The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, July 18, 1895, Image 4

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| PATTON PUBLISHING ©O.. Proprietors. Thomas T. Beste to George Leitz,
THURSDAY, JULY 18, 1896. Cambrin; consideration, $3,000.
ree or SUGTMITION. Ho,
Sr One copy, one year, in advance, - - .
s-Advertising rates made known upon min Wirtner, Hastings, $1,500.
1 all
Tony a. hic vip oon or the Joseph G. Steward, Johnstown, $300.
Lg Mion at Pation ue sion: Charles Von Lalen et ux. to L. C.
£¥ (y - i
Entire at the Fosioflice ot Fon Rockefeller, Gallitzin, $150.
Rp a Aaron Strayer et ux. to William HH
'Statzman, Upper. and Lower Yoder,
st Monday of March Ist Monday of Sept. |
In aonoay of June ist Monday of Dec, |
PRESIDENT J UDGE~ Hon. A. V. Barker,
Treasurer—F. H. Barker. ;
‘Sueriyr—-D. W. Coulter.
Dervry SBHErivrs—Samuel Davis,
Faith, Johnstown, $100.
Nicholas Keller to Catharine Geise-
hart, Conemaugh, $275.
‘William Trevorrow et ux to J. F.
Eimer Ream, Richland, $1,900.
elon. ‘RER-W. H. Bandford..
CLERK —~Harvey Patterson.
CoLLrcToR Jas Melk Malls.
An CF H. ind. H. 0. Winslow,
Hs CDGE oF ELEcTION—Sam’] Boyer.
INSPECTOR ~ Walter Weak land.
Crier or Porice—John Rovee,
—R. 8M
eB. 7. Phin 4. . Lioyd, Griffith, Johnstown, §350.
T's Chan John (. Gates. Simon P. Lantzy et ux. t¢ W. D.
CoUxtY be ri Al {Piller Susquehanna, $9,600.
Sony AuDrTORS— Wm. J. Jones, W. Charles Anna to Teresa. Farabaugh,
; r NERS Ansiem’ Wenkiand,
ly Jere » re Mary J. ‘McDermitt et vir to Thomas
: a 4 Moore, James Som- (Hanlon, Cresson, $105.
erville, Raphiel Hite. i
BOROUGH OFFICERS. Milton Purdy, Reade, $250.
~ Burowss—W. J. Donnelly. Jacob Miltenberger et ux. to Jease
: Ancoln 8. Bell, resident: 8M.
ny Camphell, B F. Wise, P. P, Potter, Conemaugh.
i ‘©. Crowell, president; G.. Emma K. Kepple et al to Late
H. Carfrasn, Sesutary] W. H. Sandford, treas- | Leitenberger Joh wn $l
urer; Jesse E. Dale HE Barton, Samuel y nsto
Edminston. p Danie Dale, Jub W. J. Donnelley & Co. to Annie Ed-
JUSTICE OF THE PEACE—Je s n, P , $660.
cates of Mary C. Boyer to Joneph
Hellstern, Johnstown, $400.
John Ashcroft et al. to A. V. and C.
H. Barker, Cresson township, $1.
. Shoemaker, Ebensburg, $400.
Elmer Burtnett et ux. to Lewis Men-
SOME OF T™HE NEW LAWS. delstein, South Fork, $1,500.
Some of the most important bills’ William Rowe et al. to L. Meldel-
passed by the legislature at the session gtein South Fork $175.
. just closed and approved by. the gov-
ernor, are as follows: Making a misde- Boslett, Barr, $1. :
- meanor punishable by a fine of $100, or Martin McDonald et ux. to Mary
imprisonment not exceeding one year, (Keefe, Johnstown $1.
to willfully or wantonly raise a false Phillip Mellon et ux. to Charles Tit-
alarm of fire; fixing the number of ler Gallitzin borough, $700.
councilmen to be elected in boroughs Daniel G. Plouse to William Wil-
at seven, they to be elected for a term liams et ux., Barnesboro, $95).
of three years; authorizing judges (Cecelia Dimond to Patrick Dimond,
during vacation, or when court is not Johnstown, $1.
in session, to approve bonds of railroad
and canal companies for land damages; McDonald, Johnstown, $1.
~ anthorizing notaries public, prothono- David J. Davis et ux. to William
_ taries and clerks of courts to adminster Davis, Morrellville, $300.
oaths and take affidavits in divorce Mary Stransbaugh et vir to Mary
proceedings; abolishing the law of Empfield, Blacklick, $50.
1772 by striking out the provision re- Thomas Proud et ux. to Michell Coal
quiring the kissing of the Bible in the and Coke company, Gallitzin, $300.
administration of oaths, so that here- Sarah Stutzman et vir F. W. Otto,
after all swearing will have to be done Morrellville, $350.
. with the uplifted hand or the laying of
‘the hand on the open Book; author- Johnstown, $400.
izing county commissioners to erect Patrick Melvin to Geo. W. Bracken,
and maintain a suitable monument at ' Johnstown, $200.
- the county seat in memory of the ~ William Ferguson et ux. to Harry F.
“soldiers and sailors of the late war; ' McGuire, Johnstown. $600.
punishing pool selling, the receiving
.or transmitting of bets by telegraph or McGuire, Johnstown $400.
aiding in pool selling or betting; au-
thorizing county commissioners to ap- | Koontz, Dale, $1,500.
point county solicitors to serve for! William Koontz et ux. to Amelia
! self. The country possessed neither ex-
three years; requiring the clerks of | Himes, Dale, $1,575.
orphans’ courts to keep thelr marriage David Barnhart et ux. to Adam An-
license docket open for the inspection | stead, Roxbury, $400.
stracts of the same to be made for pab- | ley, Cresson township, $40.
on such officials who refuse to fulfill’
She obligations of the act.
‘The census. report, covering the » Allegheny, JL.
statistics of churches, which has just [Sint Jarome, et al. to Ellen
‘come from the press, contains some
interesting facts. It is an elaborate | Marriage Licenses.
work of more than 800 pages, with' The following marriage licenses were
colored maps showing the extent of issued by the Clerk of the Orphans’
the various organized religious bodies Court for the week ending Thursday
‘in the states. ‘July 11, 1895:
There are 143 distinct denominations Eugene T. Heffley and Grace Bird,
‘in the United States, besides independ- Roxbury.
ent churches and miscellaneous con- James R. Litzinger and Margaret L.
gregations. The total communicantg Borkey, Gallitzin.
of all denominations is 20,612,808, who ,k Charles A. Ellsworth, Morrellville,
belong to 165,177 organizations or con- and Ada L. Snow, Coopersdale.
gregations. Edward MeCloskey and Mary Moran,
'' These congregations have 142,521 Johnstown.
edifices, which have sittings for 43,- W. Boyd Snowden, East Conemaugh,
564,863 persons. and Lilly May Hunt, Jackson town-
~The value of all church property, ship.
used exclusively for purposes of J. M. Lambert and Ora Goodrich,
worship, is $679,630,139. There are: Johnstown.
111,036 regular ministers, not including | ‘Brewster William Kunsman and
lay preachers. Mosuria Grove, Dysart.
There are five bodies which have | Joseph Vasbinder, Indiana county,
_more than 1,000,00 communicants, and | and Rina Marsh, Ivison. |
ten more than 500,000. The leading William Ramberger, Lower Yoder,
denominations have communicants in and Mary Blair, Morrellville.
round numbers as follows: Roman William H. Thomas and Emily L
Catholic, 6,250,000; Methodist, 4,600,- Fink, Johnstown. :
000; Baptist, 3,725,000; Presbyterian,
1,260,332; Lutheran, 1,230,000; Pro. Johnstown.
testat Episcopal, 540,000. | Thomas W. Donohoe and Lillie Wil-
be : liamson, Gallitzin.
When occasion demands its use, try | John W. Hoffman, Vintondale, and
De Witt’s Witch Hazel Salve. It is | Etta P. Crpninghaey, Cambria town-
cooling to burns, stops pain instantly, | ‘ship.
cleanses, a perfect healer for scalds or |
skin eruptions. Always cures piles. | Hamme Dale.
C.W. Hodgkins. ! John Bolen and Christina Don-
: nelley, Barr township
Dee ao, Elder township,
. For the special benefit of the farmers | and Catharine Lloyd, Susquenanna
in the vicinity of Patton the COURIER township.
. publishes the following local market| ‘William McKearnan, Rockwood,
report, revised each week:
we 15 cents per pound. | Monigle, Johnstown.
a Wilson Rhody and Emma Fender,
poe | Yoder JoWsaki
‘| Harriet Ream, Johr
Cresson Sownahip, $110.
‘Loeal Market Report.
« | Johstown.
Ww William C., ne, McKee’s Rocks,
Ale Allogheny County, Pa., and Annie
to per ton, East Conem Cohemangh. :
Record of Property Bog sd S04 bn
Hugh Edwards to Thomas D.. Reese, |
‘am! Joseph B. Wirtner et nx. to Benja- |
Elizabeth C. Roudebush et vir. to:
Elizabeth Springer et al. to Victor
' absolute sovereign, bishops, an army of
- Jesuits and divinity students mors nu-
merous than that of the prince, an ar-
tillery the ordnance of which is almost
rifled, an etiquette more tlaborate than
Albert L. Johnson et ux. to Charles
Catharine Z. Purdy et vir to H.
' little people in the midst of a court cere-
J. A. Bhoemaker et ux. to A. Joseph
Albert McCombie et ux. to Lucy
Martin McDonald et ux. to Nora
Vv. : Me- |
! francs.
Thomas Papp and Toni Prohoirch,
Emil Justinus, Johnstown, and Lena
“ John Schuster and ns Leirihart, |
‘in Few York Bom.
I wish I had leisure wipaakat length
of this astonishing state, smaller than a
French village, but where one finds an
that of the late Louis XIV, principles of
| government more despotic than those of
| William of Prussia, and, in addition to
all this, a magnificent toleration for the
vices of humanity.
On the other hand, let us salute this
virtnous peacefully disposed king, who,
fearing neither invasions mor revolu-
tions, riles tranquilly over his happy
monial, in which is preserved intact the
| tradition of four reverences, 26 hand
kissings and all the forms observed in a
. bygone era in the presenon of great rul-
oars. :
‘This monarch, above everything, is
' neither bloodthirsty nor revengeful,
and when he banishes—{cxr he does han-
ish-—the sentence is carried out with in-
. finite tact.
Is it ery tO produce proofs of
A pigheaded gambler, after a day of
bad luck, insulted the sovereign. He
‘was expelled from the country by royal
For a month be roamed around the
forhi iden paradise, fearing the flaming
1 of the archangel in the shape of a
"me's saber. Finally he one day
4 up courage, crossed the fron-
_ained in 30 seconds the heart of
+ + untry and entered the Casino. Bat
suddenly an official stopped him.
““Were you not banished, monsiear?"’
“Certainly 1 wus, but 1 am going
back by the next train.” ;
“Oh, in that case i is all right You
can enter, monsienr.’
"And every week he sitaraed, apd on
‘each occasion ‘the same cfficial put to
him the same question, which he an-
swered in the same fashion.
But a few years ago a serious and en-
tirely novel ¢ase arcee in the principal
LA rurder had been committed.
A man, a native of Mcmaco, not one
of the transient strangers of whom one
' . meets legions, but a married man, in a
" moment of passion had killed his wife.
John J. Pfarr et ux. to Mary Cowan,
He had killed her without reason,
without any extenuating circamstanoes.
This opinion was unanirnous through-
_ out the whole principality.
The supreme court met to judge this
| exceptional case, for never before had
Annie. N. Kearney et vir to Harry F. | araor been committed. and the wretch
The outraged sovereign signed the
Alexander Wagner et ux. to William | death warrant.
It only remained to execute the crim-
inal But here a difficulty presented it-
ecuntioner nor guillotine.
What was to be done? On the advice
of the public, to allow copies and ab- | - Mathiott Reade et Ux. to John Braw- | pared tos wonton wiry oe Fort
| gUvernment to obtain the loan of a re-
lication in newspapers, and providing William Lehmire et al. to Joseph
. a penalty of fifty dollars to be levied | Lehmire, Carrolltown, $200. :
John Sanker, et ux. to Cecelia Glass,
mover of heads and Lis apparatus
Long deliberations in the ministerial
office at Paria. Finally they replied and
| forwarded a minute of expenses for
wowing the gaillotims sad 2 for the serv-
His majesty of Monaco thought that
the affair was going to cost him pretty
dear; the murderer assuredly ‘was not
worth so much money. Sixteen thonsand
franca for the neck of a rascal! The
. devil!
He then preferred the same request to
the Italian governinent.
prove such & hard bargainer as a republic.
The Italian government sent a minute
of expenses which amounted to 12,000
Twelve - thousand francs! Why, it
. would be necessary to impose a new
tax; a tax of 2 francs a head on the in-
habitants. That would be enough to
stir up unknown troubles in the state.
He contemplated decapitating the
ruffian by an ordinary soldier. But the
general, on being consulted, was donbt-
‘ ‘ful whether any of his men had had
- sufficient sword practice to acquit them-
' selves satisfactorily of a task demand-
ing great experience in handling the
80 the prince again convened the su-
preme court and submitted to them this
embarrassing position of affairs
The court sat a long time withont
discovering any practical solution. At
last the president suggested commuting
the death sentence into one of imprison-
ment for life, and the suggestion was
But they had no prison. It was neces-
sary to improvise one. A jailer was als
sommissioned who took charge of the
For six months everything went well
The canvict slept all day on a mattress
in his hut, and his guard did the same
on a chair just inside the door facing
the passersby.
But the prince is economical—it is his
least fanlt—and requires the details of
"the smallest expenditures incurred
Somerset county, Pa., and Sue Me- |
throughout his dominions. Among these
were placed before him the items of the
disbursements relating to the creation
Morrellville, and | Of 8 new office, the maintenance of the
prison, prisoner and jailer. The outlay
on the last was a heavy drain on the
His face visibly, and when
he eonsidered it might last forever, for |
| Wha Suicianet HAR Waa SHI] ONE, he |
A king, a
. brother in royalty, would doubtless not
| met on bi minor of Justice sing |
| measures to suppress this CL
Wh ioioiriimghion a consultation with |
the presidmt of the tribunal, and the fi ¢e best that can be made or that. SHOE -
MONEY Can procure. It leaves the sys- |
tem in natural eondition after its awe. !
lof all kinds done promptly.
~ {motes
two agreed that the office of jailer might
be abolished The prisoner, required to
gusrd himeelf all alone, would not fail:
to escape, and this would solve the
question to the satisfaction of all
Nhe jailer was thereupon sent back to
his family, and one of the under oooks’
of the palace was simply Ip to
carry, morning and evening, food to
prisoner. But that gentleman iow Do
attempt to recover his liberty.
One day indeed when they had failed
to provide him with nourishment he
coolly presented himself to claim it, and
benceforth it was his custom, in order
to save the cook a jonrner, to come at
- meal hours and eat with the servants of
the palace, with whom he had hecome
After breakfast he wonld take a #troil
as far as Monte Carlo. Oocasionally he
would enter the Casino and risk a few
Persons who sre subllct fo
| will find a speedy cure in De Wit¥'s|
Colic and Cholera Cure. Use no otiser.
We sell it.
Johnstown, Pa
of Ji
C.W. Hodgkins.
francs at play. When he won, he would
treat himself to a good dinner at one of
the leading hotels, them he wonld re-
tarn to lis prison and carefully lock the
door from the inside.
He never slept ont a single night.
The situstion was becoming dificult.
not for the condemned man, but for his
~ Once more the court assembled, and
it was decided that they should invite
the criminal to depart from the states
of Monaco.
On this decision being communicated
to him he merely replied:
‘“] perosive you are joking Come,
now. Why should I go away, ’ indeed ?
I hate no means of living I have no
longer any family. What do you wish
me to do?. I was condemned to death.
You didn't execute me. I said nothing.
Then I was condemned to imprismnment
for life and banded over toa jailer. You
deprived me of my jailer. Still I said
“Now you ask me to get out of the
country. No, thank you Iam a prison-
er, your prisoner, judged and condemned -
by you. I am earrying ont my punish-
ment faithfully. Here I stop. ™"
The supreme conrt was domfcunded
ordered them to act.
They applied themselves dijiigently
to deliberating.
The outcome was it was decidad they
" shonld offer the prisoner a pension of
600 francs a year to live in another
- He accepted.
He has bought a little inclosed plot of
land within five mjnates’ walk of the
‘The prinoe flew into a terrible rage nnd
ane Trimm:
Our stock of dry goods and trim-
mings for the late spring and early’
summer season is not equ Cotton |
dress goods never were so handsome |
as now nor prices so low. Now is the |
time to buy. Come down. or send to
Jobustows, Pa. i
Dealer in
Wines, Liquors, v
Beer, Etc.
Phoenix Brewing Co.'s Beer.
Flasks, Corks, Jugs. Ete.
Hastings, Penn‘a.
realm of his former sovereign; he lives |
. happily on his estate, cultivating a few
vegetables and holding potentates in
contempt. — From the French of Guy de
Maupassant in Bamance.
Got Thetr Money's Worth.
American naval officers who were in
China during the late war tell of a day
' they spent ushore looking for sport. For
a few yen, amounting tc about 4 cents,
_ they secured the services of two Chinese |
to fight for their emtertainment The e
first fight went on bravely, and as fights
go in China, not being up to the Ameri-
can hippodrome style, one of the Chi-
nese was whipped. © But he was angry. |
As he moved away from the scene of
- combat he found a stone, and, turning
. upon his late antagonist, struck him a.
blow that killed him. The murderer
was speedily beheaded, but the suthcri-
ties decided that it was no concern of
the American officers if a murder result-
ed from their plan of amusement. One
of the younger officers remarked: ‘We
not only got a fight, but a killing and
an execution, all for 4 cents You
couldn't best those rates. '’
Sentenced to 3fberia.
A nobleman once entered into a con:
spiracy against the Russian emperor
and was sentenced to Siberia. His eyes
were bandaged, and he was put inte a
dark carriage, and for seven days and
nights they traveled on and on, only
they must have reachea Siberia, and in
the utmost anguish he perceived that
the carriage had stopped, and the band-
age was taken off his eves, and—he was
in his own home! He had been driven
round and round St. Petersburg the
whole time, but the fright cured him. —
Young Ladi’ Journal
-W. H. Nelson, who is in the drag
business at Kingville, Mo., has so much - By
confidence: in Chamberlain's Colic
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy that
"he warrants every bottle and offers to
‘refund the money to any customer
who is not satisfled after using it. Mr. OFC
Nelson takes no risk in doing this be-
Chest Springs Borough, Cam-
stopping to "ake food. At last he felt
NEw Te : Smoapwar.
— op . .
bria Count, Pa.
"Anditors’ Settlement, April 9, 1890.
. I.
To fines collected
By order granted Treasurer
Servet { om misdoner,
ne fre 31 Sept. 1 ; 33
wy Tres ix
am a4
. 28
wo "a
$i a4
fh Ave, near BB. Staion.
Shoes made to order and
Mellon Avenue, PATTON, PA.
Give me a eall.
| Lam % I oan FREE
a1 reas
Bridie nibh oR
| Foner;
W. E. Probert,
Barber and ‘Hair Dresser,
The finest line in Patton at ]
Restaarant > Magee AVE, nesr
R. depot.
Mahaffey, Clearfield Co., Pa
cromm dations first-class, Best of Ligon
and Wines at the bar, Rab) Sabiing atmened.
for German N
ational B. &
L. emociation.
Attorney . at - Law,
Cambria County, Pa.
Dr S. W. Worrell,
Ge neral Surgery
SG, |
Room No. 3,
PP P. Young & Bro,
Bologna, Lard, Etc.
Patton, Pa.
. FirstHation [Bank
" Patton, Cambria Co, Pa,
CAPITAL PAID UP, $50,000.00.
SURPLUS, $16,000.00.
‘Accounts of Corporations,
hie terms consistent with safe and
Steamuiip toekets for mle for all the — :
lines, Foreign Dmafls Ir abie in the princt
cities of the (id Ward
All correspondence will have oar Promptang
personal attention.
Interest paid on time deposits,
A. E ParTron, : H. Saxromn,
' Adamant Plaster
a 7a
canse the remedy is a certain cure for
the diseases for which it is intended
and he knows it. It is for sale by C,
E. Beiche p's City Drug Store
There is one rmeeieine thas will cure
Colic and Cholera Cure far all summer
complaints. No delay, no disappoint-
‘ment, no failure. C. W. Hodgkins.
Reuel Somerville,
At torney- -at-1aw.
Office in the Good Bey
Atte rey and (o unselor at Law,
Will attend to all business with paonptoess
and Adelity.
© Office opposite the Mountain House.
Attorney and C ounselor at Law,
All legal business promptly attended to.
Office in Armory Hall,
tliement, Jame,
We refer to De Witt's
n 1 5 on
I for cashing appmiria
fv Xone rations : . Lo 3%
} peer 1 on eodiseting SE . x IT
BY = per dent on paying out $570.57 14
S18 3
Bal due from Treasarer and Collector 04
Total ET 18
Na 15 . $ - be
No, ‘© sl 3a
No. A . “i Eile
Noo X with interest. % on a ;
Schild arta . 00
Total + : . § d . 2 om |
Total amount of indebtedness, $181 58
aving examined the above account we find
it th be correet.
<. H. F,
: Anditors.
40 i,
Gives a first-class wali a moderate £x-
Is the best fire-resisting plaster.
Always ready for use in any season.
Does aot hold gases or disease germs
Is the par excellence for patching.
Can be papered as soon as dry.
Is recommended by all the leading
Architects who have used it in
this country and England.
Will give you a solid wall.
Of imelf will not crack, swell or
Will rot cleave off when used as di-
rected, even in case of leakage.
Will give you a warm house.
Does not ruin woodwork by loading
it with moisture.
Admits of earpenters Kllewing plas-
terers in a few days
Is capable of every variety of finish.
ge Used on the Palmer H Good
Building, Hotel Beck, es ood
C. C. L. & L Co. office., Patton Cpera,
house, 3. E. church, and on more than
one-halt’ of the i houses and
. Far prices and informagion, write
| Patton, Pa., Lock Box 345.
Also the Catholic Church St. August.
0 Firms, Individe-
Cals and Banks rnveived upon the most favors
S Se -
0) WE MST a" 4