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Reynolds ville
Offers exceptional advantages for the loca
tion of new Industries t Free factor; sites,
cheap and abundant fuel, direct shipping
facilities and low freight rates and plentiful
supply of laborers.
Has modern schools and churches, pared
streets, water, gas and electric accommoda
tions, convenient trolley service, high aiTd
healthful location, varied employment for
labor and many other residential advantages.
eLUME 18.
,.-But Insufficient Time Prevents
Action By Council This
Spring. 1
There baa been s feeling among our
progressive citizens for sometime that
municipal building should be erected,
and last year the council advertised for
proposals for site for the building In
tending to take some action nn the
matter this year, but on account of the
fact that the borough will be com
pelled to put In a sewage disposal
works this year that will cost over
$50,000 the half of which will be paid
by the state council decided at the
meeting January 4th not to take any
action at present on the erection of
muotcpal building.
The executive oommltteo of the
Business Men's Association held a
special meeting Friday night, passed
a resolution and appointed a committee
- to request council to reconsider their
action of 4th Inst, and submit the
'question of bonding the borough for
" a municipal hulldlng to the voters at
at the February election.
President Young states that it would
require a bond issue cottce to be
' published alx times, and as there were
only five Issues of the town papers after
the Association committee made the
request, it was men too late to can
a special meeting of council to re
consider the matter before the Feb
ruary election. '
Pomona Orange Meeting.
Jefferson County Pomona Grange No,
20, P. of H., met in McKnighfs hall
In Brookvllle on Wednesday, January
6, 1910, with Worthy Knight J. H.
Elder in the chair. The vacant offices
were filled by appointments. The
minutes, of the previous meeting wore
-read and approved. Address of wel
come was made by Dr. W. J. McKnlght,
of Brookvllle. Response by Sister
Shields of Clover Grange. No. 1172.
The program was takfn up and all
subjects were thoroughly discussed.
Subordinate Granges nearly all re
ported a gain in memberships and in
terest in Grange. After the program
was carried out the question box was
opened, and some very interesting
questions were asked and answered.
Meeting closed to meet with Clover
Grange No. 1172 in Maroh.
K. B. Deemer, Sec,
R. D. No. 1, ReynoldsviHe, Pa.
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of vile catarrh, with Its humiliating
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blowing and bad breath.? Breathe
Hyomef. Stoke & Felcht Drug Co.
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Who Is the Real Town "Knocker" ?
How natural it U to blame the other
fellow, forgetting we are just as guilty.
A stream of wator cannot rise natur
ally above its tmurce, neither can a
community reach a higher piano than
is made possible by its own citizens.
Our community gives us our good
schools, our fine paved streets, our civil
protection, etc, because our property
value justifies them by taxation, be
cause the community has made it pos
sible by improved condition in real es
tate. Our beautiful and finely furnish
ed churches were constructed by this
same citizenship. Our pleasant Boclal
surroundings are the result of this same
interest in the community.
These improvements were brought
about In the past years when we all
joined our forces to build up our com
munity to the highest possible s'andard
of excellence: but it looks now as if we
are by our own selfish motives, by slow
process, undermining the possibility of
maintaining its standard.
This la done by using the revenue
you are receiving from your own com
munity to support other communities
rather than your own. Who furnishes
the possibility for your employment as
a banker, a professional man, a mer
chant, an agent, or any business or labor
you may be engaged in. Are you de
pending on your home community or on
some other. We believe this Is furnish
ed very largeiy by our borne commun
ity. Then are we not under obligation
to give to it all possible support? But
we know we are not doing this when
the banker, the professional man, the
agent or any other citizen buys what is
wanted to supply bis family's needs in
some other community, leaving your
own community to support itself from
the little articles you forgot while pa
tronizing the other commuuity. Sorda
one comes into our community with a
sheet of paper as large as an advertise
ment tor a big tent show from Bomo
other community, the bead line of
which reads, "Bargain Sale, Doors
open at 9 a. m.," and how we plan and
arrange, so that we will be ready to go
on the early train that we may be In
waiting when the maeolve doors swing
open to let the bargains (?) loose. We
secure some bargains and we hurry
borne and as soon as we arrive we send
out and call our neighbors In to have
them rejoice with us In our purchases
at so great a saving, while the fact of
the matter is, our home community is
offering the same goods every day in
tue year for less money, . We hear some
one say, "I won't leave my community,"
yet some nice covered wagon, all orna
mented with fancy letters, stops at your
home and a representative has some
thing purer than you ever saw and
you believe him, M though a stranger
to you; but be fixes your confidence by
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The First National Bank
Capital and Surplus
Resources . ,
Jobh H. Xacohib, Pres.
John H. Kaucher
Henry C.Ueible
J. O. Kino, Vlee-Pres.
J. O. King Daniel Nolan
J. 8. Hammond
E. C. ScbTjckebs, Cashier'
John H.Corbett
K. H. Wilson
Every Accommodation Consistent with Careful Banking
For Most People It Is Easier to Earn
Money than to Save It.
But your'earning ability will not continue
indefinitely, is thereforeirnportantto
save while you can. Make it a rule to;;de
deposit in this strong bank regular install
ments of your wage9. This will provide you
with an income when earning 'money is not
so eay and for"emergencie9 like sickness and
bereavement. , . "t
Very Annoying to the Carriers
These Cold Days.
From a recent count made by rural
carriers In one of the oountles in the
state of New York of coins deposited
by patrons In their boxes lor the pur
chase of stamp supplies, it was found
that each carrier in the county was
collecting an average of 115 one-cent
coins each week. - This average
applied to all the routes In operation
throughtout the country would give
the enormous total of about 300,000,000
one-cent coins.
As most of these coins are deposited
loose in boxes, the postollioe depart
ment requosts, that patrons' provide
themselves with stamp supplies in ad
vance of their noeds, and to equip their
boxes with suitable coin-holding re
ceptacles. The picking of loose coins
from boxes not only results in needless
hardship and suffering to carriers in
winter weather, delays the delivery and
collection of the mails, but frequently
results In actual money loss to the
carriers, for if, in collecting coin from
boxes, they drop them into the snow
or on the ground without' recovery,
tbey are required to replace the amount
out of their own funds.
Property Changes in Jefljrson County
Put Upon Record.
William Wray Cooper to Clarence
D, Cooper, for 40 acres in Washington.
II. November 27, 1909.
Samuel Barr to William T. Van
Worst, for lot in Sykesvllle; 120.
December 21, 1909.
Henry Wylam to William O. Taylor,
for 1-2 acre in Winslow; $;00. June
7, 1909
William D. Tylwr to Henry Wylam,
for 1-2 acre In Wlnsbw Ownahip; 1150.
October 23, 1909.
John Olson to Gust Swanson, for
84 square rods In McCalraont township;
$500.. December 22, 1009.
Esther C: Smith to Prank 8. Smith,
for lot in ReynoldsviHe; $200. Novem
ber 12, 1909.
Joanna R. Neale to Krls.lan Montie,
for lot In ReynoldsviHe; $1,225.
December 30, 1909.
Notice to Delinquents.
Sometime this month or early In Feb
ruary all the subscribers for THE STAR
who are in arrears a year or more will
receive a notice of their arrearage. It
would save us time and expense if all
persons Indebted to us for subscription
would pay up promptly. As previously
stated in The STAR itlsasmall amount
for each one but in the aggregate it
means hundreds of dollars to us. Please
make prompt payment.
Annual Meeting.
ReynoldsviHe, Dec. 18, 1909.
Notice Is hereby given that the regu
lar annual meeting of the stockholders
of the ReynoldsviHe & Falls Creek
Railroad Company will be held at the
Company's offloe in ReynoldsviHe, Pa.,
on Tuesday, January 18, 1910. at 5.00
p. m. for the purpose of electing a Pres
ident and a Board of Directors for the
ensuing year, and for the transaction of
such other business as may properly
come before the meeting.
Lucius W. Robinson, Pres.
B. M. Clark, Sec.
Notice to Stockholders.
- ReynoldsviHe, Pa. D-o. 18, 1909.
Notice is hereby given that the regu
lar annual meeting of the Jefferson &
ClearBeld Coal & Iron Company will be
held at the Company's office in Reyn
oldsviHe, Pa., on Tuesday, January 18,
1910, at 2.30 p. m. for the purpose of
electing' a Board of Directors for the
ensuing year and for the transaction of
such other business as may come before
the meeting.
Lucius W. Robinson, Pres.
LEWIS Iselin, Secretary.
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tal power; curing constipation, head
ache, chills, dyspepsia, malaria. 25c at
H. L. McEntire's.
, Oil paste polish1, the very best polish
made. lOo boxes for 7c. Adam's.
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We have too many I pes haviyou?
Cut prices at Adam's. ) "
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Postmaster Burns And A Sled
Load of People Almost
Run Down.
Saturday evening Postmaster E. C.
Burns, who owns the Burns livery,
took a four horse load of people from
Wishaw to a farm house near Punxsu
tawney to spend the evening. On the
return trip at a late hour the party had
a narrow esoape on the Adrian coal
road orossing near Elk Run. Mr. Burns
drove up to the orossing carefully, and
on account of some cars standing near
the orossing, be did not bear the ap
proach of an engine until it had almost
run them down. He saw the danger In
time to swing the front team, which
jumped and pulled the other team and
front part of sled around just In time to
esoape the engine, whloh whizzed past
wltnout a train. . The engineer had
failed to whistle for the orossing. A
bait minute later and the sled load of
jolly slelghriders would have been run
down by the engine.
Mr. Burns lost a ten-dollar string of
bells on the home trip and thinks he
lost the belli at the Elk Run railroad
Napoleon's Qrit
Was of the unconquerable, never say
die kind, the kind that you need most
when you have a bad oold, cough or
lung disease. Suppose troches, cough
syrups, cod liver oil or doctors have all
failed, don't lose heart or hope. Take
Dr. King's New Discovery. Satisfac
tion is guaranteed when used for any
throat or lung trouble. It saves thou
sands of hopeless sufferers. It masters
stubborn colds, obstinate coughs, hem
orrhages, la grippe, croup, asthma, hay
fever and whooping cough and Is the
most safe and certain remedy for all
bronchial affections. 50o, $1.00. Trial
bottle free. For sale by H. L. MoEntlre
Found Dead In Bed.
Jeremiah A. Stober, state treasurer
elect, was found dead in bed at his
home in Sheneok, Pa., Monday morn
ing. When he retired Sunday night
he was apparently In good health. His
death was caused by heart disease. Mr.
Stober was elected on the Republican
ticket last fall and 'would have taken
the oath of office next May. He was
68 years old.
Letter Llat.
List of unolalmed letters remaining
In post offloe at Reynoldsvillo, Pa., for
week ending Jan. 8, 1910.
Billle Penten.
Say advertised and give date of list
when calling for above.
E. C. Burns, P. M.
Want Column.
Rates: One cent per word for each and
For Sale Pair bobsleds. G. T.
Woodford, pop man.
For Rent Two houses.. Inquire of
Mrs. Caroline Armor.
When years ago, 1 Drat
visited Brookvllle I did not
expect, to build up the larg
estExcursivs, optical bus
iness In the places visited,
but such' Is the caie.1900
was a very successful year
and I hope to make 1910 still
bettorrOur Soclety(The
StttteJJutlcal) pledgesjis to
good 'work'andj'imaterlals
and fi.rblds us to pedile or
canvass.If your eyes need
caremeotme' at"my" regu
lar plaeesonhedateTglv
en In the local papers.
At the Imperial Hotel,
Reynoldsyllle, Jan. 13
Amerioan Hotel7Brook
vllle, 1415, Summervllle
Jan. 17.
Pennsylvania Railroad Doing
Good Work.
Willie Invariably avoiding grade
crossings on new and revised construc
tion work, the Pennsylvania Railroad
has, in the lust ten years, been elimin
ating all erodings at grade as rapidly
as practicable. A compilation for the
period since January 1st, 1900, shows
mat oid grade crossings have been re
moved on thu .lines of the system east
of Pittsburgh and Erie. These flgurts
are of record of September 1st. l!0ft.
and do not iodide the ten crossings
to be eliminated by the change of line
to be made through Bristol, Pa., 00
the New York division.
Tne figures given take no account
of the very extensive1' and Important
revisions or grade so conspicuous In
Philadelphia- whereby tracks for trains
in different alreoti'in have bean either
elevated or depressed, thereby elimin
ating the nHcesslty for trains tooross
Hacks at grades.
Democratic Nominations.
Under the rules governing the Damn.
ocratlo party of JelTdrsoo county, can
didates lor borough and township offi
cers are nominated by a oauous of Dem
ocratic voters, a call for whloh must be
made at least three days bnfora the
caucus Is held. The election will be
held February 15th. The list of candi
dates named must be filed with the
county commissioners at least 18 days
before the date of the election, to give
time for printing tickets. Therefore
these caucuses must bi held on or be
fore January 27th, as the list of nomi
nations must be Bled not inter than
January 28th. Undor the rules of the
party It is not necessary to hold a sug
gestion mooting, yet in many districts
one Is held a week before the nomin
ating caucus or meeting. Brookvllle
Lenten Dates.
This year, 1910, Lent will begin on
Feb. 0, fifteen-days earlier than It did
last year, so that Easter Sundav will
fall on Maroh 27, Instead of April 11,
as It did last year. Inasmuch as the
first full moon after the vernal
equinox, which falls on Maroh 21, each
year, marks the proper date, it is
evident that this voar will be near the
record for early dating. It will be the
second earliest Eiater in a quarter of
a century, that of March 24, 1894. being
the nearest to the vernal equinox in
mat period. .
A lot of men's Bhoes arood values for
$2.75 now $1.89. Adam's.
Little ffenls ihoaa AYtra onnA ff.t.
$1 50 now $1.19. Adam's.
Considers '
Must Erect a Plant to Dispose
v Of It Within The Next
Tuesaay eveniug, January 4, regular
monthly meeting of town oouucll. was
held in Secretary Clement W. Flynn's
office, with following members present:
President J. V. Young, F, S. Hoffman,
August Baldauf, Jacob Duible, Dr. J.
C. King, D. R. Cochran.
Ex-Tax Collector Copping reported
having collected $239.43 on 190S taxes
during Doe ruber.
am uusu(,ur a. i. our(uua roiwrirou
having collected $1,251,46 during De
cember. 1 Chief Burgess Jarvls D. Williams
oollected $17 00 In fines and lloenaas
during December.
. The question of repairing the hose
tower or finding some other location
for the fire alarm bell, was discussed
The matter was finally referred to the
borough property committee with
power to act.
An ordtuanne covering the digging
up of streets and alleys within the bor
ough was left in the bands of the so
licitor for report at next meeting.
I JThe question of ereoting a municipal
building was brought up and dlsoussed
by all members present. Owing to the
fact that the borough's permit for emp
tying sewage into waters of the state
expires May 1, 1910, and council must
furnish to the state department a com
prehensive plan For a sewage disposal
works by that date, it was decided that
Bction on a municipal building should
bn deferred untilthe borough learna
what action the tate Intends to take.
The report of Ibe state engineer, who
investigated the sewage question In
ReynoldsviHe, was that the cost of the
proposed disposal works would not be
less than $50,000, which is more than
fh. nrpaant twiiiiil.Mvl limit. tt tha hnn.
Council has made a start to have the
proposed plan finished in time to be
filed within the lime set by the state.
After the plan is filed In the state de
partment counoll will learn whether
the state will extend the time for erect
ing the sewage disposal works or
whether tbey will ne ordered to com
mence the erection of the same during
the present year.
Children's shoes worth 75o now 49o
at Adam's.
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a hon-
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