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ants, For Sale, Be.
TELEPHONE your Watt "Adver
tisements Tor thla ' department.
Use either phone. Call 157 on the
Bell and 101 on the Consolidated.
" Talk, don't vralkl"
Art vorttamnfn nnrt rAi11nr notices of
Lll lllUUEf UIUUCU 111 IUID LUIUI1IH 1 ' . "
n lrUMl 1 l J I ILL Ll CILULD If L U U V. . .
n this column, cash or stamps must ac
mmDanv the order.
' linirnnv ITnrlirht Piano, worth 1300
or Booa anvinK noisv; iur iun
urn mlilrpsa P. O. Box S28. Scranton, l'a.
ANTED AT ONCE Day telephone
r nneminr Annlv nnnsnlidated Tele-
. .. T,. mrttt
ABOUHETS at Brown's Furniture
Store. 0Sel6t
TOCK FOIt SALE 2 cows 2 yearl-
lanuarv 3. & caives; uisu kuuu,
- 1 I- . ,nfUl 11 AlrttlMOtl-
NGINE FOB SALE-10 II. P., second
i,n mi TTnrluht steam Entitle, in ex-
Furnlturo store. vxwi.
IVE TEAMS WANTED to haul lum
hpr to Ariel. Lone Pond Mill, Lake-
Brown s l' Urnuure store. iraeioi
ILL bo In Honesdalo week of Deccm-
Wayne, sam. o. uu, nuu j.uu.-i.
Brown's Furniture Store. ySeiCt
fj AVE vour' Christmas pnoioBrupna
taken soon. Our display ot framed
pictures Is Immense. Boule s stuaio. sueis
MBBELLA BACKS at Brown's Fur
nlturo Store. !)Sel6t
FURS Richest prices pam ior uii
kinds of raw furs by Isbell of Seely-
t.. CIO n to
OR SALE 1 Base Burner Coal Stove;
rill Ctnim Tnntil ra a t TCliantHn
niture Store. useiut
M T TfRr T.Y nrnnnrtv nn WPSf Street
- lui oaiu. muuci il in n
. - tii r nwl T ...,.. - nr iIiii--IT A
ll f 1 ifnnWn In nit nnnnint.
iTlUJO fO,lW. III4UIID Wl .UMj-y
IInI.,lnln lln R9eitf
OR RENT A sulto of rooms on Park
street. Inquire of Dr. Powell. SGtf
ALL TREES at Brown's Furniture
Store. USeiiit
OOKLETS for advertising purposes
FOR bent one seven-room nouso
with imnrovements. 010 River street.
Jacob Demer, Church street. 3eitf.
a ll KINU or standard Articles
Brown'B Furniture Store.
ATW T7TT T .vono tjo nntlnau nn
ninth, arid nrlntlntr of all kinds Tor
the farmer is made a specialty at The
Citizen printery.
FOR SALE Brick house and lot 50x150,,
1321 East street, known as ICenner
property. See Searle & Salmon. 81eitf
LACKING BOXES at Brown's Furni
ture Store. USeiOt
HAVE you' a house you want to rent,
or a farm vou want to sell? Tell
S '
our readers all about It let the little ad
let yell.
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Brown's Furniture Store. 8Sei6t
SPECIALIST In Shopping for the ex
clusive, new and original; for Gifts,
Personal or Household use. Christmas
orders taken now. Address Grace
Clark, 41 West 22nd Street, Now York
City. EOeitf.
CREENS at Brown's Furniture Store.
WHAT'S the use of fret and worry over
senseless cares and strife? Use
these ad lets In a hurry, let them smooth
your path of life.
FOR RENT Top floor of Foster build
ing opposite Union station, Suitable
for lodge rooms. Apply George Foster.
ARD TABLES at Brown's Furniture
' Store. OSeiCt
ing 6 per cent, interest on two prop
erties In Honesdale. Owing to the death
nf hnlripr nf mrtrtcrntrn It wnn ninrprt with
the Buy-U-A-Home Realty Company,
Honesdale, Pa., for disposition. 7Stf
EDICINE Cabinets at Brown's Furni
ture Store. oseiet.
4 1-2 x 14 Inches. Dractlcally as
good as now, for sale cheap. Address for
particulars, Lock Box GS, Honesdale.
USIC CABINETS at Brown's Furni
ture Store. OSeiet
ALL popular sheet music 10c copy. By
mall 11 cents. F. A. Jenkins' Music
House. 83eltf
ONE CENT a word is the price for
these little adlets, and they are busi
ness brlngers. They "work while you
Good condition, used only a month.
No. 5 model. Bargain for quick buyer.
Address F, Citizen office, Honesdale, Pa.
Honesdale and
Greater Honesdale
Born, to Mr, and Mrs. Thomas
Gibbons, West street, a daughter, on
Thursday last.
A D. & H. section Kane; laid a
piece ot road in the yard on Sunday,
connecting two spur tracks.
The Gurney Electric Elevator
company will start its mechanical
department on Wednesday. During
tho past two weeks an inventory
has been takon.
To every (subscriber of Tho Citi
zen whd pays all arrearages and one
year in advance will be given FIIEE
a copy or Dr. Frederick A. Cook's
book, "My Attainment of tho Pole."
A nice fall of snow would en
liven business. Merchants and farm
ers say that more business would be
transacted and a greater number of
farmers would come to town If there
wero sleighing.
If you know of a wedding, par
ty, accident or other item of interest
that would interest your neighbors,
telephone it to Tho Citizen office.
Wo have both the Boll and Consoli
dated 'phones. The management
wishes to express its appreciation to
tho number of thoughtful patrons
who upon former occasions have not
forgotten The Citizen when any
thing of Importance has occurred.
The Whatsoever Clrclo of the
Methodist church netted about $100
from the oyster supper given In tho
parlors last -Thursday evening.
A large force of laborers remov
ed several loads of ashes from tho
Delaware & Hudson pit on Sunday.
The ashes were dumped along the
To every subscriber of Tho Citi
zen who pnys all arrearages and one
year in ndvnnco will bo given FREE
a copy of Dr. Frederick A. Cook's
book, "My Attainment of the Pole."
William II. Itlclimond, of Rich
mond Hill, Scranton, sailed from
New York Saturday on tho steamer
Havana, of the Ward lino, for Car
denas, Cuba where he will spend
tho winter months. Scranton Times.
A. A. Oehlert, practical jeweler
and optician in Rowland's, has pur
chased of F. J. Tolley the property on
the corner ot East and Seventeenth
streets. Consideration private. The
sale was made through tlTo Buy-U'A-Homo
Realty Company.
-At a meeting of the Young Men's
Guild of St John's Evangelical
church last Thursday evening, nomi
nations to fill the offices of the so
ciety for the coming year were in or
der. A social session was held after
the order of business was transacted.
Rev. C. C. Miller talked to the young
Dozens of applications for plac
ing of woodlands under State auxil
iary forest laws and for leasing of
permanent camp sites in State re
serves was considered by the Fores
try Commission Friday. These are
the first lists under the acts of 1913
and much Interest is being shown in
The following prizes at the Pitts
ton poultry show, were captured by
local fanciers: Best bird in Dutch
class, Silver Campine pullet, F. W.
Schuerholz, Honesdale; Columbian
Plymouth Rocks, Mrs. G. W. Swartz,
Ariel; 1st cock, 1st hen, 1st cockerel,
1st pullet; Silver Camplnes, F. W.
Schuerholz, 1st, 3rd and 4th cocker
el, 1st, 3rd and 4th pullet. Mr.
Schuerholz and E. A. Lindsay attend
ed the show..
The Young Men's Baraca class
of the Baptist Sunday school were
entertained at tho home of Earl D.
Mitchell Thursday evening of last
week. A social and business meet
ing was held besides an election of
officers. Earl Mitchell was re-elected
president of the class and Maurice
Jones treasurer. Orville Welsh was
elected secretary. A committee was
appointed to draft a set of by-laws
and a constitution.
In the face of the fact that
agents of the Department of Justice
are in Pittsburg to investigate tho
cause of the high price of eggs,
quotations for "selected eggs," as
the Pittsburg Butter and Egg Ex
change terms them, wero advanced
Friday last from 45 and 4C cents to
50 and 52 cents a dozen. Dealers
declare this is because eggs, to bear
the name of "selects," must not bo
more than a week old.
Tho Pennsylvania railroad last
week Indefinitely suspended between
400 and 500 men in its shops at Al
toona and the hours of work were
reduced in two of the plants. Em
ployes of tho machine shops, who
have formerly worked 5'5 hours a
week, will go on 40 hours for days of
10 hours each. About 5,000 men
are affected. In the car shops, em
ploying 3,000 men tho same hours
will be in vogue. It is customary at
this season of the year, with less
hours of daylight to ( reduce the
forces in most all railroad shops.
Rov. Ernest Nash and family,
who havo made their homo at War
ren Benton's at White Sulphur
Springs for the past few years, set
sail Thursday afternoon in a prairie
schooner for Mexico. Mr. Nash ex
pects to make the drive there within
a few months, allowing plenty of
time for stops on tho way to do mis
sionary work. After arriving there,
Mr. and Mrs. Nash expect to continue
their work among tho Mexicans and
native Indians. In the prairie
schooner are sufficient utensils and
household goods to enable the mis
sionaries to encamp and live com
fortably wherever they stop.
Over a dozen persons arrested
recently in the crusade of the De
partment of Fisheries against those
responsible for pollution of streams
along the AVest Branch of the Sus
quehanna and the Sinnemahoning
liavo asked for extension of time to
install disposal plants. The persons
arrested, it Is stated at the depart
ment, had defied tho efforts of the
fish wardens to stop pollution, ibut
lately evidences of a general move
ment to get togqther on plans turned
up. Tho State authorities will grant
brief extensions, but will not allow
any further concessions. The dis
posal works must bo put in, declares
Commissioner N. R. Buller.
Tho county of Union, consider
ing its small population. Is believed
to lead all other counties in Pennsyl
vania in tho number of resident
hunters' licenses Issued. The voters
of Union, according to the assessors
list number 4,504 and County Treas
urer Bealo Informed Dr. B. H. War
ren of the Everhart Museum, that
up to 'November 29th, inclusive, he
had issued 1,232 one dollar licenses
and ono ten dollar non-resident li
cense. Besides thla large amount of
licensed hunters there are said to be
quite a number of farmers and oth
ers, who hunt on their own and ad
joining lands in Union county, and
they, of course, do not have to take
out the resident license.
Tho suit for recovery of ?145,
000 in fines and penalties from tho
borough of Coudersport for failure to
erect a disposal plant for its sewage
and for tho extension of sowers in do
flance of State decrees is likely to be
followed by several other actions
against municipalities which .have
paid no attention to the orders from
the Governor, Attorney General and
Commissioner of Health to Install
sewage disposal plants. In the
Coudersport case the fines are com
puted from 1905 and form tho largest
sum over demanded from any town
in the series of suits brought b? tho
Commonwealth. In these actions the
Stato has won every time. Hones
dale needs a better system of sewage
Saturday was a good business
day for the merchants. Tho advan
tage of early shopping is something
every person ought to avail himself
of. Tho stock to select from will
not only be more complete, but tho
purchaser will have more time to se
lect his or her gifts. Patronize Citi
zen advertisers.
Mrs. Fredewald delighted a large
number of her regular patrons at tho
high school auditorium Saturday af
ternoon by her rendition of ono of
the works of George Meredith
"Richard Fcverel." The reading
was excellent. Mrs. Fredewald will
not visit Honesdale again until Jan.
10, when she will read again from
tho works of George Deredlth, tak
ing at this tlmo his popular work,
"The Shaving of Shagpat"
Tho newest idea in one-piece dres
ses at Menner & Co. Velvet, Ratine
and Messallne. 9Gt4
Neal Hiller of Plymouth, spent
Sunday at his Home here.
Mrs. W. M. Klenck and daughter
of White Mills were callers in town
on Monday.
Postoffice Inspector John N.
Sharpsteen spent Sunday with his
family hero,,
Miss Harriet Hambly has secured
a position as bookkeeper, with S. E.
Morrison, the plumber.
John E. Richmond spent last Fri
day with his brother, William H.
Richmond, who has sailed with his
family to Cuba.
Mrs. C. Emery, of Scranton, re
turned Monday after spending Sun
day with her son, C. A. Emery and
family on West street.
Mr. and Mrs. Lafayette W. Nel
son, of Siko, left on Monday morn
ing's Delaware & Hudson train for
Reading, where they will attend
State Grange sessions.
I. B. Brown returned last Friday
from Philadelphia, where he attend
ed a meeting of the Grand Lodge,
Free and Accepted Masons. Mr.
Brown represented Honesdale Lodge
No. 218.
Superintendent Richard Dusin
berre, division manager of the Con
solidated Telephone company, return
ed last Friday from attending a
meeting of the officers and division
managers in Hazleton, which was
held on Thursday, December 4. The
Consolidated Telephone company,
which is now under- new manage
ment, will be placed in Al condition.
Entire new equipment will be In
stalled, making both the local and
toll departments first-class.
The annual election of officers of
James Ham Post, G. A. R., was held
at a meeting last Friday evening.
Nearly all tho old veterans were
present at the meeting. The elec
tion resulted as follows: Graham
Watts commander; E. J. Cook, sen
ior vice-commander; Peter Collum,
junior vice-commander; Isaac Ball,
chaplain; W. W. Wood, quartermas
ter; Dr. Robert Brady, office;- of tho
day; Michael Webber, officer of tho
guard; Henry Parish, outside guard.
Arrangements were made to .or
ganize at the, next meeting of the
Post, an old veterans' choir to sing
the old war songs to make the In
stallation of the new officers of great
Rev. Walter Walker, pastor of the
White Mills Methodist church, was
presented with a solid gold watch
and chain by tho Ladies' Aid society
of the church last Saturday evening.
The gift was in honor of the pastor's
untiring work in getting the new
basement of the church completed In
so short a time. There is now new
concrete walls, floor and steps, all
improvements having been made dur
ing the past few months. A new fur
nace has also been installed. A
chicken pie supper was served and
a neat sum was realized.
Those to attend from Honesdalo
were Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Ham, Mr.
and Mrs. E. P. Varcoe and Henry
The school board of the Indepen
dent district of Seelyvllle at their
last regular meeting reduced the in
debtedness ?500. This is exceed
ingly good news for the taxpayers to
receive. It also speaks volumes for
the careful and economical m.tnner
in which the school affairs are being
managed by Its efficient school
board. Tho board is composed of H.
A. Dunkelberg, president; Wnlter
Stocks, secretary; Edward Welch
treasurer, A. W. Eno and C. A!
The debt on the district Is now
only $1,500.
Delegates to tho National Guard
convention to be held in Philadelphia
on December 12 and 13 wero eleoted
last Friday evening in Scranton.
Thoso who will attend are Colonel
F. W. Stillwell, Lieutenant" Colonel
Ezra II. Ripple, Major W. A. Raub,
Major R. J. Bourko, Major W. A.
Keller, Captain R. M. Vail, Captain
E. J. Wellner, Captain C. D. Smith,
Captain R. R. Gregory, Captain C.
J. Kelley of Honesdale; Captain F.
M. Godley, of Easton, and Captain
George A. Dunning, of Stroudsburg.
The pupils of tho Seelyvllle school
held a box social in the building last
Friday evening. About $25 was
realized which will be used In pur
chasing a new dictionary for tho
school and getting uniforms for the
basket ball team. A very pleasant
evening was enjoyed. There we're
a number of White Mills young peo
ple present. Thoy also furnished
music for tho occasion.
It probably has not been con
venient for you to pny your subscrin
lion to Tho Citizen. Wo'liavo ar
ranged to help you pay it by giving
you gratis copy of Dr. Cook's "At
tainment of tho Polo." lly paying
all arrearages and 91.50 for n year In
advance, Tho Citizen will fonvnrd
the book to you prepaid.
Says Dennis Served on Election
I ....... .1 T ..... .. I.!, . l L '
visors Appointee. ask new uunr
dians for Mrs. Springenbcrg, Per
son of Feeble Mind.
Judgo A. T. Searle presided at a
special session of motion court held
tn 4l.ii Hi n I .i nnn.l n n ... II . .1 n n
ill uiu lliuill V.UU1 I. 1 I'lllllUllJ' i
morning, beginning at 10 o'clock. A I
recess was taken at 11 to convene I
again at 2 o'clock in the chambers '
on account of the fact that the an
nual farmers' institute 'began their
two days' session Monday afternoon.
Court was adjourned until Tuesday
morning, December 1C, at 10 o'clock.
Alias Subpoenas Awarded.
Alias subpoenas wero awarded In
the divorce proceedings of Christian
Forestor, llbellant, against Lizzie
Merwln Forester; Sarah E. Ruppel,
by her next friend, Jacob Keller, ll
bellant, against Carl Ruppel; H. C.
Noble', llbellant, against Anna M. No
ble. The Court appointed M. E. Simons
to act as master and hear the evi
dence in the divorce proceedings of
Grace M. French, llbellant, vs. Frank
T. French.
James L. Bush as llbellant in a di
vorce action filed against his wife',
Ora M. Bush, on July 7, 1910, and
subpoena awarded in August, asked
for the issuance of an alias sub
poena, stating that no return of the
service had been made In (the three
years. A rule was granted to strike
the discontinuance from the record
and made returnable next term of
Poor Directors Appointed.
Clifford C. Gray was appointed to
fill the vacancy in the board of poor
directors for the district of Texas and
Honesdale; his term to commence on
the second Monday of January.
The term of Thomas Gill, of
White Mills, for poor director ex
pires on tho second Monday in Janu
ary. He was re-appolntcd for an
other term.
Ask That Deed be Annulled.
A'petltion was filed on September
15 by Frances M. Turrentine and
Cora Nelson Turrentine asking that a
rule be granted to show cause why a
certain deed to William M. Nelson
should not. be declared void.
Ask Court's Decision Election.
Clare Yale, of Lebanon, through
hi3 attorneys, Searle & Salmon, made
application to the Court Monday
morning foi the determination of ths
election of supervisors in Lebanon
township at the November election.
The candidates were Loren Gager,
Ray Dennis and Clare Yale. The ap
plication sets forth that Ray Dennis
was on the election board, serving
in the capacity of inspector and that
he assisted in computing the vote.
It states that Dennis received the
highest number of votes and that
Clara Yale received the second high
est number. The application asks
that tho Court make a decision in tho
case and declare whether or not the
election of Ray Dennis was legal.
Judge Searle granted a rule on Ray
Dennis to show cause why Clare
Yale should not be declared elected.
It is made returnable December 1C.
It is likely that the office will be de
clared vacant and an appointment
Supervisors Appointed.
Ralph W. Bush was appointed su
pervisor for Damascus township to
fill the vacancy caused by the resig
nation of John J. Swendson.
John Sporer appointed supervisor
of Cherry Ridge township to fill va
cancy. At the November election two
candidates, D. C. Elliott and John
Sporer each received 54 votes for the
office and there was only ono to be
elected. A petition was presented
for the appointment of Sporer.
Ask New Guardians.
Searle & Salmon, attorneys for
John W. Decker, petitioned the court
Monday to have the guardianship of
Frank S. Decker and Carrie E. Bris
tol Tevoked. The petition alleged
that they were appointed guar
dians of their mother on March
1, 1913, under a bond of $1500 and
that on the date of the approval of
the bond Frank Decker took Mrs.
Rebecca Spangenberg to his home in
Lackawanna county. He later, the
petition said, took a sum of money
from the First National Bank of
Ca'rbondale belonging to her. On
November ho absconded from his
home In Lackawanna county and
Mrs. Spangenberg was taken In
charge by the poor directors of Lack
awanna county and placed in Hill
side Homo. Carrie B. Bristol, the
other guardian being a non-resident
is to be notified before action is tak
en In tho case.
A rule was granted upon the
guardians by Judge Searle to show
cause why their appointment should
not bo revoked.
Other Court Notes.
Letters of'" administration were
granted in the estate of Lawrence
Shermer. No evidence having been
shown that he was alive and the no
tice having been published in the
newspapers of the county, Register
of Wills was directed to grant tho
In the matter of the salo of real
estate ot Rusllla L. Jones, lato of
Lake townsliip, deceased, ordered
that description of said real estate
be amended as prayed for.
Petition for a rule on the school
directors of Canaan township to show
cause why they should not open a
school in Farview district and rule
thereon was to be argued Monday.
Answer filed. Continued until De
cember 10,
L. W. LIghty, of East Berlin, one
of the agricultural instructors
scheduled to speak at tho farmers'
institute, was unable to be present
and made arrangements with Wells
W, Cook, of the Agricultural Depart
ment of Washington, D. C, who will
address the farmers In tho different
Christmas Gifts
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