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Diseased Organs of Animals Also
Replaced by Hoalthy Ones.
These Are Some of the Interesting
Statements of Experts Which Are
Announced In Year's Report of the
Smithsonian Institution.
Removal of living organs, their pres
ervation In "cold storago" find their
final rcfunctlo'ning lu the bodies of oth
er animals of the same species are do
ficrlbeil In the report of ho Smithso
nian Institution for 1912.
It. Legondre of the Museum of Nat
ural History In furls Is tlio author who
deals with grafting organs, and ho de
scribes many operations which, proving
successful, have established his theory.
Muscular tissue may also bo trans
ferred, ho declares. Thus sound mus
cles or organs can bo used to replace
diseased ones.
This Is only one feature of the re
port, which takes a broad survey of
science. Another paper, that by Dr. E.
A. Schaffer, declares that the prob
lems of "life and matter are strikingly
similar." General results Jcnd to show,
ho assorts, that living bel'rigs ,are gov
erned by laws identical 'witty, those that
govern inanimate matter- Natural
death, not due to disease, should be
quiet and painless, heisayst
"Holes In the Air."
From such problems as these the re
port shifts to "holes, In the air," which
ore declared by the writer to affect
the aviator much as holes or vacuities
would elsewhere, though they are not
real holes, of course, but changes in
ulr currents.
The author, W. J. Humphreys, pro
fessor of meteorological physics in the
weather bureau, describes air currents
as like "breakers," "eddies," "torrents"
and "billows." All these, he declares,
are less effective as the speed of the
aeroplane is increased, "but this does
not mean that the fastest machine nec
essarily is the safest"
Safeguarding of ships against ice
bergs is discussed by f rofessor How
ard T. Barnes of McGM university,
Montreal, who describes a micro-thermometer,
which automatically records
one-thousandth of n degree's change In
temperature. Thus the approach of
Icebergs enn bo gauged.
The mysteries of oriental music, the
sounds of which are usually torture to ,
Americans or Europeans, or at least
seem "funny." are explained by Willy
fastor. Ho declares that the oriental
Is chiefly concerned with the quality of
each tone and with very small inter
vals, while the occidental wants a suc
cession of tones and the use of largo
Captain Roald Amundsen, the Nor
wegian explorer, describes the discov
ery of the south polo and the exploit
of the Fram's crew in reaching the
"farthest south."
Another scientist describes penguins,
antarctic birds, as being like funny
old men.
Explosive Soap Bubbles.
Still another tolls of the scientific
value of soap bubbles and how a bub
ble within n bubble can bo made. This
author, 0. V. Boys, tells of various
laws of physics which can bo demon
strated and how explosivo soap bub
bles can be made.
There is a eulogy by Charles Xord
man of the lato Ilenrl f olncare, noted
French physicist and relative of the
present French president. The state
ment is made that tlio French scientist
was great in literature as well as in
his chosen specialty. lie is described
ns "a great Inventor, a great philoso
pher and a great writer."
An article by Sir William Ramsay
relates to the measurement of infinites
imal quantities of substance, in which
he details somo of the recent efforts of
scientists "to see the invisible, to touch
the intangible and to weigh the Im
Orange (N. J.) League Makes Dealers
Offer Fresh Laid at 31 Cents.
In an effort to break tho prevailing
high price fifty crates of high grade
storage eggs wero offered for sale by
tho Housewives' leaguo of Orange. N.
J. Tho eggs wero sold at 33 cents a
dozen against 38 to GO cents charged
by tho local retailers.
Wealthy women bought largo quan
tities. Such largo crowds gathered
about tho store that grocers in the
neighborhood advertised fresh eggs at
31 cents a dozen, which was less than
tho prlco paid by tho league, but didn't
get tho business.
Mrs. Julian Heath, national president
of tho Housewives' league, says that
tho work accomplished by tho women
of tho Oranges in breaking tho Orange
egg market will undoubtedly causo
other branches of tho leaguo to follow
their example.
Motner, Lawyer and Charity Worker.
Mrs. Flora Groden of Brooklyn,
who has Just been admitted to tho
bar, will perform her homo duties as
heretofore, practice her profession and
contlnuo her charity work. She says
she will mako use of her knowledgo rf
law to enable poor persons to receive
justlco In the courts
Visitors Soon to Be Allowed Where
Kings Were Murdered.
With nearly a thousand years of
graven hlsto'rj' around them, the au
thority at the Tower of London aro
not disposed to mako Important
chnnges quickly. The fall Mall Ga
zette states, however, that within tho
next few months the dungconsf tho
White Tower and tho Bloody jjiwer,
two Intensely Interesting historical
parts of the tower, will bo thrown
open to the public for tho first time.
Tho dungeons Ho deep beneath tho
White Tower, eerie, gloomy, mys
terious. In tho wall dividing two of
them is a narrow, black cagellko re
cess, in which Guy Fawkes was im
mured between tho periods of torture
on tho rack. All around aro instru
ments of torture rack and thumb
screw, temple bands and searing
irons now hanging msty and forgot
ten, 'the grim relics of bygone ages.
Only a few yards away a small,
tomblike recess marks the place where,
according to tho well established tradi
tion, Sir Walter Raleigh spent ten
years of his life, and, as If by tho
Irony of fate, almost overlooking the
spot stands an equestrian model of
Queen Elizabeth, displaying tho gor
geous state robes In which she went to
St. rnul's to celebrate the triumph of
her fleet over tho Armada.
J The Bloody Tower is situated nearly
opposite Traitors' Gate, and entrance
to the Inner ward is gained by passing
underneath. This tower dates from
the reigns of Edwnrd III.' and Itlchnrd
II. and was called by its present name
as early as 1G07, being popularly be
lieved to be tho scene of tho murder
of Edward V. and his brother, the
Duke of York, as well as nenry VI.
The grooves for working the mas
sive portcullis, which was raised by
chains and a windlass, aro still to be
scon, and the chains and windlass aro
preserved in an upper floor.
Dr. Loeb Explains Process of Devel
oping Larvae.
Methods by which ho has artificially
originated nnlmal life In tho scientific
laboratory were described by Dr.
Jacques Loeb of the Rockefeller In
stitute For Medical Research In an ad
dress on "Recent Experiments In Ar
tificial f arthenogenesis" before tho
Sigma Xi society of tho University 'of
Dr. Loeb, who has developed normal
living creatures through the action of
chemical and physical agencies, dis
cussed the experiments made since the
first announcement of his success in
developing tho eggs of sea urchins by
artificial means. Ho emphasized his
recent assertion that parthenogenetlc
animals would exist in large numbers
were it not that the raising of tho lar
vae Is a long and tedious process.
Dr. Loeb declared that the state
ments reflecting on the success of tho
scientific production of animals from
fertilized eggs wero partly tho result
of ignorance of tlio literature on the
Reported Discovery of Cheap Method
of Getting Metal.
A London nowspaper ascribes to the
German professor, Rudolf Sommer, the
discovery of an Important new process
of extracting radium quickly from un
expected sources. It says the discov
ery is now well on the way to a prac
tical working basis, and before many
months tho world's hospitals will bo
able to get supplies of the precious
metal, for which they now cry In vnln.
Professor Sommer has been experi
menting for five years at Neulengbach,
near Vienna, whero he devised a proc
ess of extracting the precious metal
from the rough oro In from three to
four mouths as compared with the
processes previously known which take
from- ten to eighteen months.
The source of radium heretofore, as
Is well known, has been mainly pitch
blonde, thq supply of which is compar
atively small, frofessor Sommer efts
it from poor ore, such as carnotlte, of
which big supplies are available. Ho
has already produced three-quarters of
a gram, which is worth at the current
prico $100,000.
Tho ordinary processes of extraction
Involve' Inevitable loss. Professor Som
men's process Is so economical and the
loss s.o small that ho Is able to treat
-"containing inlnuto quantities of
radium and extract from them an
amount less than tho amount lost by
other processes.
Oregon Welfare Commission Says De
cent Living Requires $8.25 a Week.
A ruling by tho Oregon stato wel
fare commission prescribes a mini
mum scale of $8.25 a week for all wo
men employed in industrial occupa
tions in the stato of Oregon and fixes
fifty-four hours as tho maximum they
may bo employed In any ono week.
Tho time of employment beforo a wo
man shall be considered an experienc
ed worker and entitled to the mini
mum wage is fixed at ono year, and
the wage for tho apprentice period is
fixed at$0 a week.
f'Wo deem that tho minimum Bum
required to sustain a self supporting
woman in frugal but decent condi
tions of living is $8.25 a week," says
tho report of tho conference on which
tho commission's ruling was based.
Tho conference was composed of
threo representatives each of the em
ployees, employers and the general
Campaign of Education Under
Way to Check Its Spread.
Surgery the Only Presr-nt Safety In
Combating) Disease, Which Is In
creasing, Although Claim Is Mado
For Radium as a Cure.
Death by cancer claims 75,000 people
over1 year In tho United States. Tho
scourge Is steadily increasing, says
Graham R. Taylor in the Survey. But
hope for its control is growing, for we
are coming more widely to understand
that tho disease is curable if treated
in early stages. This knowledge with
reference to tuberculosis started tho
great campaign against the white
plague. Similarly a nation wide fight
against cancer is being organized by
tho recently formed American Society
For the Control of Cancer.
In spite of premature enthusiasm
over radium and the conscienceless
statements of quacks the surgeon's
knife is the only known cure, f rompt
diagnosis and an Immediate thorough
operation ofi?r a high probability of
saving the patient's life, while delay
and neglect mean certain and. terrible
death. To spread this simple gospel
to every comer of tlio land the society
is beginning an active campaign of
publicity and education.
Only tuberculosis and pneumonia
claim a greater number of victims an
nually than cancer. For tho decade
ending with 1011 the cancer death rate
has Increased from C5.8 per 100,000 of
the population In 1001 to 83.0 in 1011.
A Destroyer of Homes.
From the social standpoint it is of
peculiar Interest to note that cancer
is distinctly a disease of adult life.
Deaths from cancer make up one-sixteenth
of tho mortality from all causes
at the ages of forty-five and over. This
means that cancer directs its terrific
onslaught largely against mothers and
fathers of families.
Cancer Is not at first a general dis
ease of the blood, and despair and sur
render In face of the disease Is not
warranted. Wo now known that can
cer is always at first a local disease
which can often bo completely removed
by adequate surgery. The knife is the
only known sure remedy, and tho ter
rible scourgo gives Its victim only one
chance. Delay means not simply dan
ger, but inevitable death. And again
the result of a delayed or incomplete
operation Is almost always fatal.
Radium is considered by enthusiasts
to promise a curative agency of un
matched beneficence to mankind, but
we must know much more than wo do
now of Its effects beforo wo can abate
In tho slightest tho urgent emphasis on
surgical treatment. We have not yet
been able In this country to make an
authorltlve determination of its value.
Few American surgeons have sufficient
radium available to give a thorough
trial, especially as it appears that ex
tensive doses sometimes cure when
smaller amounts have but little effect.
Only time will tell what percentage
of cases can be cured with radium,
and In the meantime the Society For
the Control of Cancer warns tho pub
lic that early surgical treatment af
fords tho best chance for euro of can
Methods to Be Employed.
To meet tho need of a definite spe
cial agency to fight the battle of soci
ety against this disease the American
Society For the Control of Cancer has
been formed, fatterned somewhat
after tho National Association For the
Study and rreventlon of Tuberculosis,
yet recognizing an entirely different
problem and planning different meth
ods, the organization aims to establish
a clearing house of Information on
cancer and to become tho channel
through which authoritative state
ments will bo mado to the public.
Ono of tho first objects will be lo
obtain tho keeping of systematic and
uniform records of cancer cases in
hospitals and dispensaries to provide
tho basis for more detailed and posi
tlve deductions as to tho value of
surgical treatment in different mani
festations and stages of the disease.
When by this method and by the col
lection nnd study of statistics from all
avallablo sources now light is thrown
on tho cancer question tho .findings
will bo spread abroad through all avail
able channels.
Seeking Higher Rates, Say Earnings
Are Less Despite Increased Revenues.
While their revenues have Increased
earnings have been less, declare the
forty-nlno railroads east of tho Missis
sippi, which uso this argument in ask
Ing an increase of 5 per cent In freight
rates. Testimony to this effect was giv
en beforo tho lntcfstato commerce
commission In Washington beforo that
lody adjourned to meet Dec. 10.
Tho burden of tho evidence tendered
is that whllo tho roads generally aro
enjoying an increased business the re
turns from operations aro continuously
decreasing until, as General Traffic
Manager Maxwell of tho Wabash Bald:
"Tho situation Is becoming dally
more serious, Wo aro suffering from
Blow starvAtion."
When tho commission meets on De
10 shippers protesting ngainst tho high
er frates vU be represented by couusr
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The over popular drama "Way
Down' East," will bo the attraction at
the Lyric Wednesday, Dec. 30.
"Way Down East" is a play of tho
homely, wholesome lcind which ap
peals to the heart. It is a play with
a story that touches tho heart, but
which is told in a charming manner.
Briefly the tale may be sketched. A
girl who has been deceived by a vil
lain, through a mock marriage, goes
to a New England village to begin
life anew, that has been all hut shat
tered. She becomes sort of a com
panion and assistant In tho household
of a farmer where son is engaged to
a cousin. The young man falls in
love with the new comer, he and his
betrothed not over caring over much
for each other. Just as the love
making of the son and the companion
is reaching a climax, the village busy
'body learns something of the girl's
story and tells the farmer. He in
vestigates enough to learn that there
is some truth in the story, and hen
over 650 finely illustrated pages
Honesdale, Pa,
orders the girl from tho house. It
Is night, and there is shown ono of
the most realistic bits of stagecraft
over given. A blizzard Is blowing
and the storm is seen as she opens
the door. As she leaves she de
nounces her betrayer who, by a
strange coincidence is visiting tho
farmer. Tho son defies his parent
and follows the girl. He finds her in
a snow drift and takes her to. a de
serted sugar shed for shelter. Of
course tho farmer relents and goes
to look for his son and tho girl and
everything ends happily.
A new production Is announced
this season wun a cast of exception
al merit. Mr. William Lawrence,
who for the past ten years has been
Identified with "The Old Homestead"
in the part made famous by the lato
Denman Thompson will be Been In
the role of "Squire Bartlett." A bar
gain matinee will be given, prices 25
and 50c. Night prices always 25c to
Dr. Cook's Boo
is just out, spic and span new.
In it he tells the complete story
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Aioptincr nf thn ftrnnlrhnlrlpra nf t
Honesdalo National Bank will
l 1 . m r t n t-v - i t i lit t i t -wr - o
I llt.l.Wt.HIl I 1 1 M IllllllM 111 JLI1
p. m., for tho purpose of electing
1 n 1 . n t. 1 11 . 1 .nil 11 1'ri 11 1 11 ir rl 11 1 1 n .
UUB1I1USU UlilL lllttv uu uiuukui ueiu
the stockholders.
Honesdale, Fa., Dec. 17, 1913.
i-s . i ., . .. .
I .1 I Hn- IV 1'IVI.Il I.I III r. II1H IlITI'.llll III HI
ponntv for rnnfirmntinn. nt. thn Onnrt Hni
in iionesanie, on tue mini juonuuy
jnn. nexi viz:
First and final account of G.
Curtis, Laura M. Rude and A.
of Louisa Curtis, Clinton.
Philander W. Collins, Lake.
First and final account of
F. Roney, administrator of tho
mm nr i.nrRnzn in oris, ruinci
First and final account of H.
Megargel, admlnstlrator of tho
i.u hJ UI. I . ' .rl v. i .11 O l 1,1.1 1 1 1 1 n
an, Preston.
of John S. Dexter, Damascus.
First and final account of J.
Mandoville, executor of tho estato
Azuba Mandevillo, Honesdale.
i' irsi aim inu ucuuuni. ui l-u
111(1 .11. llfll-KL. HXHIUL11X (J I LUU US
of Frederick Horst, Texas.
First and final account of B.
X'JIDI UUU 1I11U1 Ul..UUIIb Ut JJ. 1
Raymond, executor of the estato
John B. Leonard, Scott
I'll Hi. UI1U UUU1 UCCUUI1I, Ul iUl
estate of Ralph R. Haling, Lake.
estate of Emma Beecher, Dreher.
First and final account of Clara
Borchers, executrix of tho estato
Nathan Grlswold, Clinton.
tato of Kern Ward, Palmyra.
W. B. IiESHER, Recorder.
li Estate of
Late of Clinton, deceased.
All persons indebted to said es
tato are notified to make immediate
payment to the undersigned; and
those having claims against the said
estate are notified to present them
duly attested 'or settlement.
Waymart, Dec. 22, 1913.