The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, May 10, 1894, Image 4

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    lowing dispatch from Lansing, Mich.: |
_ “years later, when the district was made |
Clinton, Elk, Mifflin and Centre, and | Seaboard circular.”
- Ome copy, one year, in advance, - - . 41.00
; a Advertsing rates made ¥nown upon |
No ™. Atseontinued antl all ar
etags ahogald unjess at the the option of the
Entered at the Postofec se AL Patton as secdbd-
claws rani] matter. :
U.K. BEXATORS-—I. Donal Cameron, | id
rg, Dauphin dounts MH, Quay, or |
ver, Braver county
Boa MAN ~ John DD. Hicks, Altoons, |
instance of many of late we cite below |
| a8 an example: Joe Madison, a citizen |
| of Patton, lost a lady’s shawl while at-
| tending a funeral, and put a notice in
1 reror— Edward P. Kearns, Fitts | [fe best be Buliien. but. ‘methods po Vers after the
— | paper was issued the shawl was re-
DErrry (origeron— RB. OW, Dinsiore, | ITO8S
Panxsutawney, Jefferson county, Pa, very very sally be 3a in this
| Off City turned to the owner. It had been
There does not appear be much to. found - by ason of Jas. A. Gauntner,
{(FOVEEYOR — Robert EF. Pattison,
UT. GOV RRNOW Fonts A. Watres, Scran- ca ive wo A % nob those | of St. Angustine, between Sam-
Pa. a ; t is quite different from ‘uel Jones house and the Chest
: a ar Han aa ; which most frequently occur. Ordi- | Creek iron bridge. The Gaunt-
“BTATE TREASU Rohn W. Morrson, marily a body of operatives ask or de- 4 ead the notice and promptly re-
MeGrogg, Harris mand concessions of employers in such | turned the property to the owner,
© meer Prec IswrmrorioN—N. ¢, Schafer, | a way that the granting would in a e—————————
re Steak. Bellet a. manner amount fo a discrimination
Amman J. A fein. 1 against such employers. Employers Mrs. Robert Thompson, her daughter, |
+ mtintman, South Fork, claim they would be at a disadvantage Miss Annie, and a sister-in-law, Miss
COUNTY. in the market. In the instance of the Jane Thompson, live together on Oak
TINE OF HOLDING COLE. fd miners’ strike the situation seems to be | | street, Indiana. On Sunday morning
“ht Monday of March | fonda) OF Yke, | different. Both operators and miners last week the mother and daughter
OFFICERS. agree that the industry is at low tide went to church, leaving Miss Jane, who
and for the good of both there should is 71 years old and slightly demented,
/be an apward movement. It is not alone in the house. When Mrs. Thomp-
Hauaris :
Attempted Suicide.
C PREsiokxT Jupoi-Hob. A. Vv. Barker.
Taras rEx—F. H. Barker.
SHERIFFS, M.Shuuaker.
. Drury Ru Enry—Sanmsel Pavia,
Coxaissioxens—-P, 1 Dillon; I. G. Lioyd,
Goo. M, Wertz,
; foe ry SceyvevYor—Henry Scanian.
ITO BS Ld rm. J. Jones, W.
would give both parties what they are found the old lady standing out in the
an easy conclusion. The real clothes in a stream. A
dime is to arrive at the place rain barrel filled with
| when the operators will sll act in story.
& Dadly iy 1 Kua mJ Some of them stand ready to the barrel, climbed on top, and then
) foausasio suns t. J.| ake a dicker with their men any time jumped into the barrel. The. supposi-
Fram § EAR 6 Mar >
a atge 3 Tons, in which will enable them to scoop up a tion is she intended to drown herself,
r, Raphiel Hide. big slice of the market to the serious but the water wasn't quite deep enough,
BOROUGH OFFICERS. detriment of others, and that makes all and her courage was frozen out before
x 0 }
fy SEAT yg 2 « 3 distrustful. When the operators stand she accomplihed her purpose.
- Wiaon, H. H.C. Beek, B. F. Wise, P. P. Young, unitedly, and the miners too,
AE Ron abbr. J. B. Noonan, president; | Will be 3 better market, better wages again. Her friends took her into the
Joc FE. Duie, secretary; W. H: aniford, | will prevail and there will be no cause house and put her to bed. She was
for a prolongation of the strike. ‘seized with such a violent chill that
ee fears were entertained that she would
elt isan ; isin gh
A Ar = recover, but condition has
COLL®C Jott IY. Jones.
La pie ih In R Bote Hr, Colonel Breckenridge, the Kensatky since improved. |
as win H. Kinkead, H. 0. Wirdow, congressman, who lately figured in
iv yy Hy.
Junoe oF FLPCr oN —A . Gi. Abbot. court conspicuously as a despoiler of
Jarncron Abia Hyer. maidenly virtue, is determined to se
cure a re-election to congress next fall
if possible. He has opened je cam- Sylvanian:
to the people for su pport the Clarin, Westmoreland county: a
. Onrey oF Povici-—Sam'l Jones,
SIREEY CoMM SS IoX ER—Samuel Addlman,
strength of his reccrd while fighting to Crispens, Pittsburg: Joseph Day,
destroy the Union in the confederate Washingion county. Increase Wil-
army, getting large appropriations liam Buchanan, Homer City, Indiana
from the government for his district, county. Original widows, etc.—Mary
fighting pensions, reducing sppropria- L. Nichols, Oakland, Armstrong county;
tions for fortifications and the ag- Rebeca Walker, Latta Grove, Hunting-
} | gressive course in favor of reducing the don county: Flizabeth Heidecker,
protective tariff. Mapleton depot, Huntingdon county;
None of these come before his record Lydia Evans, Ebensburg.
asa schoolmaster in licentiousness and Cure for Headmehe.
seduction. That should be first con- For a cure of all forms of Beailache
sidered at home as it is the country at ‘Electric Bitters has proved to be the
large and there should be but one con- | very best. It effects a permanent cure |
clusion, and that not to countenance and the ‘most dreaded habitual sick
his candidacy for a moment. His headaches yield to ite influence. We
| effrontery in asking the people for a arge all who are afllicted to procures
water tcid the
James 80
pro spt; 8. ML
Pensions G rantod.
The following pensions issue of
April 238 have been granted to Penn-
Sunday's papers pnblished the fol-
wh, Me-
‘Govenor Rich to-day announced the
appeiiment of John Patton, Jr., of
as United States seviator
: Senator Stock
best lawyers and orators in (Grand
He is a native of Pennsylva-
nis. He is a strong Republican sad in |
all state and national campaigns is in
i much demand 1s a cantpaign orator.
Pennsylvania is ~ interested in the
appointment more than any other
state except Michigan, and Clearfield
county, adjacent to Cambria and a]
part of the Covrizr’s field of circuls- |
A tion, feels a pride which is possibly not
second to that of Grand Rapids, be- |
cause Curwensville is the native lown |
. of John Patton, Jr., and the house of |
~ his boyhood, and is still the home of
the Patton family.
The town of Patton, in which we
live, was named in honor of Gen. John |
Patio, the new senator's father, and
A. E. Pstton, his brother, is a member
of the Chest Creek Land snd Improve-
| moral rottenness. The colonel was (trial. In cases of habitual constipation
| denounced from the pulpits of Lexing- | Electric Bitters cures by giving the
ington last Sunday and Henry Watter- | needed tone to the bowels, and few
| division of the south, opposes him in 50 cta. at Dr. Belcher's City Drug
| the most foreible style. Mr. Watter- store.
son's journal grants that be has been | Grumble and Growl.
but is uncompromising if its Objec- | ng lite one-horse stores that do not
tions to an indorsement of one Who | ,uoke s practice of carrying a fresh
How only susie an’ incomparable x Then you save money at our
example of relf-confessed moral degre. place. We are strictly one price and
THE BITUMINOUS TRADE. thin section, See us for the nicest. line |
: The Colliery Engineer says the follow. | °f clothing and gent’s farnishing goods |
loan paper of the State and in the first | ing . regarding the bituminous coal | And shoes in this pars of the country.
class among the newspapers of the trade: Kovrez & Co.,
United States. On Monday The Press| “I'he order for a general strike : ®Patton, Pa
commented upon the appointment as among the bituminous miners has been Of Interest to Pensioners,
follows: | made effective in many States of the, The follo circular has been re- |
“Pennsylvania has something of sn | Union. How near the results of this a The pension
Sater 5. Jckn Patio, Jr, who has | apparently fliadviced action will be to | certificate must be exhibited at the
op Jaied SUieh Wincor | thos mulicijuiol by the wiikers, oa | extention of seh and every Yousher. |
Michigan a us late jus. Shia wikiing be only a matter of When a pensioner signs a mark, two
Senator Stoskiuidgs. He wis of! ‘witnesses who can write are required
~ Ciearfield county son “The fact remains that producers in the body of the voucher, and one’
General John Patton, one of the sturdy | uniformly desire the strike to be uni- | witness who can write in each of the’
Republicans of that long-time 1Demo- ‘versal and hope that it may continue | duplicates. When the pensioner writes
cratic region. General Patton was until the frade improves. Prices have his name, no witness to his signature
twice elected to congress in the Clesr- | | receded to such a low figure that there | is necessary in the body of the voucher,
feld district, the first time in 1800, | tittle or mo money in the business, | but his signature in each of the dupli-
when the district was composed of the | and there would be no prospect at all cate receipts must be witnessed by a
counties of Clearfield, Clarion, Elk, of an advance in the markets, were it person who can write bis name. The
Forrest, Jefferson, McKean, Venango not for the strike. before whom a voucher is
and Warren, and again twenty-six! “It is believed by many prominent | presented is not a competent witness
that a month's universal in an except that such magis-
up of the counties of Clearfield, Union, | sei will restore price to those of the J dupiicate re-
.ceipta the signature of a pensioner who
.. writes his own name. The postoffice
‘ address of the pensioner musi. be plain-
ily ly Whiten in the body of the voucher.
“X. :
Democratic. In each instance | :
he earried the usually decided Demo- | SOMTMIFG WRONG.
cratic county of Clearfield, evidencing! A short time ago the postoffice de-
the strong hold which he had upon the | partment issued an order for the car-
~ esteem of his neighbors. - Another son | rying of local nail on the train from
of this veteran Republican, Alexander | Mabaffey arriving here at 3:30 p. m.
E. Patton, has been repeatedly urged | and on the one arriving here from the
tobe a candidate for the Republican | {same place at 7 A. m. The COURIER’
nomination in that dis-| has noticed that the order is not in.
trict this year, where there is every | force as it should be. Only once with- |
"reason to believe a popular an well- | in # week past have papers which
equppR Republican gan be letied i should arrive here from the east every
new senator from comes | day at 3:30 p. m. been: brought here cn ; Smith. Sage
from undefiled Republican stock and a | that train. They go through to Cres-. no Schie, |
family of. marked ability and ‘high | | som, Ag before, or around by Ty- | Wm. Whitehead, Mrs. Sadie Walker,
character.” : | Fone, and are delivered bhére at 6:07 | Martin Dively, Messrs. Guss & Seiler, |i
sm— in the evening or 10:30 a. m. the next’ gar Muller, John Sn
ALWAYS STAND or the ht and ® hours Pee.
rig day, 10 hours later than they ho | Persons calling for the above letters
: will be sure. be. Other mail is handled in the same
- your footi way and it is high time a remedy will please say they are advertised.
Koller & Co,, He ‘clothiers.-25t2 E. A. MELLON, P. M
Fist of Unelalimed Letters.
The following letters remain in the
| postoffice at Patton for the week end-
ing Saturday, May 5, 1564: }
James Bateman, Jas. Bitner, H. A.
Jones, John J. Keshneér, Joe Mark, J.
E. Mac Dougal (2), Miss Nellie Martin, |
Chas. Prescott, John Refner, B. P.
shouid be applied.
. difficult to see that an arbitration which son and her danghter returned they
Just now hoping to see would | yard with water running from her
stool beside a
She had placed a stool beside
She |
there then managed to get out of the barrel |
a vindication is only equalled by his, bottle, and give this remedy a
One of the Largest Hotels in
'son’s Louisville Courier-Journal, by | cases long resist the use of this mede-
| far the most influential journal in that | cine. Try it once. Large bottles only
‘A Wonderful
Clothing Stock
Nothing missing,
season’s styles call for, whatever good taste demands, we have
In all this country you will not find an
assortment that can be compared with ours for variety, style
and goodness, and withal the prices are lower
nothing wanting. | Whatever this -
‘than ever, there
is no old stock here—nothing that we need apologize for its
being here.
‘With this we extend you a most t cordial invita-
tion to visit our store, examine this wonde: fal stock—ylou
need not buy unless you w ish.
are particularly large m number of styles
and variety | of .
fabrics, the prices from $35 to $28 give everyone an oppor-
hs {
tanity ¢
Our store
and most
_eut in the
out a heavy
ily purse.
{ iting themselves at such outlay
is the headquarters for the newest,
Little fellows can he fitted
nattiest styles with-
strain on the
£¢ :
- | *
as their purse
Trouser suits for Lads from 3
Call al nd
Origitiale: <Fyaakisn Van-
I me nin & #o
years iTONL 7S cents o
see the 1.
at extremely
assist Fieri
v Pro.
Northern Cambria;
Good Table and Bar Supplied
with Choiest Brands of
‘The Popular
damit Plaster
“Gives a first-class wall a moderate ex-
Is the best fire-resisting plaster.
Always ready for use in any season.
Does not hold gases or diseas: germs.
Is the par excellence for patching.
Can be papered as soon as dry.
Is recommended by all the leacling
Architects who have used it in
this country and England.
Will give you a solid wail.
Of iteeif will not crack, swell or
Will not cleave off when used al a
rected, even in case of leakage.
© Will give you a warm house.
Does not ruin woodwork by loading
it with moisture.
Admits of carpenters following plas-
© terers in a few days
Building, Hotel Beck, Hotel Patton,
C. C. L. & L Co. office., Putton Opera,
house, M. E_ church aid on moro (har
one-half of the hounes and
store rooms of Patton.
Also the Catholic Church St. August-
For prices and information, write
Unbleached Mastin 454 s
Canton Flannel 8a
Fine Dress Shirts
Men,s Feit Hata
Flour per Sack.
Calla Lilly ‘
Ivory White -
D. A. Buck,
Fifth avenue, PATTON
~ Represer nits the follow-!
(Goods, Notions, Boots
ROY AL. of Liverpool,
Is ‘capable of every variety of ficish. HOME, of New York,
~Used on the Palmer House, Good GERM AN. of Pittshurg.
Insurance company,
Fire Insurance
Millinery Store, ’
Just opened.
I have ah returned from
the city with an elegant and
complete stock of
Ladies Furnishings,
‘and will occupy ome of the
rooms up stairs. in the Goal
. Building.
$1 00
«$0 enum,
- 115
Queensware, and
Call and see me: Prices
The Patton
Sal J. M. Robinson, Prop’.
BE ny Located on the corner of
Magee and Fifth avenues, in.
‘the central and business part
(of the town, only one minute’s
walk from the railroad station.
Rates, $2. 00 per Say.
et i>
“A Modern Hotel, heated by
steam—entirely new——sample
Equitable Life rooms—Ilivery in connection
of New first-class in ‘every respect
York, the largest in the worfd. —headquarters for Commer-
Dale & Patterson,
iq Mle | in CGoand
Patton, Pa, Lock Box 348. | rg Bank
cial men.
| | iemisGeimis
PATTON, PA. Good Bai | in connectien.