The star. (Reynoldsville, Pa.) 1892-1946, July 13, 1892, Image 2

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Onr Choir.
Who soars so high on Music's wing
Wheij wide iihe ope her moutb to sing,
And giggles at (he slightest thing?
Who Units the places In the hooks,
Convulses un with funny look,
And never once gets "off tho hooka T
Our Alto!
Who stands In danger day by day
'Of being carried clean wy
Ry pretty girls? Well, I've heard say
Our Tenor!
Wl o glveth forth n ponderous tone
One which can nil hut stand alone
On firm foundation of Its own?
Our Basso I
Who touches lovingly the key
And dm forth sounds which charm and
Born In a csstle o'er the sca?
Our 'Comp'niat!
It la a quintet to admire,
Uiitourhcd by jealousy's llerco lire
To bu engaged ! Who unta to hiro
Our Choir?
-Boston Timca.
11Y II. C. DoniiK,
I linl been nivay from tho ranch
ainco tiny break on a solitary hunting
expedition for small game, unci now,
with night earning ojti, I was endeav
oring to 11 n J my way back.
Whero juul liow far I wai from
camp I know not, but with a genem!
idea of it direction, 1 plodded over tho
wild plain, expecting every moment
to striko the trail and get homo with
out cither trouhln or danger.
Tho thoughts of tlic good supper and
glad greeting I would have from my
Jolly "cowboy" companions spurred
mo on whilo '.ho netting sun warned
mo that I had no lime to loso.
Iu apito of my woodcraft and scout
ing ikill and fearlessness In travelling
the wildcrnoas alouo I begun lo feel
apprehensive that I was lout. At flrit
I only luiighed ul myself for thinking
lo, but when inilo uflcr inilo iu the
doopeuiug dink brought no sign of
tho anxiously looked for trail I began
to realize that tho smiirtost ranchman
sometime cau blunder iu big reckoning"-
Still I wouldn't admit yet I was
wrong ami, lighting back the dismal
fooling of loncsoiiioiioss and poril that
oppressed mo, I continuod to push on
as fast as my tired legs would let mo.
0:t I wont through the prairie grass,
si ruining my eyes iu tho dusky gloom
striving to find tho truil suddenly
down, down I tumbled straight to tho
bo! torn of what suemud to bo a deep
Stunned by my full, luckily broken
by tho heap of soft rubbish I landed
on, I must liuve lulu for a while un
conscious. When I I'ccovorcd my senans all was
pitch blackness about tno and looking
upwards I could see a few slurs faint
ly glimmering from tho sky.
After pinching uud cxuminlng my
body and thankfully finding that alt
iny bones were intuct, 1 struggled to
my feet and groped around lo discover
if possible wliut sort of u plaoo I hud
gotten into. -
The hole aooinod circular and ap
parently five or six loot in diiimoter.
Tho sides folt liko hard oiay, and the
bottom was dry und thickly covered
with a long accumulation of leuvca
and grasses.
How doep I was down in tho earth
I could not loll, but I rightly guessed
tuo aistauco was some tweuly toot.
How flio hole over got there 1
couldn't imagine. Maybe years ago it
- was dug iu tho hope of striking wuier
for tho uallle which belonged to tho
discarded ranch.
At any iivio tho holo was thore and
I was iu It. Tho thing that puzzled
mo the most was how to gel out.
As nothing could bu done in that
lino till daylight, uud perhaps not
Tlion, I laid me down - and went to
When I awoke nftor a refreshing
slumber tho round spot of bright, blue
sUv above mo seemed higher than 1
ever knew it before.
As a needful preparation to oscuj e
front my more tliuu likely grave
mado it little fire with somo of tho
' dry itutT uud muuaged to cook oue of
the three bird I hud shot tho duy
uciuic. wii tout wiiii u lew uropa
from my witter Hunk I break fasted.
. Thou I started my wiu to work out
plan of deliverance
I had with mo my gun und plenty of
cartridges, pipo and tobacco, a small
hulohor, . mulches, hunting kuife.
revolver, two birds and a pint of
wator; ulo a few yard of ropo.
In 'the almost vain hope of being
heard I delonuiuad to frequently fire
my gun and shout, though I know the
- sounds would be deadened.' -
After shooting and ha'.oolug several
' time wlilt uo answer of course, I ex-
amined (he texture) of the sides of my
tomb. It was a red clay and firm
enough to cut without crumbling, if
I hud somo strong sticks which I
badu't, though I sonrchod through the
heap of rubbish for them I might
drivo pegs lit the aide of my prison
and maybe climb up on them. Perhaps
1 could chop spaces thero to answor
tho ime purpose, '
Taking tho hatchet t commenced lo
do It, and for a while It appeared I
might succeed, but after rising a few
feet in that way I gave It tip.
Had the woll been narrow ao I
could brace myself by using my gun
against the opposito aide I think I
should have accomplished the feat.
Then 1 attempted shooting with a
light charge of powdor a bullet from
my pistol lo which 1 attached my
watch chain fastened to an end of the
rope, thinking it might somehow
catch on a bush oulsido and bear my
weight whilo I climbed on stepping
place 1 should dig.
Hut that plan proved a failure, too.
lly Ibis time it was high noon, and
the hot sun was shining for a few mo
ments straight to the bottom of my
awful tomb.
Like a cnged beast I was becoming
furious in my vain efforts to gain
liberty and the hurdo" I tried tho
more difficult grow my task.
I kept firing my gun and calling for
help, for now it scorned that that was
my only clinneo for lifo.
Tho afternoon passed slowly away
and night appeared ngain, and dis
pairing, but not giving up hope, 1 ale
my last bird, drank nearly my last
drop of water, and managed to full
It enmo morning at last. I had my
gun raised tiro to a signal when I de.
tooted a something nlivo peering from
tho ground abovo mn into the bole.
Could it bo a huaimi being? Even
an Indian in his war paint and certain
to scalp me I should have hailed with
Tho object showed itsolf again
plainly. It was tho head cf a wolf.
Taking a quick aim 1 11 red and hit
it squarly. With a howl of pain tho
wounded brute plungod forward and
into tho hole, landing on my
In a moment it recovered from its
surprise and before I could draw my
pistol it was crouched to loap upon
me. liatcliot in baud I met its on
slaught. As it jumped with bleeding,
open mouth I duekod my bend and bo
fore it could turn a lucky blow buried
tho blado in its skull and finished it.
Xow with its flosh to eat and its
blood to drink I could exist for a
week, at least, and if help came iu tho
manntiino I wouldn't perish.
Tor three long, woary days and
nights I livod on my providential sup
ply of wolf meal, firing my gun
hourly and yelling till iny voico guvo
out, but all for naught.
On tho fourth duy I completely de
spaired of assistance from outsido
and resolved lo make a Inst struggle
to get out of my horrible living tomb.
AVI. lie I franctically chopped with
iny hatchet at tho aidos of the hole
trying to heap up dirt enough to riso
on, even though I undermined and
brought tho earth to bury me, I ro
mombored a plctnro of tho towor of
Bubnl that I bad soon iu the big,
family Bible ut homo.
It had a aplrul road running around
its outside on which tho workers us.
cendod aa tho towor was growing.
Why couldn't I cut out a similar
path on the Inside of my under
ground, turnod-over towor?
With a glad shout of joy and won
dering why tho idea liudn't como bo.
foro, I commcnood ut onco tho cork,
screw road. Starting as high as I
could conveniently work I cut inlo
tho hard, clay wull of tho woll until I
hud dug out a space big enough to
bold inc. By shelving tho roof of tho
excavation and curving It to the back
part of its eighteen inch wide floor I
prevented tho earth from caving.
I laid out this opon, half tuiiuol to
ascend on u rather sleep grade so Its
winding road-bed would bo sufficiently
supported, uud aflor some hours' hard
and careful work, I fliiishod the first
circle uud found that my engineering
calculations promised, to bo success,
ful providing tho earth as It liearod
tho surface would koep front crumb
ling. Not daring to continue digging as
evening aud darkness caiuo, I lightly
crawled bnck to tho bottom of my
prison, ate somo more wolf meat and
wont to sloop with hope renowed aud
comparatively happy. .
' Bright and early iu the welcomed
morning I began my toll for deliver
anoe. The higher I dug my way the
inurj hazardous it bucamo. I utmost
feared to go ahead for I kuow tliut a
break now would be fatal to my only
chance of escape from a horiiblo
douih. WUuu night once more caused
mo to stop, ! was within about six feel
of the end of my agony or -alas f
might be only at Its beginning. ?
Tho awfut uncertainty of being so
near and yet so far from life and tho
glorious, beautiful world kopt mo
wakeful. By tho following noon 1
should know my fato.
At daylight I tremblingly crawled
up my circular stairway and roconi
monccd operations. Tho earth that
hnd been removed lay in a big pile on
tho bottom, but of course not high
enough to help mo In cac a cavc-ln
Carefully I started on tho last cir
cuit, and, as I expected, found thai
tho dry earth there was much less firm
than bolow.
Stilt I could make headway, al
though onco onco or twico I thought I
was doomed to failure when
tho ground broko over and undor me.
Xow 1 reached tho place to dig
straight up, and, holding my breath,
I attempted it. Slowly I scraped my
shaft's ceiling, littlo by llttlo, then as
tho sods above mo loosened ( tore
thorn away and after a wcok of liv
ing deuth- 1 once inoro stood on the
earth's solid surface.
I soon found tho camp, and my
friends, who, nftor searching iu vain,
wore mourning my supposed death.
Chicago Sun.
What a strange underground lifo Is
that which is led by tho organisms we
call trees I These great fluttering
masses of loaves, stems, boughs,
trunks, are not the real trees. They
livo underground, and what wo see
nro nothing inoro nor less than their
tails. Yes; a tree is an underground
creature, with its tail In tho air. All
its Intelligence is in its roots. All tho
senses it has are in its roots. Think
what sagacity it shows in its search
after food and drink. Somehow or
othor, tho rootlets, which aro Its ten
laclcs, find out that tlioro is a brook at
a moderuto distauco from tho trunk of
the tree, and they make for it witli all
thoir niiglil. They find every crack
In tho rocks whero thero are a few
grains of tho nourishing subMnnco
they care for, and insinuate thomsolvcs
into its deepest recesses. When spring
and summer come, they let their tails
grow, and delight in whisking them
about lit tho wind, or letting thorn bo
whisked about by it; for these tails
are poor passive things, with very lit
tlo will of their owu, and bond in
whatever direction tho wind chooses
to inako them. Tho leuves mako a
dual of noiso whispering. I huvo
sometimes thought I could understand
them, us they talk with each other,
and that they seem to think they made
the wind as they wagged forward and
buck. Ucmomber what I say. Tho
next lime you seo a tree waving in tho
wind, recollect that It is tho tail of a
groat underground, many-armed,
polypus-liko creature, which is as
proud of its caudul appendage, es
pecially in summer time, as a peacock
of his gorgeous expanse, of plumage
Do you think thero is anything so
very odd about this idea? Ouco get
it well into your heads, and you will
find that it renders the landscape won
derfully interesting. Thero aro as
many kinds of trco tails as there are
of tails to dogs and othor quadrupeds.
Study them as Daddy Gilpin studied
them in his "Forest Scenery," but
dou't forgot that thoy aro only tho ap
pondago of tho underground vegeta.
bio polypus, tho true orguuism to
which they belong. Dr. O. W
A Queer Old Texan.
An eccentric character named Brit
Bailey caiuo from Tounossoo to Texas
In 1830. While cu routo iu company
with several others he requested each
man to tell what ho wu coming to
Texas for. When uli wcro through it
cuiuo to hi turn, and bo said: "I nm
going to Texas to establish a charac
ter. I huvo not got any ut homo, und
I am going to try uud estublisU one lu
Ho settled nt Bailey's Prairio, and
soon ufter trouble commenced with
tho Mexicans, und purtiuiputed iu the
bulllu of Volusca. lie curried homo
with hi in a cuuuoii bull us u lello of
this light. When he cume to dio be
requested to be buried standing up six
feet uudor tho eurth, which would re
quire a gruve of mora than 13 fuot lu
depth, as ha wus 6 feet S iuches la
Ho also requested that thore should,
be buried with hint Ids rlllo, 100
rounds of ammunition, his butcher
kuife, two plugs of tobacco, one bot
tle of whisky, bis dog, uud tho cannon
bull from Velusuo. All this was done
with the exception of tho dog. He
died at home lu 1838 on Bailey's
lVairle, Brazoria County, and was
buriod on Ovslor Creek. Ho was
liked and respected, by all who kuow
hitii.rDjlUis (Texas') News '
Cut out n trianglo of chamois skin
and button hole in tho cornor a
Itoinan-kcy pattern or any pretty do
sign with blue embroidery silk.
Catch the points together nndbotween
tho embroidery corners insert puffings
of blue silk, graduated somawhat
nnrrower toward tho centra of tho
cushion, whero a largo bow of satin
edged blue gros-grnin ribbon is
placed to conceal nil tho joining.
Hair, sweet grass, or balsam of fir
may be usad to fill tho cushion.
American Fanner.
To remedy tho stale smell of tobacco
In rooms an authority recommends a
liasiu of pcrmiing mate of potash
placod in tho room during tho even
ing. This may bo left during tho
night in tho room, and with tho top of
the window loft open tho room will
be found qulto sweet during tho day
timo. Another smoker writos: "But
n few grains of iodine on a pinto on
the floor lu the coutro of the room, or
a llttlo trlodi in water iu a soup
plate, and leavo tho window open a
llttlo nil night, aud you will probably
find, as 1 huvo dono for a long time,
that nil troco of tobacco lias disap
peared by breakfast timo next morn
ing." New York Sun.
Tho rules for mint sauce vary.
Somo cooks uso a certain pcrcontiigo
of slock, but this seems to us to bo a
mistake. Tho timn-bonorod English
rule is the best. This calls for vinegar,
sugar and mint alono. Select only
fresh und tender mint for this sauce.
Strip tho leaves from tho stems, wash
them and drain them in a sieve, and
minco them lino with n sharp cook's
knifo. Gather the leaves together in
a littlo pile on an ordinary board, and
strike them rapidly with this knife,
which is shaped liko an oidiuury
enrvlng-kiilfe. As tho pile separates
with tho forco of the chopping, heap
It together ngain and continuo tho
chopping till the leaves aro a fino
minco. French cooks always chop up
their herbs in this way and evon tlieir
moats, tho chopping knives of our
American kitchens boing a rarity with
them. There should be four heaping
tublespoonfuls of mint chopped. Four
ovor tho mint a half cupful of good
vinogar boiling hot. Add thrco table
spoonfuls of sugar and act tho suuee
awny whero it will becaino ice-cold.
When mint disagrees with individuals
this sauco may bo strslnod after it has
stood four hours; but it is ordinarily
sorved with tho mint in it. Xow
York Tribune.
Spiced Cooklos Ono cupful of
sugar; two cupful of inolassus; two
thirds of a cupful of butter; ono cup
ful of milk; one toitspoonf ul of soda;
one small teaspoonfui of clovos, and
ono of cinnamon; two eggs; one-half
of a nutmeg; aud llvecupfuls of flour.
Holl and cut out.
Choeso and Egg Toast Break Into
a bowl as many eggs as you require,
oue for every two slicosof toast; beat
thoroughly, with suit and peppor.
Add a gcuerous quantity of gralod
chceso. Fut into a pan contain
ing a tiny ploco of butter, l'laco
In tho oven for seven minutes. Ho.
movo and spread quickly on toast. ,
reach Pie Lino a deep pie pinto
with n rich crust. Lay in tho pouches
in a doublo row, packod closely to
gether. Sweeten with whito sugar
und cover with crust and buko. Eat
warm, with crcum, or cold with
gratod cheese aud iced milk. This Is
vory nico if tho top is sproad with a
morliiguo made by whipping tho
white of an egg andonolnblospoonful
of rich cream with four tablespoon
fuls of whilo sugar. Cover tho top
crust with this, and sot iu tho ovou a
few minutes.
Pressed Veal Cook a pieco of veal
until very tender, remove tho bones
and gristle; before it gots vory cold
put into a choppiiig-bowl aud chop
very fine; season with suit, strulu tho
liquor and pour ovor tho moat so as to
muke it quite moist. Then press
firmly luto coffee cups and sot away
until entirely cold. When ready to
serve run a kuife around theodgo aud
turn out on a board, sllco thin with a
sharp kuifo and arrungo on a plat tor,
whiuh should bo garnished with pars
Icy or other greou loavos. Slicos of
lemon laid on tho platter of voal im
prove it.
Pliny, that raro old gossip, lolls ot
cave somewhore Iu Dalmailu whore
a siono thrown in raised a rogulur din
of noises. Fingal's care, on tho Isle
f fitufl'a, ha an abnormally developed
icho. i
Important News Items Baselved .as Ws
So to Press.
trim, ana' Ppaaltle.
While trying to arrest two unknown
thieves some miles north of Oreensburg,
Kiowa county, Kas A. W. Ilalfour, a con
stable of tbut town, was shot to death. The
officers are on the trail of tho murderers,
A man named Thompson killed his wife
snd an old woman with a butcher knife nt
Arlington, 8. D. He expects to be lynched.
ieorgc Bonner accidentally shot William
Olis at Louisville, Ky., and then killed him
elfin remorse.
Capital, l.nbnr unit Initnstrlnl,
The wages of miners at Fine Forest col
liery, Schuylkill county, Pa., huvo been ro
ihlccd 10 cents a wagon.
The Amalgamated association has declar
ed olT the strlko at the Fottsvillo, I'a., iron
and steel company's rolling mills, which
was Inaugurated on .Tilly 1, 1KN), the work
men refusing to sign thn scale. It is thought
that most of the strikers will be tnken back.
The rolling-mill of the ('rum f'reek Hteel
snd Iron Co., of (.'heater, Fa., Is shut down
owing to a misunderstanding between tho
firm and llie puildlers, and tho refusal of
the former to sign tho scale of prices.
Tho troublo nt Homestead, I'n., has
'.brown men out of employment at the
North Chicago rolling-mills, Chicago. Tho
men are heaters, rollers and helpers. Their
contract or scale expired July 1, and the
Illinois Steel Company who owns tho mills
leaded to make no arrangements for a fu
ture scale until tho result of tho eastern
Itrike became known.
Nnllmnkers to tho number of l.nno In
Montreal ale on striko for an lncreaso of
Tho Amalgamated Association at Tltts.
bnrg, I'n., received advices thnt the follow
ing linns had signed the 'scale: Wellieral
Hulling Mill Company, Flndlay, O.; (ur
tiegle, l'liipps cfc Co., Heaver Falls; New Al
bnny (lud.) rail mill; Nixdorf-Krein Munti
bvWring Company, St. Louis.
The JIoorehead-Mi'Cleano Company sign
rd the Amalgamated scale Satunluy. About
800 men returned to work. Tho following
additional linns signed the scale: Ohio
falls Iron Works New Albnny, Ind.; tho
Columbus Iron Works; which also includes
the I'. Hayden Saddlery Hardware Com
pany and the Oliver & Iloberts Wiro Com
pany. Two rnilroad strikors named Hodgers nud
Benson were shot down by a man ut Sumner,
t'al., for calling him a "scab." Ihslgcrs was
killed end Ilcnson seriously iiijtuoti.
At Duluth tho Catholic pro-Cat hedral and
bishop McKiolrlch's residence were burned
Loss on both buildings, 1 10,000,
At Providence, It. I., the storehouse of B.
II. & K. 11. Knight, together with 0,700 bales
of cotton and l.uoo pieces of cloth. Is
about (500,000.
At Montgomery, Aln., tho wholesale dry
good department of (lorgu Kttor, Weil
Co. Loss about flOO.Oofl.
At llnltiiuorc tho largo furniture manu
facturing establishment of tho P. Hanson
Hiss Manufacturing Company. Loss on
tho stock, l,'iO,OoO;lnuraneo about HOO.OUO.
Loss, on building, 4.',ixr; fully insured.
Tho rolling mill of the tin department of
the Nledringhaus Mills, at St. Louis, was
totally destroyed by tiro. The loss will bo
about (75,00i).
At lloeklnnd. Mich., 30 buildings, Includ
ing stores, dwellings and tho Masonic linll,
woro burned, Tho loss will bo up In the
At fireenvlllo, Tex., tho Orecnvlllo furni
ture factory was burned. Loss, ( )0,0o:); In
surance, (8,000.
At Poeomoko, Md., thirty-eight business
plncosand ono residence wero destroyed by
tire and tho loss will not bo loss thun t'M,
000. The greater port of Areola, Miss., burned
Wednesday. Loss, (:t0,000, insurance,
A lurgo part of Shoshono, Ida., was burn
ed. The new mining town of Biwahik, about
80 miles from Duluth, was burned, causing
loss of (ai.ouo.
UlMiaiera. Airlclrnts nod I'malltlen.
Herbert Slater and Mrs. Kcllert wcro
drowned at Kingston, N. Y., by thu capsiz
ing of a pleasure skiff.
Two men and eight horses wero burned in
a lire, which destroyod a New York stable.
Joseph, Xncharia and Henry Martin,
three brothers, aged 2!, It mid IS, wcrs
drowned in Kings liiver, Cul., while bath
' At Pprlng Park Lake, Minnetonku, a row
tiout ocenn'ed by Oscar Sundell, Ruins John.
fon, I.uuru Lewis and Ida Swansea, nil of
pt. Paul, .Minn., wus upsot una an oiu sail
ilell drowned.
Four people wero killo 1 nt Kansas City on
Jho Fourth; Henry Hoover, I'.ttie !slie,Ax
tell Puttersou and Clar.i osier num.
A hand cab on tho Central railroad, of
New Jersey, jumped the track when on nn
embankment below Seawurden, and time
of the men on it wero instantly killed.
By a fall of coal iu tho South Wllkesbarro
shaft of tho Lehigh and Wllkesbarro Coal
Company at Wilkesburro, I'a., two civil en
gineers und u timbor man wero Instantly
killed. The dead aro: John Williams, ugcoj
'.'a, civil euglneei; John Mt'Cuffory, ugoti Jl,
,if Philadelphia, civil engineer; William
Kvuus, aged 11, a timber man.
A wild steer broko loose In St. Louis. The
aim of the police w is poor, nud their bulJ
lets killed Albert Folseh, aged IS, and budly
wounded several others.
Two explosions iu tho furnace room of the
Illinois Steel Works at South Chlcugo, ro
sm' ed lu ihe death of ono man, Fetor bind
strum, and the injury of three others.
A wull 300 feet lpug and 30 fvet high,
running along the south side of the Newport
News railroad yard, at Memphis, foil from
pressure of earth against it. The Pullman
ear Savannah, In which conductors Hunter
and llounn and a porter named Bell were
asleep, was crushed and the three men were
The Senate committee on appropriations
finished the consideration of the sundry
civil bill, and reported It to the Senate. The
amount nt the appropriation madn by the
bill Is (37, "(17,71c, being an Increase over the
bill as It passed tho House or IU,n7J,816.
There Is an appropriation of M.IOO.OOO In
aid of the World'a Fair and a requirement
that the Fair shall not be kept open on
Ppeaker Crisp has received a telegram
from Cordele, Oa., announcing his renoml
natlon for Congress by acclamation.
Tho July returns to the Blntlstlelan of tho
Department of Agriculture make the aver
age condition of cotton 80.9. The June re
jiort was eo.v. r or the purpose or compari
son the returns of July, 1801, are given:
Uencral average. 88 0.
The New York Democratlo Anti-Snap
Convention State Committee has decided to
continue Itself as a permnnont organiza
tion. Peraeaat.
Cyrus W. Field, upon whose head mis
fortunes have fallen so fast in the last nine
months, Is lying unconscious In his borne,!
Ardsley Tower, N. Y., und his death is ex
pected any moment.
The Confedernto Veterans of the Slnte of
Missouri have formally adopted and offlclol1
ly announced that this year and hereafter
the first Wednesday in June will be observ
ed as Confederate Memorial Day. "
The Stars und .Stripes hoisted over the
residence of the l!ev. O. A. Yeomnns, a
Presbyterian minister at Wharton, Ont.
were torn down by an angry mob of cltl
teus, because the Hag was larger and floated
higher than any Knglish flag in town.
At Madrid. In the riots against the new
tax three policemen were killed and 30 to 40
Injured. The civil governor received some
sovero bruises. About a dozen of the rioters'"
were hurt. The Madrid newspapers take
the ground that the riot was successful, and
that tho taxes will probably bo abolished. Austrian landed proprietor,
attempted to make the ascent of the Grim
ing mountnln, near Aussec, in Moravia. He
missed his footing, fell into a chasm and
was Instantly killed.
The miners In Prague who caused the ex
plosion in the Uraheuberg silver mine, by
which 300 lives were lost, huvo been sentenc
ed to prison for three and two yeurs.
An unknown sloop supposed to be a
Chinese smuggler, capsized near Victoria, B. .
C All on board were lost.
Near Quebec ptayers are Jising offered
for the cessation of rain, while in IMmouskl
the supplication is for rain.
The steamship City of Chicago, which,
went on the rocks near Klnsale Head.
Qiieenstown, Is now a totul wreck. The)
coast is strewn witli boxes.
In a buttle between a troop of Chilian
cavnlry and brigands, 3t of tho lutter w era
killed. The recent flood lu Fukeshlna submerged 4
1,000 houses, swept 000 bridges away,
drowned 33 persons and inundated 4,00O'
acres of rice.
Serious Damage Dona by an Explosion
at a California Powder Mill.
San Fiiascisco, July 11. An exploalonat
tho works of the Giant Powder Company,
this morning caused a loss of five lives and
tho injury of many men. The company
loses 5)0,000 and tho San Francisco Chem
ical Works were destroyed nt a loss of ll!K),n
000. The cause of the explosion is said to)
have been the upsetting of a bottle of acidt '
in the office, which set flrotothe building. (.
Three white men who wero working in the
nitro-glyeerlne house wero killed. They
were John I'.owo, Wallace Dickerson and
Charles Ouberllge. Tho others killed were
Chinamen. Windows were broken all over
Sun Francisco and surrounding towns.
Ym.t.ow Fkvsii prevails in Honduras.
Thk iron ore trad still runalns stagnant.
Thkiik ars fears of a cholera epldemio in'
Tiik oils wells In this country supply 130,-
wu uarreis a uay. t
Hrkiaiteu all telegraphing la Spain will
be dou uy military operators, were oo less than tire staje rob
beries in Moatuna duriuj June.
"The next Prusidontnf tlia United State
will roeeivd about 7,000,000 vjt-.
The pack of canned lobsters la expected to
fall olf Utty per cent, compared with last
A tun::ki. to coat (1,000,000 haa beo
sturted ut Lat-lvlile, Col., to drain toe nun
iiU camps.
Jamkh MuLLitN-, of Louisville, Ky., bled
to death from a holo in his tougua about th
sizs of a piu.
Thc ehinfsot the Arapahoe and Cheyenne
Indiana refuse to aeojpt the boat Usuu trout
Uie Ooveriiineiic.
The embezzlements of the first six months
of tho pre-win year amounted to toe large)
UUI VI V., 7VU, 7 1 ti
by the
grout calamities of the year.
Advices from nearly all buinsaa osntrda
show a Kra lusl growth iu uonti Isnoe, though,
not iu the volutin ot busmen done.
Tua Governments o( Germany and Aus
tria are actm iu eoaoirt iu the a loption of
measures to prevent uaolttrs frooi eutoriuf
their countries, :
United States cavalry to the nu uber of
four UuudrtU are ouuaiuped near Douflat,
Wyoming, prejimubly to tike a baud iu tuV
rustler troubles.
H. L. Lincks, of Huron, South Dakota,
Vice-President u( the National Alllauoe,
auccjoda 1 L. Polk, deoatied, as FrasiduuS
of the organisation. . I
The eatato of the lato Father Molllnser of
Pittsburg, worth iW 10,000, aal supposed to
havs beeu given to tae ouroa, is clinuiei by
a poor oousiu living la New York.
Thinos r goiug to be lively in ths Ber
ing Sea this sei.uu. Ttts iuigr4tin herJs
IKK boats provide! and nrovislonoj
tute. li.tve left New Orleans lor thn I
district of ths rftate. J
famine in Northern Mexico and V
Texts looms uo as oue of tlut 1
are uow near tae pistes In tile olos4 so
uui the oruUirs re fullowiug tueui, ' j
- - . .. - t i -- v- ,