The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, March 01, 1894, Image 4

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Entered at the Posrtoftior at Patton ax soronds
clude mail mater.
i. Fybmert bye re who ies ned give exprisk
potice to the contrary are ide red ux wish
ng to rencw their subset ptions
If subscribers onder the disc HOA ae
© of their periodicais, the publisher flay oon
tinue to send them anti] sll arreamges are
} If submeribers neglect or refose to lake
thelr periodioals from the postoMes. 1 whic
they are directed, they are respoasiile until
they have settled their Hits and ordered them
4, If sublmeritens move to orher places Bd
mt informing the publishers, and tae papery
are sent to the former address, they are held
3 The Courts have Aecided that refusing to
| take periodiesis fron the office or removing
and liaving them uneailed for, is prisna ‘facia
evidence of intentional fmuad
8. If subscribers pay in advance they are
bound to give notice at the end of the tine if
they do nft wish to continue taking ity other
wise the pablishers is authorized (0 send it
wid the subscriber will be responsible antil an
LeXpress. potiee, with payment of all arrear
agen. mw Ment to the pub xh,
Every political party has its wheel
horses, local, state and national, and
“when positions of honor arc to be fil led
"they should not be neglected to the
advancement of those who shirked the
. earnest arduous work. We sdy posi-
tions of honor because we do
‘not believe in paying a man for
public service more. than he is
worth in any other service. In other
* words, a man who is only compeiont
10 earn $60 a month at private employ-
ment has no good grounds for claiming
a position as 150-dollar man. The
slighting of these wheel-horses by the
present administration has led many
Democratic newspapers to comment
on that subject, the following from the
Newburg Daily Register being a fair
sample of the more conservative
. articles:
“Grover Cleveland was triumphant-
ly elected as the president of the
United States in 1502. He worked in
his way for victory, and so did many
thousand other Democrats, often mak-
ing sacrifices. Mr. Cleveland did his
work, and now has the honors, but
the same cannot be said of other Dem-
oersts, who might, with good sense, be |
recognized for the work that they have
dome also in the restoration. Mr.
Cleveland looked for 3 reward and ob- |
tained it, and why should not others?
Why should many of those who bore
the heat and brunt of the day remain
unrecognized for what they, too, have
done? If one victor has won the spoils,
why should not others? Can one man
Tu Grier.
The Soran, sngdrity’ given io)
'Galusha A. Grow last week for con-
national party wants the continued and
unchanging aifleiganece of Pennsylvania
Democrats it must abandon its free
trade tendencies. The vast army of
workman employed in the state that
. produces more coal, more iron and.
more oil than any other will not walk
.up to the polls and strike a blow at
their own living. [It is, in this State,
merely a question of revenue. If the’
vaiue of the great natural wealth of the
Keystone state should be reducédd by
legislation and the oufput diminished
minch or little the workingman would
feel it. It could not be otherwise. The
Hastings Tribune, in its partisan zeal,
criticised the CoURIER for the expres-
sion of independent thought on that
‘subject before election, but it now is
seen that this paper's position is heart-
ily sustained by 100,000 independent
votes, representing that many indepen-
dent thinkers. Democrats and Repub-
licans are nearly equal in Cambria
‘eounty, but protectionsts are largely in
the majority. Why should it be other-
wise? Are not the coal and iron: indus-
tries the very foundation of the d
county's prosperity? :
Almost ever since the beginning of
Patton some evil disposed persons
have been committing a series of depre-
dations which is quite enough to give
. a decided startling effect to the com-
munity at large, and there seems to
‘be practically no limit to their obste-
perous conduct. Petty thefts appeared
to be the fore-runner of these vagaries,
‘but no seeming notice having been
taken of them, the marauders became
bolder, until robberies have been com-
mitted almost before our very eyes
‘and the CoumiEr would respectfully
call the attention of the proper anthor-
ites to the restriction of the same.
These thefts have been committed with
such alarming frequency that the
| present indications are that unless
some steps are taken to make the pur-
! wait of these malicious intruders less
attractive we may look forward to pay
additional installments which may not
neem at all in view with our ideas of
| right and wrong. :
Itis said Gen. E. W. Hincks, who
died at Cambridge, Mass, & few days
ago, that “he enjoyed the enviable
be above such things when he enjoys gistinction of being the first man te
thers himself? Whatever may be the! fer his services for the defense of the -
reason for this, the effect is discourage-
ing to the rank and file of the party.
They see men out side the ramparts,
who, were they within, could do as
much good in the way of ‘Democratic
administration or legislation as Sexe
‘Mr. Cleveland. But they are not
side the ramparts, because Mr. Cleve.
land has not called them. It is not the
way of Andrew Jackson, who ate and
drank, and shared his victories with
the men who helped him win them.”
The Chronicle Telegraph gives the
following review of the industrial and
* financis] conditions as developed with-
in a short time past:
_ “In balancing books. on the week’s
" business there should be set down on
the credit side these items: 1, increased
government revenues and farther ad-
ditions to the treasuary reserve; 2.
“activity in the irom market, which
bas long been accepted as a barometer |
of trade; 3, resumption of work in
more mills and factories, although at
reduced wages; 4, less unfavorable
railroad earnings; 5, a smaller number
of failures; 6, larger export movement
“of grain in; 7, seasonable weather, which
has increased the demand for Season-
able goods.
On the debit side should be piacnd:
Wie wioivoy ot owns sud abou; 3, ack
of progress on the tariff bill in the
senate; 4, reopening of the silver
question in the house; 5, extreme de-
pression in Wall street, to which center
the country usually looks for signs of
eiodion that sunditions rei stetn quo.
The necessities of consumers and the
smaliness of the stocks are responsible
for the increased activity in production,
.but operations are still governed by
the hand-to-mouth policy, and are far
"from satisfactory. This state of affairs
~ will continue long as uncertainty re-
garding fiscal legislation. It is the
opinicn of some ‘of the best authorities
that the country is now prepared to
try: apy experiment which may be
forced upon it, but it is waiting for
congress Lo announce finally the exact
nature and extent of the experiment.
It is not willing to go ahead pending
that anvouncement.’ 2»
whirit's” Free Fictarcs,
‘A beautiful end artistic 14-color pic-
ture, size 9} x 15 inches, is given away
with every copy: of that popular news-
paver, Pennsylvania Grit, which is sold |
every Saturday. The pictures are
beauties and will - look well framed.
{ Everybody shouid os ian a pic-
ture this week. —14-t4 Li
Union. President Lincon called for
troops on April 15, 1861, anc at §
o'clock in the morning of the same
day, Hincks offered his service to the
government for immediate duty. He
became * lieutenant-colone! of the
Eighth Massachésetta Regiment on
April 17, and marched with it for
Washington on the 18th. On April 21
he was in command of the party that
cut out and saved ti.« frigate Constitu-
tion, aad on the following day com-
manded another detachment that
Washington that had been closed for
‘three days after the assault on the
troops in Baltimore on April 19.7
The COURIER commends the citizens
of Patton for the decisive vote in favor
of issuing school bomds. This paper
advocated the issue of bonds with most
sincere motives and views with great
ment in favor of the same as expressed
at the polls. It indicates that Patton
is progressive and will have public
schools in keeping with the spirit of
advancement which gave the town its
water system, its sewers, ita brick
buildings, business houses, palatial
hotels and enterprises for the employ-
ment of labor. Good schools, such as’
it is now possible to provide, will give Port
‘ the town an intelligent and moral tone
‘which it could not possess without
them, and the present tax-payers are
not to be burdened with the full cost.
Re eT “Toes Dindred’.
are the descendents of Tavern Keepers,
Skin trader's Money 'enders, Slave
the favorites of kings.
| stoek Cremated.
The large barn of Robt. Mitchell, in
Cherryhili township, near Mitchell's
Mills, was burned to the ground Wed-
pesday morning. The flames were so
far advanced when discovered that
nothing could be saved, and 6 head of
horses, young cattle, grain, ete, were
cremated. The origin of the fire is un-
‘known, and the loss is very heavy, with
no insurance.— Marion Centre Inde
Caution Notes.
Notige is hereby given that [| have
purchased from G. A. Valentine, of
Patton, Pa., all his right, title and
interest in all Personal Property in
and shout Opera House at Patton, Pa
All persons are hereby notified not to
interfere in any manner with the same
ander penalty that may ensue.
Patton, Pa, February 24th, 1584.
~e Selina
| Is the second of the (reat Spring Naw- V°
: . bers and has many special features in
7 PATON Fe ING. C0. Proprietors | gressman-at-large shows that Pennsyl- addition: to the unusaally fine display .-
|vania Democrats are largeiy of the of attractive styles. Prominence is
Samuel J, Randall school. If the great
given tc Bicycling in an illustrated arti-
ele whivh describes How to Ride and.
‘What to Wear, and iilso in a full page
of fignses in Bk ‘cling Costame and an
original piece of Music entitled The
Cyclists’ March. Mothers of families
will be glad of the aid of the very sug-
gestive paper on Fitiing Out the Fami-
ly for Spring and Summer, and both
Mothers and Daughters will be interest
ed in the opening chapter of a series
treating of the relationship hetween
the two. Some new dishes are given
under the head of Duinty Cookery, the
paper on How to Live Wisely opens a
‘subject that should commend itself to
all housékeepers, ard the chapter on
‘The Etiquette of the Dinner Table
treats of the most rifined observances
at the festive board. The contribution
on The Uses of [Crepe and Tissue
Papers gives fiirther instruction in the
making of many useful and orna-
‘mental articles. Around The Tea-Table
furnishes both instruction and enter
tainment, and further entertainment is
provided in An Easter Party and Liter-
ary Charades. The latest literature is
discussed in Among the Newest Books,
and Flower Culture for the Month tells
what work should bt done in preparing
the Garden for the Spring and Summer.
The illustrated articles on Netting,
Tatting, Knitting, Crocheting. ete. are
as fascinating as astial to the lover of
fancy work. The Subscription price
of the Delineator is $1.00 a Year
Ringle Copies, 15 Cents. Published by
The Butterick Publishing Co. [ Limi-
ted], New York, ani for sale by local
agents and newsdeslers.
Grent dase Offer.
Send ns the names and addresses of
three or more performers on the piano
or organ together with eight cents in
prstige and we will mail you one copy
Popular Music Monthly, containing
ten pieces, fall sheet music, consisting
of popular songs, wiltaes, marcies, etc.,
arranged for the pln and organ.
Address: :
Indianapolis, Ind.
How the Lady, His Patient, Managed to
Keep on With Her Opium.
"Thin story comes from one of car best
known physicians. For reasons that are
obvious the proper name of the woman |
is withheld
“She is a divorcee,’ the physician
said, ‘and i= qoite well known in soci-
ety. She is geod Jooking, clever and
rich, but for a long time Was add dicted
to the use of opium. The bu hit grew
#0 strong that her rel#tives adv. bow Ler
to go to some sapitarinm for trealinent.
For a long tine ste refused to do this.
but when they threatened to have ber
confined in scme asylum. sho yielded
and came to our ritreat. :
“She brought # nurse wilh bher--s
clever, bright faced gisk— whom she .
paid $30 3 week lo wait on her. We
were all greatly sorprised as the days
went by to note that she did not seem
to be at all depressed, az most people
are during the finit few weelx of sb
stinence from the Irug. She seemed as
bright and as cheerful as on the first
day. 1 said to ber ance:
> ‘You don’t seen to mise your
‘No." abe said, with a smile. ‘It
did not have sath a bold on me as |
hosght it did.’
*“One day, after she bad been there
over a month, we discovered by mere
accident what kept ber so cheerful. One
of our attendants caught her in the act
of taking opium. we asked her
where she had obtained the drug. she
refused at first > tell After a little
urging, however, she told us that she
Bad brought a lot of opium with ber.
““The matron srarched her room, and
whet she came to the office to report
she was almost speechless with amaze
ment. The womun had hidden hittie
of opium in every conceivable
of all her dresses. There was
in the sieves. In the ruffles, in
iace, in the lining and in every:
There wis optum sewed inside
ber garters and ia ber undergarments.
Attorney and Counselor at Low.
and Sdelity.
{ifliew opposite th MWeowrntain Heda
Attorney and Counselgr at Law,
» : 5 o* S [TR Pa.
AH lew! Hasiness promptly attendsd wo
Evfflew on Centre Ered
Will attend 10 all bosiness with prompt ;
But do not pass our plac of Business for we have Something -
very nice to offer you mn. the way of
We will GIVE AWAY with every cash pide of
$30 worth of goods a fine Onl Painting 28 x 34 inches.
frame is of Moulding ahout six inches deep. The pattern
and design is a new style and very effective. We are the
ANT ERER and (a
Patton. Wainut Bun, Spengler, and Hasdings
3 ’ 6,
plastering a speeinity. Estimates given on all
Einds of work
M. M. CraixN, Patton, Pa
in the rowan Dareneriy sewage] By (M1 aloes
Opera Hous block. Firstoisss work gusran-
tee? 2
Hair Cat 3 ~ente, Shave 10 rent, Wins rr few
I and Sm Foam i eonts
Offles in Jowws® Batlding, on Magee Aver
four doors west of Pifih
Cffew hoaime foe S496 1 EW
and Ti Gene 2
1 R. SXYDEE, Prop'r.
Fiflk avenue wx Heek's Hote! will swerve
gouwl mols at ail ours, Keeps avervisnng io
he had in a fAndclass retaunmmnt (Velers
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Mahaffey, Clearfield Co., Pa
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Adamant Plaster
Gives a first-class wall 3 moderate ex-
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Always ready for nusé in any season.
Does not hold gases or disease germs.
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Can be papered as soon as dry.
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Architecta who have used it in
‘this country and England.
Will give you a solid wall.
Of itself will not crack, swell or
‘Will not cleave off when used as di-
rected, even in case of leakage.
Will give you a warm house.
Does not ruin woodwork by loading
it with moisture.
Admits of carpenters following plas-
terers in a few days.
Is capable of every variety of finish.
pa Used on, the Paimer House, Good
Beainany. otel Beck. Hotel Patton,
I. & I. Co. office., Patton Opera,
hou: M. E. church, and on more than
one-half of the plastered houses and’
store rooms of Patton.
Also the Catholic Charch St. Angust-
ine. Ce x
For prices and information. write
Patton, Pa., Lock Box 345.
She even had opium in the papers which 2
she used to curl her hair.
“It was ber maid's duty, we learned,
to administer thin opium to her in sach
a way that we would not detect it
The young girl always curled ber mis-
tress’ hair snd took care not to spill.
any of the drug in the carl papers.
“The maid was promptly sent bome.
Her mistress was relieved of all her
clothing and was supplied with pew
dresses and placed in another room.
For several weeks she underwent the
depressing experience of all who break
off the habit. ~All her brightness and
good nature vanuihed for a time. She is
pow cured. bowever, and is marred
again.”’ New York San
The Government of Spain.
The government of Spain is a Emited
monarchy under ihe constitution which
was drawn up anl IF claimed in INR
The power to male laws belongs to the
cortes, which consists o f a senate and a
house of deputies the senators namber-
ing 360 ard the deputies 431. The seua-
tors are of three classes those Loldmg
office in their osn right, those poani-
pated by the crown and those elected by
the civil and ecciesiastical corporations
of state. In the tlection of deputies all
male Spaniards may vote under certain
restrictions. and Jeputies are elected In
She properticn of one deputy to every
50,000 souls of the population Both
houses of the cortes meet every year, and
the ministers are responsible Sherata—
New York Sun. i
[Ladies Home Journal
An DNiustrated with the
Largest Circulation aay Periodical
in the Warld.,
Tne Curtis Publishmg Co.
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Mrs, Lyman Abbott
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i >t I i re:
A} We snd
Ea na M. Hoo
an Ave
carance B.
A large assartment of CARPETS, OIL CLOTH, MAT--
leaders in every thing kept in a first-class store. We bandle
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Agent for i
Palace Steam Laundry
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Buy your BOOTS and SHOES from
us and be in luck.
Dry Goods
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Jaron, PA.
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he our constant effort to supplyfthe wants of alt our
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“Patton, Pa.
The following first<lass Fire Insurance Companies ar
Ak of Liv erpool.—
— Assets held in U. S.. $7.46¢
‘ONT. 443.
HOME, of New Yor lah capital 5 re oO; asse
4, 328.73 ~ 3 ? ’ ad > ;
GE = M. AN. i Pittsburg —C ash capial $200,000: asse
¢ Insurance Compan;
New Yor
* &
3A ims
Reserve, :
~~ 4
Surplus. 331.L3q,¢
Ufice in Good wa Over
mit Natica! Rank. Patton, P
Everbody is cordially 1 invited to call als see our large stock.
. GRAIN, . Efe.