The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, March 01, 1894, Image 1

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VoL, 1—NO. 1s.
Ae Se
$1.00 PER YEAR.
& CO,
. Our specialties are :
FINE £ a
OIL and
"POWDER, $1.50 per keg.
CANS, and
Our stock of
Call and see them.
We are selling a good
Roller Flour
For $1.00 a Sack.
: TRY IT. ;
3 Commercial ;
5. M. . WILSON, Prop.
A Moder Hotel.
Tisuly fou Sleeping rooms,
AH new furniture, ie
Heated with steam through-
‘Hot and cold water on every
Cooking and dining ‘depart-
ment in Skillful hands.
We have on Kies a complete
stock of furniture in all
‘its Branches
Window Shades,
- Matresses and
gH aires Parlor Suits |
‘Bed Room Suits ane
. Prices to
she TIMES. You can
on very Dallars worth you bay rom,
Town. Special attention given to
: and
Patton, Pa
tent, never reached completion.
May 31, 1803, a receiver was appointed
"completed and
Dramatist E: Expires Aboard |
a Train
He Pevigned the Creat Spectatorieon Which
3 Proved a Grand Failare,
Steele Mackaye died Monday morn-
1g wr Tomy 0), a small station
line, aboard a
Santa Fo tran on be way tn San Fran-
It can
‘truly Wm that he was a gen-
* Stcke Mackaye was one of te most
men of his period.
: ins, and that he was not really what -
the world calls a great man was simply
owing to the fact that he was entirely
too haman. He throbbed 20 violently
. with natural impuisess that be was on-
able to control himself, and as a result
his life was one long series of grand
ideas, masterful plans, brilliant schemes,
‘inspired work, from all of which others
achieved sucess.
In July, 1891, Mackaye went to Lon-
don to secure the publication of
book there. While in the British
metropolis he thought of or happened
across the grand idea which proved his
_ ultimate downfall, and abandoning his
book—which remains anpubiished he
rushed back to this conntry and inject-
ing capitalists with his enthusiasm be-
gan the building 5f the Speetatorium.
The large opera houde and theatre he
attempted to erect just outside of the
World's Fair grounds at Chicago. This
gigantic playhouse, 400x600 feet in ex-
for the Columbian Celebration
pany, and his big amusement enter
prise went to smash. Bonds to the
amout of $800,000 had been issued, and
$500,000 of them had been sold. There
had been expended already £500,000 on
the enterprise, it is anid. and the com-
plainant averred that it would take
$270,000 to finish it. The company
‘owed $316,000, and had tangible sasets
to the amount of $50,000. Mackaye ai-
leged that the company owed him $55,
- 000, and that it conldn’t pay its debts.
In October the large unfurnished build-
ing was sold for old iron for $2,500 and
demolished. Upon the failure of this
project he started another, the estab-
lishment of a Scenatorium, which was
opened about three
weeks ago. This was also a failure,
Mackaye for the first time in his life.
They broke bis spirit and without that
he could not live.
Mr. Jno. Helfrich died at St. Boni-
face Saturday, Februa.y 24, ag. d about
78 years. The deceased was born in
{ Germany ana emigrated to America
in the year of 1550 and setticd in, which
was then known as Chest, but now
Elder township, and being one of the
pioneers of that part of the country,
. he cleared a farm. In after years, be-
ing too old to attend to the many duties
at the farm, he removed to the village
of St. Boniface where he died as above
stated. Funeral services were con-
ducted by Rey. Father Max. The re-
mains were laid to rest in the Catholic
cemetery, Monday, February 28. 1894
He leaves a wife and daughter to
mourn his death. The daughter is the
wife of Anthopy Raver, of Barr town-
ship, and the mother of six children. .
Scariet Fever Increas-w.
Notwithstanding the many precaa-
tions that have been taken by the board
(of health and physicians the dreaded
' disease scarlet fever seems to be on the |
increase. Quite a number of the phy-
sicians were visited to-day and all
seem to think that the disease is not
abating. Ome
had six new
week, and several of them are very.
‘serious. ~ Another one states he has
two new ones, and still another one
says he has several casas that are not
fully developed. As it is, the best of
physician says he has
: care should be taken, as this disease in
the malignant form is very deadly.
These cases appear in different parts of
{ the eity, several being on the South
| Side.-~Johnstown Herald. :
Loe) Market Report.
For the special beaefit of the farmers |
{in the vicinity of Fatton the CovriEr
- the following local market |
Nport, + revised each week:
Butter... 5 ov nts per pound.
Ollie ssi TaN
RA FO per head.
.. 914 to $15 per ton.
- Commercial Agency,
- Wednesday
cases within the past:
bushel | {
weacwanT's proTecTIvE ASSOCHTION
CA Loest Branch Formed st Patten and
- Ofecrs Fle cted Monday Fyruming. :
Monday ~vening a meeting of the
merchants and business men of Pation
was held at the Commewcial for the
purpose of organizing a branch Pro-
tective Associstion. Mr. Phiio Patter-
of the Retail
of Chicago, has
“been in town the past three weeks for
the purpose of interesting the mer-
chants of Patton in organizing a local
branch aid was present Monday even-
ing to explain the workings and ad-
vantages of membership in the agency.
The local branch was organized by
“electing the following officers: H. E
Barton, president; D. C. Dale, vice-
president; 1). A. Buck, secretary; Harry
Buck, treasorer; executive board, T.
F. Mellon, A. T. Little and John A.
Reilly. The constitution and by-laws,
as adopted by other branch organiza-
tion throughout the country, were read.
and adopted by the Patton branch. Lo
8. Bell, formerly of a member of the
agency at DuBois, was present and
stated his experience with the organi-
zation and how the agency had been
snccessfully managed at that place.
‘The system in ume by this agency has
for its purpose the protection of mer-
chants. . This agency uses no dishonor:
able means to foree eoilections or
settlements, but the merchants propose
to exercise their legal right to refuse
credit to persens who gain the repu-
tation of not treating a member of the
agency honorubly.
Many a poor, worthy man has been
refused credit for the necessities of life
because’of the merchant's unpleasant.
experience with bad debtors. but this
system will tend wo obviate all that,
because the man who does respect his
credit will be known and have a stand-
ing among merchants, while the “dead
beat’ and others of his kind Will also
be known to
agency and be absolutely refused credit;
no matter if he moves to another town |
Cambria Republicans Meet at
the County Seat
wew ansrvaus m PATTON.
im fhe Good Bullding. - : :
That the present general pression Observe Washington Birthday
has in no wise dampened the ardor for estover.
merchants Patton ass at W
lecrative field in which to
npn ues glen yn. re FLAG PRESENTATION.
by the exceedingly large number who
Delegates to Sate Convention Named and
revival of confidence and a general ax-
have already Made Bt (Beir SOME | pet Mrererting. Heerolees. Mobil ult the’
nation, and which Sends to show a School House in the Afternoon. . ~~
The flag presentation at Westover on
|| pectation of a decided improvement in Thursday last, was participsted in by
"early fotare.
sll branches of business in the Wry many old veterans and sons of veter
ae ; ons. The Sag was presented to the
Last among the prominent enter- public school at that piace by the G. A.
prises to establish in Patton is the R. Pot Nose0. The Cherrytree dram
ated to him by the convention. :
EC. Bownand 8 M. Wilson were
delegates from Patton. Delegates were
Austin Pa. Mr. Koller hae amocisted furnished the music on an of
are aio closely connected with the firm | house until a quarter of an hour jater.
of L. B. Cohn & Co., of Alcona, KBOWR | The sadience was called to order hy
an the “Model Clothing Store.” This
will personally conduct ite business wis filled with sound loge, patriotism
® here and expects to remain perma snd guod common sense. The COURIIR
- neatly in Patton. He is » gontionsnn representative coald nit learn the name
of indomitable perseverance, amd | of the spealrar who made the scoepta-
of his accomplishment of pwrpase is high- tion speech, it being time for the de
_ ly commendable and will make him a. ; partare of the train for Patton he ‘hed
; prominest figure: in Pation business to leave. We understand that our
tke members of this |
or state his reputation as poor pay will ;
follow him, and the merchants in such be
new place of residence will also refuse
him credit.
The agency does not interfere - with
the credit of men who deal honestly, no t
matter if they are slow; neither does it
in any way regulate prices.
object is to compel men to be honest
with merchants or to pay spot cash for
. goods purchase,
They Attempt to Burglarise the Store of
Mirkin sod Kassner, Bat Fall
Thieves attempted to burglarize the
store of Mirkin & Kasner the clothiers,
morning at about 3:39
‘o'cluck by breaking in one of the glam
show windows. Mirkin and Kusner
were sleeping in’ the store and were
awakened by a loud crash of glass.
They at once ’‘nvestigated and found
the glass next to the main entrance
broken and scattered in every direc-
tion, but the marauders made quick
‘their escape. The proprietors returned |
to their bed and kept on the wateh for
about ten minutes when they heard
the party arrive again and attempt io
gain an entrance. He succeeded in
getting inside when Mr. Kasner, grab-
bing his revolver from ander his pil-
low, started after him. Just as the
fellow made his exit. Mr. Kusner fired,
but with no avail. All that was mis
sing was a shirt, which no doubt was
taken when the giass was first broken
as they were hanging in the show
window. Mirkin & Knsner can com-
sider themselves very fortunate in not
loosing more than they did under the
circumstances, and Mr. Kusoer de-
serves much credit for his brave at-
(tempt io Nighten the guilty person
Returned to Altouns,
the proprietors of the New York cloth-
ing store, was in town Friday looking
after his business interests in this place.
During Mr. Salmond’s visit bere the
goody of his store were packed and
shipped back to Altoona and the store
at this place will be closed. The es
tablishment opened
last fall and Mr. Wm. Storm was
placed in charge.
young man who made many friemds
here and all will regret that he will not
in the future be a resident of the town.
The business relations of the CoURIER
with the New York Clothing store were
always pleasant and agresable.
That's What They Are.
The Patton COURIER reached the
Longman le sic dobthorind : We intend to lead and a others
{ and worthy of pasrSEage. —Karthaus |
| Times.
Its sole’
in Patton
Mr. Storm was a
sd on record their solemn |
in the chape of 87 000 maj
Clalasha A. Crow. Eo
For the New School Bullding. -
Mr. A. J. Dill, of Pittwburg, repre
sentative of the Smead- Mills company,
was in town the latter part of last
week and met the school directors for
the purpose of introdacing and explain-
ing the heating and ventilating system (
for public buildings manufactured by
that company. Plans were submitted for
placing the same in the new school
building that it is proposed to erect
here during the coming sammer, and
board of directors The systein is
probably the best that bas yet been
and thereby expensive plumbing is not
necessary. The system is in soccesaful
use in school buildings in ‘many towns
of Pennsylvania, among which may be
named Kittanning Pwnxsutawrney and
DuBois, where it has proven very satis-
factory. : :
: Hastings and Reaver.
General Hastings and Ex-Governor:
Beaver passed through town Thursday
and a COURIER representative had the
pleasure of meeting them. Neither
would talk om politics although the
subject was introduced several times
(leneral Hastings is the only man the
Republicans now speak of as a candi-'
date for governor and his nomination |
at the state convention will probably
At the Repulican’
convention held at Ehensburg Monday
Jaa. ‘IL. Salmond, of Altoona, one of
be made gnanimous
be was unanimously endorsed, which
shows that he is popular in Cambria as
well as elsewhere in the State.
List of Unclaimed Letters.
The following letters remain in the
postoffice at Patton for the week end-
ing Saturday, February M, 1804:
Mike Evans 12) Mark Krise. Mise’
Katie Kintzman George Lupton, Sam-
‘vel Lovd, Lawrence McGowman, Jmo.
H. Roland L. L. Sheafer; Job Stephens,
“W. ‘W. Spencer, Harvey Weinstein,
John Schrina.
will please say they are advertised
E A Mxuox, PX
From Pails Creek Hera.
Men who have business of their own
to attend to should not waste valuahie
' follcw in styles and prices.
Yims Respect, Keller & Co.
townsman Dr. Noonsn was booked tio
igo gentlemen have been forto- make an address. but on secount of the -
nate in securing the services of Mr. U. time taken up by the two speskers sb
8. Stolts, formerly of Carrolltown, Bet resdy mentioned. it was impusibis fw
ate of Altoona. Mr. Stolts is well him to do so, as be had to leave ait the
for the opening. which will take place
. erson, Mrs
Persons calling for the above letters
» known in this vielnity and is a young
man of exemplary habits, and excellent
the last of this week, will be most
complete. and we wish them abaadant
‘ saccess in their new enterprise. :
| Marvied st Bellefonte
C. Hubbard, the well-known jov-
a who is employed om the
Good building at this place was nmr
ried 10 3 Miss Sadie J. Moore, of Flem-
mington, on Thursday, February 22 at
one o'clock P. M. Miss Moore is the:
estimable duaghter of Mr. end Mrs, W.
C. Moore, of Flemmiagton., The overe-
mony was performed at Bellefonte by
Rev. W. A. Houch, a Methodist min-
ister of that place Mr. Habbard has a
out going train.
The Patton Brilding and Loan met
First National bank. Owing to the
dull times, only a few shares were sokl,
the premium paid, howewer, was very
satisfactory. This buildiag asd loan
is on excellent footing, and no doult
will, when times get better, grow with
the town. The COURIER haw agai and
again say that by wo dang 6 Ben :
will soon be a eity of homes. Risthe
only way in which a pour mpn _—
a racer to Mig Se
large circle of friends in Patton wha,
- with the COURIER, join in wishing he
and his life partner a happy and pros-
perous journey together.
A Happy Sleigh Ride.
_ Om Tnesday aftersoon two sicighing
parties composed entirely of ladies
took advantage of the excellent aleigh-
img and drove fam this place to Hast
ings. The names of the participants
are Mrs Curfman, Mrs. Wilson, Misses
Mary Wilsen, Daisy Wilson, Katie
Wilson. Mm
Addleman. Virgie Dale,
Mrs. Greene.
Misses Della Addiemnn, Effie Ad-
dleman, Grace Jackson, Maggie
‘Ashosoft, Sannie Dale, Mollie Meiion,
| Fmgie. Merry Bell :
The fail of sow Monday morning i
wa= not very deep but with -
lent - foundation it had
Fannie Mellon, Emma Tippery, Bert Patton to Spangler and had a mos
‘Morgan, Kate Young, -—— Kinkead. -
Cleaning of Gold sad Miver Lace.
Mix half a loaf of stale bread with a
enjoyable time #1 that place. They = 5
BelPs Tafloring Estadifihniont.
clothier, has secured the
J. W. HE, of Colm
crumbs with a piece of flannel and rub | “wriver, or otherwise will be :
softly with a piece of red velvet. —Pebn/ 136 Sante: Diaked, Initial
' ruary Ladies’ Home Journal.
The el - from oll the
- counties of the state gives Grow a total “What shall we
‘Markley got 2457, Morrow, $386, ‘and | Weare bere ay. Valin
Lotier, 3845. | reply. : :