The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, April 04, 1895, Image 2

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One Hundred Build
: in St, August
ings Burned
tion, —Loss Will Reach $200,000.
81. Avaverixg, Fia.,, March 28 oA fire
which started in a blacksmith shop on
Oharlctte street thie afternoon destroyed
48 residences and stores and many other |
baikiings in the space of foar honra. A
hundred families are homeless. Many
people are left with ovly the clothing |
they hea on.
While the fire was in progrees Col.
Painbridge commanding the United
‘States troope, ordered fhe fire brigade to
render semstance and followed the order
by personally; bringing all the troops to
the scene with hoee, ladders and fire
buckets. The soldiers worked mantally
#0 extinguish the fiames.
Many families are camping on Ft.
Cireea to-night, while others ocenpy the
old slave market.
The Magnolis, Florida bouse and Lor-
llerd villa were at one time threatened
by the flames and the guests mude ready
to leave, but danger was averted. Lose
$200,000. :
Organizes to Flood the “the Country with Bogus Chi-
© mese.Registration Papers.
Bax Frawoisco, March, 28. —A gang of
clever forgers organized to flood the conn-
fey with bogus Chinese regietration pap.
ore has been discovered by the secret cer-
vice officers. Chineee as well as whites
You the gang and a contract to f(r-
nish 15,000 bogus pepers had already
buen made. An ex-customs officer is said
fo be ct the head of the gang.
x ndrone Ageuts Smothered.
Kew Yorx, March 28.—Two nvknown
Ttaliarn, who Arrived at the lodging house
of Mi-s Bean, 161 Hester staeet, Tuesday,
were {onnd asphyxiated in their room at
8a. m. today. They are believed to be
- the agmts of padrones in Penosyl.
vinis, who come here for the purpose of
hiring laborers. In their possesmon were
found two return railroad tickets for
Sorantco, Pa.
Quay Orders It Passed.
Matin March 28. —Instructions
Bsive been brought from Florida by Dick
Qoay from hie father that the jadges re-
tirementt bill must be put through. The
opposition 1 centered in the country
members, but a quietns is to be pat on
the “hayseeds’’ and their opposition oti- |
fied. Tbe Democrats have also been
token foto the deal.
t Both Asxion Asxious for Trial.
Lownox, March 28 -In the sentra)
criminal court, Od Bailey, to-day, coun:
sel on bebalf of the marquis of Qaeens-
berry snd Oscar Wilde represented their |
clients as both being anxious to bave the
conse of Wilde against (Qneensberry tried
at the sarliest possible moment. Jadge
Collins fizad April 3 as the day for the
trial. :
On O'Brien's Teal,
. New York, March 28. —The police bere |
believe: the man who shot Bookmaker
Weddle of Parise, yesterday, ie Tom
OBrien, the notonoas bunco steerer who
ohopad from the Uiica, N. Y., sathor-
* fides in 1892 and has sirice been a fugitive,
Weddle and O’Briea travelled together
in this country, Weddio was well-known
84 8 buneo man and oa:d sharp.
‘Bitterness of Brothers.
- Nzw Yorg, March 28.—Boott Foster,
* president of the People’s
kam IH. Foster, in the street this morn.
ing, Foster's srm was broken, shonlder
disloosted and skull fractared. Witham |
was srrested. In court he said:
robbed me of of everything I bad.”
Marie Decen Aaks Divoree.
Haxmissvna, March 28. — Mary Saan-
ders Chrisman, known to the world of!
roasic as Mme. Marie Decca, of this city, |
bas filed a bill in divorce againet Fran |
¢io Leon Obrierasn, who is charged with |
; | lutare for the past quarter of ®
Zarge Hotels Narrowly ¥Fsinped Destrue-! :
bank, was ae-|
ssulted with a cane by his brother, Wil-.
Members May Pinch the Railroads by Passicy the
-Crawlord County Fence Law
Havnisnopo, Murch
reqaineg ralrosds 1 ©
2e mNepmtor Ar
tdrewn’ li
food conuty to fepos their lines wis re
on railroads with =
dation. It hed possed the sennte.
Ibis bail hes boobed up in every
ried to dus of dn the gn ee ee
pegative pres (ited
; and bas always Lewy definted 4 roti te,
twhe book 3 pe
if 1b be
as eau eulvting wedge
ard woe uw lew Would be detneided
try the fa: ‘mers of otner counties.
The vote in committee wes very close,
the calendar deepite
that the railroads have been extranc
‘seemon, and the desire to give it to the
rarlroads i in the peck is widespread
will Subdae Cubs at Ouorve,
del Castilio said to day: “The eitaution
in Cuba ie very sericus; the o v- vment
must ose all the means to mm usin the
rebeliior. 7,000 trope start for Cabs too
morrow and 2,000 will be ready to follow
them. Io rix months 20,000 more wiil
be ready. Indeed, we ura prepared to
send 100,000 if necesnry, for we must
end the struggle ones nud for all.”
Dapny de Lome, the new minister to
the United States, anils April 2. He goes
firet to Havara to learn the detuile of the
Allianca 10cident and procasds thenoa to
Thirty Houses Burned,
HouxerisviLLe, Murch 28 — Nearly
dipsrily stingy with pesses darivg the |
Mapp, March 28 -—Premior Canovas |
integrity «f the kirgdom and orurh the
Orgiatizatic nticipation of a
al Misi
ray. DMrixe.
The Present Slt
= Lara 14 ov
Acithraeite Mopsrs Oppose
OF @ Wisge Soxte ne Fed, g 1
Piriem Murch 29
glderubie ayitativo
Artempt of ths mp to
Labor lead -re Lieve!
ui, 5-3
iu the coke regiou
Over TU Brite on
nultform wage rate,
: {bee cog the wotlters fur the jast two |
tandethrests are being made to put it ou been amuog ,
the committes's |
action. The members ure complaining |
montis sed have them thorongh!y organ: |
z=. This move wae made in snticipa-
{tion of & ger-ril strike so that they are
[pow in pr etion to make | the operators
grant the «.ateen per oa t, advance made
by the Frick company. |
Thint they are determigied to force ap
sdvnneoe wae chown yesterday when the
men 6t the Stewart [ros company’s plant
qait work 1 a body. The company st
firet r-fused to grapt sifteen per cent. of
su uivance, but the men being thoroogh-
ly organized, were d+ fhmnt wid only re-
urped to work vb a Prowse LDA! The Tute
woald be paid on wud after Mouduy © ext
More trouble is expepled Dest week ae
some { the operators) tay they will not
grat eo sdveoce. |
Oppose the Preset Stiging Scale of Wages As
Being Unive.
Porm viLLe, Murch 29. -~Fitry looks
attcus of the anthracite district of the
United Mine W. rere of Americas me!
here to duy avid hs iwensred the ehidivg
sea'e of wages, It was the unusvimoas
the entire yvillege of Canueagara wus
wiped ont by fire this morning, Tt start:
od at 12:40 a. m', near the Cottege hotel,
and under a briek breeza spread rapidiy
to neighboring buildinge. The entire
population was called out to fight the
flames but they wers uuvcontrollsble
Word was sent to this city snd a special
Opiaion tind the present waster Gf usoy
82 10 us n wages Diss was 1Ljanoos to the
interests «f the mivers sud employes.
Tax collectors bill pow before the legis.
lature was also denounced. Before sd
journisg {or the dey constitatiou and by-
lswy applicable fo the sutbracite coal reg-
traip with two companies and sp engine
was di setakied,
The entire basinees portion of the vil. |
lage is ip rains. No Joee of life ie report- |
ed. The loss is $100,000 :}
Coke Trade Has 8 Boom. .
Uxioxrows, Pa, March 28. —The coke |
trade is keeping up its big boom. Last
week's prodaction increased several thon-
sand tons, bot was still’ 8.569 tons lees
than the shipments, that amount of stock
soke being removed. It is said the pat-
aral demand for coke haa advanced twen-
ty per cent. since the first of tbe year by
the starting up of farnacee.
fasune Man Kecaptured.
WirLiausPorT, Pa., March 28.—A par-
ssylum six years ago has been arrested in
the wilds of Potter county. The man is
| George Stewart, who while insane killed
his father at Hermon, N. Y., and waa
committed to Ovid asylam, bat escaped.
ALEXANDER Istaxo, March 28.-—The
world’s record for four and a half far
longs wes broken to-day by Meadows, |
who ouvered the distance io 58 saconds. |
The best previous time wus 04 seconde.
Marderer pardoned. i
- Hamrissora, March 20.—The governor
bas piardoved Michas! Sabol, copvicted
of murder ia Allegheny county. .
New Laws Take the Place of the Ola.
Belleved to be the Best Knows.
The district deputy grand -chapeullore
of central Penneyivania, Koights of Pyth-
ias, representing about 145 lodges, met in
this city yesterday for the purpose of ex- |
emplifying the unwritten work. There
were sixty visiting representatives.
Tha first meeting was held in the lodge
rooms io the Schenk block in the after-
noon and was well attended. Tbe seasion
was devoted to a discussion of the matters
pertaining to the order and its work.
! Io the evening, after a short street pa-
| rade, which was headed by the Logan
| band, followed by Altoona division, No.
i advent of summer,
100 was adopted.
Dangerously Wounded His Abused Wite and Shoots
: Himpell.
Painaperrma, March 20-- John Brown,
sged 37 years, shot snd dabgerounslr
| wonuded his wife this aftercoon st No
500 Soath Forty-second street, West Phil:
adelphia, the home of ber father, and then |
committed suicide. The canse of tHe
tragedy was the wife declaring that she
wonld refose to live with him unless he
stopped drinking aud supported ber. The
couple had been married foar years and
Brown bad sbusal his wife ever since.
Mre. Brown's father is a retired iron manu-
factarer named Liebert.
port So ———
Story of Admiral Ting's Alleged ‘Ascape From
New York, March 20.—A special from
Victoria, B. C, says: Japanese papers
received by the steamship Tacoma oon-
tain a story to the effect that Admiral
| Ting had left for England, the report of
his suicide bavieg been published to
| cover hin escupn from Chinese vengeance.
| It is sesertad that the body of a stmple
tpailor waa sabetitated for thet of the
{famous admiral acd wee borve Hw state
to Tieu- fin,
where the dem ftion
dispovered throng ‘he oo lin
‘ad x nitght b
| oupitated sod the Lead exposed for
inspection. The Tanase guthorities
| pot credit the report gpd believe that
n order that the boxly Je
| Ting is desd *‘ss a Jefested bat not dis
hovored soldier.”
At the tine the Tacoma
ance of the black plague in Canton on the
lites Ki
Chance for Pool Experts.
FrrrasvaG, March 29. — Charles Allan,
of Pittsburg, bas nndertaken the holding
of a continuous pool tournament, to begin
on April 8 and last for 10 day. There is
to be a puree of $50), $25 of which 1 to
$10: to the third man, Besides the divi
sion cf the puree, filrat man geta a gold
medal and second a silver medal, The
26, Uniform Rank Koighte of Pythias,
| who escorted the visitors to the hall, the!
| grand Yodge rank was couferred upon
| twenty past chancellors, The grand lodge |
| then visited Logan lodge, No. 79, and a
tournament 18 open to all of the pool play-
| era of Peooaylvan a. ;
Unkiiown Assassin's Work
Lexisaron, Ky,
J, Campbell, secratary of the chianber of |
desertion. They were married about four | T° session wae held. The opesiog sowrierce, wae fuand dead this morning
Actor Mpeiow Scekas.
New York, Marek 28.—Investiga ion
shows that Actor Bigelow, who killed |
Amy ‘Thill yesterday aod then inie ded,
had been in ineane retreats several times
daring the last ten years. He wae doubt.
leoe insane when he committed the crime,
Action Deferred.
Wiixipea, March 28. —The Manitoba
* legislature will not deal st present with
the parochial schools mandate from Otta-
wa, 88 it. bas ben decided by Premier
Greenway to adjourn the bons bouse till May 9.
veliney the Mas, Man,
HasmuesvRa, March 9A. — Governor
Hastitgs to-day sent to the senate the
pomination of John . Delaney ts super-
intendent of public grounds and build-
inge and the nomination was confirmed,
A Washington correspondent gladdens
the heart of the great American people
with the news that Mie. Cleveland kent
sacret for two whole days the engagement
of ber friend, Mise Leiter, to Mr. Carson.
. 'Thig is certainly an schievemer.t of which
oven 0 exalted 8 woman as the President's
wife may nightly feel proud: and we admit
fault may be found with Grover,” Mrs,
Olevelind, bless her dear secretive soul,
ie all right.—8tockton Mnil,
| address was made by Grand Chanceilor
BR H. Jackson, who afterwards introdaced
‘the speakers of the evenine— First Sn-
'preme Chancellor and Past Sapreme
Chancellor Wilbar H. Meyere, of Phila-
' delphia; Bapreme Master of Exchequer
Thomas G. Sample, of Pittsburg; Past
| Grand Chancellor, H. M. Wardswortb, ot
| Philadeipbis; Grand Master-at-Arms C.
| F. Linde, of Philadelphia; Past Chancel
lor Charles T. Fox, of Reading; Sapreme |
Representative H. O. Kline, of Pittsburg; |
Past Grand Chancellor George W. Bach- |
man, of Philadelphia; Sitting Past Grand |
Chancellor Jobn M. Stratton, of hile
delbbia, and Bapreme Representative |
John H. Carr, of Altoona.
These gentlemen spoke cn the changes
msde by the supreme lodge in the by-'
laws governing the order and the objects |
and working of theorder.--Altoona Times. |
Some very radical changes have been |
made in beth the written anid unwritten
work. In fact the supreme coustitution
and supreme statates, adopted by the su-
preme lodge at Washington, D. ©, in
August, 1894, completely Wipes out ail
previous legislation.
The convention was very harmonious
throughout, sll of the mxty represeats-
tives present arguing that the supreme
lodge had succeeded in establishing the
beat onde of tawe of any fraternal organi.
2 iu BOW in existence.
sb bos Leek porch. A 38 calibre pistol |
watt fonad pesr him with two chambers |
empty, Tue
on the case, bat thus fa; have no ¢clae to
the assassin.
Production Deceased,
New York, March 29 — Anthracite coal
sales agents met to-day and decided to
| restrict the output for the month of April]
‘to fifty per cent. of !sat June's tunuage, |
Wisieh would make it between 2! and
4 millions tone. No change was niade
Will Leave the Cubinet,
‘Par, March 29.—The ‘Rappel” says
that M. Chaatempe, minister of the ocol-
ones, will withdraw from the cabinet
| after Easter and become director of the
mint. : [a
Discharged the ng
Creveraxp, March 29.— The jary in
the Order of Elke’ case reported a dis-
agreement this afternoon and were die
The seventy sixth anniversary of Odd
Fellowship in America will be celebrated
at Punzsatawney on April 26, by tle
North Western Central sssociation of that
order. Past Grand Master Dee Craft
will be the orntor of the day. persde
avd bargnaet will be a pant of ol rh
Lf, :
ent ols
wae |
bi trig © povety
left Chios |
.i there was grave fears of the resppear-
20 to the winver $15 to second man aod |
March 20. Andrew |
Jdesd man bad been shot!
above the wuth ou the right side of the |
face. The entire police fore 18 at work [©
wal ip ayy THE + ON.
That is WER the Bef Pr dec
Ttiresiens tooo 4 Piers Joon,
vides for the
jae nim,
&iy ths
The man who poe Tateiiy
Lik kifrady polite,
oy wb ujpewaid tendtedry
Cau very kel be iar wondered
Won oo Wel TD Lf
: 4
Piedws ale if ¥ Na
veer fay be nis ope aigtiou
hint Deel much higher tuan
slot time seo; uid promises
om we costly before many:
Tue wholesale price of pea! 18 sbont od
-, uth is
Tye t
Wee ie
[the eariy winter, aud deslers #ny tust the
[top votch has pot been reschead. lo
the prices pow are higher tian they bave
years ago, when they were excepltionsily |
Beveraul canses are given for thie shoo |
mal rise iu the price of beef
raisers of beef are marketing all they can,
oa Ind good, marketable stock in the coun-
Weet bas been bard oo the herds ol the
for the table, The suimale that are ne
nally sent from this saction to market st
thie t'me of the year will not be fit antl |
they are fattened cn grease end will pot!
muke their sppesratce in market aotil |
Joly or later,
Waste ver the cnnpes s may be, shiposents |
stipp'y the country bave falieg off, ma it in|
sent., with po sigos of improvement,
the duly aver«ge of good sessove, snd
from other pointe the same reports are
mada This bas kad 1's cffect on the
of bee! | have uot yet beets greatly advanced,
there is 8 certainty that they mast go up
cule rates. This most aleo affect the
prices of other meats, so that the pospect
for the housekeeper is not a very chewsrful
ope. — Rochester Dettioarat snd Chrovicle.
Five Tondred In Gold.
The Pittsburg Tumes has iosugurated
s new sobetne that will prove popular
with its resders snd no doubt increase
ite already large circulation. Beginning
to Jay The Times will begin the publi-
ostion of a story entitied, “The Bride of
s Day,” sud will pay $500 in gold to the
reader from whom it receives by mail,
the pablication office, Times building,
Pittsburg, the complete and sbeolutely
correct solution of the mystery in the
“Bride of 4 Day” as it ebali be disclosed
in the floal chapter of the story to be pub-
lished Mouday, April 22. If two ormore |
vidad equally,
ta Ad
are received 83%) in gold will
NMboa sf
« 1h SK) wi
} ree Por a
®t ii
« atiog that i» o ot ge
react 1 all 10s Gets gold
wend Lor ia
Poti be sik
~Xplauntions ehnll come nearest to ‘the |
er Of mood oot thong
to correspond with the advance of whole |
complete and sheciutely correct so'ations |
af. |
resdars a linse
‘ » : *
Moantain Incline,
Mary Injured Car Left the Track apd
Vinug'd Into a Telegraph Pole
Bizigr ~ Pa, March 31.-
accident osurred on. the mouttain tre
~<A frrghiifal
A trolley onr coming down the incline |
ren sway. Mre. Jobn Esrly of Beaver!
Hazletoo, were killed. Mre. Joseph Evave |
‘and Mra. Joho Wier, of Colormive, were |
| probebly fatally hart The other ivjored |
land sister ale badly bruweed; Maggie |
the top of the mountain, The passengers |
‘applying the brakes. Thoee killed j: smp- |
‘ed from the car while it was ronniog s st
ligbtoing epeed.
Tbe car kept the ruile until tte bottom |
of the inclive, when jt jumped the track |
apd ran agaiost a telegraph pole The!
pole was hoocked down snd the car!
i cattle to the great stmckymds which | plunged ioto & ditch and was badly wreek- | |
All the passeogers with the exeep- |
clmimed, to the extent of sboot 4% per | 00 of Mrs. Evans jomped from the cer. | bonds not Laving been revoked by the
At |The latter wa# wjured when the car | Filly. third congress, together with »
Chicago the receipts are scarcely half of struck the telegraph pole. Tbe conduct. | rapid i of revenues ind aviverssl
i ed.
or and motorman were not hort,
Later—Mrs. Joe. Evans of Hszslton,
died io the boepital to night. Tbhie makes |
| pany 's roed st Jeansville yesterday.
RT ——
Philadelphia Consumers Suffering from the Ex-|
cessive Price of Meats.
PamaprLruia, March 31.—A beef
famine, the most alarming in the history
of the trade for many vears, threatens the
entire eastern section of the coantry.
Philadelphia consumers sre suffering
from excessive prices. The price of live
past few weeks, and as a natural conse
quence the price of dressed beef. took »
corresponding jomp. The meat exports
from Philadelphia during the past two
weeks, it is said, exceeded the nsusl ex:
porte for a whole year.
W. H. Walker, en
mour & Co's honees in his city, sud yee-
| terday : “I have been in the business
twelve years, and this is the most serions |
e‘tantion | lixve aver koown.”
R Negro Woman's Both Fowud Hacked and Mutils. |
ted ina Most Horrible Manaer.
New York, Mareh 31 —The body of a;
wiored woman strangled to dest,
| legs cut off st the kuees and a gesh from |
Down a
beef bas increased 25 per cent. during the
enper ‘ntendevt of Ar. |
both |
| WIA Kat Act Berens Envogh to Mate an Fibs
ersten of Congress Necrssan
Widayeron, Murch 31. Officials of
the tressory depsriments are somevitygy
alarmed bacates «f the rumors current
| t9a1 the Uoited States ropreme court will
ou Moudey render a decision declaring
the income tex feature of the tori bill
| avoopetitutionsl.
[be period tor makitg returne ¢Ypires
on April 13, sud il 1s therefore practically
iperative that there shoanld be a desis
son rendered early pext week. Oa the
| pst buvanad poucds sbove the tignre of of the Letigh Tractico rw lroad pear | 15th of March the jastices chained copies
of briefs in common tax cases, decided
INT, sod began » lawtal ccosiderstion of
ithe cue, apd. consequently practically
ever been hefore since the wer, with the Meadow, ber son Edward, eight years ot | two weeks have been spent wn covsaltiog
ex~eption of one period about twelve | ‘age and Mrs Watkin T. Williams, of | sutborities precedente.
It 1s costomary to devote more time to
| such an important case, bat it is under
juecod that 3 me jority at the second meet-
Cenaily ut | | persue instuded James Dens, ten yours | 10K fOr covsultation were. prepared for 8
this time of the year the farmers who are | '0ld, bead and face cot sud his brother | decision.
According to the repost: io circulation
ip order to meat the April settiements, but | | Buarrity, of Beaver Meadow, arme and |'0dat, when u test vote was taken ae to
hie your thoy bre pub doit on Whether | body bruised; Haonsh Somers, Beaver | Sual Becisioo, the jastices stood five to
they Lave more wouey then neal st thie | Meadow, body sud heed bruwed snd cut; | three 16 fuvor of declaring the income tax
time of the yenr, or buve fewer cattle tn Morris Hogbes, of Wilkesbarre, body | | aocoustitational.
dispose /, the =n is the same, 8 soar | broised snd Watkin T. Williams, leg and |
pity of beef ip the market. Agsin there 1 body braised. Two men of Beaver Mea- made, it means, if troe, at least & cow of
suid to he Scarcity’ of cattle that csp be (dow were also irjured. : |
The motorman lost control of the cer |
{ue lopg vd bitter winter in | pedyetety sfter striking the grade on | |iog the nt
Should sn oufsvorable decision : be
| $30,000, XO 1v revennes, besides the ez
pene s incarred iu preparing foe collect
No substitute legislative, of
conse, can be evsctad ‘to provide other
rut obruen, and most of the stock 1a said Decsme excited and rusbed to the rear | @eans for fllliog the cavity until vext
to be better fitted for the boveyard tha | Plstiorm, preventing the conductor from | December.
Fears have been expreseed that the
| declarsticn of the. inocine tax is noetin-
| stitationsl would necessitste the calling
| together of congress in extreordibary
session, bat the opinion is geversily ex-
| preceed that there is little likelibood of
{ such setioo.
With the go'd reserve now s contort
| able figure and the authority to weue
| revival of bosiness, 1t 18 believed there
| will be Do necessity for either so extra
session or tbe iscusuce of “aftiana)
cal matkete, sud while the retail prices { the foarth death resulting from the be Bonde.
|away car on the Lehigh Traction com- |
Debs Thetr Choices.
Larcrrs, Ind, Merch 31.—Udless the
| preeeut plane {ail Eageve V. Debs will be
the choice fur preident of the Indisns
Peoples’ party in 1896. Debs object is the
| capturing of. Indiana. Delegations for
the national ccovestion are being organ.
ized in porthers Indiana The promoters
of the movemeot to bring sboat an smal
gsmation of industrial urgspizstions in
the iuterest of lsbor. The leaders are
prominent members of the Koghts of
interview at Columbas Friday nrminated
Debe for tha Preaiddecey.
Placed Porem Fire,
| McKewspost, March 31.—A dangerous
i forest fire is ragiug oo the Lemmon f=rm
wes started oo Toareday evening by
| #ome Lose. It did pot resch say pro-
portione qotil Matordsy evening, when it
| apread with great rapidity. Several scres
tle timber lend are threatened,
avd fenws and sheds ure being destroyed.
| A inrge force of men sre fighting the fre
and hope to get it under control.
i 4 4
Of Tai 18
A Schoomer’s Crew Resenad;
Piuitapzrinia, Mareh 31.-The schoon-
|troe-solution of the mystery, according | the hip to the lower part of the abdomen | * Fravk Blatt Lee, which sailed from
to their percentage of marriage.
I. Bat coe solution can be entered by
a reader,
2 All guesses must be written in the
Eoglieh lsugnage sod sent by mail, and
io po other way, plainly addressed to
“Prize Story Editor, The Pittsburg Times,
Pittsburg, Pa.”
3. It will ba observed that six days are
practically allowed for guessing. This
gives readers of The Times, both in the
‘hime to forward their guesses,
farther time allowavoce will be mada,
4. Ioquires pot considered fully an-
swared hers will recsive proper attention
| Pittsburg Times, Pittsburg, Pa.” :
5. The 2500 will be awarded, under
the foregoing general conditions, accord-
| ing to the haat jogmeant of the judges ap-
| pointed by The Times, aod they will have |
| complete control and final decision in a
i matters relating to this contest,
“A eomplets nnd correct solution”
au be made wm the reader's own len-
guage and in the namber of words really |
| preessary for an adigaate statement of |
| the reader's guess. It must diszluse the |
| mystery and such muterinl facts of the |
| plot revealed in the developement of the
{story as may be deemed necessary by the
The names and addresses of the winner
or winners of the cash prises will be pab-
-{ lished in The Times at the earliest date
possible after the pablication of the foal
No condition or term of subscription to
The Times is imposed. Guessers must
be women or girls,
He Was Fortunate.
Baroaxrosr, Cono., March 28. —A let-
Ser was received to-day from Jobn Brun.
sen, who wae believed to have besn lost
with his sister, Ida, on the steamer Elbe.
Brunsen waa to bave sailed on the Elbe,
bat at the last mizate changed his mind.
He is pow in Denmark.
The Elbe’s paseen per iist contelbed the
names of John and [da Brussen. The
vietime are now believed to be a couple
"missing from Oukland,
two cities and ontelde of them, ample’
and po
if addressed to “Pris Story Editor, The
| judges to a clear and full explanation of
| was found inside the railing mn frotof a!
bouse on Sixth sveune to-day. The body |
was removed to a police station.
Around the neck a piece of cheesecloth |
twisted iuto a rope was drawn so tightly |
that death was caused by strangulation.
some distance from where the body was!
found. The body remains unidentified.
No cloe to the perpetrator has Seon}
Purdoned t3 Die,
Branbocs, March. 31. — With several |
friends rud relatives F ather Weider went |
to the hospital department of the peniten. |
tinry an bour after the pardon bad been |
received to bring Babol away. Be ws |
scarcely bear
the hespital
| He wrote a letter to the pardon board t
ithat fact. Fig death
time. He was bronght he
ot his brother-in- law, A:
Bessemer. Be contracted co
[in the summer of 1802,
13 expected
ara fo
LAs at
Weageeiunu Lamber Notes.
The river continues at a good st-ga for |
rafting, and a number of rafts will resch |
bere to. day. Two rafts were tied np last |
might at Cook's Ran, and will likely resch
bere early this afternoon. No rafts are
passing Clearfield to-day, and the river is
falling fast.
| Mr. William B. Quigley. the wail- known
log and lumberman, returned to
this city last night from a trip through
the lumber regions, and reports that raft-
ing in pf timber is progressing at all
points along the river. He states that
there is plenty of snow back to keep the
river up to a good stage for rafting and
log driving for ten days if the waather
‘becomes warmer.
Mr. Quigley thinks there will be about
200 rafte eome down this spring and
‘about 156,000,000 fwet of loge go into the
Williamsport boom, including 186,000,000
feet which will come from Curwensville,
as the miil at that place will not be run
thi: rea —~ Lock Haven Express,
The body was wrapped in a piece of osr. |
pet. The crime was probably committed |
week and emaciated that he conli |
hfting ‘into the cafriage|
awaiting him. The doetor in charge of |
department saya Sabol's |
{ death is but a gqnestion of & short time. 4
the Lome
| Charleston for Weymouth, laden with
| pl osphated rock sud which wes epoken
| two weeks ago off the Delaware capea dis-
| abled, has been abandosed st sea. Her
| orew were picked up wud lapded at Jo
maica, :
Life Sent mee for Li's Assailant.
Loxpax, March 31.— A Tokio dispatch
says: Kopama, who shot Li Hung Chang,
| bas been ventanced to lite imprisonment
{ at hard labor.
Charged With Criminal Libel,
Kirraxxiyg, March 31. —Thumes Ob
| inger has made sn information before
| Jy astice John I. Simpson charging W. R.
| Remaley. of Cochrans Milla, this county,
| with criminal libel. Olinger is coe of the
men arrested on the charge of tiring abam
of Bowser Bros, in Manor township. The
trinl hss been coutinaed to the June
strike Decinred OIL,
this district bas been declared «ff and the
s will rau at the 60 cent rate as
The operators have orders for
tous of coal, apough to keep the
mires in action sil summer.
{ki Hk}
Royalty oi - Mage.
The London ‘Echo’ tells how varions
| peopl act when they are angry. The
Prince of Wales wicks his lett eye rapide
{ ly; the Emperor of Austria puffs oat his
cheeks; the Czar lays his band flat on the
top of his head; Mr. Gladstone tums
volte face; Dr. Taner lays back his head
and swears; the Sultan of Turkey draws
bis hand rapidly scross his throat; sand
Mr. Charles Mitchell shoots. out his fled
suddenly and forcibly in a borizatal dis
rection. —Pbiladelphia Press.
Meadville's Cheap Meat Society.
The Meadville Tribune says: “A meet.
tive association was held last evening,
and an adjouroment taken until the “ree
on new life or become a. fuaveral. There
is some talk of a syndicate of 20 stoak-
holders taking held of the comoem, Yl
this bas not been fully determined on.
thr meant'me the market is closed.”
adjoiving Verenillea boroagh. The fire
ing of stockhoiders of the Maat Co-opers-
Lisbor, whose chieftuin, Sovereign, in sn
Guove Crry, March 81 — The strike in .
awiftly on his heels, ss if executing a
ning, when it will probably be definitely _ F
decided whether the association will take B