The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, March 01, 1894, Image 3

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A Writer WhotPigtins It 1s » Key to Chan
[Special Correspondence. }
Nzw York, Feb. 22.—
laughter,” rays Charles Dickens.
- has given us the language of our bumps,
and Lavater tanght us to read character |
Why may cot langhter |
in the features.
echo the man?
A close observer chronicles a
go far in support of the argument.
When Chanpeey Depew smiles,
as if a whole bucket?al of sunshine
been thrown .in his face and
‘nto his personality. . Graver Cleve
langh i4 a la St,
I elicit an echo among tae bystanders
“Nothing in the
world is so irresistibly contagious as
might have added that thers 18 no better
key to a man’s character. * Spurzheim |
few in.
stances among’ well known people that
ne jonks
Nicholas and is saré to
When the Brsteged Hz2d Lost All Mope,
| the Seatchwoman Heard the Slogan
Which Announced That the flighlanders
Were Coming to the Rescue.
In conversation between a distingzunish-
od jndge of this state nnd an editor the
article of Mork T
ually came inio talk,
sited, and the judge alluded to
markable story of Joss ar
hes I :
bby a Vy
Twain'son telepathy cas
Many cases were
EW to Inany, an:
as it ny
Tr mes,
George Goubl hay & merry enon <h jar Teknow:
langh, but in business Ma hit ives
von to understand that ‘th
sumed = snch frivolity means a jeopard-
zing of stocks.
ye Oe hiltree's smile
sunny a8 his hair, @
good deal for the &
Sothern ianghs
sort of way, like b
Maggie Mitel
laugh in which
“Mrs. Barney
gamut of mus
a langh that
line of hearty
When € 3+ Cymer
dimpled panetuadi x.
around her month, ©
of sunshine spread ovarh
Cornelins Vand:
angh, as if
Russell Sage s :
bilities their natnral ‘us
énjoys an internal ¢ha
let any of it escape in sound,
Amelie Riv
in one who tackles | %ericus subjects!
as “The Quick 16 a
Hermann basa Me Reynidtathalion smile,
strongly re-enfore by his mustache |
and goatee, : 2
Henry Clewslangas as if half asha
of himself for letting his month pucker
to any other keynote thin “stocks a nd |
bonds.” :
~ Dr. Talmags has a that is in- |
stantly dismissed as ione. with.
‘While it lasts it's generous and big
When Tromas Nelsou Page langhs,
you know that he means it, but what |
fellow in his right mind —even a success.
ful writer—wounldn't feel jolly after cap- |
turing one of the richest widows in the!
Clara Marris has 50 nixed up the “Ar
ticle 47" laugh with her own that it is
hard to say “which is one and Which) is
Edwin Booth's 2 wngh was like theecho |
of a once jovful sound, and that is al-
ways sorrowfal.
Mrs. Grover Cleveland has a sweet,
cheery smile for every one that says as!
plainly as words, “Tm glad to see » yo. .
Andrew Carnegie’s broad Scotch lang
indicates the man
The sanuiness of’ Patti's smile de pends
very consi‘loraniy on the sise,of her au-
diences. [11s a sort of barometer, which
he who runs piay read.
Li 1 0
1 rf
i: =
! nixe h his n
CES Toy [we
rem INES A ugh u
OT 1
James Gordon. Bennett lhe 8 eyniv .
smile at times—mostly whenfe is “shak- |
. ing up” The Herald: #
When Dr. Parklnrst gets thaongh rak-
ing the police, asort of Mr. Toots expres
gion sééms to settle over him.
Henry Abbey, after going over to the
other side and engaging stars for which
other managers had negotisted with for
months without securing a contract,
emiles a Major Bagstock sande that siys,
“Bly, sir; sly, sir: devilish sly.” And]
they all agree with him.
Henry Irving has the twilight of a
smile that seems as if it might have been
studied among the eparacters he repre:
sents. (. ve FONTAINE,
The Guif Stream.
. [8pecial Correspondence. ]
JacksoNviLLE, Fla., Feb. 22.—Pec le
who vigit the east coast of Florida, and
ly the Indian river and the Lake
orth region, often wonder why the
climate of that section is so delightful
at all times of the year aud so different
in almost every partienlar from what one
would expect in those latitndes. And it is
doubtful if even the oldest resident there
could give all the canses which produce
this difference. But the explanation is
simple enough.
« The difference between northern and |
: semitropical Florida, apart fren the lati-
: | distance, Is dus to ‘the elevation
of the and the distance from it of
the ghlf stream. The waters of the gulf
of Mexico temper the immediate coast
line. Their effect does not extend far in-
land. The stream is pressed close to the
east coast shore along Dade county by
the Bahama banks. Atlantic steamships
- south bound, to avoid the force of the
current, stand in so near the shore that
they can at some points be bailed from
the land. The gulf stream isan old story,
but it is a great fact.
This vast deep blue ocean river, a
thousand times the volame of the Mis-
- gissippi, is 80 miles wide, 2,000 feet deep |
and has a velocity of five miles an hour |
the year round. The temperatnre of the |
stream is 84 degrees, or 9 degrees higher |
than the waters of the ocean through |
which it lows. The trade winds, blow- |
ing nine-tenths of the time, winter and
summer, from the castward, bear the
stratum of warm air formed by the gulf |
stream westward across the land.
is why the cast coast is milder and more
cquable than the west coast in the same |
With the gulf stream are found three
other equalizing agencies — the trade
_ winds, the everglades, with a water sur-
face preventing a land breeze, and the
zone of high barometric pressare. Here
the midsummer heat that might other-
- wise be 95 degrees is reduced to some-
thing like 88 degrees. The midwinter
chill, which might get down to 80 de
degrees. . FW. H.
35 03
This |
is warmed up to ) something like 40
Om every
face. N
i when we mnst
| forer eons
yen tha raed!
f wi
powerfully bovsent to her,
| come with dati goe, ene lay d
: ground, wrapped by ber pla
| side | TER, prowasing £0 BWR LS
{a8 she said, her ‘father sh
| from the plowing.’
t. “Zhe fell at
sinmbe FF Jp ioniess
| breathless, her head rest
1 myself co wid no lon
| elination to slee}
tinnal roar of the ennnen.
| was arcased by s wild, nneartnly serea
| close to my ear. My companion sto
, | upright besido me, her arms paints an
her head bant forward inthe attitude of
| listening. |
| “A look of intense delight broke over
her countenance. She grasped my band,
Zz in my lap.
er resist the in-
(in spate of the con-
drew me toward her and exclaimed: |
3 : other hand
‘Dinna ye hear it? Dinna ye hear i
Aye, I'm np dreaming! It's
| o* the highlanders! We're saved! We're
saved” Then flinging herself on her
knees she thanked (rod with passionata
i fervor. I felt niterly bewildered.
| “My English ears heard only the roar
{of artillery, and I thought my poor
| gie was still raving, but she darted to
| the batteries, and I heard her cry inces-
.santly tb the men: '‘Conrage!
LL of them all! Here's heip
| last? |
f “To describe the effect of these w
impon the soldiers would be impossitde
For a moment they ceased firing,
{ every soul listened with intense anxiets
| Gradually, however, there arose 4 mi
| mur of bitter disappointment. and tl
| wailing of women who had flicked
{the spot burst omt snew as the color
| shook bis head. Onr dull lowland ea
heard only the rear of the mugketry
| 4p few Tnoments more of thi
| ike suspense, of this agonizing hope, oad
| Jessie, who had again sunk on the ground,
{ sprang to Her feet and cried in a vioica so
clear and | piercing that it was heard
8 aesat
along the he le lines “Will ye Bo believe |
Lit noe? The slogan has ceased indeed,
but the Campbells are coming.
hear? D'ye hear?
“At that moment all see med, indeed,
‘to hear the voice of God in the distance,
now there was no longer any doubt of |
the fact. That shrill, penetrating, cease
less sound, which
of the Scottish bagpipes, now shrill and
harsh, as threatening vengeance on the
ise succor to their friends in need.
“Never, surely, was there such a scene
7 the residency of Lucknow but bowed it |
sélf before God. All by onesimultanecus |
impulse fell upon their knees, and noth-
ing. was. heard 1 but bursting sobs and
murmured voice of prayer. Then all
sand lips a great shout of joy, which re-
sounded far and wide and lent new vigor
to that blessed pibroch.
“To our cheer oi ‘God Save the Queen’ |
they replied by the well known strain !
Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot?
that nothing else
on me, | scarcely retneling what fol-
owed. Jessie was presented to
i eral on his entrance to the f.
i the officers’ banquet
i frank by all presen '
TL, at
her. was
while tha
‘more the te 1k
| Wh ttigr's poem,
| DOW, and Robert
| Relief of Lock kn
this same inc
| can.
Matrimonial Item.
Chumly —How the mischief iid yon
come to marry that old widow?
{ didn’t yon marry the dang ghte
i Benedirt—I1 thought over the
carefully, If I had married the )
ter, I'd have had the mother on my
hands anyhow. Then I'd have had both
on my hands, but as it 13, now that her
mother is prov ided for, very likely some-
body else will marry the daughter, and
then I'll only have one of them to pro
vide for. — Texas Siftings.
which was
i heads or Puritan
My home is in
i is in La Anes
2 C *
: fan iy hame wa
w« wy
¢ father forbids
; ritanical
Suddenly 1 I delphia Times.
- &n ares of
: district
the slogan i
| Hark to the slogan—the Macgregor, the |
Dye |
hén the pibroch of the highlanders |
y ¥ # : x i which would amoaat to £48, 000 1m Eng.
{ lish money, or early a quarter of a mil-
cease | lion dollars.
brought us tidings of deliverance, for |
rosé above all other |
sounds, cold come neither from the ad- |
vance of the epemy nor from the work |
of the ssppers. No, it wasindeed the blast i
foe, then in softer tones seeming to prom- |
ich féllowod. Not a heart in
| a8 that whic ow Not a ini and Britain would have been exhausted.
arose, and there rang out from a thoun- |
that moves every Scotto tears, “Should |
made any impression
out wert the light, and performers and
4 ls
the geri
Pap= a
Why |
A Mas Who Sears That Pec_iiar Name
©. Tells How It Originated.
The register of the Girard House re-
cently recorded the arrival in the city of
Thomas Godhepraised of Barrow-in-Fur-
ness, England. Being approached upon
the subject of the oddity of his surname,
Mr. Godbepraisfd said:
“Yes, I suj the name does gound
very odd to Americans, sithongir sueh
pames are yof altogether nunsnal in
England and especiail iy in Lancashire
mehold of the Round:
% ma
a str
tn CroniwelP's 1
Barrow-in-Frrness, whit
My ancestors prior to
; Vat 1
EF (ta,
- i
yo ie
ti lowes
i put
Pd tiny
* pet GY bt
-1 ¥ince He
ical nickna
zeal hi
fanat :
~The Different Londons.
The Londen
definite. Lut may |
a square mil
size of is somewhat
De said to
The postal :
150 square miles,
farther, ¢
extends stil
an area of 887 niles.
3 . Toe
the pariiamentsry London
It eonzists of 10 bor
onghs, of which the city of Landen,
thongh the alest-—having 5.3
babitant® in 18R1—is repr: by four
members Gr account t cial
and financial 2 we each of
the other nine, pre-
sented only by twa
413; Chel
553; Ha
816; Tower Hatale 5
$79,112; South
£4} Bara
is mach HArrower.
sh ted
AiLhinT ' 3s re
MF Ev. ; ;
. Lambezh,
walk, 2 sryvesch
Put together,
pent Culy & popu
and 100 remain
ope ration
local, government
adopted by the
smarts of {hw
and Rent #
gex, Durrey ailtimore Amer
! jean.
Costly Meals
The c ever served, as far
osiliest meal
persons, yet its coat was @ 000 sestert.
The celebrated fesat given by Vitel-
Has. a Roman emperor of those degen-
erate days; to his brother Lucins cost a |
Luetonins says |
| that this banquet consisted of 2.000 dif-
| ferent dishes of fish and 7.000 different
fraction over $200,000,
fowls, besiles other courses in propor
tion. Vitellins, fortunately for th
world. did not reign very long; other-
wise the game preserves of Libya, Spain
It may not be out of place to mention
| pere that it is recorded as a curious point
of history that a single dish on the table
of the Emperor Héliogabulus was worth
$200, oe lous Globe DeSicurat
The Liens Went Oat.
His royal highness the Prince of Wales
was present at a noble lord's once to
gether with all fashionable London, and
after dinper the best musicians both
vocal and instr were preparing
ninent..., ning
to display their talent when
: ddenly
lience were left in total
the was electric an 4d was su
from a private engine which had ck
this ane moment
: thers was noth
Carkness. As
5 1
lig nt pis
1Y rrwirt $n
by Wy
Bir Ta
h |
: Ww.
| wry face.
i a wali.
i Dies
i growing
2{ days
we police |
tha !
[3 Jong man,
al- i
3 in- |
i ‘young jaw yer told him he would
! judge and said:
[into town! I 4
quite tired t
» | Detroit Free Press,
The Dimigréauble Aftermntive Prederviek | Mrs Lyne Linten Bacmerties a ed of
Augustus Presevted in Musician Abell. { : X
John Abell, a celebrated singer and |
musician who lived im the reign of | | original and radical, she is capable of
Charles II. had a very great notion 4 | enying some fairly pleasant things. The
Bimself avd wonld not perform unless | idea that many things of value eannot
be pleased. There is a fonng story told
of how he was once mada to sihg against can be bonght are only of secondary im-
kis will ; i
While traveling shee ad, for plensure |
he cams into the town of Warsaw, News
was brought to the paiace of the famous
En glish singer's arr val, and Frederick |
king of Pol
of, 110 AEE
y cent word that b ed Abell to
before hin.
“Tell bw mad 7 rentiad Jolin onrt-
“ihagt it sic not” : :
Bask went the conirt messenger witha
He knew. his master's temper
niet And
lows with
“Tall Mas A bel,”
ivhoat TT w=
nat will have i i
yon, boy,
three stont
and the ¢hree stont fol- |
i to carry
them managed
The meesen rer
¥ marca.
» palace with
wish and present!
to th
2 from
& Angnstas, with 3
worry soa if
Up wit
vo ¥ furs
then i,
the king
to play with my bro
wi La-
(ma 1
Bnbaby iiss mi
a. pead to
and ha
that never san An
life as vehen 1 he was hangin ie there a Han
dred feet hich abovs the fierce beasts —
' New York Journal.
la- |
Don’t Try te Cheat a Lawyer,
A young lawyer, just starting in 1 his
| profession, hung out his sign in a ‘town
whera there was only one
an aged judge.
A closes fisted old fellow, thinking to get
legal advice for nothing, called upon ihe,
ane man and contrived in a sort of!
jghborly way to get some legal ques
ns answered, © Then, thanking the:
he was about to leaws, when |
» young man asked for a §5 fee Tha:
old feliow went into a violent passion :
and swore he never would pay. Tha |
sue him, |
‘ellow went down to see the |
Ot h Er iawy ver.
So the old
“That young scamp that’s just comme,
fropped in to 7 1ake a ne 1igh- |
him, and he Jharges me #
borly call on
for i eg al adv
i the jndge.
have i, judge?
Of rouTSas ¥
gaid the man, “io
RUarted off.
ad ell, 1p
Ione,’ a an
gon 3a 1
said | the: Judge, rent
ald fellow had
ver and $10 to
The Gallery Gods’ Applause.
Lawrence Barrett once told me of a
| eaversation he had with Edwin Booth,
| The latter had been congratulated upon
as history shows, was a supper given by | ;
| Aelin Verns, one of the most lavish of |
| the latter day Roman aristocrats. The |
| supper was ouly intended for a dozen
an ovation given him by a crowded
bouaae on opening night of an engage
ment. “The sweetest music to my ears,”
said the great tragedian, “is the shout-
ing of the Lovs in the gallery. I know
thy are not applauding because I havea
reputation or because they wish to make
a display. They simply give vent to
their natural enthusiasm, = When they
shout. [ know that I am giviag a good
performance. As -for the parquet, it
may clap its hands out of politeness. A |
| dramatic critic who bad certain notions |
as to how a line should be read willap- |
plaod if I read it his way; otherwise be
will remain quiet. 1 can never analyze
the applause of the front rows, hut the
| van is fissure in its hikes or dislikes."
C » Record. :
i gold may not b ay
ab Hal
first etisions
Life's Uspurchasables.
When Mrs. Lynn Tantols fuigets tora
| be bought, and that those things which
portance in the world, is not strikingly
new. Two or three pasple had hit apon
it Lefora Mrs. Linton. Bnt what she |
gas about the unpurchasable things is |
not the less interesting and timely be- |
| canse they hove been said ever since the
| deluge.
There is bappines
6 warmnan
gd 11a :
23, sha $7113 ns
“When 1}
vod yon, and the *
vou love deesi prs rirait
gem clasped’ we orn aver Ler Peart shows
another face than yours--when ihe hus
band yon were upeonventional enough
to iove in tbs oid
dead in your cms,
ture is darkened lan:
| your son has race i his 1
by his own lacks! honor dk
and cast donbt on his mother
Clandes and Turners,
amels and old Venetian glass ease
smari? Dees your splendsd colle
in; their perio
which come to
en's, when
x Bagrle "8 ¥
and your
storm iv
me and
$40 ye "n-
vour Limoges en.
a8 Ww
ness ja full y its very fallne
force welis ave
and farm
your carriages
Onur Sone
not parchise
creams ahd iat : t
claim to pat the evil hour of
it is well to read what (his very
headed woman says about voata.
“¥« I HMRy bi fasinion Cossaeiics,”
| Bays, artfal enhancements, sub
that look almost as good as the
thing. but yon ean boy yout
beauty. In spit 1
thongh you give,
ge of a penny, yon
hands of the
of time,
“That enamel is cleverly ow: that
3 .
Mir care, and
he vy al t
% 3
mgs for
Clock por blunt the acyl be |
i dyed, frizzed hair is a veritable work of |
| art; those 1
: painted cheeks sine ulate the
carnations of lyonth more eraditably |
than in #0 of your competitors re, bat-—the |
cruel fact remaine
. cannot be purcliased and old age cannot
be bought off The poor old shriveled |
akin grads IVE mote aud mom
hike parchment. The fading. eves lose
their brightoess, atid not be iladonna it-
self can bring back that dark line around
the iris which ag? and weakened vitali. | a
ty replace by | ithat all eloguent ‘arcus
*Noge of itisvery new, Tiis not near! y!
ng as her views on the “wild
ha it stall it ds good Sa
| few of thess interesting faels in these.
days of dancing grandmsaninas and eli-
gible bachelors of 60 or so.—New York
World G. 2
{ 80 tn
: Branding a Maverick. v
In a deil in the forest we espied some
or unbrazded stack. The
punchers are ever alert for a beef with.
ont kal? its edrs gone and a big HF
burned in -its'iflank, and immediaraly
they perceive one they tighten
eincha, ship the rope from the pommel,
put their hats co the back of their heads
and “ight out.? A cow was soon caught,
after desperate riding over rocks and
failen - thrown down and Bis
four feet togeihs
er. A little Ww budlt, and one side of
3 casa ring is heated cedhot, with
which rawnide artist paints HF in the
sizzling feb, while the cow kicks and
She is then unbound, and when she
gets back on her feet the vaqueras stand
about, serape in hazd, after tbe buil-
haan nee
$0 gat
Laie ir
Ged, WwW
a "
fighter {asiuon, and provoke ber to!
Ste cliarges, while they avoid
ber by agile springs and a faunting of
their rags. They laugh and cry, “Bravo
toro!” until she, having overcome her in-
dignation at their rudeness, sets forth
down the canyoz with fer tailin theair.
—From “In the Sierms Madre With the
Punchers.” by Fredesws Remington, in
Harper's Magazine. :
a ————— ———— 3 ————.
The Largest Cities of £ Autiquity.
The greatest cities of ancient times |
were Babylon and Rome. The former
is said to have had an area of 100 to 200
square miles. Its houses were three or
four stories high, but palaces and gar-
| dens cceupied much of the vast area, so |
i that the population was not what these
She was a very cultured ‘nd fashion-
able young lady. albeit she was only 6
years oid, and ahe was a resident of New
Yiork. A gentleman calling on ber par-
ents had an opportunity to have a brief
tete-a-teta with her.
wv] prescine, " he said, “that when you
gIOW up you w i marry, asall i: stile iris
“No,” sha rep hie languidly.
hardly think Is hall’
“Indeed! That will be so disappe
ing.” :
“Possibly it
Ns, 1
dws tL
may be to mamma and to
th+ young gentleman, but t to me, 1
fancy,” and she lolled bac kis n her chair
to death, don't you know. —
! ee
A sinzle word sometimes reveals a
ns ino
hose @iris playing a en
"asked one man of another at
is the daughter of the
Cn La n- -
‘3 Balle: "k's beart
fact tha?
love, and when-
» do witha
the 18,
ew ne
ndon Millian
figures would seem to indicate. In fact,
it is said by one historian that nine
tenths of this area were taken up by gar-
dens and orchards The total popula- |
tion af the city under N
and his son Evil-Merodach 1s estimated |
at upward of 2,000,000, Rome reached |
its graatest size during the fourth cea- |
tury of our era, and its population was |
then about 3,500, 000. —Western Mail
The Divtionary Habit.
“Yes, it's a good thing for a man to |
refer to the dictionary, but this practice
can often be carried to excess,” said a:
well known nmgazine writer. “Why,
I've seen a man get so much addicted to |
' he continued, “that he could
ordinary letter without
dictionary three or four
vr to ascertain some big
This, { think,
waste of time, as he does
aning a bit better than
"he had used some shorter and really |
English wonds”
nid use,
The Kanby as » Fruit. |
of Burmak believe that the |
i e reat which will ripen
: They say that most
1iply because they
If you want to
¥ 11 your ring, according
si, VE must tage your
the sun for one month
it 3% all, aud xt the
itv pe” and
{hp peop oe
sannot put back the |
1 ten pat
MHMIEY Worth its Sew, far your o
antouched—youth |
Fa |
= TEA week tay obtain as
Not No.702
» oy
Mahaffey Junction 1HH#®
Med yors
Ridge Siding - -
Tish CO rewk June
Evlen o ast psa} ;
wd wR Sn Ge Gs Gn
RENEE EScesvevew
0 A UE 0 00 60 00 de Bh i
a I
Simpler :
farmditown Bead $145 83
Bradley Juuestion G8 558
Fb Ra
OF 6 OL 50 0 BE TF oT
ne A
r ihe Restienty
lean Shui eyetons srhilch
tanities S5r Hx
2 Pronle, they
» with The Pros
> : Trample pon
sar DT mtinitesd. Pre b
of River res wnich sre worth only 7
wy the dodlar Make them wri fell Pallas.
The s130 LW of Nutians! Pank Notes with
iran fram cnumiion sige INET Pure Devan Pee
over 55 SOON of siiver which has
ant. Now make the people's diver
wii benefit! Ww
plese Ly
Reswrve the Pablic Rand =
for artis) setflersand save then from MODOP-
w and spestilators! Pridaet and chocarnmge
tis actual set tbert
Neo luteriererow
PURE Poems ve potd ches of Se Republican
prt vpeaiedly enacted he lew) of Stang
op a New Navy: Preaseting the Sea Joasts
Peasioning I nion viersas oxy Fan the Chi-
bing Regaining Int-eSate Uommesoe; dee
fearsdinig the Connon Seloods: Fotecting Amen
Citi nx nbn; Securing Reclp Ur with
Mer American cations: dethanding Foe Ex.
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“Washingtos’s Farewell”
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of The N. Y. Tribune. A copy will be siaiied
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Officers, an: socurate histarioal picture, inte .
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Terms for 1894
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d1-wl ty . New Y
The Keystone Watch
Case Co. of Philadelphia,
the largest watch case manufactur-
ing concern in the world, is now
putting upon the Jas. Boss Filled
and other cases made by it, a bow
(ring) which cannot be twisted or
pulled off the watch
" Itis asure protection against the
pickpocket and the many accicients
that befall watches fitted with the
old-style bow, which is simply held
in by friction and can be twisted off
with the fingers. It is called the
snd CAN ONLY HE BAD with
“cases bearing thew trade mare—
vthrongh watch dealers.
without extra charge.
Don't use your knife ar fSnger nails ta spas your
watch case. Send for an opener (tree).
[id on!