rabble, | from Kane to 16 ; He
which needs to know what words mean | nr P md te ers Andes Sunday,
te understand or enjoy them, those lines Fritts
are of the most enfeebled grade of twad- . p Hi
Yet his verse—and it has been called
verse—has mt been written in vain. It
‘has aronsed pity for the writer in tender | week
bearts, which know that brain troobles| Hmore,
ee ot epmiivte| mses
an sympathy is ever ve to
the plaints of him who wears out in the nebon, wit red uo
barness.. The Philistine has said that| Tom sade to Philadelphia 4
what we are coming to in poetry is like port «s Baltimore.
Trains leave Driftwood
and Erie Railmed Divisis
der of Texas, on the Rio Grande. There | arings were among the most elaborate
tobe no existing law that willl oer een in this oity
- prevent the fight there.
so os ate
Express Thiel Captured.
87. Louis, Oct. 3—A well-known sport- . 6.—John Don Farden
ing man who has had years of experience _DareeRs, Ost Atlan
; in Mezioo and Indisn Territory, said to 4 ase hile. st Ter fe Hante,
a United Press reporter that Corbett ud ied SR bere last pixist charged
Fitssimmons will never flabt jo esher of with theft of $16,000 {rom bis employers.
the territories or in Mexico. He says the fle waived extradition proceedings snd
railroad travel is too great, and the fact waa thken west to-nibl.
that ample protection from either Re *% | Farden sdmitted that he took the pack
thorities or disorderly element could no +g6 bootaining the money and implicated
be guaranteed would deter people froth J. R. Barnett, ticket agent of the Ven-
oiog to any piace ssleoted in those local dalis rairoad at Terre Haate. The men |
i of witnees. | S0P8rsted after dividiog the spoils, Far
iog a prise fight. Claims that the law den going south, while Barnett traveled
westward. The latter, it ie said, is etill
abiding citizens of the territory in ot large.
mand government intervention if the pi
is proposed for their section of the coun: Accident at a Dedication,
try. Paesident Diaz 18 opposed to prize|{ Lonaix, O., Oct. 6—A trighttal acci-
fighting, and arrest and imprisonment in | dent attended the laying of the corner
Mexico ie a thing to be dreaded. stone for the vew Et. Marys Catholic
chareh in this city this morniog. Fully
Orookedness Unearthed. 5,000 people were gnthered aromn:i the
Prrrssure, Of. 4—In oconoection toundstion for the new structure und the
with the aadit and investigation of the priests were about to begin servis when
. accounts of tha city attorpey urder di: |the platform oconstracted of boards sud
rection of council's commitiea & ee s8lion | rpuning the entira distance across tha
was developed to-day and st least 006 | ares on which were boat 1,000 people,
ity official is under grave suspicions. zave way, precipitating 200 of them into
Csehier Wardrop of the Trademen's [+},, czeavation. - A panic evs wd which
Nations! bank, to-day informed the io: |.sagited io increseiog the Tatalitiss. Oue
vestiyaling committes that interest on & foaren; was killed, 11) fatally an 12 seni:
deposit of $100,000 bad been paid to W. 1 asic hart. : :
H. House, assistant city sttoruey; ti :
' qadrterly payment of interest on eity de- + Priseeton Wou i Aoeept Now. :
posit covered a period exceeding four| FPriNcETON, Oct. (3.—Ceptain Lea of
years. Oashier Wardrop will make de- | tbe Princeton footbull team to-day in re-
tailed statement perteininy to the account | ard to the offer mude by Philadelptis
for the information of the committees. Inquirer of cup valued at $1,000 to be
Otber backs which are city depositories | §176D to the wiunet of Princeton-Penn-
were visited by the committee bat ro hiring game, Tal snch bs erienged
positive information was obtaivel except or this year. The cup wou come
af the Freehold bank, where it was stated | the property of the team winning such
that no interest bad been paid on city |@sme for three successive years. Les
was much sarprisud at the offer. He
House, who ia charged with the collect- stated that it would be ‘impossible to ar-
jom of interest money illegsily has been Hale» fusih tie Yiu. ok 8 rea
gonpected with tbe city rwyy: office | 200 that there 50 Cae open
Water by the Car Load. He Was Em gloved a1 ee Blanchard Mine,
Horuipavsavra, Oct. 4.—Hollidaye- Perro, Pa., Oct. 4.—A young map
burg city cvancils to-night granted a tem- | by the name of Victor Kirk was killed at
porary wster supply to the car shops, lo- | Winterburn to-day while epragging cars
eomotive works and the 5,000 employes of | from the mouth of mine down to the tip-
the Penneylvania railroad at Altoona, |ple. He was riding ove of the loaded
during the continuance of the water fam- | cars down the hill when another loaded
‘ime there. General Baperintendent Shep- | car got away from the men at the top and
* herd made a request for aid in order tbat | ran into those in front, breaking the
- the company need not cease operations young man’s neck «xd one of his legs,
during the drought. killing him instantly.
The company will daily receive 350,000 og i —————
gallons of waters aud eleven trains will
"ram every day between here sud Altoons
te convey the water. ;
Hollidaysburg is the only town in the
Juniata valley tbat has a superabundant
water supply and six communities are de-
pendent upon the local reservoir.
: ‘Coon Hunter Shot. :
Dreirrwoop, Oct. 6. —George Brown, a
woodsman from Rathbun, was accident-
aliy shot in the leit log whiie coon hunt-
10g about six miles from Blerling Ran
this forenoon. The gun was two feet
from Brown when it went off and be re-
= | ceived the fall load in the leg. The leg
She Married the Priest. | was badly shatterad und may have to be
Sr. JoszpH, Mo., Oct. 4.—Mand Steid- | amputated.
ol, the 18-year-old girl arrested in Chi-| Shot From bust:
cago, snd Father Dominick Wagner, un-| g,,, ),,xg City, Utab, Oct. 6,—J. A.
der arrest for her abduction, were mar- Wilson who lives nenr Jackson Hole
ried here to-day, and legal prooeedings reported yosterday tbat Usptain Smith,
: - ?
on the part of the mother of the girl will who precipitated tne indian troubles in
be dropped. the Jackson Hole country last July, and
Father Wagner agrees to give the girl |, har white men were killed by Io- |
$6,000 in cash and $4,000 in r:a! estate io Jispa Oct. 4.
ori to proaseution, The men were shot from
" Shot His Wife and Suicided. Temols Op Series,
BerinermLD, IUl., Oct. 4.—Lest night, New York, Oct. 6. —Following is the
- a8 a result of a six weeks’ spree, Wm. OC.
‘Henry, an engineer employed on the Wa-
bash railroad, shot his wife three times
score of Saturday’s game in the series for
the Temple cap between first and second
| mained as abova until June, 1888, jist be-
b roatits to the steer of the De posit Bank,
{the Firs: Nst.onul Bank, svotber private
‘month, a8 above, but owing to the work
be to admit the patrons of the Deposit
National Bank, of DuBois, Pa, whict
wae authorized by the controller of the
currency on Sept. 30th to commence bas-
iness as a National bank nnder the Na-
sional Banking lawe, but which bas not
been dove until to-day.
The DuBois Deposit Baok, at ficet a
private backing iostitation, and the first
to be established in thie pluce. was or-
ganized in September, of 1580, uy W. C.
Bovard and present Btate Treasurer Jack-
sop, the former acting ae cashier.
Io 1883 another bank, the First Nation
‘al, was organized with F. K. Aruold ae
President and Jus. E. Ling as Cashier.
Of this benk Mr. Long soon becsme Pres
ident snd M. W. Wise Cashier.
The control of she Deposit Bank re-
fore the great fire, when the stockholders
of the First National bought it out and
for a time the two wera conducted io the
same uterest, HB, H. Moors ard M |
McCreight being re:pectively President
and Cesbior of the inst mentioved 1a
In 1589 the Fun National Bank went
inte lignidatior A: that time a larye
portion of toe to ‘kim'ders of that con-
cern ‘trapsf rred their backing invest
and hava ever sir oe baen identifad there |
Himultanson:'y wil the [igmdation. of
bavk, knowo us the Bank of DaBor, was
organized with Jus. E. Loog se President
and M. W. Wise as Cashier. This back
coutinned business notil March of the
present year, when ite doors were closed
and its affairs are pow io the bands of a
In 1892 tbe capital shiek of the Deposit
Bank was increased from $50,000 to $75,-
000 and it was incorporated asa State
bark under the new law establishing »
State Banking department under the con-
trol and direction of a State Saperiotend
ent of Basking. :
Recently the desirability of ineressiog
the banking cspital of this community
and s desire to take advantage of the pro-
visions of the National tanking laws, led
the stockholders and directors of the De
posit Bank to make application for per-
miseion to transform tbat coneeru into a
National Bank with a capital of $100 000.
Thie permission was granted by the con-
troller of the carrency on the 30th of last
incident to the opening of new books, wud
otker details, tbe chavgs did vit te
Peatz, Vice-Presadent; XM. I. McCrerght,
Cashier, and D. L. Corbett, R. H. More,
Geo. J. Weber, Ii. F. Hind, J. H. Pectz
and H. H. Radaker, (ireclors, remains ad
beretofore. The unmber of directors will)
however, probably be iucie¢se.d is nine
ie { on:
place notil to-day. The organzation f|
the bank, R. H. Moore, President: J, It. |
io the pear fntare.
ed into ite «,. ous pew building, u oir
tare of whl Nd sppears belo»:
In April «f 1-03 the Deposit Back mov- |
fiers: H. Moore, President, and M.
L a. Cashier. * * * Presi.
dent Mcore ia a man of keen jusighbt io
fnaveial and bumuess affuirt, aud bas
gained a wide sud most bouorsbie repn
tution ua a relisble and conservative bank
er. Castier MeCrewght 18 uso kvown
most favorably r banking cuc'es, being
noted for the ssnndpess of Bie jodgmen:
an the probity of hie character. * * *
The DaBote Daposit Bank attends to all
the depariments of a regular banking |
tneines<, paying special aftestion, bow-
AVE! Ha ‘ta title wonid jodiexte, to the in:
tera-s of depositors, As to the valine of
‘he work that it is doing, we may esy that
it- wold tax the powers of our wisest fi-
nwom=rs and econLomiste to set 8 sorrect
atnpate upon the icflaence of euch an
in<t:t..t 01 in any given community. * *
* Tie pank’s principil enrrespondents
wre: the Hanover Nutisos! Bank, of New
York, sod the Fonrth Street Natioual :
Bsok, of Puladeipbia
Tihst the new institntion may be se
eminently enccessfn' as that to wh se!
rnsiness it ennoeede, in the wish and hope |
of sit who beve hal bnsizess relations
with the | ter in the yaat. More could
not be galea or expac ed’ :
It may ©.t te wmappropriate to state
ters thas the first check ever drawn on AR
Pnltens bast ok was dra vn by Bion H Bat- |
, pow of the Pittsburg Timoe, tatthen!
ident of this plas, apd who spent
vesterday bere. The second was filled
nt by W. W. Rainer, formerly well
kpown bere, Both wera macs oat jmme- |
listely alter the opening of the doors of
the bark on the morning of tie Gre! day
of its existences
John Smith In many Late
Plain John Smfeh is not very hon
sound ing. It does not suggest aristoc-
racy. It is not the name of iny bero in |
die away novela Yet it is good and |
Transferred to other languages, il
seeros to climb the ladder of respecta-
Thus, in Latin it ia Johannus Smith-
us; the Italian smoothes it off into Gio-
vanni Siaithi; the Spaniards render it |.
Juan Smithus; the Dutchman adopts it
as Elans Schmidt; the French fiatven it |
out into Jean Smeets ; the Ruseiaty turns |
it into Jonloff Smitowski; at Canton |
John Smith becomes Jahon Shimmitt. |
The Icnlanders say be is Jahne Smith- |
son; amcog the Tuscaroras he becownes
Tom: Qu fimittia; im Poland}e is known |
as Ivan Schmistiweiski; among the,
Welsh monntains they call him Jihon |
Schinidd ; at Mexico his name is writ-
ten Jontii F'Smive ; in (Greece he turns |
to "Yon Siniktan, und in Turkey he is’
almost disgmised as Yoe Seef.
a —_
Parisiap Anctiens, i
At a Parisian »: tion the noetioneer
is pi ovid. »d with a lot of little tapers, |
eact cf which will barn fo: about five
ming cs. When: a bid is made, one of |
these tapers fs Bghted in full view of
the intervsted parties. If, before it ex-
pires, ancther hid ie Hered, it is imme-
diately extingnuded and a fresh taper |
riled in i's stead, and so cn until one
eure anid dies ost of itself, when the
1b Lid becomes byevocable, This sim- |
ple pla prevents all contention ameng
| rival bidders and affords a reasonable
time for reflection before making a high-
er bid thin the ome preceding. By this |
means, too, the asctioneer is prevented
from exercising undue infloence upon |
the bidders or hastily accepting the bid |
of a favorite. :
Knew His Men. : :
During the training of the militia in
Campbeltown a ¢ompany was ordered
off fur ball firtmg, including a game- |
keeper from Amsgamurhar ,, who was
singled out as gmarker. The sergeant!
bicycling in the dark on & strange road.
In the case of Stephen Crane it is not
precisely so. We can see the madhouse
towering up in tho loom.
7.98 4 A. M=traln
wediate i
wu. br B&
| from time to tine about the high charges |
' have been threats of introducing legis- | __
| A Man Cultivated His Farm, Built Fences |
tacky. He bas actnally during the past | ollows:
| sammer thoroughly cultivated four acros | TASTWARD, :
| his neighbors of stealing into his truc ok | 81
. Daring literary magiers and submas |
ters have imitated these spasme. The i uu wy ary. at Ene -—— A
post of the Cincinnati Commercial Ga- | 37 P- M. “Tain 11, daily exoopt ounany, SOV
zette pays his respects to. the author of Wein 1 intermediate stations.
“The Black Riders’ in these cnomato- | THROUGH TRAINS FOR DRIFFWOU
poet mane
1 saw a man n A oanavse Philstugesy 84) oe Sie
Winhington 7.0 8
Durga a pig. Eien par arriving at a i
d and round they wens. -
“You cannot,” said I.
“The pig is greased.”
“You're another!’ the man shouted. 8 lames Mow ors o4 8007. m. ne
“ve been reeding foi ; 10a,
Stephen Crane poetry, and : .
A man
. Who und rtands thas
Can do anything. o wp . 5
Beat!” ; 4
And I scatted. ol 1 leaves re Legos at 6:35 =. ra
Stephen should acknowledge himself | SroePt Sunday, arriving
outdone. Let him unmask and show us " JOHNSONBURG RAILROAD =
what he wonld have ns understand by (Dally except Sunday.)
his blank, or as it is more commonly | TRAIN 10 leaves Ridgway at 9:30
written his ——— versa. If he is taking | sonburg at 9:45. m, arriving at Germont |
himself seriously, or if ‘thero are others| Wi#0a. m.
who take his drivel seriously, it fs time TRAIN 90 leaves Clermont at 10:50 a. m., 8
the rest of us fcllow the advice of the Ria ae ios ot 11:6 5. m. ang
Hon. Jim Cobb of Tuskegee and inquire sa )
“Where are we at?"~Bostan Journal. | iti me isi
Se eech eek oad.
WHAT NEXT! ? B or Rails
N.Y.C & H.R. ER R. Cs. Lassen.
Miss Pullman Said to Get. 810,000 a Tear
Yor Naming Cars
Man ¥ eo mph RIN k Ave ¥ #0 mace Head UJ Pp Read own
. No 37 No. 83
levied on travelers using the Pullman! pp yy re
ear service - and several times thers! .... +3 Ar...
Kermoor. ... vu. x
national law governing railroads, plaec- | F012 0B. - Gaszam. 132.
| ing jurisdiction under cuitrol of the | VI 11 SB Ar. a . Lvs 8
interstate commerce commission. 38 11 Seinen NOW
Miss Florence Pullman, danghter of
the head of the company, whose mar:
riage with a foreign nobleman of ques
tionable antecedents has been repeatedly | —
Bl Ee(5EEE5E
ly and which have a soft and musical
ty. Most of the names of the cars
are of Spanish origin. They are taken |
after the names of countries, rivers, his-
toric towns, battlefields, flowers and
| geographic ‘names miscellaneously se-
jected, and none is named after men.
Such names as Guatemala, Brazil, Gui- |
ana, Peru, Chile, Mexico and the Cen-| 13
ol American stages are frequently seen. | +
al names, such as Narcissus, Sweet | “=
: Lah
Ree end@BR ol SIDI sladad 1 fo
| Brier, Gerarium, May Bells and other |
| foral favorites are common, while | "Daily.
| Windsor, W. woester, Indianola and the
names cf states are also common. Ger- 1 aiongh Pu siman, a
‘mania, Italy, Egypt, ete., are often seen. cept Sunday, on trains and
There is a fine discrimination dis-| Through coach to New York, and
played in the paming of cars designed | | toni Ha or Car hr 4 is ©
for special service, aa, for instance, din- : ars
ing ah are in all instances named Se ne A LL Ca
celebrated cooks, as Savarin, apd the | Ju unetion wid the Fall Bovok Br At Mall
{ with Central Railroad
cocks of famous men and women. There | puilipsburg Shee R At ¢ Clearieldt
hester and
"are cars named after the cooks of Queen | whaws Bu
Victoria ( Francatellf) and of - Emperor | gn
' William of Germany, the president of milroad. At with
of (x y presi of | rail Mabasiey
France and noted chefs of mention in| iin
the literate: of cookery. —Philudolghia | A GPALMER Gen’
Superintendent. |
| Press.
a —t——i ei ; I
seem ort
sad Cut Ditches. | LOW GRADE DE DIVISION.
Archibald Clarke, a farmer living = PRE :
near Grump. Ky., ia without doubt the | "4 Sunday July 1904,
after trains
. most remarkable somnambulist in Ken- | betweed rele pe AR run a8
of land while asleep.
[2 Nod Nos Nol
For a long time Mr. Clarke suspected
Falls Creek
patches after night and doing the work, |
but finally one night while nailing some |
Exp SMall May. 12, 1885, Exp May .
iF hi YW CBLON RE irirssivenn’ stone 415
; es Mah wey Lv
lation to regulate such charges under! 3 ® i WA 1a Bw 1
-and fled. This morning the police found
his body in a eorn shock 10 a field just
east of the city with a knife wound pear |
‘the heart and a ballet bole in his hed.
He had committed snicide. Mrs. Henry |
lies at the hospital i in a dying eondition, }
. St. Paul Shows Fine Speed.
Grovcester, Mass, Oct. 4.—In her of- |
- feral trial ran to-day between Cepe Ann, |
- Mass., and Oepe Porpoise, a distance ol
. 44 96 knote, the steamer St. Paul averag- |
~ ed 20.50 knots an hour for four consecn: |
tive hours and established the right of |
being numbered among the auxiliary
eruisers of the United States and carrying 1
the United Btates mails.
: May Ha Have Foundered.
Loxpox, Oct, 4.—A large two masted
.. steamer, with one white banded fuonel,
making heavy weather, was s:en this
morning four miles off Graystone, Lead:
ing for Plymouth.
. The steamer suddenly vanished and it
is 6 supposad that she foundered.
Eoglish Athletes Outpointed.
Naw York, Oot, 6.—In the interna.
tional inter-collegiata sports yesterday on
Manhattan Field between Yale and Oam-
; bridge the Englishmen won only three
out of the eleven events.
They won the half mile, one mile and
place teams in the National League:
At ¢ leveland.
leveland.. ;
{ Baltimore II
Bat tories yout ng aa Zimmer: Me Mahon |
wd Rob inson.
Milljon Do nr Fire Losa.
! or shy, R. I. ct. 3—The mills of
© Warren Manaofactoring company
| were burned to-night, eutmling gieat
finencial Togs. Tne lumbar yards in the
| vicinity were barped. The loses will he
| 81, ,000,000. fr
Took Yoison.
Reapixg, Pa., Oct, 5.—Frank Anthony
attributed as the chuse.
Messing ‘of Log Owaers.
Williamsport this afternoon for the pur
pose of deciding what action will be taken
in reference to the logs whioh are strand:
ed in the river west of this city. With
the close of the month of September the
chances of a flood coourring were consid-
erably lessened and it is quite probable
that at the meeting to-day the !unmber-
men will decide to erect splash dams and |
float the logs on artificial floods. —Lock
Haven Express.
440 yards rans, No records were broken.
aged 28, a well known young Ioan em-
ployed in the general office of Carpenter |
steel works, this city, committed suicide |
to-day by taking poison. Ill health 1s)
A meeting of lumbermen was held at |
= 3 The Deposit Naticual Bask Bailding.
4 :
ita of the institution under cous leration
far six cons=cutive months respectively of |
the yea. 1801-3-4 aud of the six’ woutks |
of th= present year ending Jaly 11th, 8 pa
portion of the time covered bs which hes |
i been ote of wide-spread sud far-reschirg |
‘depression, mey be of interest as indicat- |
ing the growth 1n volome, of local basi. |
pess std the development of backing m-
terests, vod is brietly as follows:
1801, 81,243 471. 88.146,
1833, 1,380,394. TB SaY
1804, 1538520, 10,055.
1895, 1,881,188. 12,541.
This 18 assaredly a gratifying incraase
| when tha period during which it bas been
{achieved 18 considered, as:18 also the fact
fof the ease with which the subscriptions
for the increase in the capital stock were
| seemed,
The DaBois Daposit Bank has obit
been a popular institation locally and
| possessed the entire confidence of the
community, bat tha following, from 80
J tisey an authority as the Mercantile
sud Financial Times, of New York, shows
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Thinking the man insane, tha sergeant - had been working in his sleep.
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wha day is this?
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Friday, dear.”
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ed somnambalist, he has questioned the |
: grocer, who recollected the occurrence
ther we, Katie = _.| beeause of Mr. ( lar ke's strange conduct
mim, what's Snnds y. dommg any- | at the time.
Gicago Fribune . 1 Mr Clarks lived alone, bos. since he |
: "has discovernd bis condition has engaged |
| the services of a young negro, who takes
care that his employer does not get out |
of the house during his sleep. —Cincin- |
nati Enquirer.
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Doesn't Cost Much.
Sweet Girl-—Puapa says you con’
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Ardent Yonth—Nonsenso!t Ioan got | —_——
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$2 : | The alb, so often mentioned as
Sweet Girl—Can you? How foolish | priestly garment, was a long gown, f;
papa is l—=Giladbrook (Ia ) Republican. | tened with a belt :
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if Red Bank
No 2 leaves Driftwood at rl) - - and
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Mail No, 1 lea Piitsburgat 5.40 a.m. and
Arrives ai Drift y ood a 2M poo NLS leaves
Pl ung at 1:30 p.m and arrives at Deift wood
9:33 I. IL.
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DAVID MoCARGE, Gen’! Supt.
LP ANDERSON, Gen'l Pass, Agent.
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linn Run
. Haven
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Shorts Mills
Blu¢ Rock.
Vineyard Run
Brock wayville
McMinn Summit
Harveys Run
Falls Creek
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Manager. Gen'l'Agt Paar,
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