The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, September 06, 1894, Image 1

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    Sa ———— TE TOR A
He Bonini lhe ster avr
VoL 1L--XNO. qr
sb hha ab oe
$1.00 PER YEAR. |
‘With each Dollars worth of Frightful Destrnciion of Life
and Bropeny i in the West.
fitty ; $00 Persoms Perish,
devastation by fire in the Northwest,
Patton Pha my, SIE
Bicycle. Rte Railroad traffic is inter-
: rupted and they cannot flee. The most
p&r-This is the only Drug Store in desteact
Patton where these Money Orders cati gg ueday. netioed fat
be bad. | Sr. Pati, Sept. 3.-The town .of
| Hinkley, Minn., was completely de-
| stwoyed by forest fires: -Satuarday night.
Furniture. 180 to 200 lives lost. Loss of life at
| Other pointe will probably reach 400.
MINKEA Sept. 3. —Balletins
The finest line in Patton to trom the fire district show the damage
select from. Everything new has not been exay
and of the latest design. A i
KARPETS and St. Paul and a train of the su fler-
; : {ern is expected soon. In Wisconsin
In all designs and at all {Sho Loh of Bite Grane =,
prices. a : j Parest Oy have heen burned. Seventy-
: bx five: houses have been destroyed at
We make a specialty of | shell Lake and Spoomery lo threateodd
ro einen of
Telegraphic advices tell a story or
sccmemn.y wor.
Whe Taking Part i 8 ingemsetel Baw at |
While Joe Deverdin, a Trenchman, |
On the Cambria and Cresson who resides in: Frenchtown » suburb of
Pation was participating in a fetie
. enconutey with several of his fellow
on Saturday night, he
~ and Beech Creek
opunirymen on
AND INCREASED FORCE was shot in: the left wrist the bell pems-
trating the fore-arm and cme out at
10's ‘wosnty 20 mg vmen. scien saa tl.
Teigraph Oboe. Diirkig the curly part of She svenitg
Ip the last issne of the Covznen the men imbibed freely from: the Sow-
| slight allusion of the increase of freight iag dow! and at midnight, the time the
Lason se a
Bey the Labor
: day fn Patton as
r dor Day by the
| 1siners snd other oring people of
this place and vicinity. ' Eariy in the
morring the crowd commenced to
and by noon the town was
thronged with people, whe all seemed
‘happy and. giad that a day was set
apart for the bonest laboring man to
enjoy himself.
wes indulged in snd the Patton Cornet
band, - which ‘was lately organiied,
farnished music. After dinner all
lovers of dancing repaired to the fire-
men’s hall where provisions were made
for their enjoyment, and the baseball
sports witnessed a game of ball played
between the second nine of Hastings
and Patton. The score stood 12 to
26 in favor of the Patton boys. The
game ended about 3:30, which greatly
increased the attendance at the dancing |
hall. :
Om the second floor of the firemen's
building refreshments of all kinds were |
served and everyone was made wel
toward daylight on Tuesday morning
. and was pronounced a grand socoess.
The Patton orchestra farished the
music for the merry dancers. During
trafic was made, but several changes Sight occurred, all were in s confased
pinted to afford the nilrosd employes the ome who did the shooting, was get-
- better accommodation 2 fact worthy fing worsted in the contest which so
of notice. enraged him that he ran to his home, |
EE rn re woe eirit a s
business genersily has become more Bg st the crowd, little caring who fell
animated the freight trafic 8 vitim to his very ansteady aim.
this section has increased to a remark Aout 2 o'clock a. m. hit sulerings
able proportion and the number of Decsane so intense that the services of
railroad employes as well as others en- » piysician were require] sad Dr.
gaged in this especial work was in- Worrell was summoned who reports
adequate to withstand the demands, BIB 8s 1apidly comvaleseing
services o. assistants have been »”- ‘cord for himself as it was
a re
Preight traffic over the Pemneylva- his throat cut from ear ear fortu-
min road has increased to such an ex- Dately for him however e gah d
temt that hori dg nl hyd personage ion afew
paswed through Patton every other day frequently enjoy himself in his favorite
now makes trips daily well laden, SPOrt- yf a
rosd has more than doubled, a char- E =o, Pa, S bed, 189
was occopled Assistant Superin-
tendent W. d by Anan. Sopa Phe fir was s sucoos add visions!
office has been removed to the corner "tbe cxbibite surpasset all former
with Moore's office the telegraph office
will be located in this . spent a few days in Ebessburg lest
which will be a decided advantage to TOK
Station Agent Curfman as it will thus AI. Evan, a former resilient of this
‘enable him to overcome the obstacles Pia%; but now of Kane, Pu, socom
which formerly existed in the insuf- pasied by his wife and son, are
ficient capacity of storage room ete. Me parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert
The semiphore and all other telegraphic Eve.
Motions and 7 Petitions Pre
sented on Monday.
A Fall Report Wik be Given fo the atten
“Courier Next Weel
tion of Altoona. :
By Mr. Beade
The report of bridge viewers OCDE
mending the county to build » heidge
Comemangh, betwesn Wi
across the ;
more and Summernill, in Sraumerhill
The petition of the citizens of Sam
merhill townehip for the appointment
of viewers on the ros. lemiing from
Rte Sehusire Sheol buine 98 New Ger-
many. :
By Mr. Storey
children of Walter J. Dibert, dewased.
Francis J. Torrence appointed.
Filed settlement of Elisabeth Jacob
pany. :
The petition of Mary Yarlty, minor
child of Peter Varley, for Ge appoint-
ment of P. Daruit as goardisas.
| The petition of Christian Schwartser
for the appointment of commissioners
to inquire into the lunacy of Louis
EMBALMING. = Tl to er re the day and evening the Cornet band appliances have been removed to this Mr. and Mm E Lingle cetarned Schwartser. W. B Lowman, Charles
| cmmne through from Duluth. She says
gas il vote Bie show 17
played at intervals on the streets.
building. - The services of two compe fram their, wedding tour, on Tuesday.
The amusements during the day tent operators, Messrs J. M. Commell Mes Kate (* Neil, of Pittaberg, who
how sates in thie.
Greer and Herman Banner ppoiited
By Mir. Kaho
fowards the train | were under the anspices of the Knights, and M. C. Singes, have been secured doen.
Ye Jot’ sboasd ms | of Labor whose head officials are to be | plate, returned home on W pdmesdny. dy. mince children of James (eddy. :
ve in mgr of bmi The congratulated in the manner in which A five which broke out in the Woods, dese, Praytag te cours fur the ap.
heat became so : window
i, Ss. BUCK, | teain returned tq Skunk lake. '
Beech ave, - - - PATTON PRC ro bre fast
[of the felople jumper isto ‘the lake to.
1H, C. BECK, Pro. egram for
bai gop
: mes enl rms ley and the situation is borrifiying. |
One o De Sages Tntsls m for warvivors found pik a the
i Mona, Mon. Sept. 2.—One hundred |
‘m :
|vota train which loft #4. Paul carly
Good Table and Bar Supplied
with Choiest Brands of
The Popular
back to Hinckley. pi is generally
| feared that it has been burned with ail
the passengers. There is no chance
: | of starving to desth. A freight train
is im the ditch near Pokegawa. Twenty-
| five people are in the caboose and fire
| all around them. If not rescued ‘soon
| they mast all perish.
| MARQUETTE, MicH., Sept. 3. —There
[loach apprehension here regarding
the whereabouts of the passenger train
which left Duluth yesterday afternoon
‘and was due here early this morning.
‘Two hundred miles of the run is
| through the fire district and it is feared
the bridges have been burned beyond
‘Ewen both in front and behind the
_ train, cutting off all escape.
Pine Crry, Minx, Sept. 3.—{‘on-
servative reports to-night place the
| total number of killed in the fires at
| three hundred at least, with the num-
ber of wounded at that many more, a
Heated with steam th rough: number of whom will die.
but, ri Later,
: Commercial,
S. M. WILSON, Prop.
A Modern Hotel.
Twenty-four Sleeping rooms,
All new furniture,
St. Paul, Sept. 3-The latest ad-| be
* - Hot and cold water on ev TY | vioen from ibe scene of the big. fire
floor, "| indicate that there will be a tofad of | ABpics
{nearly 490 lives lost. This inolades [‘Parnip.
Cooking and dining depart- the fatalities at Hinckley, Pokeguwa, | x
a in. Skillful hands. | Rutlege, Sandstone and all the arva of |
“ | country covered by the conflagration.
PATTON, PENN'A. | Mirkin & Kusner's for clothing. -4otf
| Hay: a Sy
it was conducted, and when Labor
: doubt receive a more hearty support
| than they did this year. :
(Un Stariay, Participated in vy Moraes and
Tere wit a 2-year-old colt trot at
| Houtadale) bay ool. Cart: ode 4
| Wilkes, and H. J. Eokenzode's | of Car-
roll township) bay fille Bonnie Tallie,
by Rostock Cossaclc
“The race was not as exciting as had
benw suticiyaiad a: Eckenrode was
8 very easy winner. Mr. Stolz said
' that his horse was not well at the time
{of the trot and could not show his
| grestest speed.
The race was trotted in half-mile
heats, best three in ive. The heats
| were trotted in good time, considering
their ages: First heat, 1:49; second,
1:51; third, 1:514. :
There was &iso, ut the same time, an
exciting quarter-mile bicycle race ar
ranged and wheeled by Messrs. Frank
: Sharbaogh, Harry Waltz and Charley
Fagen, all of Carrolitown. It took
three starts to end the contest, as
follows: First, Frank Sharbaugh 1st
| Harry Waits, 2nd, Charley Fagan, &rd,
time 44 seconds; second, Harry Waltz,
nd, Charley - Fajran, 3d, time 53
The judges for both races were J. V.
Scanlan, of Carrol'town; Capt. Notley
and H. J. Van Dusen, of Hastings.
a. Reward. :
The Patton Water company will pay
a reward of §50 for information leading
10 the arrest and conviction of the
party or parties who tampered with
the pipes in the reservoir on Monday
evening, August 27 1884 which resulted
in the stopping of the water running
to the town.
Local Market Report.
For the special benefit of the farmers
in the vicinity of Patton the COURIER
_ publishes the following local market
report revised each week:
3 cents per potind.
; is “ » Soren.
Ta Shelled...
to $13 per ton.
Moe apshed
in opersting connection. with his COmmiderable fence on the properties of Codd:
position as station sagest will be re-
lieved of some of his more arduous The dances held in the operas house the heirs and legal representatives of
duties by the assistance of Warren O° Wednesday and Thursdsy evenings, Samal Varner, praying for vitation on
Sheppasd, a a young man eminently
Shoemaker, and her son, Walter, were
driving down the hill on Sample dreet
from the residerce of Mr. C. W. Phil
pm, * bolding-back strap broke om the
several times and finally at the bottom 4,
of the hill fell out over the wheel,
when Walter suceeded in throwing the
horse. Mra Shoemaker, we believe,
was kicked several times, one blow
breaking the large bome below the
elbow of the right arm, and other in-
jaries being probable. Her son was
not injured any.
Severely Burned.
An unfortunate accident occurred at
Philip Gray's residence Wednesday,
which resulted in the severe scalding
. of two children. It was wash day and
Mrs. Gray was removing a pan of
boiling starch from the stove. She
came in contact with ber 9 vear-oid
daughter, who was carrying the tmby,
seven months old, in her arms The
boiling starch was upeet and ran down
! over the children. The little girl was
badly burned about the face; arms and
chest, and the baby about the chest.
The children suffered intensely.
Spangler Sentinel
Killed Near min Hall.
Charles Kirk, a fireman on one of the
Beech Creek freight trains, was killed
pear Mill Hall last Saturday while
riding in the cab of the engine. Kirk
was leaning out of the cab window
looking towards the rear of the train
When near the bridge over the Bald
Eagle he tried to get back but could
not recover his equelibrium and was
instantly. The deceased was a brother
of A. M. Rirk, of Curwensville
Called Away.
Una Mary, the two-weeks old infant
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. Brandon,
‘died on Tuesday morning at 1:3
o'clock. Her remains were interred i in
the Carrolitown cemetery.
Smoke Gold Dollar cigar. 38-tf |
T. H. Hiest, and Jae. G. Hamion.
were well attended.
C. A. Dimond and wife of Summer.
Last week.
Dr. J. Swan Ts
Bawme on Sanday.
A feeling of sadness is fit’ through}
out this community, owing to the
death of Mra. W. H. Sechier, and John
Humphrey, son of Court (vier Ham |
phrey's. The fanerals took piace this
afternoon st two o'clock, interment
being made in the Lioyd ceretery.
Marriage Licenses
To rr Sars A. Fabar-antl
N. 8 George, ‘sdunimistrator, to fle an
in the came of the Deis. Manuthesar.
| utntioned 8 1t 1 left with the wid G.
C. Dreisback to be held by him sabject
to the order and call of the said W. C.
,Brensecke and W. W. Supp The
sforernentioned articles being the pro-
perty of W. C, Brennecke and WwW. Ww.
ered by the Clerk of th: Orphans’
Court for the week ending Thursday, .
September 1, 1994:
Jonas A. Wirick, Croyle township,
and Mary E Shartz, South Fork.
John M. Stormer and Loviss Konts, |
Harry M. SGiffler Freslom town-
ship, Blair county, and Lucinda Flo-
. rence Stonalker, Jackson township.
Daniel Croyie aad Lavina Kaoffman,
Chnemangh township, Somerset county.
Stefan Lorko and Mar; Herdos,
Horse Thieves.
The Marion Centre Indep indent says
that horse thieves are getting entirely
too mumeoroes in that county again.
Wednesday night a fine saiinal belong-
ing to Jaa Dixon, of Blacklick, was
stolen from a field Saturday night
Bert Cummins, of near Imdiana, rode
to that place and tied his horse, which
was a good one, in the rear of Wilsons’
store. When be went to go» home he
found some one had taken his horse.
For Sale.
One hundred and twenty-nine ome-
aire lots for sale one-half mile from
Patton on easy terms. For further
information apply to J. 4. Hauk,
Carrolltown, Pa.-40f
“ou newspapers for sale 1 this office.
(at Yau eentts 4 Sunde.
it is rumored that the output of coal at
Patios may be doubled soon, in which
came the carrying capacity of the Beech
Creek will be still farther taxed.
Lint of Unclaimed Letters.
The following letters remain in the
postofiice at Patton for the week end-
ing Saturday, September ist, 180.
Mims A. E Flodin, Charles Kayler,
W. Leibhart, Mrs Marshel Thomas
Smith, Miss Maggie Wagoner. Ben-
jamine Yahner.
_ Persons calling for the shove letters.
will please say they are advirtised.
: E. A. Mmuiox, P. M
ML Laney, the wholessie and re
tail harness manufacturve of Chest
| Springs, is now prepared. te: scpomumo-
date the public. Repairing done on
| short notice. 3963 .
7% da ph
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fo WA By
Ber Ge AR alee