The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, July 25, 1895, Image 2

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Goode and Freeman, in the Jail
at Greensburg.
Crimen for Which the Penalty of orn
Was Exactea.
GreexsBura, July 18. —John Goode
and William Freemsn, the negro marder-
ers, were banged bere this morning abort
gfter 10 o'clock. :
. The march to the gallows began at
1007. The doomed men walked with
firm steps. They mounted the gallows
aseieted by the deputy sheriffs, and the
‘drop was eprnng at 10:08 Goode | wae
given a glass of wine before the march
began. The drop was three feet. Botb
raen exhibited great nerve. |
Goode’s pulse ceased to beat in 9 min.
utes, and in 10 mivates and 18 seconds he
was pronounced dead. Freeman's pulse
~ oeased in 1114 minute, and in 1314 min-
utes be was pronounced dead. The bodies
were placed in peat caskete. A great deal
"of tbe expense of their burial was de-
* frayed by contributions from the colored
men of the town. Goode at the last mo
ment forgave his enemies, and walked to
the gallows with the firm belief that he
bad been forgiven by his God.
Phe men were placed on adjoining trop
doors in the center of the scaffold and
stood back to back. The noosee wers ad--
~ justed by Deputies Gay and Swend. The
‘black cape were quickly drawn over their
heads, and at the signal from Deputy
Bwend, Sheriff McUeny, standing at the
foot of the stairs, inserted his hand into
the top of a rope connecting with the trap
doors and pulled the srigger, | and all was
st an end. - . :
‘The walk to the scaffold was %0 feet,
There were present Sheriffs Richarde, of
Allegheny; Mack, of Indians; Hoover, of
Somerset, and Wilhelm, of Fayette. Jail
Warden McAleese and Deputy German,
of Piteeburg. Mr. MoAleese says that
he has witnessed many executions, but
has never seen any go off as smoothly as
this one. Sheriff McCann is commended
* for the manner in which the execution
was performed.
The spiritual adviser, ascoompsanied ty
More. Nimmey, entered the jail at 7:30 this
morning, sod at once began devotional |
exercises. They found Freeman in 8 hap-
py frame of mind, but Goode, an object of
pity, crouched down on bis cot, with hie
bead tightly covered with a blanket snd
partly dressed. He moaned most piteous-
ly snd tossed about. When he was arous-
“ed the expression on his face plainly told
of his great suffering. He was persuad-
"od to pray and kneeling down, he offered
up s prayer for the safety of his soul,
Just before sunrise crowds came pour-
tog into town, and by 8 o'clock the jail
was surrounded by a curious throng ea
erly trying to get a View of the condemn-
od men. Geurds were placed at the door
of the man entrance, with instructions to
admit no person who did not present a}
ticket. Sheriff McCann, already weighed | can
down with. the nohappy thoughts of bis
tearful duty, wea driven almost to distrac-
tion with pleadings of acquaintances, who
believed they bad been lighted when the
distribation of pusses was made. They
were all tarned away, for the fall comple-
ment of tickets hed long been given ont.
There were very few colored people in tke
Nearly two bauodred persons witnessed
the execution. They came from all paris
of the county, and a faw [rom neighboring
‘eounties. The two jaries occupied places
on the first floor of the jail corridor, with
the medical staff, Jail Physician R. B.
. Hammer, Dr. Portzer, Dr. Hunter Kling-
-. ensoith and one or two visiting physi
cians. The other persons were arranged
on the balconies along the second and
third tiers of celle.
Rev. Fink and J. Marrow, of Greens-
_ burg, took charge of the remains of Wm.
Freeman and had them interred in St.
Clair cemetery at Greensburg.
The crime for which William A. Free-
man was executed to-day was the killing
of bis mistres, Gertie A. Timberlake; op
July 25, 1894. :
~. Jobn Gonde, a typical African, shot
and killed Max Slaughter, a fellow coke
‘worker, at Moorwood, on October 29.
18904. They were deep in a game of
“grape” at the time. Slanghter had been
drinking and became quarrelsome. Goode
. was an expert at the game and readily
won sll the money Slaughter had in his
possession. Slaughter asked s 'oan, and
his request was granted by Goode:
‘Blaaghter lost again, and then a quarrel
~ ensued, which resulted in the killing.
rt mes
i Poole Will Not Stick to What he Sai¢ About
Gen. Harrison.
OLp Fonor, July 18.—The denial by
Msjor Poole of the story that Gen. Har-
rison made an explicit avowal that he was
Se ar wld not be a candidate for the
pominstion for president surprised all
those here who were familiar with the
' facts. In his denial Maj. Poole says that
he did not teil anyone that Gen. Harrison.
‘said he would not be 8 candidate Yor the
Ass matter of fac, while Maj. Poole
and Joseph L Sayles were on their way
back from a visit to Gen. Harrison, the
former called his friends about him and |
related to them what Ger. Hhrrison had
seid about the presidency. The lavguage
sttribated to the general was told to at
Joast seven persons whose names are
known to the United Press Saftenpoudsel
He Could Not Survive the Wounds Received n the
: Assault of Last Monday. :
Soria, Jaly 18 — Ex- Premier Stambu-
off, wi c way asessipusted io the street
Monday, died at 4 o'clock this morning,
from nis terrible wonnde.
He wae 42 years ou
Stefan Nicole! Stambulcff, who for
years beld a power mn Bulgaria superior
to that of the reigning prince himself, wis
comparatively 8 young MAU. He was bint
42 years old. A more svegtin! fe tha
his it would be dHenit to coucsive,
H. wae hb ro-at Lirpova i IRS, and
sinaticn! career. He wassent to the great
seminary st Odeses for the study of the
ology. There was more war then peace
in the air at that time, and vastly more
sonng man, The uprising in Bospia #oo
He: zagovina Tarnished him ar opportuoi-
ty of the exercise of a military instinet,
and the character of cor flicte which sab-
sequently 1dly developed his genius for
plotting and schemeing. :
Du-ing the Russo-Tarkish vir. 7 1477
18 hie service was drawn in the service of
Rossis. Since then hie genine wes mote
¢ucossfnlly directed against Russian ay
gression than that of any man in Earcpe
It muy almost be eid thst for years
in Bulgaria be held the Rassian empire at
bay single-handel. Hie wonderful career
began after Alexauder I. was ohoseen
prince of Bulgaria. Although a very
young msn. he became one of the chiefs
o’ the hiberal party in Balgaria.
me en rt AT
Two. Boys Read Trashy hy Novels 1. and Murdered Their
Loxpox, Eng., July 18.—A most horri
ble case of javenile depravity and brutal-
ity came to light this morning. Two boys
pamed Combes, aged 13 and 11 were
brought before a magistrate npon the
charge of baving murdered their mother
sod the accusation was sabstaptiated by
their mother by stabbing her through the
heart ten deys ago, since which time they
have occupied the house with the woman's
fast deesying body. After the boys com-
mitted the crime they pawned a number
of valuables and proceeded to enjoy them-
| selves by taking trips to various places.
The magistrate was astounded at the enol
The minds of the boys seem to have been
upset by reeding flashy novels.
Supreme Conrt Decisions.
PrrapeLrEIA, Pa, Jaly 18.—Among
the decisions banded down to-day by the
supreme court were the following from
QOlearfied county: Rosvieasr vs borough
of Osceola Mills, common pleas judgment
affirmed, Irvin vs Irvin, common pleas
jadgment affirmed, Comstock vs Clear-
fleld and Mahoning railway company,
common pleas judgment affirmed.
Louisiana Republicans Urged to Oppose sn Amend:
ment that Would Disfranchise Them.
New Orreaxs, July 19.—The Rapubli-
ean State Central Committee bas demded
to oppose the covstitutionnl amendment
to be voted for at the next state election
which limite the suffrage to those who
$200, worth of property, and the confessed
purpose of which ia to disliancbiss the |
Degro. :
The eoramitiee appeals to the Repabli-
cans to vote against this amendipent,
which, it is declared, is intended as an)
the faw at the expense of the many, and |
that it is an attack upon the 1dea of popa-
lar goverpraent, in that its purprge is to
divest of citizenship the poor avd tte nao
lettered, two elements which are wot res-
ponsible for their counditicn, and it will
one-half the citizens of Lonsiana; that 1t
against this extraordinary grant of power, |
Lackawanaa Dalegates.
of the first legislative district of Lacks-
wanna county met this afternoon snd
elected Thomas Philips and B. B. Ather-
ton delegates to the state convention to
be held at Harrisburg Aogust 28. W. G-
Daniels avd L. B. Atherton were zlected
alternates. The vote was 32 to 21, the
latter for the two outspoken Quay men.
A resolution was sprung pledging the
delegates to Williard for judge, Ger.
Hastings for permanent chairman of the
state convention and Qaay for state chair-
man. It created s great uproar in the
convention when it was offered and was
voted down with a yell. It wasn Has-
tings convention and it elected Hastings
delegates, but they will go to Harrisburg |
without instructions. - :
Running Down Stambulofs Assapsias.
Soria, July 19.—M. Qeorgiell, for-
merly secretary to Mejor Panifzs, who
wae executed some years ago alter baviug
been convicted of trerson, bas been ar-
rested or suspicion of being one of the
aseassius of ex Premier Stambaluff,
was festined by bis parents for an eccle-
ambition than piety in the natare of the | A Native of Clarion Coanty and Former
their own confession. The boys killed!
demeanor of the boys. He remanded
them pending tbeir mental examinatione.:
ean read and write, or who pay taxes on |
The amendment is not favored i 53 all | reseritad hy the Colorado Bprings pews
the whites. All favor the educational! papers. When Mr. Woodring knew Van.
‘qualification, bat thers is serious objec- | Houter he was temperate, industrious,
tion to a provision in the ameniment trustworthy and horest, and he cannot
which gives the next legisiature the right | believe he has chanied us represented.
to change the suffrage qusiification with- | Those who know the Van Houters here to-
out snbmitting the matter to the popular] day wil! also hesitate before believing so
vite, and there ia a strong prejudice wicked a criminal, as represented in the
which may be misused. It is by vo'a
means certain, therefore, that the smend- | selves here in Da Boiti aud at their former
ment will pass if the Republicare vote | home in Clarion courty.
solidly against it, as they threaten to do.
Sosasto, July 19.—The Republicans
Murder in the Second Degree for
Bhoount Ohl.
A Numi r of butiule Posie Interested in
uw Vimous Westirn Case.
“weston, No J, Jaiy 18 ~The jary i
the cass of John Colligs, the negro ou
tril {+ the murder of Fred Ohl, the
Princeton student, who also wounded
Garnett Cochran, came 1n to-night with 8
verdict of murder in the second degree.
Hesident of Du Bole,
Auron W. VapHouater, a former resi-
dent of DuBois and su brother of Peter
and Sumue! Vaulouter, of thie place, ie
now ntuder sentence to be hanged at Car -
yon City, Colorado. Taere is still hope,
however, that he muy ‘et be a free map,
Tard a brief history of the cause will ioter-
eet Couriea readers on jiceount of the no-
fortupute man’s acqudiatunce tere and
also becaus. of the nequaintauce of hie
brothers, who are well known in Da Boje
and Leatherwood, Clarion county, their
former hema, ©
The trial at which VeaHouter was
found guilty of marder in the first de-
gree took place at Colotado Springs, May
20th and 30th, at which "ime be was charg-
ed with the killing of Richard Newell, Jr.,
at a cabin on the Black Wonder plain,
Ball Hill, Colorado, the 19th of Dacem-
ber Inst. It appears fr¢m the evidenoe at
the trin!, pnhiiehed in the Colorado pa-
pers, that Van Houter tad been hving at
a cabin with a friend nlong the line of 8
pew ruilroad, known as the Colorado Mid
land road. The line liad been extended
as far as VanHoater’s claim and wus
within a few feet of his cabin. The sar-
vey for the extension of the road passed
throngh his cabin and arbitrotors had
beeu appointed to award damages. They
bad attended to their duties when a. Super
intende’t Newell sppeared upon the scene,
coming to VanHouters cabio one after-
poon and potifying him to get ont at
once, 28 he wis ready to proceed to tear
down the shanty. VaaHouter protested,
claiming that 825 of tlie award for dama-
ages remained nopaid sod asked for more
tima. Newell insisted that he would tear
Are Causing Some Lively Austing Just Now at a
Bavrimone, nly 19. — Hiivaghee
Pr. vivepee, Br xlyn apd Denver are
sre igel 10 A good-uutured fight for tne
| nuptist conventions of 1898 snd 1897,
he present convention will pame the
place fr both meetings, and a pice four
corue:ed contest is on hetween the esst
and the west. oi an
Lust year, at Toronte, Milwaukee
showed up a favorite for tha. couvention
of 1898, bot Providence also had many
adherents, sud when (he choice wes not
made the people of Rhode Islad went
into the fixht with revewed evergy. Both
cities are very munch iu evidence, but the
biggest busting ia being dope by Brook-
lyn, which wauts the sonvention for 1897,
Denver people would also like to have
tha nnion go oat to Colorade in: the
Sele year.
Yrovidence claims to have the nuaui
mons enpport of all the New Rugland
delegates, on the grou' d that the unown
although it bas met three times in the
west once 1n Caveda and this time 10 the
Brook!yu and Mil wankee have joined
issues, for if the couvention goes west
next year it will come east pext time, and
Brooklyn will win. If, on the other band
Providence oatehes on vext year, Denver
will get the aonvention the following
yewr, aud these two bave joined hands.
Fhe board of managers will determine
Attempted to Kil a Raifroad Station Employe in
PrrrseBura, July 19 —Michael Cartelin,
an Italian, made a desperate attempt to
kill Mases Green, a colored attendant at
the Union station, shortly after 8 o'ciock
last evening. He made several langes st
Green with a koife one of which took el.
fect in his shoalaer, ivflicting a severe
but not fatal wound. Carterlin wee ar
rested and locked op in the Central police
station by Officer Paisley.
is eaid he has just landed ip Pittsburg
frora New Orleans, where he was identi
fled with the Mafla sud was competled to
leave to escape the officers for crimes al.
!leged to bave been committed by him.
Ha 1s a stronger ip the city, heviug so far
as i# known po [friends here. He 18
down the eabin the naxt morpiug, when
a quarrel ensued which terminated fatal |
ly to Newell, VanHouter baviog shot him
with a goo that hong on the wall when
the quarrel onginated, The shooting was
witpeused by several trainmen and Van-
Hout r's eabin partuer. VanHouter im-
mediutsly gave himself ap to the sutbor-
ities of the county, claiming the killing
bad been done in self-defense. He was
sent to the county jai ; where he remain-
ed nuntil the latter part of May, when his
trial came up as above stated. The tes-
timony given by the witneesses at the
trial was very Jdamsg ng to VanHonter's|
a deeperste looking nan snd said he bad
{ heen drinking before he made the attempt
to 1 tub Green.
At the bearing to-day (ireen, with oth-
or attendants at the Unios station, was
‘present to testify as to the fight. Green
had his shoulder dressed snd while the
would was troubling bim cousiderably bie
was able to get around. He claimed that
it was only by his gqnick work and tbe in-
terference of the other station etaployes
thet Carteiliu was prevented from tay
ing out his St Lt ph to kiil nim.
Who Koows What is Abead.
canse, and the newspaper reporie of tie |
trial and the editorial comments make it |
appesr to his friends here that considers- :
lo prejudice existed against Lim iv the
community. As an illastration of thi a
single remaik of VenHouoter's altar i
| verdi ot of the jney bad heen returned,
may be gnoted |
| fotiows: “VanHout.r
‘fra sbhont wha I FRpasiad; I'oa from |
tht Le of Lhe Lit a Te
Bia igs Mlbie, CL,
Jull Hill, dul go Bu Elill man ean at |
| jastiee in Colorado Springs " Tha news- |
attempt to place power in the bande o tl papers speak of hn as a desperate char
acter, dapgerons to the community, sod
‘a villian of the deeprut dye. " fiends
| | here remember him 4g a Riel, nusssSUm- |
| ing man, who attend:d to tie own aff, airs |
| and yuve no man « ange fo r effence, Cap- |
‘tain Woodring, who >rotmbiy knows Bi
piace in a state of espionsge more than | | better than any othr man in DuBois, |
{he having been in Woodring's emp! toy |
will rob them of all here, in that the state | three years, from 1840 to 1883, right here |
makes littia or no provision for pub ie lin DaBois, seys thai he has wonderful Ny |
changed snes going west if he is a8 rap-
Nesters papers, conlc¢ come from 80 pesce-
ble a family as they have proven them-
The doomed mane hope for life and
liberty lies in an appeal to the Sapreme
court of Colorado. When he had been
foand gnilty by the jury a motion tor a
pew trial was imme liatety made, upon
the grounds that ths jury bad been al-
lowed to separate during the progress of
the trial and also that testimony in the
case had been heard during the absence
of the prisoner. The motion for a new
trial was refused by tae lower court when
VanHouter's attorney appealed the case to
the Sapreme court ard asupercedeas was
granted and the execution, which bad
been fixed to take piace the last week in
the present month, his been stayed. The
pargument before the Supreme court will
‘be heard next Jacuary, when VanHouter
will ba either set at liberty or the sentence
of the lower court carried out. His friends
Spamara were get 8d
Wasamoron, D. C. July 19.-~Becre-
{tury Oloey arrived here uuexpectndly
thie afternoon from bis summer home st
: Faimonth. Ha imriediately onlled a cou-
forevce of the cabinet ¢ffiwrs who are in
toan and tor two hans Secretaries Car- |
Iiete and Herbart and Attar y {ieperal
ELarnian wens olos ted with Lim. Mey |
ai expected arrival an > it is smd that the |
| paeeting wes cnnsed by a4 serioas crisis in
156 relations of this conotey with Spain.
hose at the meeting refused to say
an] 3th ing of the subiset nuder discussion
| bat from the manser in which cone of |
them epoke it wonld appear hut tha
reason for the conference is a serions ove.
While it can te only mera speculation
‘itis p srobable that the enndition of Cnbsp
Luffuirs brought Beerstur Oluey bere.
R y 3
The frequent complaints of the Hpavish
{ministry that filibnstering axpeditiovs |
{ura being copstantly fitted out in this |
country for Cuba has caused the govein-
| ment at Washingten much smbarrass-
ment, and it is not improbable that it hes
been decided by the president to take
such action ae Will prevent claims by
Spain aguiost us for viclation of nentral-
lity laws.
Colonel Gualer, One of the Volunteer Officers of tbe
Cuban Forces, Killed.
New York, July 21.—A cable dispatch
‘to the Herald, frcm Bantiago de Caban,
snys: Alpbcoso Gualer, a colonel in the
insurgent army, wae killed in the battle
fought near Bayamo, in which Captain
General Campos wae attacked by a large
force of rebels, under the two Maccos,
The Herald's Havana dispatch saya that |
according to advices received yesterday
trem Baracoa, CGuaridas has attacked a
large force of the insurgents. He has de-
feated the guerrilla chief, Try Tejada, of
Carojal’s band, killing two, wounding two
and taking two prisouers.
One of Roseberry's New Peers Turned Down, How |
. aver.
Loxvos, July 19.—RBeturns today from
¥:feshire, east division, show that H. H.
Aequith, liberal, won by 4,332 over J.
Gilmour, unionist, who had 3,016 votes.
In 1892 Mr. Asquith’s majority was 204.
in the east will give al the assistance poe-
gible, believing that the killing was done |
| in self defense and thit Van Houter is in- |
nooent of premaditatid 1 murder.
iY ittie Marion Cleveland, A
Brzzarps Bay, ([laly 19.—President |
and Mrs. Cleveland have named the little
| g'r!, now twelve days old, Marion. 3
The liberals experience grent relief at
the success of Mr. Asquith with a large
liberal gain, but this is offset by the elec-
‘tion of a unionist by a Iarge majority in
the Stowmarket division of Suffolk to the
seat occupied by Sydney J. Stern, liberal,
who was raised to the peerage by Lord
bus pever hed a conveution in the eesti,
the question at 8 mesting to be neld to-
Carterlin is nrable to speak English. It
iy the Secretary's
The Mariap, © With 141 Passen- |
gers and Crew.
Prineston Studen's Sapposed to Have Bren |
‘Killeg by the Watlike Baonocks,
Sprzzia, Ital, July 3L—A terrible
acoidert as oor usted near the mouth of |
tie git of Bora The steaters O:to-
gia +11 ol. ran into esch other «ul
the iat, r was s Tally damaged that se |
anne in short tine. She had on bostd |
14 neespgers in addition to the crew.
* t
il wei diewned.
Princeton Students Whe Probably Fell in With the |
Bannock Indians.
that & party of Princeton students have:
diaus, Nearly two weeks ago the stu-
dents forming the geological expedition |
went through Urion Pass. They were ou |
their way to the Nutiooal Park and were
due on their return trip sbout the latter |
conntry and it they are alive the fact re-
| mains that the government has recently
been stirred to great activity, as orders
were received yesterday at Fort Washakie
for the sending of an expedition of troops
to the dangerous point. There are only
{.rty-three men st the post sud the expe-
dition cannot be very formidable, but it
is the best that the army can do.
Prixocerows, N. J., July 21.—The re-
port 1hat the Princeton geological expe-
dition has been captured by Indians in
none of the geological faculty are in town
and po word has beep received from the
party in Wyoming for several -days.
Amoog the students who are with the
party are, A. A. Doyee, of Iodiaos, Pa,
Jobn H. Brooks, of Seranton Pa., and
Jolhu Scheide, of Titasviila Pa..
i Bh te Se 55
' Victory for Defeader,
New York, July 21.—The new white
and gold Defender made ber first dash for
feme yesterday off Sandy Hook. Dr. Tee
lin, with Mrs. Iselin, Himilton Fish,
the invited gueets, boarded the Denfend.
ar. Cupt. Huff and bis men were slready
to Bandy Hook was begun. Although the
starting hour was somewhat early there
wes a large crowd of yschtsmen on the
ola) dock to see the racer off. As she
started down the bay there was a royal |
salute from the tleet. : :
All the way down the bay the big boat
was greeted with salutes from passing |
steamers and excursion boats. At o'clock
‘the Defender, after a short wait in the
lower bay, in order to host ber main sail,
passed out to Sandy Hook on ber way to
tbe starting point, off Bandy Hook lighi |
ship. Half an hour sfter the Vigilant al
| 80. passed ont for the starting place.
Bri cotast with the Valkioe wil take |
place. he New Yors Yacht elnh offered |
| a 8200 silver enp for the big single stick |
| ars, in order to give them a chance to try!
i their jal ¢8 io the weter snd wind |
| which they will ba most likely to sncount- |
erin de Juuso of America's enp. It was |
' Datender's first rece aod her tirst tasta of
| Bui dy Ho. k weather. The opportunity
| to pew the pew boat and witness her bee
| hefior wheo poshed by as good u yacht!
ha Vigilaut is Known to ba, drew a |
Flujze crowd to the [8wer bay.
practical victory for the Defender: The
Vigilant wes besten on un elapsed time |
by but two minates and forty-five saconds |
bosta are measured that the lapsed time |
allowance may be sufficient to wipe out!
tbe Defender’s small advantage.
After the race the officials would not
announce that either yacht hed won, bat
contented themselves by saying thatthe
Defender had catsailed the Vigilant on
elapsed hime. According to the best no.
thought that the time allowanpoe will be
betwesn one aad two minutes, so that in
all prcbability the Defender has put a
is by an exceedingly narrow margin.
The Remains in the “Stove Turn Out to be PFieves
of Fire Brick.
Cuicaco, Hls., July 21.—To the long
list of murders ascribed to H. H. Holmes
raay probably be added that of Mrs. L L.
Conner apd her 12-year old daughter.
The woman and child were last seen inthe
company of Holmes in this city in 1893..
The bones foand in the stove in
Holmes’ house here, and thought to have
been the remains of the Williaa girl,
turn out to be pieces of fire brick with
which the stove was lined.
A Defeat for the Turks.
* Soria, July 19.—A serious fight has
occurred on the Turko-Macedonian fron-
tier between a foree of insurgents, stated
to have numbered five thousand, and a
body of Turkish troops, The Turks were
defeated with a lose of six hundred men.
Mrs. Wm. Barry, of Main street, is vis
“Dexves, Colo., Jaly 21.—1It i» FI
falien into the hands of the Bannock In- |
part of July. They are io a dangerous |
Wyoming cannot be verified to-night, as.
Woodbury Kepe and Herbert O. Leeds, |
aboard. The tug B. 8. Atwood soon had |
a live to the racer and at 7:15 the journey
The ccarce was ontside of Sandy Hook | :
where the internat ot ale race ot 1893 wus | |
8i led and whers the triai races aud the
Cie d0-mile ran over the course was 6
ard it may be possible that when ‘both |
official measurements, however, it is
victory to her credit in her first raoe, if it:
iting in Bradford. ot
Kir utiman Gor Company Gcitg
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New Orieaxs, ray 21 A party
Pullman « x-employes buve arrived. Thess:
jy snd their families are coming 19
| rinsing to Jooste as an experimen’, d
| nrrangements for homes for them I
| beet wnde in 8 Charles pi rich, josb
| nhove this ity. Some of the beads of
the American Reilwsy auviown; inolnding
| Vice President Howard, coms- bere last
| yenr, visiting Alabama aud other ciates
LOU The Way, seekit @ ®ites for homes fof
| some of these (opilie. whe they could
wei Ife wow, iw He meeeei ers’ USO
Detar aor ol (hive ye pale
er abd hve deel vor r- pondio with
i Leow rat pec pw siod sending emis: aries
[liste wig the wo ge intention,
Sw Hie Hg B00" miitee trom the
| padi aia Guid 3 cate TO Louisisue, sud “8
ane te her places viated St Charles
Cparieh.. They were delighted wit the:
itty nbd fhe ‘elimae aud euthinosed
over the groepeete of farming nfe in the
on kb, sod. seve ral parties in 8¢, Charles :
| ute selected 0 muke the experiment.
Emplo ment hse been secared for those
| who brvw eiready arvived, snd these men
Lisve nyreed to stick together for at leant
six months sud give taraing io the icin
i a fair trial, ;
Tug Fired on wt Key West. Ea
Key West, Fia, July 21.—The tog
George W. Childe, which bas becn ene
Cnbe, left port this morning despite the
beave to and was only brought up =
the cutter fired two solid shot and. st
after be-. The tug was brought back to .
this port. Her captain 18 very indignant
at baving been fired upon and claims
bound for New Y¢ York.
Workmen en Overcome Pvwreoms by Hent,
Pirrssugre, July 21.—The tense best
much suffering among the men employed
in the mills. At tbe Edger Thompeon
pegie furnaces snd tbe ‘Braddoek wire
works, at Rapkio, several bucdred men
bad to leave their work snd go bome, be:
ling slmost completely overcome. The
iiapell bands” ut the varione mille, takes
been replaced.
A Lasting Memorial of the Desperados
r Skill With the Pistol.
of buildings known locally as Bartle
‘row, from the pugnacious bent of the
inhabitants. These lapse into brawls and
chance meddle encounters with an ease
which should alarm. Up ander the oor
eyes are sharp, the white paint interior -
of the first O will show a hnddle of
weather hued spots very well in the o
ter of the letter. They are the handi-
the border, Wild BilL
It was back in the middle seventies
when Wild Bill, ‘by request, * and
merely to show his witchlike skill with
i {those weapons, stood across the street,
| full v 100 feet away, and with a 45 cal-
iver Colt’s pistol in each hand put all.
a 12 bullets into the center of this
’ He fired the pistols simultaneons-
| I and the 12 shots made only six re-
| ports. The town was smaller at that
i time and in the interest of science didn’t
mind a little racket now and then. So
shooting exdited nothing bat « nupli-
ment. Indeed Speers, chief of police
then, as well as now, was one of the
most interested lookers on, and emnhat-
ically indorsed the exhibition as<onn of
| the most skillful tricks with pistols it
| had ever been is nek to see. — Washi ng
ton Star.
Keeping BE carat at It. 5
Genius is really ouly the power of
making contivucas efforts. The line Lie
tween failure and success is so fine that
{ wo scarcely know when we pass it—so
fine that wo are often on the line and
do not know it. How many a man has
thrown up his hands at a time when a
| little more effort, a little more Juitence;
would have achieved success! As the
tide goes clear out, 80 it comes clear in.
In business sometimes prospects may
seem darkest when really they are on
the turn. A little more persistence, a
little nore effort, and what seemed hong
less failure may turn to. glorious suc
cess. There is no failare except in ne
longer trying. There is no defeat except
from within, no really. insurmountable
barrier save our own inherent weakness
of purpose. —Flectrical Review.
The Campaign of Assnssination. ,
Senator Quay, in his wail of woe to ox»
Senator Davies, of Bradford county, onlls
this a ‘a campaign of assassination.’
That is just what itis, and Mr Quay is
filling the title role. No man who has
ever heen his friend, but who now is exer
eising independence of thought, is free
from his attacks. David Martin, C. Lo
Magee, Senator Filun and any other man
who is opposing him is the subject of
vituporasion. He overlooks his chief leu
tenant, William H. Andrews, who was
repudiated by the Republican party as
state chairman. He is his chief adviser;
the man who tought and lost Senator
Quay’s battle for (George Wallace Deis
mater. Mr. Andrews is now fighting and
losing his last batsle for Matthew Suaiey
‘A Sty on the Eye. :
When you feel the pricking pain om
the eyelid that announces the coming of
a sty, make a very strong applieation of
moistened with a little water put
small bag of muslin and placed on
eyalid. As it dries moisten again, and
if used before the sty gets under way it
is said to be a sure cure,
gaged in tlibostering expediticns to 2
signals of the revenue cutter MolLave to
that be had regularly cleared wd wes
of the past two or three dsye has esused
etell works und blast furbsces, the Onr- al
of during the past several weeks, have ar
On the west side of Market square in ] :
Kansas City stands a three story front
nice of ome of the buildings is an Odd
Fellows’ sign, “L 0. O. F.' If one's
work of that long haired gentleman of |
Wild Bill's exlubition of crack pistel
black tea, or simply the tea bifvn =