The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, May 16, 1895, Image 4

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Patton Courier. | Paul a ot ui to Velostisn 5.1 8
es | By Be
PATTON PUBLISHING CO., Proprietors. dy Po to Pennsylvania
THURSDAY, MAY 16, 1896. | Railroad company, Johnstown, $2,400.
. Blacklick Land & Improvement com-
TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION. | pany to Abner Griffith et al Black-
One copy, one year, in advance, - - . $1.00 | lick, $1.
Advertising rates made known upon William Forayth et al. ‘to South
SPpiientis road Ad 00.
8¥-No Ae mi discontinged. until all ar Fork Rail company, arse, §1
rg... S 5 > : - . : : | : : -~ 3 v . : . ag 8 :
rene ate Juid, unjems a the opuion of the Spangler Improvement company to Lo oe around before ny ii our ig Why We say yes: Look at. everyones
Pu ; . | Austin M. Mclain, Spangler, $275. O ( ( e ye
Entered at arr a lewd: Philip Young to Mrs. Ketura Young, sto then come to us and we will wager that Vou wh stop here to buy your Clothing,
| Cambria and other counties, $1. H ats, Shoe S, Shirts, TH 1s, etc.
BUY. Joseph Snyder et ux. to Paul Biller,
TIME (/F HOLDING COURT. ! Patton, $1,000. >
1st Monday of March | Ist Monday of Sept. Henry Styles et ux. to Henry J. Hop-
Our store contains 3 times the amount ol goods oh it any other clothing house in town
Ist Monday of June 1st Monday of Dec, ‘ > ;
avvienna. © pel, Bari, ete, 10, does and our Prices—well just read of a few items.
PrEsipENT Jr GE-~Hon, A.V. Barker. : i :
ProTHOROTARY. J. LU. Darby | The following marriage licenses were : : : : :
REGISTER AND RrcomnER- b. A. McGough. g age § ’. ‘ ’ .
FREAS yn 817 Harker issued by the Clerk of the Orphane’ Men's Suits. io Boy's Suits. ] Children’ = Suits.
HERIFF 1. W, Coulter. : : : :
Deru TY. NHERIFF Sanuel Davin, Court for the week ending Thursday $¢ 00 worth 5, 4 z.00 worth é& +60 i - &
HSTRICT ATTORNEY 8. Murphy. S.C TOT > 7.00 i 2 NG 3 on 7d 4 .
ae FT nom TL. vioya, | May 9, 1585; J / : Po jo ¢ 200 worth § 3.00
Geo. M. Wertz. Joseph H. Newman, Latrobe West- : 6 50 ¥ G.O } 5-39 7:50 i ” !
CoMMIsSIONER's CLERK ~John OC, Gates, no f= i - i“ I i 2.50 3.50
COUNTY SUPERISTENDENT—J. W. Leech. moreland county, and Annie C. Ivory, u GBs | 6.50 : 43.00 3-3
: |
CovNty Sreviyor Henry Seanlan. - O00 1.00
Cousty Atpirors—-Wm, J. Jones, W. C. |Oalfitsia. : ; l § : 7.50 : ; | }.0C
Berry, James Daily . William W. Knepper and. Rittie 10.00 15.00 5.6% ‘ vs ; ce 2.00
‘Jury Ir YHA Anslem Weakiand, A. Wri ht. 8 hill. P . : ~ i §.00 . Ki | .50 3-4
Wm. Miller. ght, Bammerhi " 12.00 i 16.00 | 00 6.
CoroNER--Dr, George Martin. - Charles M. Robers, Richland town- 3. 00
Poor Dinecrors -R. Moore, James Rom- 2 . .
erville, Raphiel Hite, ‘ship, and Caroline Fingernut, Cone-
women men” 77 DON t take my word. ‘Examine Qualities first.
UN Ano _ “ell president; Mm.
Ri Linen : Wise, I. P ey Carrolitown. .
LF Bonner. CC president; 6. J0séph Lugar and Mary Hrahok, Men's Fine All wool Dress Pantaloons.
BH (urimian, seretnry; W. H. Sandford, tress: Johnstown.
wer, Dr. J. B. Noonan, H. Barton, Samuel | William 8. Reed and Emma F. Krese- | $f 3.00, 2. 50, 3.00, . 50, 4. 00, and $4. 3 0. :
Lie ar ™H Pr ACE ~Jemen E. Dule, Jan. ley, Chest township. : “ 9g | :
a? rRER—W. H. Sandford. Simon Markert, Johnstown, and : : Boy’ S Dress P ants acc ordingly —D 5 C.. 3 5C-, 40, joc., 7 5C.
Cuan i —Harves Patterson. Minnie M. Jones, Blacklick township. ae
Ammon 3k comets | inaow, Richard Partach and Emms Hog |_adies’ Fine Shoes, Mer’ Ss Fine Shoes. Children’ - Shoeg
Will L. Thompson. uerin, Johnstown.
o Abbot, ; 125 150 175 1 50 175 ;
Jonas DAE OF EL RBITION A er 1. Andrew Graff and Anna Yada, ’ 2 00 ¥ 2 50 ' 3 oo ~ $ 325 $ 25 ' : 50c ys 78¢
Pe J e Mullen. hi = au 136
a Hamue Addieman, Hastivex i 3% 275 1% 275 3 35 : 19 178 0
a i
Marriage licenses,
i 10.00
| rma vores TE Meta ie Ladies Oxford Ties—Black and Tan 75c¢, 1 .00, 1.25, 1.50, $1. 75.
1 Yateiwnt te Nurpiers We Rewd. the Price cutting tn Hicyeles is being " gr py
'duiged in by Clearfield agents, and Mens bal. Underwear. Boys hal. . MEN’ Ss,
A sprinkling of plaster over the mois- i
tare of stable floors sbsorbs all odors [90M Who 4re agents only in name, Verv hi vr i Us Jor: LADIES
and holds the escaping ammonia for those who get an agency for the pur- ry ne, 2 5 sul : = Co naderwear - :
sa plant food. pose of securing to themselves the Coes] and Misses Hose,
Use asp : Cheaper on + SC he 5
Disease is often brought into flocks prot or: sommimion, TIRES be: Ce per E aUces a $0. | 75C. the in uit. 10, 15, 2sc.
by ng fowls, Rite JHOhgiug 2 Top a irae ry
a A oy or a Clearfield young man asked a bicycle Our en 'S shirts are fine. All new stock Soc., 75c., 1. oo $1.25 oy
tmbeniciy tockn. Ce in dear ie = = = STRAW HATS 5c to 1.25—ALL STYLES STIFF and SOFT HATS. .. =
_ Africa now reach England in perfect | clined to do it, also declined 10 sell at
arder. lows than line price. The young man, F or lack of space will have to stop. You come and sce us. We'll use you White.
1 Mel! e Columbia agency’ or. -
+The surly planted peas almost always 0% SCT the Som ap todae NO Juggling of prices with us. If I can’t save vou dollars no one else can.
The soil for lettuce cannot be $00 has furnished five Model 40 Columbia | : ; Y f |
vich bicycles to bimeelf and friends in . : AAs lor a bey uare: « eal,
The chief value of alfalfa as forage is (0% 8¢ $90 and expremsage, thus the
rice of a hundred dollar Columbi : r
nd that will not grow red clover, p r Columbia
do 1 pros] crops ased: is Yotation has been established in Clearfield atl : a J S. Bell,
: ot Bn. the rlove figure, and therefore our, Lae
2 thai a legitimate dealers who advertise, voll | :
sn ee oo reat 0 mabe ig et C RSH ONE PRICE. at CLOTHIER, TAILOR, SHOE DEALER.
y ness must sacrifice thelr profits to com- -
perfect! pete with & mao Who is in no way ; * : La
Small potatoes are usually the result’ interested in the bic “The Only" for 1898. j
ycle business cther ny tow , : Y
So Jon. the than for a selfish motive. Makers who The COURIER is pleased to announce | P. P Young 4 Bro, Are ou Ready
‘give agencies out at random, thus its clubbing arrangements with The i : 1 3% ¥ 3. ,
great uivaniae possessed by chemical injuring their re gular agents who ad- Pittsburg Post, the great home news- : -Whoiesm te and Retail Dealer in For th H ?—
over s manures. vertise and work up their particular paper of Pennsylvania, and to persons = or e arvest
: 2 Foier tian is a fair substitute make of wheels, ought to be given a who want the best daily or semi- weekly 3 CY Sig r
a r . severe letting alone by the trade in paper published in the city, we recoim- ; F R J: H M A I — ne way th get ready so that you can be sure that you ave ready
nearly alwas go together. "general He : —and I'am ready to get you ready with the World- Beating,
ysiwang ar ok A heavy white front fell here last The Daily Post, a large eight-page OF ALL KIND, ;
Salt- will sbaorb fon os readily | night. The thermometor reached be- Paper, and The COURIER one year each
as milk. > -
‘low the freezin int. Garden truck for $3.00. The price of The Post alone , , ; tbe
Remember to firm the soll overthe .. .. RR been infored. in $3.00. Send us your order at once Bologna, ard. Ft : CORMICK
, Sl. 4 Ya The Clearfield and Mahoning rail. 3nd get seven papers a week for the : i , AY | ;
Sound grain, good hay, pure water | aa did a rushing business last week. Price you formerly paid for one. FIFTH AVENUE, | Sis SR IEE
sad fresh air ave worth more. i the | The Beech Creek rails were kept warm The Sunday Post, twenty pages : 5. 1 ea ay, : STEEL
stable than medicines. With these also with a heavy coal and | passenger every Sunday, containing as much : Patton, Pa. [i jl A Sh £7 | io
borses may be kept in a good condition traffic. reading as any of the monthly maga- : fl 4 Sit % il BINDERS all
and will very seldom require medical The “Tin Horn” toots regularly zines, and The COURIER one year each iPS fil n i ite: , ot nf _ AF
brea : : ‘every week. Some witty sayings ap- for only $2.25. : F iN IB k : Gi a a :
00 oi A ig i Y SAYER EP The Semi-weekly Post and The Cou- alioniDanK L _—— MOWERS.
one-balt o m ne. being HIER one year each for only $1.50. Just
cockerels, and that you must at once The ined poor is being think of it, The Post twice a reek. and OF PA TTON.. : BEST IN THE .
increase your number of broods if you I i Le our county paper for the price of one.
expect Oy of eggs next a | A circus will be here rday. rite us for sample copies. - Patton, Cambria Co., | ORL DT
The pullets from the early b : . Jay Hoy, jeweler at Patton, toured . genet
pu cm the early roods must through Clearfield on his bicycle a few J. A. Richardson, of Jefferson City, CAPITAL PAID UP, $50,000.00. ; Most Durably Built,
not be sold, as they will make your Mo., chief enrolling force 38th general _Acrounts of Corporations, Firma, Individa.
next-winter ba ers, but the cockerels days ago ge als and Banks rreeived upon tne most vom. Lightest in Draft,
: to be oh f ket. To do Fx-Sherif Dule, now located at Pat- assembly of Missouri, writes: I wish to Ite 44 rms consistent with safe and conservative Greatest in Capacity,
are push or ton, visited town last week. = | testify to the merits of One Minute ng a Ws MN Si in Construction.
this the sexes should be separated as oe . Steamship tickets for sale fall the luting mplest in :
Chief Burgess Moore, of DuBois, had Cough Cure. When other so-called !'nes Foreign Dmfls perabie n the principal AD Competition Staid Away from
. soon as they can be distinguished, and business here at court last Thursday. cures failed. 1 obtained almost instant ALL ov frenpatidenee will have ar prompt and : the M Cormick in the
the cackerels fed for fat and rapid de-| 4 icy ie factory is one of the possi relief and a speedy cure by the use of PC hull on time depot TArld's li
W-rid’s Fair Tests [=
velopment. The sooner they can be 1... for Clearfield in the near future. Ine Minute Cough (Cure. C. W. Hodg- 4 E. PaTroN, Wi H, SANFORD, =
marketed the greater the profit. | yapy A. Kennedy, Harry Croft, kins. President. Oaitier. | { wisht today be selling a line of so-called “cheap” machines sf
: - DICKERS " DIRT. "Lewis A. Ross, 8. I. Snyder and Ed. A. wn ' ' ap. iT would still be high, but prefer to sell the high-value McCormick
” A of Property Rought and Sold in leitzinger, all of Clearfield, received : : : vii xperience will most assuredly prove is low. Glad to show
Cambria. new Columbia bicycles lately under the LA D E S BY iridnd , ih machines ai cay time. Come in and see them. :
William P. Goodhart et ux. to Minnie Dew (?) tariff schedule. Well done ; :
Brickman, Johnstown; consideration, boys. Couldn’ t you let us in on fe JS. McCOy, Chest Springs, Pa., and Mo. mM.
$435. ground floor too? Finest line of Percales, Shirtings and Illumine Checks ever Gooderharm, Patton, Pa., are agents for the abodl
Charles Young et ux. to John C. Council voted to pave Locust street opened in the County. An assortment of Silk Wa ast Pat- named machines. Call on or write for particulars. Al kinds of repairs for the
"Young, Lower Yoder, $45. "this summer, but Burgess Fullerton terns alsa just opened. above named machinery handled.
Arthur J. Moxham et ux. to August vetoed it, and now there is vengeance ;
Gunga, Richland, $75. ! brewing for Fullerton among the First ! \
Roland Dixon et ux. to W. Howard Warder. 1 SU BSCRI BE NOW :
* Beers, Reade, $400. THE NEW YORK WORLD says that
Adam Henry Folckemer et ux. to Nicaraguan Government has now de- : We will send to any address
George C. Mardis and 8. L. Reed, clared the port of Corinto once more
Blacklick, $500, open for business. So ends one more ‘All BK WEEKLY Pp fs,
RE ————————————
§ fem)
ev ———
P. F. Campbell et ux. to James W. piece of international bad munners. Cl il d 2)
Dunwiddie et al., Barr, $2,855. But the Monroe doctrine goes on for- Children’s Gauze underwear SC. adies’ ribbe
Louis Von Lunen et ux. to George ever, ; 3C:;. Men's balbrngg an 25¢. for Ty r-price $0C.
-W. Griffith, Johnstown, $475. : ities for the money ever offer in. interesting, up-to-date Republican National
“John C. Hofecker et ux. to Solomon W. T. Sanford, station agent at hi a CWSPaper.. cond fut ted to instruct, entert: un,
Dorer, Upper Yoder, $1,700. Leeper, Clarion Co., Pa., writes: 1 can : : amuse and edi "fy every member
Peter Engle et ux. to Rt. Rev. R. recommend One Minute Cough Cure : an : ere Apietie Tf
Phelan, Richland, $2,800. : as the best I ever used. : gave mstant ; } every Amencan amily
Blacklick Land & Improvement Com- relief and a quick cure. C. W. Hodg- 14) Shoes | have special bargains for the ladies. co cen : : And
pany to Abner Griffith et al., Blac klick, kins. :
$1. Loval Market Report. RI
Thoinas A. Lilly to Charles Anns, po. the special benefit of the Bximers 1€
+ Clearfield $10. in the vicinity of Patton the COURIER
Ellen Wilson to Joseph H. Boyer, publishes the following local market For
Franklin, $900. : report, revised each week: A full line just received. Good bargains at 10, 13. 15. a
Rt. Rev. M. Domenec’s executors to | JIN he Bah Jy jeding. | 2% cents. : i * ONE YEAR FOR ONLY 5 5
Rt Rov. John Tulgg, Cambria county RSG. cn DD SIE Butterick Patterns. Latest Styles.
eid of Samuel ‘Blough to Mary | un” : : p : . - : | Address all orders to The CO i
Blough, Richland, $308. Carn: Sinko, . Corme and Sece Goods. Send vour name and address to New York Weekly
Emma L. Rathbone et al. to Ebens- | Buckwheat, rere wl GEO. S. « 00D. 38 Park Row, New York City, and a sample copy re be
: y
“ "
; burg & Blacklick Railroad company, | Hay, Prod, ot $14 to per oP mailed to vou,