The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, May 30, 1895, Image 5

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Mmrmopier Eremcorar.Rev W amon, |
2 (30 to the Cambria Hardware Co. | daily.
- Hay, have you tried Hodgkin's sods
ad Ril
~~ a Sa
hs F Palmer, ropraiig the Mar-
| shall-Kenciedy Milling company, “and
1 . HE Neely, representing Cruikshank
.} Snowed again on Monday. Bro's. company, both firms of Alle
Wall paper 3cts a bolt. at Goods. | gem City, were guests at the Palmer
Try Lerch, the tailor, Mahafley Pa; house Toewday.
NEWSPAPER LAW DECISIONS. | | Drink the new summer drink, Am- Both Hayes Wilson nd Clarence
1. fipbeeribers who do not give express brosia. Edmiston purchased new W averiy bi-
Try Truman's coal. -67t0
i THURSDAY, MAY 3), 1895,
moliot: to the contrary are considured as Wish- | | ryep. gre ‘abont two mors weeks of cycles of Jas. W. Hoy last week and
ti renew their snbscri
: Con EEE | sehiool in Patton yet. . are having Jote of fan trying to “rate
i them on
II arrearages are All-wool rietta at 30 cents a yard on’ to the proper hump-of-the-back-
or wfase to take at Mirkin ers. act. Hayrs took a trip to Mahaffey on
dials from the postofice to which» (Brown and Wm. HM andford hit wheel Satarday. 0
settled their bills and ordered them | | had business east Monday." . ©. The overland mail route from Ebens-
I — othe yhies with-| 40 pinds of Hardware at the (am- barg to Nicktown and Martinstown
the publishers, 4nd the rhea has been discontinued. Herafter the
vier address, they ant bria Hard atton, Pa.
£10 the ns a Hardware Co. P mails for those points will go by rail to
Sasso, Pa, May 38, 1865
John Biller, of Patton, was a vie
lor {0 our town on Wednesday!
FL Craver, of this place, de
morning for Aloona.
The ieriths fice Som be
Hon. A. V. Barker made a
trip to Altoonn on Friday.
Lewis Evans is stodying |
{ni the Postal Telegraph office) i
Carte have decided {hat refosing to. The largest assortment of shoes in Spangler. The mail «till to Veo. !’
tera, three times a week, and ER. w.
a1 the Evans has the contract for carrying it.
ow ir Tuesday a peculiar accident oocurred
i smeriber wit be eapcamibie antiian| ET Gould, of Reading, was & guest! 4 1. Bosch Creek railroad junction at
sll nrrear - | at the Commerelal hotel Friday. | Jersey Shore. While a shifting engine
The firemen will be out in fall dress ' with several cars was making a fiying
CHURCH NOTICES. 'in the parade to-day (Thursday). switch the rails spread and the ponder- |
caro Marcellinn, posto. Mass | C. A. Sherline, of Punxsutawney, ous machine was turned over, wheels
Siner Banday oS 42 a m. Sum | registered at Hotel Beck Monday. opward. Notwithstanding the fact
yo no ome was injored. Philipsburg
Sas i he Es | Patton at Mirkin & Kusner’s.
n sdiance they are Garden tools of all kinds
subweribers pay
‘ notice hiro of the time if:
oh 10 confine Ring it; other Cumbria Hardware Co’s store.
; is authorized
am— rp 5
0 Cand 7% Cambria Hardware and onr tools
Sunde EE: Jae A fiend who has | 90 05 poison , J
mm :
Guy evening at 70. je we let. loces ut Carr. | Sunday the employes of Walter L.
: «3 fot Fras 5 be Somers at Tyrone, ie
Christe visited friends Bist aver | 275001, and hell memenial surviscs
y. the graves of the treasurer and three
0. B Landis, of Bt Marys, Pa. railroad wreck st Vai, cn May 2,
| registered at the Commercial ‘hotel 1a08 Rev. Harvey Greme Fubey, of
Tuesday. ° ‘the First Presbyterian church, made
Every Pasitern of the Spring and! |» prayer snd address.
|sammer styles in stock at Geo. 8. An exchange speaks wisely in giving
Good's. -85¢1. the following very sensible advice:
| If you wish to get cooled off stop in| i Siow sting it, dn
jo. Hodgkine drtg store and yt 's vietiing without reading {, sd make
{ drink of soda. | sure that it means nothing more than
For wall paper, picture mouldings, ‘it says. Don’t go to law unless you
: | paper hanging, painting, etc., go to (0. have nothing to lose; lawyers’ houses
| M. Letts. -78tf are built on fools” heads. In any busi-
! ness never wade ip water where you
A normal school hap been started wl . a the Sgn
| pendence on the ‘label of 5 bag, and
The Democrats will bold their con- {Souls mine belt you sccept. it.
| open before you buy what
| vention to nominate county officers isin it, for be who. trad in the dark
[seus tise 1s Aug. | ‘Wika ag. 208 t0 be chested.”
m a
Wdwe i convention held New Dimities at 11 cents per yards at
{ at Ebensburg Monday. Mirkin & Kasner’s.
| Wm. Irvin and W. G. Donsmore, A Groat Offer.
"| two energetic mine foremen of Phillipe The ‘‘Twice-a- Week” edition of The
burg, spent Monday in Patton. ‘ New York World (formerly the.
The Sunday Dispatch at DuBois is Weekly) has proved a phenomenal suc-
‘no more. . The Evening Gossip will cess. It is a Semi-Weekly of six pages,
take its place. Success 10’ the new mailed Tuesdays and Pridays: eight
columns to the page; forty-eight col-
Hastings under the\managemens
| Prof. Herman Jones.
C. W. McCormick, representing the | umns issue. I: gives the news fully
water? : - | German National Building and JLosn hslf a week ahead of any weekly paper,
; i
: Carrolltown Tuesday.
were visitors to Patton Friday.
| ‘Mirkin & Kusner's, Fifth avenue.
|| Over ons thomasd cen have been
was good.
Mirkin & Kusner’s.
ings go to Mirkin & Kusner.
fats and leans to-day (Thursday).
association was a guest at Hotel Beck nnd at the same time, retain all the
| Monday. : ‘literary, agricuitural, tiny and
N Ha C other features which made Weekly
The circus at Hastings last Thursday | oy a ven, Coma, TO ML C0 Yet the .
tailor, Mabey sarap. | COBN; stopped at the Commercial on >, one ress The World : For Stagte
~ Larch, the y y B i tel one day last week - fo.
Attend the dance in Firemen's hall |
| The 2nd annual Grangers’ picnic Fine Scotch Lawn at 7 cents a yard |
India twilled al 9 cents 3 ya ut | exhibition will be held at William's at Mirkin & Kusner's.
| Grove, Cumberland county, Pa, Aug--
The Dellacat
BW. SrA o down. from oe anh to 31st, 1996, inclusive. or
The 20th al tian of the Is the Woman's Favorite Magazine;
annual conven issued
For fine clothing and frente furnish. Cambria County Sabbath School se- and is yes oY ple emi Sesion
‘sociation will be held at Morrellville, . npany (Limited), at 7 to 17 West
| Pa., June 13th and 14th, 1805, in Yee | Thirteenth street, New York, at the
MM. E. church. ‘remarkable low rate of $1.9) for a
Tafetta Moire at 18 cents a yard at, Mr. Jos. Denny, brother of Laxsilord year’s subscription, or 15 cents per.
| Denny, of the Mountain house, at Eb- sopy. Of all family magazines itis a
Attend the ball game between the | ensbarg, will be ordained to the Prietit- great caterer to domestic needs, and
' hood at St. Mary's college, at Cincin- can be recommended for its cheapness,
usefulness, beauty, freshness and
J. ©. Gates and wife, of
Ready-Mixed Paints of all kinds at | nati, on June 19th.
‘the Cambria Hardware ('o.’s store. | Particular attention is called to the utility.
Butterick Patterns can be purchased | locals of Mirkin & Kusner, the enor, Crepe Roveltio at 14 cents a
xt the store store of Geo. 8. Good. -65tf. | getic merchants on Fifth avenue, 4 yiriin & Kosner's. o
Measles rage toona | which are scattered through the onl- :
are all the ir Al umn’s of the COURIER. - it ‘Boarders Wanted.
ported | The justices of the peace, vected The undersigned has opened a board:
mrs. 15 ts & yard at | last spring under the new fee biil, are | | ing house on Fifth avenue, opposite
o y entitled to charge five dollars for mar. Youngs meat market, and is prepared
Mirkin & Kusner’s, Spera hots block, | rying a couple. The old justioe's fee to furnish the best of accommodations.
rec'd. there.-65tf
Patton, Pa. :
The Delineator for May is on sale
at Geo, 8. Good's store. Subscriptions
bill is three dollars for the same service. [ates reasonable.
The corner stone of the new (atho- T4-eow-t8
lic church at Nicktown was laid Sun- For Sale.
: day with an imposing ceremony. A 4 beautiful residence building lot in
Gros. Simons, Altoona’s leading and | large supper was given in Lieb's hall paiion will be sold at a bargain. Easy
popular shoe dealer haa changed his | oy the afternoon of the same day for payments. Call or address X, Cor-
"John Yahner and D. A. Buck have - The DuBois Evening Gossip i a new
had their walks in front of their resi- | daily which arrived at the COURIER paper
dences graded to a level of Fifth ganctam this week. May the Gossip A lady at Tooleys, La, was very sick
pring suit of clothes call on Lerch, the | yeteht
£ Hardware Co's store and see their Lev- | had his right leg apd left foot crushed
| the benefit of the church. RIER office, Patton, Pa.
Before leaving your order.for &| while attempting to bourd a 100¥ig p, witys Colic and Cholera Cure
train at Driftwood Monday |... disappoints, never fails to give
tallor, Mahaffey, Pa.-88tf I Patrick Carey, Jr.,aged about | DE PD It cures just
Farmers, drop in at the Cambria 18, was thrown under the train and __ o , tape it. C. W. Hodgkins.
Three Cents a Beit.
G. 8. Good has a fine line of wall
at 3 cents a bolt. See it.
er Harrows, and Chilled Plows. and head and face severely cut.
avenue. see many more days than its predeces- with billious colic when M. C. Tisler, a
Dr. Monroe preached. to a large and | sor, the Sunday Tribune, and it ought prominent merchant of the town gave
ve sudience ut the ye as it is chuck full of good local news. her a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic,
Eoscopal church of Patton Sunday | An exchange says that kissing the Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. He
morning. | baby may result in deforming its nose | says she was well in forty minutes after
Editor Gill, Dr. Kenney, I. War- or bringing on nearsightedness. The | [king the "CE Be For se by Oity
telasky, and J. E. Wartelsky, al of | safest plan is not to kina & baby of the U8 , ober, Prop.
Hastings, stopped at Hotel Beck for! | feminine persuasion until it attains the! Theres great danger in neglecting
dinner Sunday. | age of eighteen years. The cartilage colic, cholera and similar complaints.
Look on the inside of the COURIER | | of the nose is much strenger then. An absolutely prompt and safle cure is
: for Memorial Day news. It will inter- | L. S. Bell. the popular Magee avenue | found in De Witt’s Colic and Cholera
ant you. It will interest the children. | clothier, shoe dealer, hatter and out- Cure. CO. W. Hodgkins.
It will interest all.
. | fitter, will interest you on the fourth For whooping cough Chamberiain’ 8
Pawnee Bill's Wild West and Main's | page of the CouRiER. Mr. Bell is a Cough Remedy is excellent. By using
o circus are both billed to exhibit at Du- | staunch upholder of printers’ ink, it freely the disease is deprived of all
aay, of Clart
the former on Monday, 31st, and | which is plainly to be seen by the pro- dangerous consequences. There is no
the latter June 4th. digious amount of business he enjoys. danger In giving the Remogy to tubiew
when take a trip to Ebensburg Ed. A. Mellon, : ter, ex- ' as it contains nothing inju 25 and |
stop at the Blair house and yon will be Sia, Nice, the potiei; x 50 cent hotles for sale by City Drug
used all right. Accommodations ex-| He has recently cultivated the ground Store; C. E- Belcher, Prop.
cellent and rates moderate. -09-tL. | on his property on the corner of Ma- | There is one medicine that will cure
Frank A. Walker, genial book-|gee and Fifth avenues and erected a immediately. We refer to De Witt’s |
ofacturing | fence around it. The chief product | Colic and Cholera Cure for all summer
of Clearfield, spent Sunday {of the land will be potatoes, and possi- complaints. No delay, no disappoint-
Patton, the Wasi of Presi Owens. bly a pumpkin or two.
GRRL £1 we
wnat we are doing and we, are selling
oar town on Monday.
er xe be a
game of base ball played on
| Decoration Day between a njne from
Altoons and a picked nine from this
| pave. : :
The bicycle race which was to have
taken place on the fair gro on
, and if
‘rier, of this place, were
(Rev. J. J. Hunt, on Toweday evening,
‘May 2st. on
Ninety-six delegates to county |
convention registered at the - Blair
bounse on Monday. Among were |
Mayor J. K. Boyd, John M. Rose, E.
A. James and M. B. Stephens, pf Johns-
town; Geo. W. Emigh and Howard |
Davis, of Conemaugh, sad E Will
Grestie, saitor of. Siw Paton COCK, |
snd Alex. Montieth, of
There were a number of
‘in town yesterday, most of
in attendance at the Republican con-
vention, which was held here. The
Republicans nominated the
ticket: For prothototary, 8. W. Davis,
of Ebensburg; register and recorder,
FP. B. Jones, of Johnstown; poor house
director, Thee. Lo Jones, of Cambria
township; county surveyor, 8 G. Fet-
, McCabe,
in the bonds |
y Name |
maker, & brother of tbe groom, and’
Miss Mary Kelley, of Johnstown.
After the wedding ceremony they
drove to the home of the bride's
parents, Mr. and Mra Bart McCabe,
where 8 sumptous repast wis served
Thos present were the parents of the
bride and groom and a nagmber of
other relatives and friends. They re-
- eived a number of handsoms presents. ;
They lft on the 3 o'clock train for
Braddock, Pittsburg and other pointe.
The bride and groom returned home |
on Thursday evening and im| i
drove to their home, which
previoasiy furnished, and
housekeeping at once.
A meeting of the
cultural association was beld on Pri-|
day evening, May 24th. differouk
committees appointed at
to revise various a A — the |
premium book for 1885 submitted their
several reports, which werp adopted
with a few revisions. On motion duly
-sconded it was agreed to charge 20
per cent. entrance fee of thie first pre-
mium offered on all stock competing
for premiums af the coming fair. Com-
‘mittee on printing appointed: M. D.
Bearer and T. M. Richards. | Directors
present: H. H. Myers, L. A. Craver,
Frank Deversux, Thos. Hoover, G. J
Jonea, T. M. Riclarda M.D
V. 8S. Barker and 8. L. Reed
arrangements have been made to pace
the book in the hands of patrons
soon as the printing facilities Rn
Drink Ambrosia.
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the best of it and saw wopd. That's
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al id 5 3 * 5 MARRY. WE gr .
* E. By hg Tre tain. JUNE 2
SA Khe
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