The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, March 29, 1894, Image 6

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    THE ACME WORKS ; NEAR HUL: Sram ern to ev ees commis THE SENATE LISTENS TO A RES t ment of the Toited States, Eogland 8d :
: z OLUTION | Italy requestiog Bresil to grant clenssney | ior the Promotion of Sotial Purity 8
TON BLOWN U ; > to the insurgents. decided to send » memcessl to
; Aan artemis Bt © | protestisy against allowing G
dastriovsly to thet end during the past on THE DEATH oF SEMTOR coLQuITT. | P ror trechenndge to retain bis eest,
Fos PEOPLE sown mM PIECES. |° x. To-isy he telegraphed Coxay i Foam darn 2 pow ‘sixth > the Jing | Convention alec deciled to sek
“Have 300 men ready »* Cranberry, 150] Appointed 8 Committee tn Atle the distanos bicycle reer. He bas coverd | - ‘reckenridge to rooance ber b
; Gises Prod f a Fame ral sed Adjourned.
Suldviys Sings 40s en fer sinew index dirattivn of VW ot or To WasH March ago Tiss death of | 1900 kilometre snd ‘= 73 kilometers ‘be 'i9 the time of enmaubnod.
Prrrssvro, March 75.—The dyvamite | £enstor Caquitt, of Georgis, made to-| bivd Hurst, the lesder. i from Dall Afairy.
works of the Acme Powder company | ~ day's sessioe of ihe senile 8 very brief | New Jerwey Blow. ! 8r. Louis, Merb 24.-—Jobs Kline
Blacks Run, & nifle snd & balf sbove Hal-| one. The opening prayer was mada by | Saved N. J, March 23--A oy- teoday sentered u decision iz the
‘ fom on the Allegheny Valley ‘railroad, Yn ‘0 “elibar commu- | Bev- Mr. Ceuer, of the M. E. charch, of clove to-day demolished the Soath Jer! ae whierein the Missouri
were partially destroyed by so explosicn = Evans claims to have the pe- which the dead senator wns a member sey Treetion compan; ra corchion sudoil of "143 bit muierpretutite “of their
st 7 d/sloek thin morning. Four gd cessary capital to carry out the projects The snrouncement of his death wae made the care inside. Otber pro ver ronal apo 1 of. Receiver -Fuiley,
by Colquitt’s colleague, Gordon, who re- | ont the tows was badly damaged. Indianapolis. The court holds thet
He Binmen Lock of Bathasiams pp
bars (pon the Newspapery snd Weather,
| Cawrow, March 26. —Wisst was lt of
| Cozey's Comtaonwes! army thisfysoming
breakfusted on bres! aod boiled bes
sud Glueck coffee. Coney wage the esld
| weatbes and the vewspsprce will be o8-
sucoms?al in defeating bin project. God
ie with Lim, be declares, gud his sry will
number 3 thovesnd man inside of forty-
hs TR
i Om th I.
thar and Semuel Remaley. Nellie RBemaloy
jared, was in the house pear the worke.
om wily ofthe works wrecked, :
broken and ths people within » ores Shur a0 Bed 0 en Dyes Cloth Sy
mile of the work terrorised.
"Of those killed two were men aod tio | BraDPORD, Pac oh 22 —A epecial
_ women, The names of the dead are: Mol- from Cavisteo, N. Y,, says: The Oanisteo
oil well is ‘eonsidersble of a sensation,
Tie Rewaley, Sadie Remaley, William Ar-| = San are
disposed to make fan of the product,
died st West Penn bospital st 9 o'clock. ae foot that
Mn William Arthue vee budly w- remarkeble finid hes been foand. The
kitted oil is quite clear, with 4 alight greenish
Mie tos 1 a a 3b wok is ifs straw colored shade, [2 & ismp it will
burn neatly as clearly ss refived oil avd |
house literally blown .with not mach more odor. Although it
ou found oN . % ors nicely in s lon it is of a fine con-
s The bodies of Mollie Remaley sistency, soft and emoctl fo the tooeb,
ym. Arthur bave not been fom found, | 104 it is prosoasesd « Iw! rica‘ing ofl of
Sedie Remaley and Samael a bigh order of excellence, But strang-
terribly mangled, and were act of all ju that & ples of plain white
. 8 bor far a8 DOW cloth dipped jn the oil and exposed to 8
“Will were all stroog beat sn i light, taroe to a beautifu!
| owned by Woreed to Respeet. Kowtths Memory.
'Duquewe| Buparms?, March 22.--Tle Natiovsl
» vicinity of | theatre tried to give s performance thie
, & nile | evening despite the gevernl mourniog for
Kossuth. Stodents had warned the
the doore, but
the house where Mis. Artiinr | Toehing withont fading.
explosion followed protect himself.
over when 200 stadests stiacked the po-
The andience
The men were searching resented the stadente ‘interference and
sky blue color, which sppesrs to «tend
ferred briefly to tbe hfelung friendship |
between them in pesce sud in war spd |
AM to-morrow to which hour the senate |
iss 12:15 udjourved.
House Also Adgonrned.
Wasmiworoy, March 26.—Secretary |
Herbert's answer to the resolution asking |
for information respecting the imposition
of a fine sgaitet the Carcegie-Phipp com- |
‘pany for failure to farnish srmor plate in |
accordssoe with the terms of their cor-
toe. Several bille of minor importance,
were pissed. At 1 o'clock the seaste reco:
the bouse sdjonrned.
Miners Resume Work.
Jouxsrowy, Ps., Merch 26. —Ceambria |
when 800 miners, who have been on a
the Pation mines. The miners fought |
wire: Lock of Orders ia Ten Years.
- Hanumsone, Ps, March 26. —For the
firet time in ten years the Lykens Valley
coal mines are not in operstion owicg to
a lack of orders. 1,200 men st Lykens
aguivet 1 reduction of 53 par ton and lost. | |
six Girls Cremated,
| Tndisns receivership is nations] in |e
| chimrneter and thet sll members of the
Pamse, Mareb 23.-A building orea- | bunkropt order shall recerve 8 pro
asm tn es I A A
Molio Will Continue the War,
Presos Avees, March 3. —Mello bes:
been proclaimed the. head iosurgent of |
the goverrment st Destarro. He is de-/
! term 'ned to contivae the enraggle gost | ment of claim iv Powilerly's suit
: Peixoto.
atts 3 a A i A
Nottely Sebird Bareed.
"cover tise balance of selary wes
oi xx, Va., Msrch 23 Money h-
aud referred to tbe Naval Affaire commit | tirely buroed to-night. Loss, $3000.
“Writ Dested.
| the case of MeKune.
Senator Colgquiit’s Cond tic =.
sounty experienced quite a boom te-1uy, | | to-night Senator Colquitt’s eondition wae
strike for two months, resumed work st {uochaoged. He will PP obshly live
tarough the night.
Suwed ont “of Jmsl.
tract, was Juid before the house tc- day | fand, 8 ssbarh of this: city, was almost en-
te nod) sitifatose ot ve: pied by Sisters of Charity as a school for | shave of the two dividends s'resdy
ppt young women st Loon, burned lest might. | clared ty Pailey, as well ss fotoie sw
to arrange for the faverl, which w to! 8 WO:
take place from the senste chamber at | otbers badly injured. cremated; muy | | In compliance with thi order the
{on baud bere will haw to be
to Faley sod 20 per ovnt. of the
| made imnmedistely avilable bere.
Stroy be met #4 me ne
Wants His Heel Salary.
Punaperrsii, March 35.—The
Grand Mester Workman Sovereign tp re.
Powdery says that his report wos
| with the finance comiriittes
lust, scoepted snd sdogted bythe —-
New Yous, Murch 23--Jodge (¥Beien Assembly, and it was admitted $3818 was
lutioné apnonneing tbe desth of Senator | in the supreme court to day devied so 83- |
Colquitt were received snd agreed to snd! | plication for 8 writ of habeas corpus ip |
doe him. a
Served Wie Ear Well,
Ranch, of Ohlone, formerly
| Wasttisoron, Merch 23.—At 9 o'clock
idence bere. During the war bel was |
| assistemt medical director of the
| this Potomae and medical director
PirmsRUss, March 23.—Teflt, the 0o- Guif department of the Nisetosuth
torious Washington crook who wee ar- core.
rested in Allegheny Wednesday for us ex-
tensive diamond robbery st the espitsl, prsnreo. Murch 35. —The ¥
escaped from the Allsgbevy Ceotrul po-| | Prorescao. Pu, the five
lice station this morsing by sawing the! the dynamite explosion st Blacks Ran
Ac Sh 4 A AAO
Rematny of the Viorims Barted.
eight boare. The weatber was very geld
this Morsiog sod the Commonwesl sol-
ar bem Ty
There was many odd - pos rem
wes broken at 11 piglogk and a start for
Lowierille wi gaa, femme than seseuty
| five men were in
Prrmsosc, disse a ia sllaciapent
| wan isoped 10 the common pleas court to-
dey by'B. IL Ememdn, of Pitsburg,
agsivet Cosey, the comimonives! agitator.
The smoant of beil requinal for the re-
leans of the sttechment is SLE00. The
debt is about $600, claimed to be doe for
merchandise. The plaistiff is a dealerin
cavalry escort, of Pitisburg, beve do-
termined for the pressot st esst, to re
main st bome. The sodden change in
jhe weulliot-wis- 3. Sgoriiné SSE iE :
the cmcluiion strived ot by the k
‘cavalrymen. —t
Xo Traces Yet of tne Would-be Murderer. —
How Reda Bis Mother.
Prrrasea, March 35 Jess Toibey,
who tried to nil bis wolber-in-law of :
| evening, is atitt a Jorge. The polies
thus far have found po clue to the wheres
shouts of the would-be murderer. ;
Toobey is the tether of the obild who
i d
the managers, to avoid 4 riot, hoisted a EE splay: bare of bis cell. Best a iargw.
| mourniog flag and surpevded the per- | one ion | "A Safe Display.
Firwt Big Game of the Sesson, ~Jeen—*You satd you were goiug to | Rema Remaley, who died from injuri
Prrnaperemia, March 26.—The Usi-| speak to fatber when you met him at the | by the explosion wan the caly oue| thet
| versity of Pennayivania aod Philadelphia slab.” | held ani enti The poi
avin and the femen bed meds too mitch ing given. The potice repulsed the riot. | 1eesne teame played baseball to-day for Jask—*T sw him only once, aod thes | Jed wn eulify Saeed. ie viet aia
besdway. They had five minutes to reek lors at first, tut the latter being reinforoed the benefit of the unemployed. Tbe st- |, yas $200 bebivd the i PA | bot weigh over ten pounds.
safety when the building wss blows fo |drove the police back wod entered the |tepdsnce was 500. Beore, Philadelphis | ppg Press. b-
- pieces. This was an bour after the frst {opera hoose. The singers aud sudience 13, University 9.
explomon. The work of banting for tod thé stodente, Being left in poe- A mshier Shot Deny, Glartonsiy fhe morn.
bodies wis thon resomed. The $wo wo | seqsion, hoisted the mourning Sage over Sax Frascmco, March 23.--Sbortly J RBA K 3 Salure
men were found, bat the bodies ‘sere [the stage. Afterwards they visited sev- | after the branch Sav Francisco Baviogs | wakes; life and Hght
the world adorn this
mangled beyond recognition. The only | eral rinsic baile, broke windows and ban-| Union opened this morning man nsmed | holy, holy Paster
died on Wednesday HO iia of
en 75 Sl Se ——
: past the former bas only visited bis ome
at intervals. He w employed se & Beale.
| man on the Allegbeuy Valley milrond.
Co Wednesduy be sovortud hs dail SF
his child =t the coromn’s
en 5 A PS AE
Holy Easter Morn.
ni ger
ding company. The fire is
Lo | to ave been cased by frition of wire
way they were distingaished was by ‘one | died rooghly ail persons fonnd at the en- | Fraderick Bonoemano, entered the pince | ma he bells rin j rope whiob siipped from ths dium.
_ . huving worn Jong bair, while the (fiber |trapoes. A strong force of police even- | and without wsrpiog Bred three Sete Fin. wwe Semin rdoleing pe: oi Land 1a |B will serioasly interfere with {
: bud short hair. The remems were tath- nally overcame them. Fifteen men | from & revolver st Wm. A. Hernck, tne from Ee awiul graves be iv ie conataenor | al foe abt wus bi etiad over the
ered up in blankets. The bodies 0 Ar-| were wonnded in toe fight. sistant cashier. All of the ballets too wi and Death 2 sinver He Bves and pins 10 |
3 : y fae Tal v A a fn oe 1
PE never be feand. je sod} Herrick fot doad to the lor. 5 ies bid nar le n tare ri ll ie "at | | Dmxven, Cole, March 25
Kp n wi on , fired [the Night isgone; tell astaantl interty fnam
: tet! % a & the
el ini a | preme court yestetidsy banded
was adopted 10 the senate te-Jay on mo-| Lao and made his escape. But be fiers tha Kpring of | written reply to the question
of Hose (Bep., Mass) expressing |... opted later after a bot ght, du cruth; thd theo 3m | by Governor Waite last week as
sense | 3® ¢ at the death” of Lounis Kos ie} | are the jeu! members of the fire
{lice board. The decision was su
1 Yo of ing which be wae shot, hat pot gerionsly. | oe 3 ra ue
saw | 98th, the illustrions patriot an ver He stated that the rime was dooe ob ao. | Qhumtned torn she alt ite
the fire creeping toward the building and | Bberts, iy the guest of the Beri coutt of his destitate cirssmatances. No | rn wit a door tially aguiet the governor.
’ can people wepaper reports instend paint the way ————————— :
de every Oe ) i i : a extent to which illegal coining of silver| o rid Faken. March 23.—Tbe Se em ol | One Mary fiady Fowad. | | & cored steel and lodged in the noite
pamite in of incorporation et dollars is emg earried cn in Omabs, AN STRANI, 1 Si - = ra tse Hovenwsrd Prruovrs, Pe, March 25-- I | ier ill
process por 89, Nebracke, wae the foundation for 8 res ‘who shot and kiiled the cashier of the Ting oo of Pa | caing party st the Gaylord mi dis- | © lier arm. : >
blowing the mixing house . with si its jo i 8 Ohi San Francisco Savings Usion, this mOrn- : : ils of Kashir, ting! : severed another body gt 7 o'clock :
machinery to atoms, Many windows tution offered by Sherman (Rep, OU) ing hes been ilentified sv Wi. Frede:- | For Death tx too na nettifiad ae that of’
‘were broken in buildige in Pariisesas, directing wquiry by judigial committee | Lo big, beskemnn ova Central | quered. (yg Ringt | Gale. Ho) id This
sod houses al even | 88 to Whether existing statutes against PaciBe train some time and who was > a lowven i ow,
counterfeiting wore ble to the case eA Gener BIIsEYE. { the sixth body so fur recovered,
earth- aang applica tracked to the mountains, where be wbot | Far 3
: of lated oocins of unl weight and 3 Ree Ealendnr. | seven yet in the nrioe
° simulates do " R and killed Sherif Pascoe, of Nevads | Baw Satendsr.
Ww. A. Meyers saw the ad mxplog~ fineness to those 2 eat of Foysre. county, in resisting arrest. He is also. | Hor tears ame Ape) showers, : | - Willlamepsrt Times Polities,
4 lelock. ment mints ed tion went over { May bods ler niles, :
boy Bae : wit t pation on objection of Stewart the men who assisted 10 aD attempted | And June's swoed losscined bowers - Genera] Hastings bas scooped
Ci motion on obj; jeil break at the Folsom penitentiory, Hr withing wiles | sonnty.
’ 4 stead A ER J ; 3
woman was hurled from ber bed, y Nev.) Thebill for a site for a ‘some time ago farnishing George Soo. I oan sve me, Aliad Walter Lyon in DOR the Lyon
; was theifforos of the explosion. Tbe door ROVArTIeLY pricting dffion was. disenseed tag and others with knives snd pistols | With Hips a-parch .
of the station was form Irom its hinges sod wn sme dment for aqiaition of the! oh which to take the 1 of the | 1 watch her sobily pass,
N oR Was wap 5 y a ives And know she's March
_and the front of Mr. Callabst’s store was | = <%° "7° acoapted, 27 to I Al, ge : a
demolished. Mre. Cullahss, wio wus wo feu to reconsider tha vote was made en = oy aT
standing in the door way, was hnoekes [svt 15 peodive. A al sppropristing Arcesttng Miegal Practitioners. |
Sopa Yio a
the jary for not reporting the facts ve
Decision Agaisst (he Goverser to the death of the child. -
ee a i a A
| Remnte Swnasnctions,
Wasmisarox, Mareb 22.—A resolution | oper shot ut bis vietim throgh the | 3 evetiivic and quarrelied with his wile.
ter papper be left the hosse for =.
who | tig, std upon retaruing met bis
PO | iu-isew in the kitchen. Without soy pis
: | liminaries be drew s revolver snd fired
{1 dy ein a
What it Alt means.
: : on Golives for ext New York, March 33. — Police to-night | Bac Bi ove she Ipacts ine at the gate ~
down. At Springdale, Cheswisk aud |7V dilion dolives for extermination of ee De Thar rosin 15
Harmarville many windows wire bro- thee Ro vtars tidatle was diecnssed and arrested five pbysicizns and eleven wo- | Ae ay ont hus ulurglves he eight,
ken. : wet ov. r ailbont sofoo. Senate at 4 [men, who pave ben engaged in criminal | ria means an aster bonnet?
: P.M aj sai ued natil Moa: Ray, practice on women evcisnte, add warrants | | Each dish that fisost delights my
Butlers Tempornane Juage. : EE are out for more, Thearrestas are the result | qu. tihie has gpon it 3
Boras, Ps. March 22. —Lictame conrt a Pet Rate Remiers + losdthirsty Decree. of sn investigation msde by the society | And, “Dear, try this, and this?” she cries,
convened here Wednesday morning sud rn 3 ym Murch 32 —P tor the enforcement of criminal lawe. In| “That means an Bastar bono’)
much curiosity was indulged in 48 to the |, oy ar arden the bouse of Mrs. Elma Schroeder, coe
A" 4 ow as this is bia Bink sitios of T1888 and 1851 wuthorisiog the exeom-
on & license coart. The tempe tion witr.on foreal trial of sll persons
ple out ib 1 ' i ot who Lave taken arme agsiost the gov-
: eounty and represented by ebie counsel erpment as wil ne Laces sidiog nod abet. The like! Heaven's biossings on we
Korps City was first on the list tinv, d rectly or mdivectly, the cause of | Martahorn Plead Guilty. God bless hoth wife and motherin-liw.
on and the fmeurtecti F ars liable New Casria, Pa., March 28 Prof. R.| (That means an Easter bonnet?)
: sppliosnte were both koooked out. Petrolin aqustls ily . . vy Ni summery C. Hartsbors, on rial for malpractios and : Li eA ConsUR Ion,
49 Sie} ple apoll treatment. To wisat extect this power of | marder, to-day pleaded Quilty to mal- A Thaw.
cane received jiostes. Evans City sud ‘practice. ‘The district attcrney informed The farm house fire is dull and black,
Sexovburg will also be dry towss for the exscution witbuat trial is to be carried is the that ot : i to The trailing smoke rolls white and low,
_pext year. Butler wholesalers ail refoved. sokoown, Cossidering the number of | eoart enough evidence to] ., 1. seid ull by the wood
It olaned. | | ite presoners the possibilities are great, | S°TI% him of murder was procurable. | It hanks and fonts unshaken, slow;
appears to the general impression aly : Hartshorn in January last, while prines- | The scatiering sounds seem near aml lond,
to-night by everybody that there willool| Broken Hafl Casecss Fatal Wreek. | pal of the high school wea charged with | The rising son jones gad wi,
‘be a lioxcee granted in the city. | Ottawa, Out., March 22.—An express | attempting to marder Alda Robinson, | * 50 Wear opi ight.
! olts Son WIE Osan habs. train from Winnipeg ou the Canadien | whose infsns it iseaid Hartshorn Killed |
Pacific jamped the track pesr Cartier snd then ersmated. Bentence hss been Anon the south wind breathes acroms
: Usrawrowx, Pa, March 2%! Yeuter- The frozen earth (18 ponds to break,
day » pamber of coke operators in the siation and two passengers were killod | deferred.
: TU! at the eal of life returned close it and the baloon dropped into the
. Connellsville region sonoancec their 1n- snd several ipjared. A broken rail caus-| wil Keep them off the apitol Stepa. It softly stirs but half awake Yr excepting when occas | water like a shot sad Wilton being nnsble:
tention to resist organized labor. IL. H oo. :
W assrvarox, Maveh 23. —The meeting | { The enttie clamor fn their stalls, i. This action will be: appreciated and | to extricate himoei! from the car was
Davie and Daoiel Darby, receiitly elected :
he knows not why,
fo be sald ou’ 158 uteps ot Hire Fdentl Ip a er approved by the txpayers of th
president and secretary of the miners or- PRILADELPHIA, March 2-1 he aznount | Capitol by Citizen Coxey and his Armyof: The xnow-birds, sombre ged, go by. { ™ will also prove convenient to
ganization , were discharged by ‘he Atlas |of the stealings of James Edward Simp-, the Commonweal on May 1, has been de- | 11, pusy housewife on the snow | ing business with the sommised
Coke company. A sirike ie expected; | som, a3 former bookkeeper for Contractor | clarea off by Msjor Wm. G. Moore, SU-| To bleach lays tt her linen store,
wen, hoo ot last taken «fficial aetion. in
oi regrurd to the deflaut sttitade of the
Michigan Division towarde the rc
| Attorney (General Stranaban
{the pext chairmen of the
| stute committee and. thst be ie
| material opposition. if soy, will
[to hie election. Mr. Stranshen | is wot |
| anzious for the place, bat will ponsider
1 it his duty to lead the Democrats
it called to its command.
| My stippers always am ia sight;
of the prisoners, was found the dead body | | My smoking eap=1 dion it;
of a newly born chill under the sink, | | She strokes my hair: “You're tind (o-aight™
while in another Bites way the body of |
I That means on Easter hannet
’ " a
omt's instractions the money will have
9a gid uit is owe poetint, snd as
Roch kind attention! Never saw
meet the same fate.
Fell tore the Sea.
the presence of thossnds. When 30
feet up the baloon wes blows seaward.
Wilton opened s valve but was ansble i
: he 3 Cir ¥ ¥ Ft + }
New Youx, Mirch: 18. Fears ars an
| tertuined for the stoamer State of Gen
Jacob Meyers bere, and who was arrested | perintendent of the Washington police, | And seolds Because with careless foet
» How the Peuns'y wil Enter New York, % _1 The children track ‘he spo Atos fiwir, bh
PrisaDeLPais, March {2 — “The TED, York, will probably ex under asthority of set of Congress en | With ntghemil comes the sks owner va: The Borwind-White Coal M 2! daye ago and lias sot been seen SIDER
ceed ¥
vauta ratirosd compary is ot in- titled “an-act to regulate the use of the par of waters fils the alr, of Clearfield county bas rece She should nave ave arrived 4 week age.
‘forested in tbe North river bridge pro: : Koocking Out the Liquor Sellers onpitol grounds.” Thie act Moore believes | And seve where roll the glesming drifts. nie orders for coal, «mounting ‘some | ” . Faret Wem,
ject,” sud President Roberts ssmstant,| po. .p Pg. March 34~—The Lowry | will serve to prevent the meeting on the The folds lixuilen, bieak and an thing over a halt million tona. Pans, Murch 25. -- The eight ¢
Osptuin Hatteny, “When the Penneyl- ’ | steps of the Capitol, and is ample in its CP Meluihar | epects of the coal business brighten. | cle race ended to-day. Hare,
house is the application for license Le
Torgound, vo greed. | ld ws to be heard, a otters in Butler be, | provisions in allowing the police farce to | Let me air, what evéry WORS know, ing ap in Clexrfiakd county with a geod | score of 1749 kilomelties.
summer's work alisad.— Coal | imerionn, finished sixth.
{ deal with loiterers in (he capital grounds. | Though stupid men {ie theory oppose,
ing refused. Immediately after the de- —— That Love and Fate (despite denial fiat) ;
doa ot 2 Semimmena. cision of the sourt in each rr Sorrow sme eoLate. | Depend fuiof, upon the Easter Hat. Bal. © Da Gama ot Hic |
Naw York, arch 22 —Juatice Newton, | for various amodnts were promptly issued | Dorissoe. «, Pa., Marsh 22. — Wallace —Kate Upson x Clark. Po Prep eg ig “Be Aram, Marl -
| ot Gravasend, nd re te eat of ageinst the unfortunsle men. It is ex Lass he Reo of Sasa] = Prat Wien Tpreval, | Pumapsuess, March: 35. 8 ins
br dy in failing to. months iniprieovment pected Talk Lowry ose, like <g ' The prisoner expressed - SAN Alxroxio, Tex... Mareb 25 «Con. Hamill's cotton end. woolen ware
. dnd $50 five. ! others, refused,
their office. — Look Havedr Exp
sb —————
sorrow for Jest crime. Fumny. L. Wilsen is mush improved. i burned last night. Loos 5, : rived here to-day