The star. (Reynoldsville, Pa.) 1892-1946, June 22, 1892, Image 7

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    At the Keaalde,
Malaria, CoMa ann Sore Throat are most prev
alent. I)r. llnsle-. Certain Crimp Curd will
CTwlirate all symptoms of such etlAcks.such m
en-afllrate all ayi
Aching Hones,
Cotiuh. A'ftufi i
jicmng nnnea, inius. rerer, iirjr hackiiis;
CoiiBh. urn, ami nn n iuvn ritus'il In it.
rViliiby prominent driurYlsts. fiOp. Manufao
tared by A. 1. Honk,, ItulTalo, N. Y.
The Ornnt Monument KttneJ In almost old
enonph to deserve a monument of ita own.
A Complete Xesrapaper par One 4.t.
Ttir f'fffsnnrofl Chmnlrlr.Trlrvmnh ts sold by
all eva Audita and delivered by I'arrler
everywhere, for One IVnf a copy or S'fr Cfrif a
week. It contains dully, the news of the
work), receiving im It dues, tlie report ofbotli
the A"nratril I'rcss nnd th Cnited l'rc. No
Hher piii?r which sells for linr IVnf receive
hot h of t hese reports. Its s'iortliiH'. Fllmnehil,
Fashion, and Household )cprtinetits ere un
equaled. Order It from your News Agent.
1.aritea. ladles, think of the enirna-ementa von
have broken and the dtNippnTiitnicnta con
Seotlent toot hen. and Is rlmpsHlso to yourselves,
all on aeronnt of hernial he. Itrndycrotiii. will
cure you In fifteen minutes, fifty cents.
BrrrrnsiV Pit.tji art like mmrle on the
liver and other vital nivnns. One dote relieves
m k headache In i!U minute.
Mrs. Mary K. t) r alien,
a nurse, of I'lnna, Ohio,
was poisoned while assist
ing physicians at an nn
toy B years nir i.nncl soon
terrible ulcer broke
St out on her bead, aims
J tonitue and throat, f he
Ura. K. E. OFallen..nnr j,ro.,r, of ,,,ni
At Inst .he bemntntake ROOD'S SARSA
PARILXA and at once unproved; could n .ii
pet out nt iwil and walk. Hhe Is now perfectly
well, weighs ia pounds, eata well, and doe the
work for a lame tiimlly.
HOOD'S PILLS should he In every fam.
Uy medicine chest. Once used.always preferred.
By an Old Family Physician.
Soothing, healing, penetratinQ
Jfropprd on Rttffar, ChtMrtn Lore
to take Johnson's Anodne Llnlmrnt for Cronf.. Cold
Hon- Throat. TmiMhtK l oiic. (lump and Pain. It-ik-vt-s
hummer t'omttiainta, Olts-Biul Hnilx a l!k-nmrii'-L'oiitrhfi,
Aoltitnn, i'ntnrrh, Hronrlntti, Cl'nlt-rv
ilfrt-tm, ' hilt'lln, i'hnp. Hmenrwi in H"rty r r Uinli,
rnff Muwlff t Hlntim. Inha! lor Ntrvouit H4(lnrn.
ll'rt'fl I'lMiirhlft In'. fViM rrcry hrrr. Vriif X rt
(til liOt'J. n, tUK. I. H. JoliNHON A CO., Botun, Mkaa.
Tn nKwt p!rtm conium four fct, itit miifi
nil litt ihrw duuRlilert. Anyon cun find lh
Mum's fare, hut it it not ncitey to diiltnguikb lh
facn of the three yntm InrlW.
The pronrietori of Forri'a Prlie Vtllu wilt
pive n clcKant Oold Watch to the jSnt
person whncanmiikeout the three daughters' face J
lo the Mtcfwd will he pi vert pair of genuine:
Dlamnnd TCnr-IMnc to the third hand
tome bilk lrca Pnttern, 16 yarttn any
color; lo the fourth Colu Silver Watch,
nd many other prixee in order of merit. Every
competitor mutt cut out the above puzrle picture.
ditiiriRiiinh the three prl' facet by marking acrme
iih lend pencil on each, and enclose tam with
fifiren U. S, two cent tamne for one box of
tORITS PKIZL PlLl.S,which wilt he rnt pnt
raid, duty frre), a'Ulf-l to TUX roS PlLLtOM
lilTT, TtUlaetOa Ct. TorCttO.Cia. 1 he prun whoa
envelope la puatmarLrd Art will be awarded the
firu prize, aivd the other in order of merit. To the
person arndinK the conect answer wilt be given
anelcpnnt ioll AV'Htch.of fine workmanship
nd first -claM timrrrner ; to th urxt tofltt tint
pair of genuine 1H a in Olid Enr-ninprai to
he tee find to the last a handsome Silk DreM
1'nttcrn. 16 yards in any color; to the third
tothelaUftColn Silver Watch. and many
other prires in cnlrr of merit counting fmm the
there he so many semi in c in correct am.wersX No
charge U made for boxing and packing of pre
mi urn. The names of the lending prize winner
will be published in connection with our advertise
meut in leading newapapera next month. Extra
premiums will I given to those who are willing to
assist in introducing our medicine. Nothing la
charged for the premiums in any way, they are
absolutely given away to introduce and advertise
Ford's lrue Pills, which are purely vrccinble and
ct gently yet promptly on the Liver, kidneys and
Howels, dispelling Headache, Fevers and Colds,
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BOt gripe, very Small, easy to take, one pill
dswe, and are purely vegetable. Perfect digeatioa
follows tbeir use. As to the reliability of our com
pany, w refer you to any leading wholesale drug
gist or business bouse in Toronto. All premiums
will be awarded strictly in order of merit and with
perfect satisfaction to the public. Pills are sent by
snail post paid. When you answer this picture
puuie, kindly mention which newspaper you saw
insjtM St . Toront. Can.
My niece, Emeline Hawley, was,
taken with spitting blood, and she
became very much alarmed, fearing
that dreaded disease, Consumption.
She tried nearly all kinds of medi
cine but nothing did her any good.
Finally she took German Syrup and
she told me it did her more good
than anything she ever tried. It
stopped the blood, gave her strength
and ease, and a good appetite. I
had it from her own lips. Mrs.
Mary A. Stacey, Trumbull, Conn.
Honor to German Syrup. o
A Frightful Accident Between Covlnirton
and Newport, Xy 40 People Killed.
A Terrible Cyclone Kill. Many
Children and Adult.
CixrHxATt, O., June 10 Yftcrday morn
liif. tlic falsa work of the new bridge belnn
Iniilt over the Licking rlver.hrtween CovIiir
ton ninl Newport, fell, rnrrriiiff down with
It W) men. The llmt estimnte nf the nunihet
of llvei lot win .Hi, but Inter reorts mnke
the totnl number 8. Amiin them were
Andrew nml Albert llnlnl, the roiitrnrtora.
Tlieronstrnctloti of the bridge wna btpun
early Inst fall, and will be used for foot pas
sengers ami street rnilwny trallio. Tlic piera
have been completed, and the work of lining
the heavy pleirs of Iron In pine liml begun.
Not a siirk of the falsework, from pier
to pier, renmiiieil, nnil the river was filled
with timbers mid Iron work, w ilb scores, of
men struggling for lile.
I'ollowing is the list of dead. Injured
and mis. lug, so fur us known up to mid
night: list of Tit. ir p.
I'. I). flimiipol Sempld. ol Itoston; Tliom
as Hiiwn, Wheeling; mi unknown about
4" j-eir old: .1. K. Itohy.JKadlnril 'ity., Vu.;
Klmer llurher. t'lnririuiti: Williaiii Alois.
Ohio: C.W. Hareiilwli, Wlieeliug: Hiilnird
liormun, i'olphin. I'n.; John Ailmns, t in
rinniiti: Knink Ailnms, l incinnuti; Hobert
Unird. Newmrt: Andrew lliiiiil. l'iltshurgh;
( linries llrohnni, I'uviiigton: Kdward Hulli
van, l.udliiw, Ky.; .tames Jnhuson, Havre
ile.;ruee. .Mil.: Iienuis Murlow, 1'iirkershurg;
K A. Noinn, line, I'n ; Charles Htall, Iron
t n. .. 'buries Tyre, Mitchell, l,.; Wil
.inn Hurtiiii, I'einl'leton, Ky.; 1'utriilt Mur
ruy, tireenliriur, YV. Vn.
J lie liiimber of killed will probably
reiu h 40,
I'liniel H;nkley, Hill Station, .; llruce
Thomas, Indianapolis: J. (.'. Arling, New
port. Ky.:a liermmi iiu kiiiuiied' kvhooks,"
name unknown; I'hii'les 11. W'llkeMon,
I.otiiMille. ky.; lleniaitiln Aruold. Niih
olasville. Ky.; John .1. Murray. Newiott;
William Thoniiis, Xenin, t.; John I'hillips,
Newport; "Itiiblnt" Heinger; I.'. II. Fetters,
Irontoii. Ohio: A. Thomas; J. I'. Lynch, col
oreil: F. Hurkley; William Wil inspec
tor of work: Fruit k Wullap-: Hurry Osborne,
l.omlon. Kng.; Thomus l.avin. i'ovington;
Henry Knimer. NewiKirt: Punicl liinklev,
Newport; S. 11. lleil; I'homus Krause.
Martin I.utlier. Lagrange, Ky.: Frnnk
Mure. Newport; tieorge Uurge, f oVingtoiiiN.
W. liurton, Wmchesier, Ky.: William We
Hliiitf, Newiiort; Frederic Hriint, (.'incinr.ati;
Kirhurd Adiiina, Cincinnati.
A big portion of the fulse work was eub
mergeil, und with It were the unfortunate
workmen. The fcene was a horrible one.
In a minute the nir was tilled with the
tlirk'ksol the injured mid dying.
Those who could free themselves from the
tnugled network of timber, struggled to the
mriai-e of the water and tried to gel ashore.
One after another gnve up the desperate mid
uneven strugg'e mid snk Into the mudilv
water. Though the banks weie crowded
not o oul could go to the re-cue of the poor
one unknown man was taken out on the
Covington side. He was found wedged in
to tightly that a portion of his hand hud to
chopped oft belore he could be taken out.
All the dead hodiea as they were taken out
presented terrible pictures. The bones were
infilled and splintered, ami in luanv in
ftnuces forced through the llcsh, presenting
a siokeniiiK sight.
Theterrible calamity is du directly to
the recent heavy ruins. The traveler was
fully TO feet high, and the false work tlO
leet. Two men were at work on the top
cord of the falsework when the crush in me.
They fell into the river, but escuped wilh a
Jew scratches. They were J. 1'. Lynrh,
colored, and llruce Conns. Lynch fell w ita,
the bridge, mid landed on top of it. Conan
Cel. underneath the work, but. singularly
enough, escaped vith a few bruises.
All the men employed were insured. Yon
fee the contractors, H'aird Brothers, had in
sured the lives of all their employe in the
Kmplcyes' Jukuruiu-a Company. The com
pany ugrees to protect the contractors against
all damage claims. 1 think the average
amount of insurance on eacti man killed is
l,.ri, hut cannot say positively.
i'aird lirothers had been very successful
bridge builders. There were four of them
and two were killed in the accident. They
were married men, of family, and are quite
wealthy. They had Inst completed the great
cantilever hri ige at Memphis, which is the
lurgest in the world, with one exception.
They had never before met with such a dis
astrous accident. The property loss is f 1U,
Fourteen dead bodies have been taken out
of (he Newport side and eight from the
Covingtun side of the river. There was
gn nt difficulty in ascertaining the exact
number of the victims. The report varied
from 1A to 100. (Superintendent Sullivai
tays there were 73 men at work on the
bridge when the crash came. Those who
rsonped were lit work on the up-stream side.
of the work, which is to the south. They
fell with the wreck, but fortunately fell on
top of it. Those on the down stream side
fell under the wreckage and were killed ami
injured. It is certain that those who can
not be found are lying at the bottom of the
Licking river.
It is thought that In addition to the work
men caught in the wreck were a number of
spectators, who were watching the men at
work. The accident is supposed to be due
to the heavy Wright of the iron floor sup
tort. the false work not being strong
A Montreal Summer Reaort Destroyed by
a Cyclone. Many School Children
and Orowa Pjople Killed.
Pte Kosk, Qi'kiiec, June 10. The pretty
little village of Ste Rose, a fashionable sum
mer resort near Montreal was. entirely oblit
erated by a cyclone yesterday afternoon.
Houses were carried away, trees were torn
from their roots and horses and cuttle liter
ally carried away and deixisited in fields
hundreds of feet away. The village school
w as totally demolished, and of the 115 young
scholars, two were dead when found, one
died shortly afterward, 12 are so badly in
jured that they will die, and the remuindet
are more or less injured.
Those dead are Winfred Onimet, aged 7;
Julia Jolly, ugeti, and Htanley Pnubien,
aged d. Those known to be fuUilly iniured
are: Ernestine Ouimet, Kdward Ouiinet,
Kdward fiascnm, Amelia Cadeux. The
duruuge done to the farming country was
enormous. The farm buildings of John
Thomas and Alpheus Kimpton were de
stroyed and the inmates, five in number,
killed. At Ste Theresa, the public school
building, in which there were 40 children,
was blown down and two of the scholars
killed and about 15 others badly injurtd,
At Lacho and Ht. Lawrence the damage
will be very heavy, both to crops and man
ufacturing interests. At Upton two cliil.
dren were killed.
Floods on the Ulesouri.
C Falls, Most., June IS The Mis
souri river is higher to-day than ever known
since the existence of this city. People
along the shore are driven from their hous
es. Uridges are washed out, so that tbera
has been no trains over the Montana Cen
tral from Helena slnoa Friday.
You can tell about how well a man
knows God by the war he trusts)
MnnAT In the Penate the pension ap
propriation bill, wilh amendments, was re
ported back from the Committee on Appro
priations and placed on the calendar. It
curries a total of Hll,7;i7,3.'0, which is an
Increase of Sll.IH2.2H4 over the House bill,
and :)J7, 200 less than the estimates. The
bill as reiHirted, exceeds that of last year by
H l,r22,.'Kl5. The principal Increase over the
House bill Is t ll.lai'.iKM, for ariuv and navy
pension. The bill Introduced by Mr. l'efler
on the 2tlth of May, "to Increase the cur
rency mid provide for Its circulation, to re
duce the rate of Interest, and to establish a
Jlureau of Loans, "was taken from the table
, and Mr. PefTer addressed theHensteln advn-
eaev oi it. i he r-etiute men nnjouriied
until to-morrow.
In the House, bv unanimous consent, the
following hills were passed: To admit In
dian children to citizenship at the age of 21
years, provided that they have had in yea's'
industrial training: to authorise the Wash
ington Sohcnizen Ve rein to erect a statue to
Huron von Pteiihen In one of the public res
ervations in Washington. After action upon
some Ihstriet of Columbia measures, the
House went Into committee of the whole,
Mr. Creiiry, of Kentucky, in the chnir on
the fortifications hill. After dispensing with
the first rending of the bill, the committee
rose, without further action. In the "con
sideration" morning hour a Penate bill was
passed, with an amendment, authorizing
the entry of I he Inruls chiefly vnluable for
building stone, under the placer mining
law. Also, tho hill to protect settlement
rights, where two or more persons settle on
the same section of ngriculinrul public land
before survey thereof. Also, to pstnhl sh a
division line between the hinds of the ('lil
ted States ami the Pittsburg, Ft. Wayne and
''Imago Itailway Company, near Itellevue,
I'll. A hill grunting to tlic State of Kansas,
111 trust, the Fort Hayes military reserva
tion, for the purpose of n soldiers' home on
the cottage plan, gave rls to opposition, and
without disposing of it thu House ad
journed. Tn:inY. No business of any con
fluence was transacted In the senate of
house to-day on airountof thedeath of Con
gressman Stiickhouse. Iloth houses ad
journed until to-morrow, out of respect to
lii memory.
WlI'Ssiu'y. In the Pennfe the silver bill
was defeated. No action was taken mid the
senate adjourned.
The House passed the Fortillcntlon Appro
priation hill without a division. The
measure appropriates $2.1 12,3711 or tl..1fl2,427
less than was impropriated hy the last Con
cress. Authority is given to'iuuke contracts
for certain works, insolving n further ex
enditure of l.:i7(l.ii'i. The hill reducing
the duty on tin plate, tome p ute and taggers
tin to 1 cent n pound after October 1. 1W2.
and reinovimt all duty thereon niter October
1. 1H!U, occupie I the"reniuiniler of the day.
The House tuen ailiouiued until to-morrow.
TmnsnAV The linue went Inbi a com
mittee of the whole on the tin plale bil1. No
action was taken when adjournment occur
red. In the Senate Mr. Morrill, of Vermont,
culled up I lie free coiuuge hill mid Ssike on
It. Discussion was continued until adjourn
ment. Finn v Iloth houses of Congress adjourn
ed until Monday, alter a brief session cover
ing on'y routine busine-s.
Excellent Rsports of Trade From all
Eectlona of the Country.
R 0. Pun A Cn.'s Weekly Hevlew of
Trade says that there is improvement both
in actual trade and in prospects. Floods
still make some trouble in the lower Miss
issippi Valley, but elsewhere throughout
the West and Northwest excellent farm
prospects st'mulnte trade.
Trade is fuirly active at Iloston.with large
sales of print cloths and reduction In bleach
ed shirtings, while woolens are seasonably
quiet nnd the shoe trade excellent. A't
Pittsburg the demand for finished iron is
good. Hardware is very active and gla-s
nnclinnged. At Cleveland trade is larger
than last year and at Cincinnati the miliin
enry trade is above the average, and the
jewelry trade far. At Chicago the volume
of business is increasing in all lines. At t:.
Louis business is reasonably good, and at
Kansas Citv fairly satisfactory w ith large
receipts. The crop outlook is brighter at
Milwaukee mid remarkably good ut Min
neapolis, witli trade better than last yeur,
and the Hour output the largest on record,
214.UHJ barrels against V.KI.VM last year. A
June crop report promising a wheat yield
much beyond any other except the last, has
caused wheat to fall 5 cents. Western re
ceipts of wheat continue at the rate of (si..
000 bushels daily, and exports nearlv JIKi.ikii)
urn me surplus to ne carried over will Uou tit
less reach AU.UOO.0 10 bushels.
Money is everywhere abundant and un
usually cheap, and complaints of collections
fewer than usual. In the stock market a
decided advance lor sonic days lias been fol
lowed by some reaction, but the tone is
strong, notwithstanding exports of more
innn tn.uiai.u wgoiil tins week.
The business failures during the last seven
days number for the I'nited Plates l.'iH;
Canada 20; total 17!), as compared with 1!'-'
last week, 207 the week previous to the last
and 2JJ for the corresponding week lust
Two Men Ejected From a Freiuht Car.
Struck by a Train and Killed.
Their Chums Kill a Brakeman,
Eiiik, Juno 20. Five young Krie mould
ers. Alto Ptublein.ticorge Van Alton, Frank
Sapper mid two others whose names ure
not known at present, spsnt Saturday in
liunulotttulnttoinptel t'is'cal a ride back
to Krie. At Ht. Angola they were put off
the tram by Jinikcman Lorclla Newton.
Within five minutes of the time that Stub
lein and Van Alton were put off the freight
train they were struck by another truin und
instantly killed. When Happer and the
Hher two saw their mangled companions,
they acc.s;ed Newton as being the ciuiu of
the accident. The trainmen were then at
tacked by the moulders, who used revolvers.
Newton wus shot through the che.t and
will die. Fireman McUtiire wu also hit,
but not seriously injured. The assailants
were driven off. Papper reached Krie to
duy and was arrested to-night. He stoutly
maintains his ignorance of the affuir. He
said that he had been ejected from the
train before reaching Angola, but the dying
uitement of Van Alten implicates Sapper.
Drowned in Cloud Buret.
Srnitto Valliy Mi., June 18. There
was a cloud burst just before 8 o'clock last
night, which destroyed a great deal of prop
erty. One woman whose house was swept
away was drowned, but further than that
there was no loss of life.
The I.engae Record.
The following table shows the standing of
Uie various base bull clubs :
Tost- Ter
Won. Lost, poned. Cent.
Boston 80 10 4 .h1)2
Brooklyn 82 It) u .027
Philadelphia 20 22 3 .677
Cincinnati 20 22 6 .rVM
Cleveland B0 24 S ,M7
Chicaao 20 - 23 4 .M0
New York t.2.) 20 4 .400
Washington 24 27 5 .471
Pittsburgh 25 30 S .4A5
Louisville 21 82 S .SUA
Pt. Louis.. .......11) S3 4
Valtiiuor 15 30 7 .aw
The Venerable Priest Physician Passes
ttuietly Away.
FATnun MoLLtstoRR, the famous and be
loved priest and physician of Mt Troy,
Pittsburg, Pa., whose marvelous cures bare
secured for him an almost world-wide rep
utation, died at his residence Wednesday
It has been known for soma time that the
good priest was suffering from soma trouble
that was fast sapping his life awny. While
be was helping other sufferers to health and
happiness he was himself suffering from an
allliction that was hastened toward this
fatal termination by these very ads of
unselfishness and devotion to his fellow
He died from strangulated hernia, and
the oerntion In such cases is extremely del
icate and never resorted 1 1 except as a last
resort. The operation was the hernia
For thirty years have the people of this
and other States been following this priest
physician for instruction mid succor. He
was a man of wonderful intuition, and a
close student of hur.nn nature. On ninny
O'-cnsions he bus ordered men who enme to
pet advice to stand back nnd not approach
him. He hits to'd them with much exact
ness the stories of their lives. His intellect
to the time of his death was wonderfully
strong, and his keen eye never fulled him
to the Inst.
During the pnst ten years he lias attended
to the sufferings and blessed 823,7.10 people.
He has been ill at intervals for a considera
ble period, but nut until a few ilavs before
his death did he fell seriously rick".
Father Molllnger is reported to hnve been
en immensely wealthy man. He kept no
accounts, anil his mint intimate friends,
and even his eoiilldentinl secretary, do not
know what umount in property orortsb be
Four Italians Lynched.
Pr.nnn, Wash., Juno 1!. A messe iger
from Smith llros.' camp brings intelligence
of the killing of John A. Nelson, a foreman,
by ngang of Italian workmen, and the sub
sequent lynching of four of the by the
enraged Amvican workmen. The Italians
who were Morking under Nelson caught
him alone and three held him while the
others hurled a crowbar through his body.
The Amer lean workmen, to the number of
0), heard of the murder, and finding four
Italians, strung them up to a tree without
any ceremony,
r itt a rim
WHEAT No. 2 lied $ (2 f
No. 3 Ited IK)
COKN-No. 2 Yellow ear. . . Ml
High Mixed ear f2
Mixed ear 4H
Shelled Mixed M
OATS-No. 1 White .!U
No. 2 White W
No. 3 White 3H
Mixed 311
KYK No. 1 Pa A Ohio.... Ml
No. 2 Western.. M
Fl.orit Fancy winter pat' 4
Fancy Spring' patents 4 M fi
FancV Straight winter.... Hi 6
XXX linkers 4 21 4
live Flour 4 7.1 5
HAY Huled No. 1 Tiiuy.. 11 Ml 14
Haled No. 2 Timothy Htm 12
Mixed Clover 11 to 12
Timothy from country... 1.1 no 17
STHAW Wheat .... i nu
i 'sts 7 SO R
FKF.D No. 1 W'li Md iP T 1H ) 1H
llrown Middlings 1.1 fid Hi
Hran 11 M) let
t hop H .HI lx
1'MHY riionriTs.
UI'TTKI! Elgin Creamery 21 23
Fancy Creamery Ill K
Fancy country foil .l 7
Choice country roll 12 14
Low grade "cooking.... 0 10
CHF.KNF.-O Newer in mild 7 M
New York (ioshen I) 10
Wisconsin Swiis bricks.. 14 11
Wisconsin Sweitzer 14 1.1
Liinbiirger 12 13
i i 1.1.0 i' him y, e noi...
Fairto choice, 'i bid....
UFA NS Select, V bu
i'a it O lleuus, bid
Limn P.euns
ON loss
Yellow danvers bbl....
Yellow onion, bbl
Spiuinh, V crate
CAI1HAOK New if crate...
from store, V? bu
APPLES-Funcy. V hhl
r f.0
8 Ml
2 00
1 70
2 7.1
2 (
1 40
a oo
! W
! 50
irisn on track f im. . . .
v n is in
Dressed dm ks tl 11 10
Dressed turkevs $ th 17 IS
LivePpnng chickens if) pr 40 M
Live Ducks r pr 70 H)
Live (ieese ft pr 70 75
Live Turkevs tl 13 14
EtitlS Pn A: Ohio fresh.... 15 10
Extra live (leese It 50 CO
No 1 ExtU live geese iP lb 4S Ml
Mixed 2" 3.1
TALLOW Country , f lb . . . 4
City 5
8EEDS West Med m clo er 7 7.1
Mammoth Clover 7 M
Timothy prime 1 'i.1
Timothy choice 1 00
Hlue grass 2 til 2 PC
Orchard grass 1 7.1
Millet 1 00
Buckwheat 1 40 1 50
RAtiS Country mixed ... 1
HONEY White clover.... 1(1 17
Buckwheat 12 15
FLOl'R 3 25(3 (4 20
W 1 1 EAT No. 2 Ked M
HYE-No. 2 Ki 84
COKN-Mixcd 50 51
OATH 84 35
E(iJS 12 H
FLOl'R $4 15f3 14 0
WHEAT New No. 2. Bed.. H7 KM
COKN No. 2, Mixed .. 50 57
OATS No. 2, White 37 3H
BUTLER Creamery Extra. 20 21
KUUH Pa., Firsts 13 111
NEW Y011K,
FLOUR Patents 5 00 C 00
WHEAT No, 2 Red 03
BY E Western 83 W
CORN Ungraded Mixed 51 50
OATS Mixed. Western 33 30
BUTTER Creamery t 15 21
EGOS State and Penn 15 17
Prime Steers t 4 05 to 4 80
FairtoUood 4 10 to 4 60
Common 3 GO to 4 00
Bulls and dry cows 150 to 3 50
Veal Calves 4 50 to 5 25
Heavy rough calves 2 50 to 3 50
Fresh cows, per head. 20 00 to 45 00
Prime 96 to 100-lb sheep.... I 5 00 to 5 30
Common 70 to 75 B sheep... 8 00 to 3 M)
Yearlings 5 25 to 0 00
Spring Lambs.. 5 30 to 8 50
Philadelphia bogs...
Corn Yorkers
5 00 to 5 20
4 W) to 5 10
4 40 so 4 00
It is related that at the marrlopa
of Mr. and Mrs. Kuraner oule. ot
Freeport, Me., recently, the minister
In the course of a long prayer said:
"Oh, Lord, five (trace to some soul
today." As the groom wus known
familiarly as "Sum" Foule, and as his
bride's name was Grace, the prayet
was answered satisfactorily, althoufrh
the clergyman was unconscious ol
having snld anything so well fitting
the occasion
rr. nertog- recently discovered In s
library at Aarati, Switzerland, a copy
Df the first edition of Holbein's
"Dance of lienth." The same volume
Includes forty-six woodcuts of the
lame artist, illustrating scenes from
the Itiblc.
Rather Gouty Feed.
A specimen of bread from flu
famine districts in Kusslit looked
more like prat than bread. When
analyzed by a London medical Journal
It wus found to contain husks, sand
and woody fiber. It was one of o
loaves supplied by the govern incut.
A Dusky Quen.
A colony of negroes living In West
ern Alabama is said to be ruled by a
Ltt'AsCottmr. "
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that be is the
Senior partuei of the firm ot F. J. Chenev
Co.. doing Imsiness In the City ot Icnilo,
County and Stnto aforesaid, and that said firm
wlU narthe sum of (HO for eacn and every
case of catarrh that cannot be cured Hi the
tue uf Hull's Catarrh Cure.
Fiukk J. Cbeset.
Sworn to before me and siiimcrllx-d !u my
presence, this OIL day of licccmtier. A. D., Jtui.
i ' I A. V. ULtAkUK,
4 SEA L f
JTTT . .Vnfnrv PuMfe.
Hall's Catarrh Cnre Is taken Internally and
acts directly on the blood and mucous surfaces
of the system. Send for testimonials, free.
,, , , F. J. Ciiknev A Co., iuitdu, a
HT" Sold by Drunglsls. 7!k.-.
The man who points out our limits to us
Is it true friend. hut we fuel like kicking him
just the same. u-A.
It's fitinrf in the fart
of Nature to take tho ordinary pill.
Just consider Low it acts. There's
too much bulk and bustle, and not
enough real good. Ami think how
it leaves you when it's all over I
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets act
naturally. They help Nature to do
her own work. They cleanse nnd
renovate, mildly but thoroughly, the
whole system. Regulate it, too.
Tho help that they give, lasts.
They're jmrely vegetable, per
fectly harmless, the smallest, easiest,
and best to take. Sick Headache,
liilious Headache, Constipation, In
digestion, liilious Attacks, and nil
derangements of tho Liver, Stomach
and liowels are promptly relieved
and permanently cured. One tiny,
sugar -coated Pellet for a gentle
laxative three for a cathartic.
They're tho cheapest pill you can
buy, for thcy'ro guaranteed to give
satisfaction, or your money is re
turned. You pay only for tho good you
g't; .
This is true only of Dr. Pierce's
Kidney, Liver and Bladder Cure.
Xiiimbaprn. pain In Joint or back, brick diiftlQ
uiiii', trv(iH tit culls, irritutlnn, intlHirmtioii,
frrttvel, uJcerutiun or catarrh of bladder.
Disordered Liver,
Impalrefl rllo-ostlnn. gout, btlltnus-hrariacha.
kUtJI P-K4 0T cures kidney dirtlcultlva,
JxJtVrij.oe, urinary trouble bright a diseuae
Impure Blood,
Sorofula, malaria, iren'l weakneM or debility,
GMftrNtsf-I's conttMits of On Hrttl, If nn tea
filed, Drumcists sriU refund to you b privm pud.
At DrDREWta, 50c. Klic, $1.00 HUw
lsrallrtg' Ould to RMfth'frs-CoiisgItatU)n tn
that people will know your lialria iI.tmI II
yuu ua llutt perfect tinltatiuu ut nature,
Ws Hair Dye
It tmpaetsaglnasyroloranri freshliie lot he
liair. I'ritw, . UlUve, 3U 1'ark I'laev, X. V,
For kaaiaa any
in Pnaumatic
Oiamontt Frame,
Ha4 caala
lease af Mass,
m ill
Both the method snd results when
Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant
and refreshing to the taste, and acts
cenlly yet promptly on the Kidneys,
Liver and Bowels, cleanses the sys
tem efTectually, dispels colds, head
aches and fevers and cures habitual
constipation. Syrup of Figs is the
only remedy of its kind" ever pro
duced, pleasing to the tasto and ac
ceptable to the stomnch, prompt io
its action and truly beneficial in its
effects, prepared only from the most
healthy and agreeable substances, its
many excellent qualities commend it
to all and have made it the most
popular remedy known.
ryrup of Figs is for sale in fjOc
and 1 1 bottles by all leading drug
gists. Any reliable druggist who
may not have it on hand will pro
cure it promptly for any one who
wishes to try it. Do nut accept any
lOWSmiB, Kt. HEM YORK. H.t.
V H I) 4 J
UMV&St"X. snd Faint, which SU1D
Tl"elllsiii Sun ntnn P"Ush l Brilliant, Oder,
less, Durable, nd tin eoiianiner pays ler noun
or flans .i knK with every
S. (lie tonju-li. loer and ixmna,!
,...rir IK,. I.lftrut SM mtm InH ... T
:tirlfT tho blood, are safe snd t-f
it-criml. The Ix-st (renursl ftmt);
loi-ui'-ujc stiiuwu ivr niiiuusurra.
VfUV Ereath. HiMuUchf, li'-artlmro, Ims
i aimiiu, noDtai urprt-MUon.
Palnnil Diirastlnn. Pimnlt. Haikiw
, rrrrr ryrnmnm or turap TwymnisT iroin impurt
9 t.infxl. nraralliif hv th itrimsrh. liver or In tontines-
Jtf isfrffirvn thwlr protsT fnrictlims. Ptrsons jrivt-ti U'1
rrr-ntlnffsrb-otviitHlhTraklTiffaTAnt i.r.mttrr
iju-h mi m I'r1f-i hr ntAll. 1
irruUi lbottlf Ar. Ad
l drt r THE1HIPA SRtH F. M IC AL Hpruce Mt. ,N. Y ..
AsTtrnt W FKJIITV til nroflt
Ciisisssil'S) and p4op(
wbohtTswtsk tunes or Astb
ma. Rbonld dm Piso sCuro for
ronsnteptlnn. It bat re
IbotMands. It hai not tnjor
oil one. It is not bad to las.
It Is tha belt eoub srrup.
Pfild T(rrrwbra, fJAe.
U.S. STA NDARD w.'.'Ua.
s Ileal and Cheaeevc oa the Market.
Live AGENTS Wanted la thtat aanir.
MaoMBstry Mr Wellscf any depth, from to to 1MB IVm.
tor Water, Oil or Oaa. Our Houuud Stmtn Driliins: atstl
ortable- Horss- Power MiwblnuSSNt to work inHitiinutfL
auaraiitessd u drill fasw and with lea powvr than tmy
othar. HpccUlly adaptvd to drilling W-M in aarth or
rork tft jo i fM) trt. siTOnnnd(thiMiarrnaklnir $&
inlfOsir 4s r with our mnohtnarr nnd tool. Hlndkl
ImsinMN for WiDfarurKtimmtr. Waaraih o1d4t nrxl
artTMst Manufacturer to tba ltuinnf. deal for Illua
trMA-d ('alaJfrtfua X.xtatiliaTfuUr what lr juiiad. FltHtl
H1KNUJI rrtu. Bin-LI to., so Uoa-erat.. York,
A Bampia Cake of boa p and
VsHO lusfhtiii iiiuk'H'KjT
na iit-uui)'; uiiixiraled;
onhkin. r-ftlp, Nwvon
anti HUXrtUit'nppisi?nt
Mfuli'd fr 10c. J nlw
ii!i.Kuriiiriiir'. i iso
Birth Murk, Mole,
Warts, India Ink audi
Powdr Murks, Kern, u
t In ir. Ked ties f No, Ku
p?rHuou), K'inplM.
John II. eoftharrs
I-rnirtt(iug.sf, W
4 '4il ?t.. New York C.ty.
cr by letter.
Pntrrifr'i Fir Killer l Mir death, Fery sheet will
kill a itiart of flies, aud aycure peR4t wblle you eat.
tjulrt witcn you reol and tbe comforts of a ttup lu
Um nturniuK. Oct Uuirhrr a and sveura titt results.
ar. a La, Vt.
Ita wearing qaalirlfNi are unsurpaased, actnalrfr
Otttlaattutf tbrrt) boss of anrothr brand. Not
aflevtrd by beat. 19 JKT Til K liKNI IMb
Sor IV. aititsru book, srapxrlntu of
a practkial puiiitry raiaer dunua
yara. U tsotiM bow to ilaifsri ausl
rura rflaanni lo ft-d for svv" an
forfsltwiK ; wblel. low Is totarafssy
Ultmi,MJ.a . Arifttvsaa
MMIl rt B. autblC IH Usaard R. f CMy.
'Successfully Prosecutes Claims.
Lalv Prluul)) Kxamlnvr U.S. F.nslon
iyi.lltlasl Miu', i:iwuuulL'itlUjgi-U!iuii, lt .uuila.
I" ATEsiT i'pEMHIUNrt l-snii for lnini
ur', Ouhte or How to Ouiulu a Puient. sw-nd fuv
DlllMlot fKMstlKN urn bill NT V LAWS.
I'A r KlCk u l'iKKU. W ASHl.NU ION, i. a
awsBsawssBwsSBSjsssBsmsBwsssBSM 40-pa buuk lr
ftiri I II I - 0 Orea, lyracussa, K. waaa
iiaaaw a bust
UaTUtltf lo aaU Muaaaav ftroob
wansa via axin
Cushion an olid 1
fetassi Droa ratainas.
VU s.
Tubing AdiustsosHaHftaaringff to ail t urWimg aartaj
flciuuing rtoatt. auspansiefi aaogia.
Strictly B1QH GRADE in Mrmrr sPaJcnian
la ttaapa far aar IOjhht iilaaUate! aateH
SlBia, sWvaUers, Saortlaf UmU,
Mfrs.,, 10 JT0N, MASS-