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Buy Early
and by Bell Telephone
Federal Expert Gives List of
Suitable Foods.
Shop early and by Bell Telephone, and you will bring real
Christmas joy into the hearts of the shop-girls, the deliv
ery drivers and the other employees of the busy stores.
YOU, too, will find real joy in the freedom from hurry and
All up-to-the-minute stores give tele
phone orders most careful attention.
By the way, if you haven't a Bell Telephone yet, you can't
know what Christmas joy you're missing.
"Practice the Telephone -Smile."
The Bell Telephone Co. of P.
T. A. Garvey, Local Mgr.,
, Carbondale, Pa.
Amprtoan's Invnntinn PmmisRS
to Revolutionize War.
So Light That a Man CamTransport It
Easily Needs No Water Cooling.
Army Officer's Graphic Story of Re
cent Tests of Wonderful Weapon at
Bisley, England.
That the general adoption of the
Lewis automatic machine gun -will
revolutionize wunure, suuumg uiu
nresnnt ilnv rifles nml Maxims to the
j i - 1. .1 jt 1 in
foTrr fnnMnc n nf Iniin tml nf nrm cfrnl.'o
is tho opinion of a high army olcor
too was present at tuo recent trials
at Blsloy, England, of a new gun In
vented by Colonel Isaac N. Lewis, for
merly of the United Statos.
The army officer, who stipulated that
four rf n ronrlmnTirl hr lita trtrorn.
ment, drew a vivid picture for tno
New York Times' London correspon-
none or tn wnr or t.ii riitnrp.. ir tnnr.
UU UUS11U UL llll WU1 UU1UU8-II 1 JU1 W
hla rntAmnfln mnnhlnn tiiii tinf 1 -
pendent on water for cooling should
nrovr no mnro rjw. hrtr. nhm tn Rtnnn
H.1 u
lip UimUL Ut LUlU bUL 1 1UU VUUUlLlUUa,
Squadrons of cavalry going Into ac
tion armed with machine guns instead
01 rue innce. sauer or carnine: regi
ments of infantry carrying machine
deadliness of two or more companies
armed with mero rifles; flocks of swift,
light armored aeroplanes, each mount
ing one or two machine guns, swoop
lug down on the enemy with a deadly
hall of fire, were somo of tho military
novelties that ho prophesied for tho
not distant futuro If the Lewis gun,
which was 'highly successful in th
rnrmi nwfiTrn
rfit5n uTditn
Henry Freund s
Our Oysters are always
fresh ; and solid meats.
It's their freshness and
salt sea flavor that will
appeal to you.
Make any comparison
you please we know you
will come back for more.
Suppers and Donations
promptly supplied ot lowest
rates. CRACKERS crisp
and toothsome at all times.
Everything desirable and
seasonable in the grocery line
preliminary tests?, could" "StUnd, tho
grueling of actual wcrvlce.
Equal to a Regiment.
"For the first time a machine gun,
cnpalilo of firing fiOO to SOO rounds a
minute, is to be carried by an infan
tryman," says tho officer. "No horses
or mules are needed, as with the Max
im. This gun weighs only twenty-six
and a half pounds, or less than half a
soldier's normal Equipment. Think
what that means! One infantryman
can carry a gun, and his comradp can
carry thu ammunition. Every compa
ny of 150 men could carry seventy-live
guns. A single company would have
a destructive power equal to a whole
regiment at present.
"My opinion Is that the now gun isi
bound to displace Maxim's, for It takes
live mules and ten men for every
Maxim as against no mules and two
men for the Lewis gun. Another thing
Is that It will do away with the neces
sity of having cavalry escort for wag
on trains. A machine gun could bo
mounted on every wagon."
Tup scene which the correspondent
witnessed at the Bisley tests was a
tremendously impressive one. The
new weapon, which to a layman look
ed more like an overgrown rifle than
a machine gun, was mounted on a
small Iron tripod on tho 200 yard
range. The inventor. Colonel Lewis,
was visibly nervous as he gave final
Instructions to the civilian operator,
while grouped behind In an Interested
and silent semicircle stood Major Gen
eral Vondonoph, master general of
ordnance; Major General Allenby, in
spector of cavalry, and many other
high English nrmy officers, represqnta
tives of tho admiralty, military men
from South Africa, Now Zealand and
Australia; the Bulgarian minister,
Colonel Squier, tho American military
attache, tho Belgian, Austrian and
Japaneso attaches and representatives
of nearly all tho other foreign govern
ments. Some ildea of the interest aroused
may bo gained from the fact that a
Russian colonel, who was present -had
been ordered from Sebastopol to Eng
land on two hours notice by the Rus
sian minister of war.
After several thousand rounds had
been fired In what seemed only a few
moments, .the wholo company of a hun
dred wentito Inspect the riddled target
Other tests were made at the 500
yard range, then tho officers present
had an opportunity to fire the guu.
themselves from tho 200 yard range.
Fired From Altitude of 600 Feet
Then tho word passed that an aero
plane was coming. The company has
tened to the watch tower In time to
see n heavy lumbering ark of a bi
plane climb slowly into the cold gray
sky against the 'brisk and treacherous
head wind. In a special scat fastened
under tho pilot seat sat an officer with
a machine gun mounted before him.
As tho biplane swung toward tho
target at an altitude of COO feet ho
fired tho whole magazine of forty
soven rounds in less than flvo minutes,
scoring a high percentage of hits.
Even to tho laymen tho demonstration
was Impressive.
"I offered tho invention freo of
charge to the United States govern
ment," Colonel Lewis said, "but .it
tvould not touch II at the time.
"Already tho in has been subjected
to preliminary official 'firing trials in
Russia, Belgium, Italy, Austria and
Sweden, and is now under full official
trials by a special board of officers In
tho United States. As a result of tho
tests trial orders have already been
placed by several governments."
?rpiS love that makes the stars revolve,
'TIs love that makes the world go
round. ,
This Christmas purpose I resolve
On eauth to mako love more abound.
On me, dear maid, thy love bestow
Xnd match my full heart's overflow.
VTOR ecms nor gear to thee I bring,
Nor gauda nor merchandises rare,
tove'e offerings I may not sing,
But love Itself I have to spare
In boundless store, and all for thee,
It but thy heart responds to me.
Rheumatism and Other Ills Would Be
Largely Eliminated if Fruit and
Vegetables Were Provided Every
Day In the Year, Says Food Special
ist Would Be Qheaper Too.
Tho average American family may
steer .clear of tho ordinary discomforts
Hint afflict tlie body and thereby Im
prove its health if the housewife will
exercise more care in getting up the
daily bill of faro.
A food specialist of tho department
of agriculture in Wnsldnston points
the way. lie says that the balanced
ration of many Americans today is
made up about as follows:
Bread, Meat,
nutter, FIcli,
Eggs, Patent medicine lax
Many Americans suffer customarily
from indigestion in its various forms
and rheumatism, according to tho gov
ernment food specialist. He suggests
that a simple change of the daily menu
might go a long way to remedy these
ailments. Tho specialist recommends a
change to this menu as being more In
keeping with nature's plans:
Bread, Meat,
Butter, Fish,
Fruit, Eggs,
Vegetables, Greens.
For Fruits and Vegetables.
The specialist recommends that ev
ery family provide a diet of fruit and
vegetables for every day in the year.
lie argues that this would do much to
eliminate the need for patent medi
cines that figure so prominently in the
bill of fare of so "many Americans.
"if every home," said the specialist
"kept on hand enough canned products
so that there might be a.can of fruit, a
can of greens and u can of vegetables
for every day during tho winter there
would he little; need for tho laxatives
now so regularly purchased from the
corner druggists. There would also bo
great economy in the substitution ot an
inexpensive food for more expensive
The food specialist suggests mat
housewives should do more homo can
ning at the proper season. He thinks
this would help to solvc-tho problem
involved in the cost of living.
-"It is estimated," he said, "thai over
50 per cent of all the. vegetables,
greens, fruit and berries that grow In
this country go to waste and are ac
tually lost to those who need them.
This Is simply because housewives
have not learned to care for these sur
plus products efficiently and to make
them available for the winter months
by canning.
Economy In Home Canning.
"That homo canning may reduce the
cost of living Is not generally appre
ciated. Even those who are accustom
ed to use a supply of canned goods in
tho winter do not realize that they
sometimes pay transportation on goods
from distant parts of the country when
there Is a surplus of the same product
In their own vicinity during the sum
mer months which might have been
saved by homo canning."
Tho food specialist then tells about
tho enormous economic waste that
could bo prevented by home canning.
"For example," he said, "a can of
tomatoes is bought during tho winter
months In Colorado for 15 cents. This
can was put up in Maryland. The peo
ple of the section whero It was pur
chased livo In an Irrigated district
where there is always a surplus of to
matoes In summer, yet they pay trans
portation on vegetables from Mary
land when they might have put up a
similar can during tho season In their
own district which would have cost 5
"When one considers tho number of
cans used which have been shipped
great distances one realizes the enor
mous saving a little intelligent home
canning might bring about"
When Surgical Operations Are Neces
sary Schoolroom Temperature.
Adenoids will heal themselves in four
cases out of five if the child suffering
from them bo given plenty ofvoutdoor
air, according to Dr. T, F. Harrington,
director of school hygiene In Boston
In addressiug a teachers' association
recently in that city Dr. Harrington
"Tho knife Is necessary only when
thero is a discharge from tho ear and
danger to the hearing or when the
blood supply is cut off from tho brain
and feeble mlndcdncss, flat chests and
glandular trouble seem Imminent
"Tho air of tho classroom should bo
down to 55 degrees, aud tho children
Ihould be allowed to wear their wraps'
when they care to."
Chicken Thief Repents.
A man who stole threo chickens
years ago from L. Glass of Evansville.
nd has become conscience stricken
Glass refclved an unsigned letter post
marked Evansville, in which was In
closed $1.50 In money. The letter read
as followst "I herewith inclose $1.50
for threo chickens I stolo from you (if
'ven years ugo, I am a thief no lonirer."
Pretty but Obsolescent Feature of the
Latin Christmas.
All through tho Italian aud Hunga
rian quarters in Now York city may bo
found traces of tho man3cr at Christ
mas time. Tho Italians call it the
"presupio," which means manger; tho
Hungarians tho "Bethlehem.",
The manger is an exceedingly old
and interesting devotion in the Catholic
countries of south Europe. St. Francis
of Asslsl, who was born in 1182, in
troduced it into Italy, and it is still tho
sign of Christmas in south Italy, us
much us holly In tho windows Is tho
sign of it in New York. It is not many
years since a carpenter could not be
had for weeks before Christmas in Na
ples or Rome. They wero all busy put
ting up mangers in tho houses of tho
quality, while tho poorer folk were
busy fabricating their own.
This quaint old devotion is fading
out of the cities of the mainland, hut
In conservative Sicily it remains In full
force. Every family there still erects its
prcsepio some timo from tho 1st to the
15th of December. It is not a manger
alone, hut a whole mountain side, mudo
of the rough, flexible bark of the cork
tree. Peaks and crags and precipices
abound, with winding trnils, houses
and castles of colored cardboards, for
ests of evergreen twigs and sometimes
tiny pipes to furnish brooks and lakes.
In the center is the grotto, with the
holy, family within, surrounded by the
cattle. A sky of blue paper Is stretch
ed above, with tho star of Bethlehem
upon it Over the hills come shepherds
bearing gifts to the infant, and, though
they are in Sicilian' costume and carry
good Sicilian cheese and wine upon
their donkeys, they are all the more
Interesting for that.
Sometimes the prcsepio fills only a
comer, sometimes the whole side of a
room, according to the means of the
family. It is kept year after year un
til worn out,4t It needs to be fresh
ened up each year,' always a welcome
task to the mother and daughters of
the house.
vwmttrnnia wnminn
J Raf-ntn nf
Late of Lebanon Township.
AH persons Indebted to said es
tate are notified to make Immediate
payment to the undersigned; and
those having claims against the said
estate are notified to present them
duly attested 'or settlement.
Cold Spring, Pa., Oct. 30, 1913.
Bring your difflcult Job work' to
this office. We can do it.
Fred E. Lawyor,
Late of Honesdale, deceased.
The undersigned an auditor ap
pointed to pass upon tho exceptions
to account and to report distribution
of said estate, will attend to tho du
ties of his appointment, on
TUESDAY, DEC. 30, 10 A. M
at his office in the borough of
Honesdale, at which time and place
all claims against said estate must
he presented, or recourse to tho fund
for distribution will he lost.
WM. H. LEE, Auditor.
Honesdale, Dec. 5, 1913. 99w3
The first feast to be celebrated on
Dec. 25 was established by Commodus,
emperor of Rome, who reigned about
1S5 years after the birth of Christ
After that thero are many references
in history to meetings of the new sect
called Christians, who gathered on this
day to celebrate the birth of tho God
man. It is not until a century after
the timo of Commodus that wo find a
particular reference to tho persecutions
that tho Christians underwent at the
hands of the pagan emperors, culminat
ing in a Christmas day massacre.
When Rome was no longer a pagan
state tho feast began to be celebrated
inHCJhristian stylo, nnd those who ob
served tho birth of Christ In those days
did so In widely separated countries
and frequently at widely different pe
riods of time and according to no sot
program. The ancients agreed on one
thing, however that the festival com
memorating the birth of Christ should
he the most magnificent of tho year.
In some cases It was kept up for days.
The Citizen for 1914 will
better than ever.
We otter One Hundred Dollar?
Reward for any case of Catarrh that
cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh
Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned, have Known
F. J. Cheney for the last 15 years,
and believe him perfectly honorable
in all business transactions and fi
nancially able to carry out any ob
ligations made by his firm.
Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken In
ternally, acting directly upon the
blood and mucous surfaces of the
system. Testimonial1) sent free.
Price 75 cents per bottle. Sold by
all Druggsta,
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
Make this Christmas her
Happiest !
Surprise Her With u Gift Tliat Car
ries the Christmns Spirit Into
Every Day of the Year.
Think of the long, tedious hours
your wife,- mother or sister spends in
sweeping brushing dusting. Put
yourself in her place. Consider the
pleasure your gift of a light, com
pact, inexpensive Frantz Premier will
Electric Suction Cleaner
Does away with dust-scattering
brooms, brushes, dusters and dust
pans. Makes rug beating unneces
sary. Can be carried anywhere In
one hand. Won't fatigue a child.
Demonstration in Your Dwn Home FREE
Electric Irons, $2.00, $2.75 and $3.50
Electric Toasters, $3.00
Electric Toaster-Stove, $3.50
102 Seventh Street
Honesdalleg Pa.
The leading Financial Institution of Wayne County
We lead In SURPLUS and UNDIVIDED PROFITS 372,862.00'
We lead in TOTAL CAPITALIZATION 572.862.00'
We lead in Deposits 2,463,348.60'
We lead in TOTAL RESOURCES 3,040,099.22
This year completes the FORTY FIRST since the founding of the
MANY BANKS have come and gone during that period.
PATRONIZE one that has withstood the TEST of TIME.
W. B. HOLMES, President H. S. SALMON, Cashier
A. T. SBARLE, Vice-President W. J. WARD, Asst. Cashier.
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