The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, August 02, 1894, Image 3

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    Nib el en So 4 a nl WI SS Plo
1. Subseribers who do not give axprexs
notice to the contrary are considered as wish-
ing to renew their subseriptions,
2. If subscribers onder the discontinuance
of thelr periodicals, the Pr ilishe TOMY con
fine to send them antil
8. If subscribers aught or refuse to take
Shetr hefiudicals from the postoffice to which
they are directed, they are responsible until
they have settled their bil b td orders] them
4. If subserihers move toad her places with
out informing the publishers, and the Papers
are sent to the firmer address, they arm |
The Courts have decides) that scfish ng fo
tare periodicals from the office or romoving
and leaving them atienlled fir, is prima macia
evidenee of Intentional fraud :
8, If subscribers pay in mivance they are
bound to give notices atl the end of the thine if
they do not wish to continue king it, other
wise the publishers Ix authorised to :
and the subseriber will be reaponsthie nntil
express notice, with payment of all arrears
ages, ix sent to the publisher,
Local Time Table,
The hours of arrival and departure
of trains at the Patton Station are as
Tmin No. Arrin Mall loses
ri 55. SON 1932 AM
708-5. .30rN
TR. x rs Gaur rn
Postoffice hours from 7
P. M.
Train numbers marked YN"
northbound and “8 southbound.
Mother's Boys,
‘Yes, § kriow there are stains on ‘nmiv earpet;
The trees of amatl muhly hoot
And I soe vomar fair tagw=stey glowing,
All wporf loss with Ie fossioms and frais,
And I know that muy walls are Atefgored
With prints of sirall fingers and hands,
And that your own house Hold most tealy
In immacniate parity stands,
And I Know that my parlor ix Hitend
With many old trex « grid toys;
While your own is in frst order,
UC nharmed hy the Dress Te of boys,
And | know that my mom is invaded
Quite boldly all hours of the day;
While yon sit in yours an molested
And dream the soft guiet away.
Yes, I know there are foor Hite bedstdes
Where | must stand wate hil oneh night
While you can go ont in your carriags,
And shine in your dresses so b 31!
Now, I think I'm a neat
I Hike my house orderiv, toes
And I'm fond of all dain ty belongings,
Yet would nod cheng primey % with yon
Nao! keep your fatr home with its o reer
Its freedom from bhother ped note
And Keep your own fanci fui teste
But leave me my four noble boy!
: Rilver roms
Attend the
Camp Meeting
At Westover, Pa.
- Hot weather this.
Pay your subscription. .
“Jones pays the freight.”
Drink Hodgkin's soda water.
« the fats at Mahaffey Friday.
Letts’ bread and buns can't be heat,
Pry it.-35t2
John Westover came over from
Hastings Friday.
H. I. Weil, of Philadelphia, WAS in
Patton last week.
B. Bolomon, of Meloy, Pa. spent
Saturday in Patton.
Old newspapers for sale at this office
at ten cents a bundle.
When in Ebensburg go to the Blair
house for a good meal.
John P. Lee, of Altoona, registered
at Hotel Beck Monday.
L. L. Gibson came down from Ebens-
burg on business last week.
A. W. King, of Williamsport,stopped
at the Palmer house Friday.
If you ‘want a good tailor- made suit
go to L. C. Lerch, Mahaffey, Pa.
Jonathan and Wm. Nicholson, of
Hastings, were in Patton Monday.
H. B. McMasters, of New Washing-
ton, was a visitor to Patton Monday.
John Arnold, of Somersett, was a
guest at the Commercial hotel Friday.
Go to Sam’! Boyce for flour, feed,
hay and all kinds of grass seeds. -23tf
Alice A. Asheroft is the leading milli-
ner, of this sec tion. Go and see her.
| 24
* : :
On Friday night about eleven o'clock
fire destroyed the mill of Clark, Kizer .
- and Kipp, near Anita. Pa.
DuBois is makiug big preparations
for the Fireman's Convention to be
i Meld over there Augast 21.
J. G. Solomon, of Dullois, who is a
property holder of Patton, was here on
business the first of the week.
J. E. Ross wife and child, of Gazzam,
spent Sunday in Patton. They were
guests at the Commercial hotel.
For coughs, colds and sore throat try
Magic cough cure. Guaranteed by C.
W. Hodgkins, druggist, Patton, Pa.-tf
Mr. Patrick Hamil and Miss Ger-
trnde Blanchard, of Pittsburg, are
guests of the Hon. J. J. Thomas and
Martin Thomas, who is a patron of
the Courier and Jacob Thomas, of
Thomas’ Mill, made a friendly visit to
this office Tuesday.
L. 8. Bell, the clothier, tailor, hatter
* and shoe dealer, has a very large new
showy *‘ad’’ on the local page of this
.paper. You can’t help but notice it.
. 0. E. Wilkinson and wife, W. D.
Bearer and wife, of Ebensburg, Geo.
Bearer, of Clyder, O., and Miss Vogel,
of Indiana, visited in Patton on Bun-
The announcement of the wedding
Mr. George Billers, of Allegheny
township and Miss Lou Nagle, of Pat-
ton, was published at the Carrolltown '
Catholic church last Sunday.
all arreamess are
Soda Water
At Hodgkin's Store.
Ball games are plenty.
Soda at Hodgkin's drug store,
Lerch the tailor, Mahaffey, Pa.
Asheroft's millinery store. 24tf
Bargains at Asheroft’s millinery
store, 24tf ;
For a nice cool drink try Hodgkin's
pure soda water,
Furniture cheaper th: wn everat H. s
Buck's store, 35t3
A large number will go to Wapse
nonock on Sunday.
CC, C. Jones, of Tyrone, WIN guest
at Hotel Beck Friday.
John L. Bvérs, came up from West.
over on business Saturday. ;
Sidney Jones, of Clearfield, was a
visitor to Patton last week.
W. Wattans, of Tyrone, wis .a guest
at the Palmer house Monday.
Wm. H. Sandford was at Philipsburg
on business the first of the week.
J. R. McCans, of Altoona, visited his
brother Benj. McCans this week.
Mrs. Ellen Hollis, of Gallitzin town.
hip is lying seriously ill this week,
W. B. Dubs, of Philadelphia, regis-
- tered at the Palmer honse Monday.
Mrs. Maggie Berringer, of St. Law-
rence, was in Patton visiting Friday.
Mr. Yeager's new building on Magee
avenue is about ready for occupancy.
Harry Watson, the painter, has
‘moved his family to Rey noldsv ille, Pa.
Miss Mabel Robison, of DuBois. is
visiting her r siste r, Mra. E. Will Greene.
M. Friedman and M. Cohen, of
Barnshoro, were in Patton over Sun-
day. :
Sol Wartelskey and A. P. MeclLead,
of Coalport, drove to this place Mon.
David F. Rhodes and or P.. Car-
roll, both of Altoona, stopped at Hotel
Beck Monday.
Katie Wilson, who has been visiting
at DuBois and Clearfleld, returned
home Tuesday.
F. H. Barker, the county treasurer,
was in Patton Friday collecting the
state and county tax. J
Mrs. Chas. MacDougal, of Jghnson-
burg, visited her son James MacDougal
at this place last week.
D. Walker, of Greensburg, was
among the many traveling men who
visited Patton last week.
Mat Nolen, who has been visiting
friends at Philipsburg the past week,
returned to Patton Monday.
- Miss Nellie Kemp, of Punxsutawney,
is the gnest of her gister, Miss Jennie
Kemp at the Palmer house this week.
The Italian Murderer Pacifico Vere,
who murdered another Italian named
Molar at Curwensville last week is
still at large.
The finest line ladies’ hats and under-
wear to be found anywhere at Alice A.
Ashceroft’s millinery store in Good
- building. -24¢f
W. T. Robinson, the Fast Magee
avenue merchant, has placed a new
| pair of Fairbank’s scales in front of his
place of business.
For the finest line of millinery. fancy
goods and ladies underwear go to
Alice A. Ashcroft's millinery store in
Good building. -24tf
Miss Hat tie McMullen, who has heen
viriting relatives in Patton the past
month returned to her home at Pitts-
burg last Thursday.
J. W. Hill, who has been employed
as cutter in Bell's tailoring establish:
ment, removed his family from this
place to Pittsburg Saturday.
J. .P. Dann, W. 8 Kregar, H. I.
Weaver, and Till C. Negley, of Pitta-
burg, four lively traveling salesman,
were in Patton the first of the week!
“Mrs. C. C. Crowell ia attending the
funeral of her sister-in-law at Brisbin
this week. She will remain there for
two weeks visiting friends and rela
tives. :
The sisters of mercy of Loretto, were
in Patton Monday soliciting scholars
for St. Aloysius college at that place.
Quite a number from this place expect
to attend. ;
James Agnew, a miner working in
the Star mine, near New Bethlehem,
was killed by a fall of ¢ocl Friday, The
coal fell on him about 9 o'clock and he
died in the afterroon.
Adjutant General CGiroenland last
week issued warrants ror 325,563.50, the
total expense of sending and maintain-
ing the troops in the vicinity of Punx-
sutawney during the recent strike,
The Cherrytree Record has changed
editors H. L. Work, formerly editor of
‘the Mohoning Valley Press taking G.
A. Gill's place. The COURIER wishes
abundant prosperity to the new man.
Misses Agnes Kennedy and Delia
Shannon, of Pittsburg, and Misses
Mamie McGough. of Altoona, and
May and Romain Ivory, of Greensburg,
Pa., are visiting Misses Annie and Lou
Wilt, of near St. Augustine.
The partnership existing between
Stirman & Pack has been dissolved by
mutual consent, N. Pack retiring. The
business will be run hereafter under
the name of N. Stirman. He will also
open a store in Carrolltown.-35t2,
’ ;
Mr. J. M. Notely is erecting a new
house on the corner of Fifth avenue
“and Spangler street. It will be one of
the. handsomest and most complete
residences in Hastings. ~~ Hastings
Tribune, ;
H. F. Bott, wife and child, of Greens.
burg, have engaged a suit of rooms at
the Brandon, and will remain for some
time. Mr. Bott is general agent for a
cash register, and is a very pleasant
and agreeable gentleman. Spangler
Chas. Hodgkins, John Bonner, John
Boyee, Warren Shepherd, FElery Hartz-
horn, Harvey Patterson and W. B.
\uman took a trip on their bicycles to
Wapsononock, Altoona, and Holidays-
biirg Sunday. They rode a distance of
ver fifty miles
The Raftman’s Journal is responsible
for the statement that Clearfield county
has within ita borders to-day over S00
people dependent for sapport on the
overseers of the poor of the various
townships and boroughs.
A. E. Patton, accompanied by R. H.
Brainard, Sam’l P. Arnold, and Wm.
C. Hemlbold, of Curwensville, and P.
K. Sprenkle, of Harrisburg, made Pat-
ton a friendly visit on Monday. Mr.
Brainard, of the party, is the enter.
_ prising edlitor of the Cuarwensville Re-
view and made the COURIER a fra-
ternal call while here. Call again.
The mines have been working very
steady since the strike and there is
prospects of the business continuing
good for some time. As soon as the
miners receive their pay for a full half
month's work it is to be hoped that
money will circulate more freely in
town and that the present depression
will at least, in a measure, he relieved.
Reynoldaville Volunteer.
When a man is through with his
day’s work and is sitting down resting
in his home, he cannot read the adver-
_tisements on the fences, and the hand
bills and circulars that were left on his
door step during the day have been
blawn away or destroyed. He calls
for the paper and there he finds the
merchant's announcement, and with
nothing to bother him he reads it care-
fully, and then calls his wife's atten.
tion to it, and they decide to go to the
merchant's store and examine what is
EBENSBURG, Pa., July 31st, 1594.
J. Frank Condron, the popular court
reporter, was in town on Monday.
Notwithstanding the “hard times,
_ Ebensburg has its share of summer
Mrs. Dr. Plank and family of Chris-
tiana, are visiting relatives and friends,
at Mra. Plank’s old home in this place.
Mr. C. H. Perry; one of Chest Springs’
prominent business men, with his wife,
visited friends here on Wednesday.
H. H. Myers, Deputy Prothonotary,
returned home on Monday from Erie,
Pa., where he had been serving as a
grand juror, in U. 8 court.
Rev... Father Leaming. of Youngs
town, Ohio, spent a few days last week
with hin sister, Miss Leaming, on Jul-
jan St
Mr. Thomas Strittmatter, who is
studying law with the firm of Kittell &
Little, of this place, returned on Tues-
day last, from a two weeks vacation at
his home near Patton. id
Gen. Joseph McDonald, of Cumber-
land, Md., is visiting at his old home in
Ebensburg. :
Many prominent citizens of Ebens-
burg and Johnstown are advocating
the construction of an electric railway
between the above named places. This
would afford a much more convenient
way of traveling for persons desiring to
visit either place,
The festival held at the Disciple
chnreh on Friday and’ Saturday even.
ings of last week was a decided snccess,
Edwin and Willie Craver, visited
their uncle, Thomas Craver, near St
Augustine, last. week.
On Wednesday next there will be a
game of haseball played here between
Johnstown and Ebensburg nines,
Ebenshurg's baseball club will hold a
festival in the opera house, on” Wednes-
day evening.
Sr. LAWRENCE, Pa. July : 1804
Examinations in this district dre
over and the schools are all supplied
with teachers.
Arrangments are be ing made to hold
a pie nic here ‘on the 10th of next
Hastings and St. Lawrence played
quite an interesting game of ball last
week, Score 8 to Nin favor of St
Mrs. S. H. Charles, of Hastings, was
in town yesterday.
The citizens of this community are
somewhat disappointed over the
change of the mall ‘route as they will
be refused the benefit of a through
mail. . :
A game of ball will be played on the
5th between East Ridge and the home
We have heen informed that F. X.
Wentz who has been in lowa the
past two years, is coming home this
fall to take charge of one of the schools
in this district. :
One sécond hand Cinderella range
and a small oil stove wili be sold very
‘cheap. Call and see them.
35t2 T. W. LETTS.
Beginning to-day, Aug. 2nd, and continuing for 30 days, [ am
going to offer the people of this town i al counrtry
some general bargains. Having a big stock on hand which must
“he sold ot Once. we are going to Cut prices
away! down and must and will sell the goods.
we offer 500 men’s suits worth and marked as follows:
818 00 suits cut down to $16
16 00 . = 14
15 ox ie, "oo
’: 12
; 2gn ts ah 10 :
All $10 suits cut down $8.50, well worth first named
iy ’
2 00 St ts cut down to 20 73
25 30 Suits cut down to 84 00
ai sé “h
300 2.00
oo Suits cut down to 85 30
“i he EY - >
: 1-2
: : : i ao i ot . £h: -
I 75 : 2 O00 ISO
RI SO Suits cut. down to $1.00.
20 per cent off on every one. Boys hats same ercemtage off. We
have hn undreds of them.
Bee 30 per cent’ on the dollar. Aw: iy under cost.
£5 00 Pants cut down to #4 00 " 00 Pants out down to $3 25
300 “ 338 250 “L'75
‘Boys Knee Pants 20 cents, 25 cents, 35 cents and 50 cents, worth 25 per cent. more and
- marked that way to sell.
also in this Big Cut Sale. :
24 00 Rhoes ent to 83 25 83 50 Shoes cut to 3 00 43 00 Shoes cut to §2 50
$2 50 Shoes cut to £2 00 £2 00 Shoes cut tao £1 685
These are almost cost prices and all nice: new goods bought this Spring,
one wanting Shoes to come and see the stock.
It wtll pay any-
To wind up these tales we want to invite vou to come ond see our stock and buy some
goods it vou need theni. All overcoats and heavy wear will be sold 2 5 per cent. less than prices.
We have not tacked on prices to come gen n, but have the origi-
‘nal prices marked in plain figures.
We have the goods and these prices talk for themselves. - It 1s
the greatest chance of a life time for any man to secure bargains
that were neveré before offered in the county. When you all
know that 1t 1s al i
[ offer prices to suit these times. Come and see ns. It
will pay vou to come miles to atte nd these sales
Yours Respectfully,
The One Price Clothier, Hatter, Furnidher and Shoe Dealer,
The Pattor
Fifth Avenue,
+ High grade is the accepted term for the best that there is as applied
to Bicycles. - It embraces a few manufacturers only, and is the basis of more
deceit than ordinary minds can imagine. There are scores of different kinds
and different named wheels offered for sale to-day that are listed at high-grade
prices, advertised as high-grade wheels; and sold by the agent as jah, that are
false in this respect from the day they were first thought of until the day they
reach the junk shop. They are the production of cheap labor; they are so fin-
ished a8 to look well and, to the inexperienced, are easily sold white the artful
silesman recommends them as “Nearly as good,” or ‘1 use one myself,” or
some catchy remark that cements the sale. Some make the deceit more com:
Represe nts the tollow-
Ing old rehable
Fire Insurance
ROYAL, of Liverpool,
HOME, of New York,
GERMAN, of Pittsburg
siete by using good materials, but the cost of the construction is very small : « .
he manutacturer secures the co-operation bf the agent by giving him large dis- Also the Equitable Life
counts that permits him at times to allow ‘a concession in price ro YOU on retin Fa . . | .,
some pretense or other, but more frequently he will stand up in a cold-blooded Insurance cempany, ol N¢ Ww
manner and convince yon, or endeavor to convince yon, that a second-grade | York, the largest in the world.
manufacture is a high-grade wheel. We cannot caution you too much against :
such unscrupulous goods, Beware of false goods! Beware of job lots of bank-
rupt factories! . (tet vour bicycle from the agent of a facto that has reputation )
nn responsibility. If you do not know what a high-grac e bic vele is get the d Q & aite I'SO N,
opinion of some experienced wheelsman, even if you have to pay for it.
E. A.M ELLON, AGENT, : ioe in Cid :
| Patton, Pa. “Witux PATTON, PA,