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ne Koot
of Evil
art, southern lawyer In Now Torlt, Is
vo with Kan Primrose Hla friend,
woodman, who has a young daugh-
13 threatened with tho loss of his
business by Dlvons. whom he be-
dod years before. Stuart visits th
n wants Etuan to aoecDt a niaoo witn
methods and refuses. Blvcns ca
i the oner, and Nan breaks her en
ment with tho lawyer. Blvcns asks
dman to enter tho trust.
nd Nan are engaged. Harriot Wood
Is studying music. Stuart takes Nan
1 day In tho country.
tart pleads with Nan to glvo up Blv
but tho spell of millions Is on her and
yields to It.
3 Btuart, but ho does nut know St
) pass. Stuart becomes district
rasry. Ho investigates criminal trusts.
eks him to call.
aart wants Woodman to end his suit
nst Blvcns, but tlio doctor stands
Blvens aids Stuart In his Investi-
on of crooked financiers.
iiart s revelations ala In bringing on a
s. Blvcns tiromlses to aid the Van
t Trust company, which Is In trouble,
id man needs money badly.
the stock market slump engineered
Blvens, Woodman and many others
oil. Tho trust company falls because
;ns, at command of tho monoy king,
ilts his word. Stuart faces his critics
ront of Blvens'' bunk.
le moD aitocKB stuart ana injures mm
Blvens piles $90,00O,0CO on a tabla
calls Stuart to see tho money to ro-
rumors ox nis imunciar wuaKiioss.
uart la temotod to ioln Blvens as his
fldentlal man. Ho accepts on lnvlta-
to visit tho Blvens house and Is re
ed by Nan.
a meeting of tho discontented, at
ch Blvens Is denounced, a bomb
odman decides to continue his fight
Inn Tllvpnn
n vain, und tho lawyer refusce to Join
tho millionaire's plans. Woodman
ids guilty and Stuart, who has re-
pii iif n 1 hi run iiirirnnv. imronnfl mm.
his Insistence. Stuart accompanies
A Ploa For Justice.
TUAItT was not surprised to re-
celvo notice from Blvcns' law
yers that they "would demand
sentence on Woodman within
o days. Tho financier was present
Hi 1 iit n-ant Iottiti rr r- Dtnlllnir.
assured him that ho need havo no
r ns rn rnn mn r vnr rnn ttt o
ir 111111 inn niini ruiuin h 1 m Rpriram
'Don't worry." tho sbnlor counsel as-
in 1 iiiiii uiui tnniiti?mii in fiiii
up In n trrrnr tr ovnrtr prlminnl In
XT t
n Rnltn nf nil nnfliimTVA. mrrvrar
- a. a 1 it . t-r
KIH II T UIH Will I'll. 1 11II11I11T f I1T IJlif
I !( '! HUD VVfc V4MMVl LA-1
'"'tmrt nnd And outtvhatho had
ii'Vi' A woman could do soch
't'r thun a man. Ho looted
miuIow unxiously and saw the
' til bljj French limousine
in ihc corner. Ho hurried to
f si I'll-, to mwt his wire.
''Nun. for heaven's sake see Jim bo-
ILI. . (.. I . .1 .1 A
hot he's Rolng to Bay to that Judge."
"I'll nn m v rwjr I'll fliMlrl mv fMirri
and ask tilm to boo mo at onco."
"Good. When ho returns to tho court-
Blvens went back'to his scat beside
lawyera and watched tho court of-
BpeaK to tsroart.
Ho frowned and hesitated, rose and
Kan seized his band.
"Oh,. Jim, I'm so -worried. Calaya
ou uro coum to iuuko a uearKrato ueui
milnct 111 rr ttil mftmlncH
Tm going to malso the. usual plea
or mcicv lor iin uui dccheeii iLr:m in v
mnm. i 1 i 1 ... mimji, iim. li iuu
, I TOonld fur mv onra."
"Pleaso doal do or eoy asytturtg to-
to caoso a dbooU. i couldn't en-
It Zoo docrt know how much
tfe, What oro yoo going to Eayl Aro
m mKm.H
Tm going b do my tovd tjest for
detenntoatioa "Xoo needn't
about your husbaod. Eta has
hi do of 0 rbmorxaroa, and nothtng
can say will act under bis iskja."
-It any other moo eald w, but
ui jruu wu r m u j v
realize, coo am uus uiha ustu who
hurt hto boTond fbrglvcoeea, be-
in uo rooxKV num.
Tm fiorrs. I'm flshtm fiw my old
frfenQ'a Ufa Bo wouldn't .ltya tn a
prison a year. AnttTtu lighting for
tho Ufo of his Uttlo girl, who lores
and believes in him as eho believes In
the goodness of God. If her father Is
branded a felon It will kill her."
Ho turned abruptly and left her. In
a moment Blvens cumo out and led
his wlfo to a seat which had been re
served near his.
One of the things which had Increas
ed Blvens' nervousness was tho fact
that tho Judgo Ignored his presenco In
tho courtroom. IIo had been accus
tomed to deference from judges. This
Judge was a man with red blood In
Ills veins, a man of lntcnso personal
UkoR and dislikes nnd a fearless dis
penser of what be belloved to bo even
handed Justice under the law.
Tho young lawyer sat In silence be
side tho bowed for.m, awaiting his case
which tho judge, at his request, had
placed last. As tho moment drew near
for the plea his nervo tension grow in
tense. Waves of passionate emotion
swept bis heart Uo waked from his
day dream with a start to hear the
clerk read In qulok tones:
Tuo people against Ilenry Wood
man." The Judge looked at tho dazed pris
oner and said:
"What have you to say, IlenryWood
man, why sentence should not bo Im
posed upon you for tho crime of which
you stand convicted by your own
With a quick movement of his tall
llgiire Stuart was on his feet, every
nerve and muscle strung to' tho high
est tension. Only tho deep, tremulous
notes of his voice betrayed his emotion.
"May It please your honor," ho slowly
began. "I wish to establish to the court
before I say anything In behalf of my
client tho Important fact that ho of
fered to make full restitution of tho
property taken, thnt ho did this volun
tarily before he was even suspected of
the crime and that his offer was re
fused." Tho Judge lifted his gray eyebrows In
surprise, and settled back Into his sent
with a low grunt
"I mako the fair Inference therefore
in tho beginning," Stuart went on
"Two men aro on trial, not ono."
evenly, "that tho prosecutor In tho
caso la actuated solely by a desire for
personal vengeance."
Stuart paused and Blvcns moved un
easily In his Beat.
"I spoate today, your honor, In behalf
Df tho man -echo crouches by my side
overwhelmed with ehamo and grief
and conscious dishonor because ho took
a paltry pactngo ot jewelry Com a
man who has never added ono penny
to too wealth of tho world nnd yot has
somehow gotten, possession of 000 hun
dred million dollars from thoso who
tould not defend themselves from his
strength and canning. This man stands
beforo you now with no shame in his
souL no tears an bis checks, and with
brazen effrontery demands vengeance
on a weaker brother.
"Two men aro on trial, not one. Tho
majesty of tho law has already been
vindicated In tho tearf stained plea
that has boon entered. Botwoen these
two men tho crxirt most decide.
"This mrttionalro who demands
vengeance agnln&t this broken man to
day bos on income greater than tho
combined crowned heads of Europe
and wields a aocptcr mightier than
czar or empeooc 'Why? Ho levies
each year mOMoos of taxes without
consuitlne this court, tho legislature
or any man wno walks tho earth, no
docs this by a machlno for printing
paper toteeua of value called stocks.
Tho osoenco of theft Is to tnko tho
property of another without giving a
return, A green goods man sells
printed paper fix money. This mighty
man also sells printed paper for
money. Whet b tho difference?
Neither tho green goods nor tho bogus
capital called watered stock represents
a dollar tn real vuroo.
This modern marauder whom wo
have- enthroned as our ruler every
where, from every one, seizes, tears
and dcepc4k3 tho fruits of toll, has
never added a penny to tho wealth of
human! tp. And what do vo Ond him
dorng? In tho midst of poverty that
means hunger and nakedness, disease
and death, vo have tho e homeless
flaunting of fnecno luxury. And to
what porpoflcl To challenge tho envy
of tho vttn and tho foolish, to dazzle
tho minds at tho poor and Inflame
tho lasts c tho criminal
"Do wo boiieye that each things are
tho decrees of a Jost and loving God
who created thia world? Tbeso things
arc not thft result orcis Itnv. bur tho
results of tho violation of law."
The speaker paused, drew close to
the Judgo and then In low, Impassioned
tones told as If bo were talking to n
father tho story of Woodman's life nnd
tho ovents which drove him to madness
on tho fatal night of his crime. In
flashes of vivid eloquence ho described
the magnificent ball and drew In som
ber, heartbreaking contrast tho desola
tion and despair of a proud and sensi
tive man made desperate by want nnd
ruin, the man who had given his blood
to bis country nnd his daily life In an
unselfish ministry to tho homeless and
"I do not ask of your honor," he
cried In ringing tones, "tho repeal of
tho law against theft thou shalt not
stcall I only ask tho suspension of
its penalty on this heartbroken man
until we can extend it to his oppressors
ns well, until its thunder shall also
echo through tho palaces of tho rich
thou shalt not steal!
"Tho man who has fallen was weak 1
and poor. Tho man who demands his
Ufo Is rich and powerful. I ask for n
heartbroken man another chance. 1
ask this court to suspend all sentence
against the poor bruised and bleeding
spirit' that lies in tears at our feet
Tho Judgo wheeled in his armchair,
cleared his throat and looked out of the ',
window to hldo from tho crowd a
tear that had stolen down his furrowed
IIo turned at length to Blvens' law
yers nnd qul5tly asked:
"Tho state Insists on tho enforcement
of sentenco without mercy?"
"Absolutely," was the shnrp answer.
"This Is your desire, Mr. Blvens?"
tho Judge asked with some severity.
"Yes," tho financier fiercely replied.
"And yot you say that you aro a
Christian. Well, see to It Tour Mas
ter says:
"'lie that salth I love God and
hatcth his brother is a liar.' Henry
Woodman, stand up! Tho Judgment
of this court Is that sentenco in your
case 1)0 suspended so long as you obey
tho law.
"And I may say to you, Ilenry
Woodman, that my faith Is profound
that you will never appear In this
court again. And if you over need the
help of a friend you'll And ono If you
come to me. You uron free man."
Stuart hurried tho doctor out of tho
crowd. lie had Important work yet
to do. IIo determined that no story
of the scene should over be printed In
a Now York paper. Ho would save
Harriet that too.
As tho court adjourned Blvens curs
ed bis lawyers In a paroxysm of help
less rage. Then ho suddenly throw
his hand to his forehead, staggered
and sank to tho floor.
A doctor who was near rushed to his
side nnd lifted his head into his wife's
"What Is It? Has ho fainted, doc
tor?' sho whispered, glancing toward
tho door through which Stuart had
Just passed.
"Ho lias had a stroke of paralysis,
madam, I fear," was tho answer.
Stuarf s appeal to tho Now York pa
pers In behalf of Harriet was success
ful. For a week ho bought every
morning and evening edition and read
them eagerly. Not n lino appeared to
darken 'tho life of his Uttlo paL
Blvcns' Illness shook the financial
world. Tho men who had professed
their friendship most loudly to his face
now sharpened their knives for his
wounded body. 'Every stock with
which his name was linked was tho
target of tho most savage attacks.
Tho tumbling of values tn his securi
ties carried down tho whole market
from five to six points in a slnglo day.
Tho groat palace that had a few
nights before blazed with lights and
echoed with music, laughter, song
and danco and clinking glasses, stood
dark and silent behind its bristling
iron fence.
Within tho darkened palaco the
doctors were supremo. In his great
library they hold consultation after
consultation and eocretly smiled when
they thought of tho figures thoy would
tvrito on his bills. They disagreed in
fetalis, but all agreed on tho main
conclusion that tho only hope was
that bo should quit work and play for
several years.
When they made this solemn an
nouncement to Blvens, ho smiled for
tho first time. It was too good a
Joke. How could ho play? Ho know
but ono game, tho big game of tho
man hunt! Ho told his doctors he
would go to Europe and oco If there
were doctors over there who knew
Tho shaking, mlserablo Uttlo Qguro
staggered up tho gangplank of a
steamer. Ho made a bravo chow of
strength to tho reporters who
swarmed about him for an mtervlow
and coUapsed in tho arms of his wife
on reaching his state rooms.
no had forgotten his resentment on
account of Woodman in tho presenco
of tho Great Terror, whoso shadow
had suddenly darkened tho world.
Tho young lawyer bad Bald goodby
to Nan with a eenso of profound re
lief. From tho bottom of his soul ho
thanked God sho was going away.
(Continued in Friday's Issue.)
Not Original Sin.
Adam heard them blamo tho cost of
Uvlng on the middleman.
"Tho only thing they don't blamo on
tho first man," ho thankfully observed.
New York Sun.
Wise Mabel.
Mother Mabel, why do you tako two
pieces of cako? Mabel 'Cause, ma,
you told roe not to ask twice for re
No day I3 long enough to waste, any
of It nursing a grouch. Chicago News.
Naval Officer's Invention Is a
Marvel of Ingenuity.
A Swoop From tho Sky, and Missile Is
Sent on Its Way, Dropping From Air
Craft at High Speed Naval. Guns of
Present Day Cannot Be Trailed on
Aeroplane When Going Swiftly.
Rear Admiral Bradley A. Flsko, un
til recently In command of tho first di
vision of the Atlnntlc fleet, now ou
duty as aid for operations In tho navy
department at Washington, has Invent
ed an apparatus which Is believed to
make possible the firing of submarine
torpedoes from aeroplanes. The devlto
can be fitted to any type of aeroplane.
Naval officers who have seen the
model In tho patent office in Washing
ton are enthusiastic over the possibili
ties of the Flake Invention ns a means
of defense.
The torpedo which the aeroplane at
tachment is designed to discharge may
bo of any of the standard types nnd
is carried In cliocks on tho bottom or
lower frame of the aeroplane. A strap
connected with tho aeroplane passes
below the torpedo, holding It, and Is
then again connected with the operat
ing part of the aeroplane proper. The
torpedo is hold rigidly In place, its bow
pointing in tho same direction as tho
airship. Tho projectile 'is released by
a lever apparatus operated bythe foot
of the aviator, the torpedo falling hori
zontally out of the chocks Into the wa
ter nnd then speeding on its way to
the ship ngainst which it is nimed.
How Torpedo Is Directed.
In directing and delivering the at
tack tho naval aviator Mies at a com
paratively high altitude to n point
about l.COO yards dlBtaut from tho tar
got. IIo then swoops downward at a
high rate of speed and ns nearly ver
ically as possible until within ten or
fifteen feet of tho water, directing his
flight so that on reaching the desired
low elevation tho bow of the torpedo
bears on the target. The aviator then
throws his lever which stirts the pro
pelling mechanism in the torpedo, aft
er which the projectile drops into the
water nnd thereafter performs its
Tho advantages of tho FIske inven
tion are that tho torpedo is held firm
ly to the airship and practically be
comes a part of it so that the direct
ing of tho aeroplane toward tho tar-
pet also directs the torpedo. It Is sus
pended In tho position which It as
sumes In the' water that is, horizontal
and retains that position after being
released. Tho- releasing devlco Is un
der tho control 6f tho aviator at ali
The advantage of approaching the
target at a relatively high elevation
and then rapidly descending to a lower
ono before roloaslng tho torpedo Is,
supposing tho target to bo a battle
ship, that it is practically Impossible
with present day naval giuns to hit an
object falling from n great height ow
lng to tho resulting chnngo In range
nnd tho coasequent elevation of the
Advantages of Invention.
The advantages obtained by proceed'
lng to within about 1,500 yards of the
enemy are that the chances of tho tor
pedo getting homo aro increased and
the aeroplane is able to carry torpc
does of lighter than ordinary weight
since torpedoes designed for long
ranges are much heavier than those
fired at shorter distances.
While the Flsko Invention Is attract
lng tho attention of naval officers here
nnd abroad, there comes news of still
another wonderful Invention, the ob
Ject of which Is to protect war vessels
from torpedo attack. This invention
is of Gormen origin. It Is an "llluinl
nated shell" loaded with calcium car
bide. Tho shell is flrod in tho usual
On striking tho water the shell sinks
a few feet and tho water, entering the
'shell through apertures, sets up chem
ical action which generates gas, tho
resulting buoyancy driving the shell
back to tho surface, after which the
gas la automatically Ignited, shedding
an equal light over a largo area. The
light is equal to 8,000 candle power
and will burn for an hour. Tho object
of tho inventor is to surround a battle
ship at night with these illuminated
shells, thus rendering practically lm
possible the unobserved npproach of
torpedo craft of all types-
More Than $1,116,000 Invested by De
posltors TJils Year.
A chock for $1,110,880 has been sent
to tho treasurer of the United States
by Postmaster General Burleson In
payment for postal savings bonds to
that amount, which bad been applied
for by postal savings depositories in
the various states.
This is tho fifth Issue of postal sar
ings bonds. Tho amount applied for
at this time shows an Increase of $11,
000 over the preceding Issue, made on
Jon. 1 last
Nearly nine-tenths of tho bonds were
requested in registered form, indicat
lng that the purchasers desired then?,
as a permanent investment
Strange Little Worlds Are the South
Pacific Ocean Steamers.
In tho morning (how strange at sea)
I was awakened by tho bleating of a
lamb ond by a lusty cockcrow. Tho
Royal Mall steamers of tho west const
nro a strange Uttlo world. Built for nn
ocenn whore storms nre unknown,
they combine certain comforts not to
bo found on much more pretentious
Their saloons nnd cabins ate excep
tionally large and open directly upon
tho promenade decks that stretch tho
entire length of tho ship, there being,
properly speaking, no steerage and no
second class. The natives and others
who cannot afford tho first class ticket
travel in tho "cublerta," as It Is called,
a deck at tho stern roofed with oanvns,
but otherwise open, whore in pictur
esque confusion, surrounded by bngs
nnd bundles, they loll In hammocks or
Uo wrapped In shawls.
Toward this deck tho hencoop faces
a big two story affair, partly filled
with ripening fruits, bananas, oranges
and tho like nnd partly with chickens,
ducks and other forlorn looking fowl.
fattening for tho table. Between
docks stand your beef nnd mutton on
tho hoof, gazing mournfully up at you
ns you look down the hatchways.
Upon this homelike boat, quiet nnd
contented, with no unseemly hurry,
you meander down tho coast nt ten
knots. Tho air is soft ns a caress, and
for at least eight months of tho year
tho sen is as placid as a mountain
lake, n glassy mirror reflecting nn
azure sky. Ernest riexotto In Scrib
ner"s Magazine.
fashion mm
Tho simple frock in empire stylo is
always a good one for tiny folk. This
ono combines a straight skirt with a
plain body portion. Tho combination
of flouncing with nil over embroidery
is pretty, or one of the Dresden dimi
ties would bo an attractive fabric.
For tho two-year-old size tho drees
will require two and one-quarter yards
of material twenty-seven inches wide
and ono and thrco-elghths yards of
beading or ono and one-half yards of
plain material thirty-six inches wide.
This May Manton pattern ia cat In sires
lor children of one, two and four years of
Jge. Send 10 cents to this onloe, giving
number, 7000, and it will bo promptly for
warded to you by moll. If In haste send
an additional two cent stamp for letter
postage. When ordering uso coupon.
Noma ...
Ten Days'
Saratoga Springs
Saturday, August 2, 1913
Arrange Your Vacation Accordingly.
CURY. as mercury will surely destroy the
sense of smell and completely do
range tho whole system when enter
ing it through tho mucous surfaces,
except on prescriptions from reput
able physicians, as the damage they
will do Is ten fold to the good you
can possibly derive from them Hall's
Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J.
Cheney & Co., Toledo, O., contains no
mercury, and is taken internally,
acting directly upon the biood and
mucous surfaces of the system. In
buying Hall's Catarrh Cure bo sura
you get the genuine. It is taken In
ternally and mado in Toledo, Ohio,
by F. J. Cheney & Co. Testimonials
Sold by Druggists. Price 76c. per
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
NOTICE Is hereby given that an appli
cation will be mado to the Governor
of Pennsylvania and to the Water
Supply Commission ot Pennsylvania on
Thursday, the twenty-fourth day of July,
1913, by J. R. Quckes, II. M. Lons and
Jacob Itech, Jr., under tho Act of As
sembly of the Commonwealth of Penn
sylvania, entitled "An Act to provide for
tho Incorporation and regulation of cer
tain corporations" approved April 29,
1874, and tho supplements thereto for tho
charter of an Intended corporation to bo
called Manchester Water Supply Com
pany, tho character and object of which
aro tho supply, storage or transportation
of water and water power for
commercial and manufacturing
purposes In tho Township of
Manchester, County of Wayne, Stato of
Pennsylvania, and for these purposes to
have, possess and enjoy all tho rights,
benefits and privileges of tho said Act of
Assembly and its supplements.
NOTICE Is hereby given that an appli
cation will be made to tho Governor
of Pennsylvania and to tho Water
Supply Commission of Pennsylvania on
Thursday, the twenty-fourth day of July,
1!)13, by Georgo II. Stein, Bruco A. Metz
gar and Alex. It. Cheston under the Act
of Assembly of tho Commonwealth of
Pennsylvania, entitled "An Act to pro
vide for the Incorporation and regula
tion of certain corporations" approved
April 29. 1871, and the supplements thero
to for the charter of an Intended corpora
tion to be called Narrowsburg Water
Supply Company, tho character nnd ob
ject of which are the supply, storage or
transportation of water and water power
for commercial and manufacturing pur
poses in tho Township of Damascus,
County of Wayne, Stato of Pennsylvania,
and for these purposes to have, possess
and enjoy all tho rights, benefits and
privileges of tho said Act of Assembly
and Its supplements.
Hot weather makes aching
corns but why suffer? PEDOS
CORN CURE will give instant
"Greater NcwTork's Homo Newspaper.".
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It follows logically that every ono who ap
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