The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, August 29, 1895, Image 7

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the . captured fish, released, goes back
‘mess at 10 or so, and returns to his din-
wager many of the occasions much more |
Ay New York World. Sa CLEARFIELD. :
The Twice-a-week edition of the CLEARPTELD, Pa, August 23, 1895.
New York World has been converted wi :
into the Thrice-a-week. It furnishes 3 | The bicycle races at the Clearfield
papers of © pages apiece, or eighteen |
pages every week, at the old price of |
One Dollar a year. This gives 156 a
year for One Dollar and every paper!
has 6 pages eight columns wide or 48
columns in all. The Thrice-a-week
World is not only much larger than |
any weekly or semi-weekly newspaper,
bui i* furnishes the news with much
greater frequency and promptness. In
fact it combines all the crisp, fresh gqual- |
Driving park last Wednesday, under
| the management of D. P. Wisotzkey
{and Thomas Savage, were a grand suc-
cess. The citizens subscribed liberally
towards the expenses and the gate re-
| ceipts made up the balance, so that the
j enterprise about let the management
| pull through without debt.
The parade last Tuesday night of:
nearly one hundred bicycles gaily dec-
rated with Chinese lanterns, ribbons
i and bunting, ‘headed by the cornet
ities of a daily yi the attractive | band, was a spectacle long to be re-
specisl {vatures of a weekly. And, membered by the thousands that
$1.50 wiil get the Thrice. a-week World | thronged the sidewalks. :
and the PArroN COURIER for one year.
‘Think of it. Call at the COURIER of-
fice and leave your name.
An effort is being made to get ona
| bicycle race between Jas. Patterson, of
' Williamsburg, and “Petey’’ Gstalder,
of Williamsport, for a $50 diamond.
Here 1s Testimony Fronk a Man who | Patterson was seen on Saturday at the
Thinks They Do. {Tyrone races and is willing to race
We have heard of the language of Gstalder.
: monkeys, and of the language of hens, | The Village Improvement society is
and of the language of crows, and even | gating gigns to: nail up at all street
of ants, but it will bea new idea to = T. te will k oH
most people, probably, that fishes have th Lp im where |
a language of their own. An English ey are at. Good idea ladies.
fisherman, Mr. Basil Field, has been A syndicate bought up the space in
making some investigations that lead | the Public Spirit this week and has
him to suppose that fishes have some ‘added a supplement for the accommo-
way of communicating a notion of their dation of the large ads. The issue is
experiénces to other fishes. to be ten thousand. :
‘Mr. Field carried on his experiments lars (3 , : .
in the fishponds of Mr. Andrew, at Harter Gun Works me kept busy
Guilford, England. Those pond= are full p gon Fis ADO new pren
of trout, which, at the time when Mr. matic tires on old bicycles. Their shop
Field first visited them, were so little Will be turned into a bicycle factory
accustomed to being troubled that when this w inter as soon as their repair busi- |
“he threw a baited hook into the water ness siackens.
all the trout in sight—a great number
—rushed eagerly upon it. He canght
one, and removing it from the hook,
threw it back into the pond.
Then he put in a freshly baited hook, 2 WEF
and only two or three trout came after on W. Sy Bot us. ow w: w. Ams.
jt. One of these he caught and threw | itzin townsh 'P3 considera-
back into the water. Again he resumed 0D $1. : |
‘his fishing with a newly baited hook, W- W. Amsbry et ux. to cambria
and this time, although the poud was Iron company, Gallitzin township; $1. |
swarming with fish, it was only after a. Administratrix of P. A. cobaugh to!
long time that he lured another trout to Paul J. cobangh et al, Johnstown,
his bait. And after a little further g;5 ooo.
time it was entirely impossible to catch gii4i0 cobangh to. Panl J. cobaugh
a trout in this pond. i al. Johnst
However, by experimenting in anoth- et al, Johnstown, $1.
er pond equally well stocked and not | Cambria Iron company to Herman
throwing back any fish Mr. Field found Ingiert, Johnstown, $900. :
that he could catch trout as long as he Thomas Bradley et ux. to Anthony
chose. The fish did not seem to under- Sanker, Gallitzin, $1.
stand that the removal of one of their 8. W. Mccollum et ux. to Henry M.
number by this strange means meant ' Heinze, Johnstown, $550.
Sanger JS Vom, but came continually ' pF pjifon et ux. to D. S. Rice,
Eider, $200.
MM; Field £, it 16 only Whe Elizabeth Radcliffe et vir. to Marion
and Singles with his fellows that the Foust, Spangler, $1,650.
danger is learned, and then is learned Nicholas J. Boyer et ux. to Patrick
instantly, it must follow that the re- F. Kirby, Wilmore, $3,200.
leased fish has some means of making F. S. Maloy et ux. to John Hughes,
the others understand the perils of the | coopersdale, $175.
mld oo re Oo 2 David M. Lewis et ux. to George H.
langu Haine, trustee, Johnstown, $400.
eee A. B. cooper et ux. to J. c. Hess, |
NO HURRY IN NORWAY. Coopersdale, $1.
People “Take Thelt Time There and Won. - 98¢0b Yepley et ux. to the Harbison
der at Yankee Visitors. & Walker company, Reade, $100.
These Norwegians are a wonderfully John G. c. Bearer to ‘John A. Blair,
patient people, says a correspondent. 'C arrolitown, £330.
They never hurry. Why should they?
There is always time enough. We break-
fast at 9 o'clock. Monsieur goes to busi-
Record of Property ty Rought and Sold. in
Cambria County.
Marriage Licenses,
The following marriage licenses were
mer, like all the rest of the Scandina. issued by the Clerk of the Orphans’:
vian warld, at 2:30. Wo h coffes Court for the week ending Phrsday | f
and cigarettes at about 4, and then mon. AURUS 22, 1385: |
_ sienr goes back to his office, if he likes, Oscar H. Malhorn, Gallitzin, and
_ for two or three hours. ‘We sometimes . Annie May Wilt, Tunnelhill.
see him again at supper at 8:80, but John F. Bradley and Catharine |
usually there is a game of whist, or a Blatt, Gallitzin. :
geographical society lecture, or a con- John M. Cush and Emm C
wert, or a friend's birthday fete (an oc- Hs celia,
McCoy, Johnstown. :
- soasion never overlooked by your true Lab .
‘Nearwegian), or some one has received a John Darney, Jr., and Johanna Col-
‘barrel of oysters, and would not, could 1in%, Johnstown. on
‘not, dream of opening them without Edward Kern and Julia Effline,
.champagne and company—masculine Johnstown.
company only. It seems to me that Robert C. Dawson and Lizzie Moors,
Were are ehiirely feo Hany purely nile Barnesboro.
estivities here n fact, the men say 80’ James D. Kirkpatrick, Spangler, and
- themselves and that they would really Eliza E. Edmiston, Indiana, Pa.
Af ladies were present. But ‘‘it is pot | Henry Lentz and Amelia Franke,
the cnstom of the country’’ (a rock on | Jonnstown, :
which I am always foundering) to omit | Jobn C. Marks, Morreliville, and
or to change in such matters. M nsienr Jennie Grace Long, ‘Johnstown.
only: does as do all the other men of his | John Callas and Mary Fornadley, |
age, which is elderly, and condition, Patton.
which is sclid. William M. Keifer and Susie B.
p Tze {as cosious fecing. eamcerwing | Suber, Foetal.
m .)
other, Morgenbladet, the chief conserv- 31 ose Conrad, Loretto, 1 and Car-
ative paper, an organ locally of the ol ne Stevens, Allegheny township.
first importance, keeps a sort of horror John Arickson and Elsie M. Kem-
chamber of Americana. The reason is, | erer, Mineral Point.
1 suppose, that in these very dark and | John Gorman and E. E. Evans, Al-
troublous political times, when not only toona. -
the union but the monarchy itself is J B. Rager, Vintondale, and Jennie |
threatened and tottering, the conserva- : ginger Vinco.
tive interest thinks it dangerous to al-
low any virtue to appear in a republic,
d especially in ours, the most flour- : : ;
— and Yet the most perni- The COURIER is pleased to announce
“The Only” for 18935.
cious, examplé of that invention of evil its clubbing arrangements with The |
Pittsburg Post, the great home news- |
| paper of Pennsylvania, and to persons |
bred. — San Francisco Examiner.
. Animals In Laibach’s Ensthgusko..
an chserver of animal life has col- |
lected (our Vienna correspondent says) |
a number of notes upon the behavior of | . mend The Post.
. animals during the earthquake at Lai-| The Daily Post, a large eight-page.
| who want the best daily or semi-weekly |
bach. A railway guard observed that | paper, and The CoURIER one year each |
‘some minutes before the first shock was | | for $3.00. The price of The Post alone |
felt his owl, chained to a toolhouse, | is $3.00. Send us your order at once
cried as if for help, and he was with it 5,4 get seven papers a week for the |
when the earthquake began. Some for- |
est guards observed hares running, as if |
for their lives, up a hill before the first |
{ | price you formerly paid for one.
| paper published in the city, we recom- |
The Sunday Post, twenty pages
An Ordinance Relating to Ty
Running at Large, requiring same to
‘have Collar and Number, and imposing
Tax on Owners of the same, requiring
Bitches while in Season to be shut
up, &e.
Be it enacted and ordained by the
Burgess and Town Council of the Bor:
ough of Patton and it is hereby enacted
by anthority of the same:
SECTION 1. That from and after the
first Monday of September, 1895, all
dogs running at large in the Borough
of Patton shall be required to be reg-
istered and to wear a collar and tag
with the number of the dog engraved on
the tag, the collar to be furnished by the
owner of the dog and the tag and num-
ber to be farnighed by the TownCouncil,
which number and tag to be tarnished
to the owner of the dog bv the Secre-
tary of the Town Council on payment
of the tax herein after mention
SEC. 2. Any dog found running at
large in the Borough without being
wed and having collar and num-
ber shall be captured by the Chief of
Police or High Constable and im-
unded, of which notice shall be given
y at least six written or printed
notices describing said dog posted in
as many conspicions places in said
Borougk, for at least thirty-six hours
after im unding said dog; if the
owner of said dog impounded shall
come within said time and redeem said
dog by paying the tax imposed and a
fine of not less than fifty cents nor
more than two dollars with costs of
arrest he shall be released, if said dog
or bitch shall not be redeemed, it shall
be the duty of the Chief of Police or
¢ Shoes made to order and repuiring
‘of all: kinds done promptly. “Prices 39
moderate. : 18tf.
High Constable to forthwith kill th
Sec. 3. It shall be. the duty of the
owner of all dogs and bitches in the
Borough of Patton on or before the 1st
Monday of September, 1885, and &n-
‘nnally thereafter to have such dog or
bitch r ered by the Secretary of the
Town Council to a tax of fifty
cents for each dog M1 one dollar for
nach bitch so owned and registered,
i the same to be paid to the Secretary.
for the use of the Borough; it shall be
‘the duty of the Secretary to give the
dog so registered a number and the
‘name of the owner of the same in a
book to be api t for that parpose which
number shall be worn by the dog and
which shall be evidence of such reg-
Sec. 4. That no female dog or biteh,
while in season, shall be permitted to
run at large in the Borough; it shall be
' the duty of the owner or owners of the
same to keep such female dogs shut un
in some secure place while in this
condition. :
SEC. 5. It shall be the duty of the
| Chief of Police to sieze and shut up in
some secure place each and every fe-
‘ male dog running at large while in
season in said Borough, and shall be
his duty to notify the owner of the
same, who may if they pay a fine of two
dollars and costs of arrest, to the Bur-
gess for the use of the Borough, within
six hours from the time of receivin
‘said notice duly given, redeem saic
female dog or bitch, otherwise the
Chief of Police or High Constable shall
forthwith kill and bury the same.
Sec. 6. The Chief of Police or High
" | Constable shall receive the sum of .
‘twenty-five cents for each dog or bitch
. | slezed and shut np under the provis-
{ions of this ordinance and twenty-five
cents additional if he has to kill and '
the same.
Secretary of Council.
i Pattori, Pa., Aug. 13, 1895.
Cholera morbus is a dangerous com-
plaint, and often fatal in its results.
To avoid this you should nse DeWitt's
' Colic and Cholera Cure as soon as the
first symptoms appear. C. W. Hodg-
‘kins. : » ]
is Kentucky a Doubtful State?
The peculiar political conditions that
exist in Kentucky have led many
people to believe that the state is a
doubtful one and that the Republicans
have a chance to carry it this fall
For this reason there is great interest,
both at home and abroad, in accurate
(and reliable political news from all
| parts of the state. The Weekly Cou-
| rier-Journal is now covering this per-
fectly, and is publishing the news
without bias or prejudice. A close
reader of the Weekly Courier-Journal
should be able to forecast in advance
what will be the outcome of the state
election next November. In addition.
to giving all the political news and all
the news of every kind, the Weekly
Courier-Journal is offering to its sub-
|scribers $6,000 in cash presents for
guesses as to the exact vote and clos
| est to the exact vote that will be re-
ceived by the Democratic, Republican
and Populist candidates for governor
of Kentucky. The price of the paper
is only one dollar a year. Sample
copies containing full details of the
| cash present plan will be sent free to
any address. Write to Courier-Jour-
nal Company, Louisville, Ky.
Severe griping pains of the stomach
and bowels instaatly and effectually
stopped by DeWitt’'s Colic and Cholera
Cure. CC. W. Hodgkins.
Local Market Report. ’
- ‘shock. Partridges flew a long distance. every Sunday, containing as much | For the special benefit of the farmers
A gentleman who spent the night of | reading as any of the monthly maga-
Easter Sunday in a carriage saw the | zines, and The COURIER one year each |
pigeons and -hawks on a tower flying for only $2.25.
round it every time that a shock was! The Semi-weekly Post and The Cou-
near. Sparrows and redbreasts also flut- | pypp one year each for only $1.50. Just |
tered about and seemed to overcome think of it, The Post twice a week, and |
Sher ne. x your county paper for the price of one. |
before a shock oocurred, and some fell Wie us for Feample Sopiee.
on their knees and sides. The dogs
in the vicinity of Patton the COURIER
| publishes the following local market
{ois revised each week:
Butter, chee searnrs 13 cents per pound.
Cabbage. : i . :
Eges, : a3." * dogen.,
| Potatoes, Si re Hy * hushel .
Jujent. Sensei ious 5
are as
| Co ne
i ig shelled, : &)
heat, .. . . 0
| Buckwheat, : . 83 *
as fos, Hoje cries pi "no the New York Thrico.s-week World |
ey struc ¢ ear as SOme
herad before, —Tan Hn Nowe ; for only $1.50 per year.
| Hay, “pressed, a tinganaenad $14 to $6 per ton.
{ Drink Ambrosia.
ed ra BE
wm DAVIS, —
President of ("ouncil. Burgess.
Attorney and Counselor at fav,
All legal basiness promptly attendot ta, GUN WO RKS.
; We sell almost any §1%0 1885 Jet
‘at $50, 880 $70, $30 an 235. depends
. L. GEORGE, the make. We give you the big ag
Solicitor for German National B. &
I. associat ton.
fice in A=inory Hall
By the week, day or mel,
Cream, Cigars, Confectionery and;
Drinks at
(Glass’ Restaurant,
Opposite Central Hotel
Bicycle Repairing -
Difficult repairing done promptly. |
Frame brazing done hy the new pro-
‘cess, no burnt tuobing.. Wood and
steel rims, tires, covers, inner tubes,
patches, pumps valves, cement, lacing,
wd ey nipples, sadd les, posts,
The finest Hine in Pation at
J tape
Restaurant on Magee avenue, near nipples handle bars, grips, coasters,
P. J
R. R. depot. : foot brakes, beels, ete.
: Cyeclometers $1.56, by Mail - $1.80;
Mahaffey, Clearfield Co., Fa. usnal price £2. > :
Acenmmodntions firstelass, Best of Liquors Ship bicveles for repairs bv express
and Wines at the bar. Stabling attac ind, i . .
. prepaid.
i Hardc i's Gun Works
otf " Prop'r.
: RE
4th Ave., near R. R. Stati
TW pavers For
AUGUST K. HUBER, . THE COURIER is pleased to
announce its clubbing arange-
Yy ry ~y - v
STONE M AS ON, mentawith
Mellon Avenue, PATTON,
fam gr Sl thin ail kinds of WOK in ou ‘The : Pittsburg Post
Hine at Feast prices. Contriets taken and the great home newspaper of
i hed when desired. atistuetion Pennsylvania, and to persons
who ‘want the best ly or
-semi-weekiy paper published
; - in the city, we recommend The
R'I'P-A-N-S Post. : : :
: ! : : A large ei it ge paper, and
The modern stand- THE COUF one year esch
: . , for $3.90. The price of The
ard Family Med:- Post alore is $3.00. Send us
gi - your order at once and get sev-
cine: Cures tae en papers a week for the price
: s— you formerly paid for one. .
common everyday | The SUNDAY POST,
ills of humanity. twenty pages every Sunday,
: : of containing as much reading
renew . as any of the monthly maga-
: zine, and THE COURIER one
year each for only $2.25.
one year each for only
$1.50. Just think of it,
The Post twice a week,
and your county paper
for the price of one.
Write us for sample
B.R.& P. Time Table.
The Short line between DuBois, Ridgway,
Bradford, Salamanca, Bufilo, Rochester Ni-
NEw YORK. we 361 BRo4 DWAT. agara Falls, and points in the upper Oil
. Region,
Om and after Nov, 25, IN, Pas: sr trains
will arrive and de part from Falls Creek
Station, daily, except Sunday, as follows:
rock wavvidle, Ridgway, Johnsonburg, Mu
Jewett, Bradford, Salamanca, Dukic, and
Bochiester; connecting at Johnsonburg with |
P. & E tmin 3 for Wilcox, Kane, Warren,
Corry, and rie,
x } 753 a. m.— Assonunodation—For DuBois, Sky- |
I : Orre oR, Rig Run, and Panssutawiey, i:
* * ’ § Za’ m-Aee wmmadation from Bradford, |
Jouhscuburg, Ridgway, Brockway ville, 4
- intermediate stations, for DuBois and
> TON > Phnxsutawnpey. Sa
PATTON, PA. 2% p. om—Bradford Accommodation For
* "~ ; Boece htree, Broek wavvillie, Fimont, Carmon,
( CN eral ~N MTUC ry ” Ridgway. Johnsonbung, Mi, Jewett, amd
: - de / Bradford,
210 po me Mail For DuBols, Skyes, Big Run, }
AND — Punxsutawney, and Walston.
Trains Arrive--T00 a, m. accommodation from
” Paaxs carey. RAS me mk, Mail from Wai
THE F Y E A SPE C1. Al ry. : A, 0 po ot] $
madntion from Punxsatawney: 210 p. m.,
Mail from Enffalo and Rochester.
CaM Divis
- a
= = =
= -
Room No. 3,
4 ne
[1] 0 -
Adamant Pinsier.
(iives a first-class wall a moderate ex-
pense. :
Is the best fire-resisting plaster.
Always ready for use in any season.
_ Does not hold gases or discase gernu
Is the par excellence for patch ng.
Can be papered as soon as dry.
Is recommended by all the leading
Architects who have used it in
this country and England.
Will give vou a solid wall. |
Of itself will not crack, swell or
shrink. i
Will not cleave off when used as di. ee
rected, even in case of leakage. mm
Will give you a warm house. ®as
Does not ruin woodwork by loading ; ymin
it with moisture. * Flug. Daily, except Sunday.
Admits of carpenters following ol as.
terers in a few days.
4 i
¥ 25
Market Bt 5 50
Hench Creek
ArAM PM P ug
Hridg port
t RIESE tile
“0 Clenrfield
Tai Bois Jet.
Riis roek
Anderson Vinduat
ford, Buffalo, and Rochester
Ise apable of every variety of finish, roe, Altoona, Huntingdon and Harrisburg.
Train No. Ti eonnectys at DuBois for Bradford
p= Used on the Palmer House, Good and Pittsbury and has Pullman lee ping Car!
Building, Hotel Beck, Hotel Patton, vm Philade phia to DuBeis.
i p a Trin "No. 74 connvets at Clearfield with
C. C. L&I Co. office. Patton Opera, | Beech Creek KR. R. for Phijipshurg, Lock
| of the margin usually taken by agents. 9¢
STOW IT Ar Muoson,. rns 1%
Train No. 32 connects att Cleardeld for Ty-
Beech Creek
New York Central & Hudson River R. ®t Lessoe.
In Effect May 12,1895.
‘Ro :
pap = a
PATTON ......
erin vines VOTO, oii
8; iran Mahaiey.
New Mi ilpeart.
Mitchells | ‘
Lv. Clearfield Junction’ Ar.
~CLEARFIELD...... ..
ol addr “in
1 anes
. Arg learfiol Junetion Ly.
3 ve. Wondiand | .
“nina Big Ti
4s vada Te
~Morrisdale Mines.
B Sakanl
ainl ~in
$ HE 8x
2210 © Ar. PHILIPSBU RG Lv.
| a
LW sare.
8 © 9 5
BEE ~ Creek.
Lip Hall...
ink You ie (Wayne)...
- rOWHS,
7 Jersey Shon Janetion
+ 7 05 L v GWOMBPT
Te ae
8. NER
49 *® pa) ax AT - H
"35 11 0 Ly PHILADEL PHIA Ar
HD Ly. New Yorkvia Tam.
7 3 Ly. New Yorkvin Phila =
¥ WEPTEE cwewmmm =
*Dmily. tWoeek-days ue p. m. Sunday.
110.10 a. my. Sunday.
- Through Pullman Sleeping Car between Du-
Bois, Clearfield, all intermediate points, and
: Philade iphia in both dinwtions daily, except
sunday, on trains Nos. 38 and 38,
CONNECTIONS. — At Willlamsport with
Philadelphia and Readin RBailmiad. At Jersey
shore Junction with Fall Brook Railway for
ints in New York State and the W At
ill Hail with Central Railroad of Pennsyl-
vanis. At Philipsburg with Pennslvania
Railroad. At Clearfield with Butthio Roe ster
and Pitisbury Railway. At Mahaffey
Patton with Cambria and Clearfield na
of Pennsevivania milroad. At Mataffey with
Pe Penisyly ania and North Western milroad
A Eh, Gen’ Passenger
Philmderphia, | Pa.
P, R. R. Time Tables.
In effect May 20t May 20th, 1895.
Main Line, eave Croquee Samii
Sea Shore Express, week days...
>, Week
Altoona Aceo
Main Line Express. da
Altoona Accomodation, «
Mail Express, daily
Philadelphia’ a daily. vi
Main Line, Ss ia}
Johnadown Accom, weex days........ 8S Ham
Pacific Express, daily
Way Passenger, daily...
© Mail Train, ly...
Fast Line, daily...
* Johnstown Aceom..
‘Moming train for Patton and Seen jeaves
Mahaffey at 5 am; la pag i Nouoyer, - %
8:27, Garway, | {or He Hasti
Garway, for ( ms of Patton TIER
i er at
jey Junction, Tw; Kaylor,
{ ison atx + am. Ar i
and Cresson leaves at RE
Jose, 213; Westover, Ho a
ings) 237: Hastings, 27: Garws Le La
$10; Patton, 3:20: Rad radley J 3085; or an)
lor, 238, arriving at Cresson at £15
Morning train leaves Cresson for Maha at
i #55: Kayior, #351; Bradley Junetion
. ton, 1025 Ga rway (for Hasti ngs) 10cm Hasungs,
{for Mahattey) 10:58; ree ih
11:35: Westover, 11:19: La Jose, na IE, arriving at
| Mahaffey at 11:50, Rernoon
and Mahatfey leaves Cresson at at 3225; Kaylor
al: ‘Bradley Junction, 5:56; Jatt #12 Gar
ray, (for Hastings: BRE
toy dh; Garway, for Mahates) 7 ant
Lover, 708; La Jose, a, arriving at ey
at 7: pm.
Moming train: leaves Cherrytree 5
Barneshoro, &5% Spangler 60% rr
Road, 7:18, and connects with train for Cresson
at Bradley Junction at 7388,
Afteracon tin leaves Cherrytree at 200:
Rarnesboro, 22% Spangler, 235; Carrolitown
Road, 255 and connects with train for Cresson
‘at Bradley Junction at 3:43,
Morning tmin lenves Bradley Junction for
¢ Cherrytive at 10:1 Carrolitown Road,
nyler, 10:55; Baresbor, 11902, arriving at
CTTVIre: at 11:30 3
A TOrTNON tin waves Bradley Junction for
< ‘hefrytree at 80), Carrolitown "rs
angler, a2 Rarnesboro, &37, RI
tree at 6:55,
n the Ebensbarg Branch trains leave
Ebsnsburg for Cresson at 7:30 a m, and
BLD leaves - Cresson for
> ntermedinte points on the arrival of
reins from East and West, both moming and
55 a, m.—Baffale and Roe voster mafl—For | R
For mates, ma PR to Helet or
address Thos, PWati A.W, 110 Eifth
Ave NE Pa. :
ST Manager. ( Sener) Pas. Ast.
P & NW Railroad.
am ooam
11 88 ar Punxsatawn’yl Iv 8 17
0» MeGees
i 15 Mahaffey?
we La Jose3
9% - Berwindale
+R Jrvana
94 Coal
83 Lio ville
w_ mW Iv Bellwoodb ar
€ Sonnections—i With Buffilo Rochas any and
Plushurg R. R. 2With Beech Creek mailroad
3With Cambria and Clesi field milroad. {With
Cresson and Clearfield railroad. 5With Penn.
, CoB C2 ay in on CA Gs G1 Ry
Bg Ce
| E8SnsnBe
: sylvania railroad.
cush Creek Branch —Trains leaves MoGees
for Glen ( ‘ampbell at 1:3 am pa
Arrive at McGees from Glen Campbell at 79
am and 3:35 pm.
Pennsvivania milroad tmins arrive and
leave Rellwosds as follows: Ratu, 3
and 1:47 am, 1208 ZS, a2 and 30 p m. i
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Train No. 7) connects at DuBois for Big Run ©
Punxsutawnoy, Ridgway, Johnsonburg, Arad-
house, M. E. church, and on more than - Haven, Jerse; Shore, Williamsport, Philadel- ~
one-half of the plastered houses and phia and New York, and bas Pullman Sleep
ing Car from DuBois to Philadelphia,
store rooms of Patton. Thousand paile tickers at two ¢ents per nile,
Yatholie C ‘h St. A gt. good for passige between all stations,
i Also the Catholie Church St. Augus & Gi. MaTTHEWS, Epwakp C. LAPEY,
ine. : ’ Gen. Supt, Gen. Pas. AgL.
Roe hester, N.Y. Rochester, N, Y. |
So Passengers are requested tw purchase
For prices and information, write
: . A tickets befor enteribg the cars, An excess
ADAMANT PLASTER €CO., harge of Ten Cents will be eo collected by pon. +
ductors when fires are paid on trains, m a
Patton, Pa., Lock Box 345. stations where a Tie ket Office is maintained.
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