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The thirty-fourth anniversary bao--quetofJohn
M. Road Lodge, P. & A.
M., of Roynoldavlllo, held Id the I. O.
O. P. hall Friday evening of last week,
wits a brilliant affair and a pleasant one
for all in attendance. Covors were
spread for eighty coupled and all the
appointments were perfect. The tnnle
decorations woro flower furnished and
arranged under the direction of Mrs.
M. Brown and elaborate printed menu
booklets with an embossed blue and
gold emblematic cover were plauod be
elde each plate, During the progress
of the banquet a musical program was
rendered by the Masonic orchestra,
consisting of Arthur H. Buskins. D. H.
Young, Edward B, Maurey, Carl L.
Kirk, Richard Uamiey, Harry L. Mo
Entlre, Prank P. Alexander and Calyin
A. Sttthlioan. ' Following were tho
Birds and Breezes - - - honk a
The Clrl of My Pnams - Emerson
A Soul horn Dream - - Lincoln
Pltie Feather - - Morse
Sentry March - - Ilasklns
'Oood-MRlit Dear - - Anderson
At the close of the feat, Tnastmasler
William M. Rife, In a neat sperch,
Introduced a program of music and song
and fun which continued for over Rn
hour, the leading numbers of which
were as follows:
Overture - - Orchestra
Solo - -' Artliur n. Haslilns
Instrumental Solo - Miss tttitluyn Kins
Selection - - Orchestra
8olo - Frank P. Alexander
A Few Minutes of Fun, Edward B. Manruy
Auld Lang Syne.
Selection - - Orchestra
Cotillion - . David Reynolds. Esq
'Good-Night Dear - Orchestra
When the soul stirring strains of
David Reynolds' violin floated across
the room, there was an Irresistible
Inclination to trip the light fantastic
and the room was cleared for the pur
pose. Tho old time cotillions were
rendered by Mr. Reynolds as only he
knows bow they were played half a
-century ago, and many of the older
people present, who bad not danced for
years, simply could not resist the
temptation to renew the memories of
.youth and danced the evening out.
All in all it was a gathering that will
be remembered by those participating
for many years to .come, and Its success
relit eta credit on the Worshipful
Mauler and Secretary, Harry L.
MoEntlro and William Copping, who
arranged all of the details of the affair.
The Roynoldsville High School will
hold an later class meet on the baseball
ground la this place Saturday after
noon, October 20tb, commencing at
1 o'clock. This meet Is held for the
double purpose of stimulating interest,
la athlotlc among the high school, and
to falsa a little money to purchase
needed apparatus for the high school
work. An, admission fee of ten cent
will bi asked t.f all who attend and It
Is hoped that the "grandstand" will be
,ifllled to capacity. The boys made good
records at Brookvllle Saturday and the
local people will be given an oppor
tunity 'to see some of the feats of that
occasion repeated.
One of the most prouatsing of this
season's new dramatic offering? is
Doherty Collins & Co's prnlu;tion of
Norman Lee Swartout'e delinbiful
farce-oomedy, "The Arrival of Kitty."
The piece is said to be one of the
brightest and most potent laugh pro
ducer created since the days of the
Eoyt farces, and, In (act, It Is in some
ways Bimllar to those old masterpii ces
of wit and humor though it is et tlrely
new and original In theme and treat
ment, Mr. Swartout alreacy holds an
tin enviable place among contemporary
writers of farce comedy In this country
through his creation of "Sundy" and
, aeveral kindred piece but it is said that
he has eclipsed all his previous efforts
in "The Arrival of Kitty". . Doherty
Colllns& Co, who are successful pro
ducers of this line of dramatics, promise
to give their new comedy a thoroughly
adequate presentation and to provide a
company of unusual excellence. One of
-the particular attractive features of the
performance will be a number uf bright
and clever specialties-wbkU i:i be
Interspersed. "Tne Arrival of Kltty!'
will be given In Adelphl Theater. Reyn
oldeville, Monday, Ootober 31.
If elected I, wlii be fair to all my
constituents and partial to none. El
sr E. Beck, for Assembly. .
MadiBon F. Lirkin, the Prohibition
candidate for governor, Charles E. Mc
Conkey, the candidate of the same
party for lleuti nant governor, and
Aaron S. Walkins, prtsidentof Asbury
f -", v" Vt
Uf f H &
- ' " ak thy
2v t 7
Madison P. l.arkln
Collogp, Wllmore,' Ky., ft former
candidate for vice president of the
United Slates, will be in Reynoldsvilla
Friday night of this week, October 2Si,h
and will speak in tho Centennial hall.
Larkln is a man 01 the finest stamp,
Charles E. McConkey
standing high iu business circles In tho
eastern part of the state, and VValklns
has a national reputation as a lecturer.
Those who attena this rally wi'l hear
three of the best political speakers on
the stump to-day.
. I
Miss Aria Thorns", daugh'ir of Mr.
and Mrs 11 .1 Thomas, uf nutlet-.
former nsidt-uts f Reynoldsvllle. was
marritd Wrclnrday noon t Young
wood, l't , the !'! mon.v N trig perform
ed In the Lutre ran parsonage by the
Rev. Henry Shbnr.r an uncle of the
grooom. Mr Mrs. Shamir had
their hiun-t all furnished radytoro
cupy. The Hu'li rCtt'z n, commenting
on the marilutft iu:
The b:!Jj is a wW known and
popultr j-nung dv of this rlty and
man frit nds will juin In wlrhlnc her
much happtnfus Air Shanor Is the
treaurr uf Ihn Hntlir Pure Milk
Company, wlrch lots s-vera! plants in
the county, aid Is the manager t f the
local plsnt.. He in a capable young
business man ai d ha a large cirri
of friend. Oa iirxt rnH.-tlayti.ev ill
leave for Chlcat'ii to attend tie
American Dairy Sbor.
Leone, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.
C. Aiman, of Vat dergrift. dii d Monday
at 2 45 p. m. i'De body will be brought
to the home of John D.. Patterson,
uncle of thn deceased, in Reynoidsvil'e,
where funeral service will be held
Thursday ami butjal will be made in
the Reynoldsvllle cetueterj .
Iwilibjat, the City Hotel Thursduy
afternoon, October 2"ih. from 1 to
5 o'clock, and all returns uoist be made
at tbie time. Hahvey S. Detek,
Lutheran Church.
Rev. J. A. BoiKd will occupy tte
pulpit of Trinity Lutbeiau church Sun
day morning, Odnbir 30 b, at 11(0
a.m., also at Chestnut Grov at 2 30
p, m. and at Emerlckvlhe at 7 30 r. m.
It it hoped that a full attendance will
be present, as tbert are unrao Itrportant
matters to be decided upon.
Ono of the finest suites of club rooms
in Jefferson county will be thrown
open to the teacher of the county
when they visit Reynoldsvllle during
the coming annual Institute. ,
By a practically unanimous vote the
members of Reynoltlsville Lodge No.
610, 13. P. O. Elks, at a special meeting
he'd last Friday evenlag, decided to
extend this courtesy to the teachers.
It is the desire of the citizens of Reyn-
oldsvtlle that the teachers shall this
year have the most enjoyable Institute
In the history of the county and
homes, clubs and public houses will be
wide open to them. The use of the
Elks rooms will permit soelal gather
ings of all kinds, games, music and
When tho teachers coroo to Roynolds-
vllle they will go direot to the F.Ik
rooms, whero a secretary will be In
waiting and will direct thnra to the
homes and hotels in the town where
moms or boarding may be secured. A
score or so of messenjar boys will be in
readiness to accompany thorn to any
point in the town deslri d. The' rooms
are very cioee to the Adelphi Theatre,
where the sessions wi'l be held, and at
the close of the sessions the teachers
will he at liberty to use these rooms for
any form of harmless recreation they
A vole of thanks Is certainly due the
local lodge of Elks for their courteous
action. It means considerable extra
exrense to them and a sacrifice of their
own holiday program, but it shows the
true brand of Reynoldsvllle hospitality.
William n. Berry, candidate of the
Keystone party for governor of Pennsyl
vania, was well received by the local
people last Friday night and spoke to
an audience tbat Oiled the Centennial
halt In every part. A largo number of
prominent citizens were on the platform
as vice-presidents. Since his former
visits to Reynoldsvllle Berry has Im
proved as a . campaign speaker and
succeeded in holding the olose attention
of his audience. Most of his charges
were dlreoted against the men identi
fied with the old capital graft charges
rather than against the b 'ads of the
present opposition tickets.
The Berry supporter In town, and
they are not a few, are now planning
to make an aotlve campaign for their
candidate and have organized a club for
that purpose.
( Ex-Register and Recorder Gtlmore
C. Reitz. president of the company
now publishing the Brook vile Re
publican, and Miss Mary Rue, of
; Waynesboro, Pa., ho last year filled
the position of intrctor In music and
drawing in the Brookvllle publio
schools, were united In marriage at
Philadelphia on Tuesday afternoon of
this week, and after a short wedding
trip will return to Brookvillo, where
they will bo at homo to friends at their
home on Pickering street after
November -14 Brookvllle Republican.
Mii-s Bess Greenwiiti. daughter of Mr.
and Mrs.' H. F. Cmvalt, of West
IteynoldsvillH. a ml H.ury English
were united in marriage at Klttannlng
October 15th, the Rev. Isaac Miller
It is now "Postmaster" Joseph B.
Means, tbat title being a-sumed by
the gentleman named, whose ap
pointment to succeed W. W. Hender
son, whose term of office bad expired,
had previously been announced in
these column?, at the close of busi
ness on Saturday night. SylveBter
Truman has alf-o taken up the post
of assistant postmaster, succeeding
Miss Margaret Schultzo. BroukvUle
Card of Thinks.
Vf - kf T a.-.t,-.. i i i
S'l tho friends for their sjmpatby and i
kindness after the deutb of her son, also
the Elk lodge, Men' Bible class, of the
M. E. Church, friends at the Imperial
hotel, and ail the other hotels for their
beautiful floral tributes. (
I stand Ui( clean, progressive govern
ment. Elmer E. Beck Fur Assembly.
Pla-mato shoos for children. Rorm
for every toe. Pride 1.O0 and tl.TS.
The Reynoldsvllle High School Field
and Track Team journeyed to Brook
vllle Saturday where they took part in
the annual meet under the auspices of
the Brookvllle high school and won
third place among tho schools contest
ing. When we remember that the
team had little chance to train and
almost no coaching, the i-esults achieved
are very gratifying 'to our boys and
their friends.
' Summary.
Brookvllle 55 points won.
Punxsutawney.... 38 points won.
Reynoldsvllle 23 points won .
Beech woods ....16 points won'
Brockwayvilla ...10 points won.
For Reynoldsvllle, Dehart won the
100 yard dash, Nolan secot'd, in 1H
seconds. These two boys won the 220
yard dash also, Dabart comiug In first
and Nolan second. Ttie time here was
23 3 5 seconds.
The program of events was not con
ceded till after d;irk. The men In the
half-mile relay bad difficulty In finding
their mates. Punxsutawney won the
event, Reynoldsvllle was awarded
second place, D"h:trt, Nolan, If.
Alexander and Cochran constituting
the team. No time recordi d.
In the standing broad jump, Watson
tied HalTner, of Brookvllle. at 8 feet,
41 inches. By tbe time this event was
called the darkness was so intense that
the judges were- obliged to call Iu a
passing automobile to furnish the
jumpers and judges the necessary
The occasion was very delightful
one. The contestants and their teachers
had the privilege of the Y. M, C. A.
rooms, a substantial .lunch and a One
dinner In tho evening. Tho Brookvillo
people are winuers as hosts bs well as
athletics. Our boys shall welcome their
next Invitation
' A few wet'ksago there was erected in
a cemetery near Big Run a tombstone
over tbe grave ol a woman who died In
a county hospital recently. The hus
band of the woman has a grouch of
considerable porportions against the
medical fraternity and takes It out In
the epitaph, which reads In part as
Examination refused JZI (quack)
'. before operation "
12 hours later marched "
Thru room "
4 oz cf ea'ia are . "
equal to
One Gun Shot. "
Operating "
Examining "
Strychnine '
Morphlnn "
Distributing ,'
Midwife "
Calomel "
Temporature 40,') "
Cold in the bowels "
An Idiot head "
And a criminal "
John Spears, assistant policeman of
Reynoldsvllle borough, has tendered
his resignation to the borough oouncl',
to take effect November 1st, unless It Is
impossible to secure a successor by that
time. Mr.. Spears has made an ex
cellent guardian of tbe peaoe and was
just beginning to gain the prcper
rotundity of such an official.
E. M. Leach, for several years pro
prietor of the West Reynoldsvllle meat
market, has disposed of It to Irvln
Burkett, and the latter gentlemen
assumed charge Saturday morning.
Methodist Church.
Services for Sunday October 30th,
11:00 a. m . theme, "The Relation of
or tbe Visible to the Invisible." 7:30 p.
m., theme, "Playing the Fool."
Blankets and Comforts,
See our big 12 4 all wool blankets, til
colors, worth 40 50 pair, our price $5.(0
pair. Others equally as low.
J. H. Fink, Punxsutawney, Pa.
Don't forget the nwquerado ball in
I. O. O. F. hall Monday night, Ootober
31, undor direction of Frank A. Bobren.
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With all the talk of the institute at
tractions, the local people are In dan
ger of forgetting that the usual lecture
course will be given In tho Assembly
ball this year, and that the talent will
be equal to that of any past year. The
school children have been making an
active canvas of the town during the
last few weeks and the sale of tickets
has been very fair. Tbe first attraction
will be given Friday night of this week,
October 28th, and Is of exceptional
merit. A concert has alwavs filled
Assembly ball and no doubt? will on
this occasion. The following is a good
description of The Vassar Girls, who
are booked to appear: This company
Is tbe outgrowth of an Ideal. About
ten years ago a gentleman of some
means and liberal Inclination conceived
the idea uf educating a double quartette
of girls for high class concert work.
With ample means and not Impatient
of time, he selected from the wide
circle of his acquaintance eight girls of
superior character and musical ability
and furnished them means to complete
their literary and musical education,
guiding the latter in tbe direction of
their contemplated work.
The selection of personnel of a com
pany five years iu advance of their first
engagement, is something unique In the
history of company organization and
gives Vassar Girls a distinction enjoyed
by no other. After these years of
schooling and special preparation, tbe
eight original girls appeared In concert
In an eastern city and their success was
Instantaneous and eminently justified
the time, expense and work requlrid to
prefect their musical education, make
solo artists of each Individual and make
them a unit in their ensemble work.
For five years this company of
educated, cultured and refined young
women has honored Its name, tbe
Eight Vassar Girls, in a high claBS
musical event In the best advanced
vaudeville In the leading cites' of tbe
United States, and has demonstrated
as have many of tbe great artists of
the world, that a good, clean musical
event of superior quality, iree from any
suspicion of .coarseness or cheapness wlnl'
appreciation and apbtause on Its merits
everywhere. So great has bean their
success that practically all their time
for five year's has been consumed In re
turn date work In twenty or thirty cities
through which tbey made their tour,
tuch as New York, Philadelphia, Buf
falo, Pittsburg, Cleveland, Cincinnati,
Cbloago, Minneapolis, St. Louts,
Kansas City, Omaha, Denver and San
Francisco, where ever-ioorcaslng aud
iences have greeted them.
Tbe leasing of the second floor of the
I. O. O. F. building to the Owls for
club purposes trade ntceeeary tbe sc
ouring of a new meeting place for the
Business Men's Association. At the
last meeting of the B. P. O. Elks in
Reynoldsvllle, It was voted to allow
tho Association to use the social rooms
i f their quarters as a mooting place
free of charge. The Invitation will be
accepted by tho Association and the
organization will meet there the second
r.nd fourth Tuesdays of each month
until such time as tbey can rent and
properly i quip speolal rooms for their
own use. , All citizens are requested to
attend these meetings of the Assoola-.
tlon and take part in work tbat It being
carried on.
Mrs. Anna Christina Beams died at
tbe home of her neice, Mrs. Robert
Fugate, Tuesday night, October 18th,
1010. She bad been staying at the
Fugate home for some time previous to
her demise. Tbe funeral services
were held at tbe Lutheran Reformed
ohurcb Friday conducted by Rev.
Shlngledecker. and burial was made In
the old Beams cemetery near Cramer
station. Mrs Beams was 87 years old,
having been born in Greensburg Pa.
Presbyterian Church.
Rev. Dr. R. A. McKlnley will preach
in the morning on ' Fading as a Leaf,"
and in the evening on ''Judas
Iscarlot." A ohoir uf a dozen voloes
will afford excellent music. All not
attending other churches cordially in
vited Tho topic of tbe mid-week ser
vice will bo "Tho Book of Genesis."
"Hyoinel cured my catarrh in a few
weeks." M. P. Burke, Nortn Pomfret,
Vt. It will cure any case of catarrh,
coughs, colds or bore throat, or money
back. Ask Stoko Sc Feicht Drug Co.
Complete outfit 11.00; extra bottle 50
A wedding of exceptional Interest
took place last week at tbe home of
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Smith, In the
Boecbwoods, when their daughter,
Miss Ada J. Smith, botme the bride of
W. Vernon Britten. Tho couple were
ushered Into tho parlor of tbe home,
which had been appropriately decorat
ed, to the strains of a wt dding march
played by Mrs. G. H. Ki 1, and tho
ceremony was performed by Rev. G. H.
Hill, pastor of the B.pch woods Pres
byterian church, assisted by Rev.
Hoeac, of Blairsvllle. Tho bridesmaid
was Miss Edna Brtttuu, sistor of the
groom, and the groomsman W. W.
Smith, a brother of the brldo. The ,
ring ceremony was used. After the
ceremony the wedding dinner was
served to the assembled guests, and
following that tbe happy couple were
taken to Falls Creek in time to catch
the 100 B., R. & P. flyer for Buffalo,
Niagara Falls and Toronto. They will
be absent ten days and after their
return will make their home In tba
Mr. Brltton and bis bride come from
two of the best families In Beechwooda.
The bride is the youngest daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Smith and was one
of Washington township's best school
teachers. She is loved and highly ,
esteemed by all her friends. The
groom Is the youngest son of Mrs.
Lydia Brltton. He Is an honest and
ludustrlous young man. The many
friends of Mr. and Mrs. Brltton wish
tbem a long and prosperous journey
through life.
Prof. R. W. Clawges was one of ih a
judges In tbe Brookvllle meet.
The Business Men's Association of
Punxsutawney furnished Its team
transportation I y automobile. 1
Prof. Downs was a Brookvllle y I sit of
Mrs. Applegato was a sohool visitor
on Friday.
The Senior class contributed to
numbers to the chapel program oa
Monday morning, a recitation by Grace
Stoke and piano selection by Misses
Gertrude Stoke and Fay Neale.
Marlon Harris has rlthdrawn from
sohool on account of ill health.
Clyde Burkhottse, of the freshmen,
has withdrawn from school to eater
the West Reynoldsvllle high school.
Director T. E. Evans visited the high
sohool Thursday afternoon,
Tbe junior alas again reoelvet
special mention or per'ect nUendarc
and punctuality last week. '
. The freshman girls, Miss Morgret'a
boy 9, Miss Butler's boys and Miss
Robertson's girls were perfect In at
tendance and punctuality for week
ending October 21.
Monthly examinations are scheduled
for Thursday and Friday. Monthly
reports will be issmd Nov; 21, a week
from date.
Of Valuable real estate.
Tbe executors of the estate. of Sarab.
Baum, late of Plnecreek township,
Jeflerson county, Pennsylvania, do
ceased,' will expose to publio sale on
Tuesday, November 1st, 1010, at 2
o'clock, p. m., on tbe premises herein
after mentioned, tbe real estate of said
decedent, consisting of 200 acres of
farm land, situate along tbe lino
of the ReyooldbVilie and Brook'
vllle turnpike, in ' Plnecreek town
ship. Jiffereon county, Pennsylvania. -170
acrs of said lr't l. cleared and
stumped and la a w-" etata of culti
vation: the remt.lLi. tj 30 acres are in
pasture and in woodland There is ft
large 13 room, frame dwelling, with,
slate roof, three barns, wagon shed and
other necessary outbuildings on said
premises. A large part of the farm ia
underlaid with coat and a country mine;
is now opened thereon. The oil and
gas rights are now under lease and net
a rental of $200 per year.
Terms will be made known at the
time of the Bale.
On the tame date, place and hour,
the said executors will expese for sal
one lot of baled bay, one lot of oati
straw, one lot of potatoes, one lotot
buckwheat, one lot of oats.
John n. Balm,
D. W. Dinger,
Clement W. Flynn, Executors.
. Attorney.
Shoes, Shoes.
We save you from 50 cents to 11.5(3
n Shoes. Try us for j nr next pair,
J U. 'Fink, Punxsutawney, Pa.