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Btuart. southern lawyer In New York, is
In lovo with Nan Primrose. Ills friend.
Dr. Woodman, who has a young daugh
ter, Is threatened with the loss of his
drug business by Blvcns, whom ho be
friended years before. Stuart visits the
Nan wants Stuart to accept a place with
Blvcns' chemical trust. He dislikes Blv
ens' methods and refuses. Blvcns ca
on him.
Blvens Is In lovo with Nan. Stuart re
fuses U10 offer, and Nan breaks her en
gagement with the lawyer. Blvens asks
Woodman to enter the trust.
WSodman wlfPhof yield "and'iues Blvens'
company. Tho promoter tells the doctor
he and Nan are engaged. Harriot Wood
man Is Btudylng music. Stuart takes Nan
for a day In tho country,
Stuart pleads with Nan to give up Blv
ens, but the spell of millions Is on her and
aha yields to It.
Nan becomes Mrs. Blvens. Harriet
lores Stuart, but o does not knew it
Nine doss. Stuart becomes district
attorney. He Investigates criminal trusts.
Kan acks him to call.
Stuart wants Woodman to end his suit
against Blvcns, but tho doctor stands
firm. Blvcns aids Stuart In his Investi
gation of crooked financiers.
A Straight Tip.
NAN received tho announcement
of Blvens' failure to settle
Woodman's suit with a grim
resolution to win now, at all
hazards. Tho sensational reports of
Stuart's action against tho big 'finan
ciers had given her quick mind the
cue to a new line of stratagem. She
began cautiously.
"You are not going to givo up a thing
I've set my heart on merely because
old Woodman's a fool, are you?" she
asked her husband, -with a touch of
scorn. "Jim Stuart is tho best friend
you ever 'had. Ho has become one of
the moat famous men In America. 1
.want him at our next entertainment."
"The thing that puzzlos mo," Blvcns
broke in, "is why he will not come to
the houoe. When I meet him down
town he's always friendly."
Nan's llpa quivered with a queer lit
tle smile.
"Will ho succeed in this action
against these men?"
"No; he can't get tho facts. If he
could he'd shake tlio foundations of the
financial world."
"Why not give tho facts to him?"
"I had thought of that; but it might
bring on a panic"
"What have you to krac by it?"
"Nothing, but a panic's a dangerous
thing to monkey with."
"It couldn't injuro Stuart?" his wife
asked cautiously.
"No. It couldnt hurt him. On tho
other hand, I might make him the un
conscious Instrument of a great per
sonal vengeance, doubio my fortune
and possibly land Jim in tho White
"You must do it. denrr his wife
cried, trembling with suppressed ex
citement "It's playing with dynamite."
"It's worth the risk to double your
fortune. Do it for my Bake!"
Nan loaned close and pressed her
husband's hand whllo her dark eyes
'found their way into his heart
"I'll do it," lie said with firm ac
cent. "Ill phone him at once."
When Stuart sat down with Blvens
In one of the magnificent jprtvato din
ing rooms of his milllocairo ehib two
days later ho -was etracfc vHix the per
fection of? tho flnandert Orces and the
easy elegance of his manners.
"Nan has surely done wonders with
some pretty crude material!" he mused.
Ho recalled Nan's diary with grim
It took two years to thoroughly break
him so that 8 bo could always be sure
that his nails wero trim mod and his
clothes in perfect style. He had long
since ceased to struggio and had found
much happiness of lata poors in vying
with her In tho perfection of his per
sonal appoaranoa.
When the dinner woe finished Blvcns
dismissed tho waiter, lighted one of
hin huge cigars and drew from a mo
rocco oaeo wnkh ho bad placed beside
his chair a typewritten manuscript. He
turned its leaved thoughtfully a mo
ment -and handed them to Stuart
"There's a document, Jim, that cost
me $10,000 to preparo; for whoso sup
pression $1,000,000 would bo paid and
bo questions askod."
"But why this generosity on your
part. Coif
"I have anticipated that Question, I
answer it fully and frankly. There IS
. a WWW II
by Thomas Dixon
eiiough dyhTTmlCtf fiT that document to
blow up half of Wall Street and land
somebody In tho White nouse."
"And many in tho motgue?"
"And some in tho penitentiary. I'vo
watched your work the past nine years
with genuine prldo, Jim. You'vo Enid
a lot of hard things about rich malefac
tors, but you've never touched me."
"No, I think you're too shrewd to be
caught in that class, Cal."
"I pride myself that I am. It's only
tho clumsy fool who gets tangled In
the criminal law. But a lot of them
have done It big fellows whoso names
fill the world with noise. I've taken
tlio pains to put Into that typewritten
document tho names, tho dates, the
places, the deeds, tho names of the wit
nesses and all the essential facts. Do
what you please with it. If you do
what I think you will, some men who
are wearing purple and fino linen will
be wearing stripes before another year
and you will bo the blggeet man In
New York."
"And yoar motive?"
"Perhaps I wish to get oven with
some men who have done me a dirty
trick or two, and perhaps Incidentally
In tho excitement which will follow
this exposure of fraud and crime I
may make an honest penny. Is that
"And youU make the attack nt
Stuart glanced rapidly through tho
flrst page of tho document and his
eyes began to dance with excitement.
"Tho only favor I ask," Blvcns add
ed, "is twenty-four hours' notice be
fore you act"
"I'll let you know."
Stuart rof)e quickly, placed tho docu
ment In his insido pocket and hurried
The deeper the young lawyer probed
into the mass of corruption Btveos had
placed In his hands tho moro profound
became his surprise. That men whose
names were tho synonyms of honesty
and fair dealing, men intrusted with
the management of companies whoso
assots represented tho savings of mil
lions of poor men, tho solo defense of
millions pf JWplees women and chil
drenthat these trusted leaders of tho
world were habitually prostituting
their trusts for personal gain, stagger
ed belief.
Ho delayed action and began a care
ful, patient thorough Investigation.
As it proceeded his amazement In
creased. Ho found that Blvens hnd
only scratched tho surface of the truth.
New York, tho financial center of tin
nation, had gone mad with the Insane
passion for money at all haaards by
all means, fair or foul. The nation
was on the tidal wave of the most
wonderful indue trial boom in Its his
tory. Tho price of stocks had reached
fabulous figured and still soared to
greater heights. Muhonalros wore
springing up, Mko mushrooms, m a
Two months hnd passed einco Blvens
placed in tho district attorney's bands
the document which was destined to
make sad history In tho annals of the
metropolis. Stuart felt that the time
had come to act. It was his solemn
duty t tho people.
IIo oat to hlfl prtvato ofllco-taouo of
tho great ky8crapora downtown hold
ing in hie hand a Hat of tho men bo
was about to oak the grand jury to In
dict for crimes which would send thorn
to prison, exile and dishonored death,
Tve got to do-ife (tiflfB all. But be
fore I do, rm game to know coo or
two things beyond tho shadow of fi
Ho selucd his tetcphono and mado an
appointment to can at once on B Irons.
Tho financier extended his delicate
hand and with a cordial gtnllo led Stu
art to a seat bceldo his desk. Tho only
sign ho betrayod of deep emotion was
the loo like coldness of his slender
"Well, Jim, you'vo completed your
very thorough' Investigation J"
"How did you know I was' making a
thorough investigation?"
"I make K my business to know
things which vitally Interest mo. You
found my facts accurate, and you are
ready to striker'
"When I bavo confirmed some state
ments you hnvo made In your story
concerning tho prtvnto Ufo of those
men. How do you know tho accuracy
of the facts you etato in a singlo line,
for Instance, about tho private lifo and
habits of tho precedent of a certain
trust company?"
"Yon don't Bupposo I would make a
statement llko that unless I know it to
1 truer
"How did you discover It?"
-very simply."
Btvens stepped to one of the great
teel safes and drew out a manuscript
notebook of some 300 pages of type
written matter. On tho back of the
morocco cover was printed in plain
gold lettering: "The rrivota Ufo of
No. rm"
He handed tho volume to Stuart,
clonal tho safe and resumed his peat.
"You may take that book with you,
Jim," 1ms sold quietly. "I trust to your
honor not to reveal Its contents ex
cept In the discharge of your sworn
duty as an officer of tho law. You will
find in it tho record of tho distinguish
ed president's private llfo for tho past
ten years without tho omission of a
singlo event of any Importance."
Stuart glanced through tho book with
"How did you come into possession
of such facts?"
"No trouble nt all," was the easy
answer. "It only requires a lKtlo mon
ey and a little pattenco and a Uttlo
caro in selecting tho right men for tho
right Job. Any man in tho business
world who thinks ho can do as he
ploasos in this town will wnko some
morning with a decided Jolt The war
for financial supremacy has developed
a secret service which approaches per
fection. Not only do I systematically
watch my employees until I know ev
ery crook and turn of their llvos, but
I wntch with even greater caro tho
heads of every rival firm In every de
partment of tho Industrial world where
my Interests touch theirs.
. "I not only wntch tho heads of firms;
I watch their trusted assistants and
confidential men. In that big safe a
thousand secrets lie locked whoso rov
olation would furnish matter enough to
run tho yellow Journals for the next
fivo years. Modern business is war,
the fiercost and most cruel the world
has over known. It is of greater im
portance to a modern captain of in
dustry to know tho plans of his enemy
than it ever was to tho commanding
general of an opposing army."
"I see," Stuart responded thought
fully. "There are men down there in the
street now," Blvens went on dreamily,
"who are wearing silk hats todny for
vhom the prison tailor is cutting a suit.
I have their records in that silent little
steel clad room. It's a pitiful thing,
but it's life.
"The scorcest thing in New York to
day, Jim, Is the man who can't bo
bought nud sold. Tho thing that's be
yond price in tho business world Is
character combined with brains.
That's why I made you tho offer I did
once upon a time to como In with me.
There are positions today in New York
with a salary of half a million a year
waiting for men who can fill them. If
I could find one man of the highest or
der of creative and executive ability
who would stand by mo In my enter
prises I could be tho richest man In
tho world in ten years."
Stuart lifted his eyes from the rec
ord be was casually scanning and
smiled Into Blvens' dark, serious face.
Tho look silenced the speaker. The
Uttlo man knew instinctively that Stu
art was at that moment weighing his
own llfo and character by the merciless
standard ho had set up for others.
Judged by conventional laws, be bad
nothing to fear. He was a faithful
member of his church. He gave lib
erally to its work and gavo generous
ly to a hundred worthy charities. Ho
loved his wife with old fashioned loy
alty and tenderness and grieved that
she was childless. He stood by his
friends and fought his enemies, asking
no quarter nnd giving none.
Yet in his heart of hearts ho know
that, however loftily ho might dis
course at present about "character,"
"honor," "integrity" and "fair deal
ing," ho had stolen tho formula from
his big hearted employer, Woodman,
with which he had laid tho foundation
of his fortune. It was tho first half
minion that camo hard. It was this
flrst half million that bore the stain of
His -other questionable acts on which
tho fate of millions had often hung ho
hod no difficulty in Justifying. Busi
ness was war.
Blvens waited for Stuart to speak.
Tho moment was one big with fate.
Stuart was about to reach a decision
that would make history. No one
know so well Its importance as the
keen Intellect that gleamed behind the
Uttlo black eyes watching with tiro--loss
patience. J3elow he could hear
tho roar of the city's llfo. Men bought
and sold with no fear of tomorrow.
Yet a single word from tho Hps of tho
tall, clean shaved young officer bf tho
law and a storm would break which
might tear from tho foundations Insti
tutions on whoso solidity modern civ
ilisation Deemed to root
"Well, Jim," Blvens said at length,
"you nro going to act?"
Bttmrt rose abruptly, his reply sharp
nnd clear:
"Yes, I'm going to act!
"At onco?"
"It's my duty."
Blvens grasped his hand.
"I congratulate you, Jim. You are
going to do a big thing, one of the
blggeet things In our history. You aro
going to teach tho mighty that the law
is mightier. It ought to land you at
tho very top in politics or any other
old place you'd llko to climb."
"Thafs something which doesn't In
terest mo yet, Cal. The thing that
stuns mo is that I've got to do so pain
ful a thing. But my business is the
enforcement of Justice. There's one
thing I still cant understand why
you of all men on earth should havo
put this information in my hands. The
honor of the achievement, if good shall
como to the country, Is really yours,
not mine."
"And you can't conceive of my act
ing for the country's good?"
Blvens' black eyes twinkled.
"Not by the wildest leap of my lmac-
Tho twinklo broadened Into a smUo
as tho lawyer continued:
"Your code is simple Cal. There's
no provision in it for disinterested ef
fort for others. This tlmo you'vo got
mo up n tree. You have rendered the
people a great service. You have placed
mo under personal obligations. But
how you nro going to get anything out.
of it is beyond me."
"Oh, I'll have my rewind, my boy,"
Blvens answered Jovially, as bis dainty
fingers again stroked his beard, press
ing his mustacho back from tho thin
Hps, "and I assure you It will not be
purely spiritual."
The door had scarcely closed on Stu
art when Blvens pressed tho button
which called his confidential secretary.
In n moment tho man stood at his el
bow with the tenso erect bearing of an
orderly on the field of battle. The
quick nervous touch of the master's
hand on that button had told to Ids
sensitive ears the story of a coming
llfo nnd death struggle. His words
came with sharp, nervous energy:
"Yes. sir?"
"A meeting of the Allied Bankers
hero in thirty minutes. No telephone
messages. A personal summons to
each. They enter one at a time that
no one on tho outsldo sees them como."
(Continued in Friday's Issue.)
Erie Railroad nnd Other Alleged Of
fenders, to Undergo Trial at
(New York American.)
Washington, May Through
several new suits, to he begun at
once, the Government expects to ef
fectively smash the Anthracite Coal
trust. There will bo at least three
actions, It was learned today.
The Reading Company, the prin
cipal offender, will be attacked for
alleged destruction of competition,
between several carriers and coal
produclng companies through tho
acquisition, as a holding corporation
of all tno capital stock of the Phila
delphia & Reading Railway Com
pany and Central Railroad Company,
of New Jersey, operating parallel
and competing railroad lines; the
Philadelphia & Reading Coal and
Iron Company, and Lehigh &
Wilkes-Barre Coal Company.
The Erie Railroad will bo proso
cuted for combining with the New
York, Susquehanna & Western Rail
road, a competitor, by the purchase
of that road and bringing the two
under one control and management.
Also for forming an unlawful com
bination through the purchase of the
Pennsylvania Coal Company, there
by acquiring the stock and control of
the Erlo and Wyoming Railroad Co.,
and of the Delawaro Valley and
Kingston Railroad, and defeating
tho projected construction of an In
dependent line, the Delawaro Valley
and Kingston.
We are having plenty of rain at
present, and too cold for good grow
ing weather.
An accident happened last Friday
at Stalker when Frank Stanton, who
is employed by R. J. and O. C. Stalk
er had the misfortune to break both
bones In one leg. He was taking
milk to the creamery when some
thing gave way to the harness and
tho team a start and threw him and
he was caught In the wheel. The
team, however, was caught a short
distance from where it happened
with no more damage. Dr. Woolsey,
of Hancock, was called and reduced
tho fracture.
Mrs. Ann Murray and son, Henry,
and Frank Murray and family have
all moved to Endicott
Mrs. R. J. Stalker and son visited
her parents at Lookout the latter
part of tho week.
An Ice cream social was held at
tho Braman M. E. church last1 Sat
urday evening and was well attend
ed. The proceeds were about nine
dollars. Several from Stalker at
tended. Delia R. Dana was a caller at Mrs.
H. R. Stalker's last Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Coe Young spent
mat ounaay wim jir. ana Mrs. Jas.
H. MInckler.
Russell Stalker and son Arthur
of Peakville, visited relatives here
jiihi ouuuay.
Joe and Emma Kelly mado a busi
ness trip to Hankins last Tuesday.
Mrs. O. H. Tlrnmnn at forlVn
is visiting her parents here.
State of Ohio, City of Toledo,
Lucas County. SS.:
Frank j. Cheney makes oath that
ne is senior partner of the firm of
F. L. Cheney & Co., doing business
In the City of Toledo, County and
State aforesaid, and that said flrr
will pay the sum of ONE HUNDREL
DOLLARS for each and every case o
Catarrh that cannot be cured by the
use of Hall'B Catarrh Cure.
Sworn to before mo and subscrib
ed in my presence, this Gth day of
December, A. D. 1886.
(Seal) a. W. GLEASON.
Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure ia taken In.
ternally, and acta directly on the
Diooa ana mucous surfaces of the
system. Send for testimonials free
Toledo, O.
Sold by ail Druggists, 76c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for con
,srtaiyrXlA et rtJatfcdfcCorfSSJtHTMr
tutor ( ereMtUfToaiAMIonjrrjttl it n M
xroctii tot MtuttiBf futjut viiui.iy rr-uW
REAL ESTATE. By vlrtuo of
process Issued out of tho Court ot
Common Pleas of Wayne county, and
Stato of Pennsylvania, and to me di
rected and delivered, I havo levied on
and will expose to -public sale, at the
Court House in Honesdale on
All tho defendant's right, title and
interest in tho following described
property viz:
All that certain piece, parcel or
tract of land, situate in tho Town
ship of Manchester, county of Wayne,
and Stato of Pennsylvania, bounded
and described as follows:
BEGINNING for a corner at tho
northeasterly corner of land belong
ing to E. K. Barnes, and commonly
called the Cole Flat, on the bank of
tho Delaware River; thence in a
southwesterly direction along tho
easterly side of tho Cole Flat lot and
tho H. Lerons lot, let the distance be
moro or less, to a corner in the line
of land formerly belonging to Robert
Halsey, and now belonging to Eras
tus Lord estate; thence in a some
what southeasterly direction along
the said Erastus Lord estate to a
corner of the C. G. Armstrong lot,
let the dlstanco bo moro or less;
thence In a somewhat northeasterly
direction along the line of lands be
longing to C. G. Armstrong and Ken-'
ney Brothers to tho Delawaro River,
let tho distance be more or less;
thence up the Delaware River to tho
place of beginning.
CONTAINING ono hundred forty
(one hundred forty) acres, more or
less, and commonly called the Gore
lot. Being the same property con
voyed by William M. Kellam et ux.
and Coo F. Young et ux. to George
Gould, by deed dated the 9 th day of
February, 1904, and recorded In the
office for the recording of deeds in
and for Wayne county in deed book
No. 92, page 128, and being the same
land that George Gould and wife
by their deed dated tho 18th day of
July, 1910, recorded in Wayne coun
ty deed book No. 101, page 191.
granted and conveyed to Gould Lum
ber Company.
Seized and taken In execution as
the property of The Gould Lumber
Company at the suit of First Nation
al Bank of Hancock, N. Y. Judg
ment, '$3,000. No. 23 Jan. Term,
1912. Attorney McCarty.
TAKE NOTICE-All bids and costs
must be paid on day of sale or deeds
will not be acknowledged.
REAL ESTATE. -By virtue of process
Issued out of the Court of Common
Pleas of Wayne county, and State of
Pennsylvania, and to me directed
and delivered, I have levied on asd
will expose to public sale, at the
Court House in Honesdale, on
FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 1013, 2 P. M.
All the defendant's right, title,
and interest in the following de
scribed property viz:
All that certain lot or parcel of
land situated in the Township of
South Canaan, county of Wayne and
State of Pennsylvania, bounded and
described as follows, to wit:
Beginning at the south-west corn
er of tho lot or tract of land herein
described; thence north forty-four
degrees and two minutes west eight
hundred and twenty feet to a beech
tree corner; thence south forty-five
degrees and fifty-one minutes west
five hundred and seventy-three feet
to a corner; thence north forty-three
degrees and forty-three minutes west
sixteen hundred and seventy-four
feet to a corner In the center of the
public road leading to South Canaan
Corners; thence along said road
north sixty-five degrees twenty-eight
minutes east nine hundred and nine
ty-one feet; thence north sixty-one
degrees east eight hundred and one
feet to a corner in tho center of the
road; thence north sixty-nine de
grees thirty-nine minutes east four
hundred and thirty-seven feet to a
corner in the center of the road;
thence north sixty-seven degrees
forty-eight minutes east seven hun
dred and nine feet to a corner in the
center of the road; thence north
sixty-throe degrees thirty-one mln
utes east six hundred and three feet
to the center of the road: thence
south forty-three degrees fifty-six
minutes east thirteen hundred and
Saratoga Springs
Ten Days9
Saturday, August 2, 1913
Arrange Your Vacation Accordingly.
fifty-six feet to a stones corner;
thence south forty-seven degrees and
thirteen minutes west nineteen hun
dred and twenty-five feet to a corn
er; thence south forty-four degrees
forty-three minutes west eight hun
dred and flfty-fivo feet to the placo
of beginning. Containing ono hun
dred and thirty-six and 85-100 acres,
be the same moro or less. Being tho
samo land which Lesllo M. Cease ot
al. by deed dated July 21, 1911, re
corded In Wayne county D. B., No.
102, page 403, granted and convey
ed to S. M. Hawke.
Upon said premises is a two-story
frame dwelling house, barn and oth
er out buildings, and a considerable
portion of tho land Is Improved.
Seized and taken In execution as
tho property of S. M. Hawke at the
suit of Lesllo Cease and Russell
Cease, assignees. No. 89, Juno
Term, 1911. Judgment, $1200. At
torney, Simons.
FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 2:30 P. M.
All that certain piece or parcel of
land sltllfltn In tlio tnwnatiln nt Tot-
OS, county of Wayne and State of
r-emisyivania, uounaea ana aescrioea
as follows: Beginning at tho western
side of tho Cherry Rldgo Turnplko
twenty-five feet from the centre
tuereoi ai a staite ana on tno south
side of alley No. 2, being a front
eastward of fivn rnrla nn enM turn
pike, and northward of eight rods
on said alley and enclosed by lines
at right angles with said turrplko
and alley and containing one-fourth
acre of land. Included with this
lanu is the right and privilege of
getting water from the spring on tho
lot north Of tho nfnrnn-llrt nrnnoriir
and west of tho turnpiko In quantity
aumuieiii, ior one ianiny s use. He
ine: the samo nnrpnl nf lnnrl wlitali
A. Doney et al. by deed dated Feb
ruary Gth, 18G9, and recorded in
Wayne County In Deed Book No. 3G,
pugu o, graniea anu conveyea to
TRflfLfi T?.. Sphprinlj- TllO Cnfl Tenon T
Schenck having died Intestate Janu
ary asm, isst, leaving to survive
him a widow Rebecca B. Schenck and
two children, W. P. Schenck and
Giles G. Schenck. And the said Re
becca B. Schenck having since died,
tllfi ROlfi tltlR il tllO ronl OCtnfn nlinirn
described became thereupon vested
iu uie saia w. if. scnenck ana Giles
G. Schenck. On the above described
land, all of which is cleared, are ono
dwelling house, barn and out-buildings.
Reserving, nevertheless, from
tho above described property, a lot
on the southerly side thereof convey
ed by tho heirs of Isaac R. Schenck
to John F. Seellg.
Seized and taken In execution as
the property of W. P. Schenck and
Giles G. Schenck at the suit of Hom
er Greene. No. 73, January Term,
1913. Debt, $8,000. Attorney,
TAKE NOTICE All bids and costs
must be paid on day of sale or deeds
will not be acknowledged.
J the Judge of the several Courts of
the County of Wnyno has Issued his precept
for holding a Court of Quarter Sessions, Oyer
and Terminer, and General Jail Delivery In
and for said County, at the Court House, to
beein on
MONDAY, JUNE 10. 1913.
to continue one week:
And directing that a Orand Jury for the
Courts of Quarter Sessions and Oyer and
Terminer be summoned to meet on Monday.
June 0, 1913, at 2 p. m.
Notlco la therefore hereby given to the
Coroner and Justices of the Peace, and Con
stables ot the County of Wayne, that they be
then and there In their proper persons, et
said Court House, nt 2 o'clock In the after
noonof said 9th day of June. 1913. with their
records, lnaulsltlons.examinations andotber
remembrances, to do those things which to
their olBces appertain to be done, and those
who are bound by recognizance or otherwise
to prosecute the prisoners who are or bhall
be In the Jail of Wayne County, be then and
there to prosecute against them as shall be
Given under my hand, at Honesdale, this
21st day ot May 191a; and In the lagth ypar
ot the Independence of the United States
, PRANK C. KIMBLE. Sheriff.
Sheriff's Office f
Honesdale. May 21. 1913. J 42wl
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