The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, March 08, 1894, Image 3

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Ste Was Woman There.
How she Was
Attired-=Costumes With!
~ Home:
out Wraps Russian illauses
made and Store Prices Contrasted.
NEW Yoru
I come peros
girl of “i
a pretty: :
ture hops along the etreet Tike a cunning
little wren : ?
democratic convey
a glance of pity tow
.¥ young ’
I do it is
t child of na-
i tanatedy as did the first, If 1 des
| i
i cars ful
i nable «
i Sparel
en of 50, who just begin to feel the first
pains and twinges th it come with ad-
vancing. The chipper old girl
takes her seat smiling and puts up her |
jeweled lorgnetie with a daintily gloved |
hand and feels heartily so I know
does—for ali those 1 ble, mids te
aged women who have to wear specs.”
Didn't Tsee her today, the sweet an nd
fAnttering, giddy young chit of 862 Didn't |
she wear a circularempire skirt of black |
bengaline, so stiff around the bottom that
it rattied like cardboard? Wasn't it tris. |
med around tne top of the sprung f
with a band of the richest ent” jot? And |
- she wore no wrap, not she! But she hada
rry- ney
in awhile |
trip was finish
“ si
William Aster Cisnaior, 4
i hote
Special ( areesponde: se.
LOND Feb 2L—2AN the world ad-
| mires the min whogoes into wilds track.
ie tented theré snd rests
from nature ‘gone of hot cherished geo
} crete; OF ins for the publ
cd ear riding
ai hake.
A Jeweler Calls y the ASlments. of # Watch
Cunsemption, Bbcomatiten asd Heart
Failure and Explains
E ach Case,
was banded a wat
: {maing ring for re;
“ for.
3 not
ot make
C was not
ow -
first trip.
¥. Ff
La Alii B te - 42
it will
» IE dey roo
rw tn propa
8 §1
ey ane to expeng 1
wef VA ies 4
is first tripto Afr ca. Like |
a pictorial
travels and his adv minres.
resorted to the photographic
I nor any
on k
why Sy
i? :¥. Ho he de
> an
en by whit
antomatic cam
hmig ht be
ihe pictures
by the ri
Ve lopad Came
For a number of rea
deci ged to take one blz can
than and
pictire | { toh
that wonld take
reloading. All through his pr
and down that part of Africa wi
sve ral small ones,
aking machine built
4 000 negati
close corsage slightly pointed in front |
mad: of sealskin and having sealskin |
slerves.. A sort of buttoned vp Eton
jacket it was, and this venerable lady |
actually looked as trim and pretty in it |
as if not 20 until yon saw her face, That!
was undeniably very old, bnt—wonlid
you believe it?—it was sweet andattract-
ive. The snow white hair was erimped
and puffed and curled and decorated with
a scrap of bonnet of white lace and jet.
But with all her vears she was the
youngest woman on the car. If some
persons can outlive their usefulness,
surely same others may outlive old age.
It is rather pice, though, to see a vos-
tame without a wrap. We will see more
soon, and what contrasts they will show!
One lady wiil walk abroad in au 1830
skirt, with & Russian Llouse coat basque,
with enormous, winglike berthas and
balloon puffed sleeves. Such & costume
was made of rush green camel's hair,
with striped cheviot overblouse in the
same shade, and both skirt and blouse
had bands of white cloth. The wide ber-
tha cape was of the cashmere, and so
was the vest front, and beside that gown |
We IAay see a modest peloniise gown of
indigo cloth, with the upper garment of
gendarme hiue. The polunaise has a nar-
row postiche sprung basque frill. The!
rest is plain and undraped. and all edges
. are bordered with narrow castle braid
"in simpie loop pattern. The sleeves have
puffs at the elbow, headed by frills and
. Wé may see the pretty girls wear dot-
ted surah or cashmere Russian blouses |
at home, made of bright maize silk and
garnished with black velvet or lace and
accordion plaited in & manner to nse
up three times as much goods as you
would thik it required, and you may
next seo a stylish Louis X (and as many
I's anid V's as yon care to add) coat.
“This may be of terra cotta cloth, with a
flaring skirt and with or withoat big
‘pocket lids. But the full skirt, lined
with soma contrasting color of silk, is de
rigueur. There may be great pointed |
revers or a neat cape collar of oul!
bordered with a decp moire border,
any case it will have gigot sleeves.
The fair wearer may, if she wants to’
be real, right down stylish, add one of
the long incroyable scarfs. These cost |
when made as much $10. It needs |
three yards of black ribbon, from 75 |
cents to $1 per yard, and one yard and a |
half of lace for a full frill at the bottom
The ends must be three-quarters of a |
yard long and the rest made into a plain
doublé bow, long enough for the upper |
corners to reach the ears, while the mid-
dle knot comes under the chin. . The dif- |
ference in the cost of the one you make |
yourself and the une vou buy is that you
* have to pay for the rent of the store and |
the help and the bad debts of others. If |
you really want an incroyable tie, and |
they are pretty, be a wise woman, buy
your stuff and make one and charge |
your husband $10 for it.
rn te mr a pn
The old Jeff Davis Haaion, which was
donated by the city of Richmond to the
Confederate Memorial and Literary so-
ciety, will soon be turned over to the |
proper authorities and made ready for
the museum of Confederate relics, for |
which purpose it was presented.
gpaol or
| paratively
man wi 1 Las
{ Dr.
| poles
| plorer his ever visited new
+ told bis stories wall wiin dil
{ set out to travel over he snapped hie
‘camera at everything that came in range.
He was instant in season and out of sea-
son, and when he retarned to civilization
there was none of his possessions that
was guarded with more care than this
camera, with its thousands of negatives
‘In due time he sent the camera to its
American maker. Then it
into the darkroom of the establishment,
wheres the picture of dusky warriors and
pude savage beauties and lions and ele:
‘phants and broad rivers and alligators
and hippopotamuses were to be devel.
oped. Then it was discovered that the
which the “Alm”
had never been putin place; that a roll of
was taken
than |
HH Vs nneht
in of hist
&lers.- 3 o£) hanier operat
on < }
¢ {
yes withont |
WTeRA up!
sien hel 4
HCD De | BO Lo spe ix, DSS
watches ar
ity 18 to small
of the ats
coves magn!
a slight shook will break
ally it will snap with noa
wi by « lectriciny v
watches is
on Bir 1}
eYen a Fevers
an anrorad
1 ¢leptric
ms Mr, Chanleri
ora rather!
he bad aj
pond reatiits.
‘Do yor fitser) in a
i discursive
it fv
! such influence:
ff vanelies,
was wonnd |
white piper, guiitiess, of course, of any- |
thing approaching & pict
wast the camera instead of the film.
re of any sort, |
; had
It is not surprising that after hearing |
the story of this failnre of Chaunler to se |
cure pictures which should prove his
stories, a certain other young Amer:
jean who will shortly start out after
fame and
rarely visited by civilized man is lock-
fortane in a part of the worl i
"regular horse
ing for a professional picture maker tc!
‘share with him the dangers and discov-
eries of the terra incognita he intends!
takes with him be a good photographer
camera is lost by flood or storm or acci-
dent still there will be pictures.
According to last accounta, this Amer:
Not only niust the man he |
i Renerator
, and eact 3 its imsdividaal-
and special characteristics, and the
er the watch the stronger this person
| ality, if it can be so called. exactly as
cultnre develops and strengt!
| vidual character among mankind.
"Wow, in this e pide mic nis ‘watch
eels the atmospheric condition as yon
> before a thunderst torm, only mora
| acutely, as does. a gooty ar rheumatic
| person, being specially snseeptible to
and, perhaps IZ A
inherent weiukness at one point in the
mainspring that snaps, frac tures a vital
organ. ‘Heart: it might
termed, for the mainspring of the
watch is its heart, its driving - fares.
Troe. wa can rep! i mainspring
which cannot be said for the haman
heart, bat there is no tell HOW 8600
surgery will attain that resait,
Then there's the bairspring of the
watch, equivalent brain. It is
affected by Fro ximity to a strong loeal-
izad electric force—{for fu stance,
or Yama of an ¢
plant. It becomes magnetized and stops
—a sort of HAraryEn “The nonmagnetic
watches have hairsprings made of a
composition metal, tin, zine and other
The 838 ron pl ate or disk 1
region i rotection to the
as well a= the iaingpring by
the magnetism, "A few yi
pnmber of railroad companies
these irom disks applied to the
watrhes of many of their employees,
but they are
i hie
faiiure 2’
aca the
tO 1s
mentioned bhefo
gince a
a watch also is sub
to electric and when polar
ized. having a forked end, it becomes a
shoe magpet and first re.
tards, then stops the hairspring —a sort
Yo. oun uk
weiVel Ol
: of spinal meningitis, you see.
“The jewels aad bearings are its |
joints and processes and are subject to
' | sprains and dislocations as well as in-
able to “develop” “in the field,” but he |
mast also be able to draw, so that if the
even dislocation to these joints.
flammation or too much friction. Any
severe shock may result in a sprain cr
latter will stop it and probably have
immediate attention, while the sprain
fcan has not succeeded in getting just! may remain unnoticed, but will render
the man he wants, for the qualifications its movement irregular and eventanally
required include fot only ability as a
but he must be a person of exce! mt
practical photographer and draftsman, breaking of the joints,
habits, unasual persistence and in the
best of health.
cause far greater injury than an actual
At séas on the
approach of a storm the ship's chro-
nometers, of which three are usually
Several applicants for the carried, aro ‘put to bed,’ as it is called,
place who were able to take photographs being packed. in pillows to prevent in-
and draw were rejected on physical ex-
amination or because they were obliged
to confess to having become too mnch
addicted to the use of some sort of ardent |
‘spirits. Not one ¢f these men had be-|
come confirmed drunkards, but they had |
come to use intoxicants daily, and so it
was feared that they would not be able
to bear up properly against
i hardships.
To be a successfal explorer one must
"be in exceilent physical health, great of
energy and sagacity, and of hatelligence
{| above the averase, but with these quali-
fications there 13 no surér wav to fama
Of these who have joined the ranks of
successful explorers but recently,
speaking, it is necessary i
mention only Mrs. French Sheldon, whi
showed what a woman do among
EAVAZES! Dr. James Johnston, the Scots
mpleted a p
ant pedestrian tour across Africa,
Nansen, whose explorations hays
Leen in the direction of the north Prods
Althongh the crestor mysteries of Afr
have ary
t thers as yet unt rede i by
man. The same is true of
of Asia. Dritigh Ameren
visited on its outer edge, and both the
have yet to be reached, Na
lat iY ©
Dee] Bly Vast at
t hee Whit
the nterisc
rewards of fame
| some of them, hike
Ia and Peary,
their first
the time ey er Ripoe ££
expeditions ti Bey |
Lasiness most
expioraiion as a
bas only oo i
. whally eradicated,
jury by sudden jar from the ship's vio- |
lent motion. A few minntes’ srror in
the time of making obwervations might
throw a vessel many miles cut of its
| course,
‘Then a watch bas a kind of rhen-
| ators,
are lubricated dries and forms corun-
dum, which irritates and cats the pin-
ions and bearings, creating friction or
‘Dirt to a
to humanity,
watch, like bilionsznesa
its most
! st dangerous ailment.
{t come from all sorts of things—small
fibers from the shee fine dnst, micro-
scopic matter from many sources, Fark
through into the case and collective ly
retard snd finally prevent mo-
The system Decomes
agh cleaning out is
n both these
nditions ma-
1 othe patient's condition,
dasty we
F E - is
frequent, Gis-
AQ reed
ter diseases g
Yi 2 wadY
t and renderings
iy tia )
it reaches a cortain stage ia
Once in the sv=tem its effects are neve
and a warm. n
at any time i
inenralil a
turn ef tb
Two walnut chairs that were |
to this antry {rom Switzer]
years age; Mois cl
session of Landon
ihe Ansiysis In
OE indi-
be |
‘served quite
by no means a complete
; ay
i from examination,
“the forties,
The oil with which its joints |
aud men « Glee ®t R
mies | f poets i] five rE
= ia a I . |
ram -altoan
8 A aes. le EST visa.
' er; a ag oud
ae nod bie: the bead tefdre thee .
rs dew crilh throng theismily |
stories mey 0 Hand in aston
luck spek and atr gz manilla rope
ie eack <hould dern and wide
sagh to hold several
a rope well bound and the top to
whieh the rope bail is attacked. . If no
inplignea. be provided to held a stont
=ai} acrosm the wind ow on the jnside,
Pwr pst be taken around
ik, the hns-
and ng
then drawn
ck is
¥ maning $
th the slack end of the
feta himself
Cdack Ww t
nayving it
- pnt
fame {rem
an if
sintion of
Gre 4
\ “te it £4 a 1 le
of (dif
71 sack dispels the feel.
i 1
oT 3a i.
Amg Ins Giz
roan Hate in
, namerons
ners De
tl the paving ont |
de ns Ly same one
and each Od
: familiar wit
urg Dispatch
Effect of Music.
L exper
numerscn ments
made with sgientific care ‘by a Russian
physician to determine what if any,
are the physiclogical effects produced
by music are thus summarized: An in-
~~ ¥
Tho reanits of
' fluence on the cirenlation of blood is no- |
ticed, the pressure sometimes rising and
someti nor failing, thaagh the action of
ue men exp
wrt Ly increased freque
vf the beart: the variations in the ¢
enlation consequent apon | music al
sunids coincide with changes in
hing, thongh they may alsn ba ob
independently of it;
pressure are de
rosssg ise
variations in the blo]
C pendent on. the pitch and londness of
rin these
ire also the
the sound and cn tone coh
variaticos of the blood pres
pecuniiarities of the individ 8,
men ar lower animals,
parent, and even nations
of mun, is claimed to
fect. —- New York Cribs
v, in the case
obit some eof
“Canned Peaches.”
A highly respects! be and widely
pected cf ergyman living in a country
parish not far fram Boston received a
communication from a New York house
dealing tn wines and ligqoors pot
ago, saying that they woald
glad to furnish him with anything
Iie ened in their ine, and as an
nie ent f ir bs
ers aware that arrival in a conr
place of wines and Jiguors for the
use of the clergyman was apt to create
if not scandal. And they of
fered in case he parchased goods from
them to have them securely pa
wooden box, where they would ba free
nd to have the box
marked. Canned '— Boston
Ruvsway Legs.
Lady Canning tells a story about he
father, Lard Stuart de Rothesay, w
was embassador at St. Petersburg in
He was afllicted with a sort
of nervous paralysis, which deprived
him of the control of hia labs. Onee
bis secretary saw hom running rapidly
along the quays.
himself called and found Lord Staart
clinging to a lamppest. 1 wanted
particularly to speak to yon, bat ceuld
not stop. My legs ran away with we.
" The Human Family.
The harean family living on «arth to-
dav consists of about 1,430,000,000
souls not fewer, probably more. These
are distributed litzrally all over the
earth's surface, there being no consider-
able spot on the globe where man has
not found a fodthold, The extremes of
the blacks and whites
mediate, nd tawny
brown, yellow
color, re,
a Romanos from
A.D HOU tit srad-
st martiemat cal exacthess,
ed with alo
v fF
ng tho degenerate
[20 to 3 Wers
Foren Jul rank -insist-
ed on bein
gi, and x
tf the last ments of
y Kage relates that 8
: atts jing pay ysician, with
val m :
end had .
“ie now beiongs
seid ths . A #2
ceil that com
with ute y 9 feeling,
the ages,
A Boston paper states that a Chicago
grocer np every te cake of
ntains in its center a gold do
da 5
si] l8 sw nti
Ww leh ©
consequence geting to look toierably
The centurion,
was th Seen
in the Ron
as tho implies,
mander of a handred men
1-31 my,
ergons and havo
conpant goes |
nuhart |
alum wa-
Benit ||
ZY °
- tiemen
© ger
- Recorder,
wical tuned and pipes both on animals | x :
if for the most
sev of the beats :
plainly ap-
8 patronage added that they 1
7 packed ua
| w—- Ni
Afterward he heard
are as five to
three, the remaining 700, 0040, 000 inter-
and that the citizens of Chicage are ©
Sage, Jamivaries From n Hitherto Toe
discussed Point of Vision,
“ Actors are carions folks" observed |
theczlclam Heh manipnlatorof one of |
the'ep town theaters to a reporter the
other night. He was ‘breatuin ng. upon
the reflector and then olishing it care |
folly with a woolen rao. :
wR “wrione hn whi eRe
v- profession
ald think
*- actors,
pretty. pos
BOTS. co wonld you believe
these stage folks had their way [4 1
boanced 20 tines a week by the man
ag: Everybody that hoofs it.
fore t witli
i fy
gray bairs in my head,
dancers are
They're kickers with a i
on and off the boards. Nos
| know n ut the effect
than the but whenever
‘ome hopping on the stage T ney
their notions
! in the buti:
: serpenting
oy oF
5 e-,
They want to look sweet 104 secon Is
the minute. Then they complain that
I catch “em in the eyes ed blind *
whereas it's tne continual it vif |
n poses that rattles me.
to the choras,
nad things their wav
lady wouldn't be
at all. hers
when it comes
If they
ob, ay!
the ivading
en up
to show {
of their goa. |
i fet
the ho
full mionate for the
9 as
besiege me every
this way, and [| promise—ch,
promise I il light "ems, But dol dA it
The calcium man rubbed Eis forefia.
rand thumb vi
If there's a litt
coming, they get a flash for 214 ser
onds, No fee, no flask!’- New York
Av Anecdote of Mr. Childs.
This incident has Leen related of Mr.
printed. Stopping one of his head em
are not lucking well
be. working too hard
am not feeling
Childs, that is a fact," wa
“but I guess | w
shirt time’
How woul
to Enrope’?
pieuss utly
re "Well ene ugh, sir,’ was the response
3% | ¢ tafford it." :
: 1 a¥ord it, sald Mr. Childs
the arm, if | pay x
08 Gi
n like to lake a !1
Mr Childs, smi:
J ientares
an "best
aver niade kackled
matter was calla
attention. Way, Mr
wh improved in
when the
ned =m health
te cond de twice as moeh vork
gould »efure he You sce
the real gainer by the transaction
Xr. C characters
was tant ho never wemed
credit to hin
wr Yo
Gna of niias
’ TD
«if for da ing a kiad
rR Pre Et
Curing Cobra Bite With Stryehuine
Same alleged instances of cnres of
cobra bite are reported fro m India, but
thers is aiways the dcabt that in
‘recoveries’ reported there was reali |
no poison injected, for the cobra d
not inject poison every time it bites, [7]
is stated that somes cases of ra bite |
bave cured by the hrpodermic in:
jection cf strychuine, and full detaiis
will be awaited with interest, for it is
possible that strychnine may be antag
aonistic to the peculiarly: deadly poiscn |
ejected from the fangs of the cobra
. de .
| The poison of that snake is, as a rule, so
rapidly effective that few occasions ce: |
cur where a remedy can be applied wit
sufficient - promptitude 3 detérmine
whether it is effective ar not. Ali
statements abent: alleged cures are,
however, worth careful investigation,
for an antidote may. at last Be found, —
Log giish Mechanic.
How Was Ine
‘My good woman, id the learned |
dge, “vonmy 1st rive an answer in the
wist le w 3 of which you are {
st nisi kb
3 x3 .
» the plain and simp
2 i
lo. gLI0S. §
Vol Were Or
rion ther whey iss ing
tho «treet with the lu by on your arm,
and the Cmnibas was csming’
on the left,
31 ey * iF
i Fhe siiia
the ar}
h th saw him
and what ear tha bron
' ah
emniine, ar either or
Vwhich of them resp
~Metnodist Protestant
enh and
tw: ane
how it wi
savagery In Hawaib,
anh Marcuse Ldropean ty
3 ml W 1Y
asked dhe :
Finerald Pirk :
Muster Siding
od 344 hy |
GE GE UB Ge i ae dn
{ ave wver
: Fwy put oat
a, | money worth its fee, for your own
night for favors 1: |
Ws, li
i for actos] settlers aned save them (ram TODO
i the actual wetter
in a saggestive wav. |.
in half dollar fee forth. |
| we the progressive policies of the Rept
Llant®ly from elrealars,
. Reports are the lest
L pleteness of (Is quotations,
1 smfest of newspapers for your mdly
| Weekly news
Uwith immomiity, ssasation, and fisloehond, re
{ evive your sanction?
| large pt ao The Tribune raake it the emsiegt
i nade rota
{the office of
: country fr a year, with: no takers,
lof The N.Y. Tritiune. A
| Weekly,
> pass
Janetion ‘03
ion 8
Ex Mail
rw has inh rh P
bline, Patriuti
an i N ational,
Ameriom for the Em iceaty
Sf Atperion. IO net sdmndon thie svstem whieh
Ves the oosin iry the best @ Pratt fis
Fo PETERS Me} hanies, and Young Peopls, they
had! No interfen: new with the Pro-
teetive Tariff and no Repesi |
Trample Upon
proposition for Unlimi tad Frew Cad
fiver Dollars which as sorth ooly '2
dollar Make them worth a fall Dollar.
SOLID of National Bank Notes with
draw fron cireniation nee 1881 have heen re.
placed by over SION of Silver which has
Now make the people’ sflver
ery fin!
Reserve the Public ‘Lands te
oltes and speenlitors! Prowet. ax wd hi pb i
Ne Interieretion
repentedly comctad into Saw) of bollding
Hp a New Navy: Protecting the Sea O
i Penstosing Union velemns o xeiuding the Chi- -
| fending the Connon Sehools; Protects
{eng Citizens abroad: Searing Hciprodis wiih
{other American nations: demanding
i | pression of the Puptiar Will in Ssetio
3 2 Eoicei Yoias : 5
Childs, and I believe it has never been | {0 P00 {OOOH terion Shipping: i
ance; and Restraining Trusts, -
plovess one day, Mr, Childs said: "You |
I think you must | :
’ Ciof The N.Y. Tribune are now positivisly the
| best printed Ly any
Regd ati iw Inter-State 1 A
with :
Frye Ex-
an Honest Coant; {radidg American
The Superb Market Reporte
newspnper in New York
City. The Tribune in the only newspn in
v York wideh sends men reonsily into
voey nmrket in the ¢ity every day of the busi
ews Week to obtRin atiunl prices and Yie stare
of tse. Other papers faa ke up
C fake 50 Jootatine 3
that The Tribané's - I
te Tribune now Dents
ill rivals in the geeumey and wonderful op :
To: be soos
armetiosl and val handed man must Kp -
informoed as to Prices and (he State of
done Ly tnking The Tribose.
This can he
of the news of the diy are freely — in The
Tribaine. This paper has {1s own corps
tistx and ohoto-engmviog plant.
fen tnres for bie ladies and elididren;
wrters and Looll reviews, snd many
No Mutter Whether
{ vou agree with The N. Y Tribune arpol, in its .
{ sentiments, can von atford pot tw. read its Dol
Yar Weekly’ neuiariy whilen Teaetionang party
5 in power and « during
These Times of Chnnge?
The N.Y. Tribane is the abides, most ggres-
sive, and soundest advo teol Th Sot I.
What the Reptile an party intends can
warmed from The N bine. The Tri.
| bune's motto is the Trath and only the 'Trath,
| The articles of Roswell G. Horr, on the ‘Tartfl,
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