The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, May 10, 1894, Image 7

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    _ THURSDAY, Ta 10, 1 1994,
the Palmer house Tuesday.
E. L. Ewards, of Johnstown, was in
town on business Tuesday. :
Wweet Sixteen.
- The starlight through the lattice vine
Fell slanting on her brow,
The roses white with dew a-shine
© Swayed on the wind-rocked bough
And aived a perfame quaint and fine
Like incense around her nsouth
Where dwelt ‘mid curve and hue divine
The glamour of the South.
sixteen vears of Jove and fears
ust sixteen years hath she
But her eyes are blue
And her heart is true,
And she's all the world to me.
- The rosetree hid the stars fromm me
But I could watch her eyes.
They shone like stars apon the sea
Soft mirrored from the skies.
A ¥.
And in the dusk glasmed wisely
Like lily buds astray.
» Just sixteen years of joys and fears
© Just sixteen years hath she,
i But her faith is sare
/ And her soul ix
And she's all the worid © me,
A sitence fell: it seenyd a wpell
Had %llen on my sweet,
1 saw her quivering ewes wwid),
I'hearn my heart a-be:
i bait what? ron tell,
: r Koow the resi;
. But store her teardrop. fll
1 her to my
Just sixteen years of smiles
Just sixteen yenrs hath she,
Bat the wedding ehimes
Will ring beétirpes
For my little bride to be.
: . Samuel Mintum Peck.
Jack, the barber. -24tf
‘Soda at Hodgkin's drug store.
~ Koller & Co., the clothiers.-25t2
The woods are getting beautiful.
Daily paper, at Jack’s place. -24tf
Ed Mellon is giving wall paper away.
-35-3¢ A
Bargains at Ashcrof’s illinery
: store. t! ;
fe “Wall paper given away at the post |
'W. 8. Reed, of Newport, Spam Mon- |
" dsy in Patton.
and Last 1
Bread baked evey day at Letts’.
Asheroft's millinery store. -24 HE | Take the CoURmER, only $1.00 per
at § Read Koller & Co.’s new advertise | Year.
ment. | ‘Wall paper at cost at E. A. Mellons.
NEWSP Wall paper given away at the post. | ~25-3¢
APER LAW decisions. office. -25t3 D. Walker, of Grails; spent
Subscribers who do not give express av in P
to the cont. idered as wish-| Don’t fail to see Jack's new barber | Frid ¥ n Patton.
; If su iptom, shop.-24tf | Eli Smith, of Pallentimber, Visited |
hel abecribers blisher may
- if periodicals, te, putlutier may von; Try Dr. Wendell, the dentist in Good | Patton Saturday.
go, If subcribers neglect or 10 take | Duilding. -24tf : A
Baer per ret, they a “tooo 0 hich | Benj. Reed, of Carvolitown, spent, | tor to Patton Friday.
they have nevtied "thet bili ane ordered them | Friday in town. | Ice cream, home-made and pure at
4. If subscribers move to other with-| Sidney Jones, of Houtzdale, spent Letts’, 30 cents a quart.
out Informing blishers, »
axe sent Ln the orsher addres hey art Reid | Saturday in tows. Try re cigars and
A, The ria have decided tha % refusing to! Jas. Flynn, of Altoona, wasin Patton | confectionery,
Jake from the offive or removing Monda business.
them uncalled for, pra fact: | Monday on Letts’.
ations! tava, are| Henry Kirkpatrick, of Cartolitown, the county at
‘was in Patton Friday. ! J. H. Ripple, of Grant, Pa., was seen |
J. Aurand, of Huntingdon, registered on our streets Saturday.
at Hotel Beck Saturday’. T. E. Davidson, of Woodland, was a
The COURIER is the best county paper isitor to Patton Friday.
: ‘| in Cambria for the money. 1]
The hours of arrival and departure, Meals at all hours at Myers’ restaur-
of traits at the Patton Station are as | ant, next to postoffice.-23tf :
+ TOR ; Go to E. A. Mellon, at the postoffice
May i Gloues, | for wall paper at cost.-25-3t
om TRL2! James Vien, of Hyutedale, visited | CorTolltowna fow days ago.
= ni Siw . many friends in Patton Monday. : W. C. Lingle, of Philipsburg, regis-
Postoffice hours from 7 A. M. to 8 © For bargains in farniture go to tered at the Palmer house Friday.
rx Fisher & Buick, Beech avenue.-24t4 Miss Lizzie Mulligan, of Pittsburg,
Train anivbers marked “ are Howard Austin, of Pittsburg, regis- visited friends in Patton last week. |
northbound and “S”’ southbound. | tered at the Commercial hotel Monday, . Geo. Shentlemire drove over to
aay : | Take your clothes to Bell the Tailor Altoona Sunday to visit his parents.
‘and have them cleaned and pressed. C. M. Schroeder, of Tyrone was a
~24t9 guest at the Palmer house Monday.
Harvey Qogers and Pat Nalen, f Go to San] Boyce for flour, feed,
Spangler, were visitors to Patton hay and all kinds of grass seeds.-23tf
| Friday.” .R. M. McCullough, of Pittsburg, was
. John MoGovern, of Tyron stopped a guest at the Commercial hotel Tues-
lat Hotel Beck Monday: while in town day.
on business. Several of Patton's prominent young
W. H. Scanlan and Frank Bear, of men are wearing mourning on their
Jamestown, N. Y., were guests at €yes.
' Hotel Beck Saturday. Best assortment of confectionery,
For coughs, colds and sore throat try nuts, tobacco and cigars, in town at
| Magic cough cure. Guhranteed by C. Letts’
W. Hodgkins, druggist,Patton, Pa.-tf Miss Lina Shentelmire, of Altoona, is
The family of Wm. Baum arrived the guest of Miss Lula Nugle, of this
from DuBois Monday. Mr. Baum will place.
occupy one of the Kelly houses south = Harry Campbell, of New Washing.
of town. ton, was visiting friends in Patton on
When a rich man has poor relatives, Reidy
it is often a stand-off as to which end Phillippi, of Sykesviile, Jeffer-
of the family feels the embarassment gon Fu spent part of Friday in
greatest. —Ex. cy Pattor.
For the finest line of millinery, fancy H. E. Clark, ex-editor of the Glen
goods and ladies underwear go 10 Campbell Comet, spent part of Tuesday
Alice A. Ashcroft's millinery store in’ in Patton.
Good building. - Ute Reuben London, of Glen Campbell,
Frank Richards, district miners was a visitor to our town the first of
‘agent of the U. M. W. of A., was in the week. a
or en Friday attending the conven- qu, very finest wall paper in this
tion held in the opera house. section at E. A. Mellon's, up stairs in
The farmers aré now busy putting the postoffice. 25-3t
the seed of spring crops in the ground. Try Magic drops for pain, internal
Corn and potato planting is Progress- ... oyiumal Guaranteed by C. W.
ing and will soon be completed. Hodgkins, drvggist, Patton, Pa.-tf
Hair cut, shave, shampoo and sea Fisher & Buck, undertakers
place room fobmeriy Spy everything in the furniture line.-24t4
:. A. Valentine, the newsde . 4 CW. Hodgkins, the druggist, has
Mrs. N. A. Butler, whose husban just received two new Columbia bi-
Jas killed Jaidly ina Wok - P oR cycles, this year’s model and they are
moved y Where beauties.
- For a nice cool drink try Liodgkin’s
| will have charge of the Oriental hotel. | | of wo wife and child, of
pure soda water.
| Thos. Bishop and wife, of Loretto, 'picisburg spent several days in Patton
Tes extremely @*" | and Geo. Planten, of Carrolltown, spent | 00s ott oon Mr. Watson was. here
atton. | Sunday in Patton are were the guests tuning pianos.
For flour, feed, hay, elc., gO 10 of A.C. Fisher and wife of Beech ave-| 1's cat line ladies’ hats and under-
1 Boyos jue | to be found here at Alice A.
ear an ce
The cheapest place in town to buy | The new brick machine that is now war ioe millinery sore in Good
candies is at Letts’. being placed in position at the Mill Hall |p iiqing oye
- ED. Welwood, of Pittsburg, spent | I ii of 10,
Tuesday in Patton. 000 bricks in ten hours.—Lock Haven FoF razors, knives, scissors, razor
Z 7. Ball, of Harrisburg, registered, Express. MTSE, Spyies, tugs unit brughes go ta
: armacy on
at Hotel Beck Thursday. = RS. Westbrook, the popular ice Beech avenues -23tf
More subscriptions are added every cream manufacturer of Altoona, has :
day to the Covmn's list. {an article in another column of oe Pach bechali hub was defeien
LB Scanlan was ons of the late Yi Japs which might be of Ome | oraday. Quite s number from this
| Jncob Traby, of Gasmam, Pa, wie | Pie Wikasetell fs game
. Geo. 8. Ciood, accompanied by his
wife and daughter Minnie, and son
‘George, of Lock Haven, spent the fore
le oe ge Poving leghterevery part of this week in Patton.
Alice A. Asheroft is the leading milli- An ve: There are two The passenger engines on the Clear-
ner, of this section. Go and see her.- Solange ys: lo don’t sind field and Crosson road are taking coal
a DE a iat thay | from cars stored on a side track be-
- Koller & Co. ll keep the lead in | haven't any mind, snd ther that | tween Garway apd Hastings.
clothing snd genie’ fimahing goods. they haven't any business. : ' On Twining 0%, Fes, of Elatings,
j dissected brain talian who
general store of Robert K. M
ry A. Johnston and wife, of Jotms. | | Mammy, Ramey, Clearfield county, i was recently killed at ymise for Ln the
friends. | evening. “The fire Is supposed to have
“Geo. A. Cobb, * traveling salesman been of meendiary origin. Lows $3,000,
Hof Philadelphia, lad business in Patton Insurance $1,000
Tuesday, = { Tne Carvlilown News says
‘Undertaking and embalming & During the thunder storm on Satur-
specialty ab Fisher & Sacks, Beech ‘day night between 7 and 8 oatoek;
‘avenue Jt 2 | lightning struck a barn belonging to
i Isadore Seymore and wife, of Loretto, | Casper Lieb about one mile from Nick-
; spent last Thursday in Patton visiting town. The barn took fire .and it to-
among friends. : : . gether with about 10 tons of hay was
A dwelling house was destroyed by consumed by the flames. :
fire in Chester Hill, Clearfield county, Bicycles have increased wonderfully
last Thursday night. in the United States, statistics showing The an
The place to buy shoes at a bargain that they have doubled their mumber issued by Clerk of the ans’
is at Koller & Co.’s mammoth store on in the past five years. In the rural Court for the week ending Wednesday,
Magee avenue.-25t2 : regions the bicycle has in degrees May 3, 1804;
For the next thirty days you can get superceded the horse for riding pur- William H. Starks. Hastings, and
‘wall paper and window shades at cost PO%ES, both for men and women, the Gussie Johnson, Patton.
at the Patton Pharmacy. - -2Btf wheel being preferred for ety to the Anthony Muentzer, Jr,
barber, pared house. arine McKeone, Johnstown.
Jack, the ton of now prep J. J. Reynolds’ house was ransacked ~~ William Reighard. Conemaugh, and
fo wll 00 al with i by honse thieves last Saturday night Della J. Ream, Cambria county.
and at his now sand. 24 , and about $30, worth of goods were Joba Soisson and Ann Nelen, Nick-
Rev. Mr. Campbell, a Presbyterian taken, Some money, bed-clothes, wear. many
Minister, will preach in the Methodist ing apparel, and also stole one of the! Edward C. Strittinatter and Rosie
Episcopal church next Sunday evening. | keys of the Postoffice out of Miss Jen- Philomena Ott, Carroll township.
Read Ed A. Mellon’s new adyertise- nie Reynolds dress pocket, comse- Sampson Jones and Elizabeth Ann
ment in anther column of this page quent Bro. Reynolds had to bay a new | Blacklock, Dunlo.
|. of the Courier. It is interesting to, ‘lock for the postoffice. — Confluence | Henry Schimpf and Maggie Thomas,
AR | Echo. | Elder township.
over from Hastings last week.
Myres the COURIER representative was
that presented with a generous quantity of
her home-made ice cream. It is the
concurrent testimony of all who have
sampled this delicacy that she thor-
oughly understands the art of making
it. We did not believe that Mrs. My-
tional coldness.
i Marriage Licenses for Cambria.
and Cath-
HL Cameron, of La Joss, was a vis |
C. A. Roop, of Altoona, registered at -
B. 8. Sharbaugh came down from
foam done in short order at Jack's g.0i0 00 dealers are headquarters for
Through the courtesy of Mm. Dorsey
GENTLEMEN] understand - is]
| some complaining in your town sbout
{ my ice cream not being good. I ex-
| plain in this way:
1st I will not allow any cream to
leave my manufactory ‘unless it is |
(0. K.
| person
3rd. "The fault is with: the Retail |
ft is hard to plesss every|
| Dealer not properly attending to it, |
| keeping it packed. with ice after they |
get it. Some small Retail Dealers will |
' get two or three gallons on ‘Saturday |
and four or five days after they are;
{walling the same cream. It is old and
dumped out. Others will go to work |
's. W. WILSON, Prop.
A Modern How;
Best swiss and limberger cheese in strong and unfit to eat, and should be ‘Twenty four Sleeping rooms,
and make eight and ten quarts them- 4 All new furniture,
‘selves and mix with my cream and
spoil all. I have refused to ship to
‘several parties in small towns for
the above cause, and propose to
them out. It is I that gets the blame, |
| not the Retail Dealer.
Vey Reapectfully,
Mfg. and shipper of Ice Cream,
1801-11 Ave., Altoona, Pa
To be in style get a black oye.
Free Trade.
Now is the proper time to clean
house and of course it is usual to give |
a few hints concerning it, especially to |
the ladies. Here is some advice that |
will interest you all and when you
read it you will all agree that a vote of
thanks be tendered the writer. What is
about to be mentioned is that Ed. A.
Mellon, th» postmaster, has the largest
and finest line of wall paper you ever
set your eyes on. He has an endless
variety of different shades and pat-’
| terns to pick from. From this date
up to July 1st he will sell the entire
stock at cost. When we say cost we
mean just what we say. It must be
sold so that the rooms it ix now kept
in can be used for ‘house keeping pur
poses. The paper is over ‘he post- |
office; and Mr. Mellon will occupy the
rooms for dwelling purposes on the
above mentioned date. Remember the
place. 25ts
Good weather for eels.
Guaruntyed Care,
We authorize our advertised drug-
gist to gell Dr. King’s New Discovery
for. consumption,
upon this condition.
flicted with coughs, colds or any Jung,
throat or chest trouble, and will use
this remedy as directed, giving it a
“fair trial, and. experience no benefit,
you may return your bottle and have
your money réfunded.
make this offer did we not know that
Dr. King's New Discovery could be
relied on. It never disappoints. Trial
bottles free at Dr. Belcher's
Drug store. Large size 50 cts. and
He Opened The Safe.
After the fire in West Cleardeld 2
few weeks ago, the big safe in Spac
man & McClosky's store refused >
open. J. E. Harder, the expert gun
and lock-smith, of Clearfield, was sent
for and in less than a quarter of an |
‘hour the big double-doors swung open,
notwithstanding the intense heat had
warped the combination and almost
melted the handles and dial. Mr. |
Harder has opened a numberof safes
‘that were in very bad condition and
his services are much sought after.
—~Curwensville Review.
Swedish Lutherans.
- Divine services will’ be held in the
hall of the Good building Wednesday, |
May 16th, at 7:30 o'clock p. m. All
cordially invited to at’ nd.
foe Cream.
We are now prepared to serve Ice
Crean up stairs in the building lately
occupied by Ed. Cairns, better known
as the Robinson house, below the post- |
office. -23tf |
P. P. Young & Bro,
Ww Hticate and Retail Bebe in
Bo l ogn a.
ers was treating us With any inten-
First Nation'I Bank:
Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.
~ CAPITAL PAID UP, $50,000. 00.
- Aceounts of © arporations, Firms, Individn-
als and Banks réceived upon the most avons.
ble terms consistent with safe and conservative
bsnking. :
Steamship tickets for sale for all the wing
lines, Foreign Dmfls in the prineiy
cities of the Old World
All corresponde nee will have our prompt and
personal attention,
Interest puld on time deposits,
conghs and colds,
If you are af’
Heated with steam through-
likewise to others as soon as I find | Hot and cold water on: every |
Cooking “and dining depart-|
ment in Skillful hands.
Manufactur:r and Shipper of
|ce Cream,
"We are ready: for the trade.
1601 11th Avenue,
Seizd on your orders
Telephone No. 28%.
Gomme § Buu . —
5 Years Experience.
| teed.
Dr. 3, F. Wendell,
A graduate of Baltimore
{College !
Dental Surgery,
(has opeped a Dental Parlor
up stairs in the Good
building over Kol-
let & Co's
First-Class work
pein, Prices moderate.
Call and
All Work Guaranteed to Give Good
Satisfaction Aceording to Plans
and Specifications,
Store on
We could not 5p, stopping at the C ommercial Hotel.
A. G. Diehl,
r to Samuel E, Jones, }
Magee Avenue,
toss Chest Creek.
A specialty, Prices wre moderate. All
work done [with neatness and dispatch.
See Me,
Patton, Pa.
Sudovssor to Jobn Otto.
Heed, Hay, Grain, Lime,
Bte., 2:
Pricep the Lowest for
pn ———
Beach Avenue,
R. R. Depot.
Go to the
store for anything in the
| We are
Lic of
‘grand offer.
for everything.
Our Oil Painting and Jewelry offer is a howling, suc
Every one is coming to our sipre since we made the
We have just received p full new line of the
following named goods, besides a store full all other kinds:
a complete line of W HITE GOODS.
in ail the leading shades.
and try
: We sell the celebrated Ladies’
Remember the place,
wonderful offer.
A fresh line of
always on hand.
Agent for
Patton n,
Prices the