The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, March 14, 1895, Image 2

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Cashier Wing Kills Himeelf 3
Box Stall,
Secretary Newbold of the Anis:
Minsiondry Society Show
an ¥mbe yeler,
Worererer, Mase, Moco
F. Wing, ove of the ollie
known cilrzene of Grafton,
saicide hy shooting bime«!!
in ti he
aug Ing
morning. His body waa fonrd in a
stall in his barp, lying upon hie back, with |
a baliet bole over his temple.
Mr. Wing was for 38 guses cash
the Grafton National bank. (or 30
treasurer of the savings ry avd for 8 giviez the Republicans fall pow-r at the
~ quarter of a centary bed been town (reas
A meeting of the directors of the back
wae beld Wednesday evening, and livhts
were seen in there at 10 o'clock, a mot
unusual hour, and po such meeting Was
ever known to have bsen held before.
Those who were there refase (0 say shoth-
or Mr. Wing was present or not, and
eline to discuss the suicide or ite probable
oanse. :
. He bas for years been an administrator
of various lurge estates, and lately several
suits bave been breaght agaicst hire. In |
ove suit his property wes attached by |
. Deputy Sheriff Drevnan for $150,000 iu |
an astion of contract bronght by William |
T. Forbes, jodge of probate. The case
was entered in the supreme sonrt 1p Dee
embsr and has not yet been heard.
Bamuel H. Wirg, the brother, says |
oan assign po motive for the suicide,
An Expert Unearths Crockedness in the 2cccunts of
Secretary Newbold.
New York, March 7.— Secretary New- |
bold of the American Church Missic nary | board of aseassore.
society, has been removed. Chairman of
the Bnapce committee, George C.
aye: “We bad sn expert ezsmire (he
books. ‘He found that Newbold had over- |
drawn twelve thonsspd dollars and. not
eredited even thousand. The expert
- 880 ascertained that be bad been system:
stically robbing the treesary for the past
An Artillery Duel.
Loxpox, March 7.—A diepsteb to the |
Qentral News from Tokio says that Gen.
Yamsji reports trom Kaiping, noder tue
date of March 5, as follows:
“The enemy from Ying Keo marched
to Teping Shen on the morning of March
4, his live extending from Laecysmiao to
Bhichilam, The enemy was upward of
10,000 sirong, and bad nine gune. The
Joft wing, commandéd by Gen. Ms, began
to retire before noon, ander the fire of
our artillery, and the right wing, under
Ges. Liu and Bang Ohiog, soon after-
ward gave way. Later the enemy's whole
foros, under Gen. Sung, retired to
‘Pebmistolz. It wes an artillery duel
only. There wae no Japanese joes.”
« Killed by An Rievator.
Prrre nunc, Pa., March 7.—M. J. Sands,
a driver employed by DeNoon Bros , deal-
ore in paint, g'ase and painters’ supplies,
8 718 Grant street, was instantly killed
ran Charen
- Henry
between 7 o'clock last night and 1:50 this |
tox ereaee In pépsions to arjast admipielra- |
© the
Lthe fame 88 Low confer
isp ui, imposog 15
White |
teeiion of stargeon on tha Diligasa river!
| Ampropriations Have Been Toereased — Re
ifef Can Come Omty Through
Republican Sources,
Wasarxarox, March 7.— Rapreser tat
Cannon, for the minority members of the
appropriations committee, makes a Eaten
ment of appropriat
three congresses, | shows thet 0 £0
first congress ¢xpe ued pins boed
eighty eight mi Frity-renond
one thonsand we
i the Fifty -thied «
* oh +
I nil Ll
¥ ! & -
red aod
ne, the
y iBT Hn ve, npg
t +
uinety r
i 4d
totul f
Re 131 +H
i ik ~
iat | do
rues the forty-two milhons 4
tion pension aws under Cleveland.
[ report gaze ¢on
i i x
{enff rent revenues while it has increased
appropriations, Relief can only come by
next presidential election,
Cun cried On
. Mayors. :
H ARRISBUEG, Merch 7.-Tue boos
opened for business this morning by toe |
report of a large pumber of brie frow
standing committees. The committee on
roles reported a reecluation fixing the
time for the presentation of petitions rnd
memorials co Friday morning of each
woek, The followiog bills. wers then
reed in pince.
Mr: Cuibertson, Aliegbevy, the ja Jiclal
; apportionm=nt bul
Mr. Collins, Lycomiug, relating to the
{ daties ard providing for additions] com-
| peneation for coroners; sleo providicg
| for. the incorporation and government
tof cities of
Mr. Colins Wants to Have It
the third lage,
p ese
mayor CcoInitatage - power,
red oa sherfa,
Me. Cochirse, Armstrin ws ofd Dace |
ir brewed,
tex ti:
Z, 1k
rite Male oh
| et ah barrel of road
| giving the iiedtion of the
Mr. Kerr, York. ucraoling to water
ute taoosand fifiesn millones, |
Sun |
The i
zress hae feiled to provide |
¢ PuasareSesters ».4 Henlth. Wonire ut
Aime ee Oty, R nakwnie Be iris -
hE Otte yal Route.
at From a Bpecial Correspondent.
srrasTic City, March |,
The gloss un! an! deprersive ie!
who persistently croaks of “hard times’
aud dole'nily sweverst-s that tie vein e
prosperity has gote to the density
Clesting bow-wows, is shared oat of Las
mal bewsiiings as goon 0 tee f
in the briny sod brilimmnt atu ~pler= o
this grest seaside orem T
‘air seems with + ae-mlug oO
Lap ths raves] glesva ot a,
Ling ear! singe wonugly a
sith |
aril fa, al oe!
Sue struck the |
i ino—
| Lives Lost
- % 1 »
Nevers on the Ohio
Y 4 1805
. Four Ms mm.
» COmIP sry wr war ern
: 3
A, Hay 1:
Fwo Passenirin BRilic
Sree a 1 Lie Gadi
Murch X
wt 7 o'clock this moroing.
~The baudsome
CF far wo Eet
; of
fFrutiutatl an Now 1
Elopgi~iow, tot time oO mn the
{ Obs river
: her, ee sho BR 1 FI
F: #14
or more Geonte wet wi *
the tired senses; the gerald
earil-searing sun stirs the si
posite to quick-r pu-sogs; and 1b
foot of Mu aotivities thst pervade the pias
channel + pon of the Chesapeake bridge, | fresh impulses sod enkindle new ambitions
end souk within three pitptntes, {in the most mind weary of mor ase
According 10 tbe best information| A stroll on the throsged boird «uk ;
oY anable right persots were joa’, BOY pag iy gp inspiration sod s dehght. —~ .
& ©»! watsr, op
wth Diep a)
: leep Hing
the A) 4 tg
1 gt rest
| boat when ehe strack | beaded edge of the borigon-recching ees
Tue pict in cbwrge fuss the fog was a for four unbroken miles, is the daily ren:
d=ure when ebe strack tbat Le wes anab! e | dezvous of besaty snd fashion, es well as
to discern the pier in the mist, aut wae | | the daily resort of the :ovaiid and valetad-
| pot aware of ite proximity. iwanso. Here meet and mingle the cos
The steamer hitersily crombl-d to pisces mopolite and the coautrymin, Besa
immediutely following the enliision, sod | By ame! and Farmer Haywaed, the belie |
the bow suk, whi'a the cabin avd eters | re,m yomferous Biosdway and the bright-
floated away. The body of J smes Miller, | eyed murden from t Peonayl
the porter, bas been four 4. bills. Wito each recarriog jesr tbe
The missing are: wholesome castom grows of resorting bers
Cupt. Jobu L. Porter, clef clerk, «fig, wigter residence or an early spriog
| there ws pe oser 100 peopls on boant tie! | magnificent esplanade, skirting toe white
“fy i ; be avs
I peri elian aavine
fur Ten
Years Lead a Doubs
Figtin Men LIES New ox ©
Pe teed tg bog Fisvans
Ser weld
RiLala PHIL, Maio
fms »ige the 89-Cent Rate —
Pleasing to the W.oers
esis Maret it~ Yesterday de
Teopements ia the strike situation were
quite'io scoord with tbe desires of the
strikers. Toe following firme signed the
63-3eut soule daring the day: Colonel
Wm. P. Rend six mines, HN men em-
ployed; Mavball I Coal cotspany, 20) men;
Raber's Taird pool mire, 15) men: Sag.
fords Boyd mine, 200; Miller's Roo Cos!
wma, 300 men: McCav's Cherry mine
25 wer. Resuite ap to date bave been
any 3g cout
Ctaore levordble thay the miners’ officisle
by aS wily BO] 3
duatl Glee univ 8 ClUrnstiiab
ented] the ob
Jy oa PaComs Gut cee fhe ohithich
Fue verdicl wid De pr Wilh
Mode). McAuley iD years KE
aud bud (Le respect of
A yesr spo ugly
ius parishioLely.
ramos sboat Me
Anda Foat ied thw church ei
Je sud 4 8 said members shadowed
i McAaley and giined soffi tent evidence’
Ww soem Lise fue!
requested Eppesr
them. He refused sud re
It 1s claimed the testimony
jelicite | showed tost Me tuley has lead
double life for the last ten years. Io vie-
ting anssvory resorts be sband ped bis |
clerical garb and it ess shown thar be.
| made questiooable resort a rendezvous
Aue; eo
elders M:ialeyto
: befure
| gue.
i 8 . . " i i
the quiet Peoneylvania | © for five years and was familiarly koown |
in places where veo sporlivg. men would |
| besitite to enter.
HIRO wed
Néwport, Kyi; Dovid Albright, a phssen- |
lime vacation, and the propitivus opentog Fight Miners Near Socerrs. New Mexico, Fonaes |
(ing Nobevin, har.
Mike Rossel!
i—Remrdoo. deck
Hand, os? avkLown WomLr,
taval 8, ‘ron New York,
sian, Dh A
The resi cagse of the. necdept,
ger, of Rome, N. XY |
Keeper, Nw Olears:
deck tint d,
OF Lone
of { 1601
of the lep'esn seazon pow begiuntog
angare favorably
an i Atlsntie
‘oh Td
aud Ler phyei-| ¢ American he th
ais from New York. Dard
was 100 fact that the boat, Like
ihi-fute d steamer Neate of Mies or,
y unwieldy that she |
ble, and the pri lots wara po sarless too
trol ber.
The boat was to hee
resorts, Tie balmy
viderson, iwviguratiog air, inden with coring «z
rh f
WR Todos £
of tte eveircliug pioe
| dstinet.
wine Domus. |
racte, 18
»ATative io palo mala
118 sders Delng especially
i the am «orstion of la grippe.
whe Shp
be] x
and dis 4
ge | :
tu selive i
tee Fry NE
goat Bere To0 Now
ments wtiract to it every shade of (exper
lhe powers and aatbor-
Go Eating
Mr, Brtewart, Philadelphlin, for the pro
ties conferred ight, Leal
inot allowing them to be g¢anght from
| Juve 30 to Decamber 31.
The sot to |
| by the legiclatare cf Delaware and New t
| Jersey, 4
The Friesland Afloat ARSID.
Loxpox, March 7.—A dispatch to
Lioyd’s from Port Baid, seys the steamer
Friesland, which went aground as sbe
wae leaving that pert, bas been floated.
The cargo, which was diechsrged to
lighten ber, will be loaded st once, sod
her steering gear repaired, when the ves-
ool will proceed.
A German Bank Faliure.
- Berziw, March 7.—The greatest excite-
ment hes been created in Parlim by the
failare of the Mecklenburg Credit bsuk
at that place. Hundreds of depositors
bave been ruined, and the Peoples’ Saving
bank s smaller couoern snd two large
commercial houses bave failed in couse
sequence of the collapse of the Credit
Far As Pe wi Get.
Harrissuvea, Ps., March 7.—The
Vaaogban bill abolishing capital punieh-
about 1 o'clock thie sfternoov, by being
osught between the elevator snd one of!
the floors of the building His body was |
rightfully crushed whev fuand by the!
other employees.
No one saw the accident and it 1s vot |
known just how 1t cocarred, bat the sup
position is that Sands tried to beard the
elevator while it wes in motion, prescm-
ably to stop it, and in doiog eo wus
esught between the carriage end the fl yor.
A Fire Truck Ran Down,
DPxirorr, Mioh., March 7.— Track, N
5, of the fire department. was strock ih u
Lake Bbore locomotive at 4:30 this morn.
ing while returning from a fire, and badly
wrecked. Driver Authony Korte bad the
tines of a pitchfork rou through his head |
sod will die. Lieut. Chase and Bteers-
man Goebel were seriously but not dan- |
-gerously hurt, Bix other firemen were |
more or lees bruised, It is said the .aceci- |
‘dent was caveed by the neglect of the
watchman to close the crossing gates,
wil « Tontest the will.
Rocresten, N. Y., March %<Lowis]
and Charler, the sous of the late Fred. |
erick Douglas by his first wife, will con
‘test their father's will, The eetste is!
worth about $200,000. They claim bis |
second wife izflnenced their father against |
thw. The will baa wot yet been pro- |
bated, but it is said that tke sone are given.
litt!e or nctoing. As long sgo as 1800 it |
is claimed, Mre. Donglae began to get
. possession of ber husband's real estate.
‘Killed Off Mis Family.
Lox: oN, March 7.At Tosting, Suw- |
rey, this moro nz. en uremployed plas- |
ger-r pam d Taylor, h ving become det |
poodent from cuvg idleness, mardered bis |
wife avd five cc lireu iken Killed |
him «lf.
te end
Sibley is Writing Liters;
Dexver, March 7.—A letter from Cou-
gressman Bibley which wus made publie
to-day eays: If anarchy breaks looose in
this country the money jowers, enberdizad
press and servile po liticians will be held |
Aciton Against the Toone Tax,
WASHINGTON, March 7.—Argument io
the income tax cases hae begun.
‘Guthrie, the plaintiff, claims the law
constitutional because of inequality,
of uniformity and illegal e x2eptione.
also claims it 18 clace legislation.
Wm D |
ment passed second reading in the senate
| to day. “This 18 se far as the bill will
get.” remarked its aathor a the vote was
alled by th hair.
The Advance Orne.
Pirrsscsa, March 7. ~The miners’ offi
pints have been informed thst the own-
‘ers of the Catsbarg ti a agreed to pay
the C0 .cent rate demanded by their 230
men. The sirikers will givahif thy ad
vapce to si apport. the strike,
Whiskey Men Orawsiis.
Haurissoea, March 7.—Ligner deal-
er; 1set bere to-day and crganizad a State
L qaor leagne. Offi ers were chosen &s
followe: President, Richard Patlerson, of
Poiledelphis; Secretary, Bamuel Moore;
Tressarer, J. H. ‘Maboney, Hurnsbarg.
{ Twenty Mivers Killed.
| MADRID, March 7.--A dispateh frm
| Huelva say e that s fire occurred in the
| Bohe! mine at Boropads yesterday, caus
ing the death of 20 miners.
FPuvored Yonug Men
Wasmivaron, March 7.—F. B. Kerr, of
_| Clesrfisid, Pa, was sppointed to West
Point. Wm. B. Tozer, of Bellefonte, was
| appointed al teruate,
Workhonses Anthorized.
| Hasrrmarora, March 7.—The housa to-
day passed a bill suthorizing workhouses
.io the counties of the state.
Passenger Steamers Collide
Bavrrim EE, March 7.—The passenger
steamers Danville aud St. Marys collided
pear Fort Carroll to-day, in a heavy fog.
| The 8t. Marys reached dock with a large
hole in her side near the wheelhouse, The
{ Daoville is badly injared.
Against Non Umsion Mev
| New York, March 5.--Five hundred
| men employed on new buildings base
| struck becsuse nop-urion wiremen wece
Tramps Summarily Dealt With
Booxg, 1a., Marcu 10.—Fifteen tramps
tock pos:eesion of a rail mill pear here
resisted on sttempt to dispossess
them. The police killed one, fatally hot
| eecond, maimed a third and srrested
the emaining twelve,
i etd
tack to the Senate
i Boise March 7.—Sebator Shoup was
| t ~day re elected on the 8 st ballott,
| Orleans ist pight,
| the
ten yeare.,” Nawbold is eaid to bave dot.« | i010 € Pact uw ban similar acts are pasted | Ore man is still miesing.
WAN prey wt ted
of the
; »
Fred from the grave
tasie, Tr
from doing «0 Mure then yidred
fog. Rivermen say the fy wus pg cottages Lave spats | the
. . n a 3 5 3 * * » Lad $
~eaptar this morning, ard th bealebontitiv 1 4 Essiivngis AF blots. t
-» » P 3 ¥
3 enterly att vie st rates
to the
on ant Gelise + “ Boteld mtd
3s LA Bua
Bois ¥ -
Veli 3/51 A Froed po eR
Legs) be i { i 3 3 : : 3 ie
Per Have dally rengiog Troma dollar a day up to ov
i ~
Y zz ;
The [facilities for getting
% fered
ive hodies Lave been
wreck the
ad =
a frugal
of pgisliow
t Aa
Two Passengers Kilted. Reet. Four Members of Wis | superb to their oom pletevees and 10 every |
Company and Two Others injured.
Macaw, Gs., Msreh 8. — Florida vest: |
buis train No. 31 sosthbonnd, was wreck-
ed xt Scotland, Ga , this morsing by a
tampei-d switeh, the staple being
broker. One of the cosches was ocon-
“Beech Creek route” to Fhilsdelpbis
making direct convection with the “ Royal
Route to the Sea,” that magnificent branch
of the Reading Hailroad System, the fame
of which extends from the esstern coast
{grand j
} x
pied by the Roland Reed company, the
others having a full complement of pas-
sengers. Mra C. D. Batere, of Pickens,
Miss, sod ber 5-year old daughter were
kilied. Roland Reed was badly ivjared
io ove leg and the back. Mrs. Mary
Myers, of New York, was severely wrench-
ed io the back and sboalders. Four otb-
‘or members of the company snd two oth-
er passengers were slightly iwjured,
Recopersting in Atlanta.
ATraxTA, On., March 8. —Rolsud Reed |
sod his company srrived here to-niehe
from the wreck. Mr. Red 30 1:
injared. Mies Roush 18 braeed
arm, while Mrs. Myers is eullacinyg wen
pain and will he laid ap for soma tizi-.
Bena Iandiet«d fur Libs)
WasgixatoN, March B — The
jary for the sopréme court of the Die
trict of Columbia hss returned au vdiot-
ment for criminal libel against Charles A
Dana, editor, and Williams MM. Lsffan
publistier, of the New York Sun. The
presentment waa formally made to Jade
Cole, presiding, by the foremsn of. the
airy. It ie a formidable doennient
of many pages, setting f ath the
of Messrs. Dana aud Lt Tsu 10 the alleged
hibelous statement Fruvk B
Nayee, of Washington, of the
Evening Star, sud of the rPoard of
directors and a member of the executive
corsmittee of tha Asx isted ; ress,
Ylayward Found a thity
Mixsearoriz, Mion. Marsh
jary wv the Hayward marder cade
the prisoner Quiily of niarder
the fo RTE,
ised Mooday,
wiil be banging.
Sentence wili be pro
which andonbtedly
ton 3
Safely Of the Shoat
QeaBantINE, 8. I, March Tle
Steamer Have!, which went aaroaud yes
terday morning ov the tail of tbe sboa’,
came off unesasted &t 4 o'clock this
mornieg sod backed into Qeep
16] jared
rater an-
Artesied for Perjury
Mixsearornts, Ming, March 8 —G
Grindall and Miss Meggie Wachter,
important witnesees for the
Hay ward murder case,
wi With pwr
defense 1n the
were arrested to
night charg Lif mise] vos
during the trial
Subdulng a Mine fice
Haz March 10. —The fire
g'arted some weeks ago in the Hizol mice
aud for a ima threatened thas destin
of the colliery, etill boring, but the
Hames have been surronaded a ed
go that they soon can be ex‘ingnished cr
completely controlled,
ELTON, whol
sd enuf
Work for Fifteen Hundred Men
Brrureiem, Pa, March 10. —The la-g-
est steell m:
PANDY resumes operations to-morrow oo
twelve thousard ton order,
Fifteen bun-
' Hy
| of ihe Bethlehem Tron com: |
dred idle workmen will be given employ |
{ ment.
to the pilscid waters of the Buav-Down
Seas? Everybody who travels-—snd every-
body travels nowsdsys—is familiar with
the unique renown of the “flyers” that
ron oo this celebrated line, aud I cannot
forbear quoting from the Atlantic City
correspondent of the Philadelphia Eve-
ping Star this socconot of a remarkably
quick run: —
“The peuple reaching here on Satardey
| lust on the 2 o'clock p. m. Reading train
buve it to say that the) truyelnd the entire
dartanoe at » rate of » wile io less then a! | again spproach the captsin.
totes sod pu pregrated with the balgemie |
| Tae divers ty of recrealioue snd apne. OD
om | shortly
| this enclavting bit of Loto Lavd sre three mark d men.
| detaii—for have we pot tbe noequaled the frais and accompany them
{through oar serivoes 1.1 operation via the | express car, which they forced pen.
in by Flameg
Be CORRO, XM . Maron 1¢
- The iite }
[ie higoifisent olimtiv' sdivastagas of bo ‘ase of the Old Abe mine pear White |
ty render it easily the foramost Oks « wight Bre this morning.
Io a few
micutes the H mes wore sommanissted |
the shafiing of the pine, whish was |
Nr » men Sere af |
work in! ne at the ti
G. E Wilkuisor There
the slighirest possabilnty
bava vacaped snff
troy md,
Bie oTyIls
set 30%
" 1% not
the olbes
Wikineon was
thers ware in |
ad ™. 3
va Er ing
14a ¢
cega at
8 8 Pe a
3 By
air shal
iow Ee Ve #rid } N 18 1h
f 24
Les «
Vivi less HE
1.1 Marah 1d
, Cal, Mareh 30
5 dap
SINCE ihe Sauth-
thonaire ern Peels esdtbonnd overlsod passenger
fraic was h=ll up bet ween bers and Led:
before mudnight night by
he bers com |
rer and: firemen to stop
to the
pelled the engine
The messenger would not open the sale, |
and the robbers were unsbie to do so.
Alter working 15 miontes the robbers be |
came alarmed on socount of the Oregon.
express being due, and left on the engive. |
, 8 racted him
Cinterested in the
anticl pated.
Last wight it wes said thet the sotion
be many big fire 10 iigoing the scale
ie sarpriced the operators’ asscoi-
wd tet the sodden change from
we aid down ot lust week's meet-
ng cause a call for a weetiug of the as
S0aN0n 10 be held «arly this week.
The mine and mining oom-
mittee oof operstoes’ sssocistion
met mening spd sitter
thorvaghly discussing the sitaation son.
if 1
le pla
coded to call 8 geoersl mesting. Many
| Owl at
| bat nove of them woald venture sn opts-
(on as tr the outcome of the meeting,
rs were eu yesterday aflersoon,
Tobey contend that despite the fast that
misty frms have granted the £3 cents
thst rete cannot be maictained, a8 14 is
bound to be lowersd witrin 8 few weeks
for tbe reason that » certain somber of
| operstors will continue to have their coal
| mised at 35 conte or lower. The miners
(sa) that ‘tober operators will be taund §
ir Mooday
< ont € areiers paver :
New York. Mateh 10 ~The ooal oar- »
riers meeting insted oot pearly 3.50 Set-
It was adjourned to
meet next Wedne sday at Colambae, Obio..
Alter the meeting delegates refused to
fiwrnee the bomness of the mesting and
ull 1rqniries ware reformed to the secre
tury, Me. A. D. Smith, He had a writ-
ten statement whieh the meeting bed in-
to give to the newssaper
i oeyond (het #*stemeant he would
2 @ord as to shat wae 4 The
15 a8 follows: ‘The raironds
‘traffi have
sgreemest for
2 rates and reguistiog the bi
tamiinons cos treflie, so for a8 they are
eontsiped. The sgieement 13 satisfac
tory to all the rosde, is to remain in foros
wtih Novo miler 3; 1998, end i» regarded
arday sflterncon,
not ans OP.
statvin ent
Ohio oosl
wy they
hy tha representatives ot ail the sompen-
ies ue certain to lead to bepeflcid re-
* enite”
This will result in raising the prise of
'conl, though it is ssid the increases will
| be only sboat 40 cents a ton. It ie also
nemarted that all classes of the community
inolading the miners snd reilross wes,
By rewsco of the ice blockade | contd pot be interviewed on the sabjest, |
iu the Delaware the tram left t@asnty- two |
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Hammouton, Egg Harbor aod Plessact- |
ville 1t pulied up to the depot hers
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ove sid one-half minntes bebipd hime!
Io other worde, taenty apd one-half mwin-
oles had been made up the Aity-fve
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Jersey 7
Bat the Btar man 18 io efror In setting |
this down 88 8 “record breaker,” the same
fifty-five and one hal! miles having been
covered at least cuce io fifty two minutes.
Oa the Reading’ # straight smouvth track a
speed of a mile 8 misate is not deemed
potably rapid, and a mile in less than
filty seconds i# no uncommon achieve.
Beck The elegant train equipment of
“Royal Residing Route.” not less than
be aes quick time, attracis to
it a very large preponderance of the travel
to Atiastic City ars pow sold simost|
everywhere alocg the lives of the Read-|
ig, and
gach asthe B. & OO,
and other roada
Editorial Opinioas,
Arik nsas has voted to abolish capital A
remain intact. — New York Recorder.
They have noted in Franoee that, year In
the statistics of saicide snd
another. —
1 i
and year ont,
ro « rad parails]l wit ho one
aw York Journal,
Margderer Gent1'y Removed
v, March 1-- Actor (isp
{ Madge Yorke, 1s
try, the m og as
rcoverad that be was ved from
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Hahber Warks Revaw lig
Ns R. 1. Marsh 10-
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Aitce rab! : thee d
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Mass |
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| to day stated that
| ly out on a strike;
bat tha iynching tocaitry 8
rel by the disbandment
ta 1s now
: iparened by the last Georgia legislatore
and I em informed that through tickets | © ey . .
: propriation to permit the Lolding the an
also on thow of ite connections. | prop 2 P ge
shigh Valley, New| j
iil Le K ay | demorabizad the soldiers snd precipitated
Jersey Central, Beech Creek, Fall Brock | \ :
. | & militia disorganization,
| started roiling in Angusta ye tsrday by
The engine ren into Lodi with no one on | | will prosper ander the new arrengement,
board, the robbers having deserted it. Alsit will do sway with rafoons railroad
posse of detectives, with bloodbovnds, | Wars.
started io pursuit. No booty wig The meeting next Wednesday, it ne %
cured. ; 3}
Look to tie veleng, |
Naw Yomx, Msrob 10. ~A special cable | Gon. Marries SNEE te Sal
to The Herald from Havane, Cabe, 8838: | [ynruxarors. March 10 —Gen. Har
Cooeul Geceral Williams had r ceived 80 | 0p is still coofived to bis bed at his
word from Wasbington ap to a late boar! ' bome, on North Lelsware street, to-day,
last sight, relative to Spain's demand for trom a0 illness which, though not slerm-
| bis recall. Mr. Williams says be will not ing, is liable to develop serious compli-
Ibe latter options. Last Sanday be took a long
walk about the city and in the evening
; was uttacked by sharp plearstic psios
Tharsduy a severe attack of grip came
: with the sudden change in the westher.
There is much. disenaion smoog the
Cleveland will support Coneul Geveral’
Williams, or parmit him to be recalled |
without comment. Many persons seem
to think the Spanish government cannot
#fford to dieplace bim.
1.000 a: "
aud Nis
A Serious ‘tngary
A esl accrdent cocarred at No. 2 mine
: Walston, en Monday forenoon which will
result iu permanently erippling Robert
Quigley, employed as a driver io the mine.
He wue taking a ioad of cars oat of the
mive when he slipped spd fell ous of his
logs betng o iaght ouder the cars snd n
inred to an extent renderiog amputation
necessary. The young man was unable
to stand the shook of the operation and
lind early on Toesday moromg ai the
Adnan hospital. — Panxsntasney Sprit,
Prive Demanded
Receiving 1he
1b 4.000 are Working st
Old Figures,
aa, March 8 Sevan posal oper-
the Pittebmreg dist eugaged
1a gappiying the local marke’ hava
ed the ©) cent |
Fresident Cairne, of the miners
ciation, In summing the situation
15.000 men are actual.
over 1.000 are receiv-.
wg the price demanded, and abont 1 000
are working at the old ignree. The min.
ofMcials expect to muke a strong Sgt
but ca yet none wilt sn
as to the pm ar ontecma of the cou. |
AICIB 0 ret,
rate demanded by their
Pennsylv “hia Ratlroad’'s Sevond Toor te
“The Golden Gate.”
The tixo unmber of people who bave
lvisnre, and the growing destre of Ameri-
cans to sea the wonders of their native
land, are the priocipsi agencies in advan
cing a | eaithy sentiment in favor of travel.
The Penuveyivania Railroad Company's
ventas apianien
: ~~ wil be snndaeted in all respects as those
of preceding years, with acme added ad.
vantages, which eannot fal to attract the
attention aod enhet the intersst of the
tonrist, :
In addition to the high-grade scoommeo-
{ations and entertainment in traveit, the
Penney ivania tonrists are treated with the
sume liberality wherever the journey ie
broken, The choicest rooms in the lead.
wg hotels are always reserved for their
ase, for which regnlse rates are paid, so
that the guests, aithongh members of a
large party, enjoy all the privileges of in-
l:ividoals who may bave made their own
al ectioun,
The second tour mm the 1805 series to
the (Golhlen Gate will leave Now York ani
Philadel ohia March 20, 1805, arconigs
Francweco March 19
k and Philadelphis May
Drstarled itinerary will be
gheation to Tourist Agent, ?
Now York, or Rom 411,
Sireet Station Phils wlelphia,
[ie Ready Pw) Iron wmpany hes
received a contract to make a colton coms
press costing $80,000, for a Taxes fem
fhree farmers at Fi. Fairfield, Mell
going to build a starch factory to sor
their potatoes at home.
Georgia Militia Disbanding
Avarsta, Ga., March 1). — The conrse
in acting iihiberaily towards the state
{ militia by r-fusing to mxke sufficient ap:
nual state encampment text summer, bus
“The bull was
|C aptain Austin sud Lientenacts Ramey
of the Rixtih
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asd Barres, of Co wpsny B,
ragiment, resigning, which wil
Hirao TRAD
These Mon Were Shoniers
Maseh 10, Last
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personally conducted tours to California *«