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Minute "Movies"
of the News
Right Off the Reel
Baltimore1 lends the country with
tango pedometer on garters of fair sex.
How known? Why, silt skirts, of
Rlvcrhead (N. Y.) man who didn't
like to hnvo chickens scratch on moth
er's grave spread poison; convicted of
that offense.
Clerks In the Chicago postofflco have
n stretch of concrete a block long to
cover. Roller skates have been given
them to hasten speed.
German science has lately turned Its
attention to mouse killing, and an ef
fective method of exterminantlhg the
rodents by exploding bombs in their
holes Is tho result
The Orange (N. J.) board of educa
tion has forbidden the raising of
funds by pupils to purchaso Christmas
gifts for teachers and also tho practice
of parents and pupils of giving pres
ents to teachers within the school
Many Widows, and Some Taught
School Follow Scientific Methods.
Kansas has 1,200 women who are the
active managers of farms, and there is
scarcely one who has not made a suc
cess of her work. These women are
scattered over fifty-four counties.
Most women owning farm lands rent
the property, and generally they have
an agent who looks after nffnirs for
them. Hut the Kansas 1,200 direct
matters for themselves.
The Kansas woman farmer is scien
tific. It is estimated by tho state au
thorities that 08 per cent of the wo
men in active management of farms
lire members of farmers' institutes.
Most of tho Kansas women farmers
tivc in central and western Kansas.
Among them are about thirty women
schoolteachers who abandoned school
work because it was undermining their
health. Some bought farm lands, and
others took up homfgds on the gov
ernment's lands oi'tlio state school
Many women farmers are widows to
whom were left good farms and fami
lies to support when tho husband died.
These seldom do any of tho work, as
they are able to hire men from their
own neighborhood, but all the prob
lems of management are solved by tho
Probably the best known woman
farmer in Kansas is Miss Mary Best
of Barber county. Every bushel of
her wheat is sold to millers and state
experiment stations at double the
usual wheat market figures, it being
used for seed by men who want the
best seed grown in the state. One
year tho Oklahoma Agricultural col
lego bought tho entire wheat crop of
Miss Best's farm.
December With Over 3,000 Recruits Sets
an Enlistment High Water Mark.
Tho present strength of tho United
Statqs army, including all branches,
in addition to what is known as the
regular service, is 02,035 men. Of
these q3,220 are in tho United States.
17,238 in the Philippines, 7,030 in Hu
waii and tho rest are scattered In
smaller groups in Alaska, China, Porto
Rico and tho isthmian canal zone.
These facts are given in tho report
of General George Androvs, adjutant
general of tho nrmy, just made public.
Enlistments arc Increasing rapidly, ac
cording to ills report, after a slump
covering more than n year.
Tho slump began In tho spring of
1012 and continued until July, 1013.
when a rapid increase was noted.
Latest reports from the recruiting of
ficers of tho army i ml lento that for the
month of December tho enlistments
will pass tho 3,000 mark, or more
than any single month.
"I stopped eating potntoes and
all starchy things. Potatoes for
me have come to bo a deadly
sin. I cut from my bill of faro
nil fat meats, absolutely forbid
ding pork nnd other meats con
wining much fat.
"I am not allowed to eat fatty
fish such as salmon. I don't
touch pastry of nny kind. I
must bo very careful about my
allowance of sugar. I am per
mitted to eat lean roast beef
and lean mutton. I bavo a wide
range of vegetables which do
not contain mucl) starch or sug;
ar, I am friendly with the sal
ads provided tbcro is but a little
oil in tho dressings.
"I weighed 3-10 pounds March
4 last. Now 1 weigh 270, 1 am
more alert mentally and physi
cally than over before. It Is n
greater Joy to live."
Why is the soda
cracker today
such a universal
People ate soda
crackers in the
old days it is
true but they
bought them
from a barrel or
box and took
them home in a
paper bag, their
crispness and
flavor all gone.
Uneeda Biscuit
soda crackers
better than any
ever made be
fore made in
the greatest
bakeries in the
world baked to
packed to per
fection kept to
perfection until
you take them,
oven -fresh and
crisp, from their
protecting pack
age. Five cents.
Denver Woman 'Makes That Charge in
Seeking a Divorce.
Willie tho records of Denver courts
aro filled with charges of cruelty as
grounds for divorce, it remained for
Mrs. Loretta Van Pelt to change the
order of things by demanding a legal
separation on the grounds of kindness.
Clifford Van Pelt sets forth in his
answer that his wife is cruel. In her
bill she says that ho Is too good for
her and that she longs to "lead tho
sort of n life that I have been accus
tomed to."
Dispensed Wijh Army Officers Who
"Americanize" Themselves.
"A real mnn wenrs n mustache" is
the latest pronouncement attributed
to the German kaiser.
The Berlin society weekly Roland
von Berlin states that tho emperor
thus indicated his displeasure at the
growing practice among army officers
of "Americaulzlng" their faces by
nhavlng off their
Tho Citizen, the paper of tho
hour the year end all the time,
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Should Convlnco the Greatest Skeptic
ill Honesdale.
Because it's the evidence of a
Honesdale citizen.
Testimony easily investigated.
The strongest endorsement of
The best proof. Head it:
Matthew' MoKeon, 409 Ridge
street, Honesdale, Pa., says: "I wish
to tell the people of Honesdale that
I found Doan's Kidney Pills a most
reliable kidney remedy. I suffered
from a dull pain in the small of my
back and I was convinced that my
kidneys were disordered, as the kid
ney secretions were unnatural.
When Doan's Kidney Pills were
brought to my attention, I procured
a supply at A. M. Lelno's Drug Store.
Slnco using them, I have Improved
in every way."
Confirmed Proof.
When Mr. McKeon was interview
ed some years later, ho said: "I still
recommend Doan's Kidney Pills in
the highest terms. This remedy has
convinced me of its merit by giving
me relief after other kidney medi
cine failed."
Price 50c at all dealers. Don't
simply ask for a kidney romddy--
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Splendid Heroism of Woman
Banished to Siberia.
Helping and Cheering Fellow Unfortu
nates In Russian Penal Settlement
Aids Mme. Catherine Broshkovskaya
to Bear Her Cross Aged Martyr's
Recent Letters to Friends In America.
Tho recent attempted escapo of Mme.
Catherine Broshkovskaya, tho "mother
of the Russian revolution," as sho is
called, from exile in dreaded Siberia,
has again attracted world wide atten
tion to this brave woman, now near
Ing her seventieth j'ear, who is un
dergoing her second or "perpetual"
term. She was sentenced to exile in
March, 1010, after a trial, whose pro
ceedings wore followed with intense
interest. The charge against her
was conspiracy in conjunction with
Nicolas Tchaikovsky, the "father of
the revolution," who had been active
for reform since 1870. The man was
acquitted on evidence brought from
the United States.
Becnuse she would not plead for tho
Russlari emperor's clemency Mme.
Broshkovskaya has been Incarcerat
ed at KIrensk, a penal settlement 420
miles northeast of Irkutsk.
At the time of her recent attempt
to gain her freedom she went to din
ner under police escort at tho lodging
of a fellow exile, Vladlmlroff, and re
mained there till evening. Then n
companion, Andreeff, dressed In Mme.
Breshkovskaya's clothing, emerged
from the house supported by Vladlml
roff, and, pretending to bo a sick wo
man. Accompanied by the police es
cort the accomplice hobbled to tho
lodging of Mme. Broshkovskaya nnd
crawled Into her bed, where he re
mained. Constabulary Intercepted a convey
ance speeding on tho way to Yakutsk,
on tho river Lena, and, recognized
among Its occupants Mme. BreshUov
skaya, dressed as a man. She had In
her possession a counterfeit passport
and a sum of money.
Lectured In United States.
It was In 18S3 that Mine Broshkov
skaya was first sent to Siberia. Re
leased after twenty-one years, she
came to America and formed many
close friendships with other leading
workers in the fight against the cznr.
Sho toured tho'principnl cities, lectur
ing on the cnuso of freedom in her na
tive land. She picked up something of
tho English language, but It was not
until her return to exile that sho mas
tered Its intricacies sufficiently to use
It in correspondence.
ner friends in this country have re
ceived many letters from her. Through
them shone the old time spirit of fight
and fortitude which twenty-one years
in exile had not dimmed when she
enmo to this country in 1004.
In one of theso letters sho tells of
changed conditions In tho opening of
tho exile's mail slnco the days of her
first banishment, but ndds that the
habit of persecution nnd espionage is
so old that the guards aro never tired
of indulging in it,
"During tho festivities of Christmas,"
sho continues, "when here many young
persons disguise themselves and go
through tho town with their masks,
my keepers are afraid I will escapo in
that, manner, and they run about llko
mad men, searching and looking after
every one. Intruding themselves into
every house suspected to bo the place
of ray visit.
"Every path I raako is surveyed by
a gloomy figure shrouded In black furs
from head to foot nnd standing Im
movable near the house I visit.
"Without permission I cannot place
my foot on tho frozen river, for It
would bo regarded ns an attempt to
escapo. All the night they nro look
ing into tho windows of my cabin."
Mothers a Thousand Exiles. ,
In another letter to n friend in this
country she says: "I did not receive
or hear of tho money you sent me.
Often my heart overflows with sorrow,
for there Is much need of help hero,
where many boys have their feet fro
zen for want of a suitablo booting. 1
feel I am responsible, for I consider
tho young people as my own children,
my grandsons."
Another of the exiles in Siberia
writes, "Sho cares for and mothers a
thousand exiles, giving them heart and
Cincinnati Pupils Are Their Own In
structors In Civics.
A teacberless class has been started
at Woodward high school, Cincinnati.
It works automatically. Tho teacher
leaves tho room. The pupils, under
command of a full set of their own
officers, proceed to the regular order
f the day's business, ust as they
would at a meeting of a fraternity
Tho teacher is not missed at all.
And thus besides learning the sub
ject at hand tho teacberless pupils get
a special byproduct course in self gov
trnment, leadership and Initiative.
At present the teacberless system Is
applied to the civics course. It was
devised by Frank P. Goodwin, head of
the civics department, whoso theory is
that the best way to teach civics is to
let civic classes covern tbemsnlvn
Decrease In Output of Beverage of
1,106,429 Barrels Compared With
the Previous Year.
Looks as If beer drinking is on tho
decline in the United States.
Uncle Sam produces the figures 10
provo it.
According to the annual report of
the Internal revenue commissioner for
the fiscal year ending Juno SO, there
was a decrease In the output of beer
of 1,106,429 barrels compared with the
previous year.
That's a big decrease.
Counting 30 gallons to the barrel,
and thoro is more, It means a slump
of 33,192370 gallons.
Counting only ten glasses to the gal
lon, It means a docroase of 831,928,700
Counting each drink flvo cents, 1'
shows that $16,590,455 less was spent
for beer in 1912 than in 1911.
There was an Increase In tho pro
duction of whisky, but tho bonded
warehouses are filled with the stuff,
and distillers are all "fussed up" be
cause the supply is far exceeding tho
Americans aro not all on tho water
wagon by any means, but more of
them are climbing aboard right along.
American lesuo.
Representatives Who Oppose Every
Measure Retarding Liquor Traf
fic Should Be Favored.
"There are many congressmen who
are opposed to our Interests and vqto
against every measure that looks to
ward the development and betterment
of our business, and vote for every
measure Introduced by the opposition.
I Intend that tho 250,444 saloonkeep
ers throughout the United States shall
know the records of these congress
men." M. F. Farley, President Na
tional Liquor Dealers' Association.
We must see to it that the antl
llquor men and' women in the 48
states also know the record of these
representatives. They are tho men
we want to send back to congress.
Bring your difficult Job work to
this office. We can do it.
We offer one Hundred Dollars
Reward for any case of Catarrh that
cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh
tT. 3. CHENEY & CO.,
Toledo, O.
We, the unaersignod, have Known
F. J. Cheney for the last 15 years,
and believe him perfectly honorable
in all business transactions and fi
nancially able to cairy out any ob
ligations made by his firm.
Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken 1d
ternally, acting directly upon the
blood and mucous surfaces of the
system. Testimonial-) sent free.
Price 75 cents per bottle. Sold by
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Take Hall's Family Pills for con
IS BOUND by ties off affection, honor and conscience to provide!
for his family, not
THE RECORDS in the offce of Register
city show the following surprising figures.
85.3 per cent, of adults persons leave NO estate.
-1.3 per cent, leave estates of
U.3 per cent, lcavo estates of
1.8 per cent, leavo estates of
1.8 per cent, leaves estates of ,'.
1.5 per cent, leavo estates of moro tliau
Are You Prepared for
A regular deposit
ness and contentment in
HonesdaIe9 Pa.
Open Saturday Evenings from
What Ten Bushels to the Acre In
crease Would Do for the State
of Illinois.
National Crop Improvement Service.
An increase of ten bushels of corn
to the acre upon the 6,628,909 acres
planted in the state of Illinois in 1911,
at 40 cents per bushel, would have
produced an increase of wealth to the
state of $26,515,636.
An increase of ten bushels of wheat
to the acre upon 1,336,267 acres seed
ed in the state of Illinois in 1911,
would have produced an increase of
wealth to the state of $10,422,882.60.
An increase of ten bushels of oats
to the acre upon the 2,766,087 acres
seeded in the state of Illinois in 1911
would have produced an increase of
wealth to the state of $9,681,304.50.
An increase of ten bushels of rye to
the acre upon the 49,356 acres seeded
in the state of Illinois in 1911, would
have produced an increase of wealth
to the state of $360,298.80.
An increase of ten bushels of barley
to the acre upon the 33,274 acres
seeded in the state of Illinois in 1911
would have produced an increase of
wealth to the state of $286,192.
The' total wealth of the state from
the additional increase of ten bushels
to the acre of corn, wheat, oats, rye
and barley upon the acreage planted
in 1911 would have amounted to the
enormous sum of $47,246,312.
The annual meeting of the stock
holders of the Wayne County Sav
ings Bank for the election of Direc
tors will be held at the banking office
between the hours of three and four
o'clock p. m.
H. S. SALMON, Cashier.
Honesdale, Fa., Dec. 23, 1913.
103 w3.
Ono Soluner, $000 Upright Piano, second hand.
One Penso .$100 Upright Pinno, second hand.
Ono Estoy Organ, second hand.
Ono Clilcago Cottago Organ, second hand.
Ono Norris & nydo Player Pinno, used.
Tills is nn 88 note $000.00 Player, used for demonstrating at thol
fair, etc. Will bo sold for $175.00, on easy terms.
One Sterling Organ $15.00
" $25.00 shop worn music
Lyric Building
only during life, but after
every day means independence
later years.
Ilicatlio Hyomel It Medicates
---- 41H 11I3UMUI
, IK V rfkll If emit in n.wl
tt J. I AM
wt, nnnKn.l .... 1 .1 1 1
other troubles of tho breathing
gans when Poll, the druggist, will
you Hyomel with a guarantee to
fund the purchase price if it is
Hvomol Is a nlfiHRntit. Imrmloasi
t ui,uijii-u iil.UU liuaiiv tUIViD '
nntlRonMn mprllnntlnn wlilnli
1..... 4t. P A, . 1
smaii innaier. it effectively
nrnmntlv TpHavaq nil nntnri-linl
1 . le.i f . . . .
. 1. i- ., ,
uie nose, or money uacK
A nnmnlfitn TTvnmol 'nnffH
slsting of inhaler and a bottle
jnyomei, costs fi.uu, anu extra
ties, if afterwards needed, aro
50 cents.
i.. ,v uj a uau iiruuii:! nil iiiiiiiitii
M1 In t.n linnJ 1. 1 I
or inrants and any inflammatory .
ease 01 me Dreaming organs.
Dep. 30&Jan. C.
Footwear Company has filed his
uiik in tuc uiiiu til i.iit-1 r nil ii 1 . 111 i.
Honesdale on the third Monday
January next.
n it. i
-M. uu xiui iiiiii: i,iiiii an liiii w i
m j 9 . -
ann near, ah i tan mntrn?. no nn nun
til, an ucnoucaicio. fivcijr inuy
Magazine, Canton, Ohio. 1
or roll cabinet $21.00 now
Music Housi
he has gone.
of Wills in a large
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