The citizen. (Honesdale, Pa.) 1908-1914, August 26, 1913, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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Treasury to Deny Aid to All
Taking Risky Loans.
Comptroller of Currency Will Then
Know Which Banks Buy Stocks and
Which Really Aim to Meet Needs of
Their Sections No Share In $50,000,
000 Loan For Former.
An important innovation lias Just
partmcnt at Washington to enlarge its
control of tlio national banks of the
The immediate effect of the change
will be that institutions which borrow
r iiiiiii niiMMv nr Kiim II 11 ni mir-
u;s win uu ut'uiuu unv ikjiliuii ui uju
i amount -will go to institutions that
omnnrtH nf fhn nimcuittirni wennns.
This policy of tho treasury dopart-
pne nm II IlTWlllIlfWl V IWI1 JVI'IIIILT
Mi.,IU. A 1 . f.. ... ...... T. .. .. l..
1IJI1 111 IU1LIUUU1 LKllllwH 11L LUI UllHt! Ul
iiisinpss nun imv fnriv iiim iimitiiji iikic
ii minim iiimjiiiihi iiiiiiriiuii.Hin ill nil
idio in ume ior uic uisiriuuuon oi uie
ion wiiu siecniaiive oiierauoiis or are
'iinimiT I irni wits iiiiii iiiiikii wiiii'ii I'
oitvnr Tfi roiiixrn nnnrwini srr.nn Tvnnr-
To Provide For Future Loans.
Information of this character, it was
innuunceu, win now reguiariy do ou-
iiiiii'ii iiv nil (tiiiiii n.iiiii!r in 1 1 1 i;ur-
'11 lll.Ullfc 111.., UI1U1I tlllllb ockiium u
IK I'liiuiirv urn in iiimmi ill iniiiii iiiiiii I
lrcuiauon nt various periods or tne
nnr Flila Innnr'ntlnn la tn tin.
umrumit!r ni tirnnr nmr.ori.'ii cii:munN
n run riiiir:i!nr nr liiifiriimiifiii mi.
ianks -will bo required in future to f ur-
1NI1 Lllf LTI1V llIllllHIIl..
Acting Comptroller JCano's statement
eads in part:
All banks havo been requested to send
on special forms furnished for that
IV.A. win.. TVi n r, nnr fnmi will onnh n
nship, Car, what banks accommodate
i addition, should also enable tho comp-
uiiv, iiiu.u vam iu uaii;tiuiii
anks borrow tn order to meet legitimate
Iscounts and varying conditions and
hat banks should bo listed as chronic
orrowers that is, thoso which borrow to
lnnn !n normal times.
Create Good Banking Conditions.
Tho treasury department, it was
aid, wants to single out tho instltu-
o t'hat -it will bo in a position to do
line them special deposits of the gov
rnment to relievo stringency and
L11U UIUIIUJ tStlllllCl HU1I.U
re sending currency to districts where
is needed. In addition, it was add-
lero where banks nro badly over
mned and tho government wants to
nearth that condition In the interest
f good banking,
The information collected probably
111 Vin nT7niInhb n rnnrrross fnr iisn in
lg the pending currency bill so that
inl.-a mm lin nonnittod tn Irppn n still.
antiai propornon or tneir reserves
Itli correspondents, as is dono under
n lll'iaSPIlT SVSII'TIl.
l . i 1 1 1 1 1 .1 uuemm nil u 1 1 1 i invu uvan
come the Poison.
Drs. Frank L. Jlooro and C. O.
J T 1 , 1 i Of Tniiln 1. ...... mnA n .11:-
I 1.1 X 1 11(1 L lAULUISUa IU 1UU 1J I V 1 1 1 1 "
jo ui jiieivury 01 iiu luirur uiiu uiu
ivo tho way for curing 00,000 men
ho each year in tho Unitod States
Tho physicians haw found, it is stat
1, that tho action of bichloride of
ercury con bo arrested after its quick
ci)i tl ii Hrtti tiTT li1t n ti I itinf 1 1 i
ilson probably can bo dissembled and
ten eliminated In a different form.
An attempt was mado to force out
if iiii'mi rv iittiii 11 fiii. in 1.1 ui Mil nit
ay that electroplating is dono. The
St f'xnorimont with tho electric bath
oved a disappointment. The copper
as not "electroplated" with mercury,
it tho discovery which physicians
id searched for in vain was made.
lit I 1 ! I irixx V XUllUMU UU1U UIUU uiu
dncys within flvo or six hours. From
ght to ten volts wero -used. Other
, j i ..i i. ..
in v I n 1 iiuuluu BlllllUXliy UIIU LllU
suits wero tbo same. It was found
at a second shock proved fatal.
Anti-cholera Serum Found.
ur institute of Paris, has announced
tho French Academy of Science his
icovery of an anti-cholera scrum, no
id monkeys Infected with cholera
a Deen penecuy curoa uy inocuiu-
Was the topic chosen by Mr. S. B.
Elliott, of the 'Pennsylvania Forestry
Reservation Commission, who spoko
as the guest of the Lumbermen's
Exchange of tho City of Philadelphia.
The address excerpted below was
embellished by numerous lantern
" Wlillo growing trees for econo
mic purposes Is a widely separated
undertaking from that of harvesting
and converting them Into the various
and well-known " forest products,"
thero Is still such a relation between
them that the line of demarcation Is
dim and uncertain; hence It seems
necessary that not 'only those engag
ed In each of these undertakings, but
the general public also, should havo
an accurate understanding of the
alms and labors oi each.
" The most important feature of
economic forestry is to produce suit
able trees which, when properly pre
pared by the lumberman, will furnish
such necessary commodities as tim
ber, boards, planks, etc. But fores
try has other significant features,
such as beautifying the landscape,
furnishing places for rest, recreation
and health, providing homes for
birds and other harmless wild ani
mals, preventing erosion of the soil,
and bringing about an equable flow
Of springs and streams all import
ant features but all subordinate In
Importance to the primal one of pro
ducing forest products so absolutely
necessary for our civilization and
national prosperity.
" Although the forester may not
dispose of his product he still may
be able to carry on such work as will
bring forth the lesser benefits nam
ed, but the lumbermen cannot do
anything unless the forester provides
him with trees; and this is true
whether nature or man is the fores
ter. He must have trees as the
basis of his business or he will find
his "occupation gone." Hence, in
these features, there is a close asso
ciation in fact and thero should be In
sympathy and effort. The lumber
man can have no better friend than
the forester should be, and the
forester no more worthy ally than
the lumberman. Each should know
and appreciate the other's needs.
When It Is known that all but one
tenth of 1 per cent, of the lumber
manufactured In the sawmills of the
United States was cut from thirty
one species of trees, and that SC. 9
per cent, of the total was from ten
species only of which the various
species of pine furnished 50.2 per
cent. it Is clear that the forester
should not go after " strange gods"
and endeavor totproduce species not
demanded, but give the lumberman,
and consumer such as they most
" In all this, and more, there
should be a close and intimate un
derstanding and co-operation, and
it is gratifying to know that such un
derstanding and co-operation is on a
rapid Increase. The illogical view
held by some in the early history of
the forestry movement, that the trees
of the forest are too sacred to have
the " profane hands " of the lum
berman laid upon them no longer
prevails, and all intelligent advo
cates of forestry must see that as
soon as the trees are mature they
should be cut down and used and
now ones planted in their places.
The forests should bo for use and the
lumberman should uso them, but he
should uso them wisely.
"Thus it will be seen that tho
forester and the lumberman should
be, and I trust are, in accord; and if
so tho future is full of promise; and
this alliance Is more gratifying from
the fact that wo are fast approaching
a timber famine in this country, and
the price of lumber in the market
will, ere long, be the cost of produc
tion from seed planted, plus a rea
sonable profit, just as prevails with
wheat, oats, corn, or any other cro'p
of the soil. That day is inevitable,
and not far distant, and tho alliance
of the forester and lumberman will
do much to lessen the famine's sev
erity. Our virgin forests will soon bo
exhausted and we can go to no other
country for a supply, and we must
depend upon such forests as we may
be able to produce, just as Germany,
France, Switzerland and some other
European countries now do In part,
and must fully do when their for
eign supply is gone.
" While I do not approve of all
. '-y "
that the lumber manufacturer and
dealer have done In tho past, or are
doing now, I do not, on the other
hand, condemn them for all their
acts. To charge that the lumber
manufacturer of the past has been
guilty of great waste, and that the
dealer has made little or no progress
in disposing of any but the best pro
ducts of tho forest, does not take In
to consideration the conditions
which surrounded them. They man
ufactured and disposed of everything
that they could without a loss4, and
who will claim that they should have
done more? If we search out the
really guilty party we will find that
the consumer controlled in the mat
ter. My greatest criticism of the
lumberman Is that he did not, nor Is
he now doing anything to perpetuate
the forests. Therein lies his greatest
fault, and it Is " a grievous one."
Silt skirts are on display by the
dozens. These vary from skirts slit
a few inches to those slit above the
knee. Underskirts and lacey some
things that fill the gap are flesh
tinted. In fact flesh colorings pre
dominate on the Orchestra hall
The live model display will be di
vided Into three sections to-night
the bathing suit section, tho street
costume section, and the ball room
gown section.
do Is to put your clothes on again.
But no one can foreseo when that
happy hour of sanity will be with us.
There are no signs of It at present.
But it says a great deal for the
length of road we havo traveled
that tho old-fashioned people (per
haps thero aro none left) have not
lifted up their voices in the press
to rebuko a generation which would
have made their fathers gasp and
stare and presently resort to prayer
to avert a thunderbolt.
Lifting That Cup.
Still most of us aro willing to bet
that Shamrock VI. will bo second.
hartford Times.
Sir Thomas Llpton says he Is .sure of
un oven race. Of course, ho means ail
even start. Washington Post.
The big yacht race Is far enough
ahead to allow Sir Thomas over a year
in which to enjoy the pleasures of
hop 9. Washington Star.
British Briefs.
There is in Great Britain a union of
office workers with a membership ap
proximating 14,000.
The British postoflico savings bauk
has more than 12,000,000 accounts, one
fourth being inactive.
English mistresses who can afford it
aro employing men instead of women
for housework, as they And them more
Designer and Man
ufacturer of
Office and Works
1036 MAIN ST.
If You Rend the Following You Will
l!o Shocked, lor It Tells Much
About tho Fashionable Fnd of
Dressing Oil' in These Days of Di
vot'co and Depravity.
Chicago, Aug. 23. They're strik
ing off the shackles of the Paris
fashion creators at the big National
Garment Makers' display opening
hero to-day, and in the words of a
horrified male reporter, who viewed
the preliminary exhibit:
" They're striking off everything
It's the most daring exhibit in the
history of the Garment Workers' an
nual displays, according to leading
modistes. The keynote is " back to
nature " and the backward move
ment is accomplished by mighty
Bathing suits in flesh colors, slit
skirts with silts that reach and
reach, and ball room gowns that aro
visions of nothing at all, were placed
on display and will be doned by
real, live models who will parado
to-night on the orchestra hall stage
but solely for the benefit and in
struction of the garment makers.
Tho " Buster Brown " bathing
suit, it was universally admitted,
caps the climax of the garment mak
ers' creations. Modistes who saw
It to-day declared that after one
plunge in tho surf the wearer would
resemble nothing so much as the
famous " September Morn,"
The " Buster Brown " on display
was made of flesh-tinted silk. Tho
bodice is sleeveless and cut entirely
too low for Chicago police regula
tions. There Is no skirt. The bloomers
the " Buster Brown " Is the pair
of of indiscretion and they don't
pretend to cover the knees. From
tho bottoms of the bloomers to the
tops of tho stockings there is noth
ing at all and the real startling
feature of the " Buster Brown ' is
the pair of white silk half-hose thnt
go with it.'
Porous Plaster Wnlsts Disapproved
By Firm.
New Britain, Conn., Aug. 23.
Yesterday was pay day for the twen
ty stenographers In the offices of
Landers, Fray & Clark, hardware
manufacturers, and in the pay en
velope of each employe was a neatly
worded note calling attention to the
fact that the management " disap
proves of slashed, slit and shadow
skirts and porous plaster waists."
The girls were shocked, as they
havo enjoyed the reputation of be
ing the first In New Britain to wear
the latest things from Broadway.
They knew wnat was meant by
slashed, slit and shadow skirts, but
when they Inquired about porous
plaster waists they were informed
that those are the kind that fit as
tightly as a plaster and are so por
ous that there Is hardly sufficient ma
terial to hold the holes together.
Town Topics.
Amazing! The police have actually
blscovered that there is gambling In
imr city. Chicago Record-Herald.
Ntw York is to have the largest
courthouse and tho largest church In
the world. Every city is the best
Judge of its own needs. Omnha Bee.
Whether It is a thing to boast of or
aot wo won't pretend to say, but we
believe It to bo a fact that Bolivar
has fewer red headed girls than any
town on the face of the globo -
THE TOWER HOTEL is located
directly opposite the Falls. Rates
are reasonable. 19eoily
Before you start on your va
cation see that you are supplied
with some Neura Powders for
Headache, io and 25 cents.
Sold everywhere.
Tho Mania for Undressing.
(From The London Times.)
What is patent to the least obser
vant nowadays is that women wear
almost nothing under their gowns,
even in the daytime. Petticoats went
'some time back and wero replaced
by tights or not replaced at all.
The stockings are of such diaphan
ous silk as to embarrass the beholder
who sees, even in the street, so much
of them, 'and they are not covered
by any but court shoes.
So much for tho foundation. Over
this Is worn a flimsy sheath of half
transparent material, cut almost as
low by day as by night, arid with
such slashings and liftings in the
skirt as may fully display the leg
half way to the knee and which show
every movement, of tho limbs al
most of the muscles.
A story has been going the round
of Paris in which it is told that an
Englishwoman was offered a dress
with tho following inducement to
tempt her: " Madame will be satis
fled with this robe, for by putting a
pink ribbon underneath, Madame
will appear completely nude." As
If that were the absolute ambition
of every woman for the moment'
Certainly thero is an orgy of un
dressing going on and it shows no
signs of abating. And what is to
be tho end? It Is difficult to see;
but obviously, when you have gone
on undressing for a certain time,
you como to the end of what there
Is to take off, and the only thing to
The use of hose for sprinkling is abso
lutely prohibited, except between the hours
of 6 and 8 a. m. and 6 and 8 p. m.
HoUesdaBe Con. Wafer1 Co.
"New Way
Air-Cooled Gasoline
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No weather too cold.
No weather too hot.
Less Gasoline. IVIore Power.
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order right now.
Better times coming; help it nlong.
For sale at bargain prices: Auto Car Runabout, Liberty Brush
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Get in the swim and own n car.
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