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Ticket Agent,
Honesdale, Pa.
Ilk B D
General Passenger Agent
50 Church St.,
New York
1 , '1
To more adequately handle its ever increasing traffic, The Erie
Railroad is constructing 260 miles of new double, triple and in some
places quadruple track between Salamanca and Ghicago. Five
thousand five hundred men are employed on this work which, will be
completed in the near future. The Erie Railroad will then operate over
1,000 miles of double tracked, rock-ballasted railroad between New
York and Ghicago and with increased service will more than ever be
the "Desirable Way" to traveL
Equipment "As Good As There Is'
When planning your next trip why not confer with an Erie
Agent and have him tell you why "The Erie Way" is the "Econo
mical Way?'r
Trains are manned by
competent, cour
teous employes.
afted From
(ill to remove tho limitation on
Inount that may be accepted
Fdepositors in the postal savings
h was recently passed uy tno
Tho measure would permit
Jted deposits, but $1,000 is fix-
the maximum upon which in-
will be paid. Under the pres-
Iw tho limit is $100 in each
tar month, no account to ex-
j500, exclusive of accumulated
; said that the squirrels in Cap-
irk at Washington have de-
(d a strong affection for Vice
ent Marshall, who always car-
pocket full of nuts for them
Ion a stroll. Then, too, they
(lave familiarized themselves
Us various remarks and after
speeches as reported in the
tapers from time to time and
fed by them to the conclusion
that he is more or less of a nut him
self. Pittsburg Gazette-Times.
Old Flags Decay,
Washington. Historic battle flags
of the United States in the museum
at West Point Military Academy are
in need of repair. The Civil Service
Commission is endeavoring to find an
oxpert needle woman to mend them.
These ancient colors are very valu
able. Most of them pertain to the
Revolutionary, Mexican and Civil
Wars and were carried by the troops
engaged in those conflicts.
The work or repairing these flags
will bo ver difficult because in most
cases the material has become so
brittle that they would almost fall
to pieces if handled roughly. Tho
older ones especially are fragile, and
in the opinion of the commission it
will require tho most expert work
manship to put them into condition
"''" '
The Bell Telephone in the
Scale of the Farm Work
A telephone keeps a balance in farm affairs which
means more profit at the end of the season.
The telephone sells the product, gets best prices,
brings supplies, protects the home, helps tho
By all means have a Farm Telephone. Write to-day
for our interesting booklet, it's free.
'Practicm thn Telephone Smile."
The Bell Telephone Co. of Pa.
T. A. Garvey,' Local Mgr.,
Carbondale, Pa.
to permit their being exhibited.
An open competitive examination
will be held to obtain the services of
the right person for the task.
38,170 Reindeer in Alaska.
Washington. Uncle Sam owns 3,
77C reindeer in Alaska and is con
stantly increasing their number, ac
cording to a report of the Interior
Department. The report says the
total number of reindeer in Alaska
was 38,4 7G distributed among '54
The government introduced the
deer into Alaska from Siberia in
1912. Tho report says:
"In 20 years the reindeer indus
try has elevated the Eskimos in Alas
ka from nomadic hunters and fish
ers to civilized, thrify men.
Lumber Sold by Forest Service.
Washington. More than two bil
lion board feet of timber, with a'
value of four and ne-half million dol
lars on the stump, was sold by the
forest service last year, according
to the annual report of Henry S.
Graves, forester.
This is an increase of 107 per cent,
over the sales of tho largely for fu
ture. The timber sold was largely
for future cutting under contracts
that will run for a number of years.
The actual cut was a little less than
500 million board feet, an increase
of 15 per cent, over 1912. Still
larger sales are in prospect.
Desplto tlio efforts of temperance ad
vocates more distilled spirits were con
sumed last year than In previous years,'
and tho consumption of cigarettes, not
withstanding the agitation against their
use, was enormous.
Tho report of tho commissioner of In
ternal revenue shows that the production
of distilled spirits was 65,352.383 gallons,
which Is 7,103,308 gallons more than last
year. Tho quantity of spirits removed
from bonded warehouses, presumably for
consumption, exceeds by more than 7,
000,000 gallons tho quantity removed dur
ing 1002.
There was an Increase of 3,055,150,170 in
tho production of cigarettes.
Output of the United States for 1012
was Two ami n Quarter Billion
Dollars Six Times the Value of
the Production of n Generation
The value of all minerals produced
in the United States in 1912, accord
ing to figures just compiled by Ed
ward W. Parker, statistician, of the
United States Geological Survey,
Teached the record-breaking total of
$2,243,G30,32G. This is more than
six times the value of the production
in 1882, 30 years ago. During that
period tho population has not quite
doubled, but the per capita output of
tho mines has increased from $7.2 1
to $23.47.
During these three decades the
value of the output of some minerals
has made a striking increase. The
value of tlio pig-iron product, for in
stance, has increased from 10G to 420
million dollars; copper from 1G to
205 million dollars; gold from 32 to
93 million dollars; lead from 12 to
37 million dollars; zinc from 14G to
G95 million dollars; petroleum from
24 to 1G3 million dollars; natural gas
from 215 thousand to 84 million
dollars; cement from $3, GOO, 000 to
Still moro striking illustrations of
the growth of the mineral industry in
the United States are tlie figures
showing that, while in 1880 the total
mineral production In the United
States was valued at $3G4,000,000, in
1912 tho value of the pig iron alone
was $420,000,000, while the value of
tho coal production for 1912 was
nearly double tho total mineral out
put of 30 years ago. In 1880 the
value of tho mineral products was
approximately $1,000,000 a day; in
1912 It was over $G,000,000 a day.
Acceding to the frequently express
ed desires of its subscribers and the
demands of the reading public, The
Philadelphia Record will make a new
departure in the publication of its
Sunday edition beginning January
4 th.
i The New Sunday Record will con
tain a four page colored comic sec
tion, an enlarged magazine section,
a new fashion department, the amus
ing Willie Green, drawn by H. H.
Brown, who resumes his pranks in
this issue, and a new serial by Har
old McGrath, entitled "The Adven
tures of Kathlyn," besides the recent
ly added Twenty (20) page fiction
And there will be stories, puzzles,
contests, articles and pictures for big
and little boys and girls as well as
all the news of tho things that hap
pen of sport of the markets of
the home of everything and every
body. In the enlarged section, there will
be included a new fashion depart
ment and many other new features.
The fiction magazine of twenty
pages will continue to include short
and continued stories by such authors
as Rex Beach, Sir Gilbert Parker,
Itichard Harding Davis, Gouverneur
Morris, Gelett Burgess, Eleanor Glyn
and other equally well known auth
ors. Simultaneously with tho publica
tion of this story exclusively in The
The Citizen for 1914 will be
better than .ever.
Wf publish all the news.
One of tho cleverest novelties
that the summer season has
brought out is tlio "camera bath
ing suit case." It is so conven
ient nud neat a contrivance that
one wonders nobody had thought
of It before.
This caso. which is made of an
Imported fiber, is built to look
like tho caso of a camera, size
about 7 by 0. It has a black
leather finish on tho outside and
insido a smooth waterproof fin
ish which Is unharmed by o wet
bathing suit. It is. ns light as n
feather and easily holds one's
completo bathing kit.
, Tho "lens" is In reality a small
.round mirror by which one can
arrango one's hair and collar as
tho box stands or hangs hi the
bathhouse. Tho "camera" is
equipped with a flexible leather
bandlo and a leather strap by
which It may bo swung over the,
shoulder, Tho device which looks
llko a "finder" proves (o bo a
wire net ventilator.
Tho camera bathing suit case
Is priced at 75 cents and is a
most handy and deceptive littlo
picco of seaside luggage.
Gum arable is often used In "doing
up" ribbons.
Fish aro scaled and fowls plucked
moro quickly if dipped Into boiling wa
ter for an instant.
. K
If you wish to uso boiled starch with
out waiting for it to cool put into It a
pleco of ice, and it can be used in a
few moments.
If tho pitcher containing milk or
"cream Is put Into a pan of water It
will bo moro likely to keep sweet 'dur
ing an electric storm.
In order to utiilzo the heat to the
best advantago when cooking over an
oil or gns stove uso pots and pans that
arc as broad and flat as possible. In
such a pan water will boll In just half
tho time It would require if tho ordi
nary .kind of ketllo were used. Much
heat, too, as well as time, is saved.
The broad, flat bottomed pan, com
pletely covering tho flame, makes use
of all the heat.
Sunday Record in this vicinity, there
will be shown in every moving pict
ure house within the range of The
Record's circulation, that is supplied
by the Sellg service, pictures illus
trative of the story.
With all these adjled features, the
retail price of tho Sunday Record
will be advanced to five cents.
The Sunday Record in its new
dress will represent the biggest and
best five cents' worth you ever
bought in a Sunday newspaper.
An advance order to your news
agent or carrier would bo advisable
to assure receipt of a copy of Phila
delphia's newest, biggest and best
Sunday newspaper.
TS1 IMJ: ' A
Tbihip Mmdwc
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quickly ascertain our ii'lnnm freo whether an
Invention Is prohnhly puicnfnblo. Conihitmlen.
tloiiflfiirlctly ronmicntlul. HANUUUOK on Patents
Bent free. Oldest Agency for securing patents.
Patents taken through Munn & Co. receive
tpecial notice, without charge, in the
Scientific Fmfmi
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vcir: lour mouths, L Sold by all newsdealers.
MUNN SCo.361"1"' New York
llrancn OBico. 625 P St- Washington. V. C
w SM mil
HonesdaBe, Pa.
Loans $211,823.87
Stocks, Bonds and Mort
gages 108,010.40
Cash and Reserve .... S5.887.28
Oyerdrafts ..... 15.05
Real Estate 20,800.00
Capital Stock $ 75,000.00
Surplus and Profits . . . 20,187.13
Deposits 382,001.37
Juno 1st, 1907
May 1st, 1908,
May 1st, 1909,
May 2nd, 1910,
May 1, 1911 -May
3, 1912
May 1, 1913 -Nov.
1, 1913 -
- $ 21,308.51
- 8100,800.20
- $101,077.58
- $211,813.07
- $272,500.08
- $310,038.40
- - $382,001.37
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