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, r e 1 I-, M EXT SATURDAY specials at Paul
I fi I l 9 I I I 1 l1! Frederic's. Try our delicious straw-
lflinnTO kOl QIQ HP berry, chocolate, vanilla and carmel ice
Will IN llll lit I II. cream. Also Oraneo Ice. All roads lend
IIUlllU) I Ul UUIUj LIU I to Frederic's in warm weather. G2t2
I F YOU aro looking for o 10 per cent.
(35 TELEPHONE your Want Adver- investment call at the office of the
tlsemcnts for this dfpartment. Buy-U-A-Homo Realty company, Jadwin
(f Use either phone. Call 157 on the building.
J) Bell and 101 on the Consolidated.
"Talk, don't walltl" T HROW A WAT your old Sprayer and
- get ono of our Gould's Compressed
.... . , ., ., , Air Sprayers. Saves your time and your
Advertisements and reading notices or term)er nnd does BETTER work. Mur-
oll kinds placed In this column will bo ray'co,. llonesdale, Pa.
charged for at the rate of one cent per J ; ! .
word for each separate Insertion. When D jjoPERTY LOCATED ON RIVER
sending us advertisements to bo printed f street, consisting of two dwelling
In this column, cash or stamps must ac- i,ouses an,i ialge lot, extending from
company the order. Itiver to Cottage street for sale cheap.
This property shows a net income of 8
TMPni!Tt'T vnTMTR Per cent, on the investment. Inquire of
UUOHUil A UJ-I iJ.1It,rTliaT,a Buy-U-A-Home Realty Company, .lad-
TO ADVERTISERS. wllJ building, Honesdale, Pa. B2ell
It requires time to properly set QU SALESecona hand"Took stove,
advertisements, thereforo Tho Citl- 1 n0 8, with reservoir and high shelf,
zen announces the following ovens, either coal or wood. Good as new
Schedule-Copy for regular space Jor Ji. ' of flee. ,or of
advertisements for the Tuesday Is- m-ii.
sue should be handed in tho office ,. , 77T, t. ... ,u
no later than Monday morning at P for Potatos-milsbom too
o clock and early on Saturday if Honesdale, Pa.
Pnnv fnr 'E'Hrlnv'a nnnor olmnlfl C OR RENT Six desirable rooms with
copy for b naay s paper snouia p aU modern conveniences. Good lo
be in the office no later than Wed- catlon. Will be ready for occupancy by
nesday night earlier than that if July 1. Can Bell No. 157 or Citizen No.
possible. We cannot guarantee the 101 or Inquire at the Citizen office. tf
insertion of space advertising un- ANTED 3 or i rooms with modern
less the above rules are complied " conveniences, suitable for light
wlth housekeeping, in the resident section. Ad-
Ce'nt-A-Word advertisements can- dress K, citizen office. B3U.
not be accepted after 2 p. m. on p OR sale Five hens and a rooster
Mondays and Thursdays. r f0r $5. Hens good for laying or cat-
- ing. Roosters full blooded Black Minorca,
BTcfi'CLES and all kinds of supplies a year old, Inquire at Citizen office or
and sundries at Graham Watts' at Woodward's, Hoadleys. Bell 'phone,
hardware store. Htt YOU ARE LOOKING FOR an Ideal
FARMING IMPLEMENTS of all kinds. 1 place to build your home, consult the
Special prices on mowing machines, Buy-U-A-Home Realty Company. Have
Hay Rakes, Guards, Etc. Graham Watts, you Inspected Willow Park?
, 5Uf' . M OW IS THE TIME to stop flies.
FOR SALE 1013 Model, Motor Cycles Screen dpors and windows of all
and Motor Boats at bargain prices, sizes at a good price, at G. Watts, dealer
all makes, brand new machines, on easy in Hardware.
monthly payment plan. Get our proposl- - - - , . --"
tlon before buying or you will regret it; T ON'T FAIL TO GET a Twenty Pay
also bargains in used Motor Cycles. ment or Endowment policy with the
Write us today. Enclose stamp for re- Elective Life Disability feature written
ply. Address Lock Box 11, . Trenton, by C. Bassett, agent for the F. M. L.
Mich. G3wl0 Ins. Co. of Philadelphia.
HOTOGRAPH FRAMES, Pictures, ABBAGE plants for sale. J1.50 per
Films, Kodaks, Amateur work finish- thousand; 20c per hundred. H. . W.
ed. Goods sent by mail. Bodie's Studio. Keen, R. D. 3, Waymart, Pa. 52eilt
TW HY TIE YOURSELF any longer to a
v-.v. .w rent receipt? Own your home. See
is daily receiving inquiries regarding Buy-U-A-Home Realty Company, Jadwin
places for summer guests. Any persons building. Main street, Honesdale.
who wish- to take boarders are requested ...
to leave or send their names and their p OR SALE Nice gentle colt over a
rate cards with tho secretary, E. B. year old, black. Inquire at Citizen
Callaway, Citizen office, Honesdale, Pa. office, or call on F. P. Woodward, Hoad-
49tf. leys.
strain sorrell broke single good C cated in Lebanon township on State
roadster very gentle and of fine disposi- roa(j leading to Equinunk and about nine
tlon, for sale.. Address Jas. Cook, Hones- mlIe3 from Honesdale. Farm very pro
dale, R. D. 20. I. ductlve and ono of best in that vicinity.
; : ; Tz Contains 136 acres of good tillable soil;
USINESS Mens picnic, Lake Lodore, red snale, Up0n premises its located
r, ,r Ju,ly, sPecIal trains; morning at frame house two barns, good orchard,
0:15 and 1:15 p. rn. SeiS water, and a quantity of lumber. Will
W,' , . . r sell at a reasonable price. Bargain for
ANTED-C rl for general housework, soma one, For furtner particulars in-
Apply Hll Court street, Honesdale. qulre ot Buy-U-A-Home Realty Company,
35eltf. Honesdale, Pa.
FOR RENT Seven rooms and a bath . " "
in the Buel Dodge house, down stairs, f) NI5. DOLLAR will open on account at
corner of Church and Seventh streets af- V the Farmers and Mechanics Bank,
ter June 1st. Enquire of C. E. Dodge, Courteous treatment to all. 40tf
Honesdale. 40tf.
--. - - In older days you will not have to.
North Main street, near C. F. Bui- The Farmers and Mechanics Bank can
lock's residence. Ask Buy-U-A-Home tako care of you. Open a bank account
Realty company about It. with that institution to-day. 4Ctf
in Honesdale for sale-Good location Good condition, used only a month,
on Main street; enjoys excellent patron- N9-,LmdeAiHr5?J!).0wLcii,ufitr-
age. Lunch rooms well established, en- Adfkcss 1 Citizen office, Honesdale, Pa.
Joyed by many Honesdalo and rural d(s- 4Jtt.
trlct people. Fine stand for young man
to embark in business. Books open to f NE DOLLAR per month will get you
prospective purchaser. For further in- U protection If you aro hurt or sick,
formation inquire of Buy-U-A-Home W. P. Schenck. Honesdale, Pa.
Realty Company, Honesdale, Pa., Jad-
win building. 54ei4. C ALE BILLS, trespass notices on
- cloth, and printing of all kinds for
TWELVE PAIRS OF WINDOW blinds the farmer Is made a specialty at The
4 1-2 x 14 Inches, practically as Citizen printcry.
good as new, for sale cheap. Address for .
particulars. Lock Box 68, Honesdale. II OWING MACHINES, guards, acces-
sorles at Watts' Hardware Store,
ONE CENT a word is the price for at best prices. 52t3.
these little adlets, and they are busl-
ness. brlngers. They "work while you Vkr HAT'S the use of fret and worry over
sleep." ' senseless cares and strife? Use
these adlets in a hurry, let them smooth
DON'T KEEP your money home, your path of life.
Bring It to tho Farmers and Me-
chanics Bank, Honesdale, Pa., where it C UMMER BOARDERS' ATTENTION!
will draw Interest. 46tf 43 Souvenir Envelopes, Honesdale views,
for sale at The Citizen office, over Jad-
W ANTED Carpenter and teamster, win's drug store, Main and Eight streets,
Steady work. Long Pond Mill. 52tf 6 or 5c, or 10c uer dozen. 40tf.
Honesdale and Greater Honesdale
D. & H.
Lv. Honesdale A.M P.M.
C.55 12.25
(Sunday 10.15) 4.30
Ar. Honesdale A.M. P.M.
10.00 3.15
(Sunday 0.55 fi.10)
Lv. Honesdalo A.M. P.M.
7.10 2.53 (Daily)
8.40 6.00
Ar. Honesdale A.M. P.M.
8.08 1.40
7.10 (Sun.)
Note-r-Tralns daily except Sunday.
The Irving Cut Glass shop was
closed down Tuesday for two weeks'
The Boy's Band of Honesdale
will play for the Union Protestant
Sunday school picnic at Lake Lodoro
on Tuesday, July 8.
Indian Orchard Grange will cel
ebrate Fourth of July in a good old
fashioned way. The public is Invited
to participate in tho festivities of
tho day.
Rev. Dr. Swift will conduct tho
communion services Sunday morning
and Rev. Jesse Herrmann will have
for his theme in the evening "The
Value of the Church to tho Nation."
Special music.
Mrs. Wadgo of Church street,
has set a record in producing, as
far as wo can ascertain, tho first peas
and beans of the season. The first
of the week Mrs. Wadgo picked out
of her garden enough of both for her
own use.
Tho fund of six hundred thous
and dollars for Buckncll University
at Lewisburg, Pa., was completed
June 30, within the time limit pre
scribed by the general board of New
York City. Thla additional fund
places the institution on a strong fi
nancial basis.
On Sunday at Grace Episcopal
church the newly-confirmed class will
partake of the Holy Communion for
tho first time and a speplal sermon
will be preached to them. It is hop
ed that all communicants will be
present to welcome them. Their
friends and the public generally are
Invited to attend this service, which
will be on Sunday, July 6, at 10:30
a. m.
Display your flag on the Fourth
in honor of the birth of Independence
in the United States.
Special trains will leave Hones
dalo on the Delaware and Hudson
July 4th at 10 a. m and 1 p. m. for
Lake Lodore.
The Delaware and Hudson Rail
road company and O. M. Spettlgue
have done their duty regarding plac
ing new service pipes before paving.
The Citizen is In receipt of a
post card from Dr. G. A. Kerling,
of Gouldsboro, who is now at Gettys
burg, on which he says: " I have
just had the honor of being appoint
ed the Patriotic Instructor for the
Department of Pennsylvania and am
very proud of same,"
Tho report that Frank A. Rob
bins' circus was wrecked at Hawley
early Thursday morning is without
foundation. Tho train left Hawley
at' 6:20 and arrived in Honesdale at
7:05 a. m. The exhibitions will bo
held on the Freethy flats, East
Honesdale. The show is a good
clean ono and wortlre of the support
Of the entire community.
John Ennis, tho pedestrian, who
passed through Calllcoon recently in
an effort to beat Edward P. Wes
ton in walking to 'Minneapolis and
who passed Weston at Blmlra, was
taken sick at Mllledgeville, Pa., and
was forced to abandon tho race and
go to his home at Stamford, Conn.,
where ho is in a critical condition
from stomach trouble As ho is 70
years old It is feared that he will not
recover. Weston Is trudging on to
ward Minneapolis, having passed far
Into Ohio.
Mr. and Mrs. George Ort observ
ed their tenth wedding anniversary,
Tuesday evening, July 1st, at their
homo on Main streot. The evening
was very pleasantly spent, and dainty
refreshments were served. They
were the recipients of a number of
useful presents. Those present
were: Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Dun
ning, Mr. and Mrs, E. E. Williams,
Mr, and Mrs.- Louis Partridge, Mrs.
Fannie HIsted, Harlan Hlsted, Mrs.
Frank Wasman, Mr. and Mrs. C. E.
Cade, Mr. and Mrs. William Ball,
Mr. and Mrs. George Barrable, Fran
pis Crago, Mrs. C. Hartung, Mrs, A.
Berberl, Mrs. Mary Brutzman ofj
Parsons, and Mrs. W. R. Cress of
The pave question Is the most!
important. Remember that. i
There will be open house at the I
Golf club on the 4th. Refreshments
will bo served in the afternoon.
The mercury registered 100 de
grees In the shade at Jadwln's corn
er, Main street, Tuesday afternoon.
Spencer Bros, were awarded the
printing of the ballots for the special
election at a half a cent a-plcce. Six
hundred wero ordered.
At St. Mary Magdalen's church,
masses will be at 8 o'clock and 10
o'clock Sunday mornings during the
months of July and August.
A marriage license was is
sued to Nowtoh Cromwell Fetter, Jr.,
of Ann Arbor, Mich., and Miss
Blanche Marie Westbrook, of Bloom
ing Grove on Tuesday.
In accordance with a resolu-'
tlon passed by the Honesdale Busi
ness Men's association the stores will ,
be closed Monday evenings during
the months of July and August.
There will be some high class
vaudeville at the Lyric on Thursday,
Friday and Saturday nights of this
waek. Joe Eckles with his five big
acts will bo the feature. Special
matinee on Saturday afternoon.
Council John Erk wns Initiated
into the mysteries of the Grange last
Saturday night at Indian Orchard.
Among those present were Council
Boyd, W. W. Baker, and J. J. Koeh
man S. T. Ham, W. B. Leshcr, T. Y. 1
Catherine E. Heib, formerly of
Lake Huntington, N. Y., and Allen
R. Bodie, of Cherry Ridge, were
married Tuesday morning at the par-,
sonage of the Baptist church "at sev-I
en o'clock. Rev. George S. Wendell j
performed the ceremony. J
The Citizen went to press a few j
hours earlier than usual on Thurs-!
day to enable some of our subscrlb-j
ers in the rural districts to receive
their paper before the end of the
week; also to enable some of Its em
ployees to take a few days' vacation.
A circus benefits almost every-;
Doay. mo mercnam selling grain,
hay, straw, meat and other articles
is directly benefitted. It may be
true that a large amount of money
may be taken out of a place, but In
turn the people get their money's
worth and have no kick coming. j
Geo. B. Beckley, press agent
and general manager of Wyoming '
Bill's Historical Wild West show, I
was in town in the advance car on
Saturday and Sunday. While In towli
he met W. J. Silverstone, an old ,
friend in the days when "Billy" was
In the theatrical business In Hones-'
dale. j
tf'naay, juiy ii, promises to De
an eventful day in Honesdale. The
special election to vote on the pro
posed increased indebtedness for
pave falls upon that date, tho polls
being open from 7 a. m. until 7 p.
m. Owing to this election all liquor
licensed places will be closed.
Wyoming Bill's circus is scheduled
to give two exhibitions here upon j
that day. Take tho day as a whole
there will be something doing.
At the Lyric, Thursday, Friday I
and Saturday of this week, Joe j
Eckls presents an All-Star vaudeville
show of five acts and four reels of;
motion pictures, changed daily. This
is Mr. Eckls' fifth visit to Honesdale
with different vaudeville companies.
He has always offered good, clean
bills that have always made good
with the people here and the per
formances given this week are up to
the usual standard. There will bo a
matinee on Saturday afternoon at
Calling to his mother to stay
back or he would blow her up as well
as himself with a stick of dynamite
which he carried, Floyd Tiffany
jumped over a stone wall at his home
near Roscoe, N. Y., stretched him
self at full length on the explosive
and lighted the fuse. A few seconds
later the frenzied mother heard the
crash of the explosion and saw her
son s hat go flying into the air. There
was not much left of his body. Tif
fany had not been In good mental
health for some time.
After securing his release as an
inmate of the Blnghamton State hos
pital but a few hours before, H. Le
Barr, of Hancock, a man of about
CO years of age, deliberately threw
himself beneath a slowly moving
Erie engine at Blnghamton on Sun
day afternoon and was ground Into
an unrecognizable mass. Tho sui
cide occurred within the sight of
over two hundred people. Ho had
been classed as a suicide patient at
the institution where he had gone
voluntarily. Ho had been released
upon his own application Sunday.
There is a certain element
which claims that taxes will bo a
great deal higher if the people of
Honesdale vote for pave next Friday.
However, this is not true. The in
crease, If any, will be very light and
hardly worth talking about. Tho
proposed $14,000 Increased In
debtedness will go into municipal I
bonds and the taxpayer will not
realize and difference In' his taxes.
A good illustration of this' and at
tho same time a strong argument In
favor of the pavo is the now school
building. Thero has been no in
crease in taxes to tho taxpayer since
the school house was erected. There
is a sinking fund provided for tak
ing care of this Indebtedness. The
school tax is six and a half mills on
the dollar and no increase has been
made in several years. What strong
er argument can bo set forth than
this? If it will work with building a
school house, surely it will work
with paving a street.
A union picnic under the aus
pices of tho Presbyterian and Episco
pal Sabbath schools of Honesdale,
will be held at Lake Lodoro on Tues
day, July 8th. A special train will
leave the Union station at 0 a. m
stopping at Seelyvillo nnd Prompton
to tako any who may wish to go.
Returning it will leave the Lake at
5 p. m. Tickets for the round trip,
adults 40 cents, children 25c. The
tickets will be good in going on the
12:20 p, m. train. Everybody la in
vited to join us. Jenkins' Boy Band
will furnish music. 54ei2t.
Slgmund Katz spent the Fourth In
Now York City.
Miss Mary Murphy has returned
from a six weeks' visit with relatives
at Buffalo, N. Y.
Mrs. J. J. Koehler is confined to
her bed by illness. A professional
nu'rse is in charge.
Rev. A. L. Whlttaker will preach
at tho service at White Mills Sun
day, July G, at 3:15 p. m.
Dr. and Mrs. Bangs, of South Ca
naan were attending to business in
the county sent on Wednesday.
Miss Harriet Arnold gave a shower
Tuesday evening at her home on Fif
teenth streot in honor of Miss Muriel
Miss Anna Seaman left Thursday
for Phillipsburg, N, J., where she
will be the guest of relatives for a
few weeks.
Miss Rose Ralney, of the Scranton
Y. W. C. A., Is spending two weeks'
vacation in Wayne county. She was
a recent guest of Honesdale friends.
Isaac Garratt, of Fourteenth street
Is circulating a petition among the
voters of Honesdale asking their
support in the appointment of post
master of this place.
Mrs. Charles Cade and son, Robert
left Thursday morning for Ellenville,
N. Y., where they will visit the form
er's father, Charles Corwln and sis
ter, Mrs. Joseph Opdenbrouw, expect
ing to be absent two weeks.
Misses Marie McDermott and Mary
Gall have returned from a month's
visit spent in New York, Philadelphia
and Atlantic City. They were ac
companied home by Charlotte Sterl
ing and James McDermott of New
Miss Mary I. Baker, of North Main
street, left Wednesday morning for
New Rochelle, N. Y., where she met
her brother, Henry F. Baker and
family. They will enjoy an extended
auto tour through Maine and other
extreme eastern states.
Mrs. Joseph Mills and son, David,
of Green Ridge, were in Honesdale
tho early part of this week. Mrs.
Mills came to accompany her mother,
Mrs. Schwelghofer, on her return
from Green Ridge to her home in
Slko. Both Mr. and Mrs. Mills were
at one time Wayne county residents.
Mr. and Mrs. John Gogard and
daughters, Lillian and Florence left
on Thursday for Blnghamton, N. Y.,
where they will visit relatives and
friends. During their absence Mr.
Gogard and daughter, Florence, will
proceed to Toledo, Ohio, where they
will be guests of the former's moth
er, Mrs. Margaret Gogard, and also
his brothers and sisters. The family
expects to be absent during tho
month of July.
Morning Worship 10:30 a. m.
Organ Prelude Selected
Mrs. Nelson Spencer.
Choir and Congregation.
Apostles' Creed.
Anthem 'Hail to the Lord's Anoint
ed" Schnecker
Responsive Reading, "The Nation."
'Minister and Congregation. (
The Gloria.
Scripture Reading. "The Church."
Quintette "Seek Ye The Yord". .
Obbligato, Miss Flossie Bryant,
Chorus, Misses Hattie Arnold,
Charlotte Bullock, Messrs. George
Hayward, C. Callaway.
Hymn, "God of Our Fathers". . . .
Choir and Congregation.
Sermon "Past and Present," the
Hymn, "God Bless Our Native Land."
Benediction. Postlude.
Sunday school at 12 M.
Evening Worship, 7:30 p. m.
Prelude; Selected, Mrs. Spencer.
Hymn, "America," Choir and Con
gregation; Prayer.
Male Chorus, "Comrades in Arms,"
(Adams) Tho Glee Club.
Scripture Lesson.
Duet "Thy Will bo Done."
Mrs. Miller, C. J. Dibble.
Scripture Lesson.
Solo, selected, Robert Lees.
Offertory: Anthem, "Flag, Beautiful
Flag," Male Chorus.
Song, "The Star Spangled Banner,"
Chorus and Congregation.
Sermon, "Tho True Progressive.'
"The Battle Hymn of the Republic,"
Choir and Congregation.
As Well ns Musicians on Local Chau
tauqua Progrnni.
Npt only men like Senator Gore,
Judge LIndsey, Ex-Governor Glenn,
Herbert S. Hadley and orators of na
tional reputation are brought directly
In touch with the people by Chautau
qua, but noted entertainers and mu
sicians as well.
This year William Sterling Battls
Is giving his wonderful portrayals
of Characters from Dickens' novels
before tent audiences and taking his
hearers into tho secrets of make-up
and costuming.
Paul H. Pearson is removing pop
ular prejudice against election by
presenting in a map's way readings
from big minded poets and authors.
His lecture recitals aro full of breeze
and sun and common sense.
Mr. Reno B. Welbourn is trying
out his model Mono-Rail Car system
dally, getting ready to install It in
every Chautauqua auditorium for a
day this summer. The whizzing
little toy is a sensation, of course.
It runs on a wire cable and performs
to the defiance of all forces of grav
ity. Mr. Welbourn brings a stock of
fresh scientific demonstrations every
The DIetrlcs astonish the crowds
with wonders of a different sort.
The blooming of flowers out of the
rug is not science of course, but it
Is real entertainment. The musical
halt of the program is not so start
ling as tho magic half, but Its trick
ery, too, is sheer good tun.
Mr. Henry Such, a recognized Eng-
llsh violinist, appears at Chautauqua
for the first time this season. Miss
Viola Brodbeck, a Philadelphia so
prano, gives half the numbers of the
program of the concert. Mrs. Henry
Such is the rarely-gifted accompan
ist for tho Brodbeck-Such company.
The Commonwealth Male Quartet,
the Tyrolean Alpine Yodlers are
among the other unusual attractions
booked by Chautauqua for this town
this summer.
Gettysburg, July 3. Tho counties
of "Dear Old Wayne" and Sullivan,
across the border, are represented
here and represented well at the re
union of tho Union and Confeder
ate forces, in the personage of ono
Macager Weiss, aged 112 years,
who is now one of the most con
spicuous figures In camp.
Mr. Weiss, besides having an en
viable war record, is one of the
pioneer river men along the Dela
ware more than a half century ago.
He is a great uncle of Mrs. Thomas
P. Bradbury of Scranton. Friends
in Portland, Pa., brought the aged
veteran here via auto. He stood the
trip well and despite the heat, de
clares he is having the time of his
And It must be some time for be
It known that Mr. Weiss has had
some fairly exciting experiences in
his time, not taking that little "un
pleasantness" with the Southland
into consideration. For years he
was a frontier huntsman along the
Lackawanna and Delaware rivers.
He hunted bears with a four-barreled
gun that defied the onward march
of many a dauntless bruin. His
mind and body are still active and
clear to a degree and his presence
here has caused no amount of com
ment and Interest.
Washington, D. C, July 3. The
President and Mrs. Wilson have an
nounced the engagement of their
second daughter, Miss Jessie Wood
row Wilson, to Francis Bowes Sayre,
of Lancaster, Pa. The wedding is
expected to take place next Novem
ber at the white house. Mr. Sayre
is at present an attorney in the of
fice of District Attorney Whitman
of New York.
Mr. Sayre comes from a collegiate
family. His father was the late
Robert Heysham Sayre, for a long
time president of the board trustees
of Lehigh University and builder of
the Lehigh Valley railroad.
Advertise in The Citizen.
Farmer and Financier, S
tomers. Let the MODEL CLOTHING SHOP make your
clothes to order, Come in and glance over our fabrics.
Place an order if your judgment suggests it.
Opposite Union Depot.
No Piano in America is gaining a more
substantial reputation for downright honest
values at a moderate price than the Morris &
One Grade, One Style, One Price.
F. A.jENKINS Music House
Tho advance announcement of 'tho
appearance in Honesdalo, July 11,
of the great Wyoming Bill's Histori
cal Wild West Show will be greeted
with delight by the residents of this
town and surrounding country. Old
and young alike will welcome tho
news with pleasure as it Is seldom
a show of tho Immense proortlons of,
Wyoming Bill's Wild West visit a
town of this size, and it is only
through tho untiring efforts of a
number of our most prominent busi
ness men that tho management waa
Induced to exhibit here. Wyoming
Bill's Wild West Is superior to any
and all other tented enterprises o
Its kind and character. Its enter
tainment is strictly refined In every
particular, interesting, entertaining,
amusing and highly Instructive.
Grand free street parade at 10
o'clock morning of exhibition day,
and is worth going miles to witness.
Fldnlo Gratsnngcr, of Hoadleys,
Kills a Rattler, Sees Another Ono
That Escaped, nnd Entertains a
Hlncksnnke in His Homo for a
On Friday last Fldale Gratsanger,
a resident of the Cobb's Mills section
of Hoadleys, killed a rattlesnake that
was of the regulation make and
carried 8 rattles. The snake was In
the Lakevllle road midway between
his house and the Clemo Club
House. It rattled three times be
fore he " got " it, but Fidalo
doesn't scare at sound worth a
Another rattler, probably the mate
of the one that was killed, was seen
previously by Fldale; but as he was
carrying an infant child In his arms
at the time, the " varmint " got
But that Isn't all. On the day
Fidale killed the rattler a big black
snake was discovered in his house,
which soon was made, sorry that It
was trying to work its way back to
wards the land and ways of tho
first garden of the world.
. .Property owners nnd voters
cannot say that they have not been
told of tho existing conditions per
taining to tho proposed new road for
Main street ns Tho Citizen has pub
lished articles upon this important
town Issue for a number of weeks
past. You will make no mistake If
you vote for pave. The special iclec
tion will be held on Friday, July 11,
in tho court house. It is to tho inter
est of every citizen of tho borough of
Honesdalo to vote for brick upon
that day. What will benefit tho
town will benefit you.
and Clerk, Merchant and
Lawyer: all kinds of
men in all kinds of
Business appreciate
cleverly styled, finely
needled clothes, good
clothes with a distinct
air and of fine quality
make for success, they
gain friends and cus
Wants to See You
Honesdale, Pa.