The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, February 28, 1895, Image 3

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    Patton Gourier.|
PATTON PUBLISHING co, Proprietors. | ;
| . England supports 200 daily papers
: 1. Subseribers who do fot give expriss |
notice to the contrary are considered as wish.
ing to renew their subseriptions
t If subseribers order the discontinuance
tinng to send them un ail arrearages are
8. If subscribers
© their Joals £ from
they are direc
t re responsi
they have HE EY bills and ordered them
4 T¢ mabmeribers move to other
out informing the publishers, an
are sent to the former address, they are
the papers
np “The Courts have decided that refusing to!
foals from the office or removing *
ne leav them tneatied for, is prima facia
8 If Ee ¥ fry advance they are
bound to give notice at the end of the time if
they do not wish to continue taking it;
and the submeriber will be responsible until an
ox notice, with Ear of all arrear-
Ix sent to the pu
- Local Ttime Table. ;
The hours of arrival and departure
_ of trains at the Patton Station are as
Mall Closes,
glect or refuse to take
e postoffice to which |
ble until | ;
support their husbands.
with. |
wise the publishers is suthoriized to wond it!
Uncle Sam has a Chinese paper.
Asheroft's ‘millinery store-44-tf
For fruits go to Kinkead’s. 40tf
‘Chinese eat 2,000,000 Gogs anually.
Canada has but one Sunday paper.
United States have 1868 daily papers.
Just received a shipment of salt fish,
Patton Supply. -62tf
of their periodicals, tl a may eon;
J. B. Arandt, of Altoona registered
at Hotel Beck Friday. fa
New York has 27,000 women, who
Patton Bupply will sell yon new Salt
Herring and Mackeral.-62tf
Look out for the large edition of the
Patton CoURIER March 7th.
in Patton on business Tuesday.
Frank Masbee, of Aitoona, was a
| guest at the Palmer house Monday.
Chas. W. Brooks, of Phiiadelphia, was
a guest at the Commercial hotel Friday.
The Ebhensburg branch was again
closed by snow drifts on Friday ot laét
TC. Jones, a traveling salesman of
Philadelphia was a guest at Hotel Beck
x Friday.
. Train numbers asthe WN?
northbound and “8” southbound.
Ground-Wog Day.
Grén'pap argifies, he dil. He's shore ex shore
I EY aetd 80 obstinit oF feller such as bhé.
An’ Maw and me we waiched out sharp an’
we say thot he didn’t, i
Fer all i day ong jong the sun behind a cloudy «ky |
fot Graarpop srgines his way and keeps on
- An’ says fer once th* sun kem out, the grony
hawg saw his shadder.
“An early spring,” sez Maw an’ me but Gran'-
paps obutinit;
“The groun’ hawg saw his shadder, we'll git
more wintér yi.” i
An’ there he sets 5 confident, an’ says “he did, ;
Ie all the while wi know the sun behind
rfoads was hid.
Bat, like as not, no signs Il eount, we'll get
. more storm an’ snow,
: White, Jan pap by the ehimbloy
told ver sof
«ite un’ Says,
Court next week.
Coal gas dates from 1739.
‘Read the Pittsburg Post offer.
Lerch the tailor, Mahaffey, Pa.
Unele Sam leads in gold coinage.
New York has 10,500 telephones.
Racine, Wis., reports a bicycle-boat. |
Liquor dealers are on the anxious
Business promises to revive in the
Sce Wm. F. Gables & Co’s. new “ad”
rhis week.
Fresh - shelled oysters at Kinkead !
restaurant. :
. Typhoid fever is raging in the city of
Every prominent Susiten will be.
represented in the Patton COURIER |
next week.
E. D. Welwood, a traveling salesman .
+ of Pittsburg, registered at the Palmer
house Monday.
' Ladies hats reduced in price at Alice |
A. Asheroft’s millinery store op-stairs |
in Good building.
The Delineator for March is on sale
at Geo. 8. Good's store. Subscriptions
rec’d. there. -66tf
R. T. Shields of Altoona, made Nis
headquarters at the Commercial hotel
. Thursday while in town.
Emory Beales of Williamsport, is
assisting in the culinary department
of the Paimer house this week.
The valuation of the labor of our
‘hens in eggs 5 ‘d spring chickens is.
every year estimated at $200,000,000.
For cough colds and sore throat try
Magic cough cure. Guaranteed by C.
W. Hodgkins, druggist, Patton, Pa.-tf
Everybody should read the. contin-
‘ned war story on the first page of the
COURIER written by a spinal corres-
Sessets Valoutine; Edvard 3 Howe
: of
‘Mrs. 8. M. Wilson, of Patton, came
. over to DuBois Satarday evening to
spend Sunday with her daaghter and
friends. — DuBois Morning Courier.
W. H. Bell, Jr., a successful merchan
of Reynoldsville, Pa, visited his’
‘brother L. 8. Bell of this place on
| Betingly Ober: 4 I by the Teachers and
Children of the Public School
public schools should be kept open on!
Washington's birthday was warmly 'o
: discussed this year in different parts of -
the State. - Surely every true Ameri- |
can is anxions that his children be!
taught patriotism. Now stop and con-
children will learn more patriotism in
‘ roaming the streets and idly spending
the day or spending the same timie in
the school room partaking in exercives |
pertaining especially to the life of tils |
great man whom we so ardently ad-'
‘mire. The question need not be asked |
in Patton for it was fully demonstrated |
Peter Campbell; of Carrolitown, wag favor of the lattér by the presence of
so. many patrons responding to the
invitation to go and spend the day
with the schools.
In the upper grades the forenoon |
was little altered from the:
routine ne ot of work while the primary
departments spent the entire day with
interesting work concerning the birth,
life and death of Washington, relating
such stories as that of the ‘cherry
tree, ” the “colt” and other interesting
ones from which true moral lessons are |
to be obtained. All those in the first
primary wore a hatchet for a badge.
All the rooms were beantifully deco-
rated with flags—not numbering less
than 200.
At noon the children in their wild |
| glee and anxiety to participate in
| exercises of the day arrived
fore the doors were opened.
1bell gave warning that the
‘exercises had already arrived man
visitors were found to be present;
others going at such times as their
his Cares would permit them to do so.
At 1:30 the rooms were called to
and the exercises commenced.
The programs were opened by a song,
after which recitations, biographies
and essays were delivered by those
designated in the program. Those at-
tending the high school received in
addition to the regular program two
‘recitations, ons by Anna Kinkead and
one by Eva Crain. The programs weré
long. |
- As
‘not long enough to be tiresome and
every one seemed to enjoy the time.
spent there.
The parents deserve special praise
for the manner in which they encour-
| aged the children by their presence to
_' stody and pay tribute to lives worthy : ;
‘exhibition given in the opera house
of attention. Habits formed in child:
hood are those which will have to be.
‘accounted for at the end of life's jour-
4 dey and it is of the highest importance
the beacon light of every youth be
sach that is worthy of the highest am-
It is very gratifying to the teachers
ov know that the parents are 0 inter-
ésted in the schools of Patton. The
teachers extend a strong invitation to
Chas. A. Rogers, of Altoona stopped | Wednesday and Thursday of last week. | ‘go and sve them in their daily work
at Hotel Beck Monday.
The finest line of ladies’ fancy goods
During the day the principal, W.
D. F. Kilgore, of Pittsburg stopped “and millinery to be had in the north- Thomson, was presented hs
~ at the Palmer house Monday.
‘Heating ‘stoves now at cost
Cambria Hardware Co.'s.-68t2
Fall styles in ladies Hats at Alice A. |
Asherofts millinery store. -44-tf
at the |
'erm part of Cambria at Alice A.
! Ashcroft’'s millinery store, Patton,
Pa. 6
" The work on the new ME parson-
, age, which is being erected on Palmer
avenue is being pushed very rapidly
| prized cushion by the scholars of the
high scool.
A Day With Washington.
The manner in which it was spent by
the primary schools.
Be all ready for the COURIER of under the supervision of Bloom and Singing —Good Morning Song.
‘March 7th. It will be a stunner.
Look out for the souvenir edition of
‘the Patton COURIER of March 7th.
Miss Mary Bebe, of St. Atgustine, is |
visiting friends in Patton this week.
The Clearfield Monitor is adding gas
power to its mechanical department.
A. E. Patton, of Curwensville paid T: Whitney, Rev. Robert Collyer, and pa
this town a business visit last Friday.
Butterick Patterns can be purchased
st the store store of Geo. 8. Good. -65tf.
Mr. Pitzpatrick’s new building on
| Spencer the contractors.
Natural gas has been used in China
for many centuries. It issues from fis-
| sures in the earth near coal mines, and '
“lis led through bamboo tubes to the
point where it is consumed.
Elizabeth Staart Pheips, Mrs. A. D.
| Walter Besant are all going to tell in
{The Ladies’ Home Journal of either
the man or woman who most infloenced
| their lives. -
On Sunday John Beuder, ‘who live
‘Reading of Scripture and prayer.
A talk on the life of Washington by
the teacher.
Lar.guage ~The Hatchet Story.
Writing ~The name of Wasnington.
- Number work.
For busy work the children colored
and then cut out cherries from heavy.
Singing — Marching Through Georgia;
children play that they are Washing-
's Army marching.
‘Reading - A class: A boat represent.
‘Magee avenue » aptly nearing com- | | east of Patton received a very painful ing the one in which Washington
D. E. Murphy, of Bridgeport Conn.,
regiatored at the Commercial hotel
Every Pattern of the Spring and
summer styles in ‘Sock at Geo. 8.
Good's. 8541. :
The COURIER especially directs the
ladies attention to the ‘‘ad”’ of Gen. 8.
Good in this issue.
Rumor says that this place was vis
ited by a “show” in Goods hall a couple
of nights last week.
Get the Semi-weekly Pittsburg Post
and the Patton CoURrier for only $1.4 50.
See offer i in another column.
Max J. Herrman, of Houtzdale, was
in Patton Friday and while here stop-
ped at the Commercial hotel
0. B. Straw, the hustling clerk in
- Bells store and John Mitchell, spent
Sunday with friends at Irvona.
R. B. Wigton, the coal operator,
. well-known in Patton, died at his home |
‘in Philadelphia on Friday evening.
Try Magic drops for pain: internal
and external. Guaranteed hy C. W.
. Hodgkins, druggist, Patton, Pa.-tf
B. L. Dunegnan, wife and son, Harry,
. of Van Ormer, visited his mother, Mm.
. Dunegan, of this place, on Monday.
. After march 7th the Patton COURIER 3
will be increased to eight pages—the |
- largest paper in Northern Cambria. -
John T. Gilbert an old army veteran, |
"1 ¥ in lying serionsly ill at the home of |
John Degarmo on Fifth avenue with
~ dropey of the heart.
' accident, by being hooked in his right
‘eye by a cow. ‘Although not serious
‘the accident will eanse Lim consider-
| able trovble for a few days.
" Richard Williams, the son of John
Williams who was operated on to re-
lieve a bud case of diphtheriaetic croup,
which mention was made in this paper
last werk, is reported to be out of
crossed the Delaware, in which are
placed slips of paper containing such
sentences as‘'I like George Washington,
he would not tell his papa a lie,” étc.
Each child takes and reads one. B
class: On the cherries made in the
morning sach words as red, ripe, sweet,
"ete., are pinned on a large card board
tree. Each child is allowed to pick a
cherry and if he pronounces the word
‘a two-year-old daughter lost her life.
“a boiler full of water off the stove and
danger and recovering rapidly
. distinctly, is allowed to take it with
Ten thousand tons of freight, in- pin, (Calisthenics: Children make be-
eluding 1500 live sheep, 441 cattle, and lieve they are George Washington
flour, cotton, lard, wheat and the like hopping wood with his hatchet. In
in enormous guantitiés is the cargo of formation lesson--Elizabeth Hunt re-
-a single ship now on the oéean between | cites: “Where did we get
our pretty
Baltimore and Liverpool. The shipis ga Our own red, . white and blue,
the Ulstermore, a four-masted ste¢l with jt. stripes and stars and crimson
steamer, 400 feet long, 48 feet wide and bars, And its fleld of heavenly blue?”
38 feet deep. She can make 35 mile Teachers then explain the origin of
a day, and her cargo is worth almost flag; two little girls sing Red, White
$400,000. and Blue, and school join in the chorus.
The last half hour was devoted to
On Tuesday an accident oecured in recitations and singing.
the family of Marko Suma in which
A sad Accident.
Thrown in the Basket
Again the COURIER is compelled to
throw another communication into
the waste basket, for the reason that it
had not the signatare of the writer
Mrs. Suma was washing and had taken
sit it on the floor, and the little girl fell
backwards into it. She was scalded so The CovmiER will not publish any
bad that the flesh dropped off. She communication unless it is signed in
died in about eight hours after the . by the writer. :
School Report. . Charch Natiee,
* Number enrolled in high school, 40; Rev. Chas. W. Wasson, pastor of ¢ the
average attendance, 35; number en. Methodist Episcopal church, will preach
rolled in grammar school, 53; average In this place next Thursday evening at |
7:30. Everybody welcome.
wall Pape r
. Good has just received a very | iB
all the.
| attendance, 50; number enrolled in
intermediate department, 54; average
attendance, 50; number enrolied in sec- Geo. 8
ond pri , 04; Average attendance,
38; namber enrolled in rat primary, fine selection of wall paper,
65; average attendance, 62. Intest patterns -85-¢f. :
Eszxssuno, Pa, Pa, Peb. 36th, 1606.
Mr Philly Cilish, Woo Sa Yeeu 3) il
whether or not 09% | for several months at his home in
| place, died on Saturday evening
8 o’clock,
Miss Mand Lather is visiting friends
in Johnstown.
Mr. Jacob Warner, of Chest township,
aot |
‘was a visitor to Ebensburg on Tuesday. |
‘sider for a moment whether yor.
H. J. Hopple, of Barr township spent
a few hours in town on Tuesday
County Superintendent Leech visited
|a number of schools in this county last |
The Ladies aid society will hold a
a social in the opera house here this
Judge Barker is in Hollidaysburg
hearing the cases in which Judge Bell
was formerly interested as counsel.
The Harvard Quartette sang several
choice selections at the Congregational
Church in ‘this piste, on. Sunday even-
L.A. Craver departed yesterday for
Cherrytree to attend the funeral of
Dr. William Kinports, which took
place in the afternoon.
Mr. Hosea Evans, of this place, has '
purchased the lot below the Scanlan
property in the Fast ward and will
erect a dweliing house thereon.
Last evening a number of Fdwin
You Will Find It to Your
Craver's friends very pleasantly sur-
prised him at his home here. Various
games were played and refreshments
‘served. Ali report an enjoyable even.
{ Sherman Tibbott who has long held
this position having resigned.
Ebensburg people have been pat
to great disadvantage the past week
on account of the burning out of
an armatore at the electric light plant.
We expect to have the usual namber
of lights in a few days
On Friday last, the Ameria
Mechanics presented a large flag to
the schools of thie place, and raised it
01 a pole in front of the school build-
ing. The schools had exercises befit-
ting the occasion and several of our
prominent citizens made brief ad-
dresses. :
‘CLEARFIELD, Pa., Feb. 25, 1885,
The filremen’s minstrel, a home talent
Saturday night, was an overwhelming
sdocess. The room was packed and
receipts were close on to §300. The
performing was really good with the
exception of the last act, a drunk scene, |
which ought not have been produced.
Court week again. It seems that
our court busines: is always behind.
Clearfield elected two good couneil-
‘men last week when James McLaugh-
lin and W,
returns show that many Republicans
voted for them; those gentlemen are
always in for honest government.
The new postoffice room in the opera
house is being fitted ap for J. M. Bloom,
who war recently confirmed by the
Little Louise, daughter of T. W.
Moore, in very ill with spinal men-
ingitis. Her life is hanging by a very
fine thread. ]
The funéral of Glasgow Read takes
place Tuesday afternoon at Pine
Grove. Clearfield Golden Eagles will
dttend ;
7 Banquet at Crews.
+ On Friday evening the Ebensburg
lodge of mason held a grand banquet
at the Anderson hoase at Cresson
which was said to be the finest ever
heid in this section. Johnstown, South
Fork, Wilmore, Portage, Lilly, Gallit-
gin, Patton and Hastings were repre.
sented. The banquet table was charm.
ingly arranged and the menu elaborate,
Ed James of Ebensburg was master of
ceremonies and among those who re.
sponded were Alvin Evana, George A.
Kinkead, Henry Taylor, William
Mitchell and county superintendent J.
W. Leech. The foilowing people from
this place attended: R. McPherson
and wife;
Joho Ashcroft and daughter, ; Maggle:
W. C. Baum and wife; Dr. L
od wife, L. 3. Bell; Dr. 8. oy Worrell
accompanied by his two sisters Emma
and Minnie, of ( Nearfield.
Antitaxine U woul in Patina X
Dr. 8. W. Worrell, of this place, ‘per-
formed the use of the wonderful
new diphtheria remedy antitoxine, on’
the children of John Williams at Mc-
Cermicks mine one day last week with
gratifying results. The discovery of
antitoxine as a new agent for the pre-
vention and cure of diphtheria was
announced by Prof. Dr. Emil Behring,
of Halle, about four years ago. Al-
though received at first with more or:
less incredulity, the new remedy has
* borne successfully the test of actual
use, and it is now recognizd by high
authorities as one of the beneficient -
and interesting discoveries in modern
© pathology, Horses are now exclusive
ly employed te farnish the blood serum
in which the antitoxine is developed
| and contained. -
Diod at Ebensburg.
Phili Collin, familiarly known
the state as Colling,
Rt known as a railroad con-
a died at his residence at Ebens-
burg Saturday evening at 7:45 o'clock.
: Willard Jones, of Ebensburg,
| has accepted the position of assistant’
| agent at the railroad station here.’
Ross McPherson were:
elected. Both are Democrats, bat the
John Somerville and wife;
. Weida |
"In the Store Will be
‘Sold for Two Weeks for
= 05
This means “20. 00. 18.00. 16.00, $15.00
Suits. Your pick of the stock in fact.
Dor’ s Forget This Now.
The Overcoat Sale at half- price offered last
week 1s still on and Its a success
Come Here—Don't go any place else
and pay double. ah
Advantage to buv at QUINN’S, Clinton St.
Johnstown, Carpets, Oil Cloths, Linoleums,
Mattings, Rugs, Lace Curtains, Carpet as
low as 20 cts per yard, Lace Curtains at so cts.
a pair. The largest assortment of Dress Goods
in the city. Ladies Coats and Wraps. Millinery
of all kinds. Good measure, lowest prices.
When in Johnstown call on
The Finest and Best Within the City.
THE CARFARE Adamant Plaster
Gives a first-class wall a moderate ex-
“Is the best fire-resisting plaster.
Always ready for use in any season.
Does not hold gases or disease germs.
Is the par excellence for patching.
Can be pspered as soon as dry.
Is recommended by all the le
~~ Architects who have ag
this country and
Will give vou a solid wall.
Of itself will not crack, swell or
Will not cleave off when used as di-
. rected, even in case of leakage. :
Will give you a warm house.
Does not ruin woodwork b loading
it with moisture. y
Admita of carpenters following Plas
terers in a few days
In capable of every variety of finish
pr Used on the Palmer Ho Good
Building, Hotel Beek, Hotel Patton,
. C. 1. & I. Co. office., Patton Opera,
Bo A church, and on more than
one-half of tie plastered Bouses and
store rooms of Patton.
Also the ¢ ‘atholic Church St. Sg
and Return
Isonly $1.68
votesn save TG TRIO
For prices aod information, write
Patton, Pa., Lock Box 345.
The Popular
Dealer in :
Musical Instruments
Is to the front as usual with a large
stock of goods
Times by purchasing
Sewing Machine at
& CO.'S, Altoona, Pa.
a good
0%: A BLE
purchasing a
at GABLE & C
Pa. °
Times by
far cape
procuring an
fit for your Kitchen:
dining room at GABLE
CO.’], Altoona, Pa.
Times by
Times by vurchasing a first-
class dress pattern and trim-
mings at GABLE & COS,
Altoona, Pa.
Time, at the least ealention,
on every purchase of $5.00
worth of Goods of any kind in
‘every department.
" WARE, and
: everything kept in a fm clase shore
of this kind.
pings and all kinds of small musi
cal § will be kept constantly on
It pays fo do itl