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Christina I A 1
" FEW people realize what a great, big and important town Lake Ariel Has be-
come. As you approach it from any direction you are impressed with the
fact that here by a Wayne county lakeside has grown a town of homes and
of industry. As you make a closer inspection of the place you are surprised
still further at the character of the business enterprises and the substantial
nature of the, business houses. Several of them are of concrete and would
do credit to any city in the land. Ariel used to be a Summer resort town,
but it long ago passed that stage of existence, and to-day is making a growth
on all lines that is .truly remarkable.
iiiu mull ili'jI'j .tiiuu
IS ALWAYS popular.
HEN the Bortreo Grain and
Feed Mill was started a few
years ago It was in response
to the urgent call of a large
number of farmers who
mm uiuco iui procuring mui line ui
ir 1 tin mill iititii run urni'iin r run Km
.rft mm huh iiRRn nun ni Tjin nnsiRST.
mi'-f'K ill tviivitf i'iiiiiiiv. niiruiRrK
inn ir pnnvnnnnr rn f r vo rn tiio
ntn tlnt Himt nft.
tutu iiiiu luul met v.(Xii uuv t: 11
inri crfnlti rlinntinp of Mio TInrfft
till. illlU UU I11U11UV 111 UUCKt'L 111. LI1
The Uortree mills carry in store
ui uiu icuuing siock anu poultry
UUUS U.UU Hllllllllt?K. AS 111 1(HI1 KIT
ifclll Uli IJ1C11 1J1U1111SUH VU11UUH
rrnrlpH nnil nnmnminrla frnm Hio
items nf Tnrerfist- Transnirincr
ed in Wayne County s Different Offices Reported by a
Representative of The Citizen.
'rfifJlfili'nti'il'V'K llllirn Tinvriw.'u An.
county Filed.
Among the recent important docu-
if interest, tn tlin npnnln nf TTnnpc-
iam was run linn nnrnnnr nt vvn-
lam II. Krantz, trustee for the
luuesu in r outwear comoanv. jir.
Crantz charges himself with cash in
land and in the bank to the amount
if $1,145.29; received from ac
counts irom i'euruary zu, i;ua, to
lntnl.nM T'J nn 1 11 1 O V r
172.12; credit claims, $51,245.42:
liLlillllTH III IIIM II:IIIIIK 111 Till. nPPnilTlT.
nr. .Ti a .a ii 1 .
Sheriff Ofllco.
A sale for tho personal property
idvertised on the sheriff's bulletin
)oard for Satnrilav. T) Vifr 27.
Vll farming implements and fami
ne utensils are mentioned.
The Eldred sale of personal prop-
ny on v rmay last was settieu ine
lay before by defendant's father
ost Incurred.
A sheriff sale of real estate taken
s the property of Vina II. and Alva
t. Goodrich, of Canaan, at the suit
f Calvin D. Davis, is advertised for
anuary 1G at 3 p. m at the court
uusu. xuero are iwo tracts oi iana
dvertlsed, containing 107 acres,
udgment $2,400. The writ was 111
d Dec. 11, 1913, at 10 a. m.
grains that reach them in carload
lots. This mill is one of Lake Ariel's
standard institutions.
RIEL has of late made sub
stantial progress along the
iline of real development.
Especially is this true in the
case of the well Known
merchants, Samson & Cook, dealers
in Meats, Fruits, Vegetables, Feed
and General Merchandise. Let us
tell you something of what they are
doing, as well as hint at what they
have done in tho past. Their busi
ness was begun several years ago,
and it was strictly along the line of
fresh meats. Wayne county stock
was purchased from the farmers,
who soon learned that at "the Lake"
they could get ready cash for what
they had to sell and that the pur
chaser would buy what they had for
sale right at their doors. This made
?n trip Wall nf Tnctir-p and Pprntvl-
Tho personal property of Alva
Goodrich was sold by Sheriff Kim
ble at Waymart on Friday.
Barney llowe was placed in Hotel
do Kimble Saturday night for disor
derly conduct.
A sale of real estate was filed Fri
day by Mumford & Mumford, attor
neys, for a piece of land in Salem
township. Judgment, $200. Land
ownod by Fred F. Champman; taken
at tho suit of Harriet S. Sutton.
Commissioners' Office.
The new bounty claims are now
in tho hands of the county commis
sioners. Justices of the Peace can
havoa supply by sending for same
All persons returning bounty or
sheep claims to the commissioners'
office should receipt them before
sending them. This will save send
ing the blanks back for signature.
It will also save postage for both
the sender and tho recipient-
Register and Itncorder.
Frank E. Olver and others of Da
mascus township, to Mortimer Weber
of tho same township, 57 acres in
Damascus township; ?1 and other
valuable consideration. Deed dated
December 17, 1913.
Walter J. Keesler, of Lackawaxen,
Piko county, to W. N. Curtis, of
Lake township, two pieces of land
in said township; $1 and other valu-
When Christmas time comes round it seams
As though the long, long years
Roll back and take away our cares
And dry up all our tears;
1 don't know why it is, but when
The great day comes along
I get to feelin' young again.
And kind of turn to song,
And whistle and go on Just like
A boy would. I'll be bound, '
The old world seems to 'brighten up
When Christmas timecomes round.
I'm tickled at the Jumpln' Jack
And all them kind of things;
I like to watch the toys that play
By wlndln' up the springs,
And somehow don't know why it l3
Love seems to fill the air.
And I forget I've enemies
Or. troubles anywhere:
And "every little while I sort
Of listen for the sound
Of voices that have long been still,
When Christmas time comes round.
) wish that I was Santa Claus
And had a magic sleigh,
To visit all the children who
Look forward to the day
The orphans and the cripples and
The poor folks everywheres
All children that are good and kind
And don't forget their prayers;
I'll bet you that they'd all be glad
When they got up and found
Their stockln's fairly bustln'out,
When Christmas time come round.
Oh, happy time of Jlnglln' bells
And hills all white with snow;
Oh, Joyful day that takes us back
To care-free long ago
1 wonder if up there above ,
Where happy arigels roam
They do not get to thlnkln' of
The happy times at home,
And turn, In fancy, back once mora
To listen to the sound
Of voices that have long been still,
When Christmas time comes round?
the Ariel dealers in fresh meat very
popular, and it led to an ever widen
ing business along other lines than
those of fresh meats,
One day not long ago along came a
fire that did a lot of damage to Ariel
property. It burned up the building
of Samson & Cook. It couldn't burn
up their business, nor could it burn
up their enterprise and enthusiasm.
They made this fire the opportunity
for a great step forward in their busi
ness and in the affairs of Lake Ariel.
They had ideas of their own about 1
store buildings, and they decided to
put up a structure that would be a
realization of their dreams, onq that
would be amply large to accommo
date their over-increasing business.
Out on Maple avenue, nearly op
posite the church, they selected a
beautiful site, and on it they built a
large structure. It is built of ce
ment, has the effect of dressed stone,
is modern and beautiful in architec
ture, and is two stories in height,
with a basement under the entire
able consideration. Deed dated De
cember 22, 1913.
Martin Farrell to Thomas Cawley,
of Lafayette College, are home for
township, $500. Deed dated Dec. 22,
Pheba A. Allen, of Scott, to F. M.
Montgomery, of same place, two
tracts of land consisting of 142
acres, reserving about two acres.
Consideration $700. Deed dated Dec.
15, 1913.
De Forest Keys, of Oneonta, N.
Y., to Phelba Allen, of Tompkins,
142 acres, consideration $C50. Deed
dated Oct. 12, 1912.
Piiitlionotary Office.
Justices of the Peace of Wayne
county are requested to call at the
prothonotary's office and receive
their copy of the pamphlet laws of
1913, which are now rJj?
Daniel McLaughlin acted as janitor
of tho court liouse on Monday during
the absence of I. II. Ball, who at
tended the funernl of his sister-in-law,
Mrs. C. E. Baker.
In Justice Smith's Office Will Spend
Christmas in Juil.
Barnrj Howe appeared before Jus
tice It. A. Smith Monday morning,
charged with disorderly conduct. He
was giren a hearing and in default
of bail was committed to the county
bastile lor ten days.
Deatli of a Cliild.
Frederick, lS-months'-oia son of
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Marton. down
town .fruit dealers, died oE diphtheria
after a. week's illness. Besides his
parents, two sisters and .a brother
survive. Services wero 'Conducted
at the German Catholic cemetery
by Dr. J. W. Balta, 10:30 Monday
Denth of Dennis O'Horo.
Dennis O'Horo, a well lenown resl
dent of Wayne county, died at his
home in Clinton Saturday night al
ter a snort niness. He was about
seventy-five years of age and hall
been a resident of this section for
over sixty years. Ho is .survived Ijy
one son, D. G. O'Horo, the well
kno-wn importer of Scranton. Tie
funeral took place Tuesday from 13io
nome anu burial was made at Car
bon diile.
Deatli of Oscar Dunning.
Oscar Dunning passed away Dec.
17, 1513, at his homo at Uswick. Mr.
Dunning was born at Warnersing. in
the State of New York, Jji the year
i&6v, saving oeen born August 2.
When lie was twenty-three years of
age he enlisted in the army, in Com
pany C, 156th Regiment of tho New
York Slate Infantry (Volunteers.
which was enrolled on the thirteenth
day of August, 1862, to serve threo
years, during the war, and was veiy
nonoraDir discnarged rrom the ser
vice In Augusta, Ga, on Oclober 2$,
lbpa, ana was taken six monthfl
longer to Jielp gather goTemment
The deceased came to Pennsylva
nia some iorty years ago aad hat
been a. highly esteemed and cood
citizen and will bo greatly missed,
ny nis wno acnu son. Ho was laid at
rest In Lakewllle cemetery on Dec.
20. Tho Rev. Treat, pastor oi tho
iaKeviue chuxch, officiated.
Death of JUrs. 0. 13. Daker.
Mrs. Angelina Kraft, widow of the
late C. E. Baker, of Waymart, died
of neuralcla nf tlin lipnrt nt lioi- imma
Jast Thursday night, after a week's
jnness iurs. uaitcr was well known
Jn Grand Army Post and East Star
ujrcies, anu tne announcement of
her sudden death will be a surprise
to her many 'friends in Honesdale
and vicinity. Mrs. Baker attended a
meeting of the election of the East
ern Stars in Waymart on tho ove
ning of the 11th Instant, a week prior
to her demise. She had always been
in good health up to this time.
Tllfi (lpnnnfiprl WAR woll nnrl fnt,.
ably known in Honesdale where she
auu uer esieemeu nusDanu uvea lor
several years and whore they con
ducted n. hnfirdinc hnnnA fnr n num.
ber df years. Capt. Charles E. Baker
uieu at nis nome in waymart two
years ago Jast April. About six
vears airo Mr. Haknr nnroTinooH a
homo in Waymart, where this genial
coupie spent tne evening or their life.
Mrs. Baker was born at Pleasant
......... v -v, ID OU1VAV-
ed by her mother, Mrs. Blmeon B
Tho building is on high ground
and a team may drive right into the
basement for unloading or loading
goods. In this basement are stored
vast amounts of salt meats and fish,
flour, feed and all that line of, heavy
groceries generally classed as "pro
visions." As the floor and walls are
of cement, and there is a perfect
system of ventilation, all such goods
keep In that basement in splendid
The main floor over tho basement
Is devoted to dry goods, fancy arti
cles and a superior class of groceries.
All of these goods are temptingly dis
played on tables on tho floor's centre.
On the sides are counters for the sale
of piece goods. In tho front, on the
right as you enter the building, has
been placed a soda water fountain,
and one that is in every way up to
date. This is a hint as to the way
Samson & Cook are prepared to dis
pense comfort to citizens of Ariel and
happy visitors in the good old sum-i
mer time.
Glass doors lead through a parti
Kraft, who has made her home with
Mrs. Baker for the past few years,
also by one sister, Mrs. Isaac H.
Ball of Honesdale.
The funeral was held from her late
home in Waymart Monday afternoon
at 1:30 o'clock, Rev. A. L. Whittaker,
rector of Grace Episcopal church, of
ficiating. Interment was made in
Glen Dyberry cemetery.
Many a woman is known by the
Christmas presents she takes back to
be exchanged.
If there is a Christmas season in
heaven the department store clerk
will hardly want to go there.
The woman who looks for tho price
mark on her present generally geta
mad if she finds it
A good thing about some 'Christmas
presents is that they don't last more
than vl day or two.
Peoplo who put off haying things
they really need until after Christmas
hardly ever find them In their stock
ings. Soino peopte dont permit their chil
dren to believe in Santa Claus be
cause they selfishly want all the cred
it themselves.
If Santa Claus were a woman
Christmas would always have to be
postponed for a few days while sho
administered tho finishing touches.
Lucky Givers.
With happy hearts some people give
And never mind the price;
Thoy know the sifts they will receive
Are sure to be as nice.
A Warning to Liars.
"What was the happiest moment of
your life, dear" she asked.
"It was when you said yes, darling,"
ho replied.
She sighed and permitted her cheek
to rest against his breast for a long
time. Then sho said:
"Harry, do you remember that dia
mond ring wo looked -at in Blazem's?
I was there yesterday and they had it
still. What a splendid Christmas pres
ent it would make."
After ho had reached ithe next room
ho whispered to. himself:
"That's always the way. Never
ttold a Ho in my life without having
immediate cause to be sorry for it"
Why the Colonel Gave 'It Up.
"Colonel," said the beautiful grass
widow, "why is it you bo strongly ob
ject to the exchanging of Christmas
"Til tell you," he replied. "I used
to bo as crazy as other people over
the sending of gifts. There was a
clrl that I thought & good deal of In
those days, and a sister of mine wno
had been married only a couple of
years was made glad by the arrival of
a little one only about a month before
Christmas. I thought a nice present
for her would be a book on the care
and nursing of Infants. So I bought
it. At the eamo time I bought a very
handsome volume of poems for the
"They got mixed. I bellevo this
Chrlatmaa present business is all fool
ishness." Advertise In The 'itln,
In tlj? fttrtf
nf (Elfrtatmajg
tion across tho rear of the main
floor into one of the most up-to-date
meat markets anywhere in this part
of tho country. Everything is so
clean, so nedt and so tempting that
even a vegetarian would be tempted
to buy meat in that shop.
The top floor is Lake Ariel's town
hall. The evening before the writer
made a hurried trip through the
building it was well filled with a
rally of Progressives. This hall has
been very much needed in Ariel, and
in thus providing a largo, airy hall,
Samson & Cook have surely done
Ariel, as a town, a splendid service.
AT A TJT .Ti? A TV. la Mm nnmn
1111. .'1111 111-1 lit 1-1 1 U !.! Ill-'"
I of Ariel's main hotel, or,
more properly speaKing,
public home. The name sug
gests cooling comfort in
the summer days, and in the winter
time its pleasant rooms' are made
"If I were to catch you under tho mis
tletoe would you try to get away?"
Of course I should but I feel almost
sure that I should not succeed."
-S. E. Klser.
An Exchange.
"What did your mistress glvo you
for Christmas?"
"A box of cheap handkerchiefs."
"What did you give her?"
"A week's notice."
A Lucky Man.
Tie sees the sun through spreading rifts,
lie hears the wind sing songs of cheer;
His wire will buy no Christmas gltto
And have them charged to him this
There ain't no Santa Claus, I guess, or if
there Is, why he
Don't know so very
much about book
keeping seems to
I ast him fer some
rabbits and a
pair of skates
one year,
And all ho left was
nothln' but a lit
tle sister here.
And last year when
I wrote to him I
said I'd Uko a
And one of these
here spaniel dogs
that's kind of
brownish red;
But blame tho luck,
I didn't git a soli
tary thing
Except a cap and overcoat and plated
napkin ring.
I've wlbto him this year that I want a
hook-and-ladder truck
And mndc lantern
and a goat that I fi
can train to )
And mebbe a four
bladed knife. If
he has one to
But Tvo told him
plain and honest
that I don't want
things to wear.
Til try to keep bo
llevin' till he
comes around
once more.
But he's got to do
much better than
he ever dono be
fore; If he brings another sister In the place
of what I'd like.
Why, I'll quit believln" in him from that,
minute, the old Ike)
United Snuulsh War Veterans Elect
Wayne Camp, No. 58, of United
Spanish War Veterans elected the
following officers on Friday eve
ning of last week:
Commander, W. L. Dodge; senior
vice commander, Benjamin F. Blake;
Junior vice commander, Horton E.
Cross; officer of tho day, John J.
Boylo; officer of tho guard, John
Thomas; trustee, three years, Hor
ton E. Cross. The following appoint
ments were afterwards made by
Commander-elect W. L. Dodge: Ad
jutant, E. V. Coleman; quartermas
ter, E. V. Coleman; chaplain, Frank
Sonner; historian, Fred Hattler; fel
low sergeants, Joseph Ackerman,
William Buckanan
ANTA CLAUS, I hang for you
By tho mantel stockings two
One for mo and one to go
To another boy I know.
Thero's a chimney in the town
Tou have never traveled down.
Should you chance to enter there
You would find a room all bare;
Not a stocking could you spy.
Hatter not how you might try.
And, the shoes you'd und are such
As no boy would caro for much.
In a broken bed you'd see
Some one Just about like me
Dreaming of the pretty toys
Which you bring to other boys.
And to him a Christmas seems
Merry only In his dreams.
All he dreams, then, Santa Claus,
Stuff the stockings with, because
When it's filled tip to the brim
I'll be Santa Claus to hlmt
Frank Dempster Sherman,
cheerful by the 'modern method of
heating by steam. Fortunate, in
deed, is the traveller who finds tho
doors of "The Maple" open to him
at tho timo when ho is tired and
yearns for the comforts of home. Ho
finds just the 'right sort of food,
served exactly to his taste, and when
ho seeks rest for the night he doesn't
have to woo the drowsy god, for his
accommodations are so good that ho
couldn't keep awake if he tried. And
when he comes to settle up for all the
comfort ho has had he is apt to find
the bill actually1 lower than he can
get the same accommodations at
home. P. T! Howe is proprietor of
"Tho Maple," and he certainly un
derstands his business.
Indians, Tories, Patriots, Scouts,
Love, Mystery, Hiver Life, History,
Poetry, and everything that goes to
ninko a thrilling romance arc found
in John E. Barrett's "Hod Shadow."
At Lelne's. Price .$1,125.
For tho man who is arrested be
nonoQ nf intrwlpntinn and sentenced
to spend forty days in the Broomo
county jail, tne average cost, to me
town of Sanford is about $30. This
includes police fees, justice fees,
meals, car fares of officer and prison
er, board at the county jail, etc. For
the man who is released on first of
fense the town pays out about $6.
Unless his lino is $10, the town loses
money; In the first instance it is all
"dead" loss. Does it pay in either
case? Deposit Journal.
Karker has been in ill health," suffer
ing from a clot of blood on tne urain,
which affected the entire side of tho
body. Specialists have been consult
ed, but their skill was powerless.
Last week in stooping to pick up
something from tho floor, she lost her
balanco and fell, striking her head
on the opposite side of the part af
fected, and shortly after she was able
to use her arm and to walk, surpris
ing her neighbors by walking on tho
street. She is now improving rapid
ly. Cobleskill Index.
The Rochester woman, who bought
a chicken last Saturday for 90 cents,
considers it was a bargain, for in its
crop she found a diamong ring said
to be worth $25.
The Delaware & Hudson Company
have commenced the erection of their
largo water storage tank at Cable
skill. Instead of tho usual masonry,
tho new tank will have an iron work
foundation. The capacity will ba
100,000 gallons, and it will be the
largest between Albany and Bing
hamton. Georgo II. Luckoy, of Port Jervis,
through Rendich & Gardner, of Mid
dlotown, has brough action against
the Erie Railroad company to recov
er $25,000 damages 'for the loss Of
his leg, which occurred in the Port
Jervis yards on September 10th, of
this year, In the night.
Thero is evidently lumber yet in
Delaware county. Sheriff Jerome
Farrell has a force of men working
on a lumber job on Campbell brook.
About 3,000,000 feet of hardwood
lumber will bo sawed and tho job
will last about threo years. Deposit
A Margaretvlllo correspondent in
the Deposit Journal says: "Dr. Julius
Rosenberg, at present a Margaretvlllo
resident, will soon establish a dairy
and farm where he will manufacture
immunized milk, a recent discovery.
The doctor is selling this milk at .".0
cents per bottle. Tho milk is for the
cure of typhoid fever and consumn-
Notices were posted last week by
detectives of tho Delaware and Hud
son, warning people to refrain from
walking on the tracks of the com
pany. Recently on the Honesdale
branch, box cars stored there have
been burned. Last Saturday a. num
ber of boys were taken to the Juvenile
court on the charge. Again Sunday
night a number of cars were burned.
Tho company has posted notices
that all persons walking along this
section of the track will bo arrested
on a charge of trespassing. The track
has been used for a number of years
as a nath for men rnmlnr frnm nn.i
. - n "in muu
going to work.
AVashington. The naval observa
tory has arranged to send a timo sig
nal to mark tha death nf Hi ni.i
year and tho birth of tho new. It will
ue spreaa Broadcast over both the At
lantic and the continent by the navy's
great radio station at Arlington and
all ships and shore stations equipped
with radio receiving apparatus and
even amateurs are asked to listen for
this signal and to inform the obser
vatory if it was received by them.
The signal will begin at 11:55 p m.,
75th meridian time, December 3'1.
"Red Sliadow." Prlco $1,85.