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Backache, headaches, dizzy spells
nd distressing urinary troubles warn
you of dropsy, diabetes, . and fatal
Brlght's disease. Act In time by cu-
"wrP(f ring the kidneys with
inwu a money XlllH.
They have cured
thousands and will
cure you.
Mrs. Sarah S. Mau-
pin, Brentwood,
Tenn., says: "Doctors
said I had Brlght's
disease and held out
little hope of recov
ery. I could scarcely totter about. My
limbs were swollen and my life was
one long, drawn out pain. I began us
ing Doan's Kidney Fills and was as
tonished at the results. In1 six weeks
I could do a hard day's work without
Remember the name Doan's.
For sale by all dealers. 50 cents a
box. Foster-MIlburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y.
All About It.
To appreciate fully this Borap of dia
logue quoted from London Punch, one
should see the two odd characters en
gaged in It. Apparently thry parted
satisfied, one that he had imparted
some real Information, the other that
he had received some. Said one man:
"D'you recollec' old wots-'is-name?"
"'Im with the collar?"
s "Aye!"
"Wot ababt Mm?"
" 'E'ad to go down" jerk of the
head "you know they give 'Im wot
you call It didn't arf git It, I don't
"'Adn't you 'eard, then?"
"I did 'ear someflnk, but no details,
not afore now." Youth's Companion.
Why the Boy Gave Thanks.
Alan had played the entire day with
little brother without an impatient
word. After saying his customary
prayer that night, his mother suggest
ed that he add: "I thank God I was
not Impatient with little brother to
day." This he did with much fer
vency; after which he remarked that
there were some other' things he
would like to thank God for, and forth
with he closed his eyes and said:
"I thank God I offered my candy to
mother before taking any myself. '
"I thank God I offered my candy
to little brother before taking any my
self. . "And I thank God there was some
left." Llppincott's.
Cheering Up the Guide.
"Remember, Henry," said the hunt
er who had arranged with the guide,
"we're not hiring you you're simply
one of our party."
"What's on your mind?" inquired
the guide.
"Well, you see, In case anything
happens we don't want to be troubled
with this new employers' liability
law," admitted the cautious hunter.
Dr. Pierce's Plcnsnnt Pellets first pat up
40 years ago. They regulnte nnd invigor
ate, stomach, liver and bowels. Sugar
coated tiny granules.
Preserving mediocrity Is much more
respectable, and unspeakably more
useful than talented inconsistency.
Dr. Hamilton.
Cured by Lydia E. Pink
ham'sVegetable Compound
Milwaukee, Wis. "Lydia E. Pinll
ham's Vegetable Compound has made
me a veil woman,
and I would like to
tell the whole world
of it. I Buffered
fromf emale trouble
and fearful painsin
my back. I Lad the
best doctors and
they all decided
that I had a tumor
In addition to my
female trouble, ana
advised an opera
tion. Lydia E.
Pinkham'8 Vegetable Compound made
me a wen woman ana 1 nave no more
backache. I hope I can help others by
telling thorn what Lydia E.Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound has done fc;
me." JIBS. EioiAlarsE, 83SEirstSt,
Milwaukee, Wis.
The above is only one of the thou
sands of grateful letters which are
constantly being received by the
Pinkham Medicine Company of Lynn,
Mass., which prove beyond a doubt that
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound, made from roots and herbs,
actually does cure these obstinate dis
eases of women after all other means
have failed, and that every such suf
ering woman owes it to herself to at
leasfgive Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegeta
ble Compound a trial before submit
ting to an operation, or giving up
hope of recovery.
Mrs. Pinkham, of Lynn, Mass.,
Invites all sick 'women to write
her for advice. She lias puided
thousands to health and her
advice Is free.
book! ft
LttH'nil 'IVrintt. Commit ns. MUX)
Sj8 Ulli ttu. WualungUJ"; ttiu lA'arburn tiu Uiiutttfu.
WatnoB K.CoIemiin.TVMtv
teloranoBih ileal. rwuU
of Costa rica .2.
COSTA RICA stands alone among
the turbulent Central Ameri
can states In all things per
taining to freedom, self-government
and progress. The coun
try was colonized at first by people
from the ancient Spanish province of
Galtcla, and the colonists have not,
as In many tropical countries, amal
gamated with the aborigines; they
have consequently kept to the present
time the original characteristics, as
well as the qualities of their race, and
the inherent grace and charm of their
ancestors. They are laborious, pro
gressive and peace-loving, and have a
record of a long perlo1' of absolute In
ternal tranquillity.
Three-quarters of the population In
habit the so-called central plateau,
the climate of which is the most per
fect realization of perpetual spring.
The agriculture of this region Is very
highly developed, the principal prod
uct being coffee, maize, beans and po
tatoes. The land is divided Into ex
ceedingly small holdings. Almost
every peasant Is a land-owner.
The Atlantic coast, warm, hunild,
and rather unhealthful, but very fer
tile, produces on a very largo scale
bananas and cacao, the exploitation of
which is unfortunately tied by con
tracts with foreign companies. In the
banana plantations, covering over a
hundred square miles, the laborers
are mainly West Indian negroes, the
only human beings able to stand
hard and continuous work under the
climatic conditions.
The Pacific coast does not differ
much from the Interior but for Its
warmer temperature and Its extensive
grass-covered savanas, In which
stock raising is the chief Industry.
Except for a small part, located In
the western province of Guancaste,
the 360,000 inhabitants are crowded
Into a narrow belt extending across
the country from ocean to ocean,
along the railroad which connects
Port Llmon and Punta Arenas. The
remaining part of the state that is
to say, four-fifths of Its entire surface
of about 38,400 square miles Is a wil
derness, with but a handful of hardly
half-civillzed Indians Inhabiting the
valleys of Dlquis and Talmanca.
Of the five Central American repub
lics, Costa Rica was the first to be
connected by a railway with the east
ern coast, thus getting Into close
touch with European civilization. In
many respects this was a source of
real benefit to the country. The Costa
Ricans became great travelers. They
sent their sons to be educated In for
eign schools and universities, and on
their return these diffused among
their fellow-citizens new ideals and
more advanced moral standards. For
eign teachers and professors were
brought and kept Jong enough to es
tablish on a solid foundation an excel
lent school system, so perfect indeed
that Illiterate men or women are hard
to find, while books and newspapers
are common even in the most remote
hamlets. The scientific study of the
climate and the natural resources of
the country was carried on at the ex
pense of the government, and the In-
Picking Bananas.
troductlon of modern arts and agricul
tural methods and Implements were
given every encouragement.
Sad to say, the uplift in the general
education has awakened misdirected
ambitions among the poorer classes,
attracted the peasants to the cities,
created a greed for government posi
tions, these having consequently mul
tiplied beyond all reasonable limits,
with a corresponding and necessary
increase of public expenditures.
Moreover, on account of a heavy
public debt, the result partly of un
scrupulous . speculations of foreign
and native financiers and of unwise
undertakings, the government has be-
Mm UimMMmT
come entangled In heavy financial dif
ficulties that have brought the coun
try to the verge of bankruptcy. This
deplorable economic situation has
been aggravated of late by several
consecutive failures of the coffee crop,
by unusual rainy seasons, resulting In
inundations, destruction of railroads
and depression of the banana trade.
Two Leading Cities.
Sailing In any staunch ship from
New York or other Atlantic port for
Costa Rica, one lands at Port Llmon,
the Atlantic sea entrance of the re
public. This is one of the largest ex
port banana markets In the world.
Tho trains run Into the banana fields
and bring out the thousands of bunch
es as though they were so many logs.
The city is hemmed In on one side
by Llmon bay, and on the other by
hills that look majestically down upon
it through their verdant covering
which knows no changa. One of the
Making Pottery.
most substantial Iron piers In the
world Is here. With Its great Iron
piles rooted deep Into the bed of the
sea It extends far out Into the water.
Upon this the trains run alongside of
the big ships with their loads of bana
nas for export. Sometimes there are
so many ships here that some have to
drop anchor and wait till others clear
port. It is at Port Llmon that they
have a municipal free laundry.
The distance from Port Llmon to
San Jose, the capital, by rail, Is 108
miles, and is a whole day's journey.
The cars In which you make the trip
are not as commodious as American
ones. So you are certain to grow
weary of the trip before you reach the
city. I suppose it is the only railroad
In the world, a Journey upon which
makes one "sea sick."
San Jose Is situated in a fertile val
ley and has a population of about 28,
000. Two railroads enter the city;
one from the Atlantic side and the
other from the Pacific. The latter is
under government control and Is in
complete.. The city is lighted by elec
tricity and also has an electric street
railway. Those low adobe houses that
have swayed the architectural style
since the early Spanish days are giv
ing place to modern brick structures
that pierce the air above the head of
It Is In this city that you find one
of the finest theatrical houses in the
world. It was In course of construc
tion seven : ears and cost about $5,-
The seat of the cathedral is here,
one of the finest In the tropics. It has
three massive doors, 24 massive posts
distributed along the three broad
aisles and is lighted with about 600
candles aside from the many electric
The republic controls the manufac
ture of whisky and It Is In San Jose
that you find her big distillery. Much
American capital Is Invested here,
and there Is promise of much business
activity. The climate being salubri
ous, a trip down there Is an enjoyable
one; the city Is often called tho Paris
of Central America.
Costa Rica has not had so large a
share as some of tho others In the
revolutions and wars which have dis
tinguished the countries of the isth
mus ever since their establishment;
nevertheless, the little republic has
by no means been free from strife.
There is trouble enough on the Isth
mus at all times, and Costa Ricans
would scarecly be human if they did
not put a finger Into the pie. Still,
the country Is safe for foreigners and
Is most Interesting' to visit With the
establishment of the canal it will ex
perience a new lease of life and Is al
ready getting ready to take the ad
vantages that will come of entrance
Into a new era of prosperity.
Certainly Candidate for Governor
Could Not Expect to Get
That Vote.
An Incident in which former Gov
ernor Odell of New York figured as
the victim was told by Col. James
Hamilton Lewis at n recent banquet.
"When ' Governor Odell was last
running for office," said Colonel Lew
is, "there had been a great deal of
talk about Niagara FallB and the elec
trical power that could be conferred
on all parts of New York. One day
an old negro halted Mr. Odell and
" 'Mr. Odell, Is yo' runnln' for gov'
ner, sah?" ,
, " 'I am,' answered the candidate.
"'I guess yo' want my vote, den,'
said the colored man.
"'Well, I would like to have your
voto, Zeb. I have known you for so
mnny years.'
"'Well, I Jlst want to ask you a
question, Mr. Odell, befo' I give mah
vote to you. Are yo' for electric lights
In dls town?'
"Well, Zeb, I am for all modern Im
provements,' said Odell, with a slight
"'Well, sah, I can't vote for you,'
said, Zeb with firmness. 'Yo' done for
get dat I is a lamp lighter.' "
"In the middle of the night of March
30th I woke up with a burning itch In
my two hands and I felt as if I could
pull them apart. In the morning the
Itching had gone to my chest and dur
ing that day It spread all over my
body. I was red and raw from the top
of my head to the soles of my feet and
I was in continual agony from the
Itching. I could neither lie down nor
sit up. I happened to see about Cutl
cura Remedies, and I thought I would
give them a trial. I took a good bath
with the Cutlcura Soap and used the
Cuticura Ointment. I put It on from
my head down to my feet and then
went to bed. On the flrst of April I
felt like a new man. The Itching was
almost gone. I continued with the
Cutlcura Soap and Cutlcura Ointment
and during that day the Itching com
pletely left mo. Frank Giidley, 325
East 43rd Street, New York City, Apr.
27, 1909." Cutlcura Remedies are sold
throughout the world; rotter :3rug &
Cheni. Corp., Sole Props, Boston, Mass.
Getting a Reputation.
There is a desk In the senate par
ticularly convenient as a placa from
which to make speeches. It Is next to
the aUle and almost in the ci nter of
the chamber, and affords an c pportu
nity for the speaker to make every
body hear.
At least a dozen senators, accord
ing to the Washington correspondent
of the St. Louis Star, have borrowed
this desk when they had special utter
ances to deliver to the senate. This
led, not long ago, to a mild protest
from its legitimate occupant
"I am perfectly willing to give up
my desk," said he, "but I am afraid
people will think that the same man
Is talking all the time. I don't want
to get the reputation of constantly
filling the senate with wordB."
Youth's Companion.
for Red, Weak, Weary, Watery Eyes
andGranulated Eyelids. Murine Doesn't
Smart Soothes Eye Pain. Druggists
Sell Murine Eye Remedy, Liquid, 25c,
60c, $1.00. Murine Eye Salve in
Aseptic Tubes, 25c, $1.00. Eye Books
and Eye Advice Free by Mall.
Murine Eye Remedy Co., Chicago.
The Exception.
"Doesn't your husband like cats,
Mrs. Blnks?".
"No, Indeed. He hates all cats ex
cept a little kitty they have at his
Contrary Issues.
"So Blinks has had his Income
"Yes; that is why he is so much
cut up."
A good honest remedy for Rheumatism,
Neuralgia and Sore Throat is Hamlins
Wizard Oil. Nothing wiil no quickly drive
out all pain and inflammation.
It's up to a man to choose between
two evils when he is asked to beat
the carpet or take care of the baby
while his wife does It
Mre. Winalow's Soothing Syrap for Children
teething, softens the (rums, reduces Inflamma
tion, allaya pain, cures wind colic, 25c a bottle.
Some people treat the sermon as a
table d'hote dinner, picking out the
things that will not ngroe with them.
X SLp Many people suffer from weak hearts. They may expert
ence shortness of breath on exertion, paia over the heart,
n or dizzy feelings, oppressed breathing after meals or their
j4 H eyes become blurred, their heart is not sufficiently strong
" to pump blood to the extremities, nnd they have cold hands
nor alcohol.
Tn. Ingredients, as attested under oath, are Stone root (Colllmonla GuutdtB
' lis), llloodropt Hsnruloarla CfirimdenuU), llolden Seal root (.Hydrastli Cantdca
a), Queen's root (Stllltntia Sytvmic), black Cherrybjrk (Pr.cus V Irrlnlnns).
Mandrake root (Podophyllum PelMum), with triple refined glycerine, prepared
In a scientific laboratory In a way that no druggist could lir.iuta.
This tonio contains no alcohol to shrink up the red blood corpuscles ! but, on
the other hand, it increases their number and they become round and healthy.
It helps the human system in tba constant manufacture of rich, red blood. It
helps the stomach to assimilate or take up the proper elements from the food,
thereby helping digestion and OJring dyspepsia, heart-burn and many uncom
iortahle symptoms, stops excessive tissuo waste in convalescence from fevers
for the run-down, anemio, thin-blooded people, the " Discovery " is refreshing
and vitalizing. Stick to this safe and sane remedy, and refuse all " just as good
nwdicines offered by the druggist who is looking for a larger profit. Nothing
but Dr. Pierce' Gulden Medical Discovery will do you half aa much good.
Cslor aart s oess Brighter and fatter eolsrs than inr ether . Oas 10c sacks colors sll fibers. They ifr la eel water belter than tn ether ti '
)Mnsi an, strain! altheutrlpslngipart rYrlltlerlrsskMMit-HtaleOjt. ltachtndMliCorrt. MOMHOC tltVO CO., Qulrtvy, llilnolm
Wo swerp away all doctor's charges. AVe put the best medical talent
within everybody's reach. We encourage everyone who ails or thinks
he ails to find out exnetly what his state of health is. You can Ret our
remedies here, at your drug ston-, or not nt all, as you prefer; there is
positively rio chargo for examination. Professor Munyon 1ms prepared
specifics for nearly every disease, which are sent prepaid on receipt of
price, and sold by all druggists. '
Send to-day for a copy of our medical examination blank and Guide .
to Health, which we will mail you promptly, and if you will answer all
the questions, rpturning blank to'us, our doctors will carefully diagnose
your ease and advise you fully, without a penny charge.
Address Munyon s Doctors, Munyon's Laboratories, 53d & JelTcrsoa i
Streets, Philadelphia, Ta.
r t 1
if riiiV
3 '3M & '$4 SHOES '.WIS
Boys' Shoes, $2.00, 2. BO & (3.00. Best in the World.
W. L. Doualmm $3.00, $3. BO mnd 04.OO inot
sirs) annh lifmiv th httmf matim mnd mornt bob
ulmr sfio tor thm nrca In Ammrlca, end mrm
thm mornt ooononilcml siosa tor
Do you rnitllzo that 1117 shoe liuve hewn tlie stnnilnrd fororpr
SO years, tlint I mnke mid soli morn, ttil.SO ami K 1 .00
simps tlmn nny otnrr niHntifnrtiirar In Mm i.S., 11ml tlint H01
l.AK FOIl DOI.I.AK, I (IUAKANTKH; MY Kill) KM to linlil tliHr
luipfl, luok unit flt Ixttter.fintt wear longer t linn any other,
U.fiO or 84.00 Klines yon ran buy 1 Otmlltv ro'iints. It lias
tuilile inyslmesTIIK l.KADKKM OF TIIIO
Inuwll) be pleased when you liny my shoes
nr. anu apncatiince, ami when it routes time for you to pur
chase another pair, yon will be more than plenseil bernuae
th lat nnnn irnre ao wll, atnl enve tou
it jour dealer coun-H supply th with V. homilim Sli.-n. writ (or lnilrf1rr CuhIok
W. JL. lOC-l.AS. 14.? Muurk Ml reel. Jti uck ton, Mas.
Bnrf pure and noil tl Te
ttl . crl vn
P'llHDIiiHIH fr
iiHitiiiiiiu jiprmn f rnn me hon;
rnultry. I tiirmt itpll Inir live
an'l Iftrvflne Kh nrr rt'tm-nr.
Ferp It. Hmw t( toii r l riiprFlit, who will set It lor you,
I'iuhm-h and dipi." 8 pedal
Not Easy.
Pat was a married man a Very
much married man. lie had married
no fewer than four times, aud all his
wives were still In the fore. Accord
ing to Pat's own account before the
court where he was tried for bigamy
and found guilty, his experiences were
not altogether satisfactory. The judge,
In passing sentence, expressed his
wonder that the prisoner could be
such a hardened villain as to delude
so many women.
"Yer honor," said Pat, apologetical
ly, "I was only tryln' to get a good
one, an' it's not alsy!" Llppincott's
Hli Point of View.
"John, dear," queried the young
wife, glancing up from tlife physical
culture magazine she was perusing,
"what Is your Idea of a perfect fig
ure?" "Well," replied her husband, "$100..
000 may not be perfection, but it's
near enough to satisfy a man of my
simple tastes."
Seventeen Years the Standard.
Prescribed and recommended for
Women's Ailments. A scientifically pre
pared remeZ,' of proven worth. The
result from their use Is quick and per
manent For sale at all Drug Stores.
A Hot Time.
"That fellow cooked his reports."
"I Buppose that is bow he happened
to get Into a stew."
If you would be pungent, bo brief;
for It is with words as with sunbeams
the more they are condensed, the
deeper they hum. Southey.
Revenge Is better
kind of gratitude.
Weak Heart
and feet, or poor appetite because ol weakened blood supply
to the stomach. A heart tonio and alterative should be taken
which has no bad after-effect. Such is Dr. Pierce's Golden
Medical Discovery, which contains no dangerous narcotics
The Ratyo Lamp Is a Mgfi grade tamp, iold at a low pnoe
Thfre n lump that cost ruor. bnt thernl t no better lamptnadoataor
price. (Jonninictpd of o11d bratm; nlckrl plntfd enitllT Sent clean, aa
orniimcm tn any mom In mnj hnitne. ThprtMftiiothlnB known to tl art
of lamp-maklnir that can ndd to thnTalae of the KAYO Lampana Mhu
fjvn dftTlce. Kvpry nValpr pyprywhero. If not at roura, write lor
detcrlptlTe circular to the npareitagencr of the
you lo buy,
berHiiseof the
mnrli comfort.
rink Fye, Fplzoott
Miipplnff Fever
K Cutarrhal Fcve
preTPtitlTe. nn mat Vr how hoiwuftt any tare re tnfcetofl
nn tbo tmiiriir
......'l.l....i 1 1 1 -.(a . ...,-ks i
Ctitm I'lutrtnjifr In Dnyn anil Shpp nnu OioUTm la
ocl? rntiPilj. ( tii-ri l a firtppe among huma?i tWoi-a ;
rr and II
Int. who wl I
noTiip; hi nnu m' a nttren. i m irtfcivk '.
Free litsoklet, "DlutMupaft
Agent want pi
Chaml.sffli.nrl fin.CIIJTH Mn II C 1
tenoloeiata vuuu-.ui imim wi wi na
Keeps the spindle bright antf
free from grit. Try a box.'
Sold by dealers everywhere.
Atlantic Refining: Coj
Afacto of Stat
For Miners, Quarry men. Farmers and Al
Men Who Do Rough Work
Save money. Outwear shoes. Lighten
than leather. Easily attached. Support
the ankle. Any cobbler can put them osvi
Your shoe deafer has shoes already fitted)
with them. Send for booklet that tella tM '
about them.
"I find Cascarets so good that I ironist
Dot be without them. I was troubled
irreat deal with torpid liver and headacbsv
Now since taking Cascarets Candy Cathasw
tic I feel very much better. I shall cetv
tainly recommend them to my friends) oaf
the best medicine I have ever seen."
Anna Bazinet,
Osborn Mill No. a, Fall River, llaasV
Pleasant, Palatable. Potent. Taste Goad.
Do Good. Never Sicken, Weaken or Gripe. ' i
10c, 25c, 50c. Never sold in bulk. The aeon- "f
Ine tablet stamoed C C C. Guaranteed ta
cure or your money back. IUt
"African Game Trails" .
Wt.iert I br thousands tor Christmas aad Nasi1
Yturs. Naeded I A man in every placa v
to the familitti in bis locality. OnVrcii I
he siaaff
o!v of fi'.'l anil high Commission. 'lake the
ciiauceanil write tor piospectus now toCHARLKaV
SCRIUNKR'S SONS. 153 (R. S.) Filth I
New York.
uu.Qreat Engllah Remedy
saie, sore, tiiccure. 0Oc.ai9T.lsS
K9 CUAVTR The"ActlToHStropperfor
Itlni ailHf Cn bl-r.lKo Uladis Htroi.i
olu. at oni-fl bHtter Ur.'.u new. uuuninte.Ml
ii.ld Imiflnniinr flrst y'iir. 1'rice &' poflt p:ill. Wili'
. qolck rrltvf nm 4 mum
Html , iiiMk I imUmaalaU J u UavH
I f. lr. U. U. liltiviJ M HU&tt. Uu At, All
W. N. U., PITTSCURG, NO. 45-1910.'
LlZf UfiEQ